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silas 11:55pm on Thursday, September 9th, 2010 
Apple Earphones They are the Apple earphones. Exactly what you expect. The mic and button work with the iPhone 3G, but not the volume buttons.
dgradim 8:46am on Sunday, August 1st, 2010 
Took me a few days of googling to hack this phone to work with t-mobile. It comes with 1.1.1 OS out of the box now. So I downgraded to 1. The iphone is a nice phone, but not great. AT&T and Apple lock this phone down which is not right since we spend so much on it.
davepr 8:01pm on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 
Good phone, fast, better battery life, retina display Overpriced. You can get it much cheaper via ATT or even Apple direct for 699. Apps is what makes this phone so great.
abc 6:22am on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 
This is my very first attempt at a smartphone so I come into the game with no BlackBerry bias. I have used this phone since July and love it. It brings so many features together into one device. The keyboard is great.
Stevie 5:14am on Sunday, July 11th, 2010 
When there is no 3G HSDPA compatibility; no wireless iTunes connectivity or downloads; no external memory card slot; no stereo Bluetooth so why would ... I love my new iphone, it was very easy to sync with itunes - both music and contacts, very intuitive to learn how to do things. I have had the Iphone(Edge) since it came out and find it so suprising that all these people sing its praises.
edwardsean 1:46am on Tuesday, July 6th, 2010 
Apple is making millions on a great idea but ...  I like the internet, I like videoing and taking pictures and being able to email them. I bought this phone and a MacBook thinking th...  Screen size, Apps, voice quality No bluetooth communication with Mac computers AT&T is known for their 3g problems. I ca...  Great App Store Poor Coverage, Verizon Wireless is faster and has better coverage
baak 7:13am on Friday, June 25th, 2010 
Good to have spares I find these pry tools are invaluable for dismantling small electronic devices. Knock-off earbuds I only paid 3$ for mine, but they are knock-offs and not the real Apple earbuds. The sound in them stinks.
jwgiedt 8:10am on Monday, June 14th, 2010 
This is no longer necessary to pipe music to receive telephone, Internet connection their new Apple iPhone . With the iPhone.
alegra 7:57pm on Monday, May 17th, 2010 
Earphones Although the earphones work fine, one of them lost the metal outside cover within a week. Also one of the cords (right and left).
Woos 5:34am on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 
I bought the iphone because it is "idiot proof". Being of an older generation and not too tech savvy this phone was a breeze. Amazing combination of phone/music player/video player WHEN IT WORKS! Screen suddenly dies or freezes during task. Firmware update may kill it!
pstern 3:57pm on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010 
This is no longer necessary to pipe music to receive telephone, Internet connection their new Apple iPhone . With the iPhone.
sebastienp_2000 5:06pm on Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 
iPhone From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Apple iPhone) Jump to: navigation. * The bold, 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3mm compared to the first generation iPhone apple 115 x 61 x 11.6mm * Impressive cheap.
www.Sticker.Tk 1:21pm on Thursday, March 11th, 2010 
It would be great, I agree, if the world worked from the MAC platform. I was an initial adopter of mobileme when it had problems. However, those have been ironed out and the product works as advertised.

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Vivanco GmbH, D-22926 Ahrensburg, E-Mail:, Helpline: +49 (0) 4102 231135
(GB) Instructions VIVANCO UR 4 SL remote control for almost all TV, audio, video and other infrared-controllable appliances Inserting the batteries Open the battery compartment on the underside of the UR, see Fig. Then insert 1 new CR 2032 lithium battery. Make sure that the polarity is correct: the "+" and "-" markings on the batteries and in the compartment must match. To check functionality, press the PWR button. If everything is correct the red lamp flickers when the button is pressed. Lithium Battery: Caution: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of used batteries according to the manufacturers instructions. Adapting to appliances In order to control your appliances you must adapt or set the remote control to them:. Direct control code entry using the enclosed list Example: setting to control a Panasonic television set: 1. The attached list gives, for example, the Panasonic Code 176. Please make sure you have selected the correct list for television sets (TV). 2. To prepare code entry, press the SET button, keep it pressed and then press the required appliance button, e.g. TV, additionally until the lamp (LED) lights constantly. 3. Then press the number buttons (e.g. 6) in sequence. 4. Once the numbers have been entered the lamp goes out and the remote control is ready to control your appliance. 5. Finally, test the control code setting by trying to control (in this example) your television set. If it does not work at all or not correctly try a different code from the list or the code search (see below). To set the remote control for other appliances, proceed in the same way. Instead of the TV appliance button, press another button e.g. DVB (SAT, DECODER, DVB-T), DVD, AUX. The letters on the device buttons TV, DVB, DVD, AUX are for your orientation only. You can set each type of device under any of the buttons. You can terminate the mode by pressing any device button.
Code search If the brand of your appliance is not in the list or none of the codes given fits, we recommend a code search. Manual code search 1. Switch on the appliance to be controlled. Program is running. 2. To prepare code search, press the SET button, keep it pressed and then press the required appliance button, e.g. TV, additionally until the lamp (LED) lights constantly. 3. Then point the remote control at the appliance to be controlled. 4. Briefly press the SET button once. The lamp (LED) blinks. Except when searching for a TV code you can also briefly press the (Play) button and use the Play function to help search and press ON/OFF for testing the next code. Make sure that a tape, a DVD or a CD is inserted in the tape deck, player or recorder. 5. Press the ON/OFF (appliance on/off) button repeatedly for testing the next code, approx. every 1,5 seconds, until the appliance, e.g. your TV reacts by power off or your DVD player, reacts by Play > button. - If your appliance has switched itself off you must switch it back on again, e.g. on the appliance or with the original remote control, to continue searching. - When your appliance reacts you can also try out other buttons without interrupting the search. If some buttons do not work properly, simply continue searching with ON/OFF or Play. 6. When your appliance reacts correctly, press the appliance button, e.g. TV, and end the search. The lamp (LED) goes out. - The UR 4 SL continues with the search at the point where you interrupted it. The code last entered remains stored. The search stops after approx. 30 seconds of inactivity. Automatic code search Your remote control finds the correct settings almost automatically in seconds: 1. Switch on the appliance to be controlled. A channel number, for example, appears in the display of your satellite receiver. 2. To start the code search, press the required appliance button, e.g. TV briefly. 3. Then press SET for about 5 seconds until the lamp (LED) starts to blink. 4. Then point the remote control at the appliance to be controlled while the remote control emits a different ON/OFF signal every second.

5. When your appliance reacts, press SET within 1-2 seconds, to end the search. If you ended the search too late, continue to search using the Manual Code Search (see above). 6. Finally, test the control code setting by trying to control, for example, your DVD appliance. If it does not work correctly, please try the code search again. The code search then begins with the next code in the sequence. - Remember to switch your appliance, e.g. DVD, back on again if you wish to continue searching. Code identification You can read off the 3-digit codes you have set at any time: 1. Press the appliance button of the appliance which code you want to read off, e.g. TV. 2. Press the SET button and 1,2,3, depending on the part of the code you want to read off. For example, if you press SET+1 after TV and the code 176 (in this example) has been set, the lamp blinks once after SET+1 is released to show that the hundred figure is 1. All you have to do is count. The ten figure is indicated after SET+2 is released, e.g. it blinks 7 times for the 7 in 176. The one figure is indicated after SET+3 is released, e.g. it blinks 6 times for the 6 in 176. Operation You operate your appliances basically in exactly the same way as if you were using the original remote controls, except that you must first press an appliance button (TV, DVB, etc.) to control the required appliance. As the symbols on the UR 4 SL could differ from those on the original remote controls you may have to try out all the buttons in order to find the functions. Punch through If certain control codes e.g. for controlling satelite receivers, set top boxes etc, dont contain volume and mute key functions, then the controller controls TV volume and mute automatically. Specifications Battery: 1* button cell type CR 2032 Range: max. 7 m Not for 400 kHz equipment 2-year works guarantee Should your UR 4 SL cease to work within 2 years of purchasing you will receive a free replacement from VIVANCO. Exceptions: missing codes, deliberate destruction and
normal wear and tear of the housing and buttons. (D) Bedienungsanleitung Fernbedienung Vivanco UR 4 SL fr fast alle Fernseh-, Audio-, Video und anderen infrarotsteuerbaren Gerte Batterien einlegen ffnen Sie das Batteriefach an der Unterseite der UR 4 SL, s. Fig. und setzen Sie eine neue CR 2032 Lithium-Batterie ein. Bitte berprfen Sie die richtige Polaritt: die + und - Markierungen der Batterien und des Faches mssen bereinstimmen. Drcken Sie zur berprfung der korrekten Funktion die PWRTaste. Wenn alles korrekt ist, flackert die rote Lampe beim Drcken. Lithiumbatterie: VORSICHT: Explosionsgefahr bei unsachgemem Auswechseln der Batterie! Batterie nur mit einem vom Hersteller empfohlenen gleichwertigen Typ ersetzen. Entsorgung mu nach Anweisungen des Herstellers erfolgen. Gerteanpassung Um Ihre Gerte steuern zu knnen, mssen Sie die Fernbedienung fr Ihre Gerte einstellen. Dazu gibt es zwei Mglichkeiten: die direkte Steuerkodeeingabe und die Kodesuche. Die direkte Steuerkodeeingabe mithilfe der beigefgten Liste Beispiel: Einstellung der Fernbedienung fr ein Panasonic-Fernsehgert: 1. Aus der beigefgten Liste entnehmen Sie z.B. den Panasonic-Code 176. Bitte vergewissern Sie sich, dass Sie die korrekte Liste fr Fernseher (TV) gewhlt haben. 2. Zur Vorbereitung der Kodeeingabe drcken Sie kurz die Tasten SET (Einstellung) und dann dazu die gewnschte Gertetaste, z.B. TV, bis das Lmpchen (LED) dauernd leuchtet. 3. Dann drcken Sie nacheinander die Zifferntasten (z.B. 6). 4. Nach der Zifferneingabe erlischt die Lampe und die Fernbedienung ist bereit zum Steuern Ihres Gertes. 5. Zum Abschluss testen Sie den eingestellten Steuerkode, indem Sie versuchen in diesem Fall Ihr TV-Gert zu steuern. Funktioniert es nicht oder nicht richtig, dann versuchen Sie bitte einen weiteren Kode aus der Liste oder die Kodesuche, s.u. Die Einstellung der Fernbedienung zur Steuerung weiterer Gerte nehmen Sie auf

O73;>9,M797 94- 7<6>=:=A 9:- +:.<+G8<2M0-9>1 080<0.A8097 8BA+930 6/6+7/A1. N @F@O9>2:2 BH1=B?J _WK RW PT R T Y P Y K TKTf[ NTU NLK PTNWXL L K NTU UW` U PTK[KT TS^ NLY TKT Tf^R KLY PQ UPL] , N^N YK NTNTU X UNLY T TKT` N PQ UPL]. PF@O9>2:2 BH1=B?J 5<C37?A _WK K Z N N K RW PT N Y P Y T NLK PTNWXX XL PQ UP^ N K X NT PQ UPVK, ST TPTXL]R URLSLU N N K X UNLY T TKT` N PQ UPL]. Q5=8?B4F2>2 @F@O9>2:2 BH1=B?J 1 g[ N X UNLY T N K Y P Y SLY O[X N KT X[ N. hL S ^ TRRT N [ U. 2 aUT N K S L NLURT T N TKT` N PQ UPL] SU[ N UT X L NL SX PN L SET ( ]ORU ) PTU R NW [KT SX PN L Y P Y S. TV [Q ^NLY XY K T (LED) ST TR K U TKTRR[K. 3 c NW S L TKTNLX N NL N X U U N UL S L N K Y P Y SLY O[X N KT X[ N R TYN^. 4 \U[ N UT X L NL SX PN L SET. e XY K T (LED) TKTZL Z K U. 5 \U[ N STK UX RR[KT, S. TKW YN ^X SNL, NL SX PN L ON/OFF ( Y P Y K /TK K ) [Q ^NLY Y P Y , S. N X ^ T T , TKNU W U. P>9? 94- >->MA9464 9:- +:.<+G- ;8037,97 78,641 -> 8<26797 6C-90;> 8.L. 90 8BA+930 > (Play) >K0C 8304=0/;2-:1 2L797 8<267< 90 8BA+930 ( Y P Y K /TK K ), 830+7<;2-0/ -> L346<;080<A6797 94B7<90/3=,> Play/@->8>3>=:=A1 =<> 94>->MA9464. Q7H><:R7,97 8:1 69<1 6/6+7/21 >->8>3>=:=A1 +>< 7==3>KA1 ;26:- 2L7< 9080R794R7, 2-> ;260 8.L. DVD A CD. S?- 4 6/6+7/A 6>1 2L7< 97R7, 7+9E1 B7<90/3=,>1 9E97 =<> 94- 6/-2L<>->MA94641 83287< -> 947-73=080<A6797 ;8BA+930 78, 941 6/6+7/A1 A ;>/R7-9<+E 94B7L7<3<69A3<0. T9>- 4 6/6+7/A 6>1 >-9<.3?67<, ;8037,97 ->.0+<;?6797 +>< ?BB> 8BA+93> L:3,1 -> 7=+>9>B7,F797 94.<>.<+>6,> 941 >->MA94641. S?- 03<6;2-> 8BA+93>.7- B7<90/3=0C- 6:69?, >8BG1 6/-7L,697 94- >->MA94641 ;8BA+930 ON/OFF. iNTK Y P Y T TKNU W Q NW, SU[ N NL S. TV*, N RTN `LKNT SX PN L Y P Y [N U N K TKT` N. e XY K T (LED) Z K U. - O0 UR 4 SL 6/-7L,M7< 94- >->MA9464 >8E 90 64;7,0 80/.<>+E84+7. T9>- 78<97/LR7, 90 92BB,69>1 +:.<+G-, 4 >->MA9464 69>;>9?7< >/9E;>9>. O0 94B7L7<3<69A3<0
>->H06HA-7< =3A=03> +>< 78>-4BB7<;2->. J 97B7/9>,> 7<6>=;2-01 +:.<+E1 8>3>;2-7< >80R4+7;2-01. D B7<90/3=,> >->MA94641.<>+E8979>< ;79? >8E 873,80/ 30.7/973EB789> >83>5,>1. PA>DG@>2 @F@O9>2:2 BH1=B?J d X T YN ^X SNT NL N X U U N UL T OT KNLS U ^K TYN^RTNT NU Q N[ YOR U : 1. g[ N N K Y P Y SLY SUOYR N KT X[ N X UNLY T, [N U V N S. KT RfTK ` NTU [K UM K^ T UORL] S L WRRTNL N K LO^K NLY L YfL UPL] T [PN 2. aUT N K PP K N X UNLY T TKT` N PQ UPL] SU[ N ]KNLRT NL SUOYR N^ SX PN L Y P Y , S. TV. 3. dN K YK[ UT SU[ N NL SX PN L SET UT S U ^N T TS^ 5 YN ^X SNT [Q ^NLY XY K T (LED) TKTZL Z K U. 4. c NW S L TKTNLX N NL N X U U N UL S L N K Y P Y SLY SUOYR N KT X[ N R TYN^, PTO' ^ LK NL N X U U N UL PS[RS U [KT UTfL NUP^ RT ON/OFF TKW YN ^X SNL. 5. _WK Y P Y T TKNU W U, SU[ N NL SX PN L SET KN^ 1-2 YN LX[SNQK, UT KT N RTN N N K NLY PQ UPL]. S?- +>R/6973A6>97 TKT` N -> 973;>9,6797 94- >->MA9464, 9E97 6/-7L,697 94- >->MA9464 ;7 94- U7<30+,-494 >->MA9464 HB. ?-:. 6. h X UVKLKNT N UT UPT T LPURW N NLK SUX R[KL PQ UP^ S L STOVKNT UT ST W U RT KT X[ M N NL DVD player. _WK K X UNLY Q NW N^N S L STO N MTKW R N K TKT` N NLY PQ UPL]. e TKT` N NLY PQ UPL] T ` U R NLK TR[ Q S^R KL PQ UP^. S?- R2B797 -> 6/-7L,6797 94- >->MA9464, ;4- 57L?6797 -> 7-73=080<A6797 94- 6/6+7/A 8.L. 90 DVD 7+ -20/ ;8BA+930 78, 941 6/6+7/A1. ;@A>?I?42:2 BH1=B?J cSL N TKW SW T NU R KT N NLY SUX R[KLY N Uj fULY PQ UPL] : 1. \U[ N NL SX PN L Y P Y N Y P Y , N LSL T NLK PQ UP^ SUOYR N KT N S. TV. 2. \U[ N NL SX PN L SET ( ]ORU ) PTU R NW SU[ N NL 1, 2, 3, TKWXL T R NL SLUT O[ NLY PQ UPL] O[X N KT N. \. WK SU[ N TV SET+1 PTU L SUX R[KL PQ UP^ KTU TYN^ NLY ST T RTNL , X. L 176, XY K T TKTZL Z K U, Tf KLKNT NL SX PN L SET+1, RfTK ` NTU 1* SLY YSL XVK U N K PTNLKNW T NLY Y P P UR[KLY PQ UPL]. hL R^KL SLY UW` NTU KTU KT R N N. \U[`LKNT



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