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2003 Toro PowerShift 1028 Snowblower in Action


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hausdorff 11:14pm on Friday, September 24th, 2010 
If you want a good console go for a PS3 or a Wii. Noting at all Xbox live is expensive and the thing freezes up The Xbox is definitely the machine of choice when looking to get a gaming console minus the fact that it does not have a bluray player.
ranger1206 4:36am on Friday, August 27th, 2010 
Yippie Bought it for my son for birthday present. Product was received quickly and works like a charm. So Far, So Good!!! I own a Nintendo Wii, but you know, the graphics and some of their games are not the best in the market.
envycom 9:30pm on Friday, June 25th, 2010 
It is reliable and fun and a great choice for a gift for children.Xbox 360 Elite: Love ItPros:Great, reliable, and endless hours of fun. If you love gaming, you might have little choice but to enjoy this consoleMade me so happy yet so madPros:several excellent exclusive games.
myotis 9:12pm on Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010 
I lost my launch Xbox360 with three red rings, so I bought this elite. it works fine and it has an extra heatsink so it seems to be ok now. I owned a Premium ever since they came out, but it recently broke down. Just before the announcement of the 3-year warranty.
Giorgos8 7:42pm on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 
Price point was Awesome especially with DPA discount. Excellent hardward, sound, and video capabilities. Once you have it set up just the way you want it the machine delivers a real multimedia experience. HD quality, great game library, downloadable content, online gaming system can be loud.
XRumer853 5:33am on Sunday, April 4th, 2010 
My brother recently bought a 360 Arcade unit, so I got him this cable so he could play in high def. Simple and works great In this day and age. its and xbox, not much negatives about it plus newegg shipped it out SUPER fast been awhile since ive owned an xbox i forgot how loud it is

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Terms & Definitions A 2-cycle engine has a power stroke every engine revolution and fresh lubrication is constantly provided thru the gas oil mix. Requires no oil changes. A 4-cycle engine has a power stroke every other engine revolution and requires periodic oil changes because the lubricating oil degrades with continued reuse. Indicates the pounds of snow per minute a snowthrower can clear. Varies with conditions such as snow density and amount, weather conditions and other variables. A drive system that is designed to allow the wheels to rotate at different speeds in a turn. The system typically has two modes. In differential mode, the wheels can turn at different speeds. In the lock-out mode, the differential is locked, providing the same speed and torque to both wheels, no matter what surface it's on. Turning is more difficult in lock-out mode. Differential systems do not permit the user to control clutching of the wheels and it is cumbersome to switch between modes for effective traction and control. With electric start, the snowthrower can be started with just the push of a button. A premium drive system with the ability to clutch the snowthrower's wheels independently or simultaneously with handle mounted triggers, disengaging the wheels while the drive traction is still engaged. This feature is helpful for turning, steering adjustments, reversing, and maneuvering the snowthrower while in transport. 28" Power Max models come equipped with Freewheel Steering.
2-cycle engine 4-cycle engine Capacity/minute
Differential System Electric start
Freewheel Steering Friction disc drive
A type of drive system that uses a rubber-edged friction disc, which allows for variable speed control of the unit. An additive in Toro's 2-cycle oil for snowthrowers that extends the storage life of the gas/oil mix and slows the build-up of deposit Two-cycle fuel stabilizer in the carburetor. An auger gear case designed to withstand extreme stress while transferring power to the serrated augers, virtually eliminating the Heavy-duty gear case need for troublesome shear pins. Governor The governor keeps the engine running at its peak torque and keeps engine RPMs up when bogged down by heavy snow. Toro's exclusive 5 year Guarantee to Start, available on Toro's single stage models with R*Tek engines. If your snowthrower GTS Warranty doesn't start in one or two pulls during the first five years, Toro will fix it free. See retailer or website for full details. One-hand interlock A convenient lever that allows one-handed operation, freeing the other hand to shift speed or adjust chute without stopping. In Toro's exclusive design, the curved rotor and inverted, funnel-shaped housing move snow faster and virtually eliminate clogs. Power Curve System Wide rubber paddles propel the machine forward, cleaning down to the pavement. Toro's revolutionary design that achieves maximum snowthrowing performance with its two components, an expanded chute base and oversized impeller housing. The oversized housing impeller allows the impeller fan to return unthrown snow back into the auger, providing maximum impeller speed and throwing velocity. The expanded chute base has a wide mouth and nonstick surface Power Max Auger System to enable a consistent flow of snow with minimum build up. Quick Stick Chute Control An innovative joystick control that allows the operator to smoothly and easily change chute direction and deflection angle. Recoil start With recoil start, the user manually pulls a cord to start the engine. In most non-Toro snowthrowers, a shear pin is used to connect the auger to the auger shaft. It is designed to break (shear) on impact when the auger is jarred by a solid object, protecting the auger gear case from failure. When this occurs, the shear pin must be removed and replaced. Instead of troublesome, small, soft shear pins, Toro's heavy-duty gear case allows for the use of Shear pin 5/16" diameter, grade 5 bolts. Failure is virtually eliminated. A single-step process of snow removal. Toro's patented Power Curve system gathers the snow and throws it out the chute in one Single stage efficient motion. The rotor also helps to propel the unit forward. Ideal for most paved driveways and sidewalks. Skid shoes Adjustable "shoe" on two stage snowthrowers which allows for adjustable height of the scraper relative to the ground. When the operator pulls back on the bail, the body of the snowthrower tilts forward, engages the pavement with the auger and Snow Commander Power propels through even deep snow. This advanced system is exclusive to Toro's Snow Commander and eliminates the hassles of Propel System lifting and skidding. A two-step process of snow removal. Snow is gathered inward by slow-turning augers. It then hits the high-speed impeller, which Two stage throws it out of the chute. Ideal for large driveways, gravel surfaces and compacted snow.



TWO-Stage Snowblowers

Power Max plows through even the toughest snow fast. Its commercial-grade design keeps homeowners in mind with its convenient hand controls for easy turning and chute control.

Ideal For:

u Clearing large or extra-large areas uAll surface types, including gravel u Heavy, wet snowfalls

Innovative Features:

u Power Max Auger System u Freewheel Power Steering u Quick Stick Chute Control u One-hand Interlock If anything goes wrong in the first 3 years under normal use and maintenance, Toro will fix it free.**

two-stage snowblowers

NEW Power Throw 722E 38608
Up to 1800 lbs. / 818 kg Up to 30' / 9 m 22" Friction Disc n/a 3 Forward / 1 Reverse
NEW Power Max 726 OE 38614
Up to 1900 lbs. / 864 kg Up to 45' / 13.5 m 26" Friction Disc n/a 6 Forward / 2 Reverse 21" 205cc B&S OHV 4-cycle Electric Start 3.2 Quarts / 3 L Electronic Standard Mechanical Quick Stick Yes Adjustable 15" No 220 lbs. / 95 kg 3-Year Limited
NEW Power Max 826 OXE 38624W
Up to 1900 lbs. / 864 kg Up to 45' / 13.5 m 26" Friction Disc Standard 6 Forward / 2 Reverse 21" 250cc B&S OHV 4-cycle Electric Start 3.2 Quarts / 3 L Electronic Standard Mechanical Quick Stick Yes Adjustable 15" Yes 222 lbs. / 103 kg 3-Year Limited

Power Max 828 OXE 38634

Up to 2000 lbs. / 909 kg Up to 45' / 13.5 m 28" Friction Disc Standard 6 Forward / 2 Reverse 21" 250cc B&S OHV 4-cycle Electric Start 3.2 Quarts / 3 L Electronic Standard Mechanical Quick Stick Yes Adjustable 15" Yes 237 lbs. / 108 kg 3-Year Limited
Power Max 1028 OXE Power Max 1128 OXE 38644 38654
Up to 2100 lbs. / 955 kg Up to 45' / 13.5 m 28" Friction Disc Standard 6 Forward / 2 Reverse 21" 305cc B&S OHV 4-cycle Electric Start 3.2 Quarts / 3 L Electronic Standard Mechanical Quick Stick Yes Adjustable 15" Yes 257 lbs. / 117 kg 3-Year Limited Up to 2200 lbs. / 1000 kg Up to 45' / 13.5 m 28" Friction Disc Standard 6 Forward / 2 Reverse 21" 342cc B&S OHV 4-cycle Electric Start 3.2 Quarts / 3 L Electronic Standard Mechanical Quick Stick Yes Pivoting 15" Yes 257 lbs. / 117 kg 3-Year Limited
Capacity / Minute* Throw Distance* Clearing Width Drive System Wheel Clutches Speeds


Snow Cut Depth 1 Pass 17.5" Engine Starter Fuel Capacity Ignition Compression Release Governor Auger System


205cc B&S OHV 4-cycle Electric Start 3.2 Quarts / 3 L Electronic Standard Mechanical Remote Chute Crank No Adjustable 13" No 162 lbs. / 73 kg 3-Year Limited
Chute Control One-Hand Interlock Scraper Tires Headlight Weight Warranty**
= Enhance or step-up feature.


This system reduces clogging and maximizes impeller speed and snowblowing velocity allowing you to power through heavy snow, deep drifts and compacted berms with ease.

Freewheel power steering

Turn on a dime with the flex of a finger. Handle-mounted triggers allow you to disengage one or both wheels for effortless steering and maneuverability. (on 28" models)
Quick Stick Chute Control
An innovative joystick control allows you to change the chute direction quickly and easily, even on the go.

one-hand interlock

Convenient levers allow one-handed operation, freeing the other hand to shift speeds or adjust the chute without stopping.
2010 The Toro Company, Bloomington, MN 55420. All Rights Reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice and without incurring obligation. Products depicted on this sell sheet are for demonstration purposes only. Actual products offered for sale may vary in design, required attachments and safety features. *Capacity and throw distance will vary with conditions. **See or your dealer for warranty details. 490-8155 07/10



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