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TEFAL has created devices to simplify the lives of young mothers. They combine advanced technology and practical use. They are both attractive and intelligent. BABYPHONE by TEFAL, with its transmitter receiver duo, is a high performance, reliable and clever device to watch over your baby when sleeping or playing. Its musical function will allow you to put baby to sleep gently. With the portable receiver wrist attachment and its long functional endurance, BABYPHONE is a mobile product; you may thus remain in contact with your child while moving around in your home. How to use this device.


SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IN NO CASE CAN THIS PRODUCT REPLACE ADULT SUPERVISION OF A CHILD. Keep the transmitter and receiver away from children. Never place the transmitter in the childs bed or play pen. Place both devices away from sources of heat or water projection. Only use the adapter supplied with the device. Any other power source may damage the product. Do not use an extension cord Allow for space around the devices and the adapter for correct ventilation. The adapter must be easily accessible and the electric wire must be kept out of passageways and out of reach of children. Do not pull on the wire to disconnect. If not used for a long period of time, disconnect the transmitter and remove the batteries from the transmitter and receiver (for the WATCH BABYPHONE Model). When the transmitter batteries are down, replace all of them with new batteries. Never disassemble the devices. In compliance with the new regulations which no longer authorise continuous transmission of noise, the transmitter is only triggered by a minimum sound level. It is therefore normal that the receiver remain completely silent when the transmitter is on stand-by and when its green light is blinking.
Transmitter - Emisor - Verici
Receiver - Receptor - Alc


The BABYPHONE by TEFAL is composed of 2 elements : a transmitter which receives and sends out sounds and which is to be placed near the baby, and a receiver which restores the message at a distance and which you must keep near you.
-I n s e r t a screwdriver in the slit of the compartment to unclip the small cover. - Turn the device over to remove the black box from its lodging more easily. - Position the batteries in the box, matching the + and marks indicated (the negative end of the battery is always placed on the spring side). - Reposition the black box in its lodging. - Clip on the cover. - Reposition the b a ck o f t h e device and press the 2 parts together until a click is heard.

Installing the receiver

Th e WAT C H B A B Y P H O N E model operates on alkaline batteries, which are not supplied. Th e D I G I TA L WAT C H BABYPHONE model operates on rechargeable batteries (already inserted in the device). Putting the WATCH BABYPHONE model into operation Visual monitoring Loudspeaker
Putting the DIGITAL WATCH BABYPHONE model into operation Digital display Visual monitoring Vibrator button On / off button Sound volume adjustment Reception indicator Selected channel n Loudspeaker

Installing the transmitter
It must be connected to the power network at all times. The adapter (transmitter is marked on its label) connects under the base of the device; its wire must be fully extended. To ensure the relay in case of a power failure, or to occasionally use BABYPHONE where there is no electricity, 4 AAA LR03 1.5 volt alkaline batteries may be placed in the device. During normal operation, i.e. for 10 to 12 hours per day, the batteries have a service life of approximately 10 days. Inserting the batteries : - Disconnect from the power network before inserting the batteries.

On / off button

Sound volume adjustment

Vibrator function

Batteries indicator
- Open the back of the device by pressing the large button at the top.
The transmitter must be installed at a certain height, in an upright position, at a distance of 1 metre minimum and 3 metres maximum from the child. Put into operation by pressing the 0/1 button.
Inserting the batteries : - Open the rear shell of the receiver by removing the two screws with a screwdriver. - Po s i t i o n 3 AAA type LR03 batteries in the box, matching the + and marks indicated on the battery box (the negative end of the battery is always placed on the spring side). - Close and screw the rear shell back down. Warning : after the batteries have been inserted, your device turns on automatically.
When using for the first time, the device must be recharged for 12 hours : - Connect the adapter (receiver is indicated on its label) on the left side of the receiver. - Connect to the power network. When putting the device into operation, the battery indicator of the digital display indicates the battery charge level; when using for the first time, it is important that they be fully charged.

Sound level indicator

Operating possibilities BA B Y P H O N E i s a p o r t a b l e product which offers several operating possibilities to meet your needs with regards to mobility or discretion : - may be installed, preferably in an elevated position, - may be attached to your belt, - may be worn on your wrist, with the bracelet delivered with the device. Imply clip the receiver to the plastic support and position on your wrist; attach the bracelet using the pin on the plastic support. Put into operation by pressing the 0/1 button.


The transmitter

ON / OFF = 0/1 BUTTON Press the 0/1 button : it will put the device into operation. If the light is : - blinking green : the device is on standby (no noise is detected in the room), - constantly on : noise is detected and transmitted, - off : neither the battery nor the power network function, - blinking red : the battery is down and the power network is not connected. To stop the device, press the 0/1 button again. MUSICAL FUNCTION It helps baby to fall asleep. Press the button : it triggers a melody which lasts 4 minutes and stops automatically. To stop, press again.
NIGHTLIGHT FUNCTION Press the button : it triggers the nightlight which turns off after 10 minutes and lights again as soon as the child cries. To stop the nightlight, press the button again.
( o n t h e D I G I TA L W AT C H BABYPHONE model, visual bars indicate the intensity of the sound). STORING THE RECEIVER INSIDE THE TRANSMITTER To transport the device easily and t o o p t i m i s e i t s s t o ra g e , t h e transmitter may be lodged inside the receiver (devices off) : - Open the back of the transmitter by pressing the large button at the top, - Install the receiver on its bracelet, - Hook the receiver and bracelet inside the rear shell, folding the bracelet carefully. - Close the device until you hear a click.

The receiver

ON / OFF = 0/1 BUTTON Press the 0/1 button : it puts the device into operation. - The 1st indicator on the left blinks green as soon as the device is operating. If it blinks very rapidly : - change the batteries for the WATCH BABYPHONE model, - recharge the device for t h e D I G I TA L WAT C H BABYPHONE model. To stop the receiver, press the 0/1 button again. All of the indicators turn off. SUPERVISING MODES There are two supervising modes : sound and visual (plus a vibrator function for the DIGITAL WATCH BABYPHONE model). Visual supervision : The 4 indicators light progressively when the device receives a transmission. They provide the amplitude of the noise transmitted. Sound supervision : The sound is adjusted using the + / buttons.

Selecting the channels

The transmission principle is that of radio waves; the two devices can only function if they are adjusted to the same channel. There are 3 different channels; select the channel which offers t h e b e s t r e c e p t i o n q u a l i t y, depending on the circumstances. If reception is poor or if you receive neighbouring noises, change the transmission channel of the receiver (at the back of the device) and that of the transmitter (under the device).
Supervising with the vibrator function : Only on the DIGITAL WATCH BABYPHONE model This function offers a supervising mode which is discrete under all circumstances. Press the button : it activates the vibrator function which appears on the screen. As soon as a sound is received, the device v i b ra t e s. To s t o p , p r e s s t h e button again. The maximum range is 400 m without obstacles. Like all devices which use radio waves, the range of the BABYPHONE depends on its environment, which is variably favourable to correct propagation of waves. Thus, in certain places, its range may be greatly reduced.


BATTERIES Do not throw batteries into a fire. Batteries must be recycled. They must n o t b e t h r ow n i n trash cans, but put in recipients to this effect. For the DIGITAL WATCH BABYPHONE model Using batteries : The receiver is powered by rechargeable AAA type LR03 1.2 volt Ni Mh batteries. Only recharge the batteries with the adapter delivered with your device. Any other means of
charging may damage the device. D o n o t l e av e t h e b a t t e r i e s connected to the adapter at all times; overcharging may shorten their service life. Charging and discharging the batteries : New batteries only reach their maximum performance potential after having been charged and discharged completely two or three times. They may be charged and discharged hundreds of times, but they wear down with time. When the operating endurance is shorter than normal, you must purchase new batteries. If they remain unused, batteries discharge after a certain amount of time. Adapter Disconnect the adapter when not in use. The receiver may be used when it is being charged (except when using for the first time, when the device must be charged for approximately 12 hours before putting it into service). MAINTENANCE Use a slightly damp cloth without detergent. Do not allow any liquid to enter the inside of the devices.

TROUBLESHOOTING QUESTIONS There is no sound. ANSWERS Check that the device is turned on correctly (the indicators should be lit). At the transmitter level : check that the adapter is connected and that the power network is operating. Check that the sound volume of the receiver is not at minimum and that both devices are placed on the same channel. Reduce the distance between the transmitter and the receiver or move the receiver. Move the transmitter away from the receiver. Lower the volume of the receiver. Change the channel of the transmitter and the receiver. Make certain they are on the same channel. Reduce the distance between the transmitter and the receiver. Move the receiver (away from televisions, stereos, video recorders.). No transmission : check that the transmitter is in operation. Move closer to the transmitter (the sound signal will stop) since you moved out of the receiving field and were no longer in contact with your transmitter (lost the radio connection). Check that the transmitter and the receiver are on the same channel.

Reception is weak.

The receiver transmits a high pitched whistling sound (Larsen effect). Reception is poor or other signals are received.
A beep sounds on the receiver level. On the DIGITAL WATCH BABYPHONE model, the reception indicator blinks.
TROUBLESHOOTING QUESTIONS The light indicator of the transmitter 0/1 button blinks red. On the receiver, the 1 light indicator on the left blinks rapidly. The battery indicator blinks and/or the vibrator no longer operates on the DIGITAL WATCH BABYPHONE model. The sound lever cannot be adjusted. ANSWERS Check that the adapter is correctly connected to the power network and/or change the batteries. The batteries are down, they must be changed. (WATCH BABYPHONE). Recharge your device for 10 hours (DIGITAL WATCH BABYPHONE).


DESCRIPTION OF THE EQUIPMENT : (Edition, scheme n) Digital Watch Babyphone and Watch Babyphone Scheme 7005 edition A I undersigned, M. P. de WASSEIGE Standards Manager
2 YEAR GUARANTEE : as of the date of purchase, against any defect in manufacturing. The guarantee does not cover deterioration due to abnormal or abusive use, nor to disassembly of the device. The power and voltage are indicated on the device. If a power supply cable is damaged, it must only be replaced by a repair workshop recognised by the manufacturer, since special tools are necessary. The Tefal company reserves the right to modify the characteristics or components of the product at any time, in the interest of the consumer.

declare that the equipment above-mentioned is in conformity with the European directive 99/5/CE (R & TTE) These products are in compliance with the EC standards EN 301 489-3 (ed 00) and EN 301 357-1 (ed 01) These products are in compliance with the ERC Decision of 12 March 2001 on harmonised frequencies, technical characteristics and exemption from individual licensing of Short range devices used for Wireless Audio Applications operating in the frequency Mhz (ERC/DEC/(01)18) and the harmonised frequencies used is include the frequencies band for Babyphone (864.800 to 865 Mhz) They were the subject of an opinion by the notified body n 0413 Signed at RUMILLY, on June 30 th 2002 P. de WASSEIGE Standards Manager


sorveglia-beb trasmette il suono della stanza in cui si trova il neonato. Il Se non c nessun rumore, lapparecchio si mette in stand-by. Quando c rumore, il suono trasmesso e si accendono le spie rosse del livello sonoro. Il loro numero proporzionale allintensit del suono emesso. Il trasmettitore si attiva solo a partire da un livello sonoro minimo. volete eliminare il suono e utilizzare soltanto lindicazione visiva: Se abbassare il livello sonoro al minimo utilizzando il pulsante di regolazione del volume 11. spegnere lapparecchio, mettere linterruttore 4 del trasmettitore e Per quello del ricevitore su Off.


Pulire con un panno leggermente umido senza detergente. Non introdurre acqua allinterno degli apparecchi.
Partecipiamo alla protezione dellambiente! Il vostro apparecchio contiene numerosi materiali valorizzabili o riciclabili. onsegnatelo ad un punto di raccolta o, in mancanza, in un centro di assistenza C autorizzato perch sia effettuato il suo trattamento.
215028 Notice BBphone.indd 12 15/03/07 17:38:58
The different drawings are designed solely to illustrate the characteristics of your baby phone and are not a strict reflection of reality. The TEFAL SAS Company reserves the right to modify product characteristics or components at any time, in the consumers interest.
Aerial Night light lens ON/OFF button for the night light function 3-position button: OFF/channel A/channel B I ndicator lamp (green or red) ON/battery charge 6. Microphone/loud speaker 7. Belt clip 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 8. Adapter jack 9. Red indicator lamps for sound intensity: visual alarm 10. Green monitor lamp 11. Volume adjustment button 12. Battery compartment 13. Charge indicator lamp

Precautions for use

This appliance is used to C arefully read the instructions before using and follow the recommendations. monitor the quality of TEFAL cannot be held responsible for use that does not comply with the babys sleep but in no instructions. way should replace adult - Your appliance is designed for household use only. supervision. - Keep the 2 appliances away from any source of heat or splashes of water. - Keep the transmitter and the receiver out of reach of children. - nly use the adaptors supplied with the appliance. Any other power O source could damage the electronic circuitry. - eave room around the appliances and adaptors so that they are properly L ventilated. - f they are not to be used for a long period of time, unplug the appliances I and their adaptors, then remove the batteries. - When the batteries are dead, replace them all with the same model. - Never place the transmitter in the childs bed or playpen. - Do not use an extension lead. - Do not pull on the cord to unplug the plug. ever take the appliances apart. In case of breakdown or abnormal N operation, always contact an approved TEFAL service centre.

Technical specifications

Frequency band: 863 - 865 MHz Complies with European Directive (RTTE) 1999/5/EC dated 9 March 1999. Complies with the following Standards: EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3, EN 301 357-1 and EN 301 357-2.
215028 Notice BBphone.indd 13 15/03/07 17:38:58
Before first use Transmitter
This appliance requires a certain electric power; it must be plugged into the mains with its adaptor. - lace the jack on the transmitter and plug the adaptor in to the mains P - fig. A. The transmitter should be set up in an elevated spot, standing upright, at a distance of at least 1 metre and no more than 3 metres from the child. You can also insert three 1.5-volt AAA LR03 alkaline batteries in the battery compartment if you want to use it cordless. Caution: in this case, always remove the jack to allow the batteries to operate. - pen the housing on the back of the appliance and insert the 3 batteries O (not supplied), then close - fig. B.


Caution: before any action on the receivers or transmitters batteries, make sure you have unplugged the appliance. Environmental protection: these appliances use batteries. Out of respect for the environment, do not throw the batteries away. Take them to a designated collection point. Do not dispose of them with household rubbish. - The Tefal baby phone runs on 3 NIMH rechargeable batteries supplied with the appliance and has a recharging base. - pen the housing on the back of the appliance and insert the 3 batteries, O then close - fig. C. - lace the jack on the back of the recharging base and plug the adaptor P into the mains - fig. D. aution: if you plug the jack into the side of the receiver, the batteries will C not be recharged. - et the receiver on the recharging base and let the batteries recharge for S at least 12 hours. The indicator lamp on the recharging base 13 lights up red and then turns green when the batteries are recharged.

Operation Transmitter

Starting up: To start the transmitter, select channel A or B using button 4 - fig. If indicator lamp 5 is: Flashing green Flashing red Steady green Steady red (unplugged)

Appliance is working, no sound detected. Unplugged, batteries dead. Sound detected, transmission. Sound detected, transmission but batteries dead.
Off Appliance OFF/Mains and batteries not working.
215028 Notice BBphone.indd 14 15/03/07 17:38:58
Night light function - fig. F : This function is optional. To use it, press button 3 : this turns on the night light, which switches off and on automatically when the transmitter detects a sound. To turn off this function, press button 3 again.
I t is portable. Clip 7 can be used to attach it to your belt, for example. Caution: to operate, Starting up: the transmitter and the start the receiver, select channel A or B using button 4 - fig. E. To receiver must be set on Adjust the volume with button 11. the same channel.
- if indicator lamps 5 and 10 light up steadily, the appliance is monitoring. - if the red indicator lamps 9 light up, the receiver is detecting sound. - f the receiver beeps, the transmitter signal been lost (it is switched off, on i the wrong channel or out of range). - if the recharging indicator lamp 5 is red, the batteries are low. Place the receiver on its recharging base.
The baby monitor transmits the sound from the room where the baby is. If there is no sound, the appliance goes into monitor mode. When a sound is detected, it is transmitted and the red indicator lamps for sound level light up. Their number is proportional to the intensity of the sound transmitted. The transmitter waits for a minimum sound threshold before transmitting. you want to switch the sound off and just use the visual alarm: lower the If sound level to the minimum with the volume adjustment 11. Turn switch 4 to OFF on the transmitter and on the receiver to turn the appliance off.


Clean with a slightly damp cloth without detergents. Do not let water get inside the appliances.
Lets help to protect the environment! our appliance contains many materials that can be reused or recycled. Y ake it to a collection point or to an authorised service centre so that T it can be processed.
215028 Notice BBphone.indd 15 15/03/07 17:38:58

. Tefal SAS , , .

1. 2. 3. ON / OFF 4. 3 : OFF / A / B 5. ( ) / 6. /
7. 8. 9. : 10. 11. 12. / 13.
. TEFAL . - . - 2 . - . - . . . - . - , / . - , . - . - . - . - . , TEFAL.

: 863 - 865 MHz (RTTE) 1999/5/EC 9 1999. : EN 301 489-1, EN 301 489-3, EN 301 357-1 EN 301 357-2.



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