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FILLION 2:59am on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 
I have used this phone to listen to tunes while running, drive through 15 countries and 12 states (in Europe and USA respectively). Very disappointed in the phone. I bought it for mobile internet but it is painfully slow. Good for music.
cantastorie 12:50am on Thursday, October 21st, 2010 
Touch. Play. Share. easily saw movie . because skin is big nothing The concept of this cell its also outstanding, nothing has similar like it. This series definitely want to accommodate many of phone cell freaks.
Chemp 12:25am on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 
So I recently bought the Nokia XpressMusic 5800 Smartphone with my AT&T cellular phone provider and loving every minute of it. It is a great phone. Many of us own a mobile phone. In general, we have different preferences of what mobile brand we patronize. For example.
XRumer824 12:46am on Monday, September 6th, 2010 
The phone I purchased before this was a sony ericsson k700i and boy was there a difference between the two. The Nokia 5800, aka “The Tube” is quite a formidable phone offering many great advantages. First off the price.
kromo 4:18am on Sunday, June 27th, 2010 
Phone menu: Symbian S60 5 Touch OS, microSD (TransFlash), up to 16GB, Wi - Fi, Bluetooth weak battery, only 3 . 15 MP camera, has A - GPS
Kellinom 8:23pm on Friday, May 28th, 2010 
Nokia 5800 I ordered Nokia 5800 from Bigtime Wireless and it came fast all the way to Nepal and the phone works great.
naxabusyb 10:16am on Friday, May 21st, 2010 
Love this new cellular. Its easy to view and good virtual keyboards. Just wish the volume was a little louder... Attractive Design","Big Buttons".
Ejnar 7:24pm on Sunday, May 16th, 2010 
My first Nokia and it seems to be the last one. All my other phones, some over 5 years old are working. I could not find anything good about this phone ; after about 3 hours playing with it, i connected to the internet.
godvsroot 4:57am on Sunday, March 28th, 2010 
It is the best phone I ever got. It has everything ,wi-fi,gps,google maps,8gb memory,flawless design.

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Quick Reference Guide Radio Navigation System MFD2 For initial information
Dear Driver, We would, with this Quick Reference Guide, like to give you an overview of the functions of the radio navigation system MFD2. The Quick Reference Guide does not, however, describe all functions. It cannot, therefore, replace the vehicle wallet and the many important explanations and warnings it contains. We wish you safe, reliable and enjoyable motoring. Volkswagen AG

The screen

The display elements

1 - Status bar

A current menu B active audio source or navigation status C supplementary information or command "back with ESC"
2 - Functions and sub-menu items
Press the function / station button (see general overview 3) at the side, to execute the displayed function or to move to the sub-menu. If you can not make a selection D, the command is inactive and has a light background

3 - Selection bar

Turn the menu button (see general overview 12), to select an individual function or sub-menu item. When the selection bar is at the desired point, press the menu button to confirm your choice. You can also make your selection using the function / station button directly.

4 - Active sources

The markings show which sources are active in the foreground or background. The buttons underneath (see general overview 13-19) can be used to jump to the relevant main menu.


On / Off switch (press) Volume (turn)
3 The function / station buttons
The function keys have different functions depending on which main or sub-menu you are in. In the radio and CD changer mode, the top 6 keys can be used to store stations or change CDs.
2 Sound and sound centre settings
Press the button to open the Sound main menu. You can adjust the sound and volume of the different audio sources individually.
5 Day / night display button 6 The screen 7 The CD slot
Insert an audio or navigation CD with the printed side up. Push it in until the point where it is automatically pulled in.
The CD eject button 9 The flagged destination button 11
Press the button to store the current vehicle location. You can call up and be guided to the "flagged destination" at a later date. When this button is pressed again, the flagged destination will be overwritten if it has not been stored in the destination memory.
4 Reverse / forwards button Radio operation
Press the relevant button briefly to select a different stored station. Manual station selection Keep the relevant button pressed down to start the manual search. The next, or previous, station with good reception is set.
10 The button to call up the traffic jam basic menu
Press the button during active route guidance to jump to the traffic jam basic menu. Manual traffic jam function If traffic jams are registered for your route, you can change the route manually to avoid the problems. Dynamic traffic jam function In dynamic route guidance, the system automatically adjusts your route to take current traffic reports into consideration. You are guided to your destination on the fastest route.

CD operation

Press the relevant button briefly to select the next or previous track. Fast forward / reverse Keep the button pressed.

11 The ESC button

Press this button to return to the previous menu.

16 The TELE button

In the telephone main menu, you are given information on the status of the telephone. In addition, you can adjust the telephone volume when using the phone.

12 The menu button

You can make entries in the screen menu. Turn Mark individual functions or submenus Press Select individual functions or submenus The screen will change to the full-screen mode if the navigation system is in map display mode.

17 The CD button

Press this button to access the CD main menu. Here you can control your CD or CD changer.

18 The RADIO button

Press this button. In the radio main menu you can select and store stations.

13 The MAP button

Press this button when active route guidance is active. The screen will switch between map and symbol displays.

19 The INFO button

The system stores text and spoken announcements made by the traffic reports, and draws up a route list whilst the route guidance function is active. Press this button to access the main menu. You can call up all stored information. System settings Press the button to call up the sub-menu. The following system settings can also be made: - Language for display and spoken announcements - Adjustment of screen brightness, depending on light conditions - Screen contrast for day / night display - Time (only if the unit cannot import the time found in combi-instrument)

14 The NAVI button

Press the button to call up the navigation main menu. You can enter information on destination, route guidance etc.

15 The AUX button

Press this button to switch to an additional audio / video source.
Sound and volume settings

Sound settings

Press the Sound button[ ], to open the main menu. You can set the sound character of the current audio source. Select and confirm the relevant menu field A. The selection bar changes to setting scale B. You can now use the menu button to set the desired value and confirm it.

Volume settings

D Press function key next to it C to call up the "Volume setup" sub-menu. You can individually set the minimum volume setting of the audio sources and mute the spoken navigation recommendations, D.

1 - GALA

Setting the speed-dependent volume (GALA) If driving noises become louder at higher speeds, the system raises the volume of the audio source. The volume will be increased more the further the control is set towards the right.

2 - TA-Min.

Minimum volume for traffic announcements

3 - Telephone

Minimum volume for telephone conversations

4 - NAV-Min.

Minimum volume for navigation system announcements

5 - Initial volume

Minimum volume of the last active audio source when the system is switched on
2004 VOLKSWAGEN AG Changes in the scope of delivery in shape, equipment and technology are possible. No legal commitment is therefore implied by the details, illustrations and descriptions in this Quick Reference Guide. Reproduction, reprinting or translation, in whole or in part, is not permitted without the express written permission of VOLKSWAGEN AG. All rights under the laws of copyright are expressly reserved by VOLKSWAGEN AG. Subject to alteration and amendment. Printed in Germany. Print status 01.04

Navi | Kurzanleitung | englisch 01.04 - M -


The audio system
Press the RADIO button to access the radio main menu.

1 - List

All FM stations which can be received are automatically searched for an stored in a list. Press function key on the side to select a station from the list. _Man (manual) store stations manually Confirm the function for over 2 seconds until the current frequency is displayed in the middle of the screen. Select a station by pressing and holding the forward / reverse button or by turning the menu button. Press the function / station button you wish to assign the station to until you hear a beep. The station is now stored.

2 - SCAN

Press the function key on the side to briefly play all the stored stations. Press the button again if you wish to listen to the station currently being scanned. _AS (autostore) automatic station store Confirm the function for over 2 seconds. The top six station buttons are assigned to the stations with the best reception in the chosen wave band (FM2 / AM2).

3 - Radio waveband

You can select the frequency or mute the radio.

4 - Settings

Some stations transmit text and information in addition to the station name. You can switch transmission on and off.


Press the NAVI button to call up the navigation main menu. Destination You have various options for entering a destination. To select a new destination, press [destination] 1 using the function key next to it.
New address 2 Confirm the sub-menu item [New address] 2. You can enter your destination by entering the city and street name. To do this, press [City] 3 with the function key. Turn the menu knob to select letters 5 and numbers. Press the menu button to confirm your selection. You can delete individual characters with [ ] 6. When you have completed the entry, confirm with [OK] 7. The selection bar automatically jumps to the next point where you can make an entry. If you wish to skip the entries for junction, house number and centre and start up route guidance, the function [Continue] 4 will take you back to the navigation main menu.

Route options Further parameters 10 for the route calculation can be accessed via the submenu [Route opt.] 9. The dynamic route guidance 11 responds to traffic reports broadcast by TMC stations. The symbol will change accordingly as you select the option "fast route" or "short route".
You can select whether motorways 12, ferries 13 or toll roads 14 should be used on your route. Starting route guidance Acknowledge the function [Start route guidance] 8. You will hear an announcement that the route is being calculated. When the route has been calculated, the navigation system automatically switches to the map.
Stopping route guidance You can stop route guidance any time. Press the NAVI button again to access the main menu. The function [stop route guidance] stops route guidance before you reach the destination.
When route guidance is active, you can switch between the map and symbols by pressing the MAP button. You can call up important information on the route.

1 - Functions

Zoom - more details and a smaller section of the map Zoom - less details and a larger section of the map Autozoom - the section of map shown is adapted automatically to the current traffic situation Move map section Repeat of current recommendation Stored traffic announcements Route list - sections of the active route Position display - Direction of travel and height (GPS height) Display of additional map details, e.g. filling station Setting options Map type: - Location (current position), destination (area surrounding your destination), overview (complete journey) Orientation: - auto (the system selects the map mode), Travel (direction of travel to upper edge of screen), North (North is at the top of the display) Autozoom: If the autozoom function is activated when active route guidance is active, you can adjust the amount of detail shown. Time display: - Travel t. (remaining travel time), Arrival (estimated time of arrival)

2 - Route recommendation

If the map is displayed, the route recommendation is shown just before a change of direction.

3 - Proximity bar

The bar shows the distance to the next change of direction.
4 - Vehicle position 5 - Destination 6 - Map scale

7 - Route options

Dynamic route guidance Slow-moving traffic Blocked road Traffic jam
TMC The number of points under the TMC symbol shows the number of traffic reports stored. You can call them up using the assigned function key.
8 - North 9- Next road 10- The number of GPS satellites
11- Distance to destination 12- Journey time or arrival time 13- Current road

General notes

The navigation system will help you to arrive at your destination easily. The driving recommendations for route guidance will be output acoustically as well as visually in the display. Route guidance is only a recommendation. If you leave the recommended route, the system will automatically calculate a new route to the entered destination. Only audio CDs with a diameter of 12 cm can be played. If the ignition key is pulled out whilst the unit is on, it will switch off automatically. The unit can be switched on again after the ignition key has been removed. After about 1 hour, it switches off automatically. The system has anti-theft coding. This will be indicated by a flashing LED when the unit is switched off and the ignition key has been removed. If the unit remains silent after it has been switched on and SAFE appears on the display, it has been electronically blocked. The unit can be used again only after the correct code number has been typed in. Please read the operating instructions!

Notes on traffic safety

Please keep your attention on driving as a priority! As the driver, you have full responsibility for road safety. You should, for this reason, only operate the radio navigation system if the traffic situation allows. Traffic regulations always have priority, even if the recommendations made by the system are contradictory. Signals from outside the vehicle, such as a police or fire brigade siren, must be audible at all times.



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