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Sony Vaio VGN-AR51j Laptop & Notebook, size: 1.9 MB
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Tradingshop 4:29pm on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 
Fantastic machine and at the price of 850 quid is well worth the money but just make sure you have a biag big enough for it and enough in the coffers ...

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution
London Sony VGN-AR Series Repair | VGN-AR NVIDIA Graphics Repair
By Creative IT London Dated: Jun 16, 2010
London Sony VGN-AR Series Repair: Call Creative IT on 6805 for quick Sony VGN-AR laptop repair and upgrade; NVIDIA graphics chip repair. Sony VGN-AR Series Repair Creative IT, with more than 15 years of experience in the laptop computer repair industry, offers fast and reliable Sony VGN-AR series repair services. Whether you are a residential user, professional or small business owner, we are your one stop destination for all kinds of laptop repair and upgrade service in Central London. Don't hesitate to contact us today with your repair request. From broken DC power jacks, bad inverters to hard drive failures and cracked laptop LCD screens we do it all! http:// Our team of expert Sony VGN-AR series repair technicians and engineers carry out extensive diagnosis to discover the reason of crashes, lockups or abnormal slowness. Our job is to get your defective Sony laptop back up and running, and back to you. With turnaround time typically ranging from 1 to 2 days in most cases you can be guaranteed that your downtime without your laptop computer will be kept to a minimum. The services that we make available as part of our London Sony VGN-AR series repair and upgrade services are: * Resolving laptop freezing or crashing issues * Fixing login issues and blue screen of death * DC power jack repair and replacement * Data recovery and back up * Virus and Spyware removal * Antivirus software installation * CD / DVD drive repair and replacement * Memory upgrade and replacement * Hard drive upgrade and replacement * Touchpad repair and replacement * Keyboard repair and replacement * Motherboard repair and replacement NVIDIA had previously widely acknowledged a failure associated with some of their graphics processors (GPU) due to a manufacturing defect in the graphics chip packaging in some VAIO models. These laptops may exhibit distorted video, random characters or a blank screen due to a failure of the NVIDIA graphics chip. As a part of our commitment to offer quality Sony VGN-AR series repair, for any customer who requires repair of their VAIO laptop due to the NVIDIA graphics processor issue, we request you to contact us at the earliest. As specialists in component level laptop repairs, we can successfully fix NVIDIA graphics chip problems of Sony VGN-AR11x, Sony VGN-AR21x and Sony VGN-AR31x series. http:// As part of our Sony VGN-AR series repair services, we can troubleshoot and repair all models of the Sony VGN-AR laptop series and specialise in VGN-AR11B repair, VGN-AR11M repair, VGN-AR11MR repair, VGN-AR11S repair, VGN-AR11SR repair, VGN-AR21B repair, VGN-AR21M repair, VGN-AR21MR repair, VGN-AR21S repair, VGN-AR21SR repair, VGN-AR31E repair, VGN-AR31M repair,

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VGN-AR31MR repair, VGN-AR31S repair, VGN-AR31SR repair, VGN-AR41E repair, VGN-AR41L repair, VGN-AR41M repair, VGN-AR41MR repair, VGN-AR41S repair, VGN-AR41SR repair, VGN-AR51E repair, VGN-AR51J repair, VGN-AR51M repair, VGN-AR51MR repair, VGN-AR51SRU repair, VGN-AR51SU repair, VGN-AR58J repair, VGN-AR61E repair, VGN-AR61M repair, VGN-AR61MR repair, VGN-AR61S repair, VGN-AR61ZRU repair, VGN-AR61ZU repair, VGN-AR71E repair, VGN-AR71J repair, VGN-AR71L repair, VGN-AR71M repair, VGN-AR71MR repair, VGN-AR71S repair, VGN-AR71SR repair, VGN-AR71ZRU repair, VGN-AR71ZU repair, VGN-AR78E and VGN-AR88E repair. ******************** ******************** Creative IT (UK) LTD Laptop Repair 80 Willow Walk, The Willows, Unit 6A London SE1 5SY Tel: 6805 Opening hours 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday ### UK laptop repair company: Creative IT, in Central London, offers laptop repair London services for Sony, Dell, IBM, HP, Compaq, Acer, Toshiba laptops.
Category Tags Services, Computers, Business sony vgn-ar series repair, sony repair, laptop, repair, notebook, upgrade, support, London, UK, laptop repair, nvidia Email Click to email author Phone 6805 Fax 4440 Address 80 Willow Walk, The Willows, Unit 6a City/Town London State/Province London Zip SE1 5SY Country United Kingdom

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution
Sony Vgp-ac19v16 Laptop Ac Adapter, Sony Vgp-ac19v16 Ac Power Adapter
By GBS CO.LTD Dated: Jun 24, 2010
High Quality and Superb Service, Season Promotion, 35% discount for SONY VGP-AC19V16 Laptop AC Adapter Vgp-ac19v16 laptop ac adapter - we offer high quality sony vgp-ac19v16 laptop ac adapter, replacement laptop ac adapter for sony vgp-ac19v16. The sony vgp-ac19v16 laptop ac adapter come with 1 year warranty and high quality battery pack at lower prices, fastest delivery!
Sony vgp-ac19v16 laptop ac adapter Specifications Part no : vgp-ac19v16 Input 100-240v Input frequency 50 ~ 60hz Output voltage 20v Output currect 6a Operating environment: In use 0c ~ +40c Storage -40 c ~ +85 c Relative humidity 5% ~ 95%rh (non-condensing) Safety approvals ul, cul, tuv, ce, ccc, gost-r, b mark, nom, nemko, psb, s-mark, s+mark, rcm More sony ac adapter: Descriptions of sony vgp-ac19v16 laptop ac adapter Highest quality cells are used in our sony vgp-ac19v16 laptop ac adapter. 100% qc of every sony vgp-ac19v16 laptop ac adapter. Brand new, 30 days money back, 1 year warranty for laptop ac adapter, 100% secure shopping guarantee. Great after-sales service department for laptop ac adapter, fast respond to your request! Fast delivery if you order the sony vgp-ac19v16 laptop ac adapter. Need any help on sony vgp-ac19v16 laptop ac adapter, please email us:!
Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device. Sony vgp-ac19v16 fit the following oem part no. Sony pcga-19v7 pcga-ac19v4 pcga-ac19v7 Vgp-ac19v16 vgp-ac19v15 vgp-prav1
Sony vgp-ac19v16 for following machine model Sony vaio vgn-ar83us vaio vgn-ar83s vaio vgn-ar72db

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Vaio vgn-ar52db vaio vgn-ar92us vaio vgn-ar92s Vaio vgn-ar82us vaio vgn-ar82s vaio vgn-ar91ps Vaio vgn-ar91s vaio vgn-ar81ps vaio vgn-ar81s Vaio vgn-ar71db vaio vgn-ar51db vaio vgn-ar70b Vaio vgn-ar50b vaio vgn-s380 vaio pcg-a series Vaio pcg-fr series vaio pcg-gc series vaio pcg-gl series Vaio pcg-k series vaio pcg-fr130 vaio pcg-fr780 Vaio pcg-fr860 vaio pcg-fr862 vaio pcg-fr870 Vaio pcg-fr872 vaio pcg-frv vaio pcg-frv23 Vaio pcg-frv25q vaio pcg-frv31 vaio pcg-frv33 Vaio pcg-grt102a vaio pcg-grt250 vaio vgn-a600 Vaio vgn-s430 vaio vgn-s460 vaio vgn-s480 Vaio vgn-s550 vaio vgn-s560 vaio vgn-s570 Vaio vgn-fs series vaio vpcw111xx/p vaio vpcw111xx/t Vaio vpcw111xx/w vaio vpcw119xj vaio vpcw119xj/p Vaio vpcw119xj/w vaio vpcw11axj vaio vpcw11s1e/p Vaio vpcw11s1e/t vaio vpcw11s1e/w vaio vgn-a150 Vaio vgn-a160 vaio vgn-a190 vaio vgn-a290 Sony vaio pcg-733 laptop ac adapter: http:// Vaio pcg-grx series vaio pcg-grz series vaio pcg-grv series Vaio pcg-frv series vaio pcg-frv25 vaio pcg-frv26 Vaio pcg-frv27 vaio pcg-frv28 vaio pcg-frv37 Vaio pcg-grt series vaio pcg-grt100 vaio pcg-grt160 Vaio pcg-grt170 vaio pcg-grt230 series vaio pcg-grt240g Vaio pcg-grt250pl vaio pcg-grt260g vaio pcg-grt270g Vaio pcg-grt270p21 vaio vgn-a130 vaio vgn-a140 Vaio vgn-a260 vaio vgn-a690 vaio vgn-a790 Vaio vgn-ar49g/e1 vaio vgn-ar47g/e1 vaio vgn-ar18tp Vaio vgn-ar630e vaio vgn-ar660u vaio vgn-ar690u Vaio vgn-ar390e vaio vgn-ar230g vaio vgc-ls37e Vaio vgc-ls30e vaio vgn-ar590ce vaio vgn-ar31e Vaio vgn-ar31m vaio vgn-ar31s vaio vgn-ar41e Vaio vgn-ar41l vaio vgn-ar41m vaio vgn-ar41s Vaio vgn-ar51e vaio vgn-ar51j vaio vgn-ar51m Vaio vgn-ar51su vaio vgn-ar47g vaio vgn-ar38g Vaio vgn-ar49g vaio vgc-lm70db vaio vgc-lm70b Vaio vgc-lm50db vaio vgc-lm50b vaio vgc-lm90s Vaio vgc-la83db vaio vgc-la73db vaio vgc-la73b Vaio vgc-la53b vaio vgc-la93s vaio vgc-la82db Vaio vgc-la72db vaio vgc-la52b vaio vgc-la92s

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Vaio vgc-la71db vaio vgc-la71b vaio vgc-la51b Vaio vgc-la51 vaio vgc-la91s vaio vgc-la70b Vaio vgc-la50b vaio vgc-la50 vaio vgc-la90s Vaio vgn-ar74db vaio vgn-ar64db vaio vgn-ar54db Vaio vgn-ar94us vaio vgn-ar94s vaio vgn-ar84us Vaio vgn-ar84s vaio vgn-ar73db vaio vgn-ar53db Vaio vgn-ar93us vaio vgn-ar93s This detail comes from: http:// ### We strive to make you Laptop AC Adapter purchases easy. Since we understand that finding the right batteries for your needs can be overwhelming and confusing at times we developed a Laptop AC Adapter finder tool to help find the right size for the make and model of your equipment. We also offer educational articles and tips to help you conserve your batteries and understand common problems. By us providing education you are able to make the right purchasing decisions as well as provide proper care for all of your electronics.

Category Tags Email City/Town State/Province Zip Country Shopping sony ac adapter Click to email author Fremont California 94538 United States

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