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aabel 3:07am on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 
Amazing product I recently bought the terratec USB XS FM tuner. The quality of tv video is simply outstanding. Big Problems I bought this product because it says it is Windows Vista Certified.

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The compact TV USB Stick!
USB DVB-T reciever Compatibel to 2.0 Power supply via USB Inclusive DVB-T antenna
Inclusive TerraTec Home Cinema software: The Cinergy T USB XE receives digital TV signals, yet is no larger than a USB memory stick! Just connect the ultra-compact TV tuner to a notebook or PC via a USB port and in a flash you're able to view the digital programs transmitted via DTT (Freeview). Regardless of where you are, your TV card is there with you. At a stationary PC at home you can receive programs using your standard roof aerial, and away from home you simply connect the handy tuner to your notebook and use the included DTT compact aerial. *(See Notes on DTT in the UK). Even in areas where signal is low the stick convinces you of a proper reception. You can also use the Cinergy T USB XE as a digital video recorder for recording digital terrestrial TV programs with full MPEG 2 support. The electronic program guide (EPG) helps you accurately navigate through the large number of stations and activate your recording timer. The integrated videotext function makes sure you're excellently informed even beyond the TV program. And if you have to interrupt a program for some reason, the TimeShifting function saves the part you miss on the hard disk. That means you can simply resume viewing later at the desired point. DTT, digital video recordings, EPG, TimeShifting and Videotext only the Cinergy T USB XE offers so many functions in such a small device!
TerraTec Cinergy T USB XE 03.06.2008 Page 1 Might change without notice. All trademarks are registered property of their respective owners. TerraTec Electronic GmbH

Technical Details

Features Digital TV for notebooks and PCs Digital video recorder with full MPEG2 support Scheduled recordings and time shifting EPG support Teletext Compatibel to USB 2.0 Power supply via USB System requirements Intel Pentium / AMD / Centrino certified CPU 1,4 GHz or higher 512 MB RAM 1 available USB interface Audio hardware with DirectX support CD-R/DVD-R-drive Graphics board with DirectDraw drivers and video overlay support Terrestrial digital TV reception (DVB-T, Freeview, TNT) Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 / Vista Software TerraTec Home Cinema
Scope of delivery TerraTec Cinergy T USB XE Portable aerial with magnetic base Installation/software CD-ROM Quick Setup Guide
*Important notes on Digital Terrestrial TV reception in the UK: Please ensure you can receive the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) service in your region. Check here for coverage: The Terratec CINERGY Digital TV products require that you use a high-gain roof antenna to enable and enjoy reliable Digital Television reception throughout the UK. The portable antenna that we provide should only be used and relied on in areas where the Digital TV signal reception is optimal. (Some countries or regions can have different reception conditions, and the environment in which you are viewing can be affected by various factors: Proximity to the Digital TV transmitter, heavy/ tall building constructions and thick walls or ceilings.) Portable or mobile Digital TV reception in cars, trains or airplanes etc. is normally not supported. The UK Digital Terrestrial TV coverage is changing and improving all the time as new digital transmitters are erected. For more general information on the switchover from analogue to Digital Terrestrial Television coverage in your region, please check here:
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TerraTec Cinergy T USB XE 03.06.2008 Page 2 Might change without notice. All trademarks are registered property of their respective owners. TerraTec Electronic GmbH



Presse info

Nettetal, January 2007

For the Mac - TerraTec Cinergy T USB XE: Digital TV with Elgatos EyeTV Lite for just 59 Euros
Especially for the Mac user! The exciting new world of digital TV is finally here for everyone to enjoy! Multimedia specialist TerraTec Electronic launches a new DVBT-solution and great message for Mac users: EyeTV Lite from Elgato is included. Cinergy T USB XE lets viewers catch all digital TV stations available in the service area, at home and on the go! And priced at just 59.99 euros, Cinergy T USB XE is sensationally affordable and available in February. The TV Stick goes wherever one wishes to take it. At home, it enables the stationary home PC to receive digital signals via the house antenna. Simply plug the handy tuner into the notebook to get digital TV on the go. Because the tuner is so sensitive, the Stick performs well, particularly in fringe areas where reception is weak. This new tuner generation even delivers smooth, judder-free images in a car moving through city traffic. Featuring full MPEG2 support, Cinergy T USB XE can also serve as a digital video recorder for capturing digital terrestrial television signals. With EyeTV Lite the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) makes it easy for users to navigate the great variety of stations and activate the recording timer. Cinergy T USB XE is Dolby Digital (AC3) recording enabled. Integrated videotext provides the latest news and information beyond TV program schedules. Another special treat for Windows users is TerraTecs new THC (TerraTec Home Cinema) software. It enables time-shifting, or time-delayed viewing, as well as manual and timer-controlled recording (30 days tvtv subscription package).
Details Digital TV on notebooks and PCs via USB 2.0 Mac and Windows EyeTV Lite (Mac) TerraTec Home Cinema Software (Windows) Time-delayed viewing (time-shifting) Digital video recorder with full MPEG2 support Electronic Program Guide (EPG) tvtv subscription package (30 days) High-speed videotext DVB Radio enabled Dolby Digital (AC3)
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Launched in 1994 in the Rhine region town of Nettetal, TerraTec Electronic swiftly made major inroads in its target markets. Today the company is the German TV, video and audio card maker and one of Europes premier multimedia enterprises. The companies portfolio encompasses offerings ranging from the TerraTec Producer line of professional PC audio systems to TV / video solutions and hi-fi consumer products. As technology trendsetter, TerraTec charts the course of innovation in wireless home entertainment products and digital television solutions for PCs and notebooks.



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