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Supports for: LCD/TFT Plasma DVD Video


Grow with the expanding flat panel market LCD/Plasma screens have become the must have item of the trendy household. And as the market continues to grow and change, flat panel mounting systems need to change too. Medium-size screens are now a fast growing segment. And consumers are starting to use their flat TVs differently, wanting to turn them for better viewing. As a retailer, how do you keep your customers satisfied? Vogels has the answer: Evolution 6000 Series. Outstanding value for money The Evolution 6000 Series delivers outstanding value for money, so consumers can fully enjoy their flat TVs. For retailers, it offers a high return on sales because it is an appealing product for the consumer at an attractive price. Vogels the front runner in A/V support For over 30 years, we have been turning out A/V mounting solutions that meet and exceed consumers needs. Thats why today we are one of the most trusted and well-known experts in the support business. If you want a reliable partner that is concerned with long-term relationships and results, then Vogels is the right choice for you!
Benefit from the flat TV boom with the Vogels Evolution 6000 Series.
The smart solution The Evolution 6000 Series support system offers full freedom of movement and stability that makes it truly stand out from conventional supports. Its Smart Range offers the most advanced range of solutions for every size of flat screen and for every desired functionality all in one modular system. All products are based on the latest developments and styling in the A/V industry and are made of high quality, durable materials that we guarantee for 10 years.


Flat on the wall is now turning flexible on the wall for all different sizes of flat screens. And that is just what todays demanding consumers are looking for. Flat TVs are moving off the wall and into the living space because everyone wants to get maximum enjoyment out of their entertainment equipment. The Evolution 6000 Series does all that and more for consumers. And it offers a unique opportunity for retailers as well. Grow with the flat market The flat TV market is booming and sales are expected to rise in the coming years. Vogels anticipated this growth, as well as the desire for different-size screens and more flexibility when we began developing the Evolution 6000 Series. And now it can help you grow with the flat market. Get a competitive edge The Evolution 6000 Series support system is a guaranteed profit builder and customer loyalty tool. Sell these innovative support solutions with a flat TV sale and you are giving customers valuable advice and an ideal support that will help them enjoy their flat TV to the fullest. As a retailer, you get a high value, high commission accessory that you can sell in just a few minutes. Sell the matching Column system and Audio/DVD support to earn even more. Everyone profits from the Evolution 6000 Series.


Smart Range
fits virtually every screen size and functionality

Modular system

to organise your flat screen, A/V equipment, speakers and cables

Smart Movement Mechanism

to position your screen with a fingertip while protecting your screen and wall

Advanced Cable Inlay

to easily place and manage cables for your TV and A/V equipment

Easy install

requires very little effort to mount your flat screen on the wall


1 Tilt, turn & reach Flexibility and freedom of movement are the key benefits of Vogels EFW 6145, 6245 and 6345: tilt and turn your screen any way you want for an optimal viewing experience. 2 Modular system Combine the Vogels column system with our Audio/DVD support to store all your audio and video equipment in one single, sleek-looking solution. 3 Cable Inlay System (CIS) Get those unsightly cables out of sight using Vogels unique Cable Inlay System (CIS). Screen Protection System (SPS) Dont worry about damaging your screen or wall: the Vogels EFW 6145, and 6345 have Vogels unique Screen Protection System (SPS) and Smart Movement Mechanism (SMM) to position your screen with a fingertip while protecting your screen and wall. 5 VESA compatible All mounts for LCD and plasma screens in the Evolution 6000 Series are VESA compatible, so you always get a perfect match. Year guarantee All products feature the latest audio-visual styling and are made of high quality, durable materials that we guarantee for an extraordinary 10 years. 6

EFA 6835

Column system (excl. Audio/DVD support)

EFA 6825

Audio/DVD support


Smart Range The Evolution 6000 Series is based on a universal design that reduces costs for retailers. The Smart Range ensures that there are fewer products for every size of screen and functional requirement. It means less storage space is required and ordering and inventory control are simplified. This range is the first that offers flat TV supports in 3 different levels of functionality and for 3 different size classes (small, medium, large). That means customers get exactly the functionality they want for whatever size flat screen they have. And it virtually eliminates returns for retailers. Three of a kind The Vogels EFW 6000 fixed models leave room for optimal air circulation and can support screens up to 165 cm / 65 wide and are still close to the wall. The Vogels EFW 6000 adjustable models for tilt and turn can be pulled forward and turned 20 degrees left and right and tilted for an optimal viewing experience. The Vogels EFW 6000 optimally adjustable models for tilt, turn and reach can be pulled farther out and turned a full 60 degrees left and right and tilted for complete freedom of movement.
FIXED 35 - 56 cm EFW - 22



EFW 6125

EFW 6145
57 - 76 cm EFW - 30 EFW 6225 EFW 6245

77 - 108 cm EFW - 42

77 - 165 cm / 31 - 65

EFW 6325

EFW 6345


LCD/TFT & plasma supports A wide selection of innovative mounting solutions; for large or small screens, from close-to-wall to maximum tilt, turn & reach. The modular design of the Evolution Series 6000 allows customers to expand their system with additional components. It also helps retailers expand their margins with additional sales. All components are interchangeable and come in the same colours that match all A/V equipment and add a stylish design accent to every interior. Stylish, compact solution A customer can simply add the column and Audio/DVD support to store all their A/V equipment in one single, sleek-looking solution. The EFA 6835 Column system features our unique AdvanCIS, giving customers the freedom to easily hide and guide cables at any height. Solid and secure LCD and Plasma TVs are a valuable investment that deserve the best possible wall mount. Vogels EFW 6000 optimally adjustable models combine high quality engineering and extreme strength, which provides many years of reliable and comfortable operation. The Vogels adjustable models and optimally adjustable models can both be pulled away from the wall, but customers do not have to worry about damaging their screen or wall. For instance, the Vogels EFW 6145, 6245 and 6345 has Vogels unique Screen Protection System (SPS) which protects both screen and wall. Ideal home cinema setup The Evolution 6000 Series is the ideal solution for creating a home cinema. The column and arm supports can be used to create a compact multi-media wall. Matching loudspeaker stands or supports can be used to place five speakers in the best position at the best height for optimal sound reproduction. VESA compatible All mounts for LCD and plasma screens in the Evolution 6000 Series are VESA compatible. That means that they will fit virtually every brand available on the market. Vogel's has developed a special interface for some of the models that are not VESA compliant. Check our website for details:
Audio/DVD support Combine all your audio/video hardware into one elegant and spacesaving modular system, suitable for different sized DVD and/or hi-fi components. The extendable arms can be placed at any position in the column and are equipped with an anti-slip edge.

Column system Hides your cables, and allows you to build the ideal modular system together with our Audio/DVD support (up to three per column).


The exceptional sales and marketing support from Vogels makes it easy to grow sales. Highlights from our broad assortment of sales tools are shown on this page. Easy to sell: Sales information is clear and easy to understand, so you can quickly sell the product to consumers in just a few minutes. Reliable distribution network ensures fast, accurate service that saves time and effort for retailers. Partnering with a leader in support equipment ensures a continuing stream of innovative solutions that satisfy the demanding consumer market. Easy for consumers to choose the right product. A solution for virtually every screen and every size.
Self Selling Packaging: Improved design and attractive appearance Extra strong finish Designed for consumers Accent colour and clear identification of different hardware groups makes it easier for the consumer to find and select products Clear overview of Evolution 6000 Series makes it easy for consumers to choose correct product Packaging sizes come in universal modules for easy storage and stacking
Type nr. EFW 6105 EFW 6125 EFW 6145 EFW 6205 EFW 6225 EFW 6245 EFW 6305 EFW 6325 EFW 6345 EFA 6825 EFA 6835 EFA 6875
Product LCD/TFT wall support LCD/TFT wall support LCD/TFT wall support LCD wall support LCD wall support LCD wall support LCD/Plasma wall support LCD/Plasma wall support LCD/Plasma wall support Audio/DVD support Column system Universal LCD adapter* 57-76 cm / 23-30" 35-56 cm / 14-22" 35-56 cm / 14-22" 35-56 cm / 14-22" 57-76 cm / 23-30" 57-76 cm / 23-30" 57-76 cm / 23-30" 77-165 cm / 31-65" 77-108 cm / 31-42" 77-108 cm / 31-42"
Max. 12 kg / 26 lbs 3-12 kg / 6-26 lbs 3-12 kg / 6-26 lbs 25 kg / 55 lbs 10-25 kg / 22-55 lbs 10-25 kg / 22-55 lbs 70 kg / 154 lbs 20-45 kg / 44-99 lbs 20-45 kg / 44-99 lbs 10 kg / 22 lbs max 3 x EFA 6825
VESA MIS-D, 100, C / MIS-D, 75, C MIS-D, 100, C / MIS-D, 75, C MIS-D, 100, C / MIS-D, 75, C MIS-D, 100, C / MIS-D, 75, C / MIS-E, C MIS-D, 100, C / MIS-D, 75, C / MIS-E, C MIS-D, 100, C / MIS-D, 75, C / MIS-E, C MIS-F, 700, 450 MIS-F, 700, 450 MIS-F, 700, 450

Guarantee 10 year

EAN inner carton 8712285309069 8712285309120
EAN outer carton 8712285309076 8712285309137

No. in outer carton 5 5

MIS-F, 450, 300
* Suitable for all the EFW 6205, 6225 and 6245 LCD supports, should only be used for Non-VESA compatible LCD screens.


All products in the Evolution 6000 Series are built to exact specifications from the most durable materials available, including high quality, solid steel and aluminum alloy frames all with scratch protection. Strict quality control and safety testing has established an industry-leading ten-year guarantee. This ensures sturdy and secure mounting for valuable flat TVs and A/V equipment for an exceptionally long period. The 6000 Series is VESA compliant and meets the most rigorous industrial manufacturing guidelines and safety standards, including TV/GS.
Vogels Products B.V. Eindhoven, The Netherlands


PX 50945 08/2005 Subject to printing errors, technical and price amendments.



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