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gegy57 2:12am on Saturday, April 10th, 2010 
Texas Instruments TI34II Calculator My daughter is REQUIRED to have this calculator for math class. Needless to say we bought one and it disappeared. Poor shipping & service from ReStockIt I am quite disappointed in my order of 2 Texas Instuments 34 II calculators. Missing one thing: commas I have the TI 30X-IIS, a nice dual power, 2 line calculator. It has one feature missing, the fraction bar key.
Tolukra 6:48am on Monday, April 5th, 2010 
Always dependable! My daughter needed this calculator for her math class. It is enough to grow with her.

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Order of Operations


TI.34 Explorer Plus

Scientific Calculator
Copyright 1999 Texas Instruments
The TI-34 uses EOS (Equation Operating System) to evaluate expressions. 1st Expressions inside parentheses. 2nd Functions that need a ) and precede the argument, such as the sin, log, and all RP menu items. 3rd Fractions. 4th Functions that are entered after the argument, such as x 2 and angle unit modifiers ( r). 5th Exponentiation (^) and roots (x). 6th Negation (M). 7th Permutations (nPr) and combinations (nCr). 8th Multiplication, implied multiplication, division. 9th Addition and subtraction. 10th Conversions (A bcde, 4F, 4D, 4%, 4DMS). 11th < completes all operations and closes all open parentheses.

%~?ON >}RQ

General Information
Examples: See the last page of these instructions for keystroke examples that demonstrate many of the TI-34 functions. Examples assume all default settings. & turns on the TI-34. % ' turns it off and clears the display. APD (Automatic Power Down) turns off the TI-34 automatically if no key is pressed for about 5 minutes. Press & after APD. The display, pending operations, settings, and memory are retained. 2-Line Display: The first line (Entry Line) displays an entry of up to 88 digits (or 47 digits for Stat or Constant Entry Line). Entries begin on the left; those with more than 11 digits scroll to the right. Press ! and " to scroll the line. Press % ! or % " to move the cursor immediately to the beginning or end of the entry. The second line (Result Line) displays a result of up to 10 digits, plus a decimal point, a negative sign, a x10 indicator, and a 2-digit positive or negative exponent. Results that exceed the digit limit are displayed in scientific notation. Indicator 2nd


Clearing and Correcting
Clears an error message. Clears characters on entry line. Moves the cursor to last entry in history once display is clear. J Deletes the character at the cursor. Deletes all characters to the right when you hold down J; then, deletes 1 character to the left of the cursor each time you press J. %f Inserts a character at the cursor. %{ Clears all memory variables. %t Clears all data points without exiting CLRDATA STAT mode. % w Y Clears all data points and exits STAT mode. %Y Resets the TI-34. Returns unit to or default settings; clears memory variables, pending operations, all &&entries in history, and statistical data; clears constant mode and Ans.

Q R N/Dn/d

Definition 2nd function. Fixed-decimal setting. Statistical mode. Angle mode set to radians. Displays quotient (Q) and remainder (R) for integer divide result. The fractional result can be further simplified. An entry is stored in memory before and/or after the active screen. Press # and $ to scroll. An entry or menu displays beyond 11 digits. Press ! and " to scroll.
Fractional calculations can display fractional or decimal results. % ~ displays a menu of 4 display mode settings. These determine how fraction results are displayed. You select 2 items: Ab/c displays mixed number results. d/e (default) displays fraction results. Manual (default) displays unsimplified fractions. Auto displays fraction results simplified to lowest terms. @ separates a whole number from the fraction in a mixed number, and > separates a numerator from the denominator. The denominator must be a positive integer. To negate a fraction, press M before entering numerator. } < simplifies a fraction using the lowest common prime factor. If you want to choose the factor (instead of letting the calculator choose it), press }, enter the factor (an integer), and then press <. % ? displays Fac on the entry line and the divisor used to simplify the last fraction result. You must be in Manual mode to display Fac. Press % ? again to toggle back to the simplified fraction. Q converts a fraction to a decimal, if possible. R converts a decimal to a fraction, if possible. % N converts a decimal or fraction to a percent. % O converts between a mixed number and a simple fraction.

p =3.141592653590 for calculations. p =3.141592654 for display. In RAD mode, p is represented as Pi in results of
multiplication or fractional calculations. The TI-34 only accepts p in the numerator of a fraction.

Angle Modes

2nd Functions: % displays the 2nd indicator, and then selects the 2nd function (printed above keys) of the next key pressed. For example, % b 25 E < calculates the square root of 25 and returns the result, 5. Menus: Certain TI-34 keys display menus: z, % h, L, % d, % ~, % A, % B, % t, u, % w, H, % I, =, % k, % , and %. Press ! and " to move the cursor and underline a menu item. To return to the previous screen without selecting the item, press -. To select a menu item: Press < while the item is underlined, or For menu items followed by an argument value, enter the argument value while the item is underlined. The item and the argument value are displayed on the previous screen.

Math Operations

% d displays a menu with various math functions. Some functions require you to enter 2 values, real numbers or expressions that equal return a real number. % ` separates two values.
abs(#) round(#,digits) iPart(#) fPart(#) min(#1,#2) max(#1,#2) lcm(#1,#2) gcd(#1,#2)
Displays absolute value of #. Rounds # to specified number of digits. Returns only the integer part (iPart) or fractional part (fPart) of #. Returns the minimum (min) or maximum (max) of two values, #1 and #2. Finds the least common multiple (lcm) or greatest common divisor (gcd) of two values, #1 and #2. Calculates the cube of #. Calculates the cube root of #. Returns the remainder resulting from the division of 2 values, #1 by #2.
% I displays a menu to change the Angle mode to degrees or radians. = displays a menu to specify the Angle unit modifier degrees (), minutes (), seconds (), radians ( r), or 4DMS (convert an angle to DMS notation). To set the Angle mode for any part of an entry: Select the Angle mode. Entries are interpreted and results displayed according to the Angle mode, or Select a unit modifier ( r ) for any part of an entry. Entries with unit modifiers are interpreted accordingly, overriding the Angle mode. To convert an entry: Set the Angle mode to the unit you want to convert to. Then use a unit modifier to designate the unit to convert from. (Angles of trigonometric functions convert values inside parentheses first.), or Select 4DMS, which converts an entry to DMS ( ) notation.

Previous Entries

Trig and Logarithms
After an expression is evaluated, use # and $ to scroll through previous entries, which are stored in the TI-34 memory. You cannot retrieve previous entries while in STAT mode.


Last Answer

Integer Divide

The most recently calculated result is stored to the variable Ans. Ans is retained in memory, even after the TI-34 is turned off. To recall the value of Ans: Press % i (Ans displays on the screen), or Press any operations key (T, U, F, etc.) as the first part of an entry. Ans and the operator are both displayed.
% Y divides 2 positive integers and displays the quotient, Q, and the remainder, R. Only the quotient is stored to Ans.
% B displays a menu of all trigonometric functions (sin, sin -1, cos, cos-1, tan, tan-1). Select the trigonometric function from the menu and then enter the value. Set the desired Angle mode before starting trigonometric calculations. % A displays a menu of all log functions (log, 10^, ln, e ^). Select the log function from the menu, then enter the value, and complete it with E <.


% k displays a menu to convert rectangular coordinates (x,y) to polar coordinates (r,) or vice versa. Set Angle mode, as necessary, before starting calculations.


Page 1
Stored Operations m o % n p
The TI-34 stores two operations, OP1 and OP2. To store an operation to OP1 or OP2 and recall it: 1. Press % n or % p. 2. Enter the operation (any combination of numbers, operators, or menu items and their arguments). 3. Press < to save the operation to memory. 4. m or o recalls and displays the operation on the entry line. The TI-34 automatically calculates the result (without pressing <) and displays the counter (as space permits) on the left side of the result line. You can set the TI-34 to display only the counter and the result (excluding the entry). Press % n or % p, press ! until the = is highlighted () and press <. Repeat to toggle this setting off.

%t w v u

ARGUMENT A function does not have the correct number
1-VAR stats analyzes data from 1 data set with 1 measured variable, X. 2-VAR stats analyzes paired data from 2 data sets with 2 measured variables X , the independent variable, and Y , the dependent variable. You can enter up to 42 data sets. Steps for defining statistical data points: 1. Press % t. Select 1-VAR or 2-VAR and press <. The STAT indicator displays. 2. Press v. 3. Enter a value for X 1 and press $. 4. Then:

of arguments.

DIVIDE BY 0 You attempted to divide by 0. In statistics, n=1. DOMAIN You specified an argument to a function outside
In 1-VAR stat mode, enter the frequency of occurrence (FRQ) of the data point and press $. FRQ default=1. If FRQ=0, the data point is ignored. Or In 2-VAR stat mode, enter the value for Y 1 and press $.


z L % h{
The TI-34 has 5 memory variablesA, B, C, D, and E. You can store a real number or an expression that results in a real number to a memory variable. z accesses the menu of variables. L lets you store values to variables. % h recalls the values of variables. % { clears all variable values.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all data points are entered. You must press < or $ to save the last data point or FRQ value entered. If you add or delete data points, the TI-34 automatically reorders the list. 6. When all points and frequencies are entered: Press u to display the menu of variables (see table for definitions) and their current values, or
Press v to return to the blank STAT screen. You can do calculations with data variables (, , etc.). Select a variable from the u menu and then press < to evaluate the calculation.


% displays the decimal notation mode menu. These settings only affect the display of results. F (default) restores Floating-decimal format. Set decimal places to n (09) with 0123456789. C enters a value in scientific notation. Press M before entering a negative exponent.

7. When finished:

Press % t and select CLRDATA to clear all data points without exiting STAT mode, or Press % w < to clear all data points, variable and FRQ values, and to exit STAT mode (STAT indicator turns off).
the valid range. For example: For x : x = 0 or y < 0 and x not an odd integer. For y x: y and x = 0; y < 0 and x not an integer. For x: x < 0. For LOG or LN: x 0. For TAN: x = 90, -90, 270, -270, 450, etc. For SIN-1 or COS-1: |x | > 1. For nCr or nPr: n or r are not integers 0. For x !: x is not an integer between 0 and 69. EQ LENGTH ERROR An entry exceeds the digit limits (88 for Entry Line and 47 for Stat or Constant Entry lines); for example, combining an entry with a constant that exceeds the limit. FRACMODE Pressing } when Fracmode=Auto. FRQ DOMAIN FRQ value (in 1-VAR stats) < 0 or >99, or not an integer. OP Pressing m or o when constants not defined or while in STAT mode. OVERFLOW |q| 110, where q is an angle in a trigonometric, hyperbolic, or R4Pr( function. STAT Pressing u with no defined data points. When not in STAT mode, pressing v, u, or % w. SYNTAX The command contains a syntax error: entering more than 23 pending operations, 8 pending values, or having misplaced functions, arguments, parentheses, or commas.

Variables n or Sx or Sy x or y x or y x2 or y2 xy a b r X ' (2-VAR)

Y ' (2-VAR)

Definition Number of X or (X,Y ) data points. Mean of all X or Y values. Sample standard deviation of X or Y. Population standard deviation of X or Y. Sum of all X or Y values. Sum of all X 2 or Y 2 values. Sum of X Y for all XY pairs. Linear regression slope. Linear regression Y -intercept. Correlation coefficient. Uses a and b to calculate predicted X value when you input a Y value. Uses a and b to calculate predicted Y value when you input an X value.

Battery Replacement

Replace protective cover. Place the TI-34 face down. 1. Using a small Phillips screwdriver, remove screws from back case. 2. Starting from the bottom, carefully separate front from back. Caution: Be careful not to damage any internal parts. 3. Using a small Phillips screwdriver, if necessary, remove old battery; replace with new one. Caution: Avoid contact with other TI-34 components while changing the battery. 4. If necessary, press & and - at the same time to reset the TI-34 (clears memory and all settings). Caution: Dispose of old batteries properly. Do not incinerate batteries or leave where a child can find them.
In Case of Difficulty Probability
Calculates the number of possible permutations of n items taken r at a time, given n and r. The order of objects is important, as in a race. Calculates the number of possible combinations of n items taken r at a time, given n and r. The order of objects is not important, as in a hand of cards. A factorial is the product of the positive integers from 1 to n. n must be a positive whole number 69. Generates a random real number between 0 and 1. To control a sequence of random numbers, store an integer (seed value) 0 to rand. The seed value changes randomly every time a random number is generated. Generates a random integer between 2 integers, A and B, where A { RAND[ { B. Separate the 2 integers with a comma.
Review instructions to be certain calculations were performed properly. Press & and - at the same time. This clears all memory and settings. Check the battery to ensure that it is fresh and properly installed.

Change the battery when:

& does not turn the unit on, or The screen goes blank, or You get unexpected results. To continue using the TI-34 until you can change the battery: 1. Expose the solar panel to brighter light. 2. Press & and - at the same time to reset the calculator. This clears all settings and memory. Operates in well-lit areas using solar cell. Operates in other light settings using battery.

Page 2

Support and Service Information

Product Support

Customers in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands
For general questions, contact Texas Instruments Customer Support: phone: 1.800.TI.CARES (1.800.842.2737) e-mail: For technical questions, call the Programming Assistance Group of Customer Support: phone: 1.972.917.8324

# $ ! "

1T1< Mon 3:04pm 2T2< 1+1 2. 4. 6. 8.
5 % _ V 0 < 5%Q250 12.5 50%



3 + 1812 4812

Customers outside the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands
Contact TI by e-mail or visit the TI calculator home page on the World Wide Web. e-mail: Internet:


% ~=Ab/c; Manual 3T1@8>12 < }<

Product Service

Customers in the U.S. and Canada Only
Always contact Texas Instruments Customer Support before returning a product for service.
Simp %"T2< 2+2+2 6.

Ans 4Simp 446

Customers outside the U.S. and Canada
Refer to the leaflet enclosed with this product or contact your local Texas Instruments retailer/distributor.


Ans 4Simp Fac 2
Other TI Products and Services
Visit the TI calculator home page on the World Wide Web.

FAC 3V3< 3Q3 9.

Warranty Information
Customers in the U.S. and Canada Only One-Year Limited Warranty for Electronic Product

This Texas Instruments (TI) electronic product warranty extends only to the original purchaser and user of the product. Warranty Duration. This TI electronic product is warranted to the original purchaser for a period of one (1) year from the original purchase date. Warranty Coverage. This TI electronic product is warranted against defective materials and construction. THIS

%? V3<

Ans Q3

27. 3.

Ans 4Simp 2 423

3%c%i <

3 x Ans

924A bc de

% ~=d/e; Manual A bcde 9 > 2 % O < 412 Ans 4 D 4.5 4510

T U V W M D E %Y <

+ Q P (M) INT P 5 V M T < 5QM12+45 M15. 0 20. 20. 4D Q<

% Y 2 < 10 Int 2 5

Ans 4 F

4VD2T3E < 4D2T3E<

% ~=Abc; Auto R< Ans 4 F 412
Some states/provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. Legal Remedies. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state or province to province. Warranty Performance. During the above one (1) year warranty period, your defective product will be either repaired or replaced with a reconditioned model of an equivalent quality (at TIs option) when the product is returned, postage prepaid, to Texas Instruments Service Facility. The warranty of the repaired or replacement unit will continue for the warranty of the original unit or six (6) months, whichever is longer. Other than the postage requirement, no charge will be made for such repair and/or replacement. TI strongly recommends that you insure the product for value prior to mailing. Software. Software is licensed, not sold. TI and its licensors do not warrant that the software will be free from errors or meet your specific requirements. All software is provided AS IS. Copyright. The software and any documentation supplied with this product are protected by copyright.


2Q(12) M22+2 6. 5. 125. 2.

% ~=de; Manual

abs, iPart, fPart, 3, 3


iPart fPart x2
2VD1>2E %a< 2FT2<


iPart(23.45) 23. %b25E< (25) abs round ^ 5G3< 5^3


All Customers Outside the U.S. and Canada
For information about the length and terms of the warranty, refer to your package and/or to the warranty statement enclosed with this product, or contact your local Texas Instruments retailer/distributor.
round(p,3) 3.142 remainder
min, max, lcm, gcd, remainder




Page 3

%A log 10 ^




0. %I"





ln e ^



e^(.5) 1.648721271

sin sin


%n V2T3< 4m






4Q2+6Q2+OP2 Q2

11. 15.



AnsB 706.8583471

%p V2!!!< 4o

706.8583471 <W4< BP4 176.7145868


< <

1.5 4DMS 1300

o 3 %p!< OP2 =Q32. %



tan tan

3.14 3.141592654




1.234C M65<

1.234 M65 1.234 x10M65

tan(45) 1.619775191

R4Pr R4P


R4Pr (5,30)

Texas Instruments 7800 Banner Dr. Dallas, TX 75251 U.S.A.


Texas Instruments Holland B.V. Rutherfordweg CG Utrecht - The Netherlands

R4P (5,30)

80.53767779 US 34IIOM1L1A Page 4


Thank you for choosing Texas Instruments Instructional Handhelds for use in your classes. This form is designed to assist you with your order. Please note the following program requirements and guidelines:
One request per department per semester Only department chair may submit request Number of requested products limited to number of instructors Must include syllabus from each instructor receiving product. Syllabus must state that TI graphing calculators are highly recommended or required
Date: ________________________________ Institution ___________________________________________________________________ Department ______________________________ Campus _____________________________ Address (No PO Boxes) ________________________________________________________ City __________________________ State _________ Zip _____________________________ Phone Number ______________________ Fax Number _______________________________ E-mail Address ________________________________________________________________ Name ___________________________________ Title ________________________________ Signature _____________________________________________________________________ This request is made for: Focus (check all that apply) ___General Math ___Algebra ___Teacher Educators Please complete both pages of this form and return to: TI Technology Rewards Program Park Central North P.O. Box 650311, M/S 3919 Dallas, TX 75265 Fax: 866-843-3839
Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery, subject to product availability. For more information, please call 1-866-848-7722. For on-line service: e-mail or visit

Winter / Spring


Year _______

___Geometry ___Pre-Calculus ___Calculus ___Statistics ___Other Math
___General Science ___Biology ___Chemistry ___Physics ___Other Science ___Engineering
A complete form will expedite your order.


Level 1 TI-108, TI-10
Courses for which TI Instructional Handhelds are strongly recommended or required.
Course Complete name & number Section Instructor Recommended Handheld(s) Enrollment
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Product(s) Requested: Quantity

1 per 50 students

Caddy One TI EXPLORATIONS Series Book*


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TI-108 TI-10

TI-10 Overhead

1 per 300 students
Level 2 TI-15 Explorer, TI-34 II Explorer Plus, TI-30X IIS, TI-30XS MultiView,
TI-34 MultiView Courses for which TI Instructional Handhelds are strongly recommended or required.

TOTAL ___________

Product(s) Requested: Quantity 1 per 35 students


Quantity 1 per 300 students
TI-15 Overhead TI-34 II Overhead TI-30X IIS Overhead
TI-34 MultiView Overhead TI-30XS MultiView Overhead
TI-15 Explorer TI-34 II Explorer Plus TI-30X IIS TI-34 MultiView TI-30XS MultiView
TI-SmartView for 30/34 Multiview
If you need any type of assistance, please do not hesitate to call 1-866-848-7722. * Workbook choice (see workbook options page) _______________________________________


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A World of Mathematics: Activities for Grades 4, 5, and 6 using the TI-15 Developing Problem-Solving Skills with the TI-15 George Christ
Investigating Mathematics with Calculators in the Middle Grades: Activities with the TI-30Xa SE and TI-34 Calculators Susan E. Williams and George W. Bright Math Investigations with the TI-30X IIS and TI-34 II: Activities for the Middle Grades Ann Lawrence and Karen Wyatt Uncovering Mathematics with Manipulatives and Calculators, Level 1 (TI-10) Jane F. Schielack and Dinah Chancellor Uncovering Mathematics with Manipulatives and Calculators, Level 2-3 (TI-10, TI-15) Jane F. Schielack and Dinah Chancellor Integrating Handheld Technology into the Elementary Mathematics Classroom Judy Olson, Mel Olson, and Janie Schielack



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