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National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Serving the Marshall Space Flight Center Community

May 27, 2010

Marshall successfully Atlantis lands in Florida completes Safety after its final planned mission and Health Program audit
By Megan Norris Davidson The Marshall Space Flight Center recently completed a successful internal audit of Marshall's Safety and Health Program for fiscal year 2010. This was the second internal audit at the center with an emphasis on wellness safety and health and includes fitness and food services. The 11-member audit team from Marshall's Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate, Office of Human Capital and Engineering Directorate reported these results: Three "Corrected on the Spot" findings. These are defined as problems of major, minor or observed concern,

See Audit on page 10

Space shuttle Atlantis landed at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., May 26 after completing its STS-132 mission to the International Space Station. The mission delivered cargo, critical spare parts and the Russian-built Mini Research Module-1, also known as Rassvet, or "dawn" in Russian. The module provides additional storage space and a new docking port for Russian Soyuz and Progress spacecraft. STS-132 was the final scheduled flight for Atlantis, which has completed 32 missions and traveled more than 120 million miles. Launch was from Kennedy on May 14.
Marshall to recognize 252 at Annual Honor Awards Ceremonies June 3
The Marshall Space Flight Center will honor 252 employees and contractors during its Annual Honor Awards Ceremonies in Morris Auditorium on June 3. Marshall team members are invited to attend. Awards presentations will be made during two ceremonies NASA Honor Awards at 10 a.m. and Marshall Center Honor Awards at 2 p.m. The NASA ceremony will recognize those who have made significant achievements to NASA's mission at an agency level. The Marshall ceremony will recognize those who have made outstanding mission contributions to the center. Lynn F. H. Cline, NASA deputy associate administrator for Space Operations, will be the keynote speaker. Presenting awards will be Byron Butler, director of Marshalls Office of Procurement; Stephen Cash, manager of the Shuttle Propulsion Office; Audrey Robinson, director of the Office of Diversity & Equal Opportunity; Teresa Vanhooser, manager of Ares Projects; and Tereasa Washington, director of the Office of Human Capital. Please see pages 3-9 for this year's recipients.

Directors Corner

Creating a more inclusive workplace
As you know, inclusion is one of my three non-programmatic priorities for 2010. Having an inclusive and diverse workforce will result in greater diversity of ideas and viewpoints, which will lead to increased innovation and creativity. Weve been working with nationally recognized consultant Dr. Steve Robbins since 2008 to raise awareness among Marshalls workforce on the value of fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. Additionally, Robin Henderson and I have hosted focus groups with employees across the center about inclusion, diversity, creativity and innovation. Discussion has been thoughtful, and feedback has been very candid. What weve learned is that there are a significant number of people here at Marshall who feel excluded when the good work comes around. In these challenging times, we need to tap into the strengths of every employee. We cant afford to waste anyones talents. As we become more intentional about engaging all of the strengths and capabilities of all of our employees, we create a more inclusive environment and develop all of our people to their fullest potential. Engaged employees are better performers, and we need to acknowledge and retain them. Plus, the demographics of our countrys future workforce are rapidly changing. Marshall must position itself to attract the best and the brightest talent. We can accomplish this if we are viewed as an employer of choice for a diverse workforce. More than 500 Marshall employees have heard Steve Robbins. Steve is a valuable resource for us, and he has done an incredible job in raising our level of awareness. Its time to go beyond the awareness stage to the next level. This summer the Future Work Institute will be working with a group of our executives and managers to develop strategies to help us recognize and adjust our behaviors around inclusion of all of our team members. I will continue to work to ensure that all three priorities weve talked about collaboration, safety and inclusion have the guidance and support they need at the executive level. I am absolutely committed to creating an environment at Marshall that benefits the entire team and encourages the input, expression and development of all employees.

Robert Lightfoot Marshall Center Director
Marshall team invited to family picnic June 12
Marshall Space Flight Center employees, retirees, badged contractors and their families are invited to a team celebration on Saturday, June 12, from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event, designed to express appreciation of Marshall Center team members and their families, will be held in the open area behind Building 4203. It will include food, games, live music, a car show and other activities. Meal tickets may be purchased through administrative officers. Each $5 meal ticket is good for 2 pork or chicken barbecue, baked beans, cole slaw, pickle, roll and drink. Read next week's Marshall Star for full details plus a look ahead at other upcoming Marshall 50th anniversary events, including a Marshall Center Open House on Aug. 21. The Open House will showcase the center's accomplishments over the past half-century, and will be open to the general public. Watch Inside Marshall and NASA Marshall on Facebook for updates on 50th anniversary events. May 27, 2010

Presidential Rank Awards

Rank of Distinguished Executive Rank of Meritorious Executive
Jonathan Q. Pettus Office of the Chief Information Officer
Todd A. May Office of the Director
Ann R. McNair Office of Center Operations
NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal
Dennis E. Botts COLSA Corp./Engineering Directorate
NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal
Reginald A. Alexander Engineering Directorate
James H. Bramblett Office of Human Capital
Thomas M. Brown Engineering Directorate
Melvin R. Carruth Engineering Directorate
John M. Hammond Engineering Directorate
Paul K. McConnaughey Engineering Directorate
Eric A. Melkerson Engineering Directorate
Robert T. Miller Office of Center Operations
James F. Spann Science & Mission Systems Office
NASA Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medal
Mark G. DAgostino Engineering Directorate
Young K. Kim Engineering Directorate
NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal
Daniel F. Adams Office of Center Operations
Joseph A. Brunty Engineering Directorate
Christopher H. Calfee Ares Projects
Tony L. Clark Engineering Directorate
Wendell R. Colberg Engineering Directorate
George K. Cruz Office of the Chief Information Officer
Eric M. Earhart Engineering Directorate

William J. Gentry Shuttle Propulsion Office
Michael L. Haynes Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate
Johnny L. Heflin Shuttle Propulsion Office
Michael W. Kearney Engineering Directorate
Jeffery J. Kolodziejczak Science & Mission Systems Office
Michael H. Kynard Ares Projects
Vanessa D. Lindsey Office of Procurement
Daniel J. Mullane Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate
Rene Ortega Engineering Directorate
Jeffrey A. Peck Engineering Directorate
Andrew A. Schorr Ares Projects
Surendra N. Singhal Engineering Directorate
Angela D. Storey Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications
Lisa A. WatsonMorgan Engineering Directorate
Ricky A. Williams Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate
Malcolm W. Wood Michoud Assembly Facility
Mark A. York Office of Procurement
NASA Exceptional Service Medal
Joel M. Anderson Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate
Scott D. Croomes Engineering Directorate
John M. Davis Science & Mission Systems Office
Ernest M. Graham Office of Center Operations
Yolanda B. Harris Ares Projects
Amelia S. Hemken Engineering Directorate
Debra L. Hendon Office of Center Operations
David E. Jeffreys Office of Human Capital
John K. Laszar Engineering Directorate
George S. Mitchell Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate
Stephen F. Newton Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications
Thomas S. Reed Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate
Dawn C. Stanley Engineering Directorate
Jonarthur P. Street Shuttle Propulsion Office
Huu Trinh Engineering Directorate
NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal
Kevin J. Cramer P&W Rocketdyne/Shuttle Propulsion Office
Donald W. Robinson Erica Lane Enterprises Inc./ Office of Center Operations
John M. Scott Computer Sciences Corp./ Engineering Directorate
Not pictured: Christian Smart Science Applications International Corp./Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications


NASA Certificate of Appreciation
Patrick A. Baldwin, COLSA Corp./Engineering Directorate Shane L. Carpenter, Engineering Directorate Alice M. Dorries, Engineering Directorate Gregory A. Dukeman, Engineering Directorate Mariea C. Dunn-Jackson, Engineering Directorate Paul R. Gradl, Engineering Directorate Jeffery T. Hamilton, Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate Jimmy L. Hill, Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate Charles H. Horne, Jacobs Technology/Shuttle Propulsion Office James R. Hulka, Jacobs Technology/Engineering Directorate John W. Jellicorse, Booz Allen Hamilton/Engineering Directorate Hong S. Kim, Science & Mission Systems Office Rumaasha W. Maasha, Engineering Directorate James R. Meehan, Engineering Directorate Jimmy L. Miller, Engineering Directorate Randall K. Montgomery, Engineering Directorate Ronald L. Newby, Engineering Directorate Sally A. Richardson, Engineering Directorate Walter F. Schneider, Engineering Directorate David A. Sellers, SEI Group Inc./Office of Center Operations James R. Sheppard, Shuttle Propulsion Office Robert M. Suggs, Engineering Directorate Belinda F. Triplett, Office of Procurement Jason B. Turpin, Engineering Directorate

NASA Group Achievement Award
SSME Low Pressure Turbomachinery Bearing Team SSME Ultrasonic Measurement Certification Team Upper Stage Dome Move Team Vehicle Systems Management Team


NASA Public Service Group Achievement Award
Ares Instrumentation Program & Command List Team Chandra X-ray Observation Source Catalog Development Team HOSC Information Management System Team Michoud Remediation Team

Awards External to NASA

Air, Space, and Missile Defense Association Daniel X. Jett, 2009 Space and Missile Defense Technical Achievement Award Teledyne Brown Engineering/Engineering Directorate Richard A. Marmann, 2009 Space and Missile Defense Technical Achievement Award COLSA Corp./Engineering Directorate Black Engineer of the Year Awards 2010 Diane Cain, Trailblazer Will Technology Inc./Office of Human Capital Markeeva A. Morgan, Modern-Day Technology Leader Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate Christopher C. Randall, Trailblazer Engineering Directorate Federal Womens Program, Womens Equality Day Awards Judy L.C. Ballance, Outstanding Professional Achievement Engineering Directorate Thea C. Baskerville-Brown, Outstanding Clerical Achievement Science & Mission Systems Office Tereasa H. Washington, Outstanding Supervisory Achievement Office of Human Capital Linda M. Yarbrough, Outstanding Administrative Achievement Science & Mission Systems Office 7
Advanced Concepts Office Ares-V Concept Team Ares 1-X Engineering Design Fixture Team Ares I ROCS System Development Test Article Team DA2 Build Team Debris Containment System Retention Block Team ET Ground Umbilical Carrier Panel Repair Team External Tank MSFOC Support Team Fault Detection, Diagnostics, and Response Team Fission Surface Integrated Stirling Power Team ISS Backup Control Center Team ISS Six-Person Crew Tiger Team James Webb Space Telescope Team Main Propulsion Propellant Fill Analysis Team Michoud Assembly Facility Transition Team MSFC Earned Value Management Support Team MSFC Training Reports Team MSFC Water Leak Detection Team Multi-Purpose Logistics Module Team Nodes Integration Team Reusable Solid Rocket Booster Instrumentation Team Shuttle Flow Control Valve Fluid Structures Team May 27, 2010


MSFC Director's Commendation Honor Award
Russell S. Abrams, Shuttle Propulsion Office Ronald D. Beshears, Engineering Directorate Charles C. Bryson, Engineering Directorate Sarah W. Clemmons, Office of Center Operations Jeffrey L. Clounch, Engineering Directorate Brian W. Collins, Shuttle Propulsion Office Mary B. Cook, Ares Projects Stacy L. Cook, Engineering Directorate Melinda E. Dodson, Office of Procurement Amy S. Epps, Engineering Directorate Betty A. Fowler, Office of the Chief Information Officer Christy B. Gattis, Ares Projects Melanie C. Gregory, Engineering Directorate Daniel L. Gunter, Engineering Directorate Michael G. Houts, Science & Mission Systems Office Patrick L. Hunt, Engineering Directorate Carol D. Jacobs, Shuttle Propulsion Office Sherry A. Jennings, Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate Betty C. Kilpatrick, Office of Procurement Van V. Luong, Engineering Directorate Deadrian E. Maddox, Office of Human Capital John B. McDougle, Office of the Chief Information Officer David L. McGaha, Engineering Directorate Leslie M. McNutt, Shuttle Propulsion Office Andrew J. Nichols, Ares Projects Nelson C. Olinger, Office of Center Operations Douglas A. Parkinson, Engineering Directorate Russel A. Parks, Engineering Directorate Robin M. Pinson, Engineering Directorate Darren K. Reed, Engineering Directorate Richard L. Smith, AI Signal Research Inc./ Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications Brenda G. Sparks, Engineering Directorate Pablo D. Torres, Engineering Directorate Ronald J. Unger, Science & Mission Systems Office John H. Vickers, Engineering Directorate Yvonne C. Villegas-Aguilera, Engineering Directorate John C. Vital, Engineering Directorate Kevin S. Wallace, Engineering Directorate Danny M. Weldon, Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate David M. Whitten, Engineering Directorate Continued Anthony R. Kelley, Engineering Directorate Alok K. Majumdar, Engineering Directorate Fred D. Roe, Retired Harry F. Schramm, Engineering Directorate Dennis S. Tucker, Engineering Directorate Paul Van Buskirk, Quality Monitoring and Control

MSFC Patent Award

MSFC Certificate of Appreciation Honor Award
George C. Adams, Gray Research/Engineering Directorate Rebecca L. Belyeu, Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate Robert J. Black, Shape Fidelity Inc./Engineering Directorate Royal B. Bowhay, Lee & Associates/Ares Projects Office Francisco F. Canabal, Engineering Directorate Robert A. Carlile, COLSA Corp./Engineering Directorate Linda M. Carpenter, Office of Center Operations Mary K. Cooper, Office of Procurement Jeremy H. Corpening, Teledyne Brown Engineering/ Engineering Directorate Angela V. Daniels, Shuttle Propulsion Office John R. Dixon, Chugach Industries Inc./ Office of Center Operations Christopher C. Dobson, Engineering Directorate Joe P. Edmondson, Office of Center Operations Sherry Y. Erskine, Engineering Directorate John N. Fowler, Gray Research/Engineering Directorate Patrick R. Fulda, Engineering Directorate Linda G. Gomez, Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications Nadra T. Hatchett, Engineering Directorate Danny M. Holt, Shuttle Propulsion Office Gayleen N. Ijames, Engineering Directorate Steven R. Jones, Engineering Directorate David F. Kincaid, Engineering Directorate Allan K. Layne, Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate Ernestine L. Lockhart, Deltha-Critique/Shuttle Propulsion Office John E. Lowery, Engineering Directorate Michael A. Moore, Jacobs Engineering Group/ Engineering Directorate Kenneth B. Morris, Science & Mission Systems Office Jeremy D. Myers, Engineering Directorate Karl W. Nelson, Engineering Directorate Pamela F. Perez, Digital Fusion/Science & Mission Systems Office Leigh A. Perkins, Shuttle Propulsion Office Paula Rodney, Will Technology Inc./Office of Human Capital May 27, 2010
Thomas C. Bryan, Engineering Directorate Robert J. Ding, Engineering Directorate John D. England, Engineering Directorate William D. Greene, Ares Projects David H. Hathaway, Science & Mission Systems Office 8
Continued Nancy E. Tolliver, Engineering Directorate Baraka J. Truss, Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate Carole Y. Wagner, Engineering Directorate James L. Walker, Engineering Directorate Kerry B. Warner, Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate Pamela D. White, Office of Procurement Robert J. Wingate, Engineering Directorate Van A. Woodruff, Engineering Directorate
MSFC Group Achievement Honor Award
Apollo 11 40th Anniversary Event Team Ares I Upper Stage Cold Helium Regulator Test Team Ares I-X Avionics Development Team Ares I-X Safety and Mission Assurance Team Ares Vehicle Integration Loads Team Ares-HUNCH Implementation Team ASSIST Design and Development Team Augustine Commission Strategic Communications Team Digital Manufacturing & Process Planning Team Diversity Analysis Team eTravel Team FASTSAT-HSV01 Team Flow Control Valve Damage Tolerance Evaluation Team Hispanic Youth Aerospace Week Team Hydrodynamic Development Support Team Imagery Analysis Team J2X FMEA Critical Items List Review Team

J-2X Workhorse Gas Generator Test Team MAF Communications Restoration and Recovery Team MSFC Emergency Vehicles Acquisition Team MSFC Group Transportation Team New Frontiers Proposal Concept Definition Team Office of Human Capital FY09 Buyout Team OMEGA/MAPIR Team Power Bus Isolation Supply Fuse Modification Team RSRB Blast Container Plunger Retention Team Social Media Team Space Shuttle Engineering Support Center Team SSME Test Requirements and Integration Team Vehicle Integration Design Team
MSFC Technology Transfer Award
Morgan B. Abney, Engineering Directorate Vanita J. Brown, Office of Center Operations David L. Edwards, Engineering Directorate Donald O. Frazier, Engineering Directorate Danny Garcia, Engineering Directorate Mark S. Paley, AZ Technology/Engineering Directorate Binayak B. Panda, Engineering Directorate Jay L. Perry, Engineering Directorate James A. Richard, Engineering Directorate Robert C. Richmond, Engineering Directorate Jan R. Rogers, Engineering Directorate Sopo K. Yung, MITS/Engineering Directorate


James Downey III, 79, of Huntsville died April 15. He retired from the Marshall Center in 1989 as a payload projects office manager. He is survived by his wife, Lu Yeilding Downey. James Hess, 81, of Huntsville died April 28. He retired from the Marshall Center in 1984 as an engineer. He is survived by his wife, Dorothy Brown Hess. Charles Thomas, 78, of Huntsville died May 2. He retired from the Marshall Center in 1981 as an engineer. He is survived by his wife, Marlene Thomas. George Harris, 89, of New Market died May 3. He retired from the Marshall Center in 1975 as an aerospace engineer technician. He is survived by his wife, Edith Ozell Honea Harris. Clarence R. Gearhart, 61, of Decatur died May 22. He was the assistant to the chief financial officer in the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. He is survived by his wife, Karen Bailey Gearhart.
Control systems engineer, Propulsion Systems Test Branch

Continued from page 1

Organization: Engineering Directorate Joined NASA: 1985 Education: Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, University of Iowa, Iowa City, 1984 Responsibilities: I am working to rebuild and upgrade the facility control systems at the test stand at Building 4670 to prepare for future liquid propulsion engine testing. I also am working with the Integrated Stage Test Article team to coordinate and define the test control system and interface requirements. What is your favorite memory at Marshall? After many successful tests of the space shuttle main engine, I had the opportunity to integrate the controller in the Russian-built engine called RD-180 with the facility's Programmable Logic Controller. I programmed the logic controller to automatically perform the test sequence and interface with the RD-180 engine controller. I also programmed it to monitor critical redline limits in order to perform the successful hot-fire tests of the Liquid Oxygen and Kerosene, or LOX/RP-1, engine for the Atlas IIAR test series. Redlines are limits for certain measurements such as pressures and temperatures. When these limits are exceeded, the logic controller automatically initiates a cutoff. How do you hope to contribute to Marshall's future goals? With my experience in liquid propulsion testing, I hope that I will have another opportunity to design, integrate and program the facility control system, and interface with a new engine controller to perform hot-fire testing of a new future rocket engine. 10

corrected on the spot and requiring no additional follow-up work. 30 minor nonconformances. This is a deficiency that could have an indirect, lowerorder adverse effect on the quality, or on the ability to meet requirements, of a product or service. 88 observations. This is a statement of fact made during a quality audit and substantiated by objective evidence. 23 observed concerns. These do not require corrective action. However, consideration of corrective action is strongly recommended in order to prevent the situation from leading to a nonconformance in the future. Four positives. This is a process or policy, not required by the standard, which is value added to the organization. None of the noted issues were major in nature, nor did they represent a systematic failure in the center's Safety and Health Program, according to Warren Woods, audit manager in the Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate. "Overall, the audit team felt that the center's program is in good shape, and the safety culture is improving," Woods said. "Additional work is needed to better the processes and procedures of the program, but it seems to be functioning well." The internal audit was conducted in preparation for the external audit to be conducted by NASA Headquarters later this year to ensure Marshall's Safety and Health Program is meeting Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements. The administration, part of the Department of Labor, develops specific safety and health workplace standards. The findings of this audit were detailed and specific, identifying numerous opportunities for improvement," said Dennis Davis, branch chief of the Industrial Safety Branch in the Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate. I hope each center organization will not only correct the required items, but consider addressing the observed concerns as well. There are some very good ideas in the audit report that can help make a good program even better. To review the Safety and Health Program internal audit report as well as other internal safety, health and environmental or quality reports visit Davidson, an AI Signal Research Inc. employee, supports the Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications. May 27, 2010

Doug Stoffer/MSFC

'Caring in Action' program gives recognition to Marshall's safety-conscious team members
By Megan Norris Davidson Have you seen your colleagues properly clean up a spill, notify the appropriate personnel when a fuse goes out or perform other actions that keep not only themselves, but others, safe in the work place? Are you looking for a way to tell them job well done? A new program at the Marshall Space Flight Center called "Caring in Action" provides the Marshall team an opportunity to recognize the safety efforts of their civil servant and contractor coworkers. The program was put into service by the Marshall Safety & Health Action Team on May 5. The volunteer organization, open to all civil service and contractor employees, provides a forum for members of the Marshall team to become involved in promoting safety and health in the Marshall community. More information is available at http://msat. "This program is an excellent opportunity for Marshall to recognize members of our team for their efforts in making the center a safer place to work, and helps strengthen our safety culture," said Roy Malone, director of Marshall's Safety & Mission Assurance Directorate. To nominate peers requires only filling out a short form on the "Caring in Action" program website at https://safety.msfc. A nominated employee's supervisor will receive a pin and citation from the Marshall Safety Action Team through interoffice mail to present to the employee. The team also will periodically choose nominees for recognition at a Marshall senior staff meeting. Davidson, an AI Signal Research Inc. employee, supports the Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications.

Classified Ads

To submit a classified ad to the Marshall Star, go to Inside Marshall, to Employee Resources, and click on Employee Ads Submit Ad. Ads are limited to 15 words, including contact numbers. No sales pitches. Deadline for the next issue, May 27, is 4:30 p.m. Thursday, May 20. Miscellaneous
Kamp-Rite oversized cot tent, rain fly, carrying case, $135. 714-9795 PlayStation 3 games, Assassin's Creed II, Heavy Rain. 6525274 GE Triton dishwasher, black, model # GSD5500G03BB, $125 obo. 426-6026 White twin bed frame, matching slim chest of drawers, bedposts need minor work, $60. 426-2312 1-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, female, $150. 777-7228 Tabletop portable gas grill, $15; small coal grill, $5. 7721870 Brown traditional sofa, $300; Tiffany style lamp, $25; garden painting, $25; rattan chair, $20. 783-4866 Canon D30, DSLR camera, lens, manuals, box, $365; Sony STR-AV720 Surround AV receiver/amp, $45. 527-8116 Wooden outdoor playset, pics available, you pick up, $50. 658-5684 Acoustic guitar, Seagull S6 Original, hardshell case, $325. 550-0511 Solid oak bar, brass top and rail, photo available, $1,500. 653-4835 Total Gym, $50; Spyder Imagine paint ball gun, electric, charger, $100. 345-1454 Double-wall corrugated drain pipe, 15 1/2 feet long, 18 1/4inch inner diameter, $75. 656-3333 Playstation 3 game, Little BIG Planet, Game of the Year edition, rated E, $35. 828-1234 AKC yellow Lab puppies, males, 6 weeks old, $200-$300. 423-5734 or 651-3802 Metal stakes, 1-inch angle, 4 feet in length, $1 each. 8959520 Acorn Superglide 120 Stairlift, $2,300. 655-5483 Mariner 9.9 HP outboard motor, $500. 430-6897


2008 Pontiac G6, four door, automatic, white exterior, tan interior, warranty, 31k miles, $12,660. 425-Ford Five Hundred Limited AWD sedan, leather, sunroof, loaded, 45k miles, $11,500. 651-Harley Super Glide FXDXT, wine/black, SE pipes, more, 10k miles, $9,000. 464-Ford Windstar GL, tan, auto, 3.8 V6 engine, 118k miles, $3,750. 617-GMC LWB white pickup truck, chrome rims, 177k miles, $5,000. 468-Blue Toyota extended cab, 4WD, bedmat, 167k miles, $3,500. 931-307-9426
Two female tabby cats, spayed, all shots, food, accessories. 642-6140


Used Monopoly games, 20"x20" boards, pieces. 679-5916 Boy's toddler bed, suitable for a crib mattress. 658-5684 Houses/offices to clean, available evenings/weekends. 7778595 leave message
12 dual camera. First place in the documentation category was awarded to Ben Smegelsky of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for his film work on the STS-125 ferry flight from Edwards Air Force Base in California to Kennedy. This year's judges included Al Feinberg, deputy executive producer for NASA TV in Washington; Jonathan Grubbs, who has worked James Bilbrey as an editor for film trailers in Hollywood; Doug Smoot, a film documentary producer and videographer in Huntsville; C.R. Caillouet, a high definition camera technologist in Louisiana; and Jon Hornstein, librarian for the Internet archive's "NASAImages. org" website in California. James should be very proud to have won, said NASA Digital Television Program Manager Rodney Grubbs of Marshalls Engineering Directorate, who is a founder of the competition. The agency has some amazing talent. To be recognized as the best among that group is truly an honor. And of course, being a Marshall guy, I'm glad the trophy is coming to the center this year! In 2007, Bilbrey won Videographer of the Year for his documentary work on Ares I-related activities for the Ares Quarterly Reports produced at Marshall. To watch Bilbrey's video of the Ares Development Motor 1 test, visit Eagan, an AI Signal Research Inc. employee and the Marshall Star editor, supports the Office of Strategic Analysis & Communications.

Marshall's James Bilbrey presented NASA Videographer of the Year award for production
By Jessica Wallace Eagan Marshall Space Flight Center TV videographer James Bilbrey has received the 2009 NASA Videographer of the Year award in the production category. Bilbrey, a Dynetics Inc. employee supporting the Office of the Chief Information Officer, won first place for his video work on the production and firing of the Ares Development Motor 1 in Promontory, Utah, filmed from January to September of last year. Managed by Marshall's Ares Projects, the Ares Development Motor 1 was NASA's first five-segment test motor developed for the Ares I first stage. The 154-foot solid rocket motor produced heat nearly two-thirds the temperature of the sun and its 12-foot-diameter cylinder delivered 3.6 million pounds of thrust. ATK Space Systems, a division of Alliant Techsystems of Brigham City, Utah, is the prime contractor for the Ares I first stage. Bilbrey presented with the award at a NASA Digital Television meeting held during the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas last month said, "This agency has so many talented videographers and I am thrilled to be a part of this team." The competition, established seven years ago, salutes talented videographers from across the country who support Americas space program. Categories for the award are on-orbit, documentation and production. NASA astronaut Jeff Williams of the Johnson Space Center in Houston was presented the award in the on-orbit category for his International Space Station flythrough video with a

Vol. 50/No. 35

Marshall Space Flight Center, Alabama 35812 256-544-0030 The Marshall Star is published every Thursday by the Public and Employee Communications Office at the George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Classified ads must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m. Thursday to the Marshall Public and Employee Communications Office (CS20), Bldg. 4200, Room 102. Submissions should be written legibly and include the originators name. Send e-mail submissions to: The Star does not publish commercial advertising of any kind. Manager of Public and Employee Communications: Dom Amatore Editor: Jessica Wallace Eagan U.S. Government Printing Office 2010-623-044-00050

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SCC-C4301P TX-SR602 E-100RS WX295 RV4000 Axim X5 Mach 2 XM-R70 6 LE MHC-RG590S DC C50 CFC544M2 ICD-SX77 Titan 3 Skype 8012 CL608E LE32R74BD Nitro CIC AWT930AA LX9000R-22S 775R-serials-810042621-thru-engine P3300 MHC-RG660 RDC-7 1 VCL-DH2630 LE32A437t2D Escape-2001 RB-CC70 Bizhub 161F LXT310 ZEN350 29FA12-AM V325I SRP-270 DB248RB LE32A557 567 D-595 Zoom WD-80100TP Dect 6035 5300-E RSS-303 CF-371T Easy 255 MDS-MX101 KH 3461 VGN-NS21z S VP-DC172W GH388 21FS4RLX Ericsson W395 RH4940W MS-7309 Polaroid I639 W376G M3000-24 Review RT-29FD16RX KDC-W434 CDX-750 PDS4233 D5706 Approval AVR-700RD Majesty250-2003 Astro 1995 Blackberry 7250 Desktop 4 NP100 Platinum BM125M92RB AVH-P5750DVD KDC-W4037 DSL-2740B KF510 PD-F706 Etek EGO VDR-D150EE DVD6054 RW6800 Stratego 1986 SL-1210MK2 47PFL7422D SCX-5530 SHV 6800 DMC-FS10 Motorola C139 Sigma Lens 48724 63010 E2472HD DMR-EX78 TDA2135UC 37-7851 T BR-1180 ZWT7121 DPL913VD-jpeg Studio 9 CD4000 Samsung K40 26-3820 Bluetooth KIT


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