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gimmneycricket 10:18pm on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010 
I have long been yearing for this HTC HD2, but my parent dont allow... This is the most power packed smartphone you can find currently. Big screen, good multitouch, extremely responsive Poor battery life, no more wm 7
Akhorahil 10:31pm on Sunday, September 12th, 2010 
So far, T-mobile has replaced this phone 3 times under warranty. Its defects are so numerous as to defy listing in under 5000 characters. This. Overall rating: 4 out of 5 Screen, processor, apps, camera Interface, limited apps, battery life
latinoboy 6:55am on Sunday, August 15th, 2010 
Reviewing smart phones can be very tricky these days since there are typically two or three main aspects of the product that can make or break the dev...
maximo 12:54am on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
Good for a Windows phone but... The HTC Touch HD2 is a great phone the problem is with Windows mobile. A beast - great when tamed Ideal for Windows Mobile enthusiasts - powerful, full featured, well built hardware.
aiban 6:59am on Friday, May 28th, 2010 
There is no practical way to change the language. Also advertisement did not say phone OS was German. Attractive Design Difficult Navigation Probably a great phone, but w/o 3G signal in U.S. phone can not show off all its stuff. Sense UI is best I have seen, WinMo 6.5 is OK.

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For your own safety and to avoid invalidation of the warranty, please read this section carefully! Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit und damit die Garantie-Ansprche gewahrt bleiben,lesen Sie bitte diesen Abschnitt sehr sorgfltig durch! Pour votre scurit et pour viter dannuler la garantie, lisez attentivement cette section! Per la vostra sicurezza e per non invalidare la garanzia leggette con la massima attenzione i paragrafi seguenti! Para su propia seguridad y para evitar la invalidacin de la garanta, por favor, lea cuidadosamente esta seccin!
Safety Symbol Guide. iii Approvals and Notice.iv Warranty.iv Important Safety Instructions.v Cautions and Warnings.vii
Warnungen und Hinweise.viii Precautions et Avertissements.ix Avvertenze e Attenzione.x Precauciones y Advertencias.xi

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Safety Symbol Guide

CAUTIONS / WARNUNGEN / PRECAUTIONS / AVVERTENZE / PRECAUCIONES Must be followed carefully to avoid bodily injury; Bitte leisten Sie allen WARNUNGEN unbedingt Folge, um Schden an Ihrer Gesundheit zu vermeiden; Doivent tre observes afin d'viter tout dommage ou accident corporel; Da seguire attentamente per evitare possibili danni fisici; Deben ser seguidas con atencin para evitar daos corporales;
WARNINGS / HINWEISE / AVERTISSEMENTS / ATTENZIONE / ADVERTENCIAS Must be observed to avoid damage to your equipment; Bitte leisten Sie allen HINWEISEN Folge, um Schden an Ihren Gerten zu vermeiden; Doivent tre observes afin d'viter d'endommager votre matriel; Da osservare per evitare danni alle vostre apparecchiature; Deben ser observadas para evitar daos a su equipo;
NOTES / ANMERKUNGEN / NOTES / NOTE / NOTAS Contain important information and useful tips on the operation of your equipment; Bei Anmerkungen handelt es sich um wichtige Informationen und Tipps, die Ihnen die Arbeit mit Ihren Gerten erleichtern; Contiennent des informations importantes et des conseils concernant l'utilisation de votre matriel; Contengono importanti informazioni e utili suggerimenti sull'utilizzo corretto dell'apparecchiatura; Contienen informacin importante y consejos tiles para el uso de su equipo;

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IMPORTANT Please read this manual carefully before connecting your Mixer to the mains for the first time.


1 Soundcraft is a trading division of Harman International Industries Ltd. End User means the person who first puts the equipment into regular operation. Dealer means the person other than Soundcraft (if any) from whom the End User purchased the Equipment, provided such a person is authorised for this purpose by Soundcraft or its accredited Distributor. Equipment means the equipment supplied with this manual. 2 If within the period of twelve months from the date of delivery of the Equipment to the End User it shall prove defective by reason only of faulty materials and/or workmanship to such an extent that the effectiveness and/or usability thereof is materially affected the Equipment or the defective component should be returned to the Dealer or to Soundcraft and subject to the following conditions the Dealer or Soundcraft will repair or replace the defective components. Any components replaced will become the property of Soundcraft. Any Equipment or component returned will be at the risk of the End User whilst in transit (both to and from the Dealer or Soundcraft) and postage must be prepaid. This warranty shall only be valid if: a) the Equipment has been properly installed in accordance with instructions contained in Soundcrafts manual; and

Harman International Industries Ltd. 2001 All rights reserved Parts of the design of these products may be protected by worldwide patents. Part No. ZM0210 Issue: 3 Soundcraft is a trading division of Harman International Industries Ltd. Information in this manual is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of the vendor. Soundcraft shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from the use of information or any error contained in this manual. No part of this manual may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, electrical, mechanical, optical, chemical, including photocopying and recording, for any purpose without the express written permission of Soundcraft.
b) the End User has notified Soundcraft or the Dealer within 14 days of the defect appearing; and c) no persons other than authorised representatives of Soundcraft or the Dealer have effected any replacement of parts maintenance adjustments or repairs to the Equipment; and
d) the End User has used the Equipment only for such purposes as Soundcraft recommends, with only such operating supplies as meet Soundcrafts specifications and otherwise in all respects in accordance Soundcrafts recommendations.
5 Defects arising as a result of the following are not covered by this Warranty: faulty or negligent handling, chemical or electro-chemical or electrical influences, accidental damage, Acts of God, neglect, deficiency in electrical power, air-conditioning or humidity control. The benefit of this Warranty may not be assigned by the End User. End Users who are consumers should note their rights under this Warranty are in addition to and do not affect any other rights to which they may be entitled against the seller of the Equipment.
Harman International Industries Limited Cranborne House Cranborne Road POTTERS BAR Hertfordshire EN6 3JN UK Tel:+44 (0)Fax:+44 (0)

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Thank you for purchasing a Powerstation mixer, brought to you with pride by the SPIRIT team - we hope you will have as much fun using it as we did building it!


Wir hoffen, da Sie genauso viel Spa mit Ihrem Powerstation-Mixer haben, wie wir vom SPIRIT team.


WARNING: THIS UNIT MUST BE EARTHED Under no circumstances should the mains earth be disconnected from the mains lead.
The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code:
UK & EU US & CAN White Black Earth / Ground: Neutral: Green and Yellow Blue Brown Green and Yellow


WARNUNG: DIE POWERSTATION U GEERDET SEIN. Unter keinen Umstnden darf das Erde-Kabel des Netzsteckers von der Hauptstom-Versorgung getrennt werden!

Die Adern der Netzkabel sind nach folgendem System farblich gekennz ichnet:
UK & EU Erde/Masse: Negative Phase: Positive Phase: Grn und Gelb Blau Braun US & CAN Grn und Gelb Wei Schwarz
For your own safety and to avoid invalidation of the warranty please read this section carefully.
Zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit und damit die Garantie-Ansprche gewahrt bleiben, lesen Sie bitte diesen Abschnitt sehr sorgfltig durch!
As the colours of the wires in the mains lead may not correspond with the coloured markings identifying the terminals in your plug, proceed as follows: l The wire which is coloured Green and Yellow must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter E or by the earth symbol. W
Wenn es den Anschein hat, da die farbliche Kennzeichnung der Adern Ihres Netzkabels nicht mit den Anschlssen der Netzbuchse bereinstimmt, gehen Sie folgendermaen vor: l Die grn-gelbe Ader wird mit der Netzklemme verbunden, die mit dem Grobuchstaben E bzw. dem Symbol fr Masse gekennzeichnet ist. W
l Die blaue (oder weie) Ader wird mit der Netzklemme verbunden, die mit dem Grobuchstaben N gekennzeichnet ist. l Die braune (oder schwarze) Ader wird mit der Netzklemme verbunden, die mit dem Grobuchstaben L gekennzeichnet ist. berprfen Sie dieses Farbschema erneut, falls das Netzkabel, der Netzstecker oder die Netzbuchse ausgetauscht wird.
Pour votre scurit et pour viter dannuler la garantie, lisez attentivement cette section.
l The wire which is coloured Blue or White must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter N. l The wire which is coloured Brown or Black must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter L. Ensure that these colour codings are followed carefully in the event of the plug being changed.
Per la vostra sicurezza e per non invalidare la garanzia leggette con la massima attenzione i paragrafi seguenti. Para su propia seguridad y para evitar la invalidacin de la garanta, por favor, lea cuidadosamente esta seccin.
This unit is capable of operating over a range of mains voltages by means of a 4-position mains input fuse carrier. It is important to ensure that the correct voltage setting is selected for the level of local mains voltage supply, for safe, uninterrupted operation. Use a small screwdriver to prise the fuse carrier from its location in the connector. To avoid the risk of fire, replace the mains fuse only with the correct value fuse, as marked on the rear panel. The internal power supply unit contains no user serviceable parts. Refer all servicing to a qualified service engineer, through the appropriate Soundcraft dealer. Do not obstruct air vents.

Pour viter tout risque dincendie, remplacez le fusible uniquement par un fusible de la valeur correcte indique sur lalimentation. Lalimentation interne ne contient pas de pices accessibles par lutilisateur.Rfrez-vous du personnel qualifi. Ne pas gner la ventilation
Per evitare il rischio di incendi, sostituire il fusibile solo con un altro di pari valore, come indicato sul pannello posteriore Lalimentatore interno non contiene parti che possono essere riparate dallutente. Rivolgersi quindi ad un centro di assistenza autorizzato Non ostruire le griglie di ventilazione Page vi
Para evitar riesgos de incendio, sustituya el fusible slo con otro del mismo valor, como se indica en el panel trasero La fuente de alimentacin interna contiene partes no reemplazables por el usuario. Para reparaciones dirjase a un servicio tcnico oficial, a travs de su distribuidor Spirit. No obstruya las ventilaciones.


Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat resistors, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat. Do not use this apparatus near water. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding type plug. A polarized plug has two blades with one wider than the other. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. The wide blade or the third prong are provided for your safety. When the provided plug does not fit into your outlet, consult an electrician for replacement of the obsolete outlet. Protect the power cord from being walked on or pinched particularly at plugs, convenience receptacles and the point where they exit from the apparatus. Only use cables and hardware specified by the manufacturer. Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or when unused for long periods of time. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Servicing is required when the apparatus has been damaged in any way such as power-supply cord or plug is damaged., liquid has been spilled or objects have fallen into the apparatus, the apparatus has been exposed to rain or moisture, does not operate normally or has been dropped. It is recommended that all maintenance and service on the product should be carried out by Soundcraft or its authorised agents. Soundcraft cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage caused by service, maintenance or repair by unauthorised personnel. If a trolley is used, use caution when moving the trolley / apparatus combination to avoid injury from tip-over.

Linsert point non bilanciato, pre-EQ uninterruzione nel percorso del segnale che permette laggiunta di limiter, compressori, EQ speciali o altri dispositivi di trattamento. LInsert una presa jack a 3 poli A normalmente bypassata. Quando viene inserito un jack, il percorso del segnale viene interrotto dopo il filtro passa-alto e prima della sezione EQ. Se necessario, la Mandata pu anche essere usata come uscita diretta alternativa pre-fade, pre-EQ, con un cavo in cui punta e anello siano messi in corto circuito per non interrompere il segnale.

Page 3

This knob sets how much of the source signal is sent to the rest of the mixer. Too high, and the signal will distort as it overloads the channel. Too low, and the level of any background hiss will be more noticeable and you may not be able to get enough signal level to the output of the mixer. Setting the knob to the 10dB mark gives unity gain for the LINE input. Note that some sound equipment, particularly that intended for domestic use, operates at a lower level (-10dBV) than professional equipment and will therefore need a higher gain setting to give the same output level. See `Setting Up & Troubleshooting on page ?? to learn how to set GAIN correctly.


Dieser Regler bestimmt, welcher Pegelanteil in den Mixer geschickt wird. Zu hoch eingestellt verzerrt das Signal im Kanalzug, whrend zu niedrig gewhlt die Nebengerusche zunehmen und nicht gengend Pegel zum Mix-Ausgang gelangt.Bei der 10 dB-Markierung erreichen Sie Unity-Gain (Verstrkung = 1) fr den Line-Eingang. Beachten Sie, da insbesondere Equipment aus dem Heimstudiobereich mit -10 dBV betrieben wird, und deshalb eine entsprechend hhere Gain-Einstellung ntig ist.Lesen Sie auf Seite 10 nach, um zu erfahren, wie man das Gain (Vorverstrkung) am besten einstellt.100-H-HOCHPASSFILTERDieser Schalter aktiviert ein Filter mit 18 dB Flankensteilheit, das Bassfrequenzen reduziert. Bei PAAnwendungen verbessern Sie den Mix und unterdrcken Trittschall auf der Bhne sowie Mikrofonpoppen.


Pressing this switch activates a steep 18dB per octave filter which reduces the level of bass frequencies only. Use this in live PA situations to clean up the mix, reducing stage rumble or popping from microphones.

Ruotando in senso orario questa manopola si aumentano di 15dB le basse (bass) frequenze (60Hz e inferiori), aggiungendo calore alle voci e incisivit ai sintetizzatori, alle chitarre e alle percussioni. Ruotandola in senso antiorario le stesse frequenze si abbassano di 15dB, riducendo il ronzio e il rumore di palco oppure migliorando un suono poco chiaro. Posizionare la manopola al centro quando non richiesta la funzione di equalizzazione.


Tourn vers la droite, ce potentiomtre accentue de 15dB les basses frquences (graves) au-dessous de 60Hz, en ajoutant de la chaleur aux vocaux ou du punch supplmentaire aux synthtiseurs, aux guitares et aux batteries. Tourn vers la gauche, il coupe ces frquences de 15dB pour rduire le ronflement, ou pour claircir un son. La position neutre est repre par un dclic central.
Grelo hacia la derecha para realzar las frecuencias bajas (graves inferiores a 60Hz) hasta 15dB, aadiendo calidez a las voces o punch adicional a sintetizadores, guitarras y bateras. Grelo hacia la izquierda para eliminar frecuencias bajas hasta 15dB para reducir zumbidos, ruidos de escenario o para mejorar un sonido indefinido. Site el control en su posicin central si no requiere su uso.

Page 5

These are used to set up separate mixes for FOLDBACK, EFFECTS or recording, and the combination of each Aux Send is mixed to the respective Aux Output at the rear of the mixer. For Effects it is useful for the signal to fade up and down with the fader (this is called POST-FADE), but for Foldback or Monitor feeds it is important for the send to be independent of the fader (this is called PRE-FADE). Aux 1 is always PRE-FADE, POST-EQ, for typical use as a monitor or foldback feed. Aux 2 is normally POST-FADE, POST-EQ for use as an effects send. By pressing the AUX 2 PRE switch on the Master section the Aux 2 send is set PRE-FADE, POST-EQ. Both knobs should be turned down when not in use.
Werden bentigt, um separate Monitor- , Effekte- oder RecordingMischungen zu erzeugen, wobei jede Kombination der Aux-Sends den zugehrigen Aux-Ausgngen auf der Mixer-Rckseite zugeordnet wird. Fr Effekte ist es sinnvoll, das Signal in Abhngigkeit vom Fader zu regeln (das nennt sich (POST-FADER). Fr Foldback- oder Monitormischungen ist es wichtig, da die Signale unabhngig vom Fader nutzbar sind (bekannt unter (PRE-FADER). Aux 1 ist immer PRE-FADER, POST-EQ, speziell fr Monitoring und Foldback-Anwendungen. Aux 2 hingegen ist POST-FADE, POST-EQ, damit Effekte angesteuert werden knnen. Mit dem AUX 2 PRE Schalter in der Mastersektion, knnen Sie Aux 2 auf PRE-FADE, POST-EQ schalten. Beide Regler sollten zugedreht sein (auf Linksanschlag stehen), wenn sie nicht eingesetzt werden.


This control routes the post-fade, post-EQ channel signal to the Lexicon FX bus, which feeds the internal LEXICON Digital Effects Processor. The knob should be turned down when not in use. The output of the LEXICON unit feeds the Stereo Mix directly or may be mixed to the Aux 1output (see Master section, no. 4).
Dieser Regler steuert (post-Fader, post-EQ) das Kanalsignal auf den Lexicon FX Bus, der den eingebauten LEXICON Digital-Effektprozessor versorgt. Der Regler sollte geschlossen bleiben, wenn der Effekt nicht benutzt wird. Der Ausgang der LEXICON-Einheit ist direkt mit der Stereosumme verbunden, kann jedoch auch zum Aux 1-Ausgang geleitet werden (siehe Mastersektion, Nr. 4).
This control sets the amount of the channel signal feeding the Left and Right MIX buses, allowing you to move the source smoothly across the stereo image. When the control is turned fully right or left you are able to route the signal at unity gain to either left or right outputs individually.
Hiermit ordnen Sie den Anteil des Signals im Stereopanorama dem linken bzw. rechten Summensignal zu. Ganz nach rechts oder links bewegt, ordnen Sie das volle Signal der Summe zu.
When the latching PFL switch is pressed, the pre-fade, post-EQ signal is fed to the headphones and meters, where it replaces the Stereo Mix as the normal monitor source. The PFL ACTIVE LED on the Master section illuminates to warn that the headphones and meters are now carrying a PFL signal. This is a useful way of listening to any required input signal without interrupting the main mix, for making adjustments or tracing problems. The monitors and meters revert to to stereo Mix when the PFL switch is released.
Wird der rastende PFL-Schalter gedrckt, so wird das Signal pre-Fader, post-EQ auf die Kopfhrer und Austeuerungsanzeige gelegt und ersetzt somit die Stereosumme durch ein Monitorsignal. Die PFL ACTIVE LEDin der Mastersektion leuchtet auf, um anzuzeigen, da nun ein PFL-Signal aktiv ist. Dieses Verfahren ist sinnvoll, um ohne den Haupt-Mix zu stren, jedes beliebige Signal abzuhren und zu verndern. Wird PFL deaktiviert, so kehrt das Signal wieder zurck zu der normalen Mix-Anzeige und den Boxen.


The 60mm FADER allows precise balancing of the various source signals being mixed to the Master Section. You get most control when the input Sensitivity is set up correctly, giving full travel on the fader. See the `Setting Up & Troubleshooting section on page 28 for help in setting a suitable signal level.


Drei LEDs zeigen Ihnen den momentanen Betriebszustand des Mixers an.


Three LEDs provide visual indication of the status of the mixer.
POWER (grn) zeigt an, da der Mixer betriebsbereit ist.
The POWER (green) lights to show that power is switched on, and senses the power amplifier voltage rails.


THERMAL (gelb) leuchtet bei zu heier Endstufe.


The THERMAL (yellow) indicates that power amplifier over-temperature has been detected.
The MUTE (red) lights when the power amplifier output relays are open. This happens momentarily on power-up to isolate surges as the power rails stabilise, or will happen if the protection circuits detect a d.c. fault situation or overheating, in which case the relays will open as protection for the loudspeakers. If a d.c. offeset or overheating is suspected, check that the air vents at the front and rear of the mixer have not been inadvertently covered.
MUTE (rot) leuchtet, wenn die Verstrkerrelais offen sind. Das geschieht kurzzeitig beim Anschalten des Mixers, um die Gesamtspannung zu stabilisieren, oder wenn die Schutzeinrichtung einen Fehler oder berhitzung feststellt. Dies dient auch zum Schutz der Lautsprecher.Sollte die MUTELED aufleuchten, so prfen Sie, ob der Mixer gengend Luftkhlung besitzt und die Luftschlitze nicht verdeckt sind.

Page 16

Le correcteur graphique stro est insr dans le mixage final gauche/droit. Ce correcteur 7 bandes, permet de faire varier lamplitude de 6dB, son but est damliorer le son de certaines salles en sonorisation. Par rapport des correcteurs qui font varier lamplitude de 12dB ou 15dB et dont les effets peuvent tre dramatiques du fait que le moindre mouvement de fader peut provoquer du Larsen ou dautres effets indsirables, il offre une plus grande prcision.Ce correcteur graphique nest pas destin liminer le Larsen. Un correcteur 31 bandes sera ncessaire dans ce cas.


LEQUALIZZATORE GRAFICO stereo normalizzato sulle uscite Mix L/R. Sette bande con cut/boost di 6dB garantiscono un controllo globale sulle sottili variazioni di tono del PA in ogni ambiente. (Al contrario del pi dannoso (12 o (15 dB di altri apparecchi in cui un ingannevole movimento del cursore pu causare feedback o simili effetti indesiderati). Lequalizzatore incorporato ha lo scopo di regolare il suono generale adattandolo allambiente e non per annullare le frequenze per eliminare il feedback. Per questo si raccomanda un EQ a 31-bande.

Example 1

The line level mixer outputs, inserts and returns are arranged together on the top right of the mixer. For maximum flexibility the inputs to the Mixer, Graphic Equaliser and the Power Amplifier are available separately to allow replugging for particular purposes.
To external amplifier Pre Graphic Equaliser Post Graphic Equaliser

Example 2

The three sections are normalled together by the internal switch contacts on the jacks, as shown in the diagram.The normalling is broken as soon as a jack is inserted, allowing the signal to be re-routed as required. Note that separate left and right jacks are provided for all signals shown in the diagram above. Only one side is shown for clarity.


Die Flexibilitt der POWERSTATION-Patchbay ist anhand von drei Beispielen verdeutlicht:

Beispiel 1

Mit einer externen Endstufe und pre- oder post-Grafik EQ geschaltet. Hier funktioniert der Ausgang als Y-Splitter, eine Leitung fhrt zur internen Endstufe, die andere zu einer externen Enstufe.


The flexibility of the POWERSTATION Patchbay is illustrated with 3examples:

From mixer

From external mixer to EQ
From external mixer to PA no EQ
Feeding an external amplifier, either pre- or post-Graphic Equaliser. Normalling is unaffected. The output acts as a Y splitter, one feed to the internal amplifier, the other to the external amplifier.

Beispiel 2

Die Endstufe wird von einem externen Mixer angesteuert. Beispielsweise fr eine andere Band, die direkt die Endstufen-Eingnge benutzt. Der grafische EQ kann ebenfalls extern genutzt werden, falls Klangkorrekturen notwendig sind. Auerdem knnte ein externer Mixer, bzw. externes Signal mit auf den MIX der Powerstation ber die Stereo Returns oder irgend einen Line-Pegel-Eingang gelegt werden.
Feeding the amplifier from an external mixer, for a secondary band perhaps, plugging directly into the power amplifier jacks. Alternatively the external feeds could plug into the Graphic EQ Inputs jacks, providing some signal correction if required. Alternatively you can add the external signal/mixer to the Powerstations MIX using the Stereo Return or any line level input.

Example 3

Beispiel 3
Ist nur ein Mono PA Ausgang gefordert, so kann ein Endstufenausgang fr den Monobetrieb benutzt werden (wie gezeigt verkabelt). Der zweite Ausgang knnte dann fr einen Monitor-Mix ber Aux 1 verwendet werden. Bei beiden Varianten steht der GrafiK EQ im Signalweg zur Verfgung.

Note: The level of any source signal in the final output is affected by many factors, principally the Gain control, Channel Fader and Mix Faders. You should try to use only as much microphone gain as required to achieve a good balance between signals, with the faders set as described above. If the input gain is set too high, the channel fader will need to be pulled down too far in compensation to leave enough travel for successful mixing and there is a greater risk of feedback because small fader movements will have a very significant effect on output level. If the gain is set too low, you will not find enough gain on the faders to bring the signal up to an adequate level.


No Power l l l Is the mains supply present? Check that mains voltage selection is correct for your country. Is the mains lead firmly connected? Check the mains fusing
Thermal LED On and Mute LED On with no output to Speakers l The amplifier has shut down due to overheating and the output relays have opened. Switch off and allow the unit to cool down! Check that the unit has adequate ventilation, that operating levels are set correctly and that the speaker load is 4W or greater.
Condenser Mic Not Working l l l Is the +48V turned on? Is the mic plugged into the Mic input? Is the mic cable a balanced 3-wire type?

Microphone Placement

Careful microphone placement and the choice of a suitable type of microphone for the job is one of the essentials of successful sound reinforcement. The aim should be to place the microphone as close as physically possible to the source, to cut out unwanted surrounding sounds, allow a lower gain setting on the mixer and avoid feedback. Also a well-chosen and well-placed microphone should not need any appreciable equalisation.
Meters not showing any signal l l l l l Has the input gain been set correctly? (see above.) Is the source connected to the appropriate input socket for the level of signal? Do you have something connected on the Inserts, and is that external device switched on? Are the Master faders set at max., and are input faders set high enough? Is there a PFL/AFL pressed on another channel?

Page 24

APPLICATIONS Anwendungen - Applications - Applicazioni - Aplicaciones Live Applications
Groer Live Sound-AubauSonorisation Concert Applicazioni Dal Vivo Directo

Page 25

Groer Live Sound-Aubau Enregistrement Registrazione Grabacin

Page 26

Live Setup with Maximum foldback
Live Sound-Aufbau mit maximalen Monitorwegen Sonorisation avec le plus grand nombre de Retours de Scne Esibizioni dal vivo con foldback massimo Configuraciones de directo con mximo foldback

Page 27

Using Powerstation with an External Mixer and PA
Anbindung an externe Mixer und PA Utilisation avec une autre console et une diffusion supplmentaire Powerstation con mixer e PA esterni Usando la Powerstation con un Mezclador Externo y PA

Page 28

Splitting FOH and On-Stage Monitor
FOH- und Bhnen-Monitor-Aufteilung Partage des ressources entre Faade et Retours Separazione di FOH e monitor di palco Divisin entre monitores principales y de escenario

Page 29

Powerstation as a Submixer
(Amplifier still used for on-stage Monitors)
Powerstation als Submixer (Verstrkerverwendung fr Bhnen-Monitore) Utilisation en Pre-mlangeur Uso del Powerstation come Submixer Powerstation como un Submezclador (El amplificador se sigue usando para los monitores de escenario)

Page 30

System Block Diagram
Block Diagramm / Synoptique / Diagramma a blocchi / Diagrama de Bloques del Sistema


























Page 31
Connecting Leads / Ideale kabel und kabel-verbindungen / Connexions / Collegamenti / Conectando los cables

Page 32

Abmessungen Dimensions Dimensioni Dimensiones

Typical Specifications

Mic, Line or stereo input to Main Outputs, +4dB at outputs, @1kHz
<0.009% 100dB @1kHz 80dB @1kHz 70dB @1kHz


Fader Attenuation Aux Send Attenuation Stereo Separation
Measured RMS, 22Hz to 22kHz bandwidth Aux Outputs Main Outputs

-83dBu -80dBu 129dBu

Microphone Input, Maximum Gain, terminated 150R
Max. Gain to Main Outputs
Mic Input Line Input Stereo Input Stereo Return & 2Track Return
74dB 54dB 32dB 12dB +21dBu >30dBu +26dBu >30dBu +22dBu 300W + 300W RMS into 4W 600W + 600W RMS into 4W

Maximum Input Levels

Maximum Output Levels

Any Output

Power Amplifier Power Output
Powerstation 600 Powerstation 1200
Amplifier will deliver rated power output with +4dBu at power amp input sockets, power amp level control at maximum. (+15dBU for 350)

THD @ 1kHz

Both channels driven just below clipping: <0.025% into 4W 18.5kg (40.78lbs) 27kg (59.5lbs)


Page 33

Powerstation Console

Typical Starting Out Control Positions

Page 34

Console Markup Sheet
You may copy this page to make notes on your control positions


Page 35

Page 36

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Part No: ZM0210 iss 3


Ch. de Clamogne Aubonne Tl: +50 Fax: +51
Tarifs de location par jour et par pice


Yamaha M7CL, 48 + 4, 16 bus, 8 matrix Yamaha LS9-32, 32 + 4, 16 bus, 8 matrix, MP3-Player/recorder Yamaha LS9-16, 16 + 4, 16 bus, 8 matrix, MP3-Player/recorder Yamaha 01V96, 12+4, 8 aux, FOH - monitor + 24 ADAT in/out RME prampli - convertisseur 8 in + Alesis AI3, 8 in/out pour 01V Soundcraft GB8 32/8/2, 8 aux, 8 ss-gr, FOH Soundcraft GB4 24/4/2, 8 aux, 4 ss-gr, FOH Soundcraft Spirit LX-7II , 16+4/4/3, 6 aux, 4 sous-groupes, FOH Soundcraft Live 4 , 12+2/4/2, 6 aux, 4 sous-groupes, FOH Soundcraft FX-8, 16/2, 8 x mono / 2 x stro, fader 100mm Soundcraft EPM6, 6 x mono / 2 x stro, fader 100mm Soundcraft Compact 4, 2 x mono / 2 x stro, DI, RIAA, sans fader Soundcraft Spirit NotePad, 4 x mono / 2 x stro, sans fader Soundcraft Spirit Powerstation 600, 8 x mono / 2 x stro, 2 x 300W Technics, rgie DJ 600. 300. 150. 100. 50. 200. 150. 100. 80. 50. 30. 20. 20. 70. 50. 100. 50. 100. 1 50. 2 50. 50. 30. 50. 10. 10. 20. 20. 30. 40. 5.

Traitement de signal

Rack d'EQ 1/3 comprenant: Lecteur CD-MD Tascam EQ Klar Technik DN370 1/3 octave Rack d'EQ 1/1 comprenant: Lecteur CD-MD Tascam EQ Klar Technik DN370 1/3 octave Rack d'effets 4/12/4 comprenant: Lexicon PCM81, multi-effets numrique Rverbe Yamaha REV-500 Multi-effets Yamaha SPX-990 Delay t.c. electronics D-Two Compresseur Drawmer DLcanaux Compresseur KlarkTechnik Square One, 8 canaux Noise-gate Ashly SG-canaux Rack d'effets 2/4 comprenant: Rverbe Yamaha REV-500 Multi-effets Yamaha SPX-990 Compresseur Drawmer DLcanaux Rverbe Lexicon PCM 91 Multi-effets Lexicon PCM 81 Autres rverbe, delay, compresseur, EQ Ligne retard

Micros et DI

Sennheiser e904, e604 Shure B52, B56, SM57, B57, SM58, B58, SM86, AKG C-451, CK91, C-1000, Neumann KMS 105 Sennheiser MD421, Shure SM81, B87, B98, KSM137 AKG C-414 B/TL-II, EV RE-20, Schertler, Shure KSM 32 Sennheiser cravate MKE40 Whirlwind IMP 2 (DI), LBS (line balancer splitter), mic splitter 1/3

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Micros sans-fil
Samson serre-tte Sennheiser Serie 1000 avec serre-tte Sennheiser e300 avec serre-tte Senheiser cardiode (rack de 8) Sennheiser Serie 1000 cravate MKE40 Shure SM-58 UHF-R, main (deux pices) Shure B 87 UHF Srie U, main (deux pices) Shure B 58 UHF Srie SLX, main (micro dynamique cardiode) Shure SM 58 UHF Srie PGX main (micro dynamique cardiode) 50. 80. 500. 80. 200. 160. 60. 50.


Sub RCF TTS-28A, 2 x 18", auto-amplifi, 2000W, SPL peak 139 dB Line Array RCF TTL-33A, auto-amplifi, 750W, SPL peak 134 dB Bumper et matriel d'accroche pour Serie TT Moteur 500 kg, 20m de chane Monitor RCF TT25SMA, 15" coax, 750W Sub PSI Impact 38/1, 300W RMS, SPL max 125dB/1m HP PSI Concept 31/2, FOH ou retour, 400W RMS, SPL max 130dB/1m HP PSI Module 29/2, 300W RMS, SPL max 126dB/1m HP PSI Cardio 221/2 (pour milieux rverbrants), 2 voies, 100 W RMS, SPL max 121 dB/1m Sub actif RCF ART705-AS, 15", 800W, max 130 dB/1m HP actif RCF ART 712A, FOH ou retour, 2 voies, 750W RMS, max 129 dB/1m HP actif RCF ART 310A, FOH ou retour, 2 voies, 300W RMS, mas 127 dB HP actif FBT Jolly 8, active, FOH ou retour, 2 voies, 150 + 50 W RMS, 119 dB SPL max Ampli C-Audio RA3001, 2 x 625W/4 Ohm + Controller PSI Ampli C-Audio Pulse, 4 x 300W/4 Ohm + Controller PSI 100. 100. 50. 50. 70. 30. 50. 30. 20. 60. 60. 40. 30. 50. 80.



Series CA3140 WK-1800 DEH-3100R-B D1215 5 Lens Review XRS 9845 CV1 16-S Deskjet 3645 CPC-1010 Harmony 1000 23 KW Satellite L20 Magicolor 2530 A1100 Sinus A10 2455-S305 RE-21CC30RX ST-100 Mercure CI-5100 ALL-IN-ONE SB-22S Sypa100 Watch D800 42LF76 472 X N3240W DSL-500G Husqvarna 141 TLX121 MY225X FM 3070 Isdn R8 Plus KDL-40W5500 KX-TG2622 Omnipage PRO LX440 BLK Sagem MYX6 Vtech 6032 DG45ID ST-A6B AR-163 ZWQ6130 Charger Navman A300 DVR-80PT MX-K1R HT-BD2 Doro 525 SGH-F200 Amp256 MMV-200 BGR200XL Grill WS-32V56V HK6600 Magic FY500 MS6000 STR-DE685 ICR-B50 Goldeneye 007 Limousine VK530 Mach 1 Nuvi 785T TXL32G10E FS728TS EW13F1ST TTR50-2009 Proheat 7950 MZ-E700 BZD 40 I865G 11 E XR-CA360X Clicksmart 310 ASR-X PRO Domino I915G Astro 2000 441408-2 Kict333HWF F5D5131-8 2225 S1W Turntable RN202 VGN-AR61S KE-42XBR900 DCC175 E-studio120 I865G CDA-9830 KX-TD7690 XDR-C705DAB CUV4X-E KAM200 System DPF-D70


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