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SV-236MK facelifted
Its the intrinsic values that count
Vincent carried out enormous in-house development during the past two years. Development that could clearly score in sound improvement. Let us here mention the DC-coupled Mos Fet input stage, introduced in 2002 in the SA-93. Or the DC server unit for better power supply of the output stages, if required, the first time used in 2006 in the SP-995, for immediate availability in case of high pulses. Naturally, constantly new findings and sound improving measures are incorporated in the manufacturing process. Thus in the meantime we fall back on a clearly finer core materials for the transformers, minimizing magnetic diffusions and turbulences. The power adaptor was revised and adapted to the requirements of strong performance peaks, the sound appreciates it with sovereignty and ease at all speakers.

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The choice of materials is critical tubeLine facelifted
SV-236MK internally and externally impressive!
From these developments and continuous improvements from a certain point onwards the name MK arises, and marks a new leap in the sum of many smaller and larger developments. In this way the SV-236MK developed. Based on the outstanding characteristics of SV-236 a unit was enhanced, which advanced in performance only by parts of the above-mentioned changes. The increase is around 50W, from 100W at 8 Ohm to 150W at 8 Ohm. As a result the listener enjoys clearly improved performance and dynamics, the sound simply gets even better, more superior. Even the power adaptor was revised and provides for sound improvement. The
Revised power adaptor, shielded transformer, all tidy and straightforward sorted, here nothing has to be hidden!
new voltage stabilization circuit is introduced in the SV-236MK. Consequently the sound has clearly improved, close to tube sound and thus much higher musicality. A further result is the simpler and improved circuit layout, the signals follow the simplest paths free of disturbances. Sound-defining parts were optimized and greatly improved. Generally it was reverted to proven components, where the signal could be affected relevantly. Thus for example German WIMA condensers are employed. All these changes are reflected in the exterior design and so even here changes were made. The casing was adjusted to the SV-234 casing, consequently the customer gets a clearly higher value and quality to the touch at first sight.
SV-236MK Class-A hybrid stereo integrated amplifier Frequency response: Power RMS/8 Ohm: Power RMS/4 Ohm: Class A/8 Ohm: T. H. D.: Input sensivity: Signal-Noise ratio: Input Impedance: Inputs: Outputs: 20 Hz - 50 kHz +/- 0.5 dB 20 Hz - 50 kHz +/- 2.0 dB 2x 150W 2x 250W 2 x 10W < 0.1 % (1 kHz, 1 Watt) 200mV > 80 dB 47 kOhm 6 x RCA 2 x 4 Speaker Terminal, 1 x RCA Rec Out, 1 x RCA Pre Out 12V Triggerout 230 V/50 Hz black/silver 18 kg 430 x 150 x 435 mm 1 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AX7
Power Control: Mains supply: Colour: Weight: Dim. (WxHxD): Tubes:
For further information please contact Christian Frhling. Sintron Vertriebs GmbH, Sdring 14, D-76473 Iffezheim, Telefon: 0049-7229-182950, Fax: 0049-7229-182951 e-mail:,,



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