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Page 3

Precautions (contd)


1. Read Instructions - All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the appliance is operated. 2. Retain Instructions- The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. 3. Heed Warnings - All warnings on the appliance and in the operating instructions should be adhered to. 4. Follow Instructions - All operating and use instructions should be followed. 5. Cleaning - Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp cloth for cleaning. EXCEPTION:A product that is meant for uninterrupted service and, that for some specific reason, such as the possibility of the loss of an authorization code for a CATV converter, is not intended to be unplugged by the user for cleaning or any other purpose, may exclude the reference to unplugging the appliance in the cleaning description otherwise required in item 5. 6.Attachments - Do not use attachments not recommended by the product manufacturer as they may cause hazards. 7.Water and Moisture- Do not use this product near water, for example, near a bath tub, wash bowl, kitchen sink, or laundry tub, in a wet basement, or near a swimming pool, and the like. 8.Accessories - Do not place this product on an unstable cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table.The product may fall, causing serious injury to a child or adult, and serious damage to the appliance. Use only with a cart, stand, tripod, bracket, or table recommended by the manufacturer, or sold with the product. Any mounting of the appliance should follow the manufacturer's instructions and should use a mounting accessory recommended by the manufacturer. An appliance and cart combination should be moved with care. Quick stops, excessive force, and uneven surfaces may cause the appliance and cart combination to overturn. 9.Ventilation - Slots and openings in the cabinet are provided for ventilation and to ensure reliable operation of the product and to protect it from overheating, and these openings must not be blocked or covered.The openings should never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa, rug, or other similar surface. This product should not be placed in a built-in installation such as a bookcase or rack unless proper ventilation is provided or the manufacturer's instructions have been adhered to. 10. Power Sources - This product should be operated only from the type of power source indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power supply to your home, consult your appliance dealer or local power company. For products intended to operate from battery power, or other sources, refer to the operating instructions. 11. Grounding or Polarization - This product is equipped with a polarized alternating-current line plug (a plug having one blade wider than the other). This plug will fit into the power outlet only one way.This is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert the plug fully into the outlet, try reversing the plug. If the plug should still fail to fit, contact your electrician to replace your obsolete outlet. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the polarized plug. 12. Power Cord Protection - Power supply cords should be routed so that they are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed upon or against them, paying particular attention to cords at plugs, convenience receptacles, and the point where they exit from the appliance. 13. Outdoor Antenna Grounding - If an outside antenna or cable system is connected to the product, be sure the antenna or cable system is grounded so as to provide some protection against voltage surges and built-up static charges.Article 810 of the National Electrical Code,ANSI/NFPA No. 70, provides information with regard to proper grounding of the mast and supporting structure, grounding of the lead-in wire to an antenna discharge unit, size of grounding conductors, location of antenna-discharge unit, connection to grounding electrodes, and requirements for the grounding electrode. (Fig.A)


DVD mode Deleting titles: You can delete titles which you do not need anymore. Making your own Playlist (VR mode): With the Original remains as it is, you can edit titles on Various playlist as you prefer. Putting names on titles. Setting pictures for thumbnails. Setting/clearing chapter markers. Dividing / Combining titles. Deleting parts of titles, etc. Protecting titles (VR mode): You can prevent accidental editing or title erasing, with protect function.


DVD mode Playback of discs recorded in Video mode on a regular DVD player (Video mode): Discs recorded in the Video mode can be played back on regular DVD players, including computer DVD drives compatible with DVD-Video playback*.You will need to finalize the discs recorded in Video mode to play them back on other DVD players. * DVD-Video Format (Video mode) is a new format for recording on DVD-RW/R discs that was approved by the DVD Forum in 2000. Adoption of this format is optional for manufactures of DVD playback devices, and there are DVD-Video players, DVD-ROM drives or other DVD playback devices that do not play back DVD-RW/R discs recorded in the DVD-Video Format.

Recording Playing discs

Progressive Scan system Unlike conventional interlace scanning, the progressive scan system provides less flickering and higher resolution images than the traditional scanning system does.
Symbol in this Owners Manual
The availability of many functions of this unit depends on the disc type or the recording mode. To specify disc type or recording mode for each function, we put the following symbols at the beginning of each function.
Symbol Description Available to DVD Video discs Available to DVD-RW in Video mode Available to DVD-RW in VR mode Available to DVD-R discs Available to Audio CDs Available to CD-RW/R discs with MP3 files Available to VHS tapes Use only tapes marked with this unit. Indicates that you need to select the DVD mode by hitting [DVD] on the remote control before proceeding next step. Indicates that you need to select the VCR mode by hitting [VCR] on the remote control before proceeding next step.

These jacks are

useful only in DVD mode.

Rear Panel

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. AC Power Cord (DVD/VCR) Connect to a standard AC outlet to supply power to this unit. S-VIDEO IN jack (LINE1) (DVD/VCR) Use to connect the S-Video output of external equipment with an S-Video cable. COMPONENT VIDEO OUTPUT jacks (DVD only) Use to connect a TV monitor with component video inputs with component video cables. AUDIO IN jacks (LINE1) (DVD/VCR) Use to connect external equipment with standard audio cables. AUDIO OUT jacks (DVD/VCR) Use to connect a TV monitor, AV receiver or other equipment with standard audio cables. TV ANTENNA IN jack (DVD/VCR) Use to connect an antenna. TV ANTENNA OUT jack (DVD/VCR) Use to connect an antenna cable to pass the signal from the TV ANTENNA IN to your TV monitor. nent damage to the unit. 8.
VIDEO OUT jack (DVD/VCR) Use to connect a TV monitor, AV receiver or other equipment with a standard video cable. 9. VIDEO IN jack (LINE1) (DVD/VCR) Use to connect external equipment with a standard video cable. 10. S-VIDEO OUT jack (DVD only) Use to connect the S-Video input of a TV monitor, AV receiver or other equipment with an S-Video cable. 11. AUDIO OUT jacks (DVD only) Use to connect a TV monitor, AV receiver or other equipment with standard audio cables. 12. COAXIAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUTPUT jack (DVD only) Use to connect an AV receiver, Dolby Digital decoder or other equipment with a coaxial digital input jack with a digital coaxial cable.
Note: Do not touch the inner pins of the jacks on the rear panel. Electrostatic discharge may cause perma8

Page 9

Functional overview (contd)

Remote Control

17 18* 19



28 29* 32 33* 34

(*) In DVD mode, the unit can also be turned on by pressing these buttons.
1. POWER button (DVD/VCR) Hit to turn on and off the unit. 2. Number buttons (DVD/VCR) Hit to select channel numbers. Hit to select a title / chapter / track on display. Also hit to enter values for the settings in the Setting menu. Also hit to start the index/time search in VCR mode. 3. DISPLAY button (DVD/VCR) Hit to display the on-screen menu. 4. TOP MENU button (DVD) Hit to display the top menu. 5. MENU/LIST button (DVD) Hit to display the Disc menu. Hit to change ORIGINAL and PLAYLIST on the TV screen. (VR mode only) 6. Cursor K / L / { / B buttons (DVD/VCR) Hit to select items or settings. 7. REC/OTR button (VCR) Hit to activate the remote control in VCR mode (refer to page 10). Hit once to start a recording. Hit repeatedly to start a OneTouch Timer Recording. 8. VCR button Hit to activate the remote control in VCR mode (refer to page 10). Hit to select the VCR output mode. 9. REC SPEED button (DVD/VCR) Hit to change the recording speed.


VCR button DVD button

DVD indicator VCR indicator

Page 11

Guide to Displays on-screen menu This unit uses the following on-screen menu for most operations: Easy Setting Menu, Advanced Setting Menu, Title list, Playlist, Original and DISPLAY menu.They allow you to change the playback status of the disc during playback. The DISPLAY menu also gives you information on the playback status of the disc or a videotape.

Setting/DISC/CD menu

Hit [SETUP] to display Easy Setting Menu or Advanced Setting Menu. Choose either Menu using [K / L], then hit [ENTER] to display it. These menus allow you to perform all main functions and change setting for them. Easy Setting Menu and Advanced Setting Menu are available. Easy Setting Menu consists of those frequently needed.You can make all required setting using Advanced Setting Menu. Items with mark can be set in both menus.
Easy Setting Menu OSD Language Clock Channel DVD-RW Recording Format Timer Programming Auto Finalize Progressive Disc Advanced Setting Menu OFF Video mode VCR DVD English

Getting started

Advanced Setting Menu
Playback Recording Display Select Video Clock Channel Disc Easy Setting Menu
7. Disc / CD Playback Mode: Disc is available only when a DVD-RW/R disc is inserted into the unit. When a DVD-Video disc (commercially available), a new DVD-R disc or a finalized DVD-R disc is inserted into the unit, you cannot select Disc. CD Playback Mode is available only when an Audio CD disc or a CD-RW/R disc with MP3 files is inserted into the unit. <DVD-R, DVD-RW (Video mode)>
Title List Format Finalize
1. Playback: To set up the unit to play back discs as you prefer. 2. Recording: To set up the unit to record on discs or tapes as you prefer. 3. Display: To set up the OSD screen and the front display of the unit as you prefer. 4. Select Video: To choose a line input to record on DVD discs or tapes from other video equipment. 5. Clock: To set up the clock of the unit. 6. Channel: To adjust the channel setting of the unit as you prefer.

<DVD-RW (VR mode)>

Playlist Original Format Finalize Disc Protect OFF ON
1.Title List / Playlist / Original: Turns on a title list, playlist or Original, which shows the recorded titles on the disc. 2. Format (DVD-RW only): Allows you to erase all of the recorded content on the disc. The disc will be completely blank. Erased content cannot be retrieved. A DVD-RW disc formatted with this unit cannot be used on other DVD recorders for recording. If you want to use a disc formatted with this unit on another DVD recorder, you have to reformat the disc on that recorder. 3. Finalize: Allows you to finalize a disc with titles recorded on this unit only. 4. Disc Protect (VR mode only) : Allows you to protect a disc from accidental editing or recording. 5. Random Play: To activate the random playback feature. 6. Program Play (Audio CD only): To activate the programmed playback feature.

Getting started Recording Playing discs Editing

Display message

Appears when the disc tray is opening. Appears when a disc is loaded on the disc tray.
Appears when the disc tray is closing.
Appears when data is being recorded on a disc.

Page 14

Connection to a TV
Antenna Cable TV signal (Back of TV) or (Back of TV) Antenna Cable TV signal
Connect RF cable (supplied)


4 Plug in the AC power cord of this unit.
Choose one of the following connections, depending on the capabilities of the equipment you possess.

Method 1

Basic Audio Good picture

Method 2

Better picture

Method 3

Best picture

Audio cable (supplied)

This unit



Video cable (supplied)

S-Video cable (commercially available)
Component video cables (commercially available)




These jacks are useful

only in DVD mode.

Connect this unit directly to the TV. If the A/V cables are connected to a VCR, pictures may be distorted due to the copy protection system. Method 2 and method 3 are only useful in DVD mode. Although you can view images when using the connection Method 1 and 2 while Progressive Scan is activated, they are in Interlace mode.

Page 15

After you have completed connections
Switch the input selector on your TV to an appropriate external input channel (usually near channel 0). Press a button on the TVs original remote control that selects an external input channel until the DVD recorders picture appears. Check your TV owners manual for details.
Input Mode Names for Common TV Brands (Example)
Admiral Curtis Mathis GE Hitachi JVC Kenwood LXI-Series Magnavox
AUX LINE1, LINE2, 00, 90, 91, 92, 93 INPUT, TV/VCR, 00, 90, 91, 92, 93 INPUT, AUX A/V CHANNEL, INPUT1, SVIDEO, INPUT2 AUX 00 AUX CHANNEL
Panasonic RCA Samsung Sanyo Sharp Sony Toshiba Zenith
If your TV is compatible with Progressive Scan (525p / 480p) and you want to enjoy that high quality picture; You must select the connection Method 3 above and Progressive Scan mode.To set the mode, hit [SETUP] and select Progressive ON on the Easy Setting Menu, or on the Playback sub menu of the Advanced Setting Menu.Then hit [ENTER]. P.SCAN will appear on the display of this unit. If your TV is not compatible with Progressive Scan; Use this unit in Interlace mode. Make sure that no P.SCAN is on the display of this unit. If not, hit [SETUP] and select Progressive OFF on the Easy Setting Menu, or on the Playback sub menu of the Advanced Setting Menu.Then hit [ENTER]. P.SCAN on the display of this unit will disappear.

Functions Playback, recording, limited editing Playback, recording, Original/Playlist editing Playback, limited recording, limited editing


Video mode DVD-R

Page 26

Information on DVD recording (contd)
Restrictions on recording
You cannot record copy-protected materials using this unit. Copy-protected material includes DVDVideo discs and some satellite broadcasts. If copy-protected material is encountered during a recording, recording will be paused or stop automatically and an error message will be displayed onscreen. Material that is copy-once only can only be recorded using a DVD-RW disc in VR mode with CPRM (see below). When recording a TV broadcast or through an external input, you can display copy control information on screen. What is CPRM? This is a format used to record copy-once programs. By recording coded data on the area of DVD discs that ordinary writing software cannot write, it prevents copy-once programs from being recorded repeatedly on different media. This unit is CPRM compatible, which means that you can record copy-once broadcast programs, but then you cannot make a copy of those recordings. CPRM recordings can only be made on DVD-RW discs formatted in VR mode, and CPRM recordings can only be played back on DVD players that are compatible with CPRM.
Making discs playable on other DVD player (Finalize)
After recording, you must finalize the disc in order to play on other units. (Refer to page 36.)


After finalizing:
Once DVD-RW/R (Video mode) is finalized, you cannot record additionally or edit. DVD-RW disc recorded with VR mode can record additionally and edit contents even after you finalized the disc. When DVD-RW/R (Video mode) is finalized, title menu will be created automatically. Finalize discs recorded on this unit in order to play them back on other DVD players.
Information on copy control
Some satellite broadcasts include copy-protected information. For their recording, refer to the following.

Disc type / format

Copy -free

Copy -once

ver.1.1,1.2 ver.1.1,1.2 CPRM compatible ver.1.1,1.2 ver.1.1,1.2 CPRM compatible ver.2.0


Recordable Not Recordable

Page 27

Page 39

Dubbing Mode (contd)


Using [K / L], select VCR DVD. Hit [ENTER].
Recording-Dubbing Mode VCR DVD DVD VCR VCR DVD
Using [K / L], select DVD VCR. Hit [ENTER].
Hit [SETUP] to exit. Hit:
Make sure to select a recording speed using [REC SPEED]. Hit:
Hit [PLAY B].Then hit [PAUSE F] at the point you wish to start recording. Since it takes about a few seconds before the actual dubbing begins, please allow extra 5 seconds when selecting the starting point.
Hit [PLAY B].Then hit [PAUSE F] at the point you wish to start recording.
When you turn off the unit after setting the Dubbing Mode to DVD VCR, the setting will be set to VCR DVD automatically. Dubbing Mode is available only if the videotape or disc is not copy protected. You cannot change the output mode during VCR to DVD or DVD to VCR duplication. For DVD to VCR duplication: While Audio CDs can be copied to videotapes, MP3 cannot be. For VCR to DVD duplication: The playback sound mode is followed by the setting of VCR playback sound mode on page 77. Set the playback sound mode to which you wish to record to the DVD. 39
Hit [DUBBING]. DVD to VCR duplication will start.
Hit [DUBBING]. VCR to DVD duplication will start.
Hit [STOP C] to stop the recording.

Page 40

Disc Playback
Information on DVD playback
Before you play back DVD discs, read the following information.
This unit is compatible with the following discs. To play back a DVD, make sure that it meets the requirements for Region Codes and Color Systems as described below. Discs with the following logos can be played back on the unit. Other Disc types are not guaranteed to be played back.


This unit has been designed to play back DVD discs with Region One (1). DVDs must be labeled for ALL regions or for Region 1.You cannot play back DVDs labeled for other regions. Look for the symbols below on your DVDs. If these region symbols are not on your DVD, you cannot play back the DVD on this unit.


The number inside the globe refers to region of the world. A DVD labeled for a specific region can only be played back on the unit with the same region code.

Hint for DVD playback

The contents of DVD disc are generally divided into titles.Titles may be further subdivided into chapters.

Start Rec. Stop/Start Stop Rec.



Title 1 Title 2

Color systems
DVDs are recorded in different color systems throughout the world.The most common color system is NTSC (which are used primarily in the United States and Canada). This unit uses NTSC, you must use DVDs recorded in the NTSC system.You cannot play back DVDs recorded in other color systems.

Page 41

Basic playback
Hit [TOP MENU] to display the title menu. You can change Original or Playlist of VR mode using [MENU/LIST]. Video mode:

Title List

Hit [POWER]. Hit [DVD]. When you are playing back a DVD, turn on the TV and be sure to select the input to which the unit is connected.
Hit [OPEN/CLOSE A]. The disc tray will open.

JAN/1 1:00AM CH12 XP

Insert your disc with its label facing up. Align the disc to the disc tray guide.

VR mode:


disc tray guide



Hit [OPEN/CLOSE A] to close the disc tray. This operation may take a while to be recognized.
To exit the title menu, hit [TOP MENU] again.
For DVD-R (Video mode) and DVD-RW (Video mode) discs which are already finalized, a title list will be displayed instead of thumbnails.
Title Menu 1 CH CH CH CH CH 8 XP XP LP LP EP
Using [K / L / { / B], select a desired title. Hit [ENTER]. Playback will start.
Hit [STOP C] to stop playback. To eject the disc, hit [OPEN/CLOSE A] to open the disc tray, then remove the disc before turning off the unit.
You can resume playback from the point you stopped playback. (Resume playback) Refer to page 44 for details about resume playback. Some discs may start playback automatically. 41

Page 42

Basic playback (contd)


1 [POWER]. Hit [DVD]. Hit
When you are playing back a DVD or an audio CD, turn on the TV and be sure to select the input to which the unit is connected.
4 [PLAY B] to start playHit
back. Playback will start. If you are playing back a DVD-Video disc, a menu may appear. Refer to page 43 for details about a disc menu.

2 [OPEN/CLOSE A] to Hit

open the disc tray. The disc tray will open.

5 [STOP C] to stop playHit
3 your disc with its label Insert
facing up. Align the disc to the disc tray guide.
Some discs may start playback automatically. Press [PLAY B], [ENTER] or [B] to move to the lower hierarchies. Press [s] or [RETURN ] to go to the previous hierarchy. Hit [STOP C] to return to the first item. Hints for MP3 files: Folders are known as Groups, files are known as Tracks. Folders are accompanied by icon. MP3 files are accompanied by icon. Reproduction will start from the selected track and go to the next one in turn. The system can recognize up to 255 groups (or folders) and up to 255 tracks. The name of the group and track can be displayed in up to 29 characters. Unrecognizable characters will be replaced with asterisks. If there are no files in the folder, No Files will be displayed. This unit recommends the files recorded under the following circumstances: Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz or 48kHz. Constant bit rate: 112kbps 320kbps.

Playing back MP3 disc

1 stop mode, hit [TOP MENU] In

to call up the MP3 menu.

To exit the menu, hit [TOP MENU] again.
2 [K / L] to select a Press K
desired folder (group) or track. Hit [ENTER]. When selecting track: Playback will start. When selecting the folder: The files in the folder will appear. Press [K / L] to select the track or folder you want, then hit [ENTER]. 42
The audio source of MP3 files cannot be recorded as digital sound by an MD or DAT deck. Files whole extension other than.mp3 (MP3) will not appear in the MP3 menu. Some unplayable folders or tracks may appear in the MP3 menu due to the recording status.

Page 43

Playing back discs using the disc menu
A DVD disc contains a disc menu that describes the contents or allows you to customize the playback. For example, the menu may offer choices for subtitle languages, special features, or chapter selection. Some discs display them automatically when you start playback. For others, they only appear when you hit [MENU / LIST]. First:
Continue this step to set up all the features you want or to start playing back the disc from the menu. MENU/LIST button: Displays a DVD disc menu. It may be the same with the Title menu. Cursor K / L / { / B buttons: Moves the cursor on the screen. ENTER button: Selects the currently highlighted menu option. Number buttons: Selects a numbered menu option (some discs only). Hit [ENTER] after.

Playlist - Chapter Mark - Add

Chapter Chapter 2/ 2

JAN/1 1:00AM CH12 XP JAN/1 1:00AM CH12 XP 0:00:59 Wait for a moment.
Use [SKIP H / G ], [E ], [D], [PLAY B] and [PAUSE F ] to decide the point for a new chapter marker. Or, use [SKIP H / G ] to decide a chapter marker that you will delete. Select Add or Delete accordingly using [K / L], then hit [ENTER]. Confirmation window will appear. <Add>:
When you select Delete at step 2, the chapter marker you have selected will be deleted. <Delete>:
After this operation is completed, hit [SETUP] to exit. Writing the data on the disc will start momentarily.

Page 64

Setting pictures for thumbnails
You can set an image picture for each title as a thumbnail. It helps you remember the contents of the title during playback.The default setting chooses the first scene of each title as the thumbnail. First:
Follow steps 1 to 3 on page 60 to display the Playlist menu. Using [K / L], select Index Picture Set. Use [SKIP H / G ], [E ], [D], [PLAY B] and [PAUSE F ] to decide the picture you want to select as thumbnail.Then hit [ENTER]. Confirmation window will appear.

Playlist - Index Picture

Using [K / L], select Yes. Hit [ENTER]. A picture for thumbnail will be set.
If a selected picture as thumbnail is deleted by deleting a part of a title, a default picture will automatically replace it. 64

Page 65

Dividing a title
You can divide a title into two new titles. First:
Follow steps 1 to 3 on page 60 to display the Playlist menu. Use [SKIP H / G], [E], [D], [PLAY B] and [PAUSE F] to decide the point at which you will divide the title. Using [K / L], select Title Dividing. Hit [ENTER]. Confirmation window will appear.
Playlist - Title Dividing
Using [K / L], select Yes. Hit [ENTER]. The title will be divided into two new titles. Both title names are identical and index pictures are reset to the first scene of each title.
If a disc contains the maximum number of recordings (99), you cannot divide any titles. You cannot divide the titles if the total number of th chapters have already reached 999. 65

Page 66

Combining titles
You can combine two titles into a single title. First:
Using [K / L], select Yes. Hit [ENTER].
Playlist - Title Combining
Follow steps 1 to 3 on page 60 to display the Playlist menu. Using [K / L], select Title Combining. Hit [ENTER]. Title Combining setting window will appear. The selected title will be grayed out, and the frame of the next title becomes yellow.
Playlist - Title Combining 1 + 2
Two titles will be combined into a single title.
Using [K / L / s / B], select another title to combine. Hit [ENTER]. Confirmation window will appear.

Using [K / L], select a setting. Hit [ENTER]. Your setting will be activated.

Playing discs Editing

Audio setting
Choose the appropriate Audio settings for your equipment.

Page 72

Audio setting (contd)
4 [K / L], select a desired item. Hit [ENTER]. Using
Dynamic Range Control function is available only on the discs which are recorded in the Dolby Digital format. Digital Out Set the digital audio output.
Playback TV Aspect Parental Lock Disc Menu Language Audio Language Subtitle Language Digital Out Dynamic Range Control Fast Forward with Audio Progressive ON OFF OFF DVD 4:3 Letter Box All English Original OFF Digital Out PCM Dolby Digital 48kHz Stream DVD
Using [K / L], select a setting. Hit [ENTER]. Option window will appear. Proceed to steps A or B.

48kHz 96kHz

Settings for PCM (Default : 48kHz)

Digital Out - PCM

Using [K / L], select a setting. Hit Note [ENTER]. When playing back disc Your setting will be activated. with copyright protection 48kHz : If your amplifier/decoder is NOT com Even if you select 96kHz, patible with 96kHz PCM, select 48kHz. the sound will be down 96kHz sound will be output in 48kHz. sampled at 48kHz. 96kHz : If your amplifier/decoder is compatible with 96kHz PCM, select 96kHz. 96kHz sound will be output.

PCM Stream

Settings for Dolby Digital (Default : Stream)
Digital Out - Dolby Digital
Using [K / L], select a setting. Hit [ENTER]. Your setting will be activated. PCM : Convert the Dolby Digital into PCM (2 channel). When your amplifier/decoder is NOT compatible with Dolby Digital, set to PCM. Stream : Outputs Dolby Digital signals. When your amplifier/decoder is compatible with Dolby Digital, set to Stream.
When playing back a DVD-RW disc recorded in VR mode If the audio on a disc is recorded in Dolby Digital format, set Dolby Digital to PCM so that you can switch to main (L), sub audio (R), or a mix of both (L/R) with your amplifier/decoder.

Page 73

Dynamic Range Control (Default : ON) Set to ON to compress the range between soft and loud sounds.
Playback TV Aspect Parental Lock Disc Menu Language Audio Language Subtitle Language Digital Out Dynamic Range Control Fast Forward with Audio Progressive ON OFF OFF DVD 4:3 Letter Box All English Original OFF Dynamic Range Control ON OFF DVD
Fast Forward with Audio (Default : OFF) Set to ON to output the sound during playback in x1.5 fast forward.
Playback TV Aspect Parental Lock Disc Menu Language Audio Language Subtitle Language Digital Out Dynamic Range Control Fast Forward with Audio Progressive ON OFF DVD 4:3 Letter Box All English Original OFF Fast Forward with Audio ON OFF DVD

Recording and One-touch Timer Recording
Before recording, make sure: The desired channel is selected by pressing the Number buttons on the remote control or [CHANNEL K / L] on the front panel of the unit. There is a videotape with a record tab in the unit. The desired recording speed is selected in SP (standard play) or SLP (super long play) mode by hitting [REC SPEED] on the remote control. Recording speed:
Tape speed Type of tape SP mode SLP mode Recording/Playback Time T60 T120 T160 2hours 2-2/3hours 1hour 3hours 6hours 8hours
Hit [REC/OTR] (VCR) to begin the recording. To temporarily stop recording or to resume it, hit [PAUSE F]. After the unit has been in Pause mode for 5 minutes, it will stop automatically to protect the videotape and the video head from damage.

Changing the SETUP menu

To view one channel while recording another 1) While you are recording on the unit, hit [VIDEO/TV]. 2) At the cable box or satellite box, select the channel you want to view. If you have connected the unit to a cable box or satellite box, refer to Connection to a Cable Box or Satellite Box section on page 15. 75
Hit [STOP C] when the recording is completed.
Stereo or SAP is selected. Refer to page 21. Refer to page 31 for instructions on Timer Recording.
Accidental erasure prevention
To prevent accidental recording on a recorded videotape, remove its record tab.To record on it later, cover the hole with cellophane tape.

Record tab

Page 76
Recording and One-touch Timer Recording (contd)
This feature allows you to set the recording length simply by pressing [REC/OTR] (VCR) on the remote control or [VCR RECORD] on the front panel of the unit.
To change the recording length during the one-touch Timer Recording, hit [REC/OTR] repeatedly until the desired length appear. To cancel the one-touch Timer Recording within the specified time, hit [STOP C].
During normal recording, hit [REC/OTR] to begin onetouch Timer Recording. You can select a fixed recording time by hitting [REC/OTR] repeatedly.
(Normal recording) (8:00) (0:30) (7:30) (1:00)
The remaining recording time will appear on the display panel during an one-touch Timer Recording. Hit [DISPLAY] to see it on the TV screen. You cannot pause a onetouch Timer Recording. If OTR is finished in VCR during playback or REC mode in DVD, the VCR will be in STOP mode and the DVD keeps the current mode.

When one-touch Timer Recording is finished, the unit will turn off automatically.
Unlike a Timer Recording, you can perform the following operations during a one-touch Timer Recording. - Turning the power off - Using [REC/OTR] or [STOP C]. When OTR is finished and the power is turned off, the unit will switch to the standby mode automatically if a Timer Recording has been programmed. Hit [T-SET] to cancel the standby mode for using the unit continuously.

Index search

An index mark will be assigned at the beginning of each recording you make.You may skip to a specific marked point by following the steps below. First:
Press [g/h] to start index search. If you want to go in the forward direction, hit [g]. If you want to go in the reverse direction, hit [h]. After index search, the VCR will play the videotape automatically.
CURRENT PROGRAM Beginning of tape End of tape
1 [SEARCH] so that the Hit
index search menu appears.
2 the Number buttons, Using
enter the number of recordings you wish to skip with in 30 seconds.


Pro.1 02

Pro.2 01

Pro.3 01

Pro.4 02

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Every time a videotape is recorded, an index mark is written on the videotape. 76

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This feature allows you to go to a specific point on a videotape by entering the exact amount of time you wish to skip in order to reach the point. First:


Press [g/h] to start time search. If you want to go in the forward direction, hit [g]. If you want to go in the reverse direction, hit [h]. After time search, the unit will play the videotape automatically.
Hit [SEARCH] repeatedly so that the Time search menu appears.
Using the Number buttons, enter your desired time to skip with in 30 seconds.
These functions are not available during recording. Hit [STOP C] to stop the search. If the end of the videotape is reached during a Search, this unit will cancel the search and rewind the videotape.

Other operations

First: Fast forward: When the unit is in stop mode, hit [g] to fast forward the videotape. Rewind: When the unit is in stop mode, hit [h] to rewind the videotape. To cue or review picture during playback (Picture Search): Press [g/h] during playback. Press it again and the unit will search in super high speed. (in the SLP mode only) To freeze the picture on TV screen during playback (Still mode): Hit [PAUSE F]. Each time you hit the button, the picture will be forwarded by one frame. If the picture begins to vibrate vertically during the still mode, stabilize the picture by pressing [CHANNEL K / L] or [CH K / L]. If the picture is distorted or rolling vertically, adjust the vertical hold control on your TV, if equipped. Counter Reset: Hit [CLEAR]. To playback in slow motion: Hit [SLOW ] during playback or the still mode. If the noise bars appear on the TV screen, you can reduce it by pressing [CHANNEL K / L] or [CH K / L]. Automatic Rewind When a videotape is played or fast forwarded to its end, the videotape will rewind to the beginning, stop and eject itself. When you playback a videotape recorded in Hi-Fi stereo: Hit [AUDIO] on the remote control to select Hi-Fi or MONO for playback sound mode. If you have connected a stereo TV to this unit, select HIFI. If you have connected a monaural TV to this unit, select MONO.


A-Trend AD-L528 ATrend Helios / LE-511 Aboss AB-6863 Accura ADVD3836 Acoustic Solutions AS8099 / TE 118A Acoustic Solutions DVD150AS / DVD150 / DVD321 / DVD421 / DVD451 / DVD651 Acoustic Solutions DVD521 Acoustic Solutions DVD551 Acoustic Solutions DVD237 / DVD600K

no known hacks

AEG DVD 6500 HT AEG M-2002 AEG 2002P / 4502 / 4503 / 4504 / 4506 / 4511 / 4513 / 4602 HC / 4603 HC / 4609 HC
AFK DVD-100 / DVD-101 AFK DVD-AFK DVD-106 / HCS-101
Afreey ADV-2360 / ADV-2630 Afreey LD-2020/ LD-2060 Affrey PDV-2000 Airis L103C Airis L120 Airis L103B / L103E / L105A / L105B / L105C / L105D / L106 / L253 /

LW256 / LW257

Aiwa AVJ-R5 / AVJ-X55 / HV-DH1 / HV-DH10 / XD-AX36 Aiwa HT-DV50 / XD-DV50 Aiwa HT-DV90 Aiwa XD-520KS / XD-DV520 / XD-DV520 KS Aiwa XD-AX10
You need an OneForAll remote (URC 7030)
Aiwa XD-DV170 Aiwa XD-DV290 / XD-DV370 / XR-DV370 KN Aiwa XD-DV480 Aiwa XD-DW1 / XD-DW5 / XD-DW7 Aiwa XR-DV525 Aiwa XD-DV520 Aiwa AVJ-X33, AVJ-X55, HT-DV50, XD-AX1, XD-DK601, XD-DV10, XD-DV170, XD-DV290, XD-DV380, XD-DV485, XD-DV487, XD-DV500, XD-DV530, XD-DV600, XD-PK701, XP-K7, XP-KR9, XR-DV120, XRDV526, XR-DV700, XR-DV701, XS-DV335RW
Akai ADV-1120 / ADV-1250 / DV-P2340 / DV-P2440 / DV-P2540 / DVD-2100SS / DVR-2100SS Akai ADV-8000 / ADV-8175 / DV-P2500 / DVP-8000 Akai ADV-9000 / DV-P3410 / DVD-3140 Akai DHT-300 Akai DV-P1000 Akai DV-P2000
Akai DV-P3470 / DV-P3570 / DV-P3570S Akai DV-P3550 Akai DV-P4000 / DV-P4500 Akai DV-P4330S / DV-P5380S / DV-P5570SL / DV-P5580SK Akai DV-P4410 / DV-P4420S Akai DV-PX7000 Akai DVR-3100SS / DVR-3300SS / DV-R3400SS Akai DV-R4000SS / DV-R4150SS Akai DVD-200BL Akai DVD-2100 / DVD-2100SS Akai DVD-3850S Akai DVPS-760 Akai HV-DH10 / HV-DH10N Akai PDVD150 Akai ADV-1000, ADV-1150, ADV-2750, ADV-8175, APV-4300MB, CFTP2085V, DV-P3580SK, DV-P4500, DV-4530S, DV-P4580SL, DVPX6500, PX7000E, DV-PX7000E, DV-R4200SS, DV-4410SS, DVV605N, DVD-P5851, DVD-S3500P, DVPS-7000, VRD-975
Akura ACHTS02 Akura ADV14S / ADV145S / ADV146S / ADV147S / ADV147AS Akura ADV143S Akura APDV149TS / APDV150TS Akura ADV144S / ADVR-171S
Alba DVD103 / DVD106 / DVD108 Alba DVD104 / DVD114 Alba 108 xi Alba DVD109 Alba DVD113 / DVD70

is codefree

Alba DVD119 / DVD73 Alba DVD129 Alba DVD165 / DVD65 Alba DVD45 Alba DVD59 Alba DVDP500 Alba RDVD1002 Alba TDV3406 / TDV3450 Alba DVCR2, DVD54, DVD55, RDVD1000, RDVD1001, Roadstar DVD2551K, SYS2200CD DVD, TVD3455, TVD3456
All-Tel DVD-101 All-Tel DVD 8166F / XR900 / XR1000
Amoisonic DVD2002 Amoisonic DVD2002BM Amoisonic DVD8166 Amoisonic DVD8506F/ DVD8506 Amoisonic DVD7000 / DVD7300 / DVD8000 / DVD8156 / DVD8300 / VDR2000
Amphion ABT V101 Amstad DVD 2320 Amstrad DX 3016 Amstrad D240 / D320 / D400 / DR251 / DR300 / DV-150 / DV-200 / DV-250 / DV-303 / DX 3010 / DX 3014 / DX 3015
AMW M270 / M280 / P510 / T342 / T365 / V101 AMW P510 / P8A5 / P80L / P819 / V101 AMW P90L / R99 / U-100 AMW S99 / V99 AMW V120 AMW V250 AMW M520, P9C2T, T352, V120, V151
Apex AD-600A Apex AD-1000 / AD-1010W / AD-1130W / AD-1165 / PD-510 Apex AD-1110W Apex AD-1200 / AD-3201 / PD-100 Apex DRX-9000 Apex AD-1115, AD-1145, AD-1150, AD-1225, AD-1250X, AD-1700M, AD-2100, AD-2101, AD-2600, AD-2701, AD-703A, AD-7701, ADV3800, DRX-9100, DRX-9200, DVX-4351, GT2015DV, GT2715DV, HT100W, HT-150, HT-170, HT-180, MD-100, PD-10, PD-450, PD-480, PD500, PD-510, PD-650, PD-660S
Arcam DV-78 / DV-79 / DV-88 Arcam FMJ VD27
Arena DVD 5000 Arirang DH-9000 Ariston 2000 Aristona ADV423 Aristona ADV425 / ADV430 Aristona ADV442
Arrgo ADD-210 / ADD-280 / ADP-210 Arrgo ADP-700 Arrgo ADP-730 / ADP-740

Cybercom CC 4931 Cyberhome AD-L 528 / CD-LDV 712 / CH-DVD 302 / CH-DVD 500 / CH-LDV 702 Cyberhome AD-M 212 / AD-M 512 Cyberhome AD-N 212 Cyberhome CD-LDV 7000 / CH-LDV 7000 / CH-LDV 707B / CH-LDV 710 Cyberhome CD-DVD 655 / CH-DVD 300 / CH-DVD 320 / CH-DVD 401 / CH-DVD 635 / CH-DVD 4010 / CH-DVR 2500 / CH-LDV 1010A / CHLDV 1010B portable / CH-LDV 700B Cyberhome CH-DVD 400 / CH-DVD 402 / CH-DVD 405 / Prism DV302 / Prism DV-402 Cyberhome CH-DVD 412 Cyberhome CH-DVD 452 ZE / CH-DVD 462 / CH-DVD 465 Cyberhome CH-DVD 505 Cyberhome CH-DVR 1500 / CH-DVR 2500 Cyberhome MP016-A Cyberhome CH-DVD 4620, CH-DVR 465, CH-DVR 1530, CH-DVR 750, CH-DVR 710, CH-LDV 3550, CD-LDV 9000

Cyrus DVD-7 Cytron

Cytron TCM Edition Daewoo DDT-14H9s / DDT-21H9S / DQD-2100 / DQD-2100D / DQD2101D / DQD-2113 / DQD-6100D / DQD-6113D / DV6T811N / DV6T844B / DV6T85N / DV6T955B / DV6T999B / DVD-323 / DVD-363 / DVD-8100P / SD-3500P / SD-6200 / SD-7500 / SD-7800 / SD-8100 / SD-8800P / SD-9500P / SD-9800P / SH-7840 Daewoo DF-4100 / DF-4150 / DF-7100 / DF-7150 / DF-8100 / DF-8150 / DH-6105 / DH-6100P / DR2100P / DRX-1105 / DVR-06 / DVR-S05 Daewoo DG-K21 / DG-K22 / DV-150 / DV-500 / DV-800 / DVG-5200S / DVG-8300SE / DVG-8400N / DVG-8500N / DVG-9200N / DVN-3100N / DVN-8100N
1. Open the disc tray 2. Press 1, 3, 7, 9 3. Press the button for the desired RC (0=codefree) 4. Close the disc tray
Daewoo DG-K514 / DM-K40 / DM-K41 / DV-700S Daewoo DHC-2200 / DHC-5800K / DQD-200 / DQD-2000 Daewoo DHC-2200K / DHC-2300 Daewoo DHC-8000K / DVD-800K Daewoo DHC-X100 / DHC-X100NT Daewoo DHC-XD150E / DHC-XD300 / DHC-XD350 / DHC-XD500 Daewoo DPC-7100P Daewoo DQD-2112D / DQD-6112D / DV6T821N / DV6T834N / DVD260D Daewoo DS-2000N / DVD-3700 / DVD-5700 / DVD-5800 Daewoo DS-2500N Daewoo DV-115 / DV-135 / DHC-250 Daewoo DVD-6000G / DVD-S250 / DVG-6000D / DVG-9000N Daewoo DVD-702 / DVD-S150 / DVD-9000S / DVG-9000S Daewoo DVD-8000F
Daewoo DVD-P480 Daewoo DVD-P4851 / DVD-S151

is region free already

Daewoo DVD-P80S Daewoo DVG-3000N / DVG-5000D Daewoo DVG-4000S / DVG-5000N Daewoo DVG-5300N Daewoo DVR-06 Daewoo S2122 Deawoo TPSL-102 Daewoo BH-7840 / DCSA-8CN / DCSB-87N / DF-K528 / DQR-1000D / DQR-1100D / DQR-2000D / DV-1031 / DV-1091 / DV-600 / DVD-S200 / DVD-S500 / DVD-S900 / DVG-6500D / DVG-8000N / DVG-9100N / DVR-S04 / DVX-4021 / DX-7840 / DX-9810 / DX-9840S / HC-4130 / SD-7100
Dalton DVX-500 Dalton DVX-600 Dalton DVD-2000
Dansai DVD852 / DVD952 Dansai DVD902 Dansai DVD955 Dansai DVD1010 Dantax DVD450 / DVD902 Dantax DVD920 Dantax DVD1000
Dantax DVS2500 Dantax DV100, DV103, DVD910, DVD1500, DVD1600, DVD9001

Philips PET 724 / PET 800 / PET 805 / PET 810 / PET 824 / PET 1000 / PET 1002 Philips 14PT6007, 20DV6942, 20PT6441, 21PT6818, 21PT6820, 29PD6932, DV900VHS, DV910VHS, DVD 1010, DVD 400AV2, DVD 405AT, DVD 420, DVD 570M, DVD 619, DVD 621, DVD 715, DVD 720, DVD 721, DVD 731, DVD 740VR, DVD 750VR, DVD 752, DVD 755, DVD 755VR, DVD 757VR, DVD 782CH, DVD 815, DVD 835, DVD 840, DVD 850, DVD 860, DVD 940, DVD 940AT, DVD 941, DVD 962SA, DVD 972, DVD 975SA, DVDR560H, DVDR600VR, DVDR616, DVDR980, DVDR1000, DVDR1500, DVDR3360H, DVDR3370H, DVDR3400, DVDR5330H, DVDR7250H, DVP 620VR, DVP 721VR, DVP 3050V, DVP 3055V, DVP 3100V, FWD5, FWD390, FWD790, HTS5700R, HTS9800W, JR32RWDVK, LX2000D, LX7500R, LX9000R, MCD295, MCD515, MCD702, MX5100VR, PET 825, SACD962
Phocus in general / DVHD160-4

No known hack(s)

Pioneer DCS-100 DCS-222 / DCS-303 / DCS-313 / DCS-333 / DCS-340 / DCS-505 / DV250 / DV-260 / DV-2650 / DV-266 / DV-275 / DV-2750 / DV-2850 / DV350 / DV-353 / DV-354 / DV-355 / DV-360 / DV-366 / DV-370 / DV-380 / DV-434 / DV-454 / DV-45A / DV-464 / DV-466 / DV-470 / DV-47Ai / DV555 / DV-565A-S / DV-575A / DV-578A / DV-585A / DV-646 / DV-655A / DV-656A / DV-667A / DV-668AV-S / DV-757Ai / DV-868AVi-S / DV989AVi / DV-C505 / DV-S858Ai / DV-U7 / EV61DVD Pioneer DV-37 / DV-333 / DV-444 / DV-505 / DV-535 / DV-626 / DVC302D / DV-C503D / DV-KZ01 / DVL-700 / DVL-909 / XV-HTD510 Pioneer DV-343 / DV-344 / DV-530 / DV-535 / DV-606 / DV-626 / DV717 Pioneer DV-373 Pioneer DV-C503 AVH-P5700DVD / AVH-P6500DVD / AVH-P6600DVD / AVHP7500DVD / AVIC-9DVD-II / AVX-P7300 / DCS-232 / DCS-240 / DCS323 / DCS-424 / DCS-515 / DCS-535 / DV-05 / DV-09 / DV-101 / DV270 / DV-285-S / DV-305 / DV-330 / DV-3310 / DV-340 / DV-341 / DV343 / DV-3500 / DV-38A / DV-39A / DV-474 / DV-47A / DV-500 / DV503 / DV-566K / DV-676A / DV-686A / DV-939A / DV-C36 / DV-C603D
/ DV-F07 / DV-F727 / DV-K102 / DV-K301C / DV-K302CD / DV-K303 / DV-K555 / DV-S633A / DV-S755Ai / DV-S838A / DV-S9 / DV-V550 / DV-V630 / DV59-AVi / DVD-V7400 / DVH-P5000MP / DVJ-X1 / DVL888 / DVL-90 / DVL-919 / DVL-V888 / DVR-225 / DVR-231 / DVR-233 / DVR-330 / DVR-510H / DVR-533H / DVR-57H / DVR-65H / DVR-7000 / DVR-930H / DVR-RT300 / DVR-RT400 / DVR-RT500 / DVR-RT501 / DVR-RT601H / EV21DVD / EV51DVD / EV99DVD / HC-51 / HTD330DV / HTD-5 / HTD-630DV / HTD-8 / HTZ-313DVD / HTZ-323 / HTZ430DV / HTZ-625 / HTZ-77DV / HTZ-830DV / HTZ-900 / NS-DV1 / NSDV77 / NS-DV88 / NS-DV990 / PDV-20 / PDV-LC20 / PRV-9000 / PRV9200 / RCS-9H / VS500DVD / VSX 09TX / VSX 29TX / X-SV5DV / XVDV77 / XV-HTD320 / XV-HTD340 / XV-HTD520 / XV-HTD7
Plu2 DVD 650 V / HiScan 128V Plu2 DVX 345 Plu2 DT 3003

Samsung DVD-R120 Sansui DVD 550S / DVX 1000 / DVX 1200 Sansui DVX 2100 Sansui DVX 3000 Sansui RZ9700AV Sansui CDVD1900 / CDVD9000 / DVD 512 / DVD 939 / DVD 967 / DVX 2000K / DVX 2900 / DVX 3050PH / RZ-7100 / RZ8700AV / VRDVD4000 / VRDVD4001 / VRDVD4005 / VRDVD5000
Sanyo DRW-1000 Sanyo DVD-1550A ? / DVD-5100 / DVD-6040 / DVD-6070 ? / DVD7201 Sanyo DVD-1550A / DVD-6070 Sanyo DVD-DX501 / DVD-DX510 Sanyo DVD-SL33 Sanyo DVD-SX20 Sanyo DVR-S120 Sanyo DVR-V100E Sanyo DVW-5000 Sanyo DVW-7000 / DWM-360 ? / DWM-370 / DWM-380 Sanyo DVW-7100 / HX-DX1E / HX-DX2E
Sanyo DWM-395 Sanyo DWM-450 Sanyo HV-DX300A Sanyo AVD-8501 / DAV-821 / DC-AVD8501 / DC-TS755KR / DCTS790 / DC-TS5233 / DRW-500 / DVC-2000 / DVC-2500 / DVC-2700 / DVD-077 / DVD-7000 / DVD-7300DX / DVD-9201 / DVD-9203 / DVD9205SU / DVD-DX60 / DVD-HP58 / DVD-LS70 / DVD-SL18 / DVDSL20 / DVD-SL22 / DVD-SL25 / DVD-SL30KR / DVD-SL40 / DVDSL50 / DVD-SL330 / DVD-SX10 / DVR-H200 / / DVW-6000 / DVW6100 / DVW-7200 / DWM-390 / DWM-400 / DWM-470 / DWM-1000 / DWM-2500 / DWM-2600 / DWM-3000 / DWM-3500 / DWM-3800
Schaub Lorenz DV-5310-1 Schaub Lorenz maxx 885 Schaub Lorenz SL-2000 Schaub Lorenz SL-D4000 Schneider 1003 / DVD 857 Schneider 200 / HCS 515 Schneider 856 Schneider DVD 511 / DVD 811 Schneider DVD 810 Schneider DVD 850 / DVD 855 Schneider DVD 900 Schneider HCS 500 Schneider SHC 201 Schneider V 300 Schneider 410 / 880 DiVX / DVD-R 1001 / DVDR HDD 160 / DVDR
HDD 80 / DVHS 150 / HCS-350 / SHC-720 / SRV665
Scott DSX 550 Scott DVD 838 Scott DVD 839 Scott DVD 842 Scott DVX i802 Scott DVX i820 Scott DVX i880 Scott DVX i900 Scott DVX i950 CS Scott DCX 710 SL / DMX 8 / DMX 9 / DMX 12 / DMX 15 / DPX i100S / DSX 510 / DSX 530 / DVD 837 / DVD 840 / DVD 841 / DVD 851 / DVD 860 / DVX i850 / DVX i940K
SEG 530 CH SEG DVC30 SEG DVD 333 SEG DVD 430 SEG 430 II SEG DVD 565 X SEG DVD Beverly Hills / DVD Hollywood II / DVD Las Vegas / DVD San Diego SEG DVX 338 SEG DVX 438
SEG Fiji / Los Angeles II Sharp DV-550 Sharp DV-620 / DV-S15H Sharp DV-740 / DV-760 Sharp CD-DVD500 / DV-560H / DV-600 / DV-600U / DV-650U / DV654Z / DV-660 / DV-700S / DV-710 / DV-720 / DV-750 / DV-770 / DV775 / DV-890 / DV-HR300 / DV-HR400 / DV-HR450 / DV-HR480 / DVL70 / DV-L80 / DV-L88S / DV-L90TC / DV-LS10H / DV-NC100H / DVNC55 / DV-NC60H / DV-NC65H / DV-NC65S / DV-NC70U / DV-NC80X / DV-NC85 / DV-RW250 / DV-RW260 / DV-RW270 / DV-RW2U / DVRW340U / DV-RW350U / DV-S11S / DV-S1H / DV-S1S / DV-S1U / DVS1X / DV-S25U / DV-S2U / DV-S5UM / DV-SF20 / DV-SF60P / DVSL10 / DV-SL20U / DV-SL80U / DV-SL80X / DV-SL8W / DV-SR3U / DV-SR45U / DV-SV80H / HT-AT4000DV / SD-AT100 / SD-AT50DV / SD-SH111 / XL-DV50H / XL-DV60
Shinco 180 / 360 / 380 / 2120 / 8320 Shinco 2100 Silvercrest KH 6507 Silvercrest KH 6508 Silvercrest KH 6778 Silvercrest DC 5900 / MiniDVD 12010SC

Terratec DVD 5.1 Tevion DR-108 Tevion DR-1750 Tevion DRW-1000 Tevion DRW-8005 HDD Tevion DVD 160 HDD II Tevion DVD-200 (ALDI) / DVD-2001 Tevion DVD-2002 Tevion DVD-2003 / DVD-3000 / DVD-4000 Tevion DVD-5000 / DVD-6000 / DVD-7000 Tevion MD 80032 / MD 80120 Thomson 24 WT 25 UG / 24 WT 25 UG Thomson DPL 900 DV / DPL 910 VD Thomson DPL 909 VD Thomson DTH 195 E / DTH 212 / DTH 213 /DTH 231 / DTH 231 E Thomson DTH 210 / DTH 210 E / DTH 210 U / DTH 2100 / DTH 2200 / DTH 4600 / DTH 4601
Thomson DTH 211 / DTH 211 E / DTH 311 / DTH 311 U Thomson DTH 220 E Thomson DTH 3300 Thomson DTH 3600 / DTH 400 / DTH 4500 / DTH 5000 Thomson DTH 3700 / DTH 5200 Thomson DTH 4000 / DTH 4200 Thomson DTH 5400 Thompson DTH 7000 / DTH 7000 E / DTH 7500 E / DTH 7500 U Thomson DVD 430 / DVD 431 Tiny TPSL 102 Tokai 205N / 3500AT Tokai DVD 715 Tokai 823 Tokai 215, 223, 305, 503, 505, 515, 525, 613, 715, 723, 725, 815, DVX4350MUC
Toshiba SD1200 / SD1600 / SD1700 / SD210E / SD2109 / SD2150 / SD220E / SD2800 / SD3750 Toshiba SD120E / SD125E / SD220E Toshiba SD240 / SD350E / SD3960 / SD3980 Toshiba SD3109 Toshiba SD43HK Toshiba 23HLV84 / SD-24 VLSL / D-KR2 / D-R1 / D-R2 / D-R255 / DR4 / D-VR30 / D-VR4 / MD13N1 / MD13N3 / MD13P3 / MD14FN1 / MD20FM1 / MD20FN1 / MD20FP1 / MD20P1 / MD9DM1 / MD9DP1 /
MW20FM1 / MW20FN1 / MW20FP1 / MW20FP3 / MW24FM1 / MW24FN3 / MW24FP3 / RD-X2 / RD-XS34 / RDXS30 / RDXS32 / RDXS52 / RSTX20 / RSTX60 / SD1008 / SD100X / SD106E / SD114E / SD1209 / SD1209 / SD114E / SD1209 / SD1300 / SD130E / SD1402 / SD140E / SD145E / SD1850 / SD1900 / SD2006 / SD2008 / SD2108 / SD214E / SD22VE / SD22VL / SD245 / SD248E / SD24VB / SD2600 / SD2650 / SD2710 / SD2715 / SD2805 / SD2810 / SD2815 / SD2850 / SD320V / SD324ES / SD34VL / SD35VF / SD36VESE / SD3860 / SD400V / SD412V / SD4205 / SD44HK / SD4960 / SD500E / SD5205T / SD5907 / SD5915 / SD5980 / SD6915 / SD9100 / SDH400 / SDK200 / SDK220 / SDK330 / SDK350 / SDK530 / SDK730 / SDK740 / SDK750 / SDP1000 / SDP1400 / SDP1500 / SDP1600 / SDP2500 / SDP2600 / SDV290 / SDV291 / SDV390 / SDV391 / SDV395 / SDV396 / SDV593 / SDV65HT / VTD1420 / VTD1431 / VTW2185
Umax DVD-2100 Umax DVD-6000 Umax DVD-6400 Umax DVD-6500 United DVD 1151 United DVD 1155 United DVD 2023 M United DVD 2151 United DVD 2255 / 3052 M United DVD 3052 / DVD 3151 / DVD 3153 / DVD 3155 United DVD 3054 United DVD 3160 / DVD 3161 United DVD 4051 United DVD 4054 M United DVD 4062 M
United DVD 4053 United DVD 5000 United DVD 5054 M United DVH 3161 United DVH 4083 United DVH 4087 United DVX 4066 M United DVX 4069 United HDV 4080 / HDV 4090 Universum DVD 3015 Universum DVD 8112 Universum DVD DR-1020 Universum DVD DR-3021 / DVD DR-3022 Universum DVD DR-4020 Universum DVD DR-4342 Universum DVD DR-8120 Universum DVD 2211 / DVD 8100 / DVD DR-1030 / DVD DR-1044 / DVD DR-3015 / DVD-R-DR 4040 / DVD DR-4050

Veba AV2403 / AV2405 / AVPMK560 Veba AV2402

Veba AV2408 / AV2411

Venturer DVD 100K / PS166W / PVS1090 / PVS122B / PVS123 / PVS176W / PVS1760 / PVS177W / PVS17700 / PVS1950 / PVS1960 / PVS1971 / PVS1977 / PVS1988 / PVS2628 / PVS2628V / RTS2628 / STS20 / STS20S / STS 20 AAS 10 / STS 21 AAST / STS 21 AAS 10 /
STS75E / STS82 Venturer STS13S / STS 32 AAS 10 / STS32S Venturer SVP580 Venturer PVS126A / PVS17200 / PVS1951 / STS31S / STS91
Vieta DVD 2 Vieta DVD 3 Vieta DVD 4 Vieta DVD UNO Vieta DVD 40 / DVD 50
Voxson DVD-221 / DVD-250 / DVD-MXK2 Voxon DVD-320 / DVD-330 Voxson DVD-ZK7 / SL-50 Voxson T172 Voxson DVD-260, DVD-270, DVD-277, DVD-3777, DVD-MXK3, DVDMXK9, DVD-MXK10, DVD-MXK18, DVD-ZK5, DVD-ZK100, M9, MP9, SL-10, SL-10DTVB, SL-50TVS, SL-60, SL-77, SL-80, SLK-7

no hacks

Vtrek DVD-9901B / DVD-K11 Vtrek DVD-9908 / DVD-K9A Welltech DVD-20654 / 40112 / 40954 / HT DVD 02 Welltech 40280 Wharfedale DVD 50 ST / WDP-127 / WMTS-6801 Wharfedale DVD 750 Wharfedale DVD 750 S
Wharfedale WMTS-6801 Wharfedale M3 Wharefedale M5 Wharfedale DVD-800DivX / DVD2900F / DVDTV-1 Wintel WIN9663 Wintel WIN2010 / Wintel WIN3000 Xenius DVD1030 / DVD 2030 Xenius DVDX2040 Xenius HTX 2200 XLogic DVD-838J / XL0901 XMS 150 / 250 / 350 / 750 / 950 XMS 777 XMS 888 XMS 989 XORO HSD 201 XORO HSD 310 / HSD 400 pro / HSD 415 XORO HSD 420 XORO AEP 810 / HSD 303 / HSD 310 / HSD 311 / HSD 311 Pro / HSD 400 Pro / HSD 410 / HSD 415 / HSD 705 / HSD 706 / HSD 710 / HSD 711 / HSD 4000 / HSD 6000 / HSD R505 / HSD R545 / HVR 5500 XWave 9100 XWave LB 900 / LB 1000 XWave LB 1010 / LB 1100
Yamada DVD-2500 / DVD-2600 / DVD-5220 / DVD-5520 / DVX-6700 Yamada DVR-8000 / DVR-8400X Yamada DVR-8100 / DVR-9000H / DVR-9100H Yamaha DVX-5500 Yamaha DVX-6600 Yamada DVD-2001 / DVD-5700 / Chili DVD-6200XS / DVD-MX105 / DVDSlim-5120 / DVDSlim-5320 / DVDSlim-5520 / DVR-8200 / DVR930HX / PDiX-770 / PDV-520 Yamaha DV C6760 / DV C6770 / DV S5550 / DV S5650 / DV S5750 / DV SL100 / DVD 796 / DVD C750 / DVD C950 / DVD E600 / DVD S530 / DVD S540 / DVD S550 / DVD S557 / DVD S560 / DVD S600 / DVD S657 / DVX C300 / DVX C700 / DVX S30 Yamaha DV S5450 / DVD S510 / DVD S5350 Yamaha DVD S520 Yamaha S657 Yamaha DVD S700 / DVD S796 Yamaha DVD S2500 / DVR-S120 / DVR-S150 / DVX S120 / DVX S150 DV C6280, DV C6480, DV C6660, DV S5270, DV S5751, DV S5770, DVD 795, DVD C740, DVD-S80, DVD C900, DVD C920, DVD C940, DVD C996, DVD CX1, DVD S830, DVD S1200, DVD S1500, DVD S2300, DVR-S100, DVX S100, DVX S650, YHT 700 Yamakawa 215 / 255 Yamakawa 218 Yamakawa 238 / 265 / 285 / 285VGA / 288K/VGA Yamakawa 275 Yamakawa 365 DivX Yamakawa 711



STR-DB830 15S1E XL-E25H Shark Desktop Wave RXV-365 Bass1200 2333 HD Server NV-GS55EG TI-5630 Mazda MPV KDL-23S2000 STR-GX800ES PRO A60 RX-V1070 DR7621W WF721-AEX 72700-10 JBL L40 BW7-raid Garageband 3 Gx1008B Break GR-D375U SRS583DW MC-141 ECM717 DSC-W180 R KX-TGA246W Client Logicom L558 Nikon WT-1 KX-TCD775 Dvd Recorder Vcr Combo Veritas 8 TXP42G20ES SDV2710 47SL9000 CDX-GT20 Motorola S805 Leicaflex SL2 SP6000 GTO1201 1 QW-2737 Rev 1 DVP5990K XV-N30 MS-2343G SX-KC200 MW89MST Astrale Bluetooth KIT E1070 Mp8610 Tour Plus Golf MK3 DMC-ZX3 KD-S731R LC-26DA5U EWF10479W CQ-VA70PEW DB200A Handymig 6291500X61 CDX-4180RV DCR-TRV18K Gpsmap 4008 Faronics Core L350D SE-U33GX XPS 400 TY-WK6p1RW GR-AXM33 Plpse4 GPS 3000 Pentax MV1 VCR-3030 376RG SA3245 Audioline 702 LG Migo Casio 2747 Finepix A610 D7 M7 30272 CD-VT1 Aspire-5670 PCG-GRX700 Wanted-4-320 FC383 Arxd 109 1210S 1210 Astro DOG W2600H-PF 42PF7320 10 Mouse ICD-B40 005736-0 RDX555D Lwhd8000R


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