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Universal Remote Control MX-810Universal MX-810i CUSTM PRGMBL Via pc Wiz SFTWR
Mhz - remote controls - The new mx-810 from universal remote control provides home theater owners and professional installers with dedicated custom control over single-room home theaters or a/v systems. It-s an ideal remote for single-room home theater systems and for homes with multiple a/v systems too as each mx-810 remains dedicated to a single room-s equipment complete with a user-changeable label identifying the room. The fact that it is very easy and intuitive to use and very easy to confi... Read more

Part Numbers: MX-810i, MX810I, MX810i
UPC: 656787281011
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Aleksey 3:25am on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 
"Talked into buying this over getting another Logitech. The set up is not too user-friendly.
KartoffelKiffer 7:14pm on Sunday, March 28th, 2010 
"5 stars overall! What it can do is weighted more heavily then the one time setup or price. Now this remote is in the advanced section for a reason.
Takashi Kawai 4:46pm on Monday, March 15th, 2010 
Good remote I got this as an "open box" item. I did not know that I needed an RF module but that only cost an extra $100.

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Operating Your System

With the MX-880


Universal Remote Control
This remote control was Custom Programmed for you by:
For questions about your Custom Programming call:
Custom Programming of a complex home theater and/or a multi-room system is one of the most challenging tasks within an audio/video installation. It involves an intimate knowledge of how the components interact and exact details on the proper sequences of control. Only a Complete Control dealer has the requisite experience and training to quickly and effectively customize a remote control for true automated operation. Congratulations on your choice! MX-880 Owners Manual 2008 Universal Remote Control, Inc. Front Cover Photo courtesy of Robert Ridenour of Connected Technologies,
The information in this manual is copyright protected. No part of this manual may be copied or reproduced in any form without prior written consent from Universal Remote Control, Inc. UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL, INC. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR OPERATIONAL, TECHNICAL OR EDITORIAL ERRORS/OMISSIONS MADE IN THIS MANUAL. The information in this manual may be subject to change without prior notice. Complete Control is a registered trademark of Universal Remote Control, Inc. Entertainment Made Simple is a trademark of Universal Remote Control, Inc. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or organizations. Printed in Korea
Universal Remote Control, Inc. 500 Mamaroneck Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528 Phone: (914) 835-4484 Fax: (914) 835-4532


Introduction Optional RF No Rules Operation Installing and Charging the Battery Programming the MX-880 Selecting a New Activity Using the MX-880 to Control an Activity Accessing the MX-880s Setup Menus Selecting from the Setup Menus Setting the Color Screen Setting the Button Lighting System Menu Setting the Button Beep Volume Date and Time Menus Erasing and Resetting USA Limited Warranty Statement Specifications Contact Us


Youve purchased a unique synthesis of hardware and software engineering, the Complete Control MX-880. The MX-880 achieves a magnificent combination of power and flexibility, simplifying and automating operation of even the most complex system. User Configurable Screen and Button Lighting A built in pick up sensor can be set to light the screen and/or the buttons automatically. Additionally, a dedicated LIGHT button enables the user to backlight the buttons if the pick up sensor is turned off. Integrated Sound Signaling The MX-880 incorporates a small speaker for beeps. Anytime you press a button, the MX-880 signals that it has understood your command with a beep sound.

Custom Labeled Buttons

When you pick up the MX-880, it automatically lights up the color LCD screen which labels the six buttons to either side of the screeen. These button labels change based on what you are watching or listening to. Thus, if you have selected Watch TV, you will see a list of buttons that are useful to that activity, while if you select Watch DVD, the buttons will control the DVD.

LIGHT Button

Press the Light button on the side of the MX-880 to backlight all of the buttons. Of course, you could opt to set the buttons to light automatically via the pick up sensor.

Page 1

Optional RF No Rules Operation
In combination with a Complete Control RF Base Station, the MX-880 can control your system without being in line-of-sight of the equipment. To preserve good operation always utilize a Narrow Band RF Base Station with RF Addressing. RF Addressing gives you the ability to control equipment locations throughout your home, even if they are concealed in other rooms or are behind closed doors.

1. The MX-880 sends radio waves in every direction, so you dont have to point the remote anymore!
2. The RFX-250 RF Sensor can be freely positioned for optimal reception.
3. The MRF-350s built-in Front Blaster sends commands to components in the same cabinet space as the MRF-350.
4. Self-adhesive Flashers affix to the Infrared sensors on the front panels of your components. The Flashers relay commands to components out of sight of the MRF-350s Front Blaster. The flashers plug in to the MRF-350s rear flasher line outputs via their 10 foot cables. Uniquely, the MRF-350 can also connect to components with rear panel IR Inputs via its adjustable IR Line Outputs.

Page 2

Installing and Charging the Battery
Open the battery cover by pressing on the release clip and removing the cover.
Note that the three contacts on the battery must connect to the three spring-loaded contacts in the MX880. Angle the battery into the battery compartment, contacts first, then gently fit the rear of the battery into the compartment as well. Replace the battery cover by inserting the hinged end in first, then snapping the cover back into place.
You can charge the Lithium Ion battery by simply plugging the included charger into the base of the remote as shown here. The MX-880 can be used while charging.

Page 3

Programming the MX-880
The MX-880 is programmed via a Windows PC equipped with a USB port (programming cable included), using our proprietary software, MX-880 Editor. To fully automate an audio/video system the programmer must have a detailed knowledge of each component and how the system is connected and operated. We highly recommend that you use a professional audio/video installer to program your MX-880 so you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the MX-880.

Page 4

Selecting a New Activity
The MX-880s WATCH and LISTEN buttons display the activities you can control with your MX-880. When you want to watch something else (a DVD movie, a videotape or an HDTV broadcast), simply press the WATCH button and select the new activity. When you want to listen to the radio or to a CD, touch the LISTEN button and select what you would like to listen to. Your installer will have programmed the button you pressed to totally configure your system to watch or listen to whatever you selected. Now, the screen will change, and all of the LCD buttons will be reconfigured to give you full control of your system while watching or listening to your selection!

When you press the LISTEN button, you can see the most frequently used activities you have for listening in your system. When you press the WATCH button, you can see the most frequently used activities you have for watching the sources in your system.
PAGE DISPLAY At the bottom of the LCD screen, the page display informs you if there are other pages of buttons available.
Press either of the PAGE buttons to see any other available choices. Page 5
Using the MX-880 to Control an Activity
Once youve selected a new activity, the MX-880 displays the title of the activity at the top of the screen. Below the title, the LCD displays the customized names of any special features you need for the activity. All the hard buttons of the MX-880 have now changed to functions optimized for this activity.
The Title displays what activity you can control. The LCD button labels describe special features for this activity.
Press either of the PAGE buttons to see any other available choices. The Volume and Mute buttons always control the sound regardless of what screen is displayed. The Channel and Previous Channel buttons will change channels when you have selected an activity like Watch CABLETV or Watch SAT TV. The 4 way cursor buttons enable you to navigate on screen guides and menus with ease. The Number keypad will enter numbers for the activity youve selected. Thus, for watching Cable TV, you use the number keypad to enter channel numbers, while when listening to CD, the number keypad enters track numbers.
The transport buttons (Play, Stop, Skip-, Skip+, FF, REW and Pause) operate when the selected activity requires them (for example, if you watch CABLETV with a TiVo type of DVR, these buttons will control the built-in DVR, while if you are watching a DVD, these buttons will control the DVD player).

Page 6

Accessing the MX-880s Setup Menus
The MX-880 has internal setup menus that enable you to change the settings that control your color screen, the button lighting, battery warnings and the clock. To access these settings, you must press and hold two buttons at the same time as shown here:
At the same time, press and hold both the WATCH button and the ENTER button. When the SETUP screen appears, you can release the two buttons.

Page 7

Selecting from the Setup Menus
There are two pages of settings on the Setup Menu. Use the page buttons to view them. To select, simply press the corresponding button.
Select the setting youd like to adjust by pressing the button beside the screen.
Use the Page button to see other pages.
Exit the Setup Menus by pressing the WATCH or LISTEN button, or simply waiting (the setup menus time out in 30 seconds).

Setting the Color Screen

Although usage of the color screen will affect how frequently you have to charge the battery, the screen does not drain the battery as quickly as the button lighting does. Adjust the brightness of the screen to taste. In most
lighting conditions, 50% gives good results. The Pick Up sensor senses motion, so it will keep the screen on (and drain your battery charge) as long as you are holding it in your hand. If you turn off the Pick Up sensor you will extend battery life (the screen will still light up when you press any button). Adjust how long the screen stays lit after you put it down or stop using it here.
Setting Brightness Use the buttons next to DIM and BRIGHT to adjust the brightness. Youll see the screen dim and brighten. When you have the right setting, press SAVE. Pressing Cancel discards all changes.
Use the DIM and BRIGHT buttons to adjust the lighting of the color screen.
Press the SAVE button to save your setting.

Page 8

Setting the Screen Pick Up Sensor Use the buttons next to YES and NO. If you say YES, the color screen will light as long as you are moving the MX-880. If you say NO, the screen will light when you press any button.
Use the YES and NO buttons to set the Pick Up sensor.
Setting the Screen Auto Turn Off Use the buttons next to LESS and MORE to adjust the amount of time the screen will stay lit when you stop moving it (Pick Up Sensor ON) or when you stop pressing buttons (Pick Up Sensor OFF).
Use the LESS and MORE buttons to set the Auto Turn Off timing.
Setting the Button Lighting
Note that button backlighting uses more battery charge than the screen. So if you would like to extend the time between charges, lower the usage of button lighting.
If you turn off Automatic On you will extend battery life (the buttons will still light up when you press the light button).
The buttons will stay lit for so many seconds after you stop pressing buttons. Adjust to your preference by pressing this button.

Page 9

Setting Button Lighting Automatic On Use the buttons next to YES and NO. If you say YES, the buttons will light whenever the LCD screen is on. If you say NO, the buttons will only light when you press the LIGHT button.
Use the YES and NO buttons to set the button back lighting to automatically turn on or not.
Setting the Button Lighting Auto Turn Off Use the buttons next to LESS and MORE to adjust the amount of time the buttons will stay lit when you stop moving it (Pick Up Sensor ON) or when you stop pressing buttons (Pick Up Sensor OFF).

System Menu

While you are using the MX-880 you can get a more accurate reading of the exact power remaining by checking the System Menu. Additionally, the System Info page offers a look at how much memory you have used.
Select Power Remaining to check your power remaining or to set a new battery warning level.
To view the system info, press here.

Page 10

Power Remaining and Battery Warning Settings On this screen, you can see how much battery charge remains and you can reset the Low Battery warning to either 10, 20 or 30 percent. The battery indicator at the top left of the MX-880 screen will flash when your low battery warning level is reached.
Note the current remaining battery charge here.
Use the LESS and MORE buttons to set the battery warning. Press the SAVE button to save your setting.
System Info See how much memory youve used on this screen.
You cannot make any changes to the data displayed on this screen. It is informational only.
Press the OK button to exit.
Setting the Button Beep Volume
Use the buttons next to OFF and LOUDEST to adjust how loud the beeps are.
Use the OFF and LOUDEST buttons to set the Beep volume.

Page 11

Date and Time Menus
Via the three menus for Date and Time you can set the date, set the time and opt to display either the date or the time. Setting Time Tap the button beside hour or minutes then use the number keys to enter the correct time. Set the AM/PM by toggling the button. When the time is correct, press the SAVE button.
Select the field youd like to change, then use the Number buttons on the MX-880 to enter hours or minutes. Press this button to change AM to PM or PM to AM. Each press changes the setting. When it is correct, press SAVE. Press the SAVE button to save your setting.
Setting Date Tap the button beside day, month or year then use the number keys to enter the correct date. When the date is correct, press the SAVE button.

Select the field youd like to change, then use the Number buttons on the MX-880 to enter the year, the month and the day.
Setting Display for Time or Date The MX-880 can display either the time or the date, not both. Select what you would like to be displayed and press SAVE.
Select either Time or Date display.

Page 12

Erasing and Resetting
You can erase your MX-880 (all of your work, all devices, all activities will be lost) and reset it to the factory default configuration.
Use the CANCEL button to exit without erasing.
Press the ERASE button to erase all your work.
USA Limited Warranty Statement
Your Universal Remote Control, when delivered to you in new condition, is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship as follows: UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL, INC. warrants this product against defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year and as set forth below. Universal Remote Control will, at its sole option, repair the product using new or comparable rebuilt parts, or exchange the product for a comparable new or rebuilt product. In the event of a defect, these are your exclusive remedies. This Limited Warranty covers only the hardware components packaged with the Product. It does not cover technical assistance for hardware or software usage and it does not cover any software products whether or not contained in the Product; any such software is provided "AS IS" unless expressly provided for in any enclosed software Limited Warranty. To obtain warranty service, you must deliver the product, freight prepaid, in its original packaging or packaging affording adequate protection to Universal Remote Control at the address provided in the Owner's Manual. It is your responsibility to backup any macro programming, artwork, software or other materials that may have been programmed into your unit. It is likely that such data, software, or other materials will be lost during service and Universal Remote Control will not be responsible for any such damage or loss. A dated purchase receipt, Bill of Sale, Installation Contract or other verifiable Proof of Purchase is required. For product support and other important information visit Universal Remote Control's website: or call the Universal Remote Control Customer Service Center (914) 835-4484. This Limited Warranty only covers product issues caused by defects in material or workmanship during ordinary consumer use. It does not cover product issues caused by any other reason, including but not limited to product issues due to commercial use, acts of God, third-party installation, misuse, limitations of technology, or modification of or to any part of the Universal Remote Control product. This Limited Warranty does not cover Universal Remote Control products sold as USED, AS IS, REFURBISHED, so-called "B STOCK" or consumables (such as batteries). This Limited Warranty is invalid if the factory-

Page 13

applied serial number has been altered or removed from the product. This Limited Warranty is valid only in the United States of America. This Limited Warranty specifically excludes products sold by unauthorized resellers. UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OR CONDITION ON THIS PRODUCT. EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BY APPLICABLE LAW, THERE IS NO OTHER WARRANTY EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. UNIVERSAL REMOTE CONTROL WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR STATEMENTS MADE BY OTHERS CONCERNING THE MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ON THIS PRODUCT. Some states or jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state or jurisdiction to jurisdiction.


Memory - 32 Megabits of Flash Memory Total (28 Megabits for User Configuration) Customization Capability - Up to 48 devices and up to 8 pages each for a total of 384 pages. Learning Capability - Standard frequencies (15kHz to 460kHz) Macro Capability - Up to 255 steps each IR Range (Line of Sight via Infrared): 30-50 feet, depending on the environment RF Range (radio frequency): 50 to 100 feet, depending upon the environment RF Frequency: 418MHz Weight: 6.9 ounces (with battery loaded) Size: 8 H x 2.25 W x 1.25 D Battery: Lithium Ion rechargeable battery included

Contact Us

Need assistance or have questions? Our Customer Service Support Center is here to help. Call (914) 835-4484 to speak with a customer service representative or email us at 500 Mamaroneck Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528 Phone: (914) 835-4484 Fax: (914) 835-4532

Page 14


Your Listen Devices

List any component or device youd like to access via the Listen menu: Type of Device (TV, DVD, VCR etc.) Brand Model

Page 15

Your Watch Devices
List any component or device youd like to access via the Watch menu: Type of Device (TV, DVD, VCR etc.) Brand Model

Page 16

500 Mamaroneck Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528 Phone: (914) 835-4484 Fax: (914) 835-4532


Native Lighting Control
Control Dimmers, Lamp Dimmers and Switches Directly from URC Remote Controls
URC Lighting Control by Lutron
Give Your Clients Control of the Lights in the Room Theyre In.


Lighting Control backed by two of the biggest names in the business-Universal Remote Control and Lutron Electronics-both relentlessly committed to quality, reliability, service and support.
URC-Lutron Compatible Remotes
MX-6000 MX-3000 Black MX-3000 MX-980 MX-950 MX-900 MX-880 MX-850 MX-810 MX-650 MX-450 MX-350 MX-350N TX-1000 KP-900
Yes=Preprogrammed. *Some models require Learning.
Yes Yes Yes* Yes Yes* Yes* Yes Yes* Yes Yes* Yes Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes






control the dimmers & switches directly via RF!

MX-3000B KP-900

URC Remotes
Add Lighting Control to Every Job.

Native Control

No interface required when used with URC remotes. URC remotes control the dimmers and switches directly via RF. No additional parts are ever needed.

Easy Operation

Simply press-and-hold to re-program lighting scenes. Homeowners can change the lighting scenes as often as they like-all by themselves. No truck rolls or late-night visits required.

Scalable Solutions

Flexible entree into installing lighting control. Build a small system, one dimmer at a time. Low cost of entry: one dimmer and one URC remote is a lighting system that can control the lights in the room youre in.

Dimmer Dimensions

Your client will enjoy all of the benefits of lighting control. Lighting control can help save energy and associated energy costs, improve homeowner security and create comfortable ambiance. Add lighting control to every job.
In less time than it takes to speed dial the installer, the homeowner can reset the lighting scenes using a simple press-and-hold operation.
Lighting Control Can Help Conserve Energy and Save Cash for Your Clients!

Dimming the Lights

Saves Electricity

Bulbs Last on average

10 Year Savings

10% 25% 60%

10% 20% 50%
3 years 6 years 10+ years

$97 $173 $358

Numbers based on (4) 75watt bulbs, operating for 5 hours a day, at 10 per kilowatt hour (1500 hour incandescent bulbs at $1.75 each or many 3000 hour halogen bulbs at $3.35 each). Designed for 10+ year lifetime.
2008 Lutron Electronics, used with permission.
Technical Information Individual URC RF Dimmers, RF Lamp Dimmers and RF Switches can store up to three (3) Lighting Addresses. Each address has twelve (12) commands: On; Off; Brighten; Dim; Scenes 1~8.
In a typical installation, addresses might be applied as in one of the following: With one address stored in all dimmers: Eight (8) Lighting Scenes involving all RF Dimmers and RF Switches. On, Off, Brighten and Dim control ALL the dimmers in the room. With one address stored in all dimmers and one unique address stored in each dimmer: Eight (8) Lighting Scenes involving all RF Dimmers and RF Switches. All: On, Off, Brighten and Dim. Each: On, Off, Brighten and Dim individually. With two addresses stored in all dimmers and one unique address stored in each dimmer: Sixteen (16) Lighting Scenes involving all RF Dimmers and RF Switches. All: On, Off, Brighten and Dim. Each: On, Off, Brighten and Dim individually.
Ganging and Derating Min Load
Incandescent Dimmer MLV Dimmer Wallbox Switch Lamp Dimmer Accessory Dimmer Accessory Switch 60W 40W/VA 10W 25W

No fins broken

600W 600VA/ 450W* 6A light/ 3A fan** 300W 8.3A 8.3A

1 side of fins broken

500W 500VA/ 400W* 5A light/ 3A fan**
Both sides of fins broken
400W 400VA/ 300W* 3.5A light/ 3A fan**
*Note: The maximum lamp wattage is determined by the efficiency of the transformer, with 7085% as typical. For actual transformer efficiency, contact either the fixture or transformer manufacturer. The total VA rating of the transformer(s) shall not exceed the VA rating of the dimmer. **Note: When controlling a combined fan and light load, the total cannot exceed 3A.
Build a small lighting control system one dimmer at a time.
Lighting Control uses Wall Dimmers, Lamp Dimmers and Switches-rated for the correct Load to create Scenes for different Activities.
The load on the dimmer (or switch) is determined by the total wattage of ALL of the lights controlled by the dimmer, i.e., everything that is on that circuit.
The load is calculated by adding together the wattage of each light. Each lights highest allowable wattage (worse case) light bulb is used for purposes of calculation. For example, even if the client currently has a 60 watt bulb installed, if the fixture is labeled 100 Watts Maximum they might install a 100 watt bulb. Therefore, you must use 100 Watts as the wattage when calculating the load on the dimmer. (This information is provided for specification purposes only-do not install high voltage wall dimmers or switches unless you are legally and technically qualified to do so.)
A group of Loads controlled altogether and at the same time. A Scene can include a multiple of RF Switches and/or RF Dimmers. Every RF Dimmer in a scene operates at a stored brightness setting. Every RF switch in a scene either turns on or off. Scenes are only directly controlled from the remote. Every RF Dimmer and RF Switch must be in the range of the remote control (but not necessarily line-of-sight).


Things people do-like watching movies or playing video games-that can be made more enjoyable by controlling the lighting within that environment. Different Activities require different lighting Scenes. Loads are turned On or Off depending on the Activity. Lights are dimmed to different levels depending on the Activity. For example, in the Family Room, people might watch TV, read, play video games, entertain guests, an so forth. Other rooms have unique Activities.

light almond



desert stone


Contemporary design with LED indicator lights.
limestone merlot midnight
Available in 28 designer colors and finishes.


Products feature world famous Lutron technology and design.
mocha stone palladium plum
Gloss Finish: white, light almond, black, almond, brown, gray, ivory Satin Finish: biscuit, bluestone, desert stone, eggshell, goldstone, greenbriar, hot, limestone, merlot, midnight, mocha stone, palladium, plum, sea glass, sienna, snow, stone, taupe, terracotta, turquoise

sea glass

Metal Finish: stainless steel (wallplates only) Footnote: Standard Wall Dimmer and Switch colors are White, Black and Light Almond. Other colors and finishes are special order only and may incur additional cost and longer delivery time. Lamp Dimmers are available in White and Black only. Contact your Sales Representative or Distributor for more details and availability information. Available exclusively from: Universal Remote Control, Inc.
500 Mamaroneck Avenue, Harrison, NY 10528 Phone: (914) 835-4484 Fax: (914) 835-4532

REV: 100108



stainless steel

(wallplates only)


Technical specifications

Full description

Mhz - remote controls - The new mx-810 from universal remote control provides home theater owners and professional installers with dedicated custom control over single-room home theaters or a/v systems. It-s an ideal remote for single-room home theater systems and for homes with multiple a/v systems too as each mx-810 remains dedicated to a single room-s equipment complete with a user-changeable label identifying the room. The fact that it is very easy and intuitive to use and very easy to configure is its greatest strength. the mx-810 features a big bright active matrix color lcd larger and more vivid than comparable remotes and a broad array of attractive icon graphics that are readable at a glance. It also provides access to a vast array of custom control solutions -all available free of charge at the companies website. It is a pc-powered device and is programmable by any windows-compatible laptop or desktop computer with a usb port. An installer can set up the remote by connecting a pc then simply follow the instructions of an onscreen programming wizard. This can be done in advance or onsite which is very useful. The rf capability also eliminates the need to point the remote at whatever it-s activating or even remain in the line of sight of any equipment. It can control components up to 50 meters away from locations throughout a home even components concealed in cabinets or behind doors. the mx-810 is fully compatible with urc-s own msc-400 master system controller. This device seamlessly harnesses the power of sophisticated home entertainment systems providing installers with options and advantages not otherwise available. It offers triggered macros rs-232 and relay control video and voltage sensors rock-solid narrow band rf and many more features - taming systems- complexity while delivering unmatched flexibility automation power installation speed and diagnostic capabilities. The mx-810-s compatibility with the msc-400 makes such tasks easy for installers to program and easy for clients to use. with or without the msc-400 the mx-810 is a powerful versatile remote that revolutionizes the remote control experience for anyone who prefers a light hand-held interface. useful additional features include a motion sensor that automatically turns on the lcd screen when the remote is picked up and a one-touch blue backlight that ensures the mx-810 can be used easily in dim or darkened rooms. A small integrated speaker optionally beeps in response to button pushes indicating the remote has understood the instruction. A built-in time/date display low-battery alert rechargeable lithium ion battery and a supplied usb programming cable further enhance its convenience and ease of use. details lcd size: 2 inch active matrix colour lcd size in cm: 22.6 x 6.1 x 2.5 -h x w x d- weight: 196 grams -with battery loaded- learning capabilities: standard frequencies -15khz to 460khz- memory: 32 megabits of flash memory total -28 megabits for user configuration- -24 activities on 8 lcd pages for 24 devices for a total of 384 pages- rf freq for mx810: 418 mhz -narrow band- rf freq for mx810i: 433 mhz -narrow band- range: rf - up to 50 meters when used with mrf-260 mrf-350 or msc-400 rf base stations ir -line of sight- - up to 15 meters with fresh batteries. power supply: lithium ion rechargeable -battery included- - New Products:Audio / Video:Audio/video Accessories:Remote Controls



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