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casasdsouth 5:53am on Thursday, October 28th, 2010 
Really good IF you get a good one.... Both the Kodak Zi8 and Zi6 have had early problems - like seizing up and over-heating. Best Bang For Your Buck Pocket Cam. Period. The Kodak Zi8 has been a game changer for me personally. When I purchased mine nearly a year ago.
jack29 10:34pm on Tuesday, August 17th, 2010 
Great for filming kids sports and minor events. I wouldn't plan on doing extensive videos but overall a breat camera. Easy to Use".
order tramadol online 3:14am on Friday, July 2nd, 2010 
I use this to record sports and business videos and it does just fine None lotta bang for your buck here. Shipped fast as always. Got this sucker for 89.00 shipped. Friend has had one for awhile and loves it.
Joe OpenOfficeUser 6:55am on Friday, June 4th, 2010 
Its just fun to have, fits in your pocket Its a great toy to have, I used it to video my trip to Toroweap on the north rim of the Grand Canyon.
poltyaska 5:41pm on Friday, April 23rd, 2010 
very easy to use, compact light weight Easy to Use","Good Image Stabilization","Good in Low Light","Great Picture Quality","Large Clear LCD".
DaveFunnell 8:42pm on Tuesday, April 13th, 2010 
Take it everywhere and use it whenever something interesting is going on. Videos are great; stills are very acceptable. Easy to Use".
GopherMouse 5:46am on Friday, April 2nd, 2010 
This product exceeded my expectations as far as quality and functionality were concerned. Easy to use. Software is downloaded first time you plug the camera into a USB port. Battery lasts about one hour and fifteen minutes. 2:31pm on Thursday, March 25th, 2010 
so far it looks awaful on my big screen tv. (the reviewer on this site said that it stood up to the big screen tvs). Not a great one, just works okay. Video resolution is fantastic but under low lighting conditions it doesn?t deliver.
Bob Keyes 11:56am on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 
Not a great one, just works okay. Video resolution is fantastic but under low lighting conditions it doesn?t deliver. The Kodak Zi8 is very user friendly and easy to use. We have used it outside and also inside with low light conditions.

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3 Cylinders

Models / HP 75/85/90HP 90HP 90HP 90HP 75/80/90HP 85HP 60/70HP 60/70HP 60/70HP 40/50HP 40/50HP 40/50HP 40/50HP 40/50HP Reman Part Number 6H1 W0090 R2 EK 6H1 W0090 R1 EK 6H1 W0090 R0 EK 6H1 W0090 C0 4D 6H0 W0090 R0 4D 688 W0090 R0 EK 6H3 W0090 R2 EK 6H3 W0090 R1 EK 6H3 W0090 R0 EK 63D W0090 C0 4D 63D W0090 R0 4D 6H4 W0090 R2 EK 6H4 W0090 R1 EK 6H4 W0090 R0 EK Primary ID Code P75/90/B90TLRQ THRU D (1992-05) 90ETLF THRU P (1989-91) 90ETLN THRU G (1984-88) C90TLRY THRU Z (2000-2001) C75/80/90TLRV THRU X (1997-99) C85TLRD THRU U (1990-96) C60/P60/70TLRQ THRU D (1992-05) P60/70ETLF THRU P (1989-91) P60/70ETLN THRU G (1984-88) C40/50TLRV THRU D (1997-05) 40/50TLRT THRU Y (1995-00) 40/50TLRR THRU S (1993-94) 40/50ETLF THRU Q (1989-92) 40/50ETLN THRU G (1984-88)
Models / HP 130HP 130HP 130HP 115HP 115HP 115HP 115HP 115HP 115HP 115HP Reman Part Number 6N7 W0090 R1 4D 6N7 W0090 R0 EK 6L1 W0090 R0 EK 6N6 W0090 C0 1S 6E5 W0090 C1 4D 6E5 W0090 C0 4D 6N6 W0090 R1 4D 6N6 W0090 R0 EK 6E5 W0090 R1 EK 6E5 W0090 R0 EK Primary ID Code 130TLRV THRU C (1997-04) 130TLRD THRU U (1990-1996) 130ETLG THRU F (1988-89) C115TLRY (2000) C115TLRV THRU X (1997-99) C115TLRP THRU U (1991-96) 115TLRV THRU D (1997-05) 115TLRD THRU U (1990-96) 115ETLJ THRU F (1986-89) 115ETLN THRU K (1984-85)


Models / HP 150HP 175HP 200HP Reman Part Number 68H W0090 R0 1S 68L W0090 R0 1S 68F W0090 R0 1S Reman Part Number 67M W0090 R0 1S 67M W0090 R0 1S 67M W0090 R0 1S 67H W0090 R0 IS Reman Part Number 64F W0090 R0 4D 64E W0090 S0 4D 64L W0090 R0 4D 64D W0090 R0 4D 65N W0090 R0 4D 64K W0090 R0 4D 64K W0090 R0 4D 64C W0090 R0 4D 64C W0090 C0 4D Reman Part Number 6R5 W0090 R0 EK 61H W0090 R0 EK 6R3 W0090 R0 EK 6N9 W0090 R0 EK 6N9 W0090 R1 EK 6R2 W0090 R0 EK Reman Part Number 6K7 W0090 R0 EK 6G7 W0090 R0 EK 6G5 W0090 R0 EK 6J9 W0090 R0 EK 6G4 W0090 R0 EK Primary ID Code Z150&VZ150TLRY THRU D (2000-05) Z175&VZ175TLRZ THRU D (2001-05) Z200&VZ200TLRZ THRU C (2001-04) Primary ID Code SX150TLRX THRU C (1999-04) VX150TLRY THRU C (2000-04) DX150TLRY THRU C (2000-05) SX200TLRX THRU D (1999-05) Primary ID Code P200TLRU THRU X (1996-99) S200TXRU THRU X (1996-99) P175TLRU THRU Y (1996-00) 175TLRU THRU Y (1996-00) D150TLRV THRU X (1997-99) P150TLRU THRU X (1996-99) V150TLRY THRU D (2000-05) S150TLRU THRU X (1996-99) C150TLRU THRU X (1996-99) Primary ID Code 225ETLD THRU S (1990-94) P200TLRP THRU T (1991-95) 175/200ETLD THRU T (1990-95) P150TLRD THRU R (1990-93) P150/P175TLRS THRU T (1994-95) 150TLRD THRU T (1990-95) Primary ID Code V6 EXCEL 225HP (1987-89) V6 SPECIAL 220HP (1985-86) 175/200ETLN THRU F (1984-89) PROV150J THRU F (1986-89) 150ETLN THRU F (1984-89)

2.6L EFI

Models / HP 150HP 150HP 150HP 200HP

2.6L CARB 1996-NEWER

Models / HP 200HP 200HP 175HP 175HP 150HP 150HP 150HP 150HP 150HP

2.6L CARB 1990-95

Models / HP 225HP 200HP 175/200HP 150HP 150/175HP 150HP

2.6L CARB Pre-90

Models / HP 225HP 220HP 175/200HP 150HP 150HP

3.1L EFI

Models / HP 200HP 225HP 225HP 250HP 250HP Reman Part Number 66X W0090 R0 4D 66K W0090 R0 4D 65J W0090 R0 4D 65L W0090 R0 4D 69L W0090 RO 4D 62J W0090 R0 EK 62J W0090 R1 4D 61A W0090 R2 4D Reman Part Number 60Y W0090 R0 1S 60Y W0090 R0 1S 60Y W0090 R0 1S 60X W0090 R0 IS 6D0 W0090 R0 1S 6C9 W0090 R0 1S Primary ID Code VX200TLRW THRU D (1998-05) VX225TLRW THRU C (1998-04) SX225TXRV THRU C (1997-04) SX250TXRV THRU C (1997-04) VX250TLRA THRU C (2002-04) 225TXRS THRU T (1994-95) S225TXRU (1996) S250TXRS THRU U (1994-96) Primary ID Code VZ200TLRD (2005) VZ225TLRB THRU D (2003-05) Z250TXRB THRU D (2003-05) VZ250TLRB THRU D (2003-05) Z300TXRB THRU D (2004-05) VZ300TLRB THRU (2004-05)


225HP 225HP 250HP


Models / HP 200HP 225HP 250HP 250HP 300HP 300HP
High Performance Phase Kits!
VMAX / Saltwater 200/225/250/300 3.3L HPDI kit (Applicable to 2003-Newer)
Gaskets included on all kits.
Phase I (HT 3500) HT 66001CF-High Performance Reeds HT 8700-High Performance Heads (exchange)
Phase II (HT 3510) HT 66001CF-High Performance Reeds HT 8700-High Performance Heads (exchange) HT 5300-Tuner HT 9500-Solid Engine Mounts
VMAX / Saltwater 200/225/250 3.1L EFI kit (Applicable to 1997-Newer)
Phase I (HT 3410) HT 6701CF-High Performance Reeds HT 8500-High Performance Heads
Phase II (HT 3420) HT 7875-High Performance Reeds & Profiled Reed Blocks HT 8500-High Performance Head HT 5300-Tuner HT 9500-Solid Engine Mounts
VMAX / Saltwater 150/200 2.6L EFI kit (Applicable to 1999-Newer)
HT 6701CF-High Performance Reeds HT 8200-High Performance Heads
HT 6701CF-High Performance Reeds HT 8200-High Performance Heads HT 5252-Tuner HT 9500-Solid Engine Mounts
VMAX / Saltwater 150/175/200 2.6L HPDI kit (Applicable to 2000-Newer)
HT 6701CF-High Performance Reeds HT 8600-High Performance Heads (exchange)

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Drive System
18-6034 18-6034A AP# 4050 TRIM TAB 90-200 H.P. Replaces: 6K1-45371-00-00
18-6035 AP# 4049 TRIM TAB 150-200 H.P. Replaces: 6J9-45371-01-00
18-6096 18-6096A TRIM TAB Replaces: 664-45371-01

For: 20-50 HP

18-6097 18-6097A AP# 4077 TRIM TAB Replaces: 6E5-45371-01

For: 115-200 HP

18-6036 ANODE 40-90 H.P. Replaces: 688-45251-01-00
18-6070 18-6070A AP# 4052 ANODE Replaces: 688-45371-02-00
18-6090 18-6090A ANODE Replaces: 6G5-45251-01-00
18-6091 AP# 4076 ANODE Replaces: 6H1-45251-02-00

For: 40-90 HP

18-6111 MAGNESIUM ANODE Replaces: 688-45371-02

For: 60-90 HP

18-6112 MAGNESIUM ANODE Replaces: 6J9-45371-01

For: 150-200 HP

18-6113 MAGNESIUM ANODE Replaces: 664-45371-01


New Product - Aluminum


18-2247 PROPELLER SHAFT Replaces: 679-45611-01-00

For: 40-50HP

18-2385 PROPELLER SHAFT Replaces: 6E5-45611-01-00

For: 115/130HP

18-2388 PROPELLER SHAFT Replaces: 688-45611-00-00
For: F40 (1999) F50(1999-00) C60/C70/C90/90 (2000-01) C75 (1994) C85 (1991-94)

Model No.

40 C40 CVP50 PRO50 T50 C60 C70 C75 E75 C85 CV85
1984-86, 89-90, 92-94 1991-93, 95-1986-1994 1991-1994 1987-1990 1999-2000 2000-2001 2000-2000 1991-1994 1990

Sierra No.

118-2247 118-2247 118-2247 118-2247 118-2247 118-2247 118-2388 118-2388 118-2388 118-2388 118-2388 118-2388 118-2388
CC115 F115 LF115 SL130 SV6 Special
2000-2001 1984-2000, 2002-2003 1991, 1993-2000 2000-2003 2000-2003 1996-1999 1984-2000, 2002-2003 1994-2000 1996-1999 1985, 1984-1985 1985-1986
118-2388 118-2385 118-2385 118-2385 118-2385 118-2385 118-2385 118-2385 118-2385 118-2385 118-2385 118-2385 118-2385
18-3727 PROP NUT Replaces: 95307-16900
18-3726 AP# 1830 PROP NUT Replaces: 90171-18M04
For: ALL V-4 & V-6 (Except D150)
18-3781 AP# 1833 PROP NUT KIT Replaces: 6H1-W4599-00-00
For: T50, C60, E60, P60, 70, C75, C80, C85, 90 CONTAINS Sierra # O.E. # Desc. 18-3732 95307-16900 Prop Nut 18-4274 688-45997-01 Spacer 18-2380 91490-30030 Cotter Pin
COTTER PINS 18-3732 AP# 1828 PROP NUT Replaces: 90171-16011-00 HP/Model 2(6A1) 4(6E0) 4(6E0) 5 9.9(6GB) 25(6H7)(6L2) C25(695) 30(689)(6J8) C30(689)(61T) 40(6H4)(63B,C,D) C40(6R6) 50(6H5)(62X) PRO50(6H5)(62X) C55(697) P60(6H2) 70(6H3) C75(692) C85(688) 90(6H1) 115(6E5)(6N6) C115(6E5) P115(62A) 130(6L1)(6N7 L130(6L6)(6N4) 150(6G4)(6R2) PRO V 150 (6J9)(6N9) P150(6N9) L150(6RO) 175(6G5)(6R3) P175(62H) 200(6G6)(6R4) L200(6K1)(6R1) P200(61H) 225(6R5((62J) L225(62K) 250(61A) L250(61B) V6 SPECIAL(6G7) V6 EXCEL(6K7
Sierra # 18-2380 18-3735 18-3748 AP # 2084 O.E. # 91490-30030 91490-40030 91490-30045-00 Pkg of 5
18-3782 AP# 1834 PROP NUT KIT Replaces: 6G5-W4599-00-00
Sierra # 18-3726 18-4274 18-3735 CONTAINS O.E. # Desc. 90171-18M04 Prop Nut 688-45997-01 Spacer 91490-40030 Cotter Pin ALL V-4 & V-6 (Except D150)
Years 1984-95 1984-1984-85 1984-85 1985-95 1990-94 1984-95 1989-94 1984-95 1990-95 1984-95 1987-90 1991-95 1991-95 1984-95 1994-95 1989-95 1984-95 1984-95 1991-95 1993-95 1988-95 1989-95 1984-95 1986-90 1991-95 1994-95 1984-95 1994-95 1984-95 1986-95 1991-95 1990-95 1994-95 1990-95 1990-95 1984-86 1987-89

Nut # 18-3732 18-3732 18-3732 18-3732 18-3732 18-3732 18-3732 18-3732 18-3732 18-3732 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726 18-3726
Spacer # 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274 18-4274
Cotter Pin # 18-3748 18-3748 18-2380 18-3748 18-3748 18-2380 18-2380 18-2380 18-2380/ 18-3748 18-2380 18-2380/ 18-3748 18-2380/ 18-3748 18-2380 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735 18-3735
Kit # 18-3781 18-3781 18-3781 18-3781 18-3781 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782 18-3782



Anysee E30 Gz-mg30 8819 MP4 ACC-52 Maple 14 TD-10 Rondostat Urc-4081 PRE Plus MDS-S9 C508GTI TXP65VT20E P-Z1P Review 32PF7321 1000 S B3600 W 101710 DTM 7802 CQ-C1315N F805N Xtreme 2 DPX-3030S Instruments CBR Dictionary Sparrow W400SE LT105 HT-Q100 Collection Yamaha RY20 CCD-TR427E Platinum BX125 MC-767W Chronicles Voice Trtl 500 GR-D796u-gr-d796 20PT122A-78R Keyboard F 2D Samsung PL60 TA-DE590 - 2000 Pc4800N Spirit S500 AX339CA 90 DSP Zoom H4 Minolta 7218 W800I SC-DX200 VH242 PDP-434HDE CFD-V7 265WT DP226 Remote 1350 MP3 Zanussi W902 TD-8841T 12 1P RM-AV2 37LT7 KCR2610 CWT500 DSP-E580 HR-J672 Baseball 2004 Cvalve Escape-2002 EX-S3 LE46N87BD IDS77 DV 4500 TI-30X IIS LV900 DVP3015K LE-52M86BD Dmpbd80 WJ-MX50A 6301B KX-P7105 ST-550 DVD-HR773 VGN-N11m-W D 7000 Polaroid T737 54710 Start A636N WK-8000 AVL 105 AR2500 JS250ATV-5 Archos 5 0-workbook 42LB9DF DA-98HR Nokia 8910


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