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Scotty K 9:28am on Friday, February 11th, 2011 
O.k Phone to use.... The menu is not overly friendly to navigate though!

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The NovitaTech Snowy Hydro Telecommunications Road Show
Promoting Accessible Communication
Toan Nguyen & David Hobbs
NovitaTech, a division of Novita Childrens Services
Compiled by NovitaTech, a Technology Division of Novita Children's Services
Options for improving home phone accessibility
The humble home phone has changed

Home Phone Accessibility

Focus group, survey responses, and one-on-one meetings to identify:
Q: What are the barriers that prevent home phone use?
Can these barriers be over come? Resolution document known solutions.
The Home Phone Solutions Guide.

The Tasks

1. Moving to the phone in time to answer an incoming call. 2. Lifting the handset to take the phone off the hook. 3. Holding the handset to your ear and mouth for the duration of the call.
4. Using a regular phone keypad to dial a phone number. 5. Dialling the required phone number before the phone times out (*). 6. Hanging the phone up after a conversation is over.

Home Phone Options

The Uniden WDECT 2315
Features: Handset speaker phone Backlit keypad and backlit 3 line LCD calling number display Supports 4 handsets 100 numbers stored 20 individual caller tone allocations 2-way communication b/n handsets Extra loud handset volume 1-touch speed dial Room/baby monitor, wall or desk mountable Cost: ~ $109 (Telstra Shop)

The Telstra F4100 (*)

Features: SMS capable (includes predictive text, 8 line display) Speaker phone (handset) Backlit keypad and calling number display Supports 5 handsets 40 numbers stored Re-dial from caller list Adjustable ring volume Digital voice clarity Cost: $129 (Telstra Shop)

The Telstra F4200

Features: SMS capable (includes predictive text, 4 line display) Speaker phone Hands-free on handset Headset included Backlit keypad and calling number display Supports 5 handsets 20 numbers stored Re-dial from caller list Page button, room monitor Digital voice clarity Adjustable handset & base unit ring volumes & melodies Cost: $149 (Telstra Shop)

Siemens Gigaset SL100

Features: Colour display & icon based menu SMS capable (up to 640 characters) Voice dialling Speaker phone Headset available Supports 6 handsets 600 phone book entries Special ringer melodies Cost: ~ $299 (Telstra Shop)

The Big Button Phone

Features such as: Large print (white print on 2 x 2 cm black square buttons) Facility to program 13 phone numbers into memory Adjustable ringer volume 3 direct memory buttons Hearing aid compatible Amplified receiver volume control Cost: ~ $62 (Royal Society for the Blind)

Telstra F2400 (*)

Features: Speaker phone (handset) Big button key pad Calling number display Hearing aid compatible Adjustable handset & base unit ring volume & melodies 30 number storage Cost: ~ $80 (Telstra Shop)

Telstra Access 50

Features: Speaker phone Calling number display LCD contrast 13 one-touch buttons (speed dial) Visual ring indicator Ringer volume control Speaker/handset volume control 70 number storage Cost: ~ $100 (Telstra Shop)

Telstra T210

Features: Speaker phone Adjustable ring tone and volume Hearing aid compatible Visual ring indicator 10 number storage Cost: ~ $60 (Telstra Shop)

The TS Phone (*)

Features: A switch accessible speaker phone pressing the switch will: answer an incoming call take the phone off the hook Options for calling: Telstras Delayed Hotline (dials a number after 4 seconds) Telstras Call Connect (connects to operator) Cost: $320 (NovitaTech) Bluetooth Headset cost: $270
The TS Phone Infrared Controller (*)
Cost: TS Phone ($320) + IR Controller $350 (NovitaTech) Senior Pilot $363 GEWA Prog III $900 Pathfinder ~ $13,400
Features: A switch accessible phone! (3.5 mm jack) Requires power pack in this mode Speaker phone (a headset can be used instead of a handset) Hot Key Dialling No need to take the phone off hook 2 different modes Hot Key Answer answer incoming call by pressing any key Cost: $? (Telstra)
The Telstra Big Button Multi Telephone (SP817BB) (*)

The RehaPhone 2 (*)

Features: Speaker phone, IR control Cost: $1,147 (NovitaTech) Sicare Light II $2,159 Switchboard $242 6-switch remote ~ $140
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Devices

Specialist devices that produce voice output (digitised or recorded speech). Can be accessed in a number of ways, including direct access or switch access. Varying degree of complexity can also be integrated with other technologies.
Connectivity: AAC & RehaPhone 2
Insert video footage of Rosie
Telstras Disability Services
The T1000S Telstras Standard Home Phone
Voice Aid Large Display TTY Holdaphone Handsfree

Volume Control

Visual Alert

Cochlear Implant

Other Phone Solutions?

Many other home phone solutions are available overseas.
I.e.: big button picture phone, etc
Different countries have developed their own Standards. But they are different. Australia has its own Standard, and equipment must comply with this Standard if used here.
Technical and safety Standards.
NRS The National Relay Service
The NRS is an Australia-wide telephone access service available to everyone at no additional charge. If you are Deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment and / or you use a TTY, or a computer with a modem, you can access anyone in the wider telephone network through the NRS.
Access is provided by ACE The Australian Communication Exchange.
How does it work? Relay Officers relay conversations between two parties. Conversations can be relayed in a variety of ways: from text to voice, voice to text, or even use your own voice to converse and read back the return conversation on the screen (called VCO or Voice Carry Over).
Services such as: Voice carry over (VCO) Hearing carry over (HCO) Speech to speech relay (SSR)
SSR allows people to use their natural voice or a voice output device to speak directly with the person they are calling. The Relay Officer can re-speak part of or all of the conversation as required.


NovitaTech gratefully acknowledges the support it has received for this Road Show:

Contact Details:

Toan Nguyen Email: Phone: (08) David Hobbs Email: Phone: (08) Or 85 Website:



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