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Transcend TS320GSJ25MTranscend TS320GSJ25M 320GB Shockproof 2.5 Portable HDD

External - USB - 320 GB - Transcend

0.74" 2 Year 2.5" 3.18" 320 GB 5.28" 60 MBps 7.27 oz USB 1.1 Plug & Play Transcend's StoreJet mobile is compact and portable, it is easy for users to conveniently carry around. Its mobile features advanced dual stage anti-shock technology and meets strict U.S.military drop-test standards to help protect your data against accidental bumps or falls.

Brand: Transcend
Part Number: TS320GSJ25M
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calande 12:00am on Saturday, October 30th, 2010 
USB hard drive This one appears to be reliable and robust. It has extra software for backups etc that you may find useful
jeopardyracing 5:41pm on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 
great product, this is the second one i've bought for another mac. installs in a snap w/ time machine and backup fast.
phoenix22 1:21pm on Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 
Works just fine, decent size and feels sturdy. As has been stated in other reviews, it does provide you with a cable to plug into two USB ports. This thing has fallen from a height onto a hard floor (while it was running) multiple times and it still works great! I am impressed.
rrhutch 9:40pm on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
Easy to use I brought this just so I could copy my C drive for backup. Excellent product Item arrived when expected and in perfect condition. Bought this particular hard drive as i needed something small and tough. BAD Theres a few things that i think is wrong today, it is not 500GB it is in fact 465GB there is 45 GIGS missing.
XxFuRy2Xx 8:32am on Monday, August 9th, 2010 
SORRY TIGER-MINE ARRIVED DOA. TRIED 3 COMPUTERS...ONLY THING THAT HAPPINS IS THE LIGHT COMES ON...WHOOPIE. STILL WAITING FOR RMA, 1 MONTH NOW. I use this to keep my workout videos on and use it with the WD HD Media Player. works great and no problems with setup or startup everytime. Worked exactly as desired...took exactly 10 minutes to get the drive installed in the case and to access the data on it. I highly recommend this...
pidde 3:14pm on Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010 
No problems with it so far. I use it on my work computer, which is already slow. So it may not be the HDs fault that it backs up so slowly. This device was very easy to setup. I did format for NTFS for larger file transfers and I am not using the software that it came with.
psyberwolf 8:27pm on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 
I was advised by those in the know to purchase a Western Digital external hard drive but when I went into the shop.
Open Bob 8:12pm on Thursday, March 11th, 2010 
please dont buy anything from transcend or relance time out ever. good looks, sleek model never worked out of the box !!

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LASYSTEMS - Brusselsesteenweg 208 - 1730 Asse - Belgium
Phone: +32-2-4531312 - Fax: +32-2-4531763 E-mail:
Transcend StoreJet 2.5 Mobile (TS320GSJ25M-R)
StoreJet 2.5 Mobile - 320GB

Price details:

Price excl. VAT: 48.14 Eco fees: 6.75 VAT 21 %: 11.53
PDF generated on: 6 June, 2011

Product details:

Product code: TS320GSJ25M-R EAN: 0760557815273 Manufacturer: Transcend


* VAT included Transcend's StoreJet mobile is compact and portable. To protect against data loss or damage from accidental slips or falls, the StoreJet mobile meets the U.S.military drop-test standards MIL-STD-810F. With advanced two-stage antishock technology, which makes it one of the safest place to store your data. In order to ensure maximum compatibility with most desktop and notebook computers, the StoreJet 25 mobile uses a high-speed USB 2.0 interface which provides data transfer rates up to 480Mb per second while offering the convenience of easy plug and play. Main specifications:

Disk drive

Hard disk drive capacity: Hard disk rotational speed: Hard disk interface: 320 GB 5400 RPM Serial ATA II 206 g 1 80.8 x 134 x 18.8 mm Red N 480 MB/s Y Y

Weight & dimensions



USB 2.0 ports quantity:

Technical details

Dimensions W x D x H: Colour of product: Internal: Drive device, transfer rate: USB powered: USB required:
*PLEASE NOTE: Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained herein. Lasystems makes no warranty expressed or implied with respect to accuracy of the information, including price, editorials or specifications. Lasystems or its suppliers shall not be liable for incidental, consequential or special damages arising from, or as a result of, any electronic transmission or the accuracy of the information contained herin, even if Lasystems has been advised of the possibility of such damages. Product and manufacturer names are used only for the purpose of identification.


StoreJet 25 mobile

This device is designed to expedite exchanging huge amounts of data between Transcend StoreJet and any desktop or notebook computer.
SATA HDD Enclosure Features
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 compliant and USB 1.1 backwards compatible Easy Plug and Play installation Ultra-Portability High transfer rate up to 480 Mbits per second Additional software pack: StoreJet elite (helps you manage your data) OneTouch Auto-Backup function Security: Protect your HDD and data with password Powered via the USB port. No external power or battery needed LED indicates power on and data access Recommended operating temperature: 5C ~ 55C

System Requirements

Desktop or notebook computers with USB port One of following operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS 9.0 or above Linux Kernel 2.4.2 or above


Side A B C Millimeters 134.00 1.00 80.80 1.00 18.80 1.00 Inches 5.276 0.04 3.181 0.04 0.740 0.04

Ordering Information

Transcend P/N TS160GSJ25M TS250GSJ25M TS250GSJ25M-R TS320GSJ25M TS320GSJ25M-R TS500GSJ25M TS500GSJ25M-R TS640GSJ25M
Capacity 160GB 250GB 250GB 320GB 320GB 500GB 500GB 640GB
Transcend Information Inc.

Block Diagram

SATA HDD Enclosure


Pin No.
SATA HDD Enclosure Pin Identification

Pin Name





USB differential signal The pairs are used to transmit Data/Address/Command USB Cable Power Detector Ground


Storage Media Temperature Operation Storage 2.5 inch SATA Hard Disk 5 to 55 -20 to 60
Power Supply Power Consumption Size (L x W x H) Weight Certificates With Hard Drive
USB DC 5 Volt 1090mA (Max.) 134.00mmx80.80mmx18.80mm 206g CE, FCC, BSMI, C-Tick
Above technical information is based on industry standard data and tested to be reliable. However, Transcend makes no warranty, either expressed or implied, as to its accuracy and assumes no liability in connection with the use of this product. Transcend reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time without prior notice.



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