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Uniden CLX475-3Uniden CLX465 CLX475-3 CLX485 TCX400 CTX4 Battery - 900mAh
Capacity: 900 mAh Voltage: 3.6V Battery type: Ni-MH Compatible part numbers: BBTY0545001 BT0003 BT-0003 Compatible models: RADIO SHACK CLX465 CLX475-3 CLX485 TCX400 CTX440 WIN1200 8805 23003 435862-BASE

Brand: Uniden
Part Number: CS-CPB9054-72906751
EAN: 4894128034148
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nampat 9:14pm on Saturday, May 22nd, 2010 
This is nice, very nice! This phone system is being used in a home with 6 bedrooms and is great.

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S e t t i n g u p t h e P ho n e [ 6 ]
S et t i n g u p t h e P h o n e
Install the rechargeable battery pack
1) Press down on the handset battery case cover (use the finger indention for a better grip) and slide the cover downward to remove. 2) Place the battery pack in the battery compartment with the connectors on the battery and on compartment aligned. 3) Place the battery case cover back on the handset and slide it upwards until it clicks into place.
Use only the Uniden (BT-0003) rechargeable battery pack supplied with your cordless telephone.
[ 7 ] S et t i n g u p t h e P h o n e

Low battery alert

Even when the battery pack is not being used, it will gradually discharge over a long period of time. For optimum performance, be sure to return the handset to the cradle after each telephone call. If the handset is left off the base, the actual talk mode duration will be reduced respective to the amount of time the handset is off the cradle.
When the battery pack is very low, the phone is programmed to eliminate functions in order to save power. The battery pack needs to be charged when: - The empty battery icon appears. - L o w Ba t te r y appears in the display. If the phone is in standby mode, none of the keys will operate. If you are on a call, complete your conversation as quickly as possible, and return the handset to the cradle.
Cleaning the battery charging contacts
To maintain a good charge, clean the charging contacts on the handset once a month. Dampen a cloth with plain water. Gently rub the damp cloth over the charging contacts until all visible dirt is removed. Dry the contacts thoroughly before returning the handset to the cradle. Caution: Do not use paint thinner, benzene, alcohol, or other chemical products. Doing so may discolor the surface of the telephone and damage the finish.
S e t t i n g u p t h e P ho n e [ 8 ]
Connect the base and charge the handset
1) Connect the AC adapter to the DC IN 9V jack. Place the base close to the AC outlet to avoid long extension cords. 2) Connect the AC adapter to a continuous power supply (i.e., an outlet that is not controlled by a switch). 3) Place the handset in the base with the display facing forward. 4) Make sure that the charge LED illuminates. If the LED does not illuminate, check to see that the AC adapter is plugged in and the handset makes good contact with the base charging contacts. 5) Charge your handset at least 15 hours before plugging into the phone line. 6) Once the handset battery pack is fully charged, connect the telephone line cord to the TEL LINE jack and to a telephone outlet.
Use only the supplied AD-0006 AC adapter. Do not use any other AC adapter. Do not place the power cord where it creates a trip hazard or where it could become chafed and create a fire or electrical hazard. Don't place the base in direct sunlight or subject it to high temperatures. The battery may not charge properly.

C h a ng i ng t he D i gi t a l S e c u r i t y C o d e [ ]
O p t i o n a l H ea d s et
Optional Headset Installation
Your phone may be used with an optional headset. To use an optional headset, insert the headset plug into the headset jack. Your phone is ready for handsfree conversations. (Headsets may be purchased by calling Uniden's Parts Department (see back cover page).
Installing Uniden's Cordless Telephone Customization Tool
This phone includes Uniden's Cordless Telephone Customization Tool for your Windows PC. You can use this software application to completely configure your phone, download pictures for wallpaper, and import contacts from Microsoft Outlook.
[ ] O p t i o na l H e a d s e t I ns t a l l at io n
NOTE: Uniden's Cordless Telephone Customization Tool requires either Microsoft, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP and more than 150MB free hard drive space. 1) Insert the Cordless Telephone Customization Tool CD into your computer's CD-ROM drive. The installation application should start automatically. 2) If the application doesn't start, go to the Start menu and select Run. 3) In the window, type d:\autorun.exe (where d is the letter assigned to your CD-ROM drive), and click OK. 4) Once the software is installed, connect the USB cable to the handset and your PC as shown. 5) Customize your Uniden cordless handset with your personal preferences.

To PC To the USB jack

For complete instructions on using Uniden's Cordless Telephone Customization Tool, see the help file on the CD-ROM.
I n s t al l i n g U ni d e n ' s C o r d l e s s T e le ph o ne C u st om i z ati o n T oo l [ ]

Using the Interface

Example of the standby mode display Handset
Battery icon Date, Day of the week, and time
Number of new caller ID calls received
Number of message Status if your answering machine
Day of the week and time Number of new caller ID calls received

If you do not press a key within 30 seconds, the phone will time out and exit the menu mode. When setting Date and Time, the time-out period is extended to two minutes.
appears if you have a new message. appears when the message storage is full. appears if you set your answering system to announce only.

[17] Using the Interface

Display Icons

ICON Handset Base

Battery icons indicate the handset battery status. This icon cycles depending on the battery status (empty, low, medium, and full). Ringer off icon indicates that the ringer is turned off. Telephone icon indicates that the line is in use. Mute icon appears when you mute the handset.
U s i n g t h e I n t er f a c e
Speaker icon appears when the handset speaker phone is in use. Envelope icon appears when a new message is received. Privacy icon appears when the Privacy Mode is turned on. Call record icon appears while recording a conversation.
U s in g t he In t e rfa ce [ ]

Soft Key Function

"Soft" keys are keys that change function during the operation of the phone. There are two soft keys on the handset and base. The text right above the soft key indicates that key's current function. For example, when the phone is in standby mode, pressing soft key 2 on the handset makes a selection. When the phone is in talk mode, pressing soft key 2 brings up the options menu. Complete information on the features controlled by the soft keys can be found under each feature.

In standby mode


In talk mode

Soft key 2

[19] Using the Interface

Using the joystick
The joystick makes it easy to use your phone. The four most commonly used functions are accessible just by moving the joystick.

Handset Remote

View the


View the Caller ID


Redial a number
Highlight the option you want by moving the joystick up, down, right, or left on the handset, or up or down on the base. This will move the cursor; the option currently highlighted appears in reversed out text. Select the highlighted option by pressing in on the center of the joystick or the menu/select key on the base. To exit the MENU and return to standby, press the end key on the handset or the end/find handset key on the base. To go back a level in the menu, press the back/hold/intercom.

Entering text

You can use the number keypad on your phone to enter text by referring to the letters printed on each number key. When you press the number key in a text entry field, the phone displays the first letter printed on the number key. Press the number key twice to display the second letter and three times to display the third. Capital letters are displayed first, then lower case letters, then the number on the key. If two letters in a row use the same number key, enter the first letter, then press the joystick to the right to move the cursor to the next position to enter the second letter. For example, to enter Movies: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Press 6 once to enter M. Use joystick, or the right key to move the cursor to the right. Press 6 six times to enter o. Press 8 six times to enter v. Press 4 six times to enter i. Press 3 five times to enter e. Press 7 eight times to enter s. Press the center of the joystick or menu/select on the base to end your text entry.
If you make a mistake while entering a name, use the joystick to move the cursor to the incorrect character. Press the DELETE soft key to erase the incorrect character, and then enter the correct character. To delete all characters in the text entry field, press and hold the DELETE soft key.
[21] Using the Interface

Main Menu Options

On the handset, the options are DirectLink, Room Monitor, Messages, Ringer Options, Speaker Setup, Display Options, Reminder, and System Setup.
All of these options can be configured in the Cordless Customization Application.
Handset Main Menu Options


Room Monitor


Ringer Options

Speaker Setup

Display Options


System Setup
On the base, the options are Rings/Volumes, Caller ID, Redial, Phonebook, Room Monitor, Record Memo, and System Setup.
M a in M en u O p t i on s

Main Menu Options [ ]

S y s t em S et u p M e nu

System Setup Menu

System Setup Handset or Base
The following submenu options must be set separately for each handset and the base.
Through this section we use the handset display screens for examples. Handset (Base)

LCD Contrast (For Base)

You can change the contrast of your base display to make it easier to read. Your phone gives you 10 levels of contrast to choose from. To adjust the contrast, go to LCD C o nt r as t. Use the up or right key to increase the contrast and the down or left key to decrease the contrast. When you like the level of contrast, press menu/select to select it.

(System Setup)

LCD Contrast Key Touch Tone

Key Touch Tone

Key Touch Tone is the tone your keypad makes when keys are pressed. To turn off the tone, go to Key To uch Ton e and select Of f. A confirmation tone tells you that the tone has been deactivated.

Rings/Volumes Ringer Volume
Adjusting Base Ringer and Speaker Volumes
Adjusting the base ringer volume You can choose from three ringer settings on the base: off, low, and high. When the phone is in standby mode, go to R i ng s /V o lu me s menu, and then select Ri n ge r V ol u me. Use the up/down key to select the ringer volume, and then press menu/select. You will here a confirmation tone. Adjusting the base speaker volume You can adjust the volume of the speaker during a call. Press the up/down during a call to choose one of the 10 volume levels. You can also set the speaker volume from the menu. Go to R in g s/ V ol u me s menu, and then select Sp ea k er V o lu m e. Use the up/down key to select the speaker volume, and then press menu/select. You will hear a confirmation tone.

Speaker Volume

Using the Handset Volume Options
Ringer: Adjust the handset ringer volume You can choose from three different ringer volume settings on your handset: off, low, and high. When the phone is in standby mode, go to the Ringer Options menu, and then select Ringer Volume. Use the joystick to select the ringer volume, and press the center of the joystick. You will hear a confirmation tone. Earpiece speaker: You can choose from six volume levels for the earpiece speaker. To adjust the volume, go to Speaker Setup menu, and select Ea r pi e ce V o lu m e and select the volume level you want to use. You can also adjust the earpiece volume during a call by pressing the or keys on the side of the handset to make it louder or softer.
Speaker: Adjust the handset speaker volume You can choose from six volume levels for the handset speakerphone. To adjust the speaker volume, go to Speaker Setup menu, and select Sp eaker Vol ume , and then select the volume level you want to use. You can also adjust the handset speaker volume during a call by pressing the or key on the side of the handset to make it louder or softer. Audio Tone If you aren't satisfied with the audio quality of your phone, you can adjust the Audio Tone of the earpiece. Your phone gives you three audio tone options: low, natural or high. Go to Speaker Setup menu, and select A u di o T on e and select the option that sounds best to you. (Audio tone adjustments only apply to the earpiece, not the speakerphone.)
(Speaker Setup) Speaker Volume

Audio Tone

While the handset is ringing, you can mute the handset ringer for this call by pressing end on the handset. To mute the base ringer, press or end/find handset on the base. The phone will ring as normal on the next call.

Mute the Microphone

When you're on the phone, press the center of the joystick or menu/select on the base and select M u te to turn off the microphone so the caller will not hear you. The display shows M u te On while the microphone is muted. To turn off muting, repeat the above step again.

Managing the Phonebook

With the OPTIONS soft key, you can delete phonebook entries, copy entries to another handset or base, check how many empty phonebook and speed dial entries you have available, sort your phonebook by groups, and name phonebook groups. Deleting phonebook entries Go to the phonebook and select the entry you want to delete. Press the OPTIONS soft key and select D el e te S el e ct i on. Your phone will ask you to confirm, select Y e s. To delete all the entries from your phonebook, go to the phonebook and press the OPTIONS soft key without selecting an entry. Select D el ete Al l. Your phone will ask you to confirm, select Y es. Copying phonebook entries to another handset Note: When you copy entries to another handset or base, the group and speed dial information won't be transferred. Your phone will cancel the copying process if any one of the following occurs:
-- If the handset you are copying to does not have enough memory (the phone will show "Not enough memory in receiving unit"). -- A call comes in during the copying process.
To copy a single entry, go to the Phonebook and select the entry you want to copy. Press the OPTIONS soft key and then select C opy Sel ecti on. Select the handset or base you want to copy the entry to. Your phone will ask you to confirm, select Ye s. To copy all the phonebook entries, go to the phonebook and press the OPTIONS soft key without selecting an entry. Select C o py A l l. Select the handset or base you want to copy the entry to.
Checking the number of stored entries
To see how many phonebook entries you have, go to the phonebook and press the OPTIONS soft key and select Ph on e Bk C a pa c it y. The phone will show you how many stored names (entries) and how many stored phone numbers (total) you have. To see your speed dial entries, go to the phonebook and press the OPTIONS key and select C h ec k D i al. The phone will show you which speed dial slots have phone numbers stored in them.
Changing the sorting order
To change the sorting order of your phonebook entries, go to the phonebook and press the OPTIONS soft key and select S or t.Then select Al p ha b et i ca ll y by pressing the center of the joystick or menu/select on the base to see the list of names in alphabetical order; select G r ou p by pressing the center of the joystick or menu/ select on the base to see the list of groups in alphabetical order. For alphabetical order, enter a letter from the keypad to jump to the first entry beginning with that letter. U s in g t he P h on e b oo k [ ]

Naming phonebook groups

Your phone comes with 10 groups to help you organize phonebook. You can name groups things like "Family" or "Friends" or "Softball team" to let you find entries in your phonebook more quickly. Follow the steps below to name a group: 1) Go to the Phonebook and select the OPTIONS soft key. 2) Scroll down to E di t G ro u p N am e and press the center of the joystick or menu/select on the base. 3) Scroll down to the group number you want to edit, and press the center of the joystick or menu/select on the base. 4) Use the number keypad to enter a name for this group. Press the center of the joystick or menu/select on the base when finished.

Message Alert If you want the answering machine to beep every 15 seconds on the base whenever you have unheard messages, turn on the message alert tone. Go to A ns w er Ma c hi ne and select Me s sa g e A l er t. Select On. A confirmation tone tells you the setting has been saved. The message alert turns off automatically after you listen to all your new messages. You can also turn off the message alert by pressing any key on the base. Language To change the language of your answering machine's voice prompts and pre-recorded greetings, go to A ns w er Ma ch i ne and select L an gu a ge. Select E ng l is h , Fr a n ai s (French), or E sp a ol (Spanish).
(System Setup) Answering Machine Message Alert
Call Screen If you want to be able to listen to the caller's message on the base before you answer, turn on the call screen feature. Go to A n sw e r Ma c hi ne and select Ca l l Sc r ee n. Select On to turn on call screening.

Call Screen

(System Setup) Answering Machine
Setting Your Outgoing Greeting
Your answering machine comes with a prerecorded greeting: "Hello. No one is available to take your call. Please leave a message after the tone." You can use this greeting, or you can record your own.
To finish the recording, press end. You will hear a beeping tone while you set record greetings and play messages from the handset. Your own greeting must be more than 2 seconds and less than 30 seconds.

Record Greeting

Recording a greeting From the base To record your own greeting, make sure the phone is in standby mode. Go to R ec o rd G r ee t in g , and then press menu/select. Press the START soft key. After the answering machine says, "Record greeting," you can start recording. The message counter displays 30 and then begins to count down. When you finish, press the STOP soft key. The answering machine will play back your greeting. From the handset Slide the Joystick up. Press /8. After the answering machine says, "Record greeting", you can start recording. When you finish, press the /8 key. Choosing a greeting From the base To choose between the two greetings, first make sure the phone is in standby mode. Go to Gr e et in g Op t io n s , and then press menu/select. The greeting currently being used will be played. If you want to use the other greeting, press the CHANGE soft key.

Greeting Options

If you want to delete personal recorded, press the DELETE soft key while the greeting is playing (You can not delete the prerecorded greeting.) From the handset Slide the Joystick up. Press /6. The greeting currently being used will be played. If you want to use the other greeting, press the key again. If you want to delete personal recorded, press the (You can not delete the prerecorded greeting.) /4 while the greeting is playing

Remote Operation

The system will only play back messages for four minutes and then it returns to the command waiting mode. To continue playing your messages, press 0 then 2 again within 15 seconds. If you enter an incorrect security code three times, you will hear a beep and the system will return to standby. For your convenience, a remote operation card is provided for you to use while away from home (refer to page 88).
You can check, play, or delete messages when you are away from home. You can also record your own personal greeting. To access your answering machine remotely, you need a touch tone telephone and a two-digit security code (see Setting a Security Code on page 59). 1) Call your telephone number and wait for the system to answer. If Toll Saver is enabled, the answering machine will answer in 2 rings if you have new messages or 4 rings if you have none. If the answering machine is off, it will answer after about 10 rings and sound a series of beeps. 2) During the greeting message (or a series of beeps when the answering machine is off), press 0 and enter your security code within two seconds. 3) The answering machine announces the current time and the number of messages stored in memory. You hear "To play incoming messages, press zero-two. For help, press one-zero." Then, you hear a beep. 4) Enter a command from the following chart within 15 seconds. After the first command, you have two seconds to enter each command.


0 then 1 Repeat a Message* 0 then 2 Play incoming Messages 0 then 3 Skip a Message
0 then 6 Answering machine On 0 then 7 Memo Record/Stop**

Greeting Message Record/

0 then 8 Stop** 0 then 4 Delete a Message 0 then 9 Answering machine Off 0 then 5 Stop Operation 1 then 0 Help * For the Repeat a Message function, press 0 then 1 within about 4 seconds to repeat the previous message, or press 0 then 1 after about 4 seconds to repeat the current message. ** The first time you enter the Memo Record or the Greeting Message Record command, the answering machine will start recording. Enter the same command again to stop recording. 5) When you finish, you will hear intermittent beeps indicating that the system is in the command waiting mode. You can enter another command from the chart, or you can hang up to exit the system. 6) When you hang up, the answering machine automatically returns to its normal setting.

Multi-Handset Features

If the party is out of range, No Signal appears in the display, and the operation will be canceled. While a pair of handsets are in Intercom or DirectLink mode, they cannot be used to make or receive calls. Other handsets can still make and receive calls.


To avoid the risk of personal injury or property damage from fire or electrical shock, use only Uniden AD-0006 AC adapters and Uniden BT-0003 battery packs with your phone.
N o t e o n P ow e r So u rc es [ ]
Install the optional power backup battery in the base
The battery backup allows you to make and receive calls during a power failure. You can use any handset or the base, just as you would normally.
1) Open the battery case cover by pressing in slightly on the right side of the base as shown. 2) Place the battery pack in the battery compartment with the connectors on the battery and on the compartment aligned. 3) Push the battery compartment back in.
appears in LCD as a warning that the backup battery pack is NOT installed in the base unit. To use the backup battery Feature you need to connect the AC adapter to the base, and charge the base battery for at least 24 hours. Use only the Uniden (BT-0003) rechargeable battery pack. The battery may be purchased by calling Uniden's Parts Department (see back cover page).


Use only the specified Uniden battery pack (BT-0003). Do not remove the batteries from the handset to charge them. Never throw the battery into a fire, disassemble them, or heat them. Do not remove or damage the battery casing.
[ ] N o t e o n P ow e r So u rc es

General Information

The phone complies with FCC Parts 15 and 68. Operating temperature: 0 C to +50 C (+32 F to +122 F)

AC Adapter Information

AC Adapter part number: AD-0006 Input Voltage: 120V AC 60Hz Output Voltage: 9V DC 500mA
G en er a l In f or ma t io n

Battery Information

Battery part number: BT-0003 Capacity: 900mAh, 3.6V
Specifications, features, and availability of optional accessories are all subject to change without prior notice.
Ge ne r al I nf or ma t i o n [ ]


If your phone is not performing to your expectations, please try these simple steps first. If these steps do not solve your problem, please call our Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-297-1023. (Mon - Fri 7 am to 7 pm, Sat/Sun 9 am to 5 pm, CST. The Customer Service Hotline is closed on holidays.)

Symptom Suggestion

Make sure the AC adapter is plugged into the base or the chargers (if you have more than one The charge LED won't handset) and the wall outlet. illuminate when the handset is Make sure the handset is properly seated in the cradle. placed in the cradle. Make sure the charging contacts on the handset are clean. The charge LED flashes. The audio sounds weak. Clean the charging contacts on the handset. Move the handset and/or base away from metal objects or appliances and try again. Make sure that you are not too far away from the base.
Make sure that you are not too far away from the base. Make sure the line is not in use. If an outside call is already in use on a line, you cannot use that line to make another outside call. Unable to make or receive calls. Check both ends of the base telephone line cord. Make sure the AC adapter is plugged into the base and wall outlet. Disconnect the AC adapter and the backup battery. Change the Digital Security Code (see page 14). The handset does not ring or receive a page. Make sure that you are not too far away from the base. Charge the battery pack in the handset for 15 hours by placing the handset on the base or charging cradle. Change the Digital Security Code (see page 14). Keep the handset away from microwave ovens, computers, remote control toys, wireless microphones, alarm systems, intercoms, room monitors, fluorescent lights, and electrical appliances. Move to another location or turn off the source of interference.
Severe noise interference.

[77] Troubleshooting



The call was placed through a switchboard. The Caller ID does not display. Call your local telephone company to verify your Caller ID service is working properly or if there has been a temporary service interruption. You cannot register the handset at the base. The handset does not communicate with other handsets. Charge the battery pack in the handset for 10 hours. Change the Digital Security Code (see page 14). Change the Digital Security Code (see page 14). Make sure that you have registered all handsets.

[81] Liquid Damage

Precautions &


Before you read anything else, please observe the following: Warning! Uniden America Corporation DOES NOT represent this unit to be waterproof. To reduce the risk of fire, electrical shock, or damage to the unit, DO NOT expose this unit to rain or moisture. 3. Do not use the telephone to report a gas leak in the vicinity of the leak. 4. Use only the power cord and batteries indicated in this manual. Do not dispose of batteries in a fire. They may explode. Check with local codes for possible battery disposal instructions. 5. Do not disassemble any component of this product. Please follow instructions for repairing, if any (e.g. battery replacement section); otherwise do not substitute or repair any parts of the device except as specified in this manual. Connection to party line service is subject to state tariffs. Contact the state public utility commission, public service commission or corporation commission for information. This equipment is hearing aid compatible. Should you experience trouble with this equipment, please contact Uniden customer service at 800-297-1023. If the equipment is causing harm to the telephone network, the telephone company may request that you disconnect the equipment until the problem is resolved. NOTICE: According to telephone company reports, AC electrical surges, typically resulting from lightning strikes, are very destructive to telephone equipment connected to AC power sources. To minimize damage from these types of surges, a surge arrestor is recommended. Changes or modifications to this product not expressly approved by Uniden, or operation of this product in any way other than as detailed by the owner's manual, could void your authority to operate this product. This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Privacy of communications, may not be ensured when using this phone. To insure the safety of users, the FCC has established criteria for the amount of radio frequency energy various products may produce depending on their intended usage. This product has been tested and found to comply with the FCC's exposure criteria. For body worn operation, the FCC RF exposure guidelines were also met when used with the Uniden accessories supplied or designed for this product. Use of other accessories may not ensure compliance with FCC RF exposure guidelines and should be avoided.
P r e ca u t i o n s & Wa r r a n t y


CAUTION Risk of explosion if battery is replaced by an incorrect type. Dispose of used batteries according to the instructions. Do not open or mutilate the battery, and disconnect the battery before shipping this product.

Rechargeable Nickel-Metal-Hydride Battery Warning
This equipment contains rechargeable Nickel-Metal-Hydride batteries. The rechargeable batteries contained in this equipment may explode if disposed of in a fire. Nickel is a chemical known to state of California to cause cancer. Do not short-circuit the battery. Do not charge the rechargeable batteries used in this equipment in any charger other than the one designed to charge these batteries as specified in the owner's manual. Using another charger may damage the battery or cause the battery to explode.
The FCC Wants You To Know
This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules and the requirements adopted by the ACTA. On the bottom of this equipment is a label that contains, among other information, a product identifier in the format US:AAAEQ##TXXXX. If requested, this number must be provided to the telephone company. An applicable Universal Service Order Codes (USOC) certification for the jacks used in this equipment is provided (i.e., RJ11C) in the packaging with each piece of approved terminal equipment. A plug and jack used to connect this equipment to the premises wiring and telephone network must comply with the applicable FCC Part 68 rules and requirements adopted by the ACTA. A compliant telephone cord and modular plug is provided with this product. It is designed to be connected to a compatible modular jack that is also compliant. See installation instructions for details. The REN is used to determine the number of devices that may be connected to a telephone line. Excessive RENs on a telephone line may result in the devices not ringing in response to an incoming call. In most but not all areas, the sum of RENs should not exceed five (5.0). To be certain of the number of devices that may be connected to a line, as determined by the total RENs, contact the local telephone company. For products approved after July 23, 2001, the REN for this product is part of the product identifier that has the format US:AAAEQ##TXXXX. The digits represented by ## are the REN without a decimal point (e.g., 03 is a REN of 0.3). For earlier products, the REN is separately shown on the label. If this equipment causes harm to the telephone network, the telephone company will notify you in advance that temporary discontinuance of service may be required. But if advance notice isn't practical, the telephone company will notify the customer as soon as possible. Also, you will be advised of your right to file a complaint with the FCC if you believe it is necessary. The telephone company may make changes in its facilities, equipment, operations or procedures that could affect the operation of the equipment. If this happens the telephone company will provide advance notice in order for you to make necessary modifications to maintain uninterrupted service.

Precautions & Warranty [82]
Finally, it should be noted that some cordless telephones operate at frequencies that may cause interference to nearby TVs and VCRs. To minimize or prevent such interference, the base of the cordless telephone should not be placed near or on top of a TV or VCR. If interference is experienced, moving the cordless telephone farther away from the TV or VCR will often reduce or eliminate the interference.
Cordless Telephone Privacy
Cordless telephones are radio devices. Communications between the handset and base of your cordless telephone are accomplished by means of radio waves which are broadcast over the open airways. Because of the inherent physical properties of radio waves, your communications can be received by radio receiving devices other than your own cordless telephone unit. Consequently, any communications using your cordless telephone may not be private.
LEGAL REMEDIES: This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty is void outside the United States of America and Canada. PROCEDURE FOR OBTAINING PERFORMANCE OF WARRANTY: If, after following the instructions in the owner's manual you are certain that the Product is defective, pack the Product carefully (preferably in its original packaging). Disconnect the battery from the Product and separately secure the battery in its own separate packaging within the shipping carton. The Product should include all parts and accessories originally packaged with the Product. Include evidence of original purchase and a note describing the defect that has caused you to return it. The Product should be shipped freight prepaid, by traceable means, to warrantor at: Uniden America Service 4700 Amon Carter Blvd. Fort Worth, TX 76155
One Year Limited Warranty
Important: Evidence of original purchase is required for warranty service. WARRANTOR: UNIDEN AMERICA CORPORATION ("Uniden") ELEMENTS OF WARRANTY: Uniden warrants, for one year, to the original retail owner, this Uniden Product to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship with only the limitations or exclusions set out below. WARRANTY DURATION: This warranty to the original user shall terminate and be of no further effect 12 months after the date of original retail sale. The warranty is invalid if the Product is (A) damaged or not maintained as reasonable or necessary, (B) modified, altered, or used as part of any conversion kits, subassemblies, or any configurations not sold by Uniden, (C) improperly installed, (D) serviced or repaired by someone other than an authorized Uniden service center for a defect or malfunction covered by this warranty, (E) used in any conjunction with equipment or parts or as part of any system not manufactured by Uniden, or (F) installed or programmed by anyone other than as detailed by the owner's manual for this product. STATEMENT OF REMEDY: In the event that the product does not conform to this warranty at any time while this warranty is in effect, warrantor will either, at its option, repair or replace the defective unit and return it to you without charge for parts, service, or any other cost (except shipping and handling) incurred by warrantor or its representatives in connection with the performance of this warranty. Warrantor, at its option, may replace the unit with a new or refurbished unit. THE LIMITED WARRANTY SET FORTH ABOVE IS THE SOLE AND ENTIRE WARRANTY PERTAINING TO THE PRODUCT AND IS IN LIEU OF AND EXCLUDES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR ARISING BY OPERATION OF LAW, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER OR PROVIDE FOR THE REIMBURSEMENT OR PAYMENT OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Some states do not allow this exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


Cordless Telephone Batteries

CTB01 NiMH 3.6 A

CTB02 NiCd 3.6 C

CTB03 NiMH 4.8 A

CTB04 NiMH 3.6 D

CTB05 NiMH 3.6 A

CTB06 NiCd 4.8 B

CTB07 NiCd 3.6 A

CTB08 NiMH 4.8 solder tags

CTB09 NiMH 3.6 B

CTB10 NiCd 3.6 B

CTB11 NiCd 3.6 A

CTB12 NiCd 3.6 B

CTB13 NiCd 4.8 E

CTB14 NiMH 4.8 F

CTB15 NiMH 4.8 E

CTB16 NiCd 3.6 green cap
CTB17 NiCd 3.6 solder tags
CTB18 NiCd 4.8 solder tags
CTB19 NiCd 4.8 solder tags
CTB20 NiCd 3.6 solder tags
CTB21 NiCd 4.8 wire leads
CTB22 NiMH 3.6 solder tags

CTB23 NiMH 3.6 A

CTB24 NiMH 3.6 A

CTB25 NiMH 3.6 B

CTB26 NiMH 3.6 B
CTB27 NiMH 3.6 solder tags
CTB28 NiMH 4.8 solder tags


CTB29 NiMH 3.6 B

CTB30 NiCd 3.6 black cap

CTB31 NiMH 3.6 B

CTB32 NiCd 3.6 G

CTB33 NiCd 3.6 H

CTB34 NiCd 3.6 A

CTB35 NiCd 4.8 C

CTB36 NiCd 3.6 B

CTB37 NiMH 3.6 B SLA

CTBpressure contact

CTB39 NiCd 3.6 I

CTB40 NiMH 3.6 C

CTB41 NiCd 3.6 H

CTB42 NiMH 3.6 H

CTB43 NiMH 3.6 K

CTB44 NiMH 3.6 A

CTB45 NiMH 3.6 J
CTB46 NiMH 3.6 B CTB47 CTB48 B NiCd 3.6 pressure contact CTB49 NiCd 3.6 pressure contact NiMH 3.6


Voltage (V)

Connector Type

CTB50 NiCd 3.6 D

CTB51 NiMH 3.6 A

CTB52 NiMH 3.6 D

CTB53 NiMH 3.6 B

CTB54 NiMH 3.6 D
CTB55 NiCd 4.8 pressure contact

CTB56 NiMH 3.6 C

CTB57 NiCd 2.4 A

CTB58 NiCd 3.6 K

CTB59 NiCd 3.6 A

CTB60 NiMH 2.4 L

CTB61 NiMH 2.4 L

CTB62 NiMH 3.6 B

CTB63 NiCd 3.6 wire leads

CTB64 NiMH 3.6 B

CTB65 NiMH 3.6 N

CTB66 NiCd 3.6 A

CTB67 NiCd 3.6 C

CTB68 NiCd 3.6 P

CTB69 NiMH 3.6 C

CTB70 NiMH 2.4 C

CTB71 NiMH 3.6 B

CTB72 NiCd 2.4 A

CTB73 NiMH 3.6 A

CTB74 NiMH 3.6 H

CTB75 NiMH 2.4 K

CTB76 NiMH 3.6 Q

CTB77 NiMH 3.6 CE018M
CTB78 NiMH 3.6 pressure contact
CTB79 NiMH 2.4 pressure contact

CTB80 NiMH 3.6 H

CTB81 NiMH 3.6 A

CTB82 NiMH 3.6 K

CTB83 NiCd 3.6 C
CTB84 NiCd 3.6 pressure contact
CTB85 NiMH 2.4 pressure contact

CTB86 NiMH 3.6 T

CTB87 NiMH 3.6 H

CTB88 LiIon 3.6 N

CTB89 LiIon 3.7 pressure contact
CTB90 NiMH 3.6 pressure contact

CTB91 LiIon 3.7 L


CTB Packaging

CTB Battery Connector Guide

top view

bottom view

Universal Type

CE-018 caps

solder tags

wire leads

Model No.

CTB11 CTB33, CTB80 CTB54 CTB01 CTB02 CTB16 CTB83 CTB33, CTB80 CTB45 CTB52 CTB53 CTB61
Suitable for Compatible with Original Brand Battery Model No.
Access Akai Alcatel AT & T AT & T AT & T AT & T Audioline Audioline Audioline Audioline Audioline Audioline Audiovox Avanti Bang & Olufsen Bell South Bell South Binatone Binatone Blick British Telecom Casio Casio Cobra Cobra Cobra Cobra Cobra Cosmo Deluxe DeTeWe Digitor Doro Doro Doro Doro DSE S3413 S3377 S3370 S3414 107546392, S3307 96506, 205024, 3SN-AA60-S-J1, 80-5071-00-00, DRCB18, ER-P240, GP60AAS3BMJ, PCF03 S3377 BT-C900, S3432 GP60AAH3BMX, S3361 GP60AAH3BML, S3369 GP55AAAH2BMX, GP65AAAH2BMX, S3451 BT-C250, S3458 S3385 S3377 S3430 GH-9457 GP30AAAM3BMX S3458 HHR-65AAAF3 S3422 3/2 3AACA, GP60AAS3BMJ S3326 S3415 S3307 S3385 S3414 4506.306/H208-25 GP55AAAH2BMX, GP65AAAH2BMX, S3451 GP60AAAH3BMJ, GP65AAAH3BMJ, S3458 GP30AAAM3BMX, 8075 S3414

Suitable for use with Model No.
Callmaster CT880 CP161AUS, CP250AUS, CP260AUS, CP261AUS, CP360AUS, CP361AUS 4073GS 4200, 4210, 4305, 4315, 4400, 4500, 4605, 4615, 4690, 5200, 5210, 5300, 5310, HT4200, HT4210, HT4400, HT4410, HT5200, HT5300 450, 500, 3400, 4110, 5320, 5352, 5400, 5405, 5450, 5455, 5460, 5470, 5480, 5490, 5500, 5510, 5600, 5650, HT3400, HT5310, HT5320, HT5500, MCL5, NOMAD 3000, NOMAD 4000A 3300 1256, 1412, 1480, 2256, 6100, 6200, 8220, 8241, 8243, 9210, 9230, 9257, 9301, 9307, 9311, 9312, 9320, 9340, 9341, 9345, 9350, 9351, 9353, 9355, 9356, 9357, 9365, 9370, 9371, 9410, 1000 series, 2-6980GE1, HS8200, HS8201, HS8211, HS8241, HS8255, HS8270, HS8271 CDL200, CDL200, CDL400, CDL400, FF893, FF893 CDL900, CFL900 BT-C50, FF788, FF888, FF988 BT-C150, CDL100, CDL110, CDL1A, CDL310, CDL450, CDL500, CDL501, FF882, FF885, FF894-2, FF894HS, FF895, FF895HS DECT CP5016 70, 5015, CP60, CP70 ATT2R Apollo BeoCom 6000 Southwind E3300 Cheetah Range, Easy Touch 100, Easy Touch 200, Icarus 8, Icarus 80, Icarus 800, Icarus 8000, Pegasys 8, Pegasys 80, Pegasys 800, Ranger, Ranger 100 Freelance 100, 200, 300, 500 CP850, TC-919 PMP-3815, PMP-3860, PMP-3875 CP-468S AN-8525, AN-8526, CP-464S, CP-470S, CP-471S, CP-472S, CP-474S, CP-475S, CP-481, CP-482, CP-486, CP-487, CP-488, CP-489, CP-492, CP-701, CP702, CP-705, CP-711, CP-712, CP-714 CP-355S Mura CP-200, CP200S TR3039, TR3040 TC2 OpenPhone 21 DECT 60, 160 DECT, 360 DECT, 60 DECT, DECT60 820, 821, 830R DECT, 5045 DECT, CP702, DD5035, DD5045, DD5055, DD5065R, DD520, DD821, DD850, DD920, DD930R F7023, F7025, F7026
F7005 F7297 DSE250, F7022, MP250 F5800, F5805, F5810, MDL789, Y1190 F7020 F7030 F7035 F7356, FTEC3000 230, 260, DT200 DT590 FS2-9730, FS2-9736, FS2-9750 2-9510., 2-9515., 2-9522., 5-2126., 5-2132., 5-2308., EA41X-681 5-2109., 5-2201B, 5-9519. AU26735GE2 AU26788-GE1 1837203, 1839394, 1840490, 1846334, 1847430, 1855465, 1859118, 1860214, 1860579, 2-1002GE2, 2-1008GE2, 2-1015GE22-1095GE2, 2-5830GE3, 2-5893GE3, 2-6920A, 2-6920GE1, 2-6920P, 2-6920Q, 2-6921GE1-A, 2-6922GE1, 2-6922GE1-Q, 2-6922GE2, 2-6928GE12-6928GE2, 26930GE2, 2-6938GE1, 2-6938GE2, 2-6955GE1-A, 2-6980GE1, 2-6990GE1-A, 2-6991GE3-C, 2-6993GEI, 2-7938GC1-A GST-1100, GST-1200, GTE-3100 DECT P-600B

HHR-4EPT/2B S3377 S3431 S3377 S3431 3/2 3AACA S3385 S3414 S0155 S3430 3N-270AAMLX, S3415 PCF03 S3414 S3414 S3415 S3413 UX-BA01 S3414 S3326 S3325 S3382
S3383 S3325 BP-T27, S3414 BP-T10, S3326 BP-T16, S3328 BP-T18, S3413
SPP-100, SPP-200, SPP-300 SPP-110, SPP-50, SSP-S10 SPP-1010, SPP-2010, SPP-3000, SPP-560F, SPP-860F SPP-62 SPP-A9276, SPP-A957, SPP-A967, SPP-S9226, SPP-SS951, SPP-SS955, SPP-SS961, SPP-SS965, SPP-SS966 FF-1185, FF-660, FF-670, FF-695, FF-705 FF-1150, FF-1175, FF-1750, FF-1755, FF-675, FF-700 FF-2400, GH-2400C, GH-2400S, GH-2410C, GH-2410MS, GH-2410S, GH-2420S, GH-3050, GH-4010, GH-2420C
Sony Sony Sony Sony Sony Sony South Western Bell South Western Bell South Western Bell Supercall Telecom Telstra Telstra Telstra Telstra Telstra Telstra Telstra Telstra Telstra Telstra Toshiba Toshiba Toshiba Toshiba TT Telephone Tech Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Uniden Voca Voca Voca Voca Voxson V-Tech V-Tech S3327 S3381 BP-T40, S3378 BP-T21 BP-T24, S3448 GP55AAAH3BMX S3415 S3413
S3314 S3414 S3414 S3415 S3422 S3380 S3387 S3431 GP60AAH3BMJ, S3457 80-5045-00-00 GP60AAM2BMJ S3326 TRB-6500, S3328 TRB-8258, S3386 S3445 S3384
DX Nomad Freedom 100, Freedom 200 Freedom Series: 120, 220, 250, 320, 400, 440, 450, 450E, 500, 710 Freedom Series: 510, 520, 640 Freedom 50 Freedom 901, Freedom 912 Freedom 460 Freedom Series: 1000, 1100, 1500, 480, 70, 80-5045-00-00, Freedom 910, GP60AAM2BMJ Freedom 910 Freedom 2010 F2100, F2150, F2250, F2300, F2600, F3000, F4100, Freedom Series: 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400 FT-6000, FT-6100, FT-6200, FT-6300, FT-6310, FT-6400 FT-6002, FT-6003-BK, FT-6202, FT-6203, FT-6303, FT-6400W, FT-6503, FT-6603 FT-8258, FT-8508, FT-8808, FT-8908FT-8908, , FT-8958, SX-2258BK, SX-2808BK, SX-2908BK FT5005 CT630 EX155, EX200, EX300, EX400, EX422, EX500, EX550 XE600 B422, BA87, EA570, EX250, EX350, EX777 CT301, DX8200, DX834, XC1660, XC301, XC310, XC315, XC320, XC330, XC340, XC345, XC360, XC610, XCA650, XCA660, XCA680, XCAI680, XE200, XE300, XE400, XE500, XE700, XS610, XS620, XSA650, XSA655, XSA660 EX2100, EX255, EX3101, EX3102, EX3810, EX4100, EX4101, EX4102, EX4800 AE155, AE156, XE200, XE300, XE400, XE500, XE700, BT-9000 EX905, EX95, EXP900, EXP905, EXP95, EXP96, BT-630, XC630 XC630, XC631, XC633 DG910 DG72, DS70, DS71, DS72, DS73 DSS2115, DSS2155, DSS2165 DG900, DG980, DGA900, DGA940, DGAI980, EXR2400, EXR2460 XS1210, XS1215, XS915, XS916, XSA1255, XSA955, XSA965, XSR917, XSR918, EXAI7980 DS805, DS810, DS815, DS825, DS845, DS875 XS910 DSS5805, DSS5855, DSS5865, DSS7805, DSS7815, DSS7855, WDECT2300, WDECT2315, WDECT2345, WDECT2355 DCX770, DMX776, DMX778, WDECT2385,WDECT2380 ELBT585, ELBT595(handset), ELT560(handset), ELX500, ELITE8855, ELITE8815 CLX456, CLX475-3, CLX485, TCX400, WIN1200, ELITE8805 DECT 1802, DECT 1805, DECT 1806, DECT 1807, DECT 1808P, DSS2405, DSS2415, DSS2455, DSS2465, WDECT 2310 DECT 1811, DECT 1812, DECT1915 CT1000 CT7800 CT3800 CA185 VX106 VT-1721, VT-1771, VT-9108, VT-9111, VT-9115 9109, MG2423, MG2463, VT2428, VT2651, VT2656, VT2670

S3326 BT-161, BT-185, BT-434, CTA885, S3328 S3413 BT-9000, S3378 BT-630, S3379 BT-910, S3426 BT-700, S3432 BT-750 BP-2499, BT-900, BT-990, S3386 BT-800, BT-905, S3448 BT-805, BT-813, BT-860, S3459 BT-802, S3460 BT-446, S3461 BT-0001, BT0001, BBTY0531001 BT-0002, BT0002, BBTY0538001 BT-0003, BT0003, BBTY0545001 BT-426, BT-480
S3417 S3416 S3385 80-4134-00-00, GP T272, S3387 80-5071-00-00, ER-P240
Where only the brand of phone the battery suits is mentioned, you need to consult us for the individual phone model type.
Please note: All cordless phone battery cross-references are to be used as a guide only. Master Instruments has relied on information from telephone manufacturers, distributors and end users. Please be sure to check POLARITY, VOLTAGE & SIZE before installing. Master Instruments Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for damage caused due to the incorrect selection and installation of our range of cordless phone batteries. Many of the CTB batteries have the same connector but the polarity is in reverse, so please ensure polarity is correct. E.O.E. - All information contained herein is assumed to be accurate, however no responsibility is assumed by Master Instruments Pty Ltd for its use, not for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use. Please assist us in the addition, omission and correction of this where possible by contacting one of our sales representatives.



CT-S810S TRU8860-2 RL41ecps Flash 200-series VF-16 VK-8M GF615M-p33 MDR-RF4000K XR-1800R SJ51-B-007 MS3446VRW Tlkr T5 Tntsat QW71X CE107mtst PL50A450 FY760 Dvdr77-17B SF-565PR-XAA CFM-20 HD160JJ-P Review Control Unit EL-1750piii RM-Z250 GA-945P-s3 NM1800 Rally 50 BQ-390A Motorola V150 MV-8000 Marine MPK-THE HF3451 KH 4412 1200 OT KDL-40HX701 NWZ-S636F 32TA2800 EX-A3 NV-G303 LS-P1260BM FW2017 Beyond AWE 6624 CQ-C3305U CQ-VD7005U MY411X Rev 1 CT-M6R DVP-NS405 Cadillac CTS 308 GTB 220-240V PG-3300 TT-02 SRU8008 10 8000S Aspire-5030 FTX26 Vluu NV4 WF-T656 Coolpix P4 Asus A7VM SMX-C200BN YZF-R6s-2008 Dect1480 940MW KX-TG2238S LP-9800C Simulator 98 H2534Y3 PS58B850 XD-AX10 F-550 2400 Zoom FR-X7DV GA-73PVM-s2 RDR-GX380 DGS-1024D MS3447GRS DC C850 UBC69XLT DMR-EH67 DMC-FX33 S3200 Siemens S45I 64250 Sl-T W302C Acersystem CPX 1500 W2242PM-SS Legria FS36 3000-100 X363DN KC-C70 100 Mkii D-110 200XLT RA-985BX


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