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Info Sheets PowerLook 3000
The Worlds Leading Scanner Manufacturer www.u

PowerLook 3000

The Professional Prepress-Scanner The PowerLook 3000 is UMAXs first flatbed scanner based on moving flatbed technology, auto focus technology dual lens design and UMAXs own Bit-EnhancementTechnology (BET) for maximum performance. The PowerLook 3000 incorporates ultra high resolution, optimized for professionals in electronic publishing, graphic arts, commercial printing, newspaper production, advertising design, service bureaus and photo labs. Based on a unique dual lens design, it is possible to scan in two resolutions. The first makes it possible to scan transparent and reflecting originals over the whole scanning area with a resolution of 1220 x 3048 dpi. With the second lens it is possible to scan an area of 86 x 297 mm with a resolution of 3048 x 3048 dpi. The high-resolution scanning area makes it possible to digitize 35mm and medium format negatives / slides as well as panoramic format.
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With a Dmax of 3.7, the ability to detect details in the shadows / dark areas has been increased dramatically. The PowerLook 3000 features Bit-Enhancement-Technology, which increases the bit depth of a scanned image and allows for more colour depth and detail. UMAXs proprietary technology processes the bit information to retain and enhance bits normally lost during the scanning process. It cannot only retain the original pixels colour information, but also enhance it to a higher bit depth. This means when you scan with the PowerLook 3000 in 12 bits, you could get out 14 bits of output. The PowerLook 3000 is equipped with scanning frames for the usual formats used in photography, the scanner automatically recognizes the scanning areas and processes them in batches.
Umax Systems GmbH European Headquarters Formerweg Willich Germany Phone.: ++49- ( 0 ) - - 0 F a x : + + 4 9- ( 0 ) 5 4- 8 7- 399


The PowerLook 3000 is available in two different versions: PowerLook 3000 Pro and Prepress. The PowerLook 3000 Pro comes with binuscan PhotoPerfect CMYK & RGB and the PowerLook 3000 Prepress with Lasersoft SilverFast Ai 5.0 and Adobe Photoshop full version. The PowerLook 3000 utilizes MagicScan as scan driver. MagicScan is self-descriptive, easy to use and easy to understand, even for beginners, but does not lack any functions a high-end scan driver characterizes. With its multifunctionality you may choose manual adjustments or rely on the enclosed color management software Kodak MagicMatch. It offers a lot of interesting tools: beside turning, cutting and other image treatments you can store your scan adjustments and recall them again with a one-button-push. Included in version PowerLook 3000 Pro is binuscan PhotoPerfect CMYK & RGB , to be started by MagicScan. Photo Perfect CMYK & RGB additionally offers color separation and is optimized for offset printing. On the one hand it is an automatic program, but on the other hand it can be customized to the users requirements. PhotoPerfect CMYK & RGB is an efficient tool especially for batch-scans, due to the consistent quality. It sharpens the pictures with the best performing sharpness algorithm by considering the chosen scan resolution and the partial contrast relations of the orig inal. Sharpening by random belongs to the past. The version PowerLook 3000 Prepress is shipped with SilverFast Ai from Lasersoft, the awardwinning scan software for Macintosh and PC. It offers both, beginners and professionals a tool to scan and reproduce colors. The user interface enable in spite of its easy-to-use professional operation to scan and to reproduce colors. The intelligent automatics in relation with the selective color correction and the precise unsharpmasking leads to a professional result. The latest color management standard is integrated in SilverFast Ai 5.x. Own input-, intern- and output-gamuts can be adapted, as in Photoshop 5.0, with ICC profiles. An automatic connection with the Photoshop color space leads to high accuracy when working together with Photoshop.

Technical Specifications

000U Optical resolution lense 1: Optical resolution lense 2: Interpolated resolution: Scannertyp: Max. Scanarea Lense 1: Lense 2: Optical density: Image buffer: Scanmodi Colour depth: Greyscale: Lineart: Interface: Supported plattforms: General Specifications Dimensions: Net weight:
1220 x 3048 dpi 3048 x 3048 dpi 12192 x 12192 dpi 1-Pass, linear CCD 216 x 297 mm 86 x 297 mm up to 3.7D 3 MB 42 bits (BET) 14 bits (BET) 1 bit SCSI-II Windows, Mac OS 548 x 425 x 219 mm 18,5 kg
The PowerLook 3000 is offered in the following versions: PowerLook 3000 Pro: PowerLook 3000 UMAX MagicScan 4.4 Adobe Photoshop 5.x LE binuscan PhotoPerfect CMYK & RGB PowerLook 3000 UMAX MagicScan 4.4 Lasersoft SilverFast Ai 5.0 IT8-Targets (R/T), Adobe Photoshop 5.x LE
Power Look 3000 Prepress:
Umax reserves the right in technical alterations Umax Systems GmbH European Headquarters Formerweg Willich Germany Phone.: ++49- ( 0 ) - - 0 F a x : + + 4 9- ( 0 ) 5 4- 8 7- 399

Features & Benefits

BET: (Bit Enhancement Technology) Umax patented Bit Enhancement Technology (BET) outperforms others by expanding the colour details and reducing image noise from the CCD. When scanning, BET extracts more from the scanner. MagicScan Charactaristic for this Twain-driver is the clearly arranged interface and the modular structure, making it a versatile tool. MagicScan drives Kodak MagicMatch for manual processing and optionally binuscan PhotoPerfect RGB and binuscan PhotoPerfect CMYK & RGB. Storing individual settings as well as batch- and multiscanfunction are some of the various possibilities. MagicMatch MagicMatch, the Kodak color management software, offers calibrated scanner profiles that meet the ICC standard. The color is always consistent from scanner to screen display and to printer. Scanframes With the set of scan frames MagicScan automatically locates the slides and scans the images in batch or multiple scan mode. Difficult defining of the scan areas is no longer needed. binuscan PhotoPerfect CMYK & RGB Scan software, optimized for prepress. It is an autmatic program, but can also be customized to the users requirements. It sharpens the pictures with the best performing sharpness algorithm by considering the chosen scan resolution and the partial contrast relations of the original. SilverFast Ai 5.x, IT8-Target The latest color management standard is integrated in SilverFast Ai 5.x. Own input-, intern- and output-gamuts can be adapted, as in Photoshop 5.0, with ICC profiles. An automatic connection with the Photoshop color space leads to high accuracy when working together with Photoshop.


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