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pirou 5:00am on Sunday, October 17th, 2010 
Very fast and excellent quality printing. The 2-sided printing feature works great, and set-up is simple. Overall an excellent product so far.
fretz 12:44pm on Monday, October 4th, 2010 
Printer is very fast. Easy Setup","Easy To Use","Fast Operation None Love the printer! Worked wireless and via USB right out of the box. The scanner set up more tricky but HP's customer support is fantasic!
ThomasG 4:28pm on Sunday, September 26th, 2010 
Prints great and uses ink very efficiently and is FAST As a Linux user, I am used to some issues. Networks was printing perfectly for a day. excellent printer, no complains none
david164t 7:14pm on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 
HP ought to be ashamed selling a device that they KNOW is defective right out of the box. Getting the rebate for our old printer was a definite added bonus.
CheapTramadol2117 7:08pm on Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 
This is one great printer [...] Easy To Use","Great Print Quality Recommended Easy Setup","Easy To Use","Fast Operation","Great Print Quality Large Footprint
Benjer 10:15pm on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 
Draft print setting is adequate for general use. Have not yet used fax and scanner. Easy Setup,Easy To Use,Great Print Quality Bad Battery Life.
Andariel 6:58pm on Saturday, June 26th, 2010 
"This wireless printer is great, as we use several computers and all correspond great without any issues. Setting it up with your wireless router. "This replaced my 7301 Officejet which died after four years. The 8500 has several improvements and works great. "Everything worked as expected and quality is better then average. I am please with the printer. Worth the price.
pridkett 4:49pm on Thursday, June 10th, 2010 
Used for a month in my home office and thus far very pleased. easy setup and remote printing capabilities along with good speed and duplex printing. This is an excellent piece of hardware hobbled by stunningly bad software with useless support. If you are a photographer using a Mac.
bjbev 11:54pm on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 
Was looking for a wireless AIO and chose this one. has all the bells and whistles and the operation is outstanding. I was in the market for an all in one printer to replace a competitors product. I have rarely gone away from HP printers.
Bats 6:02am on Wednesday, May 19th, 2010 
[...] Easy To Use Business, faxing Easy To Use Large Footprint,Noisy,Slow Operation The quality of print was not what I expected. My HP 7580 did a better job. The printer is slow to warm up. Noisy","Slow Operation
leslieb 8:02am on Saturday, May 1st, 2010 
I am using this to replace a combination of a color laser printer that was beginning to jam too regularly and a stand-alone scanner.
rfk 9:04pm on Saturday, April 10th, 2010 
As noted above printers have VERY short service life, recap-bought 5, 1 dead on arrival, 3 died in 1 year. All had same symptom...

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