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This leaflet is an English translation of Japanese leaflet of the model RS-1700 which was recently announced as a new product lrom Technics in Japan.
RS{TOOBglu].8n;,PA?H,'ffi ,^'ftr"i35r;ll:,.8nfi o

Either Direction

perfect symmetrical structure of the "lsolated Loop", formed by a single super-large capstan (34 mm in diameter), reversing roller, and pair of pinch rollers exerting equal pressure on the capstan, means that tape may be transported in ej.lher direction under exactly identical conditions, thereby maintaining the same high standard of performance. The RS-1700, which is basically the same precision "wonder" machine as the epochmaking RS-1500US, reveals the full potential of the "lsolated Loop" tape path by completely eliminating any loss of performance in the through the tape and inlrared filter to activate the infrared sensitive transistor (designed to respond only to this intermittent infrared radiation). The emission spectrum and infrared sensitive transistor thus make mis-operations due to external light practically impossible.
Multiple Auto-Reverse Functions
reverse direction. lt really should be called the "two-way-{orward" tape deck rather than just another auto-reverse deck. The incredible wow and f lutter of 0.018% (15 ips) remains unchanged in both forward and reverse directions.
Photoelectric "No Touch" Reverse Point Detection
Precision, lail-proof reversing action is assured by the unique infrared LEDinfrared lilter-infrared sensitive transistor tape-end detector system. No mechanical contacts, no wear on tapes. When the transparent leader tape reaches the detector mechanism, a 512 Hz quartz-controlled f licker beam generated. by the infrared LED passes
Three Basic Transport Modes
The RS-1700 features 3 separate autoreverse transport modes:- "cont",
The "lsolated Loop" Reveals lts Full Potential in "Two-Wav-Forward " AutoReverse '
The ingeniously conceived "lsolated Loop" structure (first introduced in the Technics RS-1500US) was primarily designed to eliminate hitherto "unsolvable" problems such as speed deviation and tluctuation, wow and flutter, and modulation noise. But that was by no means the end of the story. The Wow & Flutter and Tape Speed Accuracy Before and After the Reverse point

15 ips (38 cmls)

tapes will play endlessly until commanded otherwise, in "rev" mode, a single cycle will be completed in either record or playback modes, while in "non rev" mode, tape transport will be the same as any other tape deck.

non rev

"rev". and "non rev". ln "cont" mode,



forwarr rewind


----t ---------+l l* l.-

Auto-Stop in Fast Forward and Rewind

Wow & Flutter

0.06 0.04
ln "cont" and "rev" modes, this highly elficient photoelectric tape-end detector is also utilized to bring tape transport to an automatic stop in last forward and rewind modes. This feature can be used to even greater elfect by inserting transparent leader tape in between desired selections.
Pre-Timed Auto-Reverse Recording and Playback By connecting up the RS-1700 to an audio timer, the pre-timed automatic recording or playback will also continue in the reverse direction. lf the timer is so designed, a second recording or playback session will continue in the same direction.Direction lndicator Lamps The reverse and forward control keys are equipped with built-in blinker lamps ior immediate indication o{ transport direction during all modes, and even when pause or stop keys are pressed.

Tape Speed (%)

F-ErLtGlG c"{^d

gu*'r, ::r;,;fo

Every Par Excellence Feature. of the Original RS-1500US Has Been Either Retained or lmproved Upon
Unique 6-Head Configuration
Direct-Drive 3-Motor Tape Transport
Quartz-Locked Direct-Drive Capstan Motor By bringing the high-torque DC directdrive capstan motor under the control of a quartz oscillator phase control system, the RS-1500US achieved unprecedented performance in motor speed control and the elimination ol wow and flutter. lmproving upon such a near-perfect system was hard to imagine, but the RS-1700 has done just that, by adopting newly developed lC's for even stricter control of phase, speed, torque, etc despite changes in load, temperature, power, and time. lntegrated Direcl-Drive Reel Motors Employing the same integrated rotorplatter structural design as Technics

Amplifier Stage of

Unrivaled Dynamic Margin
77 dB Dynamic Margin Microphone
The 3-stage direct-coupled microphone amplitier, employing strictly selected low-noise circuit components, achieves an almost incredible dynamic margin of 75 dB when the attenuator is switched to the -20 dB position. Live recordings under a very wide range of conditions will be conspicuous for the lack of distortion. Recording Amplilier with +28.5 dB With an SEPP circuit in the recording amplifier output stage, the RS-1700 attains over the 0 VU reference level. Distortion level (0.8%) also exceeds the performance of many professional use models.


a linearity right up to +28.5 dB (1 kHz)
Super Alloy laminated heads are used lor both playback (2pm gap) and recording (10zrm gap), while a double-gap ferrite head is used for erasing. Completely separate sets of heads are employed for forward and reverse directions. Either Direction As the following diagrams illustrate, the "lsolated Loop" all but eliminates modulation noise in either direction. Modulalion llgise Analyses

.._MABMS..'.: Wddm

direct-drive turntables, the RS-1700 reel motors consist of integrated reel-base and rotor coupled to the fixed stator. Tape speed from start to finish during tast forward and rewind modes remains


Tape Tension Control
lmperceptible Modulation Noise in
ln addition to the "lsolated Loop", designed for intimate and stable tape-tohead contact by eliminating the effects of changes in tape tension, the RS-1700 even employs an electronic tension control system to prevent any changes in tape tension occurring in the first place, thereby making doubly sure modulation remains at an indiscernible level. Aluminum Diecast Chassis The housing blocks for all three directdrive motors are f irmly set into the chassis to ensure greater stability for longer operational life.
precision-designed aluminum diecast
Minimal Mutual lnterterence in Mic/Line Mixing Gircuit The RS-1700 mixing amplifier stage leatures very little mixing loss, and imperceptible mutual interference between mic and line-in.

3-Position Bias and Equalization Selectors Complete coverage of all major types of tapes on the market is provided by the independent 3-position bias and equalization selectors.

s@ lsmm/3

Operational Precision and Efficiency
The RS-1700 retains the many outstanding operational control functions of the RS-l500US. The major features include the following:Double-Scaled VU Melers Reads up to +6 dB when priority given to S/N ratio, or switchable to +3 dB scale when priority given to linearity. Real Time Tape Counter lndicates minutes and seconds to an accuracy ol *,1o/o at 15 ips (38 cm/sec). Cue Lever Tape remains in contact with playback head during fast forward and rewind modes for easier location of start and end ol recorded selections. Edit Dial For precision editing/splicing of tapes, employing the edit points on the reversing roller,'and the tape marker. Pitch Control (+60/0l Tape speed may be increased or decreased by up to 6o% (approx. onehalf tone). Battery Operation With the optional battery adaptor (RP086), the RS-1700 may be freely used in any location.


lC Logic Gontrol

w@wred. PsWlOmb

Newly Developed l2L lC lor Surer Tape Transport Control The newly developed l2L (lntegrated lnjection Logic) lC employed emploved in the , the


Highly Reliable Forward/Reverse Head Switching Relay The gold-clad twin-contact relay employed in switching forward and reverse heads responds immediately and elficiently to all switching commands. Switching time is of the order of 0.1 sec.
lnterchangeable Plug-ln Type Head Assembly The 24-pin plug-in type head assembly may be removed quite easily for simple replacement with other Technics head assemblies which will become available in the future. Highly Stable Bias Oscillation ln view of the replaceable head assemblies, an independent constant voltage circuit and power amplifiers have also been included in the bias oscillator stage, thereby further improving the stability of the bias oscillation frequency and output level.
proof, ensuring immediate, accurate switching with a\ light touch of the finger. Electro-Brake and Quick- Play ' Changing directly from any transport mode to any other is both posbible and efficient in the RS-1700, thanks to the logic controlled Electro-Brake which slows the tape down to almost a stop by applying a reverse torque to the supply reel, belore applying the mechanical brake. This means greater safety and longer lile for both mechanism and tape. Furthermore, with this sophisticated logic control system, the RS-1700 goes from any mode to a momentary stop and then in a mere 0.7 second to play mode by only touching the forward or reverse



is -/ fail- \

Another useful addition is the optional remote control (RP-9170).

Remote Gontrol

Technical Specifications (tentative)


Motor: eapstan; Reel Table;
Auto-reverse 4{rack 2-channel recording and playback (6-head sYstem) Quartz control phase-locked DC brushless direct-drive motor 2-tape tension controlled DC brushless

Erasing Ratio:

Channel Separation:
Greater than 50 dB Greater than 65 dB (rec. at 1 kHz,

Recording Bias:

Bias level at tape selector
Equalization: Recording Level lnputs:

+ 10 dB) 120 kHz

Size: Tape Tension Control :
?6li'j;9lx; fl913[,,l0"
diameter) Automatic contiol tor aOove slie bt
.15_ips, 7-1/2 ips and 3-3/4 ips (38 cm/s, 19 cm/s and 9.5 im/s)
Position "2" of "EQ" and "BIAS" selectors set for Scotch No. 207 lape
Referenced to 185 nWb/m Unbalanced phone type jack (-72 dB)/ 4.7 kilohms (0 VU at Vol. max). 2.5 mV (-52 dB)/4.7 kitohms with 20 dB attenuation overload margin 55 dB (75t8 with 20 dB att.), applicable microphone rmpedance 200 ohms-10 kilohms Phono type jack sensitivity 60 mV ( -24 dB)/ 150 kilohms overload margin = inf inity (line input connected to LINE lN Vol. before amplif ier) Same as LINE lN (parallel connected to LINE lN)


"1" "2" "3"


Tape Speed; Speed Deviation


+0.1o4 with 1.0 or i.5 mil thickness
speed Ftuctuation: pitch Wow and Flutter (Rec./PB) ' 15 ips (38 cm/d) | 7-1/2 ips (19 cm/s): 3-314 ips (9.5 cm/s); Time Counter Accuracy:


or ti%?r""lrl?jP;ins


mit thickness

sersitivity 0.25 mV

and prayback)
0.018% WRMS 0.03% WRMS 0.06% WRMS
Fast Forward and Rewind Time:
*.1oh al l5 ips (3g cm/s)
150 sec. with 2500 feet (762 m),
Reverse point Detectio. Frequency Response:

15 ips (38 cm/s);

rared LED/f i lter/photo-transistor)


7-1/2 ips (19 cm/s) 3-3/4 ips (9.5 cm/s) Signal-to-Noise Ratio
3-3/4 ips (9.5 cm/s); Distortion (THD)
Operating Levet (0 VU) ' 15 ips (38 cm/s) : 7-1/2 ips (19 cm/s); 3-3/4 ips (9.5 cm/s) ;

7-1/2 ips (19 cm/s);

60 dB 60 dB 58 dB 0.8%
30-30,000 Hz i3 dB (-10 dB rec. level) 20-25.000 Hz +3 dB (-20 dB rec. level) 20-15,000 Hz +3 dB (-20 dB rec. level) NAB_weighted (185 nWb/m +6 dB)
measured via tape at 400 Hz



weisht: Dimensions:

(HxWxD) ^
output impedance less than 3 kilohms load impedance 22 kilohms over Stereo phone type jack output level 60 mV at 420 mV line 8 ohms
2 pairs of phono type jack output level 420 mV at 0 VU (output level control at "8"), 600 mV at output level control max.
Rosewood veneer side pariels Specrfications based on use of Scotch No,20Z tape and tempera_ ture between 42 F to 102 F (5 C to 35 C)
33:8Yf,l",ig fl|":dance 17-1/2" x 19-3/g;x 1O-l/g" (44.6 cmx49.Z cmx25,7 cm)
Overall Frequency Response

Sig nal-to-Noise



Panasonlc Company Dlvislon ot Matsushlta Etectrlc Corporailon ot Amerlca EXECUTIVE OFFTCES: One panasonic Way, Secaucls. New Jersey 07094 (201) 34S_7000 PANASONIC NEW YORK: 50 Meadowtands parkway, Secaucus, New Jersey OiOS+ 1ZOtl :A8_ZOOO PANASONIC NEW JERSEYT 50 Meadowtands parkway, Secaucus, New Jersey OZOS+ lZOty :aA_ZOOO PANASONTC BOSTON: C.C. & F rndustriar park, 31 s-ufiork Roao, Manstietd. Mass. oioati (617) 339-9115 PANASONIC BALTTMORE: 11 Azar Court, Battimore, Md.21221 {3Oj) 247_4300 PANASONTC CHTCAGO: 363 N. Third Avenue, Des ptaines, ilt. OdOtO'1StZy ZSS_ZtZt PANASONIC ATLANTA: 1 Meca Way, Dututh, ceorgia 30136 (404) 448-j100 PANASONTC DALLAS: 1825 Walnut Hiil Lane, trvin!, Texas 7b062 (214) 258_ZBZB NEWCRAFT, tNC.: B3B3 Witshire Btvd., Beverty Hiils. Catit.90211 ()tS) OSS_S1OO PANASoNIc SALES coMPANY: Ave 65 de lnlante.ia, Km.9.7, victoria lndustrial Park, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00630 (809) 769-4320 MATSUSHITA ELEcrRrc oF HAwAil, Nc.: 320 waiakamijo Road, Honorutu. Hawaii 96817 (goe) e+z-se6t
Specilications subject to change without notice. printed jn Japan




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