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Falling Grace Nicolas Chourot on MIDI guitar


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Bigtiits 6:56pm on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010 
The best card I ever bought and at such a price you bet you got the best deal! I was having problems with old sound card (SB Audigy 2) that was installed on my older Dell Dimension 8400 once i switched to Vista no 5.1 sound.
kickback444 12:33pm on Monday, October 25th, 2010 
Win 7 and SB X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Once again Sound Blaster has come through with the goods. Better late than never I had purchased the X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional sound card and was fairly happy with it. Absolutely beautiful and crisp sound. One of the best sound cards I ever used , very professional and great value for money.
s_charette 3:37am on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 
Motherboard sound gone? This is an excellent product at an outstanding price. C Labs is the best. Hi i have bought this card and i have an hp with windows 7 on it.
droncaglia 8:20am on Friday, July 16th, 2010 
Great sound - crystal clear audio and flexibi...  Dolby and DTS Support not inexpensive i bought mine about 5 years ago and have used it on 2 different laptops.

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Press release

TerraTec Electronic GmbH

Nettetal, January 2008

New Software Versions for AXON AX 50 USB and AX 100 MKII
TerraTec AXON Technologies has now successfully established two products on the market with the AX 50 USB and AX 100 MKII. Both have the patented early transient recognition system, with which they set new standards in terms of speed and accuracy in guitar-to-MIDI technology. But even the best products still have room for improvements! Thats why the AXON specialists at Nettetal are now supplying a new version of the firmware and the editor, offering significant advantages to the user. This firmware can be downloaded as of 17th January free of charge at:
The most important new functions:
The AXON products now provide layers within a play area. These can be used, for example, to activate up to four synthesizers simultaneously with different program change commands and controller data, creating entire sound walls through a single tone that is struck. The integrated sequencer in the AX 100 MKII is now equipped with a Panorama controller, which means it can be positioned in the room independently of the remaining audio signals. As the AXON models allow up to 8 presets to be programmed for a particular instrument in action, not only the integrated tuner but also the selected instrument preset including type and pickup are displayed providing a better overview and always maintaining control. The new Dynamic Control and Aftertouch function for string instruments now supports the option of increasing the volume of the sound by using a bow. This opens up a multitude of new possibilities when it comes to expression and playing sensation.
TerraTec Electronic GmbH | Herrenpfad 38 | 41334 Nettetal | Germany |
Overview: Up to four layers in one play area Panorama controller in the sequencer (AXON AX 100 MKII) Displaying selected guitar preset incl. pickup type (AXON AX 100 MKII) Dynamic Control / Aftertouch for string instruments
Contact partner for the media: Philipp Guse
Head of AXON Technologies

Tel: Fax: Mail: Web:

+49 (0)816 +49 (0)22
For further information, please visit the press section on our website. You will also find printable graphic material and logos there.


Press release

TerraTec Electronic GmbH
TerraTec AXON Technologies ship comprehensive Duncan designed Hexaphonic Pickup System also available as Complete Axon Systems including the controllers
AXON Technologies, Nettetal, June 26th, 2008 (ictw) AXON Technologies, makers of the most comprehensive and fastest tracking Guitar to MIDI System are happy to announce the new PU100 Hex Pickup for AXON Systems to be shipping. The PU 100 Pickup was developed in cooperation with renowned guitar pickup manufacturer Seymour Duncan. AXON Guitar to MIDI systems open up the great wild world of MIDI to Guitar Players. With its ultra fast tracking technology guitar players are able to play any synthesizer or virtual instrument with their favorite instrument, the guitar! Additionally AXON allows for programming music with sequencer software via MIDI as well. This means that guitar players can be the music producer they always wanted to be, without the need to work with (from a guitar players perspective) quirky keyboard controllers. The AXON series of guitar-to-MIDIcontrollers ensure great sound, and the new AXON PU 100 hexaphonic pickup ensures accurate signal transmission. The new PU 100 Pickup is available as a single unit plus as a complete Guitar to MIDI solution including Axon Controllers: AXON PU 100 - 149,- / 199,-USD AXON AX 50 USB Complete (AX 50 USB + AXK 100 + PU 100) - 499,- / 649,-USD AXON AX 100 MKII Complete (AX 100 MKII + AXK 100 + PU 100) - 599,- / 849,USD The AXON PU 100 was the missing link. Before guitar players needed to reach for a hexaphonic pickup from a third party company or a hexaphonic equipped guitar. Now every guitar player can enter guitar-to-MIDI with his favorite guitar and no need not worry about compatibility the adjustable curvature of the pickups magnets allows the pickup system to be installed easily on virtually any steel-string guitar, whether electric or acoustic. A clearance of nine millimeters (0.354") between the normal pickup and bridge and ten millimeters (0.394") between body and strings are entirely sufficient for installing the pickup. Of course AXON Technologies provides a comprehensive range of mounting hardware.
TerraTec Electronic GmbH | Herrenpfad 38 | 41334 Nettetal | Germany |
Using the PU 100 control unit makes it a breeze to change all the important settings for the connected guitar-to-MIDI-controller, even on stage in the middle of the rush of a live concert. PU 100 allows everything needed to do quickly and accurately: adjust the volume, switch presets or mix between the guitar's normal pickup and the AXON PU 100. Three color-coded LEDs indicate the operating status of the mix, no more fumbling about in the dark. Even with all these useful features, the inner values have not been forgotten the PU 100 was developed by pickup guru Seymour Duncan. Thus the AXON PU 100 is, in every respect, a valuable addition to any instrument: Hexaphonic guitar pickup Duncan designed pickup element Adjustable pole piece curve 3 LED status display Optimized controller layout for easy access Adjustable cable length Compatible with all AXON models and other 13-pin devices
The AXON Technologies PU 100 pickup is compatible with all Guitar-to-MIDI systems on the market that require a hexaphonic pickup. More info at:
Company Contact: Head of AXON Technologies Philipp Guse TerraTec Electronic GmbH Herrenpfad Nettetal Germany Tel. +8179-816 Press Contact: integrative concepts - Public Relations and Marketing Services for the Music Industries Thomas Wendt Loefflerstr. Hamburg Germany Tel: + 995 Cell: + 102 Skype: ictomwendt



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