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Vexilar PC-100Vexilar Pc-100 Pro Pack II Carrying Case
Vexilar's most popular carry case gets a total makeover. The new Pro Pack II features an enlarged, super strong handle design. The new handle also supports the gimbal bracket making it easier to rotate upwards for vertical viewing. The new Pro Pack II has additional features like a rod holder, tackle box, and an Ice-Ducer support eye-bolt with a handy storage slot right in front. The Pro Pack II Case gives you secure, but easy access to your battery terminals and is designed to hold all of V... Read more

Brand: Vexilar
Part Numbers: PC-100, PC100, pc100
UPC: 052762052223
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nick66 2:33pm on Friday, September 10th, 2010 
It seems to work pretty well. When I test it under Linux using the smartctl program. So far it works fine, however I noticed that it is not as quiet as the other disk I had before
TerryH 1:00am on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 
Working perfectly with Mac OS X 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard). Working perfectly with Mac OS X 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard). After 10 months. excellent item for the most part, ease of installation was my issue. inexperience with unformatted.
Keith Morse 4:35am on Thursday, July 1st, 2010 
I am going to contact WD for a replacement. Relatively fast seek times when working Made noises from the beginning. Bad buy period. Fast Drive, cheap Bought 2, both failed within 60 days
alessandra 8:16pm on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 
I cloned a 250 GB drive to this one using Seagate Discwizard. Worked perfectly. No problems Quiet, fast, reasonably priced. Incredible difficult to configure. The MioNet web interface is terrible.
mhmarti 5:32am on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 
Good choice to have for a laptop, upgraded an old Hitachi Deskstar for this drive, and great difference in speed. Garbage item Only used about one month and it was broken. I had to back up data, reinstall OS and exchange the item with WD.

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Vexilar Fish Scout Color Underwater camera Owners Manual


Vexilar Pioneers in Marine Electronics Introduction Fish Scout Features About Your Fish Scout Fish Scout Camera Camera Mounting Options Battery and Charge Indicator Location Battery Charging Instructions Soft Pack Features Fish Scout Operation Fish Scout Camera LED Lighting Ice Fishing & Open Water Use D-130 Battery Status Indicator Fish Scout Care & Specifications Vexilar Accessories Trouble Shooting Contact Vexilar & Warranty Information 10 -- - 23
Fish Scout Configurations
The Vexilar Fish Scout color underwater camera and monitor system is offered in two basic configurations: Fish Scout Standard (#FS1000) Includes color camera, 7 color monitor, and carrying case with soft pack Fish Scout Double Vision Color Underwater Camera And Monitor Includes color camera, 7 color monitor and carrying case with soft pack. The Double Vision case allows you to attach any FL series flasher above the camera, giving you the ultimate view of whats below.

MNL011 RV1

Vex i l ar Pion eer s i n Mar i n e E l e c t r on ics
Established in 1960, Vexilar, Inc. has been a leading innovator of marine electronics in the sport fishing industry for over 50 years. Some of their innovations include: The first straight-line paper graph for sportfishing (model 155) The first CRT (television) display (model 660) The first color display (model DE-12) The first fish alarm (model 120-SOS) The first Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) (model 480) The first self-leveling ice fishing transducer design (Ice-Ducer) The first split-screen zoom flasher (model FL-18) The first shoot-through-aluminum transducer design (AlumaDucer) The first Tri-Beam ice fishing transducer (Ice-Ducer)
The FL series three-color flashers continue to lead the way in real-time high definition flasher performance. Quality products backed by great customer service is the bedrock of Vexilar, Inc. The new Fish Scout Color Underwater Camera systems continue this great tradition.
A Long History of Vexilar Products

I ntr o d u c tion

T he F ish S cout
T he F ish S cout D ouble V ision
Congratulations, and thank you for purchasing the Fish Scout or the Fish Scout Double Vision Color Underwater Camera System. Both systems use the same monitor and camera system so this Owners Manual will apply to both. For care and operation of your Vexilar FL Flasher system on your Double Vision system, please review the Vexilar FL flasher series Owners Manual. For this manual, we will be referring to both the Fish Scout Color Underwater Viewing System and the Fish Scout Double Vision Color Underwater Camera Systems as Fish Scout. Vexilar has incorporated cutting edge technology in producing the most advanced and versatile color underwater viewing system possible. Your new Fish Scout monitor and camera can be used to view underwater structure, view bottom composition, watch fish and see how fish react to your lure presentation. You can even discover sunken treasures or just inspect the bottom of your boat. Vexilars mission is to create a tough and reliable product you can enjoy for years. The Fish Scout Color Underwater Camera will be fun to use in both open water and on the ice when safe conditions permit. Underwater viewing is a great educational tool for young and old to experience the underwater world without getting wet. 3
Fi sh S c ou t Feat u res
7 High resolution LCD monitor equipped with thermostatically controlled heater that engages at 4F to enhance your viewing experience in extremely cold conditions. This monitor also has a built-in light contrast sensor to automatically brighten or dim the display as the light conditions change. Sony 14 CCD Super HAD 90 degree camera performs like two separate camera systems in one. You will receive a high definition color image when light conditions permit or it automatically shifts to black and white mode if you are in low light conditions. Tri-light lighting system not only gives you two variable power super bright LED white lights, but also side and directional internal lights so you can easy see the direction the camera is pointed in the dark. 80 feet of super thin, high strength, camera cable has depth markings every 5 feet. You will find the cable is easy to wind and easy to keep from tangling. The buckle on the handle allows you to clip the cable wrap to your soft pack. The camera is designed to be used effectively in many ways: Resting on the bottom, hanging suspended at any depth to 80 feet, Down- View option for looking straight down, trolling speed with use of the enclosed tail fin and the use of a rigid arm to suspend the camera at any angle. The custom made Vexilar camera housing is specifically design to be very rugged. Easy touch keypad control panel. On screen monitor adjustments. Video output jack. Waterproof and weatherproof cable connections. Padded soft pack with cable and camera pouch. The features of this soft pack and pouch combination allows you to mount the cable pouch on the back of the soft pack so it can be transported inside a five gallon bucket for added protection. Super strong ABS molded internal frame holds battery with an easy charge battery attachment and a D-130 battery status indicator along with a master power on/off switch. 9 amp hour , 12v rechargeable battery with 1-amp V410 Vexilar digital charger. Low power consumption allows you to view for over 9 hours on a full charge. Over 8 hours using the Double Vision system. 2 Year limited Warranty 4

Abo u t You r F is h Sc o ut

The Monitor

The high resolution 1414 by 234, 7 inch LCD 16:9 wide screen monitor on your Fish Scout gives you a bright, sharp and clear view under most conditions. The daylight viewable display should not require a sun shield for most outdoor viewing. When viewing outdoors, the brightness can be increased or decreased to improve your viewing experience manually, but your Fish Scout system is equipped with an internal light sensor that will automatically adjust your display for ideal viewing. You will find that the best visibility will always be achieved when you turn the display away from direct sunlight. The ultra-thin monitor housing is sealed with a rubber gasket and all plug-in connections are potted to protect the internal electronics from the harsh elements. The Fish Scout may be used in the outdoor elements under most conditions, but cannot be submerged underwater. The digital keypad on the monitor activates an on-screen display for making adjustments to the monitor brightness, contrast, color and camera perspective. In addition to adjusting the display screen settings, the digital keypad also controls underwater lighting and the dimmer for controlling your underwater lighting intensity. It also turns your monitor and camera on and off and even tells you when you have power to your system. It is always important to know that your Master Power on/off switch located in the back of the unit controls all power drain to your battery. Important: A green light on your monitor keypad means you have power to your system and you will need to hit the master power off switch in the back of the unit to shut it off and to eliminate all power drain from your system. Having just the green light means you have power running to your system and this will drain the battery in about two weeks, so you will want to keep the Master Power switch in the off position when not in use. While operating in cold temperatures (under 4F), the Fish Scout utilizes a thermostatically controlled LCD heating element that allows the display to operate at peak performance. You may experience some delay in start up on extremely cold days, this is normal. The Power light on the front of your monitor will be green when you have power. When you hit the monitor ON button, the light will turn to red, but it will flash red when the internal sensor on the heating element detects the monitor temperature is below -4F degrees. The red light will continue to flash until the heating element has heated up the monitor enough to give you the best image possible. The heating cycle will vary, but can take up to five minutes for the light to stop flashing. This is normal on very cold days. Because the liquid in the LCD can freeze, prolonged exposure to extreme temps can result in display damage. 5

Unscrew to Separate

Camera Mounting Options
Your Fish Scout comes with two cable holding options. One is an elbow suspension arm attached directly to the bottom of your internal ABS frame. The elbow arm is ideal for when you wish to look down an ice fishing hole directly next to the monitor. The elbow support arm easily folds out of way when not in use. The egg attaches to your cable and allows you to suspend the camera at whatever depth you wish to hold. By simply rotating the cable and dropping the egg back into the round slot on the elbow arm, you can hold the camera at any depth or direction.

Elbow Arm

Suspension Arm Another option is to use the folding over-thehole suspension arm. This arm is kept in the long pocket on the side of your Fish Scout soft pack case. This is used when you want to suspend the camera over the ice fishing hole away from the camera. This is a common application since having the camera too close to where you are fishing will result in the fish getting tangled in the cable. By using the larger over-hole suspension arm, you can place the camera in a secure viewing position five to ten feet from where you are fishing to avoid hooking the cable while fishing.
The camera incorporates a custom designed zinc cast waterproof housing. The amount of weight in this camera housing is balanced and designed to give you good camera control while still fishing or trolling. For added open water stability, add the optional tail fin (included) which screws into position in the back of the housing.
Trolling Fin or Pole Mount
With the trolling fin on the camera housing, you are also able to attach it to a long pole to hold the camera at unique angles. This feature is popular with marinas and boat owners who want to see the bottom of a boat or look for something nearly impossible to see underwater without a camera. The actual pole is not available from Vexilar but is commonly found at hardware stores in the paint or the window cleaning departments. The housing is also designed to make it easy to attach to your cable and use in the popular Down-Viewing perspective.

Down View

Battery and Charge Indicator Location
Following Vexilars superior standards, the Fish Scout monitor face is protected with a padded soft pack case. Inside the soft pack is a molded ABS hard frame with an enclosed battery compartment and D-130 battery status indicator to help keep track of power consumption. You also have a master power switch which is critical to eliminate battery drain when not in use. Any time your system is in the ON position, your battery will be draining, so the Master switch should be turned OFF whenever you are not using your system. The sealed 9 amp rechargeable lead-acid battery can provide over 9 hours of continuous use with ideal conditions. Battery run time will vary depending on the condition of the battery, use of underwater LED lighting, level of display brightness and the ambient temperature (LCD heater system). The 1 amp, fully automatic charger will quickly charge the battery back to full capacity. See page 9 for complete battery charging and care instructions. Remove Screws to Access

Battery Compartment

To remove the battery from the case for replacement, simply remove the ABS hard frame from the soft pack case. Then remove the two screws securing the bottom battery door and swing it open. When replacing the battery and reinstalling the door, be sure to be careful with the wire positions so nothing gets pinched as the door is screwed back into place. 8

Battery Charging

1 Amp Digital Automatic Charger (model V-410 / 1 Amp) 1 Allow the battery to warm up before charging. This makes it easier for the charger to charge the battery and the battery is more accepting of a charge. 2 Plug the charger into a wall outlet, verify that it is operating by noting the illuminated GREEN light. 3. Connect the charger to the Easy Charge Jack attached to the unit. The chargers light will switch to RED, indicating that it is connected correctly and the battery is charging.
If your charger is NOT equipped with an Easy Charge Jack, connect the terminals to the battery with the RED (+) connected to positive and BLACK connected to negative (). The chargers light will switch to RED, indicating that it is connected correctly and the battery is charging. FLASHING RED INDICATES A REVERSE CONNECTION.

Easy Charge Jack

4. Keep the charger plugged in and connected until the RED light has changed to GREEN. This indicates the battery is at full charge. 5. Unplug the charger from the wall outlet and disconnect from the battery. Charging times will vary depending on how much the battery has been drained. If the battery has been completely drained (approx. 24 to 30 hrs. of use on a 9 amp battery) the battery will require about 9 hours of charging. Once the battery is fully charged and the chargers light returns to GREEN, the charger is then operating in a Maintenance Mode. At this stage, the charger can remain connected to the battery indefinitely and the battery will be maintained at full charge.


Allow the battery to FULLY recharge after each use. Recharge after every use. Give cold batteries extra time to charge. Charge at room temperature if you can. Keep flames, sparks, and metal objects away from batteries and terminals. Charge periodically during battery storage. Disconnect the battery when not in use.


OVER DISCHARGE the battery, You should never drain a battery to the point where your Vexilar stops. DISCONNECT exposed battery clips before switching the charger OFF. Damage the battery or terminals by dropping. Use another device to determine if your battery is fully charged. Go by the chargers light alone.
DID YOU KNOW? There is no need to disconnect the camera from the battery when charging, although it should be switched off. Also, make sure the battery has a full charge and the master power switch is off before putting it away for storage. Remember to charge after each use.

Soft Pac k F eat u r e s

Your Fish Scout system comes standard with a soft pack carrying case. This case is an important part of your viewing system. The soft pack has some innovative features to protect your display system, so be sure to keep the front padded door over your screen when not in use. Sharp impacts on a LCD display will kill your monitor, so protect it at all times. The camera/cable pouch is another innovative feature on your Fish Scout. You can clip the cable pouch to the side and have it locked into position using the heavy Velcro strip. Or you can clip the Cable pouch to the top of your bag so the entire system can fit into a five gallon bucket for transport. You will find cable management is a big part of owning a underwater viewing system and this easy to use pouch and winder system with a quick drain pouch is very convenient.

Side-Mount Pouch Option

Rear-Mount Pouch Option
If you own a Double Vision system, your front panel does not roll up like the standard Fish Scout. On the Double Vision, the Vexilar Flasher is mounted on top, so the front panel folds in half so you can just use the flasher portion of the system. When you want to also use the camera, simply swing the front panel to the left like a door to expose the camera section. The lower support arms of your Double Vision system extend out so you have a better viewing angle when you want to use the Vexilar flasher and camera at the same time.
Double Vision Side-Mount Pouch Option
Double Vision Rear-Mount Pouch Option
The Fish Scout Soft Packs provide essential protection for the monitor as well as additional storage for the cable and camera with a separate snap-on pouch. Front Cover Flap: On the Fish Scout camera only systems the front access doors actually roll upwards and secures into position. On the Double Vision system the front door folds down if you wish to just watch your Vexilar flasher, and then fold back to the left to expose the monitor. Rear access flap: On each style of soft pack, you have an easy access rear door that makes it easy to access your main power switch and to check-out your battery status indicator. This is also where you will find the Easy Charge Access Plug that is pre-wired into your enclosed battery compartment, so it is easy to plug into your Vexilar charger. Easy Charge Jack The Fish Scout soft pack also has a long storage pouch on the side. This pocket is for storing the over-the-hole mounting arm assembly.
Fi sh S c ou t Ope r ati o n
Like all Vexilar products, the Fish Scout has been assembled and tested before shipment. After removal from the packaging, locate the Master Power Switch at the rear of the unit and turn it ON. The Battery Status Indicator will turn on and display the current level of battery charge. It is always a good idea to charge your battery whenever it is not in use to prevent battery damage. You NEVER want to drain your battery to near zero if at all possible since it will greatly shorten the life of your battery. When the main power switch is in the ON position, your monitor will have a green light on the front panel. This tells you from a frontal view the unit has power and is ready to go. If you are looking at the back side of your system you will see the D-130 battery status indicator is also on. NOTE: the power drain from the green monitor light and the D-130 is minor, but it will in time, completely drain your battery of energy. It is always best to keep your master power switch in the OFF position when not in use. When you hit the button on the far right side of your monitor touch pad, the green power button on the touch pad will now turn from green to red. This tells you your monitor will be ready to receive your camera signals. If you find the red light flashing, this is a safety feature to alert you to the fact that the monitor temperature is below -4F. At this point the automatic heating sensor kicks in and the red light will be flashing until the monitor is warm enough to function normally. It may take several minutes before the internal heating element does its job and the light stops flashing. This is Normal.

Sun Hood or No Sun Hood?

Your Fish Scout system is designed not to use a sun hood since the monitor sits inside the soft pack and if you keep the sun behind the unit, you should have no problem seeing the display. While most other portable monitors have a lux factor brightness of 250 to 300, the Fish Scout monitor has a 400 Lux display brightness making it one of the brightest on the market today. Your Fish Scout system comes pre-wired and requires no special connections to start operation other than turning the Master Power switch to the ON position. To gain access to the battery compartment, simply remove the two screws located in the underside of your case. Remove those two screws to expose the battery compartment and the wiring harness. With this system, it is important to remember that if you take wires apart, black is negative and red is positive. Removing the battery is simple, just remember how it came out of the compartment. You will want to be sure the wires are all to the one side as you re-inset the battery to avoid any rubbing of wires. Important: The main power and camera cable has a screw-lock waterproof connector. Dont try to pull this connector apart until you unscrew the outer ring first. Your camera will not function unless this connector is secure. 12

LED Button

Turns the cameras LED On, Off, and with + and buttons, controls brightness.
Light Sensor Red/Green Light
Used to adjust the menu setting lower.

Minus Button

Menu Button

Plus Button

Access and exit the display menu.
Used to adjust the menu setting higher.

Power Button

Turns the camera On and Off

Turning ON Your System

To turn ON the Fish Scout, press the master power switch located in the back of the carrying case to the ON position. From the front of your unit, the power ON signal will be displayed as a green light on your monitor. When the unit has power, the green light will be on. Press the far right button on the Monitor control panel and the green light will turn to red as the monitor and camera turns on. You may experience a flashing red light when you try to turn on your monitor and camera. This flashing red light is telling you the internal heater is activated when the monitor is at -4 F degrees or less. At this point the monitor display is being internally warmed to allow you to get a good image. Depending on the temperature of the monitor, a visual image can be fuzzy or not sharp. This will pass quickly. If at all possible, try to store your camera in a warm location prior to turning on. Your goal will be to never store your camera in a sub-zero environment overnight.

Operation of the Fish Scouts Controls
The Fish Scout display has four different adjustments that can be made by utilizing the on-screen display. These adjustments can be made to enhance the image on the display to the users preference. (Note: The Fish Scout has been pre-set with factory defaults for normal viewing.) To access the settings menu, press the menu key on the keypad. The menu will be displayed on the screen: Brightness, Contrast, Color, Camera and Reset. 13
(Note: if you wait too long before selecting an adjustment, the menu screen will time out and disappear). To change between on-screen adjustment choices (brightness, contrast, color, camera and reset), continue to press the menu key. The selected on-screen adjustment will be highlighted on the LCD screen. To change the settings within a selected menu, use the UP and DOWN arrows located on the far right of the digital keypad. You will see the numbers of the selected adjustment increase or decrease depending on the arrow direction you are depressing. To accept the changes, release the UP/ DOWN arrow and settings will be saved. Once the settings are adjusted properly, the on-screen menu will shut off automatically.

Display Brightness

Use the brightness adjustment to change the overall brightness of a picture. You can lighten a picture thats too dark, or darken one thats too light. Different lighting conditions and water clarity will affect the brightness of the picture. By adjusting the brightness, the backlight of the display will increase making the picture brighter. This can be helpful when viewing the Fish Scout outdoors. During daylight hours, adjusting the brightness can make the display easier to see. Your Monitor is equipped with an Auto Brightness sensor feature inside that will automatically adjust the display as light conditions change, but you can override it manually if you wish using the menu keys.

Display Contrast

Contrast is the difference in brightness between lightest and darkest tones in a picture. A picture with too much contrast has highlights (lighter tones) that are too bright and no detail and shadow areas that are too black. A picture with too little contrast looks dull, with no true blacks and more grayish highlights. Different water clarities coupled with the amount of light available will affect the contrast. Adjust the contrast to the desired setting for the best overall picture.

You also have almost unlimited control of light intensity with your Fish Scout Cameras LED lights. When the yellow letters say LED ON, you can use the plus or minus buttons on the monitor control panel to control how bright you want the LEDs to be. To decrease the intensity of the lights while the lights are ON, press the down key on the right side of the digital keypad (note: the lights always come on at the last intensity level, so you may need to re-set light levels each time the LED lights are turned on). The amount of LED light required will depend on the water clarity and amount of particulates in the water. Darker, stained water will require more light while clear water will allow for better light penetration, therefore decreasing the need for super bright LEDs. Important: Be sure to check with your States regulations with regard to underwater lights and camera usage.

Ice Fishing Usage

The Fish Scout Color Underwater Viewing System is a fun way to improve your ice fishing experience and help you learn more about the underwater world below. Many anglers find that using a Vexilar Flasher along with their Fish Scout camera will teach you even more about what you are seeing on your Sonar system. The Fish Scout can be used to search for an ideal weed line or locate a rock pile where fish will generally congregate. Winter waters are often the clearest, so you are often able to easily move from hole to hole looking for some type of fish activity or change in bottom content. The Fish Scout is designed to be easy to transport and use, so moving from hole to hole is not a problem. Once youve located an area you wish to use the over the hole suspension arm or the elbow support arm connected to the base, the supplied cable stopper will hold your camera in perfect position. To assist in keeping the camera at the desired depth and direction, use the adjustable egg stopper that is pre-installed on your cable. The egg locks your camera at a specific direction and depth. You can use either the elbow support arm mounted on the bottom of the case or the folding cross-hole suspension arm to hold your camera in position. Try not to bounce the camera on the bottom as it will stir-up the bottom and it may take several minutes for the cloud of dust to settle. For best results it is not advised that you actually fish in the same holes as the camera to avoid tangling in the camera cable. Down View The Fish Scout also includes a Down-Viewing hook on the back of the camera housing that allows you to point the camera straight down. Now in some situations, you can fish in the same hole and have the camera suspended just below the surface and you can watch the fish from a top-down perspective.
Viewing Tip: If you are looking to watch your lure while fishing, for ease of use, it is always best to do this near the bottom where you can find your lure relating to the bottom. Using the camera to help you find and catch suspended fish can be done, but it may take several attempts to find your lure.

Open Water Usage

For open water use, simply turn the camera power ON and lower the camera into the water. If youre drifting with the wind or using a trolling motor with the Fish Scout, attach the supplied trolling fin to the rear of the camera for added stability. The internal weight is enough to keep the camera down while the fin will assist in keeping the camera tracking straight through the water as the boat moves. If the camera becomes hung up on an underwater object, back up in the direction you were traveling and slowly try to back the camera out of the snag. You only want to pull directly upward with force as a last resort. For downrigger viewing, the unique camera housing design of the Fish Scout allows you to easily attach the camera back fin to your downrigger cable and tow the camera backwards without causing added turbulence. This gives you a great view of your baits behind the downrigger balls. This technique adds a whole new dimension to your open water fishing.

Pole Cam

There are many different uses for your underwater camera. One popular use is to use the camera to inspect boat or lower unit damage while still in the water. You can attach to the hole on the trolling fin to mount a pole or long arm. Again, these telescopic poles are available at most hardware stores in the window cleaning or painting departments. This can make viewing in those hard to reach spots possible.
The D-130 Battery Status Indicator
Digital Battery Status Indicator A unique battery fuel gauge that recognizes both the discharge and charge cycle of your battery. It will sense the current charging condition of the battery, display the percentage of remaining capacity and display a charge trend arrow. ( or ). The D-130 will continue to measure capacity and trend as long as it is connected to the battery. When an additional load is applied to the battery, the capacity will decrease according to the load applied. When the load is removed, the digital readout will remain at the last shown level and the trend arrow will switch to ( ). This rebound indicates the battery is starting to recover, but the digital readout of the capacity will hold at its lowest level unless you reset it by disconnecting and reconnecting the D-130 to the battery.
*If you continue to use the D-130 without disconnecting it, the D-130 will show the last capacity until the battery falls below this point, then continue to decline with use. When a charger is attached to the system, the digital readout of capacity will remain the same, up to an hour, with an ( ) arrow indicating that it is receiving a charge before the digital readout will start to advance. Note, with some batteries, the very top rating for a charged battery (12.7 volts) or 100% rating will not stay at 100% even though it might be fully charged. This is normal. Each battery charges differently and may be fully charged but reads 95%, instead of 100%. This is a normal occurrence with batteries since not all batteries will hold the same top-end percentage when fully charged and is not an indication of a poor or defective battery. When you reconnect the D-130 to the battery, the display will show the current status of the battery at that moment. Note that the D-130 needs to be connected to the battery before a charger is connected to give an accurate reading. IMPORTANT: Be sure the indicators are not on during long storage periods, as excessive battery drain can result. For Pro Pack systems, disconnect the indicator from the battery before storage. For Ultra Pack systems, be sure the master power switch is off.

Flasher Cover Neoprene cover will protect the flasher face during transport and storage. Fits models FL-12, FL-20 & FL-22HD.

MS0001 COV001

Tri-Beam Ice-Ducer Gives you the option to select from a wide 20 beam, a mid 12, or a narrow 8 beam angle. Switch included.


Digital LCD Battery Status Indicator Shows the current level of charge as a percentage with charge or discharge mode indication. Deptherm Gives depth and temperature. Just attach it to your line and drop it down.
Pro Mount Offers a swivel action and quick removal for your flasher or other electronics. Its durable and economical.


A.C.E. Adhesive This acoustically conductive epoxy system is designed for maximum performance with minimal in-hull transducer installation effort Beverage Holder Fits into the rod holder on the Ultra Pack and Pro Pack II and allows you to keep your favorite beverage close at hand.
Tackle Tote A handy soft sided tackle box that holds three of our 4 by 6 inch Vexilar tackle boxes. Use it for all seasons.

ACE001 TT-100

Vexilar Clothing From caps to shirts and sweats to jackets, Vexilar offers a wide range of styles and colors with the Vexilar logo. Visit the Vexilar web site or your local Vexilar Pro Shop to find quality affordable clothing youll enjoy wearing day after day. Visit for more great gear and wear! 21

Tro u b l e S h oot in g

G reen
light on , no monitor or camera.
Check your battery status indictor, if your camera will not power up it is due to lack of enough voltage to turn the system on. F l ashing R ed

light when

turn the system on.
This is normal to let you know the auto heating element has been engaged. Any time the heating element is on, the red light will flash. C amera
lights on , but no image on

M onitor ?

You might have a loose or broken connection in your system. Unscrew and pull apart the monitor to cable connector and re-connect it and be sure to hand tighten the connection again. If the monitor does not display an image but both the LED lights and the blue lights are on you may have a broken wire in your cable.
camera light is on and no monitor.
Check battery level on the battery status indicator, this is a common problem of low battery.

W ater

seems too dirt y to see.
This is not at all uncommon in dirty or heavily stained waters. Visibility will be limited and the lights will not help in these situations. Understand the camera only shows you what is possible to see and there will be limitations as to how far the water clarity will let you see.

T urned

on main power switch and nothing turns on.
Remove the Internal structure from the soft pack and remove the two screws found on the bottom side of the case. This will reveal the battery. Be sure all connections are intact and wires are in good shape. Most likely, the battery drained to a point so low, nothing lights up.

B attery

so low , charger won t charge.
This is a very common occurrence and one we hope to solve with time. Most batteries if left to simply stand with nothing attached to them will bounce back a little in 6 to 12 hours. This might be enough to trigger the charger to turn on and start the re-charging process. It will not hurt to connect the battery to the charger even if it is not charging and simply wait to see if it engages with time. Please try this for at least 24 hours, if it does not work you should look to replace the battery Cant solve the problem? Call Vexilar service for support. If problems with your camera persist, do not send it back to where you purchased it. It is always best to send it directly to Vexilar for prompt service.
Ser v i c e a n d S u ppor t
If you find that you need help, please contact us. Have ready the model number and, if possible, the serial number of your product. Please be sure to read this manual thoroughly first. A ddress Vexilar, Inc. 6667 West Old Shakopee Road, Suite 101 Minneapolis, MN, 55438-2622 T elephone (952) 884-5291 F ax (952) 884-5292 E mail W eb S ite

Warranty Information

This VEXILAR product is warranted against factory defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase or receipt as a gift*. During the warranty period, VEXILAR will repair or at its option, replace at no cost to you for labor, materials or return transportation provided the unit is returned, shipped prepaid to Vexilar, Inc., 6667 West Old Shakopee Road, Suite 101, Minneapolis, MN 55438-2622. This warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged by accident or misuse, or as a result of service or modification by other than the factory. Except as otherwise expressly stated in this previous paragraph, the COMPANY MAKES NO REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ANY OTHER MATTER WITH RESPECT TO THIS PRODUCT. Company shall not be liable for, and purchaser assumes responsibility for, all personal injury and property damage resulting from the handling, possession or use of the product by Purchaser or others who obtain it through purchaser.


Q u a l it y M a rine E l e c tr o ni c s sin c e 6 0MMAmtsVITTV
WINTER 2008 SPRING 2009 |
Vexilar Flashers: the anglers choice
a new era in sport fishing sonar is at hand with the FL-20 from Vexilar. Packed with features and enhanced sonar performance, the FL20 promises to deliver live action, three-color sonar that will change the face of fishing. The FL20 has a sleek profile with a bigger display, and two auto zoom ranges that split the display screen to let you focus in on just the bottom 6 or 12 feet of the water column. It offers target ID down to inch and two-year displays depths down to 200 feet. The 20 Limited E xtended foot Low Power range setting aids fishing in shallow water Warranty or thick weeds. The FL-20 comes with a night and day mode. The night ava ila bl e setting allows you to cut the output of the LED display by 50 percent to avoid getting night blindness when looking at the super bright LEDs. The FL20 also comes with a low battery indicator. The FL-20 is the ultimate multi-season sonar system.

FL-20 The dawn of

Flasher guy Tom Zenanko, host of Ice Fishing Today TV.
FL-12 & FL-20 general specifications:
Frequency: 200 kHz Power output: Display resolution:
525 segments 275 ma at 12V DC 400 watts peak-to-peak (50 watts RMS)
Current draw: Dimensions:
4.4"H x 6"W x 2.5"D Maximum 200 ft.
Depth Range: Weight: 1.1 lb.
FL-20 features: Two-Year warranty Flat-screen Display Super bright LED, three-color
display 10 interference rejection settings Five depth ranges down to 200 feet, plus 20 Low Power mode 6 foot and 12 foot Auto Zoom Ranges Built-in low battery indicator Special night mode setting for comfortable night viewing Target ID 525 segments of resolution MST matching sonar technology ensures maximum sonar performance and long life by balancing transmitters and receivers to the transducer crystal Uses all Vexilar FL series transducers QitMrineetrnissin
FM2087 w/12 Puck Transducer (25' cable) FM2084 w/12 High Speed Transducer (25' cable) FM2023A w/19 AlumaDucer (25' cable)
finder technology from Vexilar. The stylish look of the FL-12 with its streamlined, flat surface area delivers a larger display that wont trap rain or snow and increases the viewing angle by 50 percent. The simple to operate system only requires two control knobs. The FL-12 offers ten steps of interference rejection and a 20 Low Power range setting option for use in super shallow water or thick weeds. An enhanced receiver gives you cleaner signals and less noise.
FL-12 Introducing the next generation of three-color, flasher/fish
Super bright LED, three-color display 10 interference rejection settings Five depth ranges down to 200 feet plus Low Power range option Easy to operate system with two control knobs 525 segments of resolution MST matching sonar technology ensures maximum sonar performance and long life by balancing transmitters and receivers to the transducer crystal Uses all Vexilar FL series transducersVIA
FL-12 features: Two-Year warranty Flat-screen Display
FM1223 w/19 Puck Transducer (25' cable) FM1244 w/19 High Speed Transducer (25' cable) FM1223A w/19 AlumaDucer (25' cable)
Limited E xtended Warranty

ava ila bl e


Outfish Outperform Outlast
Ultra Pack Fishing Systems
he Ultra Pack is the ideal name for the most feature packed ice fishing system ever offered by Vexilar. The Ultra Pack systems innovation begins with a 12 volt, 9 amp-hour battery enclosed inside the case, so you dont need to connect or disconnect your battery after each use. A master power switch powers up your unit and remote charging posts make it easy to recharge. The Ultra Pack System comes with a Vexilar T-130 Battery Status Indicator built-in to let you know the status of your battery while fishing. The case comes with an adjustable rod holder, cable storage cleats, battery charger and even your own Vexilar tackle box! The super tough Ultra Pack will fit into a five gallon bucket. An optional soft pack carrying case is also available (SP0004). All Ultra Pack Systems are factory assembled and tested here in the USA.

High profile for easy access to controls and great display visibility. Super strong handle with float holder.

FL-20 Ultra Pack (shown)

UP2080 UP2052
FL-20 Ultra Pack w/Dual Beam Ice-Ducer FL-20 Ultra Pack w/12 Ice-Ducer
Adjustable rod holder fits on either side.
Pre-drilled holes for optional accessories. An FL series three-color flasher from Vexilar, the world leader in threecolor flasher technology. (FL-20 shown)

FL-12 UltraPack

FL-12 Ultra Pack w/12 IceDucer
Cable storage and holding grips.
Includes Vexilar Battery Status Indicator.
Ice-Ducer support bolt fits in three positions.

FL-18 UltraPack

FL-18 Ultra Pack w/12 Ice-DucerspC
Tackle box holder with tackle box included.


Ultra Pack case only with T130 Battery Status Indictator (fits all FL-series Gimbal Flashers)
Non-slip bottom. Easy access external charging/ power posts. Enclosed battery compartment. Ultra Pack fits in five gallon bucket. Master power switch.
Transducer holder fits all sizes of Ice-Ducers.
The most reliable sonar systems in the world!UUUC
Pro Pack II Fishing Systems
exilars most popular winter fishing system is the Pro Pack II. This system offers great performance features in a super durable case with a built-in gimbal bracket to support your flasher. The Pro PackII System is offered with the FL-20, FL-18, FL-12 and FL-8se units. Standard features include a rod holder, tackle box, universal transducer holder, T130 Battery Status Indicator, cable holding cleats and a 12 Volt, 9 amp-hour battery with charger. The Pro Pack II has been designed to fit into a five gallon bucket, and has an optional soft pack carrying case available (SP0006). Each system is factory assembled and tested in the USA.
The T-130 Battery Status Indicator helps keep track of your battery while in use.
Pre-drilled holes for optional accessories
The Vexilar 12 volt, 9 amp-hour battery delivers long lasting power. Pack comes complete with charger. Universal transducer holder (on the back) Two cable holding cleats. Adjustable rod holder with two possible mounting locations.

FL-12 Pro Pack II


PP1250 w/19 Ice-Ducer

An FL series three-color flasher from Vexilar, the world leader in threecolor flasher technology. (FL-12 shown)

FL-20 Pro Pack II

PP2080 w/12 Ice-Ducer
9/19 Ice-Ducer Transducer

PP2052 w/Dual Beam

Easy access to tackle box PC-100 case fits inside a five gallon bucket. Pre-tapped transducer support eye-bolt hole.
The patented Ice-Ducer system is a self leveling transducer with float for accurate transducer positioning every time.
Optional accessory for open water
Includes transducer, power cord, gimbal bracket and mounting hardware. fsusTuIDutpuspVMCMBpVXCACARDDHCHACEusACDVDMBzss

standar d de pth* PP1880 w/12 Ice-Ducer Transducer

FL-18 Pro Pack II

FL-8 SE Pro Pack II standard de pth*
PP0850 w/19 Ice-Ducer Transducer
tk-144 for FL8 and FL18 TK-244 (FL12/FL20) Transom Mount
w/19 High Speed Transducer (25' cable). w/12 High Speed Transducer (25' cable).
tk-184 (FL8/FL18) (shown) TK-284 (FL12/FL20) Transom Mount tk-123 (FL8/FL18) TK-223 (FL12/FL20) Trolling motor/
Inhull w/19 Puck Transducer (25' cable) Inhull w/12 Puck Transducer (25' cable)
PC-100 Pro Pack II case only (fits all FL Gimbal units)
*custom deep models available for FL-8se and FL-18 only.
tk-187 (FL8, FL18) TK-287 (FL12/FL20) Trolling motor/
Ice fishing has never been more fun

Genz Pack

ears in the making, this classic design has been improved even more by ice fishing legend Dave Genz. Dave has made his Blue Box" nearly indestructible so it will last for years of hard use. Genz redesigned the battery storage compartment and added a universal transducer holder system. The Blue Box can also accept the full line of Vexilar accessories like the T-130 or D-130 Battery Status Indictor, Vexilar FlexLight or even a Dual Beam IceDucer transducer. The Blue Box fits on top of a five gallon bucket for easy access and handling while fishing. Available with the Vexilar FL18 or FL-8se. Each Genz Pack Combo comes with a 12 volt, 7amp-hour battery with charger and an Ice-Ducer transducer.
I never go fishing without my Vexilar. My Genz Pack is ready to use right out of the box! Dave Genz Mr. Ice Fishing
Pre-drilled holes for optional accessories. Easy access semi-enclosed battery compartment. Built-in transducer holder fits all sizes of Ice-Ducers. Available with FL-8se (shown) or FL-18 unit. Large cable storage compartment. Specially designed base fits on top of a five gallon bucket.

GP0800 FL-8 SE

w/19 Ice-Ducer

FL-18 w/12 IceDucer



Blue Box only
Limited E x ternded Wa r a n ty

avai l ab le

Pre-tapped transducer support eyebolt hole. Two year warranty
LPS-1 Hand-held Depthfinder

fishing canoeing diving

he LPS-1 is simple to use. Just put it in the water, point and push the ON button. The depth or distance is digitally displayed for 10 seconds before automatically shutting off, with no risk of battery drain. A must for the outdoor enthusiast!
T ake the compact, lightweight LPS-1 wherever you go: fly-in trips, ice fishing, canoe trips, remote mountain lakes, float tubing, scuba diving and more. For fishing, simply touch it to the surface of the water. For ice fishing, the signal will shoot through clear ice! When diving, use it to check depths or distances to any object under water: reefs, sunken wrecks even the distance to the surface. Waterproof down to 150.
Color: Nautical Yellow Weight: 7 oz. Length: 7.75" Voltage: 9 volt Max. Depth range: 200 feet


Never go fishing without your Vexilar!
FL-18 a true winner with hard-core anglers. The FL-18s enhanced performance features make it the worlds first flasher/fish finder with Auto Zoom and Bottom Lock. The Auto Zoom feature allows you to closely examine the bottom six foot column of water. Bottom Lock for summer fishing allows you to stay locked in on the bottom six feet. The FL-18 delivers an ultra high resolution, 525 segment display screen that shows you a target ID of less then inch! The FL-18 also has a built-in Low Power Mode for fishing in shallow water or in thick weeds.
FL-18 Reliability and great performance in all weather conditions make the
FM1887* w/12 Puck Transducer (25' cable) FM1884* w/12 High Speed Transducer (25' cable) FM1823A* w/19 AlumaDucer (25' cable)
than target ID Enhanced Interference Rejection with 10 settings Superior two-year Limited LED technology that generates a bright and crisp display Transducer included E xtend ed Wa rra nty several transducer options available MST matching sonar technology ensures maximum sonar performance ava ilab le and long life by balancing transmitters and receivers to the transducer crystal Low Power (LP) mode for use in shallow water and weeds AutoZoom (AZ) for zooming in on bottom six feet while ice fishing Bottom Lock (BL) locks you in on the bottom while running your boat Five depth ranges down to 200 feet* (20, 40, 60, 80, 200) Weatherproof high impact case

*Custom deep model available to 300 feet
Patent no 5,546, 362 5,515,339
FL-18 features: Two-year warranty Patented split-screen display Less
is still one of the best all-around flasher/sonar designs. The hallmark three-color display shows weak targets in green, medium strength targets in orange and strong bottom targets in red. 525 segments of resolution, super bright LEDs and 10 interference rejection settings make the FL8se a great year-round flasher/fish finder.
FL-8 SE The classic Vexilar flasher is truly legendary. The worlds most popular three-color sonar flasher, the FL8se
FM0823** w/19 Puck Transducer (25' cable) FM0844** w/19 High Speed Transducer (25' cable) FM0823A** w/19 AlumaDucer (25' cable)
Green, Orange, Red Interference Rejection technology with 10 step adjustment to knock-out interference from another nearby depth sounder Six depth ranges** (20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 120) Adjustable sensitivity control Weatherproof, high impact case MST matching sonar technology ensures maximum sonar performance and long life by balancing transmitters and receivers to the transducer crystal Transducer included; several transducer options available Backlit scale decal and super bright LED display Two-year warranty
**Custom deep model available to 240 feet
FL-8 SE features: Target ID of down to 1 Three-color LED display

ava ilab le

Great display and great performance comes from the Vexilar Edge3. Not only do you have a dynamic 76,800 pixel display, but now it's in color! With four background color options and six different color display options, the super bright TFT screen display is easy to see even in bright sunlight. The Edge3 uses the same twin transducer system made popular with the Edge2. You have a wide angle 38 transducer cone and a narrow 10 transducer cone running at the same time. With the Edge3, you can even overlap the two cones on the same display for easy comparison. The Edge3 also has quick one touch button functions that allow you to easily find your favorite display functions. It features a fish alarm, temperature readout, clean line controls for bottom target separation, digital depth readout, zoom settings, four pre-set mode options and a digital voltage display. The Edge3 delivers superior performance, and uses a remarkably simple menu program that is easy to master.

Edge 3 LC-507C

LC-507CETM Electric Trolling motor mounting option or in-hull mounting LC-507Ctm For external transom mounting with high speed mounting bracket
Two-year factory warranty
Output Power: 1600 watts peak-to-peak (200 RMS) Dual Frequency: 107 kHz / 400 kHz Beam Angle: 38 (107 kHz) / 10 (400 kHz) Target Separation: 2" (107 kHz) / 1" (400 kHz) min. Max depth Range: 200 feet Display Size: 4.75" x 3.75" Pixel Dimensions: 320 x 240 Operating Voltage: 12 V DC

Patent no 5,515,339

Limited E xtend ed Wa rra nty

New for 2008

Vexilar Two-Year Extended Limited Warranty
FL-8se, FL-12, FL-18 & FL-20 are eligible for this program. You may buy the new Two-Year Extended Warranty at the same time you purchase your Vexilar unit for a special price. If you have already purchased a qualifying Vexilar unit within the last twelve (12) months, you may sign up for the Extended Warranty directly through Vexilar, Inc. Please note, your two years of Extended Limited Warranty coverage will take effect after the original factory warranty expires. This will give you a total of four years of limited coverage based on the original purchase date of the unit. For more details, contact your Vexilar Dealer or visit
he Vexilar Extended Warranty is not only the best in the Marine Industry, but also an exceptional value.
Now you have the opportunity to extend the warranty protection of your Vexilar unit by an additional two yearsfor a total of four years of protection from the time of purchase on your Vexilar unit. Models
The open-water workhorse for serious anglers

FL-10 In-Dash Flasher

ith the FL-10, you get true real-time response to bottom changes at high speeds. You also have the ability to find fish and true bottom, even in thick milfoil and deep grassbeds.
Vexilar, the world leader in three-color flasher sonar uses a super bright LED display that is visible in all light conditions. The FL-10 has three easy to set depth ranges of 0-20, 0-40 and 0-200 feet. The powerful high resolution display has 525 lines of resolution that can easily spot schools of baitfish at high speeds, and can instantly show you changes in depth. The exclusive three-color display shows weak or small targets as green, stronger targets as orange with the strongest targets and bottom displayed in red. This exclusive three-color system allows you to spot true bottom in thick weeds. The FL-10 easily fits into existing holes from older in-dash units to update your boat with state of the art Vexilar flasher/fish finder technology. Vexilar flashers have the fastest bottom reading response on the market.

FD1084 FD1087 FD1023a

w/12 High Speed Transducer (25' cable) w/12 Puck Transducer (25' cable) w/19 AlumaDucer (25' cable)
Frequency: 200 kHz Display resolution: 525 segments Current draw: 275 ma at 12V DC Power output: 400 watts peak-to-peak (50 watts RMS) hole size: 3 3/8" weight: 1 lb.
Im a Flasher Guy Flashers are the best kept secret on the FLW tour, in thick grass or when looking to identify hard bottom areas. Once you see what a Vexilar flasher can tell you in real-time, you will understand your waters a lot better. Jim Moynagh, FLW Tournament Winner and
Touring Professional Bass Angler

FL-10 features:

Target ID of less than 1 Three-color super bright LED display. Green (weak targets), Orange (stronger targets), Red (strongest targets and bottom) Three depth ranges: (020, 040, 0200) Adjustable sensitivity control Weather-proof, high impact Lexan face plate 12 transducer included, choice of puck style, high speed transducer or the 19 Vexilar AlumaDucer MST matching sonar technology ensures maximum sonar performance and long life by balancing transmitters and receivers to the transducer crystal Two-year warranty
#1 choice for serious anglersthe FL-10:
Identifies bottom contour changes instantly with real-time display Sees spoons and drop-shot rigs while you watch the fish strike! Sees both game fish and baitfish Can be used with universal sonar electric motors 40% larger display than any other in-dash sonar Easily replaces older, outdated in-dash sonar and fits in the same hole Unmatched performance at high speeds Find true bottom in thick weeds Can spot changes in bottom hardness Display is visible in all light conditions The ultimate sonar for grass" fishing
Leading the world with sonar innovation


he AlumaDucer is the worlds only transducer designed to transmit through aluminum with ZERO signal loss. The revolutionary AlumaDucer is built using a winner universal transducer connector and requires a Vexilar accessory adapter to fit most 200 kHz, 50/200 kHz and 83/200 kHz sonar systems.
the NMMA innovation award winning vexilar AlumaDucer. the worlds first in-hull transducer for aluminum boats

Other frequency options

Yes, you heard right. For the first time in boating history, the aluminum boat owner does not need to drill holes in the back of the boat to mount a transducer! Vexilar, a leader in marine electronics for over 40 years, has taken on a challenge never before thought possible to develop a transducer that can be mounted INSIDE aluminum boats! The AlumaDucer transducer looks similar to a standard transducer, but looks are deceiving. The AlumaDucer is designed to automatically compensate for the loss of signal strength that occurs to a sonar signal when it passes through aluminum. This means no more holes in your boat, no more worries about breaking off your transducer at the boat ramp or giant rooster tails spouting from the back of your boat getting you wet, and NOMORE signal loss. Each transducer comes with our special blend of A.C.E. adhesive, which stands for Acoustically Conductive Epoxy. This will ensure the bond between the transducer and the aluminum hull is perfect every time. The new Vexilar A.C.E. transducer adhesive works extremely well for mounting all types of transducers. A.C.E. adhesive can also be purchased separately.

50/200kHz model available with 45/11 cone angle 83/200kHz model available with 60/20 cone angle.

AlumaDucer features:

Revolutionary AlumaDucer eliminates the need for holes in Aluminum Boats! Shoots directly thru aluminum hulls up to.150 thick! Universal transducer is designed to fit most sonar systems. See listing below. Available in 200 kHz with 19 transducer cone angle, 50/200 kHz with 45/11 cone angles and 83/200 kHz with 60/20 cone angles. Comes with Vexilars special A.C.E. transducer adhesive and surface preparation kit.
TB0021AU 50/200kHz AlumaDucer Kit with Vexilar universal adapter TB0022AU 83/200kHz Alumaducer with universal adapter TB0023A 200kHz AlumaDucer Kit with Vexilar 3 pin connector TB0023AU AlumaDucer Kit with universal adapter (requires adapter listed below)
Vexilar Accessory Adapters for Universal AlumaDucer
Fishfinder 100, Fishfinder 100 BLUE, Fishfinder 120, Fishfinder 160, Fishfinder 160C, Fishfinder 240, Fishfinder 250/250C, Fishfinder 320/320C, Fishfinder 340C, FIshfinder 400C, Fishfinder 80, Fishfinder 90, GPSMAP 135, GPSMAP 168, GPSMAP 178/178C, GPSMAP 185, GPSMAP 188/188C, GPSMAP 198C, GPSMAP 235, GPSMAP 238, GPSMAP 298, GPSMAP 398, GPSMAP 498, GPSMAP 440/440S, GPSMAP 540/540S, GPSMAP 545/545S, GSD20, GSD21, GSD22
Is your sonar not listed? Check-out the newest and most current listing of adapters at
LMS240, LMS320, LMS320DF, LMS330C, LMS332C, LMS334C iGPS, LMS335C DF, LMS337C DF, LMS339C DF iGPS, LMS480M, LMS480M DF, LMS520C, LMS522C iGPS, LMS525C DF, LMS527C iGPS, LMS527C DF iGPS, X100C, X102C, X105C DF, X107C DF, X125, X126 DF, X126c DF, X135, X136 DF, X136c DF, X51, X52, X58 DF, X59 DF, X71, X87, X88DF, X91, X97, X98DF, X-510C, X-515C DF GlobalMap 2000, LCG2400, LMS160 MAP, X24, X28, X29, X38, X48, X49, X55A, X58, X65, X75, X85, LCF1440 InDash, LST3800, M56, M68C, M68I s/Map, M52i S/GPS, X22A, X25A, X25B, X45, X47/EX/TX, X50 DS, X67C, X86 DS, X37TX, X96 FL8, FL8SLT, FL8se, FL10, FL12, FL18, FL20, CLC200

ADP010 Garmin

Trak Pro 128DX, Wide 100, Wide 128, Wide W, WPS60ID InDash, Z160

ADP020 Bottom Line

Tournament NCC Models: 5300, 6500 Tournament Tournament Tournament Tournament Tournament

ADP021 Bottom Line

1250, Tournament 3100, 320MAX, Tournament 3310, 4100, Tournament 4300, 480MAX, Tournament 5100, NCC 6300
141c, 161, 300TX, 323, 343c, 363, 383c, 400TX, 717, 727, 737, 747c, 757c, 767, 777c2, 787c2, 797c2, 917c, 931c, 937c, 957c, 981c SI, 987c SI, FishFinder 515, FishFinder 525, FishFinder 535/PT, FishFinder 565, FishFinder 575, FishFinder 580, FishFinder 585c, FishFinder 595c, HDR 610, Legend 3000, LPG2000, Matrix 10, Matrix 12, Matrix 15, Matrix 17, Matrix 20, Matrix 25, Matrix 27, Matrix 35, Matrix 37, Matrix 55, Matrix 65, Matrix 67, Matrix 77C, Matrix 87C, Matrix 97, Piranha 1, Piranha 2, Piranha 3, Piranha 4, Piranha 5, PiranhaMAX 10, PiranhaMAX 15, PiranhaMAX 20, PiranhaMAX 30, PiranhaMAX 210, PiranhaMAX 215, PiranhaMAX 220, PiranhaMAX 230, PiranhaMAX 240, TFX320, Wide 2000, Wide Eye, Wide Optic, Wide

ADP031 Humminbird

Accura 240/FLW, FishEasy/ST, Magna III/Plus, MagnaView/Plus, Optima, Status, Strata 128/ Plus, Strataview/128, Trifinder/FLW, Ultra Classic/Plus Cuda 128, Cuda 168/EX, Cuda 240GPS, Cuda 242, Cuda 250 S/Map, FishEasy 2/2T, FishEasy 240, FishEasy 245DF, FishEasy 245DS, FishEasy 250DF, FishEasy 320c, FishElite 320, FishElite 480, FishElite 500C, FishElite 502C iGPS, FishElite 640C, FishElite 642C iGPS, FishMark 320, FishMark 480, FishMark 500C, FishMark 640C, FishStrike 1000C, FishStrike 2000C, SeaChamp 1000C DF, SeaChamp 2000C DF, SeaCharter 500C DF, SeaCharter 502C DF, SeaCharter 502C DF iGPS, SeaCharter 640C DF, SeaCharter 642C DF iGP, SeaFinder 240DF, SeaFinder 245DF, SeaFinder 250DF, SeaFinder 320DF, SeaFinder 480DF, SeaFinder 500CDF, SeaFinder 640CDF LCX104C, LCX110C, LCX111C HD, LCX112C, LCX113, LCX113C HD, LCX15MT/CT/CI/C, LCX16CT/CI, LCX17M, LCX18C, LCX19C, LCX20C, LCX25C, LCX26C HD, LCX27C, LCX28C HD, LCX37C, LCX38, LCX38C HD,

ADP041 Eagle

ADP042 Eagle

ADP041 Lowrance

ADP042 Lowrance
100 SX/100 PT, 105SX, 200 DX/PT, 405SX/ Plus, Angler 400+, HDR 600 InDash, HDR 200, LCR 100, LCR 400/ID/PT, LCRW, LCRW, Legend 1000, Legend 2000, N525, Pro Angler, Pro Angler 400SX, TCRID10, TFX100 InDash, TFX128, TFX160, Tracker Pro 160,

ADP030 Humminbird

Panorama, Wide Paramount, Wide Portrait, Wide View, Wide Vision FishEasy 2/2T, FishEasy 2P, FishMark 160, FishMark 240, SeaCharter 320DF, SeaCharter 480DF, TriFinder 2

ADP050 Vexilar

ADP040 Eagle

ADP040 Lowrance

with all accessory adapters. Compatible only with AlumaDucer Universal adapter system. Still requires accessory adapter for your sonar.
14 Universal Sonar extension cable for use
Order clothing on-line at
Vexilar Products and AccessoriestKt

Vexilar Brimz sunglasses

A unique concept in eyewear. The polarized sunglasses clip directly to the brim of your fishing cap and can be flipped-up when not in use. (Note: does not fit over prescription glasses). VXW001 Smoke (shown) VXW002 Brown
soft packs vexilar clothing
VXW212 Sweatshirt VXW220 Hooded sweatshirt CAP001 Pro staff cap CAP004 Beanie cap (not shown) CAP005 Knit cap VXW427 Denim long sleeveshirt VXW112 T-shirt (not shown) VXW122 Long sleeve t-shirt

(not shown)

Protects Vexilar Ultra Pack, Pro Pack, Genz Pack. Made from heavy duty polyester. Easy access window permits use while sealed and protected from the weather. (FL-unit not included) SP0004 Ultra Pack soft pack SP0005 Genz Pack soft pack SP0006 Pro Pack II soft pack


A.C.E AcousticAlly conductive epoxy Rod holder aDD-ons
RH-100 Additional rod CH-100 Cup holder (fits
inside rod holder) holder

Vexilar DVD


Vexilar Product DVD

ACE001 Everything
you need to install an in-hull transducer using Vexilars special blend of marine epoxy. Good for one installation.

TK-123 & TK-187

TK-223 & TK-287UUUCspC

TK-144 & TK-184

TK-244 & TK-284

mag shield

MS0001 Fits over any FL-18 or FL-8se model. Mag Shield magnifies and protects viewing area.
fl series trolling motor/in-hull kit
This kit contains everything you need to mount on your trolling motor or in-hull (25' cable). tk-123 (FL8/FL18) tk-223 (FL12/FL20) w/19 Puck Transducer tk-187 (FL8/FL18) tk-287 (FL12/FL20) w/12 Puck Transducer
fl series transom mount kit
This kit makes it easy to transform your ice fishing FL-unit for open water fishing (25' cable). tk-144 (FL8/FL18) tk-244 (FL12/FL20) w/19 Hi-Speed Transducer tk-184 (FL8/FL18) tk-284 (FL12/FL20) w/12 Hi-Speed Transducer


l-200 Flexible night light with
super-bright LEDs. Reduced current draw extends battery life. Attaches to Pro Packs, Ultra Packs and Genz Packs for night use.


104 Quickly and accurately shows what the
temperature is below your boat. You'll also know the maximum depth it is dropped down to. Comes with a fish species preferred temperature chart.
battery status indicators
Works with all 12 volt batteries for portable or permanent mounting. The T-130 monitors discharge cycle only while the D-130 is interchangeable with T130 but gives a digital readout on battery status during discharge and charging cycles. Durable and waterproof.
Promount quick-release bracket
Comes with all mounting hardware and fits any sonar up to three pounds. SMC001 Complete SMB001 Base only

unit 2.6" wide

high speed Transducer systems
tb0030 9, 25' cable tb0044 19, 25' cable (shown) tb0045 Dual Beam 9 & 19, 25' cable tb0084 12, 25' cable
Ice-Ducer Transducer Systems

puck TransducerS systems

automatic battery charger
v-amp digital automatic charger

with standby mode

tb- 1.5" dia., 7' cable tb- 2.5" dia., 7' cable (shown) tb0052 Dual Beam 9 & 19 - 2.5" dia., tb- 1.9" dia., 7' cable

9' cable

tb- 1.5" dia., 25' cable tb- 2.5" dia., 25' cable tb0032 Dual Beam 9 & 19 tb- 2.5" dia., 25' cable
2.5" dia., 25' cable (shown)
v-volt, 9 amp-hour battery and v-volt, 7 amp-hour battery

and charger

1 amp digital automatic charger

Tackle tote

TT-100 This Vexilar
accessory comes with three Vexilar tackle boxes in a semi-waterproof bag to keep you organized.

transducer brackets

bk0023 w/1 suction cup for TB0023
transducer (left) transducer not included bk0027 Suction Cup Mounting Bracket fits the 9, 12 and Dual Beam puck transducers (not shown) bk0044 w/2 suction cups for high speed transducers (right) transducer not included

Transducer switch box


2 transducers

fl-8 sun hood

s-240 Easily attaches

to FL-8 or FL-18 series flasher for increased visiblity in sunlight.

S cable for fl Series

Cuts down output power of unit for superior performance in super shallow water or thick weeds s-140 Fits FL-8 only


1 transducer Fits all Vexilar transducers.
Looking good and staying warm this winter.

Cold-Snap Outerwear

Custom detachable zipper/ snap oversize hood with cinch cords and built-in brim Hanger loop on inside and outside of jacket Safety whistle with dedicated pocket Reflective tape on back of hood and top pocket flaps for added visibility Four large front exterior cargo pockets Two easy entry lower front polar fleece lined slash pockets Inside rib knit storm cuff with adjustable Velcro on outer shell cuff Drawstring interior waist cord to create a warm seal and comfort fit

Cold-Snap Parka

Available in sizes: S4 XL Oversized wind protection fleece collar Wind and water resistant 300D nylon shell and lining is 240 gram warm polar fleece Two large mesh pockets with Velcro closure, plus inside cell phone or iPod pocket Four D-ring hooks for clipping on accessories allow quick, easy access 15 total pockets Extra length and drop tail for maximum coverage

Cold-Snap Bibs

Convenient back area pockets for adding heat packs Wind and water resistant 300D nylon shell Bibs come up to mid-high back and to chest area for warmth Extra wide belt with over-sized buckle snap Full front chest double YKK zipper Two embroidered Vexilar logos Reflective safety tape piping along side of zippers Long side super heavy duty YKK zipper for easy boot access

Extra wide adjustable straps with large buckle snaps Reinforced stitching on back of straps Inside bib, fleece lined pocket Two slash front zipper access slots for access to interior valuables Two large front cargo pockets TTV Full side flap features weather resistant rain gutter over leg zipper with Velcro for extra protection Reinforced, waterproof padded knee pads Super large Velcro ankle cuffs
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Technical specifications

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Vexilar's most popular carry case gets a total makeover. The new Pro Pack II features an enlarged, super strong handle design. The new handle also supports the gimbal bracket making it easier to rotate upwards for vertical viewing. The new Pro Pack II has additional features like a rod holder, tackle box, and an Ice-Ducer support eye-bolt with a handy storage slot right in front. The Pro Pack II Case gives you secure, but easy access to your battery terminals and is designed to hold all of Vexilar's after-market accessories for mounting directly on the pack. Compact round 10" diameter base size fits into a standard 5 gallon plastic pail for flasher protection and transportation; Cable storage area and grips to keep extra cable under control; Includes rod holder and Vexilar tackle box; The new transducer nest securely holds each of our Ice-Ducer styles all in one; Includes Ice-Ducer eye-bolt support for an alternative to using the float; Easy Assembly - Pre drilled mounting holes to permanently affix your unit All durable, molded plastic construction; Battery compartment holds standard size sealed lead-acid and gel cell batteries snugly and with the weight centered in the system.



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