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DTH 8540 E

DVD Recorder +RW / +R combined with 80GB HDD


Digital Video Recorder +RW / +R* (*Recorded +RW/+R discs play on most DVD-Video players)-Up to 8 hours recording on a 4.7 GB disc 80 GB Hard Disc Drive


Record from TV, camcorder or other video device in digital quality on DVD+R/DVD+RW discs in 6 record modes (from 1 hour top quality to extra long 8-hours) Up to 100 hours recording (at basic quality). Time shift and simultaneous recording and playback. Editing from HDD to DVD+R / +RW discs Transfer home movies from Digital CCR to DVD recorder in digital quality at high speed transfer. Play music & images from memory card readers & copy to DVD+R/+RW To enhance picture transmitted to LCD and Plasma Best analog video signal recording & playback To record on dual layer DVD + R (DL) discs Controls TV, DVD, VCR, SAT, HiFi, AUX of all brands and functions from other RCU.Device mode indicator Easy timer recordings with automatic naming from Teletext Automatic adjustment of recording quality to fit contents on the available disc space. Highest picture quality to copy VHS tape to disc (stabilize Sync & color sub-carrier)
Front DV-input & USB input (V1.1 data storage)
PROGRESSIVE SCAN DVD and video programs playback-RGB input and output Dual Layer recording Universal (6-in-1) remote control
NAVICLICK TV program guide on-screen with one-touchrecording Smart Record Time Base Picture Corrector

Technical data :

BRAND BRAND DESIGN Color PLAYABLE DISK TYPE Video Audio Regional code Disk sizes VIDEO Output signal Digital to analog converter Progressive video processor MPEG 4 Decoder AUDIO Digital to analog converter Signal to Noise ratio Dolby Digital 5.1 DTS MPEG 2 audio DVD- audio MP3 decoder built in / WMA Virtual surround OSD speaker configuration Voice enhancing effect RECORD FEATURES Hard Disk capacity (GB) Recording Quality Levels Selection Bit Rate Recording Based on Time One Touch Record from Front Panel or Rem SOS Record (Europe only) Play HDD and Record to Disc Play Disc and Record on HDD Record to HDD and Play HDD Data Move from HDD to Disc Data Move from Disc to HDD Live Pause ("Timeshift") 16/9 identification record / playback PAL Recording from PAL/SECAM signal NTSC Recording from NTSC signal Audio Record Level Adjustment Disc library Optimum Recording Level Data Move from ext.memory to Disc/HDD PLAYBACK FEATURES Still picture Frame advance X 2 audio during scan Bookmark function Repeat function DVD Repeat function CD Repeat MP3 Program play Random play Dealers mode Parental lock Zoom Jog & Shuttle Variable search speed Resume memory Introscan Scene again jpeg photos playback Kodak Picture CD Playback jpeg & music combinations palyback EDIT FEATURES Title and Chapter creation Chapter hide / unhide Title Labelling (Text, thumbnail) Titles Write Protected by Default (user Simultaneous Audio / Video Record JPEG manipulation : Rotate / Zoom / Pan& Title split / Partial overwrite RECEPTION Tuning system PLL - / Yes Yes / Yes Yes Yes Yes / Yes / Yes Yes / Yes Yes Yes Disk / Title / A -B Disk/Track/A-B/Program Song / Folder Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (DVD / jpeg) Yes 1 disc Yes (CD) Yes Yes (Slideshow) Yes (mp3 during slideshow) 80 GB 6 levels (8h/6h/4h/3h/2h/1h) 1.26/1.69/2.52/3.32/5.02/9.5Mbps Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes to external memory or Lyra Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (Smart Record) Yes 192 kHz / 24 bits (2 ch.) 110 dB (Playback) Passthrough Passthrough Passthrough Yes / Yes Yes PAL 50 Hz / NTSC 10 Bit / 27 MHz Yes (PAL / NTSC) DVD & video Prog Yes (incl.DIVX) DVD-RW/-R/+R/+RW+S-VCD/VCD Multisession CD+CD-R/-RW + 12 cm Silver THOMSON

Standard Programme Number NICAM / FM Stereo Sound Auto installation Auto sorting CLOCK System Clock setting Power back-up (min) TIMER Timer capacity Daily / weekly repeat Power back-up VPS decoder PDC decoder Easy programming Satellite commander Program guide Sat timer link Instant recording NextView Link DISPLAY Graphical user interface Menu langages Front display technology FRONT CONNECTORS RCA Audio IN RCA video IN Y/C IN (HOSIDEN) Headphone Microphone Pause USB DV-input (4 pin) REAR CONNECTORS Number of scart sockets of which Y/C input of which RGB input Scart AV2 with RGB loop RCA video in RCA video out Y/C in (Hosiden) Y/C out (Hosiden) RCA Audio IN RCA Audio OUT Digital audio out YPrPb (component) RCA outputs IR Blaster Link for Sat Box REMOTE CONTROL Model Type SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES RCU battery Power cable / Plug Scart cable RCA A/V cable Other IB languages (1) IB languages (2) GENERAL DATA Product size (W x H x D in mm) Packaging size (W x H x D in mm) Weight : Net / Gross (Kg) EAN code Power supply Power consumption Standby Power Consumption NOTE* Most (CD-R/RW)&( DVD-R/-RW/+R/+RW)
LL', BG, I, DKK' 99 L, BG, DK / BG, DK Yes Yes Quartz Auto(TXT/UTC)+manual Product life with auto reset 16 events / 1 year Mo-Fr/Yes Product life Yes Yes Naviclick Yes Naviclick with NextView No Yes Yes (No TV timer download) Yes 6 (F/GB/D/E/I/S) Fluorescent 1 V 1.1 (for card reader or Lyra) Yes 1 RGB in record 2 Optical Yes Yes (cable & sat) RCT615DBLMin 1 multibrand 2 x AAA CEE RF Antenna Cable F/GB/D/E/I
430 x 84 x x 185 x 477 4.5 / 230 V - 50 Hz TBD 5W / Eco : 2.5W Total compatibility not guaranteed
Recordable disc type : DVD+R (2.4x / 4x) - DVD+RW (2.4x)



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