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T-Series Ball Profile Rail


T-Series Profile Rail
Industry standard dimensions Low cost installation no need for high precision base mounts
Approximately 5 times more forgiving than all steel profile rail guides
Forgiving and flexible proprietary U Channel design accomodates misalignment from machine basesor installation errors Balls are not retained in carriage Lightweight design and construction Lubrication inlets on both ends of carriage N class radial run out accuracy

Sold as assemblies only

Low drag seal option available
Contamination protection with lip seal Speeds up to 3m/s Acceleration up to 50 m/s2 One piece rail length up to 3 meters Aluminum rail with hardened steel ball path insert Multiple carriage design Four-runner block attachment bolts Corrosion resistance with Armoloy Thin Dense Chrome plating optional


AT 25 A
Product Type AT T-Series Size


Y Dimension The distance (from the rail end to the first hole) will be equal unless specified
Carriage Style A Dimensionally Interchangeable with THK HSR A, B, CA & CB E Dimensionally Interchangeable with THK HSR R & TR F Dimensionally Interchangeable with THK SR W G Dimensionally Interchangeable with THK SR TB
Note: 1. Sold as assemblies only 2. Carriages are dimensionally matched to rails during assembly
Extended Standards A Armoloy LDS Low Drag Seal S. Special Option sequential numbers

Features The Thomson T-Series Ball Profile Rail is lightweight, highly flexible and forgiving an ideal choice for poor misalignment. It has a low cost of installation and industry standard dimensions for easy replacement. It is a lightweight and forgiving alternative to all-steel profile rail. Materials The Thomson T-Series Ball Profile Rail carriage and rail is produced from high quality aircraft aluminum alloy. The carriage has hardened steel load bearing plates. The rail has a custom ball path insert made of hardened steel. Stringent quality controls are in place to ensure consistency of steel from the source, allowing us to ensure that we deliver the highest quality product. Lightweight The aluminum carriage and rail dramatically reduces the total weight of the assembly making Thomson T-Series an ideal choice for applications requiring reduced weight inertia such as airplanes, ships, automobiles, etc. Accuracy As a result of its high flexibility to misalignment errors, the T-Series Ball Profile Rail is available in an N class radial run out only. Forgiving to Misalignment The Thomson T-Series propriety U channel construction allows the rail to flex to accommodate poor machine bases or misalignment errors. Low Cost The Thomson T-Series can be mounted direct to non-machined bases without sacrificing total operational efficiency or the need for special tools or gauges to ensure proper rail and base straightness. By eliminating the costly machined base and special tools the installation time or machine build time can be cut in half, saving valuable time and money. Drop-in Replacement The Thomson T-Series is designed to industry standard dimensions and rail hole patterns. This means it can be used as a drop-in replacement for any conventional all steel profile linear guide in the market today.
For more information, or to place an order, please contact your local authorized Thomson distributor or Danaher Motion at 1-540-633-3400, Fax: 1-540-633-4162, or E-mail at 03

T-Series Carriage Styles

Standard Carriage Style A
Sizes 20, 25, 35 Dimensionally interchangeable to THK HSR A, B, CA, CB and Thomson 511 A
Standard Short Hole Spacing Style G
Sizes 20, 25, 35 Dimensionally interchangeable to THK SR TB

Narrow Carriage Style E

Sizes 20, 25, 35 Dimensionally interchangeable to THK HSR R and TR and Thomson 511 E
Sizes 20, 25, 35 Dimensionally interchangeable to THK SR W

Narrow High Style F

For more information, or to place an order, please contact your local authorized Thomson distributor or Danaher Motion at 1-540-633-3400, Fax: 1-540-633-4162, or E-mail at

Style A and G

N5 H1 N1
S 2 Thread Lubrication Access Both Ends S1 Screw Size H2 N6 Y

S 3 Screw Size S6

- Will be equal on both ends, unless otherwise specified.
Supplied Lubrication Fittings

M6 Tapered Thread 9

M6 Tapered Thread
T-Series Profile Rail Standard High A Style
Size A A1 31.50 AA3 21.5 23.H 48 H29.HB 117 EES1 M5 M6 M8 S2 M6 M8 M10 S3 M5 M6 M8 S5 5.9 S6 9.5 10.N12 15.26 N5 6.6.6 N6 7,11 X 80 Lmax 3000
All dimensions in mm unless shown otherwise
T-Series Profile Rail Standard G Style
Size A A1 29.5 36.AA3 19.33 H 48 H26.HB 117 EES1 M5 M6 M8 S2 M6 M8 M10 S3 M5 M6 M8 S5 5.9 S6 9.5 10.N9 15.26 N5 4.6.6 N6 7.11 X 80 Lmax 3000

Dynamic Load Rating

C = Dynamic load rating The dynamic load rating is based upon a 100 km travel life. In order to compare with bearings rated for 50 km, divide the dynamic rating of the bearing rated for 50 km by 1.26.

Static Load Capacity

Co = Static load capacity The static load capacity is the maximum radial load that should be applied to the bearing while there is no relative motion between the carriage and rail.
Load Ratings N (Ibf) Size 35 Style A G A G A G C (@100km) 9000 (2025) 13000 (2925) 25000 (5620) Co 11000 (2475) 15000 (3375) 28000 (6295)
Mass Carriage Rail kg kg/m 0.22 0.30 0.74 0.79 1.06 2.27

Fc Ft Fs

Dynamic Load Rating C C C

Load Limit C 0.6C 0.6C

Bearing Travel Life Calculation
L = (C/F)3 x 100 km where: L = travel life, km C = dynamic load rating, N F = applied dynamic load, N

Operating Parameters

Maximum Velocity = 3 m/s Maximum Acceleration = 50 m/s2 Maximum Temperature = 80C

Style E and F

S 2 Thread x N3 Deep Lubrication Access Both Ends X Y H2 N6

L E1 B

9 M6 Tapered Thread M6 Tapered Thread
T-Series Profile Rail Narrow E Style
Size A AAA12.A4 41.5 50.9 68.0 H 55 H33.HB 117 EES2 M5 M6 M8 S3 M5 M6 M8 S5 5.9 S6 9.5 10.NN5 6.13.6 N6 7.11 X 80 Lmax 3000
T-Series Profile Rail Narrow High F Style
Size A AAA12.A4 41.5 51.0 68.0 H 48 H26.HB 117 EES2 M5 M6 M8 S3 M5 M6 M8 S5 5.9 S6 9.5 10.NN5 4.6.6 N6 7.11 X 80 Lmax 3000
Size 35 Style A G A G A G
Load Ratings N (Ibf) C (@100km) 9000 (2025) 13000 (2925) 25000 (5620) Co 11000 (2475) 15000 (3375) 28000 (6295)
USA, CANADA or MEXICO Danaher Motion 203A West Rock Road Radford, VA 24141 USA Phone: 1-540-633-3400 Fax: 1-540-639-4162 E-mail: Literature: ASIA China Danaher Motion Rm 2205, Scitech Tower 22 Jianguomen Wai Street Beijing, China, 100004 Phone: +Fax: +E-mail: Japan Danaher Motion Japan 3F, 2nd Nagaoka Bldg 2-8-5, Hacchobori, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0032 Japan Phone: +81-3-6222-1051 Fax: +81-3-6222-1055 E-mail:
EUROPE France Danaher Motion C.P. 80018 12, Rue Antoine Becquerel - Z.I. Sud F-72026 Le Mans Cedex 2 France Phone: +33 (0) Fax: +33 (0) E-mail: Germany Danaher Motion GmbH Wacholderstr. 40-42 D-40489 Dsseldorf Germany Phone: +49 (0) 203 9979-0 Fax: +49 (0) 203 9979-155 E-mail: Italy Danaher Motion srl Largo Brughetti ZI 20030 Bovisio Masciago (MI) Italy Phone: +60 Fax: +63 E-mail: Sweden Danaher Motion Box 9053 SE-29109 Kristianstad Sweden Phone: +46 (0) Fax: +46 (0) E-mail: UK Danaher Motion Chartmoor Road, Chartwell Business Park Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire LU7 4WG. UK Phone: +44 (0) 243 Fax: +44 (0) 244 E-mail:

Job No. 200606-Danaher Motion(tm). All rights reserved. Information & specifications subject to change at any time. All trademarks property of their respective owners.


Precision Linear Actuators
Linear Motion. Optimized.


Thomson Thomson is one of the leading suppliers of mechanical motion control products in the world. Linear actuators, linear motion systems, lead screws, clutches, brakes and linear guides are just some of the products manufactured by Thomson. Thomson has plants, support centers and sales offices all around the globe. In addition we have a large network of distributors and system houses that all are ready to support you throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Precision linear actuators The precision linear actuator range is a result of over 40 years of actuator development and represents the state of the art in linear actuator design. Designed for the most demanding applications they are ideal when the maximum available performance and longest life cycle are required. Thomson precision linear actuators guarantees troublefree operation even in the toughest applications. Perfect your own actuator or chose a packaged model The precision linear actuators are divided in to two categories. The T-series which consist of the basic actuator that is equipped by the customer with motors and gears of his own choice, either bought from Thomson or sourced from his own suppliers allowing maximun freedom of choice. The ECT-series is a range of packaged and predefined actuators that comes with motors and gears mounted and tested. The ECT-series gives the benefit of knowing that all performance data has been verified in tests and that all components works together perfectly. An added bonus is of course the faster design and ordering process and the benefit of dealing with one supplier only. On-line selection software On you can select a precision linear actuator by using the PLA advisor. This easy to use software lets you play with all the parameters and will give you all the relevant data and the correct ordering information for your choice.

Features and Benefits
Precision linear actuators are ideal for positioning loads that are either externally-guided and supported, or pivoting. They are also ideal where there is a high concentration of airborne contaminants, as rodless actuators are inherently less well protected. Another suitable area is the replacement of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders where they bring many benefits compared to the traditional technologies. Handling, machining and manufacturing Precision linear actuators can successfully be used in handling, machining and manufacturing applications. The broad range of options and accessories makes it easy to find the perfect actuator for most applications. Strong, fast and accurate The hallmark for the entire range of precision linear actuators is the ability to work hard, fast and accurately, day in and day out, under the toughest conditions. Hydraulics and pneumatics replacement Precision linear actuators are direct descendants of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. Possessing many of the same unique design characteristics that made hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders popular, actuators benefit from cleaner, simpler and more energy-efficient power transmission. They are also much easier to integrate with modern programmable controls, have greater accuracy and are less noisy. Harsh environments Chemical plants, paper mills, welding operations and outdoor applications are all suitable for precision linear actuators. IP65 protection, a robust design and the use of high-quality components makes them suitable for almost every location. Minimum maintenance All precision linear actuators are designed to require a minimum of maintenance. There are no parts that need to be replaced due to wear. And only in applications where the actuators need to work very hard and frequently will any regular lubrication be needed. Customized units Customization is one of our strengths. Do you need a special stroke, a unique mounting bracket or some other adaptation of the standard product? No problem. Just contact us and we will be glad to help you to find the perfect solution to your application. 3

Performance Overview

T60 T90
Load Maximum load, Fx Maximum load, Fy Maximum load, Fz Maximum load torque, Mx Maximum load torque, My Maximum load torque, Mz Stroke Maximum standard stroke Speed Maximum speed Accuracy Repeatability Backlash General data Profile size (width height) Operating temperature limits Maximum duty cycle Lead screw diameter Lead screw type Protection class - standard / optional Features AC servo motor / Three phase AC motor Single point lubrication Mounting options Magnetic position sensors Mounting feet kit Trunnion mounting kit Clevis mounting kit Tube end - inside / outside thread / spherical joint
1 Depending on the screw diameter used in the actuator.
[N] [N] [N] [Nm] [Nm] [Nm] [mm] [m/s] [ [mm] [mm] [C] [%] [mm]
1500 2,5 0,05 0,60 -20 +25 ball screw IP65 on request -//
1500 2,0 0,05 0,11 (0,18) 92 -20 +25, 32 ball screw IP65 //
2000 2,0 0,05 0,130 -20 +40, 50 ball screw IP65 //


1500 1,6 0,05 0,11 (0,18) 92 -20 +25, 32 ball screw IP65 / //
2000 2,0 0,05 0,130 -20 +40 ball screw IP65 / //

Technical Overview

The design of an precision linear actuator is quite basic. An electric motor through either a belt gear, a worm gear, a planetary gear or via a coupling directly rotates a ball screw which translates the torque into axial force through the extension tube. While the concept is straight forward, as illustrated by the cutaway on this page, significant expertise and development have been invested in the specification and design of each component. Each actuator is also built to meet the highest quality standards and are thoroughly tested before shipment.
1. Choose between a high performance AC servo motor or the robust, cheaper and simpler three phase AC motor. 2. High quality extension tube in extruded aluminium with grooves for sensors and T-slot bolts. 3. One point lubrication for easy and fast service. 4. Robust hard chromed steel extension tube. 5. Choose between extension tube with inside or outside thread, clevis or spherical joint ends. 6. Choose between direct drive, belt gear, worm gear or planetary gear for optimum performance. 7. High precision safety ball nut that will hold the load even if the balls break. 8. High quality ball screw drive. 9. Internally guided extension tube with anti-rotation mechanism which also acts as a screw support. 10.IP65 sealing of the actuator allows it to operate in harsh environments.


The precision linear actuator range is used for many tasks in industry. Combining the actuators with controls and drives from Kollmorgen makes it easy to design linear motion equipment in a fast and simple way. Some of the most common applications are described below. Our application engineers have a broad knowledge base built on decades of linear motion experience and they can help you find the ultimate solution for your application. They can also assist you with sizing and selection as well as with the design and commissioning of your equipment.
Valve Control Process industry Ventilation equipment Vehicle applications Packaging industry
Pressing and clamping Machine tools Electronic industry Plastic industry Metal industry Wood work industry
Edge Guide Control Paper mills Print shop equipment Textile industry
Backstop Adjust Wood work industry Machine tools Metal industry
Loading or Unloading Handling equipment Packaging industry Medical industry Electronic industry
Drilling, Welding, Gluing or Thermo-forming Machine tools Plastic industry Metal industry Wood work industry Electronic industry Packaging industry
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EU200608-08 16nov2009 GB Information & specifications subject to change at any time. Printed in Germany. Thomson GmbH 2010



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