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fict0n 5:59am on Friday, October 22nd, 2010 
NINTENDO 8GB SD card The SD card is an easy piece of hardware to insert into the DS system. There is no science to it just plug and play.
Georg Spang 12:39pm on Friday, October 1st, 2010 
I had a memory card compatible with my old phone so I decided to buy another when I bought a new phone. When I got the card. Picture appears to include adapter....have ordered twice and received only the card...cannot figure out how to get the adapter.....
Xafar 11:07am on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 
Best price ! Easy To Use,Great Value,Large Capacity,Reliable Performance,Writes/Reads fast None Thanks for offering this outstanding card at such a competitive price. Easy To Use,Great Value,Large Capacity,Reliable Performance. I bought this for my Canon T1I. It can take HiDef videos, and the combination works well together. Easy To Use,Great Value,Large Capacity.
esllou 8:01am on Friday, July 30th, 2010 
Let me state from the start that I know nothing of the electronic intricacies of measure of SD cards. I can only tell you what I feel I have observed.
barna 2:28pm on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
Great speed and performance This is the only card that I keep in my Nikon D700. Lexar used to be first choice. Performed flawlessly I bought this memory card to shoot a wedding (my first).
idr 10:32pm on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 
Works as expected. Use in a Sony H20 camera Great Value I got this for a great price.It hold a lot. Easy To Use,Great Value,Large Capacity,Writes/Reads fast

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Before the First Use

Before the First Use Ecological Packaging Important Safety Instructions Your Ovens Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance Cleaning the Inside of the Oven Cleaning the Catalytic Panels Cleaning the Oven Exterior and Accessories Cleaning the Oven Door Changing the Oven Bulb If Something Does not Work Technical Information

Pgina 37 38

Carefully read this Instructions Manual to achieve the best results from your oven. Due to the manufacturing process there may be remains of grease and other impurities. To eliminate these, proceed as follows: Remove all the packaging material, including the protective plastic, if your oven has this. Connect your oven to the function or , at 250C for one hour. To do so, consult the characteristics sheet that comes with this manual. After the oven has cooled, clean it and its accessories. During the first use, fumes and odours may arise and the kitchen should therefore be well ventilated.
Installation Before Making the Installation. Comments Electrical Connection. Legal Requirements Installing the Oven

Ecological Packaging

The packaging materials are completely recyclable and can be used again. Check with your local authority on the regulations for disposing of this material.
Important Safety Instructions
Electrical Safety Any repair must be carried out by Teka authorised Technical Assistance personnel, using original Teka spare parts. Repairs carried out by other people, may cause damage or malfunction to the equipment, endangering its safety. Disconnect your oven if it breaks down. Safety for Children Do not allow children to approach the oven while it is working, as high temperatures are reached. Most models have a door temperature of below 60 K. If your oven has a higher temperature, you can obtain a special door from the Technical Service that will achieve this temperature. Refer to the Characteristics sheet. Oven Safety in Use The manufacturer is not responsible any use of the oven that is not for the domestic preparation of food. Only use the oven when it is installed within kitchen units. Do not store oils, fats or inflammable materials inside the oven, as it could be dangerous if the oven is switched on. Do not lean or sit on the open door of the oven as it could damage the door and be dangerous for you. Do not cover the bottom of the oven with aluminium foil, as it could affect cooking and damage the interior enamelling of the oven. Do not put containers or food on the floor of the oven. Always use the trays and grids. Do not spill water on the floor of the oven while it is working, as this could damage the enamel. While using the oven, open the door as little as possible to reduce electricity consumption. Use protective gloves when you want to work inside the hot oven. To cool the oven open the door to allow ventilation and odours to escape from inside. In recipes with a high liquid content, it is normal for condensation to form on the oven door.

Your Ovens Equipment

The equipment described depends on the particular model. Consult the characteristics sheet accompanying this manual for more information. Cooking Heights Your oven has five cooking heights for locating the accessories. The heights indicated in the cooking tables are counted from the bottom.
Anti-tilt Safety The trays and grids have an anti-tilt system that allows them to be partially pulled out to work on the food without their tilting.
Enamelled Cake Tray Suitable for sponges, biscuits, cakes etc. Introduce the tray into the oven with the sloping edge towards the oven door, which, using a spatula, simplifies the removal of baked food.
Enamelled Roasting or Glass Tray For roasts and starters in the tray. It can be used for collecting juices when roasting on the grid. To avoid smoke in this case, pour a little water into the tray.
Grid For placing baking tins and containers. Roasts must be placed on the tray to collect the stock or juices from roasting.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Telescopic Guides Sliding supports that help you to remove the accessories from the oven guaranteeing their handling without these tilting.
Caution To carry out any action, the appliance must be disconnected from the mains electricity supply.
Cleaning the Inside of the Oven
Clean the inside of the oven to eliminate food and grease residues, which can give off smoke or odours and cause stains to appear. With the oven cold and for enamelled surfaces (e.g. the floor of the oven) use nylon brushes or sponges with warm soapy water. If using special oven cleaning products, use only on enamelled surfaces and following the manufacturers instructions. Caution Do not clean the inside of your oven with a steam or pressurised water jet. Do not use either metallic scouring pads or any material that could scratch the enamel. Most models have a catalytic cleaning system (self-cleaning). This system eliminates small grease residues during cooking at high temperatures. If grease residues remain after cooking, these can be eliminated with the oven empty at 250C for one hour. Use of the Fold-down Grill (Depending on Model) To clean the upper part of the oven, Wait until the oven is cold. Turn the screw (A) and lower the grill element as far as possible. Clean the upper part of the oven and return the grill element to its initial position.
Catalytic Panels They have a rough finish that allows selfcleaning to be carried out. (See the section on cleaning).
Cleaning the Catalytic Panels
If the food remains resist normal cleaning (self-cleaning), then: 1 Remove the panels and leave them to soak as long as is necessary to soften the food residues. 2 Clean the panels, wiping them with a sponge and clean water. 3 Dry the panels and re-assemble them in the oven. 4 Connect the oven for one hour at 250C. Caution Do not use commercial cleaning products or abrasive powders on catalytic panels. Instructions for Removing the Catalytic Side Panels with Tray Guides. 1 Remove the accessories from inside the oven. 2 Loosen the bolt (A) and easing the panels outwards, remove them from their location.

Turnspit For the installation and handling of the turnspit, refer to the characteristics sheet of your oven. We recommend you to place the tray beneath to collect the fat and juices.
Door Switch On opening the door, the elements and fan inside the oven are automatically switched off. When the door is closed again, the oven resumes working at the selected settings.
Tray Handle The tray handle is used when you need to move the tray to check the cook. To handle the tray out the oven, you need to use gloves to protect yourselve.
Crystal Clean Enamel Special enamel which allows a main facility of oven cleaning.
Instructions for Removing the Supports and the Flat Catalytic Panels. A 1 Remove the accessories from inside the oven. 2 Ease out the supports (A), releasing them from the bolt (B)
are worn, they must be used the other way round inside the oven with the new enamelled surface towards the inside of the oven.
Cleaning the Oven Exterior and Accessories
Clean the outside of the oven and the accessories with warm soapy water or with a mild detergent. 4 To disassemble the back panel (C), remove screw (D). Caution Never use metallic scouring pads or commercial or scouring powders that could scratch the enamel. For stainless steel surfaces, proceed with care and only use sponges or cloths that cannot scratch them. To clean the outside of the oven do not attempt to remove the controls, as for this, the oven has to be first removed from the kitchen unit.
D 3 Undo the bolt (B), which releases the flat catalytic panels. 3 To remove the back panel (B), remove bolt (C). B

Cleaning the Oven Door

Depending on the oven model, you can remove the door to simplify its cleaning. To do so: C 1 Open the door. 2 Completely turn the two clips (A). C
4 Proceed in reverse order to re-assemble. 5 Proceed in reverse order to re-assemble. Caution The flat catalytic panels can be used both ways round, lengthening their life. When they A
If Something Does not Work
3 Close the door until it insert in the two clips.

Changing the Oven Bulb

Caution To change the bulb, first ensure that the oven is disconnected from the mains supply. Unscrew the lens from the lampholder. Exchange the bulb and replace the lens. The bulb substituted must be temperature resistant to 300C. Order it from Technical Assistance Service.
PROBLEM The oven does not work
SOLUTION Check the connection to electrical circuit Confirm the fuses and current limiter of your installation. Ensure the clock is in the manual or programmed mode. Check the position of the function and temperature selectors
The inside light of the oven does not work Exchange the bulb. Confirm its correct assembly in accordance with the instruction manual. The heating indicator light does not work Select a temperature. Select a setting. It should only light while the oven is heating up to its set working temperature. Smoke is given off while the oven is working This is normal during its first use. Periodically clean the oven. Reduce the amount of grease or oil added to the tray. Do not use higher temperature settings than those in the cooking tables.

4 Lifting the door with both hands gripping the sides, separate the oven door until it is totally free from the hinges (B).
B To re-assemble the door, proceed in reverse order.
Expected cooking results are not achieved Review the cooking tables to obtain guidance on the working of your oven.
NB If, despite these recommendations, the problem continues, contact our Technical Assistance Service.

Technical Information

If the equipment does not work, advise the Technical Service Department of the problem you have observed, indicating, 1 Serial number (S-No) 2 Appliance model. (Model) That you will find engraved on the characteristics plaque. This plaque is found on the lower part of the oven and can be seen when the door is open. To help in identifying the oven, we recommend you write the following data: S-No:
This information is purely for a qualified technician, as the person responsible for assembly and electrical connection. If you install the oven yourself, the manufacturer will not be held responsible for any possible damage.
Electrical Connection. Legal Requirements
The installer must check that: The voltage and cycles of the mains supply correspond to that indicated in the characteristics plaque. The electrical installation can stand the maximum power indicated in the characteristics plaque. To connect the oven to the electrical circuit, the installer must use a T150 type supply cable. The connection diagram is shown in the following figure:
The electrical connection has adequate earthing in accordance with regulations in force. The connection must be carried out with an omnipolar switch, of an adequate size for the current drawn and with a minimum aperture between contacts of 3mm for disconnection in the case of emergency, cleaning or bulb exchange. Under no circumstances must the earth wire pass through this switch. After making the electrical connection, verify the correct working of all the electrical parts of the oven.
Before Making the Installation. Comments
To unpack the oven, pull the tab located on the lower part of the box. To move it, hold it by the lateral handles and never by the oven door handle. An opening is made in the kitchen unit with the dimensions appearing on the figure, ensuring a minimum depth of 580 mm. (See figures 1 and 2 describing oven fitting on the back cover). To fit multifunction ovens, the back part of the kitchen unit corresponding to the shaded area of figure 3, must not have any projections (reinforcements, pipes, sockets, etc). (See the back cover). The adhesive used for the plastic covering of the mit must be able to withstand temperatures of up to 85C. Our ovens may only be combined with TEKA cookers, otherwise the equipment may be damaged and safety compromised. For installing the work top cooker, refer to its instruction manual.



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