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INSTALLATION PROCESS: FK003D640Complete Brake Line Kit 2007 YAMAHA FZ6 W/ ABS
Step 1: Identify the key components that complete our brake line kit: You should have Four (4) hoses, One (1) double banjo bolts, three (3) single banjo bolts, One (1) Installation CD. There are also a total of twelve (12) washers and three (3) olive conic inversors. Nine washers will be used, the rest are spares. Step 2: Familiarize yourself with the brake lines, which are labeled for application. Lettered brake hoses A, B, C, are installed on the front of the motorcycle, while hose (D) will be installed on the rear. Each label will reference a different picture, which will show you the location of the key brake system components. Step 3: To ensure no paint damage from a brake fluid spill, completely cover the bike. This process can be messy, and brake fluid WILL drip! Step 3: Dry out (bleed) your OEM hoses, and take note of how the stock system is installed. You may want to take a couple pictures, in case you need to re-install. Step 4: Remove the stock hoses on the front of the motorcycle, and replace with Galfer hoses labeled A,B,C Locate line A. this hose will run from the master cylinder down to the front ABS modulator tubing. Line B will run from the (ABS MODULATOR TUBING) down the right side caliper NOTE: that line B, C, will be attached at the right caliper with a double banjo bolt. LINE: C will travel from right caliper over the front fender to the left caliper. Each line with a female fitting connecting to the O. E. M tubing will need a conic inversor this will cause the seal. LINE: A,B will travel from the front ABS modulator to the O. E. M tubing using a conic inversor.
Torque all single and double banjo bolts at 17-20 ft. pounds, and make sure there is a washer between every banjo mating surface. See pictures for sequences and positioning (lines A, B,C,D
Step 5: Remove the stock hoses on the rear of the motorcycle, replace with Galfer hoses labeled ( D ) will run from the REAR CALIPER and travel to the O. E. M tubing with a conic inversor. Torque all single and double banjo bolts to 17-20 ft. pounds, and make sure there is a washer between every banjo. See pictures. Before you proceed to the next step, please check for clearance of the lines. Compress the suspension to make sure that the lines are not binding with anything. When the front and rear end are fully extended or fully compressed, double check that the lines are traveling correctly and clear from any obstructions. Step 6: Bleed brake system according to owners manual, and build appropriate pressure. Finish with Galfer DOT-4 brake fluid. Step 7: Once the bleeding has been done, please check brake fluid level on master cylinder. Close brake fluid reservoir, and zip-tie the brake lever to the throttle for at least 2 hours to ensure no leaks or other possible issues. For the rear, set a jug or something similar on the brake pedal to apply pressure. If the lines are not leaking and all looks OK (bolts are tight, washers in between), you may now ride with the new system. Make sure the rider is aware that the overall braking feel has dramatically changed. We suggest taking it easy to get used to the new brake lever feel and pressure. We recommend checking your brake system periodically; keep in mind brake lines must be checked very carefully! If there are any signs of damage or stress to the lines, the complete brake system must be replaced. Remember, our brake lines have a LIFETIME WARRANTY! If you have any problems or questions, dont hesitate to call us at (800) 685-6633.


- When referring to right and left, it will be as if you were sitting on the motorcycle. For example, the right caliper is on your right when you are sitting on the motorcycle (left if you are looking at it head on). - All female ends require a brass conic inversor, more commonly referred to as an olive.
GALFER USA DIVISION 310 Irving Drive, Oxnard, CA 93030 (800) 685-6633 (805) 988-2900 FAX (805) 988-2948








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