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JCTech 1:24am on Monday, November 1st, 2010 
I have been using an Intuos 2 tablet for the ...  Spring loaded tip for digital designers looking to reduce hard clicks.
Sa7an1c 6:04am on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 
If you like drawing or painting or editing photos like myself,This my friend is for you! Yes it is a bit steep in price.
p_ronin 7:36pm on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 
I love the pen pad the size takes abit of getting used as I used the extra large size at work for several years but the medium is the perfect size for...
albansg 5:24am on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 
Just seems like they took a good thing and made it better. previous versions had side buttons but seemed not needed.
gurana 1:01am on Thursday, August 5th, 2010 
This device its about....10=15% better in feel than a tablet. It will not solve your inability to make quality marks. I have worked on wacom tablets for 10+ years, worked in design for 13+, doing autonmotive and toy design.
Housi 11:48pm on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 
"Ok im only 13 but still I recomend this! "Great size. Not too big and not too small of an area to work with. I use it for touching up photographs on the computer and painting.
Willem 7:53pm on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 
Wacom Rocks I have had Wacom tablets for years. This product is great. The drivers are always the easiest to install. Great but... Amazon says that "This pressure-sensitive pen has the same feature set as the Cintiq Grip Pen.
Beat 6:50am on Sunday, June 20th, 2010 
Amazing Simply put, this tablet is amazing. I went from using the Intuos2 to this tablet and I was blown away. Intuos 2 pen The pen works fine. The only complaint I have is that the nib sometimes is too short.
vizze 4:05pm on Thursday, April 15th, 2010 
I am a college student that is heavily into graphic and web design. This is my first pen tablet and I am positive I have made the right decision! This is my first Wacom. It is much nicer than my off-market tablet, and rightfully so, but I suppose I expected more luxury out of the price.

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BLIND-Zone System

VOYAGER 7 LCD Monitor, Side Body Cameras & Rear Camera
This unique, three camera system helps eliminate blind spots drivers encounter when on the road. With VOYAGER observation products, you can change lanes, pull into traffic, and back up safely and with confidence.


Features Include: 7 LCD flat panel color monitor, 16:9 widescreen format, built-in speaker, (3) 12V triggers, slim-line profile, NTSC/PAL compatible, backlit color/contrast brightness controls, flexible mounting capabilities.
AOM703 Power Requirements: 10 ~ 16VDC. Dimensions: 7.76 W x 5.28 H x 1.18 D


When paired with one of our multi-camera monitors, the Voyager side body color cameras eliminate blind spots on both sides of the vehicle. Designed for maximum aerodynamics, the cameras are easily mounted to any flat surface.
Cameras Also Available in Black & White. Dimensions: 2W x 2H x 4-1/4D LEFT VCCSIDL WT VCCSIDL CM VCCSIDL GP RIGHT VCCSIDR WT VCCSIDR CM VCCSIDR GP HOUSING COLOR White Chrome Gray Primer (Paintable)


Features Include: Built-in microphone, LED enhanced low-light performance and image orientation selector switch, locking, water resistant cable connector for durability and long life, non-corrosive mounting bracket, stainless steel hardware.
VCCS130 Color Camera in white housing VCCS130B Color Camera in black housing VBCS150 B/W Camera in white housing VBCS150B B/W Camera in black housing Dimensions: 2-11/16 W x 1-5/8 H x 2-1/2 D
DISTRIBUTED BY: Fleet Direct 5980

BLIND-Zone Vision System

VOYAGER LCD 7 Monitor, Side Body Cameras & Rear Camera


General Specifications Image Orientation Power System Operating Voltage Current Draw@12V Imager Resolution Minimum Illumination View Angles Diagonal Horizontal Vertic al Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Maximum Humidity Maximum Vibration Video Output Signal Audio Output Signal Outer Dimensions VCCS130 Color Selectable(mirror Default) 12VDC 9.5V to 14V 2.4W 1/3CCD 20000 pixels 270K Pixels 0.1 Lux 78 -40C (-40F) +85C (185F) -40C (-40F) +80C (176F) 100% 5.5G NTSC (1V p -p) 150mVrms 2-11/16W x 1-5/8H x 2-1/2D


Power System VBCS150 B/W Operating Voltage Range Selectable(mirror Default) 12 V DC Supplied by monitor Idle Nominal Maximum 0 mA.2A.2A
12VDC 9.5V Draw @ Current to 14V 12V 2.4W 1/3CCD
Operating Temperature Range
270000 pixels Storage Temperature Range 0.05 Lux
Maximum Relative Humidity Overall Dimensions

-40C (-40F)

-22-F to 158F 100%

+85C (185F)

-30C to 70C
Product Weight (unpackaged) 90 -40CRegulatory Certification(s) (-40F) +85C (185F) -40C (-40F) +80C (176F) 100% 5.5G EIA (1V p-p) 150mVrms 2-11/16W x 1-5/8H x 2-1/2D

Test Specification(s)

1.2 (W) X 2.2 (D) Cy lindrical 0.25 lbs FCC ES-0001
D E S I G N E D T O M O V E [ Y O U ]TM



LVI572W MS9118E F-L Euro X-A7X DVD-P350H Alto L-8 R65LS RX-496 B1520 PRO DSC-W370 BF 509 SPK-HCC CR-525 R-6571L 3210Z DVR120 NVX-P1 RE-SX20 MAX-DN55 WRT54GR KX-TCA120FX Bearpaw-1200TA FO-51 SGH-I900 Flashmate CDX-757MX I865G Moulinex AT7 Singer 875 PRO MPA Bemi-NAV S900 LBP3460 Avalanche 2003 UF-8000 Assist 7914 CQ-DFX777 SL45I SP2504C AJ3226 12 Livescope Upwords 2006 YPG-625 Creator 3 SPF-105V DC199 Review SGH-B110L CTK-601 V9400-X MS123HCE Effect DSC-T200 R TK210 2430-201 Dell 964 Mypal A632 KX-TC1891B Zywall 2 LC-32DH77E CA-200 DC420 940MW KX-TAW848 5920G Master DST-BX300 AG-DVC20P MA6511W W7621 Hijacked AOB60530X L1910B EM4816 Easyshare C603 Finder CLD-3030 37LH3000 BEU Radiomp3 SC-EN17 Boss OD-3 DCR-IP1E SMC2804wbrp-G Theater 3 LCX-28C HD Gr-dv500 NV-MX500 Samsung Star KD-BT11E SA1115 PT-1200 II 500 BDP-S360 MEX-DV1600U DMC-FS8 BAR 669 530 RA M3310 LSF-S58 29PT8607 Quartzo G10


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