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doc0 Page 1 Tuesday, September 18, 2007 10:28 AM
This washerdryer is equipped with automatic safety functions which detect faults at an early stage and react appropriately, e.g.: A. B. C. D. Service indicator Clean Pump indicator Water Tap Closed indicator Door open indicator

Max. Load kg


E. F. G. T. H.

Programme selector Start button Variable spin button Drying time button The programme sequence indicator / Start delay time indicator
Type of wash/Notes - For temperature selection, respect the manufacturers recommendations on the care label Normally to heavily soiled bed linen, table linen and underwear, towels, shirts etc. made of cotton and linen. At a temperature of 80C or more, this programme eliminates bacteria, ensuring sanitization of your laundry. The bacteria removal efficiency has been tested following a similar methodology to the NF EN 13697 standard of Nov. 2001. Normally soiled blouses, shirts, overalls etc. made of polyester (Diolen, Trevira), polyamide (Perlon, Nylon) or blends with cotton. Curtains and delicate clothing, skirts, shirts and blouses. Only woollens labelled with the Woolmark and identified as machine washable. This programme (40C) is tested and approved by The Woolmark Company for handwashable wool. Curtains and delicate clothing in wool or silk only washable in cold water. Outer clothing worn for short periods and made of cotton, polyester, polyamide and cotton blends. Slightly to normally soiled garments made of cotton and/or synthetics. Slightly soiled garments in cotton and/or synthetics washable only in cold water. Drying can be carried out using the Cotton programme (with dry laundry load of 3 kg) or the Synthetics programme (with dry laundry load of 1.5 kg). Same as the last rinse and the final spin in the Cotton programme. In this programme spinning is intensive. Same as the spin cycle in the Cotton programme.
Detergents and additives Prewash Main wash Softener Start delay Drying time
I. Optional function buttons J. Start delay button
Special functions Prewash Intensive rinse Rinse hold Max. Easy Variable spin speed Ironing spin rpm



Care Labels

White Cotton 75 - 90 C Antibacterial

5.0 5.0 5.0 2.5 2.5


30 - 40 C

Synthetics Delicates

30 - 60 C 30 - 40 C


Yes Yes







800 1) 500 1) 800 1) 800 1) Max. Max. Max.
Wool Lingerie Quickwash Dailywash Cold wash Drying Rinse Drain/Spin

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

35 C 40 C

2.5 2.5 3.5

5.0 3.0

Max. Max.

5.0 5.0
optional / Yes : dosing required For improved garment care, spin speed is restricted in these programmes.
The wool programme of this washing machine has been approved by The Woolmark Company for the washing of garments labelled as machine washable. Follow the instructions given on the label sewn on the garment and the instructions supplied by the washing-machine manufacturer. (Cert. no. M0402-M0403-M0404-M0405).
Whirlpool is a registered trademark of Whirlpool USA
Black process 45.0 150.0 LPI Page 2 Tuesday, September 18, 2007 10:28 AM
CONSUMPTION DATA Programme White Cotton / Antibacterial Cotton Cotton with Eco*** Cotton Synthetics Synthetics Dailywash Quickwash Delicates Wool Temperature Load (C) (kg) 90 Water Energy (l) (kWh) 52** 46** Approx. programme duration (hours : minutes)* 2:10 2:05 2:15 2:00 1:40 1:35 1:25 0:40 0:45 0:54
DRYING TIME Press the button to select the drying time, in automatic mode (at end of wash cycle) or in manual mode, selecting the Drying programme (with hand-washed laundry). In the latter case it is necessary to spin at a speed of at least 800 rpm. The set time is that indicated by the light on; when they are all off drying is not carried out. START DELAY The Start Delay option allows you to programme machine activation at a later stage, for example at night when electricity is cheaper. Do not use liquid detergent when activating the Start delay. Select the programme and options. Press the Start Delay button to select programme start a delay time of 1 to 12 hours; Press the Start button. The indicator next to the Start Delay button lights up, whereas the selection indicator flashes to signal the countdown of the remaining time. At the end of the delay time the machine starts the set programme. The LED indicating the wash stage in progress lights up. After pressing the Start, the number of hours preselected can be reduced by pressing and holding the Start Delay button. To cancel the Start Delay: Press the Start Delay button until all the indicator lights are off. The selected programme will then start. PROGRAMME START Open the tap and press the Start. The indicator next to the Start button lights up. The programme sequence indicator shows the current programme stage, running from left to right through Prewash/Wash, Rinse, Spin/Drain, End. DOOR OPEN INDICATOR At the end of a programme, the End indicator lights up signalling that the door can be opened. As long as a wash programme is running, the door remains locked and must not be forced open. In case you have an urgent need to open it during a running programme, refer to Cancel (Reset) a running programme before the end.

RED INDICATORS Service indicator Lighting up of the Service indicator can be caused by a fault in an electrical component. Refer to the Troubleshooting Guide in the Instructions for Use; If the fault persists, contact our After-Sales Service. Clean pump indicator The water is not pumped out. Check whether the drain hose is kinked or the filter must be cleaned; in the latter case refer to the Instructions for Use (Removing the filter). Water tap closed indicator Machine water supply insufficient or lacking. Open the water tap; Turn the programme selector to Off/0 and reset the programme. If the indicator remains on, refer to the Troubleshooting Guide in the Instructions for Use. Door open indicator Lighting up of the indicator could be caused by the door not being properly closed. Try closing it again. Turn the programme selector to Off/0 and reset the programme. If the indicator remains on, refer to the Troubleshooting Guide in the Instructions for Use. PROGRAMME END Lighting up of the lamp on the wash sequence indicator means that the programme has ended and the door is unlocked. 1. Turn the programme selector to the Off/O position. 2. Close the water tap. 3. Open the door and unload the machine. 4. Leave the door ajar to allow the drum to dry. CHANGING PROGRAMME AND/OR OPTIONS AFTER PROGRAMME START 1. Turn the programme selector to Off/O. 2. Select the new programme, any options and another spin speed if you want. 3. Press the Start button again. The new programme resumes the wash programme from where the previous one was interrupted. Do not add detergent for this programme. CANCEL (RESET) A RUNNING PROGRAMME BEFORE THE END Reset by turning the programme selector to Off/0 and select the Drain Spin programme to remove the water remaining in the bowl before the door can be opened.
Consumption values were measured in normalized conditions in compliance with standard IEC/EN 60 456. In domestic use, consumption data may vary with respect to the values in the table in relation to the water supply pressure and temperature, the load and the type of wash. The time indicated on the display (if present) can deviate from the values in the table, because it takes into account the household * conditions applicable at that time. To reduce the water temperature, some cold water is added at the end of the main wash cycle, before the pump drains the water out. ** *** Reference programme for energy label.

ADD DETERGENTS, CLOSE THE DOOR AND SELECT THE PROGRAMME Add detergent as indicated on the front page and as described in the chapter Detergent and Additives in the Instructions for Use. 1. Turn the programme selector to the desired programme. 2. The indicator of the predefined spin speed lights up; in case you want to set another spin speed, press the Variable spin button. SELECT ANY DESIRED OPTION Press the button(s) of any required option(s) - the respective indicator lights up. When the combination of programme and additional option(s) is not possible, the indicators switch off automatically. Unsuitable combinations of options are deselected automatically. Prewash button Only for heavily soiled loads (e.g. sand, granular dirt). Increases the cycle time by approx. 15 minutes. Do not use liquid detergent for the main wash when activating the prewash option. Easy ironing button Can be used together with Cotton, Synthetics and Dailywash programmes to make ironing easier. Increases the water quantity and the clothes are spun very gently. Intensive rinse button More water is added and the rinse cycle is prolonged.
This option is particularly suitable for areas with very soft water, washing baby linen, and helps people with allergies. Rinse hold button The laundry remains in the last rinse water without the final spin cycle, to avoid creasing and prevent colours from changing. This option is particularly recommended for the Synthetics, Dailywash or Delicates programmes. It is particularly useful if you want to postpone spinning to a later time, or if you want to drain only. If you select Rinse hold, do not leave the laundry to soak for too long. Note: The programme stops to Rinse hold at the time the Rinse Hold light in the programme sequence indicator is on. The indicator next to the Start button flashes. To terminate the Rinse hold option: Press the Start button; the programme will terminate automatically with the final spin cycle for the preset wash programme. Variable spin button Every programme has a predefined maximum spin speed. Press the button to set another spin speed. If spin speed 0 is selected, the final spin is cancelled but intermediate spin peaks remain during rinse. The water is drained out only.



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