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sb73542 8:18am on Friday, October 29th, 2010 
Bottom line is that I would have paid at least a couple of hundred dollars more for a machine like this. It is of exceptional value and quality. Bottom line is that I would have paid at least a couple of hundred dollars more for a machine like this. It is of exceptional value and quality.
arag 5:27pm on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 
New toner is pricey Unable to find a place that will refill the toner VERY CLEAN SHARP PRINTS! Paper sometimes stick on the output tray.Output tray a little short
josefow 8:25pm on Monday, October 18th, 2010 
Wanted to add a mono laser to my inkjet & tested everything available in the local stores.
recumbent55 4:58am on Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 
Pls Send Installation Software for Windows 98S small footprint, fast, cheap and easy expensive toner, almost cheaper to buy a new printer than a large cap cartridge!
Ralphster 11:20pm on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 
Ubuntu 9.04 has support for it. I picked up a free one, and it worked out of the box. I found OSX drivers for it too.
JustinTime 5:54am on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 
Remember to submit the rebate before it expires! Works great. Would buy again, recommend to all. Excellent print quality and a small footprint for home/office. Easy software install, good user interface.

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User Manual

Fixed Wireless Terminal MT-9960
900/1800 MHz Dual Band 850/1900 MHz Dual Band GSM/GPRS


Thank you for choosing MT-9960, TECOM Fixed Wireless Terminal. TECOMs MT-9960 is an advanced fixed GSM-cellular terminal that provides selectable dual-band GSM and PSTN service. It allows you to make or receive a call via the GSM Mobile Network through your existing PBX or regular phone. Advantage of TECOM MT-9960 Access to GSM Service : The MT-9960 is the best solution for providing access to GSM wireless service when no fixed telephone network is available. Dual Mode Service With the MT-9960, You can connect with existing PSTN line to have Selectable Dual-band GSM and PSTN Service. Plug-and-Play Installation Standard RJ11 and RS232 are provided so that you can easily install the MT-9960 with your existing PBX or phone. Built-in voice path selector No dedicated CO-Line port required so that you dont need re-setting the PBX system, changing the dialing behavior, and reducing PBX fixed line. LCR (Least Call Routing) Automatically route phone calls between GSM and PSTN interfaces based on the internal LCR function setting.

Quick Installation Guide

Install the SIM Card The SIM Compartment is on the back of the MT-9960. (See Figure 1) 1. Disconnect the power supply. The power has to be off whenever a SIM card is installed. 2. Press in on the tabs and remove the SIM compartment cover. 3. Line up the SIM card on the SIM card holder 4. Insert the SIM card in the SIM card holder. 5. Close the SIM card holder 6. Replace the SIM compartment cover Note: If the SIM PIN 1 is enabled, you need to enter the PIN every time the unit powers on. See SIM PIN Setting for more information. It is recommended to have SIM PIN 1 be disabled. Check with your service provider when you get your SIM card.

Figure 1

Install the Antenna 1. Plug one end of the antenna into the jack labeled ANT in the rear panel of the MT-9960. (See figure 2) 2. Be sure the antenna connector is fixed properly. 3. Choose a location that can receive better Cellular signal; above ground and as close to windows as possible. You can know the Cellular signal from the RSSI LED on the front panel. (See LED Status for the details)
Figure 2 Connect the phone or PBX to MT-9960 1. Plug one end of the standard phone cord into the trunk port of PBX or phone 2. Plug the other end of the phone cord to the jack labeled PHONE in the rear panel of the MT-9960 (See Figure 3). If PSTN Line is in use; 3. Plug one end of the Line cord into the existing PSTN port. 4. Plug the other end of the Line cord into the jack labeled LINE in the rear panel of the MT-9960 (See Figure 3).

Figure 3

Connect the Power 1. Plug the power adapter into a standard electrical outlet. 2. Plug the power adapter into the jack labeled DC IN 7.5V in the rear panel of the MT-9960 (See Figure 4). Note: If to use external battery, Acid-lead battery of 6V/3-54Ah is recommended.
Figure 4 SIM PIN Setting If your phone requires the SIM PIN 1 you will need to program it before making or receiving calls. To program the SIM PIN 1: 1.) Pick up the handset and press: *#***8326# 2.) Dial tone is heard 3.) Press *#91#SIM PIN# 4.) A confirming tone is heard. Polarity Reversal To send the polarity reversal signal when Polarity reversal is required for the PBX: 1.) Pick up the handset and press: *#***8326# 2.) Dial tone is heard 3.) Press*#54#1# 5.) A confirming tone is heard.
Caller I.D. Type This is to set the type of caller ID that phone(or PBX) may receive for a MO incoming call. 1.) Pick up the handset and press: *#***8326# 2.) Dial tone 3.) Press*#51#Caller I.D. type# 4.) A confirming tone is heard Note 0: disable 1: DTMF(default) 20: FSK Bell 202 21: FSK V23 LED Status Five of LED in the front panel of MT-9960 to show the operation status: Indicator Status POWER steady on slow flash off STATUS steady on Event Power is on and normal. Battery strength is low (when external battery is provided).


Power is off or abnormal. Please check the power. GSM MO network is not linked. Or SIM card is not detected. Please re-set the power, if SIM card is inserted and the lamp is steady on. If it remains after the product is re-powered, the GSM FCT-Trunk might be defective. slow flash GSM MO network is linked normally. steady on GSM MO line is engaged. slow flash GSM MO network is at standby. fast flash Incoming MO call is ringing. high-speed flash PIN code of SIM is failed. off GSM transceiver is failed. Failed to connect to GSM MO network. NOT ACTIVE steady on Slow flash fast flash off RSSI (-75dbm ~ -51dbm): good RSSI (-87dbm ~ -77dbm): average RSSI (-99dbm ~ -89dbm): poor RSSI (-113dbm ~ -101dbm): bad
Data Connection (Option--setup CD is required)
The MT-9960 features a RS-232 port for connection to a PC. It allows for traditional dial-up type connection or GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) connection to access the internet. A setup CD for installation on a PC is required. Contact your dealer for more information.


Nowadays GSM handset is common and widely available to everyday life. Tecom's mobile trunk can increase the utilization of Cellular Operator's network and add extended usage for regular GSM handsets. It is an ideal product for enterprise, small business for phone bill saving, and also increases the cellular operators' SIM penetration. With Tecom's MT-9960, it will automatically route phone calls between GSM and PSTN interfaces based on Mobile Trunk's internal Least Cost Routing ( LCR ) function setting, and no re-programming/ modification to existing customer PBX system.
Provide Selectable Dual-band 900/1800MHz (850/1900) and PSTN Service RJ11x2, RS232 for plug-and-play installation Power-failure transfer Battery back-up interface Provides LCR (Least Cost Routing) function Provides any Carrier-specified dialing Prefix Routing Carrier-personalization Built-in voice path selector, no dedicated CO-Line port required. Fast Dialing Call waiting tone between mobile and CO calls DTMF and FSK Caller ID repeater Polarity Reversal and Metering Pulse for billing Default profiles for LCR table and dialing prefix Call data set-up via regular telephone or PC Remote programmable call data set-up and maintenance


RJ-11 for Line interface RJ-11 for Phone / PBX interface RS-232 for data interface (option)


900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz

Antenna impedance

50ohm SMA Female

Status LED:

Power Mobile Link Status Mobile call status CO call status


115 mm (W) x 163 mm (L) x 40 mm (H)

Weight :

Power Requirement:
Jack for 110VAC /220VAC to 9 VDC transformer DC input : 7.5V/1A RF Power : 2W (900MHz) and 1W (1800 MHz)


23 R&D Road 2, Science-Based IndustrialPark Hsin-Chu, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: 886-3-5775141 Fax :886-3-5776855 E-mail: Site : http://


2005 TECOM CO., LTD. All rights reserved. TECOM is registered trademark of TECOM CO., LTD. All other trademarks are held by their respective companies. TECOM reserves the right to make changes to product specifications without notices.



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