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Neve 8078. 48 x 31102 Preamps/EQs Flying Faders Automation restored and recapped by Fred Hill Studer A820 (24 Track) Telefunken m15a(2 Track) Pro Tools HD3 (24In/40Out).Digidesign 192 I/O(2).Apogee DA-16x. Lavry Gold AD122-96MKIII. Euphonix MC Control. Crane Song Avocet.
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Auratones KRK
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Dynamics Neve Orban RCA SPL SSL SSL Telefunken Teletronix Universal Audio Universal Audio Universal Audio Urei Vertigo Sound
33609/C 516 EC Deesser BA6A Transienten Designer 4 XLogic Superanalouge Rack XLogic G-Series Compressor U17a ua LA-2A 175-B ua1176 (Blue Face) ua1176LN Black Face D 1178 VSC-2
550 and 560 isa 110 PEQ-1 PEQ-4 Massive Passive
EQs Massenburg Neumann Pultec Pultec
GML-8200 Series II OEV mastering EQ MEQ-5 EQP-1A

V41 Mic1

Preamps Telefunken Telefunken

V72 V76

Effects & Reverbs AKG BX15 AMS DMX 15-80 AMS DMX 15-80 S Bricasti M7 Dynacord VRS23 EMT 140 EMT 240 Ensoniq DP/4 Eventide H910 Great Brit. Spring Microphones AKG AKG AKG AKG AKG Audio Technica Audio Technica Audix Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic Beyerdynamic Brel&Kjaer Coles DPA DPA DPA DPA DPA DPA Electro Voice Gefell Gefell Gefell Gefell Grundig Josephson Eng. Neumann Neumann Neumann Neumann Neumann
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VZ-1 SK-5 SK-1 A-100 Analog Modular Synth Midi Talking Synth A-100 Grand Piano MS10 Leslie Leslie 251
Key's & Synths Maestro M-Audio Moog Philips Reuenzehn Rhodes Wurlitzer Wurlitzer Yamaha
Rover OXYGEN Mini Moog Philicordia Birdie Doppler effect Mark I '73 Organ Electric Piano DD-14
Drums Ludwig Set (74 by Carmine Appice) Ludwig Set (43) (24, 16, 13, 14 Snare) Mapex M Series (22,16,13, 14 Snare) Masterwork Cymbals Premier Marching Snare Slingerland Radio King (40) 22,16,13,14Snare Yamaha Mike Bording Signature Snare Several old and new cymbals

-Petite Salle-

API 1608 Automated Console Studer ATrack Tape Recorder Power Mac G5 Digidesign Pro Tools HD3 Apogee DA-16X EAP V-65c "Tube submixer" Euphonics MC Control
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Reference A Lambda Nova Dynamics Drawmer SSL SSL-Rack Valley People EQs SSL-Rack

U-311 STC-166XL

DS 201 G384 SL-510 440

Audio Lab OEV


Preamps True Systems

P2 Analog
Effects & Reverbs EMT 240 Eventide H-3000 Korg SDD-1200 Roland RE-201
Effects & Reverbs Tapco 4400 Stereo Spring reverb TC-Electronic TC 1210 Yamaha SPX-1000

2010.03.29 Hamburg



H5474 4 0 LCD-IFC228 FMT990XE Mamiya ZD Bearpaw-1200TA 326I GSM HD 325 RF62qepn Tenkaichi 2 LA19R71B Incredible ZTI1023 RIM 2500 AQ09nsbn Blazer12 T7300 Nokia N85 4650DN HT-Z410 STR-DG1000 ML2851ND-XAA Edirol R-09 Invigorator X50 DS Elettronico Iq24 KD-400Z QG-H700 2430-402 XP 600 VP-DC173 SPH-B6600 Zoom 80 G W G2410 14PT1563-05C 500EL CMT-HX70BTR Nikkormat EL SV4012H Dslr-A500L CDX-M8800 CU-6530 All-IN-ONE 40 AF-4 SGH-E690S FHB500 M-430 HR7725 CT-32C8 Light PI 3560 Primo WTD1071K EVS7000 680 I-2 FAV50820W 600 PRO DV-RW250S FM33 4G Olympus E-10 NAD M25 TY-FB9TU 20WGX2 PRO MP-3287SL S2110 ASI64010K LC-32SB21U Electro2 Scenarist Pocket PC Theta PRO FX-83ES Review Advantage 7500 Xterra-2002 Sysmac CJ LV-10 GSX-F 750 250-525 SX REX T4 MDC 200 Combo Finepix A101 CT680 1800-254 KAC-721 ASD-3W Alcatel P-662H LN23R71W XM-ZR604R CB-15N112T EM-300 ADB340MP KDL-32EX402 Performance 2058 Scooba 5800 VR130 Nikon D2H VP-W63


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