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Steve-o 7:37am on Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 
Best thing I ever bought!! not bad item was delivered quickly, but the little wire broke. called up the guy and he just sent another one. cheap .
mdissel 5:00pm on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 
Does not work with my Touch, and just crappy all around This device is really hard to figure out. I plug in my 2nd generation iPod Touch.
kocoman 1:40am on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 
I get about an 80% failer rate with these discs. I ended up just throwing the spindle away. These are pretty good...copatible with the newer drives. But it was no go when i popped a couple of these in my old Sony DRU-510A (firmware 1.1a).

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Effective February 1, 2010


2 3/F2.5 3/F2.5 3/F2.5 3/F2.5 3/F2.5 4/F4/F4A/F6A 4/F4/F4A/F6A 4/F4/F4A/F6A 6/8/F6/F8/F9.9F 6/8/F6/F8/F9.9F 6/8/F6/F8/F9.9F 6/8/F6/F8/F9.9F 6/8/F6/F8/F9.9F T8 T9.9 T9.9 T9.9 T9.9 T9.9 T9.9 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20 9.9/F9.9/15/F15/F20


Plastic Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Dual Thrust, Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Dual Thrust, Aluminum Dual Thrust, Aluminum Dual Thrust, Plastic Dual Thrust, Aluminum Dual Thrust, Plastic Dual Thrust, Plastic Aluminum Dual Thrust, Aluminum Weedless, Aluminum Weedless, Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum


7 1/1/3/1/1/14

1/1/1/1/12 12

6A1-45943-00-00 646-45944-01-EL 646-45942-01-EL 6L5-45949-00-EL 6L5-45952-00-EL 6L5-45943-00-EL 6L5-45945-00-EL 6L5-45947-00-EL 6E0-45949-00-EL 6E0-45943-01-EL 6E0-45941-01-EL 6G1-W4591-01-EL 6G1-45947-00-EL 6G1-45943-00-EL 6G1-45952-00-EL 6G1-45941-00-EL 69G-45941-00-EL 683-W4592-02-EL 69G-45943-00-EL 6G8-45943-00-00 6G8-45947-00-EL 6G8-45941-00-00 6G8-45945-00-00 683-45949-00-EL 683-W4591-02-EL 683-45947-00-EL 683-45945-00-EL 63V-45947-00-00** 6G1-45941-00-EL 63V-45945-10-00** 683-45952-00-00 63V-45952-10-00** 683-45943-00-EL 63V-45943-10-00** 683-45941-00-EL 63V-45941-10-00**


**NOTE: Propeller part numbers beginning with 63V- denote propellers with cupped blades.
Reviewed and/or revised 5/11/11



Although plastic/aluminium is the lowest-cost option for most engines, these Yamaha propellers provide better performance than other plastic/aluminium propellers because of their precise matching to Yamaha engines. Their light weight and lower costs also makes the aluminium propellers an excellent choice as a spare propeller, in case striking an underwater object accidentally damages the primary propeller.


Outboard Engine Model M11 M12/M14/M16/M18 M20/M26 M32 2A/B Diam. 7 1/4 Diameter 7 1/1/1/4 F2.5A/3A (MALTA) 7 1/1/1/1/1/4 4A/B 5B/C (--91) 7 1/1/1/1/1/1/4 4A 5C (92--) F4A 6A/B/8A/B 7 1/1/1/1/4 6C/D/8C F6A/B/F8C 8 1/1/1/1/1/2 9.9C/D/F 15C,D,F F8B/F9.9B F9.9C/F15A/F15C/F20B 9.9B/15B 9 1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/4 9.5A/12A/15A 20A/B/25A 9 1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/4 20C/D 25B/D/J/N/V 25A 30A/D/G/H F20A/F25A 9 7/7/7/7/7/7/7/7/8 FT25B 25Q 40B/C/D/F/H/Q/V/X/Y 40A/B F30A/F40A/B/C/F45A F50A/F/F60A/C 50C/D/G/H PRO50/C 55A/B 12 1/1/1/3/5/3/1/1/1/11 1/3/5/3/3/5/3/1/Pitch 4 Pitch 4 1/5 1/5 1/7 1/1/6 1/7 1/8 1/1/5 3/1/7 1/9 1/1/1/8 1/1/1/3/9 3/10 1/1/1/1/10 1/1/15 Type A Type A A A BS BS BS BS BS B B B B B B BA BA BA C C C C C C C N N N N N J J J J J J J J J J D D D D D D D D D F F F F F F F F G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G G Part Number MKY-00137-81-21 MKY-00137-81-26 MKY-00137-81-22 MKY-00137-81-29 6A1-45943-00-00 Part Number 646-45944-01-EL 6F8-45942-01-EL 646-45942-01-EL 6L5-45949-00-EL 6L5-45952-00-EL 6L5-45943-00-EL 6L5-45945-00-EL 6L5-45947-00-EL 644-45941-01-EL 654-45941-01-EL 6E0-45943-00-EL 654-45943-01-EL 6E0-45941-00-EL 6E0-45947-00-EL 6E0-45949-00-EL 6E0-45943-01-EL 6E0-45941-01-EL 655-45949-00-EL 655-45947-01-EL 655-45945-00-EL 647-45943-00-EL 655-45943-00-EL 647-45947-00-EL 647-45941-00-EL 6G1-45947-00-EL 6G1-45943-00-EL 6G1-45952-00-EL 6G1-45941-00-EL 6G1-45954-00-EL 683-45949-00-EL 683-45947-00-EL 63V-45945-10-EL 63V-45947-00-EL 683-45945-00-EL 683-45952-00-EL 63V-45952-10-EL 683-45943-00-EL 63V-45943-10-EL 683-45941-00-EL 650-45945-60-EL 626-45945-01-EL 626-45945-60-EL 650-45943-60-EL 650-45941-60-EL 626-45949-60-EL 651-45947-60-EL 656-45943-61-EL 648-45943-61-EL 664-45943-01-EL 664-45941-01-EL 62C-45941-00-EL 664-45945-00-EL 664-45947-01-EL 664-45954-01-EL 664-45949-02-EL 664-45952-00-EL 68U-45941-00-EL 63D-45941-00-EL 663-45956-01-EL 663-45954-01-EL 69W-45947-00-EL 663-45952-02-EL 69W-45945-00-EL 69W-45951-00-EL 663-45958-01-EL 69W-45943-00-EL 69W-45A45-00-00 NEW 69W-45A52-00-00 NEW 69W-45A47-00-00 NEW 663-45949-01-EL 663-45941-01-EL 6H5-45952-00-EL With lip cup 6H5-45945-00-EL With lip cup 6H5-45958-00-EL With lip cup 6H5-45943-00-EL With lip cup Remarks Outboard Engine Model FT60B/D 60F/70B 75A/C 80A/85A/90A/100A 115A/B/C 130A/B/140A/B/C PRO 75/C/100A FT50B/C/G, F80A/B/F100A/D/F115A 150A/C/F 200A/B/F/G 220A 225A/B/C/D 250A/B PRO V200 HPDI150/ HPDI175 HPDI200 F150A F200A/F225A HPDI250/HPDI300 Diameter 5/1/1/12 5/1/1/13 3/1/2 Pitch 23 Type K K K K K K K K M M M M M Part Number 6E5-45954-00-EL 6E5-45949-00-EL 6E5-45947-00-EL 6E5-45945-01-EL 6E5-45941-00-EL 6E5-45943-00-EL 6E5-45952-00-EL 6E5-45956-00-EL 6G5-45941-00-98 6G5-45947-01-98 6G5-45945-01-98 6G5-45943-01-98 6G5-45949-00-98 Remarks Remarks


Outboard Engine Model 2A/B



BH-702 HK450 ISX20 Stick 170E BH-801 RL36sbms Servers Cisco 7960 D1214 Sabt200 Edirol V-8 AG-5700 6424D Plus VGN-TX650p-B CT-W504R ZM24STX Coolpix 5400 WM3431HS Review Forester 2007 Maxx V6 KV-20S20 Life ICF-C318 Classic LN40A450c1 BH-803 Singer 8280 Firewire 1814 SHB9000 YFP-70 DXZ765MP TT-R250-2000 EL-6890 PX-G900 UX-W70CL 6 0 KF835 VCT-D680RM 1993-2005 Einhell H126 KL-8700 HS 250 Incollables MC235B-37B Mitsubishi L200 145-56g VR D-copia 200 KX-TGA430 Micro 1987X Racing 3 XR-CA370 SR-L3916BSS CF 19 LP150CED-y8 Psr-185 26LC2R B2440L KX-TG7220FR VGN-FZ18M 32 B SGH-D600S DCR-SR85E KDL-40NX500 Automatic TW-4100E WL-530G V2 Sentra 2001 EL-1801C DI181 9636T The Dark Kxtg6411RU HP-30 CD-P1260 1 1 Strip CFD-C1000 21MF10C DP-2310 524599 Escape-2003 EMS2025SCL F-550RDS AFX-1000 CCD-TRV98E MS2000R GXP1200 RL38ecps AU-317 LM520 Siemens SX56 KDL-40P2530 DS12DVF3 IN 1 62840 43VJ22P Optio L60 P5P800 DR5100


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