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WMOD2B dual-band 900 / 1800 MHz modem


1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Package content Product presentation Physical characteristics Functions - GSM Modes Temperature range


2.1 Mounting the modem 2.2 Installing the modem 2.3 Electrical characteristics 2.3.1 Switching the GSM modem on/off 2.3.2 Voltage range 2.3.3 Overvoltage/undervoltage 2.3.4 Power supply cable 2.3.5 Input/output electrical characteristics defined for all external connections 2.3.6 Protection/on-board network connection
3.1 LED Function 3.2 Connectors


Wavecom WMOD2B Modem


Specific defaults possibly encountered
5.1 The modem does not answer through the serial link 5.2 The modem always returns Error when trying to issue a communication 5.3 The modem always returns No carrier when trying to issue a communication
7.1 7.2 7.3 7.4 General safety Vehicle safety Car And Maintenance Your responsibility


The Wavecom WMOD2B is a dual-band E-GSM 900/1800 modem. 1.1 Package content The Wavecom WMOD2B modem package comprises: - 1 Modem - 2 holding bridles - 1 Power supply cable + fuse - 1 User manual (this document) 1.2 Product presentation The Wavecom WMOD2B modem supports DATA and FAX transmission, Short Messages (Point to Point and Cell Broadcast) and VOICE calls. The connectors binded to the body guarantee output and input connections. An extractible holder is used to insert the SIM card (Micro-SIM type). A LED indicates the operating mode.
Micro-FitTM connector Front cap SUB HD connector
LED Back cap SMA connector Extractible SIM holder
Figure 1 Modem presentation Wavecom WMOD2B Modem 1


Physical characteristics
Dimensions Overall dimensions Weight Volume Housing
1.4 Functions - GSM Modes
98x54x25 mm (excluding connectors) 110x54x25 mm < 130 grams 13.23 cm3 Aluminium profiled

Standard Interface

Dual Band Extended GSM 900 MHz Class 4 (2W) and GSM 1800 MHz Class1 (1W) Serial interface RS232 V.24/V.28 Autobauding function AT command set based on V.25ter and GSM 07.05 & 07.07 Mobile Originated (MO) and Mobile Terminated (MT). Mode Text & PDU point to point. Cell broadcast. In accordance with GSM 07.05. Asynchronous 2400, 4800, 9600 and 14400 bits/s. Transparent and Non Transparent mode. In Non Transparent Mode only: 300, 1200, 1200/75 bauds. Mode 3.1 KHz (PSTN) and V110 (ISDN). 2400/4800/7200/9600 bits/s GSM teleservice 62 in Transparent Mode. Class 2. Groupe 3 compatible. Half Rate / Full Rate / Enhanced Full Rate. Accessories (options): handset and car-kit.

Fax Audio

1.5 Temperature range Operating conditions Storage conditions Wavecom WMOD2B Modem : :
From -20C to +55C From -25C to +70C 2


Mounting the modem For mounting the modem, bind to the body the holding bridles according to the schema below: Note: - To be attached to a plain surface - Screw head max. height: 2mm

Holding bridles

Figure 2 Modem mounting 2.2 Installing the modem
To install the modem, plug the device on a DC power supply (for automotive applications, connect the device on the permanent + and insert the SIM card in the holder). Make sure that an antenna is connected.
In order to extract or to insert the Micro SIM card, it is necessary to press the SIM holder ejector with a sharp element (a pen for example).

If this sequence is not respected, the SIM holder could be damaged.
Electrical characteristics
2.3.1 Switching the GSM modem on/off The device is permanently powered (when connected to the power supply). 2.3.2 Voltage range Voltage range GND : : 5 to 32V DC 0V
2.3.3 Overvoltage/undervoltage Correct operation of the Wavecom WMOD2B modem in communication mode is not guaranteed if input voltage fall below 5V. The modem is protected against voltage over 32V. When input voltages exceed 32V, the supply voltage is disconnected in order to protect the electronic components from an overvoltage. TWO CASES ARE POSSIBLE: - IF THE OVERVOLTAGE IS CONTINUOUS, THE PROTECTION IS GUARANTEED BY THE FUSE. - IN THE CASE OF TRANSIENT PEAKS, THE MODEM GUARANTEES ITS OWN PROTECTION.
2.3.4 Power supply cable A cable, included in the package shall be used for power supply connection. The wires are marked as follows: Cable Ame Section : : : 1 wire tinned copper 24x0.2 mm 0.75 mm2
Connector Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 Side view
Cables stripped over 200 mm, protected by their own sheath
Stripped wire, tinned over 5 mm Standard cable sheath
Figure 3 Power supply cable
2.3.5 Input/output electrical characteristics defined for all external connections
Parameters Power supply @25 C: Input supply voltage Input peak supply current (in communication @ Pmax) Input average supply current (in communication @ Pmax) @5V @13.2V @32V @5V @13.2V @32V @5V @13.2V @32V @5V @13.2V @32V Serial link : - RS232 Audio (head set): Microphone input voltage @ lowest gain. Speaker output voltage @ maximum gain. Speaker impedance SIM MIN 5 GSM 900 TYP MAX 13.1.8 0.7 0.31.4 13.2 5.6 8.8 4.1 2.2 GSM 1800/1900 MIN TYP MAX 5 13.1.1 0.4 0.31.4 13.2 5.6 8.8 4.1 2.2 UNIT
Input average supply current in idle mode
V A A A mA mA mA mA mA mA mA mA mA
Input average supply current in idle mode (with auto-shutdown of the RS232 driver)*

43.8 1.3 or 3 or 5

43.82 1.65

mVrms Vrms V

* RS232 driver (MAX3238) automatically shutdown after 30s of inactivity on the serial link. The tests are carried out with a 3V SIM card. The power consumption might vary of 5% over the whole operating temperature range (-20C to +55C)
2.3.6 Protection/on-board network connection The modem is protected by a fuse directly binded on the power supply cable.
The modem comprises several interfaces: - LED function indicating operating status - External antenna (via SMA) - Serial and control link (via 15 pins SUB D) - Power supply (via 4 pins Micro-FitTM) - SIM card holder
LED off LED on LED flashing slowly LED flashing rapidly
Device switched off - Not ready Device switched on - Connecting to network Device switched on - Idle mode (registered on network) Device switched on - Transmission mode


Connector SMA 15 pins SUB D (high density) 4 pins Micro-FitTM SIM connector Function RF antenna connector RS232 link AUDIO link RESET Power supply connector SIM card connection

LED Function

Figure 4 SMA connector
SMA connector (antenna connector)
A SIM card is needed to operate on a GSM network. To install the card: - Press the yellow button to eject the holder. - Insert the SIM card. - Check that it fits into place correctly.

SIM card

Extractible SIM card holder

Figure 5 SIM card holder

Yellow button to eject the holder (with a sharp element)

Wavecom WMOD2B Modem 8

Figure pins SUB D connector (high density)
PIN RS 4 Audio 15 Reset 14 3

CCIT 103 108.125

Designation Data Carrier Detect Receive Data (out) Transmit Data Data Terminal Ready Signal ground Data Set Ready Request to send Clear to send Ring indicator
Pins assignment for 15 pins SUB D Connector
Figure pins Micro-FitTM connector
Connector 4 pins Micro-Fit 3.0TM 3-4

Comments Power supply NC

The 4 pins Micro-Fit 3.0TM can be ordered from a supplier called MOLEX.


Module synchro checking

AT commands



CREG=<mode>, 1 CREG=<mode>, 2 CREG=<mode>, 0 RING


Modem synchronised on the network Synchronisation lost, re-synchronisation attempt Modem not synchronised on the network, no synchronisation attempt
Receiving an incoming call


Answer the call
Don't forget the ; at the end for voice call OK CME ERROR : 11 CME ERROR : 3 Communication established PIN code not entered (with +CMEE = 1 mode) AOC credit exceeded or a communication is already established Don't forget the ; at the end for voice call OK NO CARRIER

Initiate a call

Initiate an emergency call Communication loss Hang up


ATH OK AT+CPIN=1234 OK +CME ERROR : 16 +CME ERROR : 3 AT&W OK The configuration settings are stored in E2P PIN Code accepted Incorrect PIN Code (with +CMEE = 1 mode) PIN already entered (with +CMEE = 1 mode)

Enter PIN Code

Store the parameters in E2P


5. TROUBLESHOOTING: Specific defaults possibly encountered
5.1 The modem does not answer through the serial link A) Is the modem correctly powered on? t If not, the correct power supply is 5 to 32V t The power supply must be able to deliver current peaks up to 1.8A@5V (see chapter 2.3.5 for further details). B) t t Is the serial cable suitable and adjusted in the modem and PC sockets? A suitable cable must follow pin assignment described on figure 6. Check in particular, that Rx et Tx are properly connected.


C) Check that your communication program is properly configured: t Modem factory setting for the character framing are: Data Bits : 8 Parity : None Stop Bits : 1 t The factory setting for the baud rate is 9600 bps.
D) Does any other program interfere with your communication program (conflict on communication port access)? t If yes, close any application likely to interfere (e.g. mouse or printer driver).
The modem always returns Error when trying to issue a communication A) Issue AT+CMEE=1 to have extended error code and retry
Error code Diagnostic Phone failure Operation not allowed Operation not supported SIM not inserted SIM PIN required SIM PUK required SIM Failure Incorrect password SIM PIN2 required SIM PUK2 required Dial string too long No network service Insert the SIM card in the SIM holder of the modem, If SIM card is inserted, insure that it is clean and properly inserted. Enter PIN code Enter PUK code (call your network provider if you don t know this code) Check validity of your SIM card. If SIM damaged, call your network provider Check the code you entered Enter PIN2 code Enter PUK2 code (call your network provider if you don t know this code) Check your phone number (max 20 digits) Call your technical support Hint
For all other codes, and/or details, see AT commands manual. B) Additional hints t Is the modem registered on the network? Does the AT-Command AT + CREG? answers 0,1 (registered) or 0,5 (registered roaming)?

If not, check that the received signal is strong enough to synchronize on the Network (use AT+CSQ).
Is the modem receiving an incoming call or already in communication? With some software versions, you must release any incoming or active call (with ATH) before being able to make an outgoing call.
The modem always returns No carrier when trying to issue a communication A) After a failed attempt (no carrier), issue AT+CEER to have extended Error code
Error code Diagnostic Unallocated phone number Normal call clearing User busy No user responding User alerting, no answer Call rejected Number changed Normal, unspecified Requested facility not subscribed ACM equal or greater than ACMmax Call barring on outgoing calls Call barring on incoming calls Network causes See AT commands manual for further details or call network provider Check your subscription (data subscription available?) Credit of your pre-paid SIM card expired Hint
3, 6, 8, 29, 34, 38, 41, 42, 43, 44, 47, 49, 57, 58, 63, 65, 69, 70, 79, 254
For all other codes, and/or details, see AT commands manual. Wavecom WMOD2B Modem 14
B) Additional hints t Is the antenna properly connected? Use an antenna with the following features: Frequency range : dual-band GSM 900/1800 MHz. Impedance : 50 Ohms. Gain (antenna + cable) : 0dBi. VSWR (antenna + cable) : -10dB. Is the received signal strong enough? With the AT-Command AT+CSQ check that the received signal (1st parameter of the response) is strong enough to be able to establish a call.
Signal quality Should be sufficient* Could be insufficient*

11 to to 10 and +99

* based on general observations.
The modem always returns No carrier when trying to issue a voice communication? Insure the character semicolon is present straight after the phone number on the AT-Command ATD######; The modem always returns No carrier when trying to issue a data communication? Insure the selected bearer type is supported by the called party. Then, insure the selected bearer type is supported by the Network. If no success, try bearer selection type: AT+CBST=0,0,3. Insure the SIM Card is available for Data/Fax calls.
Further questions For further troubleshooting information, please check our Frequently Asked Questions on (customer support section). 15

AT+CSQ response (RSSI)

The following accessories have been qualified for the WMOD2B modem: t Dual-band antenna : ALLGON 1140.26 t Antenna adaptor : SMA/FME adaptor from PROCOM : EGSTON N2 EFSW 12V 1A mounted with micro-fit connector from MOLEX. t Power adaptor



7.1 General Safety It is important to follow any special regulations regarding the use of radio equipment due in particular to the possibility of radio frequency, RF, interference. Please follow the safety advice given below carefully. t Switch OFF your GSM Modem when in an aircraft. The use of cellular telephones in an aircraft may endanger the operation of the aircraft, disrupt the cellular network and is illegal. Failure to observe this instruction may lead to suspension or denial of cellular telephone services to the offender, or legal action or both. t Switch OFF your GSM Modem when at a refueling point. t Switch OFF your GSM Modem in hospitals and any other place where medical equipment may be in use. t Respect restrictions on the use of radio equipment in fuel depots, chemical plants or where blasting operations are in progress. t There may be a hazard associated with the operation of your GSM Modem close to in adequately protected personal medical devices such as hearing aids and pacemakers. Consult the manufactures of the medical device to determine if it is adequately protected. t Operation of your GSM Modem close to other electronic equipment may also cause interference if the equipment is inadequately protected. Observe any warning signs and manufacturers recommendations.
Vehicle Safety t Do not use your GSM Modem while driving, unless equipped with a correctly installed vehicle kit allowing Hands-Free Operation. t Respect national regulations on the use of cellular telephones in vehicles. Road safety always comes first. t If incorrectly installed in a vehicle, the operation of GSM Modem telephone could interfere with the correct functioning of vehicle electronics. To avoid such problems, ensure that the installation has been performed by a qualified personnel. Verification of the protection of vehicle electronics should form part of the installation. t The use of an alert device to operate a vehicles lights or horn on public roads is not permitted.
Car And Maintenance Your GSM Modem is the product of advanced engineering, design and craftsmanship and should be treated with care. The suggestion below will help you to enjoy this product for many years. t Do not expose the GSM Modem to any extreme environment where the temperature or humidity is high. t Do not attempt to disassemble the GSM Modem. There are no user serviceable parts inside. t Do not expose the GSM Modem to water, rain or spilt beverages, It is not waterproof. t Do not abuse your GSM Modem by dropping, knocking, or violent shaking. Rough handling can damage it. t Do not place the GSM Modem alongside computer discs, credit or travel cards or other magnetic media. The information contained on discs or cards may be affected by the phone.


t The use of third party equipment or accessories, not made or authorized by Wavecom may invalidate the warranty of GSM Modem. t Do contact an authorized Service Center in the unlikely event of a fault. 7.4 Your Responsibility This GSM Modem is under your responsibility. Please treat it with care respecting all local regulations. It is not a toy therefore keep it in a safe place at all times and out of the reach of children. Try to remember your Unlock and PIN codes. Become familiar with and use the security features to block unauthorized use and theft.
GSM reference documents : GSM 03.40, GSM 03.45, GSM 04.11, GSM 04.21, GSM 05.08, GSM 07.01, GSM 07.02, GSM 07.05, GSM 07.07. ETSI Secretariat F-06921 Sophia Antipolis Cedex, France e-mail :

ETSI contact

Disclaimer Modem and GSM-unit specifications and manuals are subject to change without notice. Wavecom assumes no liability for damage incurred directly or indirectly from errors, omissions or discrepancies between the modem or GSM-unit and their manuals. Trademarks Some mentioned products are registred trademarks of them respective companies. Copyright This manual is copyrighted by Wavecom with all rights reserved. No part of this manual may be reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of Wavecom. No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information contained herein.


The AT commands manual is available from your local modem supplier.
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