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Bitstream Pro Configuration Software Preset List The purpose of this document is to list all the MIDI presets built-in the configuration software of the Bitstream Pro MIDI controller from Wave Idea. For additional information, please refer to the Wave Idea website
Access Virus Controllers...... 6 Access Virus Sysex Page A...... 6 Access Virus Sysex Page B...... 7 Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 1...... 7 Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 2...... 8 Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 3...... 8 Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 4...... 8 Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 5...... 9 Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 6...... 9 Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 7...... 10 Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 8...... 10 Waldorf Wv SyX Inst 1 Snd Parm...... 10 Waldorf Wv SyX Inst 2 Snd Parm...... 12 Waldorf Wv SyX Inst 3 Snd Parm...... 13 Waldorf Wv SyX Inst 4 Snd Parm...... 14 Waldorf Wv SyX Inst 5 Snd Parm...... 16 Waldorf Wv SyX Inst 6 Snd Parm...... 17 Waldorf Wv SyX Inst 7 Snd Parm...... 18 Dream Station Controllers....... 19 Roland GS Basic NRPN...... 20 Roland GS Drums NRPN...... 20 Roland GS Basic Controllers...... 23 Roland GS Effects Sysex...... 23 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 01 1...... 23 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 01-2...... 24 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 02 1...... 24 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 02-2...... 24
Configuration Software Preset List Rev 1.0b - Page
Bitstream Pro Configuration Software Preset List Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 03 1...... 25 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 03-2...... 25 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 04 1...... 26 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 04-2...... 26 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 05 1...... 27 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 05-2...... 27 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 06 1...... 28 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 06-2...... 28 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 07 1...... 29 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 07-2...... 29 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 08 1...... 29 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 08-2...... 30 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 09 1...... 30 Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 09-2...... 31 Oberheim Matrix 6/1000 Sysex...... 31 Novation DRK-1...... 32 Novation DrumStation...... 32 Novation SuperBassStation...... 33 Novation BassStation....... 33 Novation BSR-1...... 33 Novation Nova/SuperNova...... 34 Novation Nova/SuperNova NRPN...... 34 Waldorf Microwave II Sysex...... 36 Waldorf Microwave XT Sysex....... 37 Waldorf 4-Pole Controllers....... 38 Waldorf Pulse....... 38 Waldorf X-Pole....... 39 Yamaha DX7 Sysex...... 39 Yamaha DX100 Sysex....... 40 Yamaha DX21 Sysex....... 41 Yamaha DX11 Sysex....... 41
Bitstream Pro Configuration Software Preset List Roland D50 Patch Block Sysex...... 42 Roland D50 Upper Common Sysex...... 42 Roland D50 Lower Common Sysex...... 42 Roland D50 Lower Partial 1 Sysex...... 43 Roland D50 Lower Partial 2 Sysex...... 43 Roland D50 Upper Partial 1 Sysex...... 44 Roland D50 Upper Partial 2 Sysex...... 44 Yamaha TX802 Sysex...... 44 Roland Juno 106 Sysex...... 46 Roland MKS-7 Sysex....... 46 Roland JX-8P Sysex...... 47 Roland MKS-80 Sysex Upper Tone...... 47 Roland MKS-80 Sysex Lower Tone...... 47 Roland MKS-80 Sysex Upper Patch..... 48 Roland MKS-80 Sysex Lower Patch..... 48 Roland Alpha Juno-1 & 2 Sysex...... 48 Elektron Sidstation Sysex 1...... 48 Elektron Sidstation Sysex 2...... 49 Quasimidi Sirius Controllers...... 49 Quasimidi Rave-o-lution Ctrl...... 50 Quasimidi Polymorph Controllers...... 50 Quasimidi Technox Controllers...... 51 Sequential Six-Trak/Max...... 51 Sequential Prophet VS NRPN...... 51 Korg Electribe-A NRPN...... 52 Korg Electribe-R NRPN...... 52 Digitech DSP-128....... 53 Mackie OTTO-1604....... 53 MOTU MIDI Mixer 7s...... 53 Session8 Audio....... 54 Syntecno TeeBee....... 54
Bitstream Pro Configuration Software Preset List Zoom RFX-2000....... 54 Zoom RhythmTrak.234...... 54 ReBirth (Standard Mapping)...... 54 JoMox AiRBase 99...... 55 JoMox Xbase09...... 55 Creative Labs AWE-32 NRPN Full...... 56 Creative Labs AWE-32 NRPN Short...... 56 Korg DW-8000 Sysex....... 56 Line 6 Pod....... 57 Line 6 AX2 212/AxSys 212...... 57 dsTec OriginalSyn....... 57 Carvin XP2/XP4...... 58 Ensoniq ASR-X Pro Controllers...... 58 Ensoniq ASR-X Pro NRPN...... 58 Yamaha REV500...... 58 PPG Wave 2.2/2.3 Sysex...... 59 PPG Wave 2.2/2.3 Controllers...... 59 Encore/Roland Jupiter-8...... 59 Encore/Roland Jupiter-8 NRPN...... 59 Encore/Moog Source...... 59 Encore/Moog Source NRPN...... 60 Encore/Oberheim OB-X...... 60 Electrix FilterFactory...... 60 Electrix WarpFactory...... 60 Muon Electron Controllers....... 60 Terratec EWS64 Extras NRPN...... 61 MAM Warp 9...... 61 MAM MB33-II....... 61 Yamaha XG Basic NRPN...... 61 Yamaha XG Drums NRPN...... 61 Yamaha XG Basic Controllers...... 66

Filter Gain LFO 1 Amount LFO 2 Symmetry Filt1 Cutoff LFO2 Lev Key Mode Input Mode Chorus Feedback Delay Rate LFO 2 Rate LFO 2 Key Follow Filt2 Cutoff LFO2 Lev Twin Mode Chorus Mix Chorus LFO Shape Delay Depth LFO 2 Shape LFO 2 Key Trigger Panorama LFO 2 Amount Twin Detune Chorus Rate Effect Send Delay LFO Shape LFO 2 Env Mode Osc Shape LFO 2 Amount Patch Volume Panorama Spread Chorus Depth Delay Time LFO 2 Mode FM Amount LFO 2 Amount Transpose Twin LFO Phase Chorus Delay Delay Feedback
Access Virus Sysex Page B
Arpeggiator Mode LFO 3 Mode Clock Tempo Bender Range Up Filter 2 Cutoff Link Osc 1 Shape Velocity Filt1 Env Lev Vel Filter Select Arpeggiator Octave Range LFO 3 Key Follow Arpeggiator Clock Bender Range Down Filter Key Track Base Osc 2 Shape Velocity Resonance 1 Velocity Arpeggiator Hold Enable LFO 3 Destination LFO 1 Clock Bender Scale Osc Init Phase Pulse Width Velocity Resonance 2 Velocity LFO 3 Rate Osc LFO 3 Amount LFO 2 Clock Filter 1 Env Polarity Punch Intensity FM Amount Velocity Amp Velocity LFO 3 Shape Osc Mod Wheel Amount Delay Clock Filter 2 Env Polarity Vocoder Mode Filt1 Env Lev Vel Panorama Velocity
Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 1
Track 1 Element Reserve Track 1 Mono/Poly Mode Tr1 Vel Sense Dpt Track 1 Dry Level Track 1 Vibrato Depth Track 1 EG Decay Time Tr1 MW LFO PMod Dpt Tr1 Bend Amp Ctrl Tr1 CAT Filt Ctrl Tr1 Port Switch Tr1 Pitch EG Rel Time Track 1 Bank Select MSB Tr1 Same Note Nb Key On Tr1 Vel Sense Offset Track 1 Chorus Send Track 1 Vibrato Delay Track 1 EG Release Time Tr1 MW LFO FMod Dpt Tr1 Bend LFO PMod Dpt Tr1 CAT Amp Ctrl Track 1 Portamento Time Tr1 Vel Lim Low Track 1 Bank Select LSB Track 1 Part Mode Track 1 Pan Track 1 Reverb Send Tr1 Filt Cutoff Frq Track 1 MW Pitch Control Tr1 MW LFO AMod Dpt Tr1 Bend LFO FMod Dpt Tr1 CAT LFO PMod Dpt Tr1 Pitch EG Init Lev Tr1 Vel Lim Hg Track 1 Program Number Track 1 Note Shift Track 1 Note Limit Low Track 1 Variation Send Track 1 Filter Resonance Tr1 MW Filt Ctrl Tr1 Bend Pitch Ctrl Tr1 Bend LFO AMod Dpt Tr1 CAT LFO FMod Dpt Tr1 Pitch EG Att Time Track 1 Receive Channel Track 1 Volume Track 1 Note Limit High Track 1 Vibrato Rate Track 1 EG Attack Time Tr1 MW Amp Ctrl Tr1 Bend Filt Ctrl Tr1 CAT Pitch Ctrl Tr1 CAT LFO AMod Dpt Tr1 Pitch EG Rel Lev

Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 5
Track 5 Element Reserve Track 5 Mono/Poly Mode Tr5 Vel Sense Dpt Track 5 Dry Level Track 5 Vibrato Depth Track 5 EG Decay Time Tr5 MW LFO PMod Dpt Tr5 Bend Amp Ctrl Tr5 CAT Filt Ctrl Tr5 Port Switch Tr5 Pitch EG Rel Time Track 5 Bank Select MSB Tr5 Same Note Nb Key On Tr5 Vel Sense Offset Track 5 Chorus Send Track 5 Vibrato Delay Track 5 EG Release Time Tr5 MW LFO FMod Dpt Tr5 Bend LFO PMod Dpt Tr5 CAT Amp Ctrl Track 5 Portamento Time Tr5 Vel Lim Low Track 5 Bank Select LSB Track 5 Part Mode Track 5 Pan Track 5 Reverb Send Tr5 Filt Cutoff Frq Track 5 MW Pitch Control Tr5 MW LFO AMod Dpt Tr5 Bend LFO FMod Dpt Tr5 CAT LFO PMod Dpt Tr5 Pitch EG Init Lev Tr5 Vel Lim Hg Track 5 Program Number Track 5 Note Shift Track 5 Note Limit Low Track 5 Variation Send Track 5 Filter Resonance Tr5 MW Filt Ctrl Tr5 Bend Pitch Ctrl Tr5 Bend LFO AMod Dpt Tr5 CAT LFO FMod Dpt Tr5 Pitch EG Att Time Track 5 Receive Channel Track 5 Volume Track 5 Note Limit High Track 5 Vibrato Rate Track 5 EG Attack Time Tr5 MW Amp Ctrl Tr5 Bend Filt Ctrl Tr5 CAT Pitch Ctrl Tr5 CAT LFO AMod Dpt Tr5 Pitch EG Rel Lev
Yamaha QY-70 Pat Sysex Track 6
Track 6 Element Reserve Track 6 Mono/Poly Mode Tr6 Vel Sense Dpt Track 6 Dry Level Track 6 Vibrato Depth Track 6 EG Decay Time Tr6 MW LFO PMod Dpt Tr6 Bend Amp Ctrl Tr6 CAT Filt Ctrl Tr6 Port Switch Tr6 Pitch EG Rel Time Track 6 Bank Select MSB Tr6 Same Note Nb Key On Tr6 Vel Sense Offset Track 6 Chorus Send Track 6 Vibrato Delay Track 6 EG Release Time Tr6 MW LFO FMod Dpt Tr6 Bend LFO PMod Dpt Tr6 CAT Amp Ctrl Track 6 Portamento Time Tr6 Vel Lim Low Track 6 Bank Select LSB Track 6 Part Mode Track 6 Pan Track 6 Reverb Send Tr6 Filt Cutoff Frq Track 6 MW Pitch Control Tr6 MW LFO AMod Dpt Tr6 Bend LFO FMod Dpt Tr6 CAT LFO PMod Dpt Tr6 Pitch EG Init Lev Tr6 Vel Lim Hg Track 6 Program Number Track 6 Note Shift Track 6 Note Limit Low Track 6 Variation Send Track 6 Filter Resonance Tr6 MW Filt Ctrl Tr6 Bend Pitch Ctrl Tr6 Bend LFO AMod Dpt Tr6 CAT LFO FMod Dpt Tr6 Pitch EG Att Time Track 6 Receive Channel Track 6 Volume Track 6 Note Limit High Track 6 Vibrato Rate Track 6 EG Attack Time Tr6 MW Amp Ctrl Tr6 Bend Filt Ctrl Tr6 CAT Pitch Ctrl Tr6 CAT LFO AMod Dpt Tr6 Pitch EG Rel Lev

Inst01Osc1Mod2Quantize Inst 01 Osc 2 Pitch Mode Inst01 Osc2 Mod2 Lev Inst01 Wave1 Wave Phase Inst 01 Wave 1 Key Track Inst01 Wave1 Mod2 Src Inst01 Wave2 Wave Phase Inst 01 Wave 2 Key Track Inst01 Wave2 Mod2 Src Inst 01 Wave 1 Volume Inst01 Wave2 Vol Mod Src Inst01 Amp Env Vel Lev Inst 01 Amp Mod 1 Amount Inst 01 Filter Res Inst01 Filt Mod1 Src Inst01 Filt Res Mod Src Inst01DualModeHPEnvLev Inst01DualModeHPMod1Ctrl Inst 01 Amp Env Attack Inst01AmpEnvAttModLev Inst01AmpEnvRelModSrc Inst01 Filt Env Sust Inst01FltEnvDecModLev Inst 01 Wave Env Time 1 Inst 01 Wave Env Level 3 Inst 01 Wave Env Time 6 Inst 01 Wave Env Level 8 Inst01WaveEnvKeyOffPt Inst 01 Free Env Time 2 Inst 01 Free Env Level 4 Inst01FreeEnvZeroAxis Inst01 LFO1 Rate Mod Src Inst 01 LFO 1 Sync Inst01 LFO2 Rate Mod Src Inst 01 LFO 2 Sync Inst 01 Panning Amount 1 Inst01 Ctrl Mixer Src1 Inst01 Ctrl Mixer Lev2 Inst 01 Osc 2 Octave Inst01 Osc2 Mod1 Src Inst01Osc2Mod2Quantize Inst01Wave1StartModSrc Inst01 Wave1 Key Center Inst01 Wave1 Mod2 Lev Inst01Wave2StartModSrc Inst01 Wave2 Key Center Inst01 Wave2 Mod2 Lev Inst 01 Wave 2 Volume Inst01 Wave2 Vol Mod Lev Inst 01 Amp Key Track Inst 01 Amp Mod 2 Source Inst01 Filt Env Lev Inst01 Filt Mod1 Ctrl Inst01 Filt Res Mod Ctrl Inst01DualModeHPVelLev Inst01DualModeHPMod1Lev Inst 01 Amp Env Decay Inst01AmpEnvDecModSrc Inst01AmpEnvRelModLev Inst01 Filt Env Rel Inst01FltEnvSustModSrc Inst 01 Wave Env Level 1 Inst 01 Wave Env Time 4 Inst 01 Wave Env Level 6 Inst01WaveEnvTmeModSrc Inst01WaveEnvLoopStartPt Inst 01 Free Env Level 2 Inst01FreeEnvTmeModSrc Inst 01 LFO 1 Rate Inst01 LFO1 Rate Mod Lev Inst 01 LFO 2 Rate Inst01 LFO2 Rate Mod Lev Inst01CtrlRampTrigSrc Inst 01 Panning Source 2 Inst01 Ctrl Mixer Lev1 Inst01 Ctrl Delay Src Inst 01 Osc 2 Semitone Inst01 Osc2 Mod1 Ctrl Inst 01 Osc 2 Link Inst01Wave1StartModLev Inst01 Wave1 Mod1 Src Inst01Wave1Mod2Quantize Inst01Wave2StartModLev Inst01 Wave2 Mod1 Src Inst01Wave2Mod2Quantize Inst 01 Noise Volume Inst01 Nois Vol Mod Src Inst 01 Amp Key Center Inst 01 Amp Mod 2 Amount Inst01 Filt Vel Lev Inst01 Filt Mod1 Lev Inst01 Filt Res Mod Lev Inst01DualModeHPKeyTr Inst01DualModeHPMod2Src Inst 01 Amp Env Sustain Inst01AmpEnvDecModLev Inst 01 Filter Env Delay Inst01FltEnvAttModSrc Inst01FltEnvSustModLev Inst 01 Wave Env Time 2 Inst 01 Wave Env Level 4 Inst 01 Wave Env Time 7 Inst01WaveEnvTmeModLev Inst01WaveEnvLoopOn/Off Inst 01 Free Env Time 3 Inst01FreeEnvTmeModLev Inst 01 LFO 1 Shape Inst01 LFO1 Lev Mod Src Inst 01 LFO 2 Shape Inst01 LFO2 Lev Mod Src Inst01 Ctrl Ramp Rate Inst 01 Panning Amount 2 Inst01 Ctrl Mixer Src2 Inst01 Ctrl Delay Time Inst 01 Osc 2 Detune Inst01 Osc2 Mod1 Lev Inst 01 Wavetable Inst01 Wave1 Env Lev Inst01 Wave1 Mod1 Ctrl Inst01Wave1Stepped/Sm Inst01 Wave2 Env Lev Inst01 Wave2 Mod1 Ctrl Inst01Wave2Stepped/Sm Inst01 Wave1 Vol Mod Src Inst01 Nois Vol Mod Lev Inst 01 Amp Mod 1 Source Inst 01 Filter Mode Inst 01 Filter Key Track Inst01 Filt Mod2 Src Inst01 Dual Mode HP Freq Inst01DualModeHPKeyCente Inst01DualModeHPMod2Lev Inst 01 Amp Env Release Inst01AmpEnvSustModSrc Inst01 Filt Env Att Inst01FltEnvAttModLev Inst01FltEnvRelModSrc Inst 01 Wave Env Level 2 Inst 01 Wave Env Time 5 Inst 01 Wave Env Level 7 Inst01WaveEnvLevModSrc Inst 01 Free Env Time 1 Inst 01 Free Env Level 3 Inst01FreeEnvLevModSrc Inst 01 LFO 1 Symmetry Inst01 LFO1 Lev Mod Ctrl Inst 01 LFO 2 Symmetry Inst01 LFO2 Lev Mod Ctrl Inst 01 Panning Source 1 Inst01 Ctrl Comp Src Inst01 Ctrl Mixer Lev2 Inst01CtrlDelayTmeModSrc Inst 01 Osc 2 Bend Range Inst01 Osc2 Mod2 Src Inst01Wave1WavePosition Inst01 Wave1 Env Vel Lev Inst01 Wave1 Mod1 Lev Inst01Wave2WavePosition Inst01 Wave2 Env Vel Lev Inst01 Wave2 Mod1 Lev Inst 01 Wave 2 Link Inst01 Wave1 Vol Mod Lev Inst 01 Amp Env Amount Inst01 Amp Mod1 Ctrl Inst01 LP Filt Frq Inst01 Filt Key Center Inst01 Filt Mod2 Lev Inst01DualModeHPEnvSel Inst01DualModeHPMod1Src Inst01 BP Filt Bandwdth Inst01AmpEnvAttModSrc Inst01AmpEnvSustModLev Inst 01 Filter Env Decay Inst01FltEnvDecModSrc Inst01FltEnvRelModLev Inst 01 Wave Env Time 3 Inst 01 Wave Env Level 5 Inst 01 Wave Env Time 8 Inst01WaveEnvLevModLev Inst 01 Free Env Level 1 Inst 01 Free Env Time 4 Inst01FreeEnvLevModLev Inst 01 LFO 1 Humanize Inst01 LFO1 Lev Mod Lev Inst 01 LFO 2 Humanize Inst01 LFO2 Lev Mod Lev Inst01 Panning Ctrl1 Inst01 Ctrl Comp Thres Inst01 Ctrl Mixer Src2 Inst01CtrlDelayTmeModLev

Inst01 Ctrl Shaper Src Inst01CtrlShaperRefPt5 Inst01 Smp & Hold Src Inst01 Aux Lev Mod Ctrl Inst 01 Glide Slope Inst01CtrlShaperRefPt1 Inst01CtrlShaperRefPt6 Inst01 Smp & Hold Rate Inst01 Aux Lev Mod Lev Inst01GlideTmeModSrc Inst01CtrlShaperRefPt2 Inst01CtrlShaperRefPt7 Inst01Smp&HoldRateModSrc Inst 01 Aux Level Min Inst01GlideTmeModLev Inst01CtrlShaperRefPt3 Inst01CtrlShaperRefPt8 Inst01Smp&HoldRateModLev Inst 01 Glide Mode Inst 01 Glide On/Off Inst01CtrlShaperRefPt4 Inst01CtrlShaperRefPt9 Inst01 Aux Lev Mod Src Inst 01 Glide Rate
Waldorf Wv SyX Inst 2 Snd Parm
Inst 02 Osc 1 Octave Inst02 Osc1 Mod1 Src Inst02Osc1Mod2Quantize Inst 02 Osc 2 Pitch Mode Inst02 Osc2 Mod2 Lev Inst02 Wave1 Wave Phase Inst 02 Wave 1 Key Track Inst02 Wave1 Mod2 Src Inst02 Wave2 Wave Phase Inst 02 Wave 2 Key Track Inst02 Wave2 Mod2 Src Inst 02 Wave 1 Volume Inst02 Wave2 Vol Mod Src Inst02 Amp Env Vel Lev Inst 02 Amp Mod 1 Amount Inst 02 Filter Res Inst02 Filt Mod1 Src Inst02 Filt Res Mod Src Inst02DualModeHPEnvLev Inst02DualModeHPMod1Ctrl Inst 02 Amp Env Attack Inst02AmpEnvAttModLev Inst02AmpEnvRelModSrc Inst02 Filt Env Sust Inst02FltEnvDecModLev Inst 02 Wave Env Time 1 Inst 02 Wave Env Level 3 Inst 02 Wave Env Time 6 Inst 02 Osc 1 Semitone Inst02 Osc1 Mod1 Ctrl Inst 02 Osc 2 Octave Inst02 Osc2 Mod1 Src Inst02Osc2Mod2Quantize Inst02Wave1StartModSrc Inst02 Wave1 Key Center Inst02 Wave1 Mod2 Lev Inst02Wave2StartModSrc Inst02 Wave2 Key Center Inst02 Wave2 Mod2 Lev Inst 02 Wave 2 Volume Inst02 Wave2 Vol Mod Lev Inst 02 Amp Key Track Inst 02 Amp Mod 2 Source Inst02 Filt Env Lev Inst02 Filt Mod1 Ctrl Inst02 Filt Res Mod Ctrl Inst02DualModeHPVelLev Inst02DualModeHPMod1Lev Inst 02 Amp Env Decay Inst02AmpEnvDecModSrc Inst02AmpEnvRelModLev Inst02 Filt Env Rel Inst02FltEnvSustModSrc Inst 02 Wave Env Level 1 Inst 02 Wave Env Time 4 Inst 02 Wave Env Level 6 Inst 02 Osc 1 Detune Inst02 Osc1 Mod1 Lev Inst 02 Osc 2 Semitone Inst02 Osc2 Mod1 Ctrl Inst 02 Osc 2 Link Inst02Wave1StartModLev Inst02 Wave1 Mod1 Src Inst02Wave1Mod2Quantize Inst02Wave2StartModLev Inst02 Wave2 Mod1 Src Inst02Wave2Mod2Quantize Inst 02 Noise Volume Inst02 Nois Vol Mod Src Inst 02 Amp Key Center Inst 02 Amp Mod 2 Amount Inst02 Filt Vel Lev Inst02 Filt Mod1 Lev Inst02 Filt Res Mod Lev Inst02DualModeHPKeyTr Inst02DualModeHPMod2Src Inst 02 Amp Env Sustain Inst02AmpEnvDecModLev Inst 02 Filter Env Delay Inst02FltEnvAttModSrc Inst02FltEnvSustModLev Inst 02 Wave Env Time 2 Inst 02 Wave Env Level 4 Inst 02 Wave Env Time 7 Inst 02 Osc 1 Bend Range Inst02 Osc1 Mod2 Src Inst 02 Osc 2 Detune Inst02 Osc2 Mod1 Lev Inst 02 Wavetable Inst02 Wave1 Env Lev Inst02 Wave1 Mod1 Ctrl Inst02Wave1Stepped/Sm Inst02 Wave2 Env Lev Inst02 Wave2 Mod1 Ctrl Inst02Wave2Stepped/Sm Inst02 Wave1 Vol Mod Src Inst02 Nois Vol Mod Lev Inst 02 Amp Mod 1 Source Inst 02 Filter Mode Inst 02 Filter Key Track Inst02 Filt Mod2 Src Inst02 Dual Mode HP Freq Inst02DualModeHPKeyCente Inst02DualModeHPMod2Lev Inst 02 Amp Env Release Inst02AmpEnvSustModSrc Inst02 Filt Env Att Inst02FltEnvAttModLev Inst02FltEnvRelModSrc Inst 02 Wave Env Level 2 Inst 02 Wave Env Time 5 Inst 02 Wave Env Level 7 Inst 02 Osc 1 Pitch Mode Inst02 Osc1 Mod2 Lev Inst 02 Osc 2 Bend Range Inst02 Osc2 Mod2 Src Inst02Wave1WavePosition Inst02 Wave1 Env Vel Lev Inst02 Wave1 Mod1 Lev Inst02Wave2WavePosition Inst02 Wave2 Env Vel Lev Inst02 Wave2 Mod1 Lev Inst 02 Wave 2 Link Inst02 Wave1 Vol Mod Lev Inst 02 Amp Env Amount Inst02 Amp Mod1 Ctrl Inst02 LP Filt Frq Inst02 Filt Key Center Inst02 Filt Mod2 Lev Inst02DualModeHPEnvSel Inst02DualModeHPMod1Src Inst02 BP Filt Bandwdth Inst02AmpEnvAttModSrc Inst02AmpEnvSustModLev Inst 02 Filter Env Decay Inst02FltEnvDecModSrc Inst02FltEnvRelModLev Inst 02 Wave Env Time 3 Inst 02 Wave Env Level 5 Inst 02 Wave Env Time 8

Waldorf Wv SyX Inst 7 Snd Parm
Inst 07 Osc 1 Octave Inst07 Osc1 Mod1 Src Inst07Osc1Mod2Quantize Inst 07 Osc 2 Pitch Mode Inst07 Osc2 Mod2 Lev Inst07 Wave1 Wave Phase Inst 07 Osc 1 Semitone Inst07 Osc1 Mod1 Ctrl Inst 07 Osc 2 Octave Inst07 Osc2 Mod1 Src Inst07Osc2Mod2Quantize Inst07Wave1StartModSrc Inst 07 Osc 1 Detune Inst07 Osc1 Mod1 Lev Inst 07 Osc 2 Semitone Inst07 Osc2 Mod1 Ctrl Inst 07 Osc 2 Link Inst07Wave1StartModLev Inst 07 Osc 1 Bend Range Inst07 Osc1 Mod2 Src Inst 07 Osc 2 Detune Inst07 Osc2 Mod1 Lev Inst 07 Wavetable Inst07 Wave1 Env Lev Inst 07 Osc 1 Pitch Mode Inst07 Osc1 Mod2 Lev Inst 07 Osc 2 Bend Range Inst07 Osc2 Mod2 Src Inst07Wave1WavePosition Inst07 Wave1 Env Vel Lev
Inst 07 Wave 1 Key Track Inst07 Wave1 Mod2 Src Inst07 Wave2 Wave Phase Inst 07 Wave 2 Key Track Inst07 Wave2 Mod2 Src Inst 07 Wave 1 Volume Inst07 Wave2 Vol Mod Src Inst07 Amp Env Vel Lev Inst 07 Amp Mod 1 Amount Inst 07 Filter Res Inst07 Filt Mod1 Src Inst07 Filt Res Mod Src Inst07DualModeHPEnvLev Inst07DualModeHPMod1Ctrl Inst 07 Amp Env Attack Inst07AmpEnvAttModLev Inst07AmpEnvRelModSrc Inst07 Filt Env Sust Inst07FltEnvDecModLev Inst 07 Wave Env Time 1 Inst 07 Wave Env Level 3 Inst 07 Wave Env Time 6 Inst07 Wave1 Key Center Inst07 Wave1 Mod2 Lev Inst07Wave2StartModSrc Inst07 Wave2 Key Center Inst07 Wave2 Mod2 Lev Inst 07 Wave 2 Volume Inst07 Wave2 Vol Mod Lev Inst 07 Amp Key Track Inst 07 Amp Mod 2 Source Inst07 Filt Env Lev Inst07 Filt Mod1 Ctrl Inst07 Filt Res Mod Ctrl Inst07DualModeHPVelLev Inst07DualModeHPMod1Lev Inst 07 Amp Env Decay Inst07AmpEnvDecModSrc Inst07AmpEnvRelModLev Inst07 Filt Env Rel Inst07FltEnvSustModSrc Inst 07 Wave Env Level 1 Inst 07 Wave Env Time 4 I Inst07 Wave1 Mod1 Src Inst07Wave1Mod2Quantize Inst07Wave2StartModLev Inst07 Wave2 Mod1 Src Inst07Wave2Mod2Quantize Inst 07 Noise Volume Inst07 Nois Vol Mod Src Inst 07 Amp Key Center Inst 07 Amp Mod 2 Amount Inst07 Filt Vel Lev Inst07 Filt Mod1 Lev Inst07 Filt Res Mod Lev Inst07DualModeHPKeyTr Inst07DualModeHPMod2Src Inst 07 Amp Env Sustain Inst07AmpEnvDecModLev Inst 07 Filter Env Delay Inst07FltEnvAttModSrc Inst07FltEnvSustModLev Inst 07 Wave Env Time 2 Inst 07 Wave Env Level 4 Inst07 Wave1 Mod1 Ctrl Inst07Wave1Stepped/Sm Inst07 Wave2 Env Lev Inst07 Wave2 Mod1 Ctrl Inst07Wave2Stepped/Sm Inst07 Wave1 Vol Mod Src Inst07 Nois Vol Mod Lev Inst 07 Amp Mod 1 Source Inst 07 Filter Mode Inst 07 Filter Key Track Inst07 Filt Mod2 Src Inst07 Dual Mode HP Freq Inst07DualModeHPKeyCente Inst07DualModeHPMod2Lev Inst 07 Amp Env Release Inst07AmpEnvSustModSrc Inst07 Filt Env Att Inst07FltEnvAttModLev Inst07FltEnvRelModSrc Inst 07 Wave Env Level 2 Inst 07 Wave Env Time 5 Inst07 Wave1 Mod1 Lev Inst07Wave2WavePosition Inst07 Wave2 Env Vel Lev Inst07 Wave2 Mod1 Lev Inst 07 Wave 2 Link Inst07 Wave1 Vol Mod Lev Inst 07 Amp Env Amount Inst07 Amp Mod1 Ctrl Inst07 LP Filt Frq Inst07 Filt Key Center Inst07 Filt Mod2 Lev Inst07DualModeHPEnvSel Inst07DualModeHPMod1Src Inst07 BP Filt Bandwdth Inst07AmpEnvAttModSrc Inst07AmpEnvSustModLev Inst 07 Filter Env Decay Inst07FltEnvDecModSrc Inst07FltEnvRelModLev Inst 07 Wave Env Time 3 Inst 07 Wave Env Level 5

Bell Tree Tune Surdo Mute Attack Time Surdo Mute Reverb Send Surdo Open Level Bell Tree Level Surdo Mute Decay Time Surdo Mute Chorus Send Surdo Open Pan Bell Tree Pan Surdo Mute Tune Surdo Open Attack Time Surdo Open Reverb Send Bell Tree Reverb Send Surdo Mute Level Surdo Open Decay Time Surdo Open Chorus Send Bell Tree Chorus Send Surdo Mute Pan Surdo Open Tune
Roland GS Basic Controllers
Modulation Expression Soft Pedal Portamento Time Data Entry LSB Portamento Control Data Entry MSB Sustain Reverb Send Volume Portamento On/Off Chorus Send Pan Sustenuto

Roland GS Effects Sysex

Reverb Macro Reveb Delay Feedback Chorus Feedback Reverb Character Rev Snd Lev To Chor Chorus Delay Reverb Pre-LPF Chorus Macro Chorus Rate Reverb Level Chorus Pre-LPF Chorus Depth Reverb Time Chorus Level Chor Snd Lev To Rev
Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 01 1
Part 01 P01 Rcv Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 P01 Vel Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Bank Select Prog Chng Receive NRPN Receive Hold1 Assign Mode Sense Offset CC2 Controller Vibrato Depth EG Release Time Scale Tuning D# Scale Tuning G# Part 01 P01 Rcv P01 Rcv P01 Rcv P01 Use Part 01 Part 01 P01 TVF Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Program Number Ctrl Chng Mod Port For Rthm Part Pan Chorus Send Cutoff Frq Vibrato Delay Scale Tuning E Scale Tuning A Part 01 P01 Rcv Part 01 P01 Rcv Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Receive Channel Poly Press Receive Volume Sostenuto Pitch Key Shift Key Range Low Reverb Send TVF Resonance Scale Tuning C Scale Tuning F Scale Tuning A# P01 Rcv P01 Rcv Part 01 P01 Rcv Part 01 Part 01 P01 Rcv Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Pitch Bend Note Msg Receive Pan Soft Ped Volume Key Range High Bnk Sel EG Attack Time Scale Tuning C# Scale Tuning F# Scale Tuning B P01 Rcv Part 01 P01 Rcv Part 01 P01 Vel Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Part 01 Ch Press Receive RPN Exp Mono/Poly Mode Sense Dpt CC1 Controller Vibrato Rate EG Decay Time Scale Tuning D Scale Tuning G
Roland GS Parts Sysex Part 01-2
P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 Mod Pitch Ctrl Mod LFO1 TVF Dpt Mod LFO2 TVA Dpt Bend LFO1 Pitch Dpt Bend LFO2 TVF Dpt CAf LFO1 Rate Ctrl CAf LFO2 Pitch Dpt PAf Amp Ctrl PAf LFO2 Rate Ctrl CC1 Pitch Ctrl CC1 LFO1 TVF Dpt CC1 LFO4 TVA Dpt CC2 LFO1 Pitch Dpt CC2 LFO2 TVF Dpt P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 Mod TVF Cutoff Ctrl Mod LFO1 TVA Dpt Bend Pitch Ctrl Bend LFO1 TVF Dpt Bend LFO2 TVA Dpt CAf LFO1 Pitch Dpt CAf LFO2 TVF Dpt PAf LFO1 Rate Ctrl PAf LFO2 Pitch Dpt CC1 TVF Cutoff Ctrl CC1 LFO1 TVA Dpt CC2 Pitch Ctrl CC2 LFO1 TVF Dpt CC2 LFO2 TVA Dpt P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 Mod Amp Ctrl Mod LFO2 Rate Ctrl Bend TVF Cutoff Ctrl Bend LFO1 TVA Dpt CAf Pitch Ctrl CAf LFO1 TVF Dpt CAf LFO2 TVA Dpt PAf LFO1 Pitch Dpt PAf LFO2 TVF Dpt CC1 Amp Ctrl CC1 LFO2 Rate Ctrl CC2 TVF Cutoff Ctrl CC2 LFO1 TVA Dpt P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 Mod LFO1 Rate Ctrl Mod LFO2 Pitch Dpt Bend Amp Ctrl Bend LFO2 Rate Ctrl CAf TVF Cutoff Ctrl CAf LFO1 TVA Dpt PAf Pitch Ctrl PAf LFO1 TVF Dpt PAf LFO2 TVA Dpt CC1 LFO1 Rate Ctrl CC1 LFO3 Pitch Dpt CC2 Amp Ctrl CC2 LFO2 Rate Ctrl P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 P01 Mod LFO1 Pitch Dpt Mod LFO2 TVF Dpt Bend LFO1 Rate Ctrl Bend LFO2 Pitch Dpt CAf Amp Ctrl CAf LFO2 Rate Ctrl PAf TVF Cutoff Ctrl PAf LFO1 TVA Dpt CC1 Ctrl Nb CC1 LFO1 Pitch Dpt CC1 LFO4 TVF Dpt CC2 LFO1 Rate Ctrl CC2 LFO2 Pitch Dpt

Modulation Filter Mod Depth Breath Env 1 Attack Volume Env 1 Decay Filter Frequency Env 2 Attack Filter Resonance Env 2 Decay

Novation BSR-1

Modulation Wheel Breath Control Volume Filter Frequency Filter Resonance
Filter Modulation Depth Envelope 1 Velocity Envelope 2 Velocity Envelope 1 Attack Envelope 2 Attack Envelope 1 Decay Envelope 2 Decay Envelope 1 Sustain Envelope 2 Sustain Envelope 1 Release Envelope 2 Release

Novation Nova/SuperNova

Bank Select MSB Portamento Time Pan Osc 3 Soften Osc 1 Pitch Env 2 Osc 2 Pitch Env 2 Noise Mix Level Filter Freq LFO 2 Osc 3 Pitch Env 2 Osc 3 Width Env 2 Osc 2 Sync Osc 1 Sync LFO 1 Filter Freq LFO 1 Arpeggiator Latch Osc 2 Width LFO 2 Env 3 Attack LFO 1 Speed Env 3 Filter Resonance Env 3 Distortion Level Reverb Decay Delay Feedback Filter Freq Env 2 Env 1 Velocity Env 2 Release Modulation Wheel Data Entry Osc 1 Fine Tune LFO 1 Speed Osc 1 Pitch LFO 1 Osc 2 Pitch LFO 1 Ring Mod1*3 Mix Lev Osc 1 Mix Env 2 Osc 3 Pitch LFO 1 Osc 1 Width LFO 1 Osc 3 Sync Osc 2 Sync LFO 1 Osc 1 Soften Env 2 Osc 1 Pitch Env 3 Osc 3 Width LFO 2 Env 3 Decay LFO 2 Speed Env 3 Filter Resonance LFO 2 Reverb Send Level Reverb HF Damp Delay HF Damp Env 1 Attack Env 2 Delay Env 2 Velocity Breath Controller Part / Program Volume Osc 3 Fine Tune LFO 1 Delay Osc 1 Pulse Width Osc 2 Pulse Width Bank Select LSB Osc 2 Mix Env 2 Osc 3 Pulse Width Osc 2 Width LFO 1 Osc 1 Sync Env 2 Osc 3 Sync LFO 1 Osc 2 Soften Env 2 Osc 2 Pitch Env 3 Filter Resonance Env 2 Env 3 Sustain LFO 1 Offset Chorus Speed Delay Send Level Master Volume Level Filter Overdrive Env 1 Decay Env 2 Attack Delay Mod Wheel Depth Arp Patt Sel Fx Confg Morph Lev Osc 1 Soften LFO 2 Speed Osc 2 Fine Tune Osc 1 Mix Level Osc 3 Mix Level Osc 3 Mix Env 2 Osc 1 Width Env 2 Osc 3 Width LFO 1 Osc 2 Sync Env 2 Dist Mod Whl Dpt Osc 3 Soften Env 2 Osc 3 Pitch Env 3 Filter Resonance LFO 1 Env 3 Release LFO 2 Offset Chorus Mod Depth Chorus Send Level Rev Type / Early Ref Lev Filter Cutoff Freq Env 1 Sustain Env 2 Decay Ring Mod2*3 Mix Lev Arpeggiator Speed Osc 2 Soften LFO 2 Delay Noise Soften Osc 2 Mix Level Filter Tracking Noise Mix Env 2 Osc 2 Width Env 2 Osc 1 Sync Osc 3 Sync Env 2 Filter Freq Env 3 Sust / Arp Latch Osc 1 Width LFO 2 Env 3 Delay Env 3 Velocity Reverb Mod Wheel Depth Chorus Feedback Chorus Mod Wheel Depth Delay Time Filter Resonance Env 1 Release Env 2 Sustain
Novation Nova/SuperNova NRPN
Osc 1 Pitch LFO 2 Osc 1 Sync LFO 2 Osc 1 Pitch Mod Wheel Osc 1 Sync Mod Wheel Osc 1 Width Env 3 Osc 1 Soften Env 3 Osc 1 Width Mod Wheel Osc 1 Soften LFO 1 Osc 1 Sync Env 3 Osc 1 Soften LFO 2
Osc 1 Soften Mod Wheel Osc 1 Pitch Amount Osc 2 Sync Env 3 Osc 2 Soften LFO 2 Osc 2 Mix Mod Wheel Osc 3 Width Mod Wheel Osc 3 Soften LFO 1 Osc 3 Mix LFO 2 Ring Mod1*3 Mix LFO1 Ring Mod2*3 Mix LFO1 Noise Soften LFO 1 Noise Mix LFO 2 Osc1 Pitch LFO1 AfTch Osc 3 Sync Formant Osc 2 Sync Skew Filt Res Mod Whl Filter Freq Aftertouch Panning Speed Env 1 Mod Wheel (Volume) Part Detune Arp Transp MIDI Ch Arp User Patt Step No Osc 1 Wave Osc 3 Input Osc 2 Semitone Filter Slope LFO 2 Trigger Chorus Type Arpeggiator Keysync Arpeggiator Mute Int / Ext Clk Osc 3 Pitch Bend Range Delay Sync Arpeggiator Gate Time Arpeggiator Sync Arp Output Ranging Part Polyphony Effects Config Osc 1 Mix Env 3 Osc 2 Pitch LFO 2 Osc 2 Sync LFO 2 Osc 2 Soften Mod Wheel Osc 2 Pitch Amount Osc 3 Sync Env 3 Osc 3 Soften LFO 2 Osc 3 Mix Mod Wheel Ring Mod1*3 Mix LFO2 Ring Mod2*3 Mix LFO2 Noise Soften LFO 2 Noise Mix Mod Wheel Osc2 Pitch LFO1 AfTch Osc 1 Key Sync Osc 3 Sync Skew Filt Freq LFO2 Mod Whl Filter Res Aftertouch Panning Depth Env2 AfTch Vol Part Range Highest Note Arp Transp Ref Note ArpUserPattNote/Tr Osc 1 Input Osc 1 Octave Osc 2 Semitone Filter Type LFO 1 Range Panning Arpeggiator Pattern Bank Arp Realtime Transp Program Map Bank Part Effects Velocity Sensing Global MIDI Channel GlobalIncomingProgChng LFO 2 Sync Pedal Mode Effects Send Osc 1 Mix LFO 1 Osc 2 Pitch Mod Wheel Osc 2 Sync Mod Wheel Osc 2 Mix Env 3 Osc 3 Pitch LFO 2 Osc 3 Sync LFO 2 Osc 3 Soften Mod Wheel Osc 3 Pitch Amount Ring Mod1*3 Mix Mod Whl Ring Mod2*3 Mix Mod Whl Noise Soften Mod Wheel Osc1 Pitch LFO1 Mod Whl Osc3 Pitch LFO1 AfTch Osc 2 Key Sync LFO 1 Speed Aftertouch Filt Res LFO2 Mod Whl Comb Filter Freq Delay Width EQ Treble Part Range Lowest Note Prog Map Edit Location Arp User Patt Vel Osc 2 Wave Osc 2 Octave Portamento Type LFO 1 Wave LFO 2 Range Breath Sensitivity Arpeggiator Latch Mode Arp User Patt Gate Arpeggiator Fill In Part Sustain Mode Input 1 Trim Part MIDI Channel Program Map Bank PCtrl Chng Filt Vocoder Unvoiced Part Select Osc 1 Mix LFO 2 Osc 2 Width Env 3 Osc 2 Soften Env 3 Osc 2 Mix LFO 1 Osc 3 Pitch Mod Wheel Osc 3 Sync Mod Wheel Osc 3 Mix Env 3 Ring Mod1*3 Mix Env2 Ring Mod2*3 Mix Env2 Noise Soften Env 2 Noise Mix Env 3 Osc2 Pitch LFO1 Mod Whl Osc 1 Sync Formant Osc 3 Key Sync LFO 2 Speed Aftertouch Filt Freq LFO2 AfTch Comb Filter Boost LFO 1 Speed Mod Wheel EQ Bass Master Tune Program Map Program ArpUserPattNoOfSteps Osc 2 Input Osc 3 Octave LFO1 Delay Env Trig LFO 2 Wave Envelope Triggering Arp Constant Pitch Arpeggiator Quantise Part Outputs Osc 1 Pitch Bend Range Osc Trigger Mode Input 2 Trim Part Velocity Curve LFO 1 Sync Part Pedal Vocoder Input Arp Edit Via MIDI Osc 1 Mix Mod Wheel Osc 2 Width Mod Wheel Osc 2 Soften LFO 1 Osc 2 Mix LFO 2 Osc 3 Width Env 3 Osc 3 Soften Env 3 Osc 3 Mix LFO 1 Ring Mod1*3 Mix Env3 Ring Mod2*3 Mix Env3 Noise Soften Env 3 Noise Mix LFO 1 Osc3 Pitch LFO1 Mod Whl Osc 2 Sync Formant Osc 1 Sync Skew Filter Freq Mod Wheel Filt Res LFO2 AfTch Effects Dry Level LFO 2 Speed Mod Wheel Part Semitone Detune Breath Ctrl Remap Option ArpUserPattEditLocation Filter Q Normalise Osc 3 Wave Osc 1 Semitone LFO2 Delay Env Trig LFO 1 Trigger Glide Arpeggiator On/Off Arp Vel Mode Arpeggiator Output Osc 2 Pitch Bend Range Polyphony Mode Arpeggiator Octave Range Delay Ratio Part Prog Change Filter Part Sustain Mode Vocoder Insert Breath Mode

Digitech DSP-128

Reverb Decay Time Accent Amplitude Feedback Animation Velocity Flange Feedback Reverb Pre-Delay Time Delay Time Multi-TapLeftDelayTme Animation Distance Flange Level Reverb Level Multi-Tap Right Delay Multi-TapCenterDelayTme Chorus Delay Bounce Texture Initial Reflections Delay Range Multi-Tap Feedback Delay Chorus Level Stereo Image Accent Envelope Delay Level Low-PassFltCut-OffFrq Flange Delay Time

Mackie OTTO-1604

Chan 1 Chan 6 Chan 11 Chan 16 Aux 3 Chan 2 Chan 7 Chan 12 Aux 1 L Aux 4 Chan 3 Chan 8 Chan 13 Aux 1 R Alt 3/4 Chan 4 Chan 9 Chan 14 Aux 2 L Main Outs Chan 5 Chan 10 Chan 15 Aux 2 R Joystick

MOTU MIDI Mixer 7s

Vol pr1 Vol pr6 Pan pr3 Pan pr8 Bass pr5 Treb pr2 Treb pr7 Gate Ena prs1-7 FX1 Rt FX4 Lft FX6 Rt Vol pr2 Vol pr7 Pan pr4 Bass pr1 Bass pr6 Treb pr3 Treb pr8 Gate Ena pr8 FX2 Lft FX4 Rt FX7 Lft Vol pr3 Vol pr8 Pan pr5 Bass pr2 Bass pr7 Treb pr4 Smth Lvl Smth Ena prs1-7 FX2 Rt FX5 Lft FX7 Rt Vol pr4 Pan pr1 Pan pr6 Bass pr3 Bass pr8 Treb pr5 Gate Rel Vel Smth Ena pr8 FX3 Lft FX5 Rt Vol pr5 Pan pr2 Pan pr7 Bass pr4 Treb pr1 Treb pr6 Gate Atk Vel FX1 Lft FX3 Rt FX6 Lft

Session8 Audio

Main/L Send 1 (input) Pan (input) Send 1 Master Main/R Send 2 (input) Send 1 (output) Send 2 Master Cue/L Send 3 (input) Send 2 (output) Send 3 Master Cue/R Send 4 (input) Send 3 (output) Send 4 Master Cue Volume (input) Send 4 (output)

Syntecno TeeBee

Slide On/Off Decay Tuning CV 1 Cutoff CV 2 Resonance CV 3 Envelope CV 4

Zoom RFX-2000

Mix Reverb EQ High Effect Type Bypass Reverb Character Reverb Time Reverb EQ Low

Zoom RhythmTrak.234

Volume Expression SoundChange
ReBirth (Standard Mapping)
Master Level Synth 1 Pan Synth 2 Delay Synth 1 Cutoff Synth 2 Waveform Synth 2 Decay 808 BD Decay Synth 1 Level Synth 2 Pan 808 Delay Synth 1 Resonance Synth 2 Tune Synth 2 Accent 808 SD Level Synth 2 Level 808 Pan 909 Delay Synth 1 Env Mod Synth 2 Cutoff 808 AC Level 808 SD Tune 808 Level 909 Pan Synth 1 Waveform Synth 1 Decay Synth 2 Resonance 808 BD Level 808 SD Snappy 909 Level Synth 1 Delay Synth 1 Tune Synth 1 Accent Synth 2 Env Mod 808 BD Tone 808 LT Level
808 LT Tune 808 HT Level 808 CP Level 808 CY Decay 909 AC Level 909 SD Level 909 LT Tune 909 HT Level 909 CP Level 909 RC Level PCF Mode Delay Steps Dist Amount 808 LT/LC Switch 808 HT Tune 808 CP/MA Switch 808 OH Level 909 BD Level 909 SD Tune 909 LT Decay 909 HT Tune 909 CH Decay 909 RC Tune PCF Freq Delay Triplet Mode Compressor Ratio 808 MT Level 808 HT/HC Switch 808 CB Level 808 OH Decay 909 BD Tune 909 SD Tone 909 MT Level 909 HT Decay 909 OH Decay 909 Flam Amount PCF Q Delay Pan Compressor Threshold 808 MT Tune 808 RS Level 808 CY Level 808 CH Level 909 BD Attack 909 SD Snap 909 MT Tune 909 CH/OH Level 909 CC Level 909 Instrument Selection PCF Amount Delay Feedback Shuffle Amount 808 MT/MC Switch 808 RS/CL Switch 808 CY Tone 808 Instrument Selection 909 BD Decay 909 LT Level 909 MT Decay 909 RS Level 909 CC Tune PCF Pattern PCF Decay Dist Shape

Timbale High Reverb Send Timbale Low Attack Time Timbale Low Pan Agogo High Resonance Agogo High Level Agogo Low Filter Freq Agogo Low Fine Tune Agogo Low Variation Send Cabasa Coarse Tune Cabasa Chorus Send Maracas Decay Time Maracas Reverb Send SambaWhistleHgAttTme Samba Whistle High Pan Samba Whistle Low Res Samba Whistle Low Level Guiro Short Filter Freq Guiro Short Fine Tune GuiroShortVariationSnd Guiro Long Coarse Tune Guiro Long Chorus Send Claves Decay Time Claves Reverb Send Wood Blk Hg Att Time Wood Block High Pan Wood Block Low Resonance Wood Block Low Level Cuica Mute Filter Freq Cuica Mute Fine Tune Cuica Mt Variation Snd Cuica Open Coarse Tune Cuica Open Chorus Send Triangle Mute Decay Time Tri Mt Rev Snd Tri Op Att Time Triangle Open Pan Shaker Resonance Shaker Level Timbale High Chorus Send Timbale Low Decay Time Timbale Low Reverb Send Agogo High Attack Time Agogo High Pan Agogo Low Resonance Agogo Low Level Cabasa Filter Freq Cabasa Fine Tune Cabasa Variation Send Maracas Coarse Tune Maracas Chorus Send SambaWhistleHgDecTme Samba Whistle Hg Rev Snd SambaWhistleLowAttTme Samba Whistle Low Pan Guiro Short Resonance Guiro Short Level Guiro Long Filter Freq Guiro Long Fine Tune Guiro Long Variation Snd Claves Coarse Tune Claves Chorus Send Wood Blk Hg Dec Time Wood Blk Hg Rev Snd Wood Blk Low Att Time Wood Block Low Pan Cuica Mute Resonance Cuica Mute Level Cuica Open Filter Freq Cuica Open Fine Tune Cuica Op Variation Snd Tri Mt Coarse Tune Tri Mt Chor Snd Triangle Open Decay Time Tri Op Rev Snd Shaker Attack Time Shaker Pan Timb Hg Variation Snd Timbale Low Coarse Tune Timbale Low Chorus Send Agogo High Decay Time Agogo High Reverb Send Agogo Low Attack Time Agogo Low Pan Cabasa Resonance Cabasa Level Maracas Filter Freq Maracas Fine Tune Maracas Variation Send SambaWhistleHgCoarseTune SambaWhistleHgChorSnd SambaWhistleLowDecTme SambaWhistleLowRevSnd Guiro Short Attack Time Guiro Short Pan Guiro Long Resonance Guiro Long Level Claves Filter Freq Claves Fine Tune Claves Variation Send Wood Blk Hg Coarse Tune Wood Blk Hg Chor Snd Wood Blk Low Dec Time Wood Blk Low Rev Snd Cuica Mute Attack Time Cuica Mute Pan Cuica Open Resonance Cuica Open Level Tri Mt Filt Freq Triangle Mute Fine Tune Tri Mt Variation Snd Tri Op Coarse Tune Tri Op Chor Snd Shaker Decay Time Shaker Reverb Send Timbale Low Filter Freq Timbale Low Fine Tune Timb Low Variation Snd Agogo High Coarse Tune Agogo High Chorus Send Agogo Low Decay Time Agogo Low Reverb Send Cabasa Attack Time Cabasa Pan Maracas Resonance Maracas Level SambaWhistleHgFltFreq SambaWhistleHgFineTune SambaWhistleHgVariationS SambaWhistleLowCoarseTun SambaWhistleLowChorSnd Guiro Short Decay Time Guiro Short Reverb Send Guiro Long Attack Time Guiro Long Pan Claves Resonance Claves Level Wood Blk Hg Filt Freq Wood Blk Hg Fine Tune WoodBlkHgVariationSnd Wood Blk Low Coarse Tune Wood Blk Low Chor Snd Cuica Mute Decay Time Cuica Mute Reverb Send Cuica Open Attack Time Cuica Open Pan Triangle Mute Resonance Triangle Mute Level Tri Op Filt Freq Triangle Open Fine Tune Tri Op Variation Snd Shaker Coarse Tune Shaker Chorus Send Timbale Low Resonance Timbale Low Level Agogo High Filter Freq Agogo High Fine Tune Agg Hg Variation Snd Agogo Low Coarse Tune Agogo Low Chorus Send Cabasa Decay Time Cabasa Reverb Send Maracas Attack Time Maracas Pan Samba Whistle Hg Res Samba Whistle High Level SambaWhistleLowFltFreq SambaWhistleLowFineTune SambaWhistleLowVariation Guiro Short Coarse Tune Guiro Short Chorus Send Guiro Long Decay Time Guiro Long Reverb Send Claves Attack Time Claves Pan Wood Blk Hg Res Wood Block High Level Wood Blk Low Filt Freq Wood Block Low Fine Tune WoodBlkLowVariationSnd Cuica Mute Coarse Tune Cuica Mute Chorus Send Cuica Open Decay Time Cuica Open Reverb Send Tri Mt Att Time Triangle Mute Pan Triangle Open Resonance Triangle Open Level Shaker Filter Freq Shaker Fine Tune Shaker Variation Send

Part 01 Element Reserve Part 01 Mono/Poly Mode P01 Vel Sense Dpt Part 01 Dry Level Part 01 Vibrato Depth Part 01 EG Decay Time P01 MW LFO PMod Dpt P01 Bend Amp Ctrl P01 Rcv Ch AfTch Part 01 Bank Select MSB P01 Same Note Nb Key On P01 Vel Sense Offset Part 01 Chorus Send Part 01 Vibrato Delay Part 01 EG Release Time P01 MW LFO FMod Dpt P01 Bend LFO PMod Dpt P01 Rcv Prog Chng Part 01 Bank Select LSB Part 01 Part Mode Part 01 Pan Part 01 Reverb Send P01 Filt Cutoff Frq Part 01 MW Pitch Control P01 MW LFO AMod Dpt P01 Bend LFO FMod Dpt P01 Rcv Ctrl Chng Part 01 Program Number Part 01 Note Shift Part 01 Note Limit Low Part 01 Variation Send Part 01 Filter Resonance P01 MW Filt Ctrl P01 Bend Pitch Ctrl P01 Bend LFO AMod Dpt P01 Rcv Poly AfTch Part 01 Receive Channel Part 01 Volume Part 01 Note Limit High Part 01 Vibrato Rate Part 01 EG Attack Time P01 MW Amp Ctrl P01 Bend Filt Ctrl P01 Rcv Pitch Bend P01 Rcv Note Msg
Part 01 P01 Rcv P01 Rcv Part 01 Part 01 P01 CAT P01 PAT P01 AC1 P01 AC1 P01 AC2 Part 01 P01 Vel Receive RPN Exp Bnk Sel Scale Tuning E Scale Tuning A Amp Ctrl Filt Ctrl Ctrl Nb LFO FMod Dpt Amp Ctrl Portamento Time Lim Low Part 01 Receive NRPN Part 01 Receive Hold1 Part 01 Scale Tuning C Part 01 Scale Tuning F Part 01 Scale Tuning A# P01 CAT LFO PMod Dpt P01 PAT Amp Ctrl P01 AC1 Pitch Ctrl P01 AC1 LFO AMod Dpt P01 AC2 LFO PMod Dpt P01 Pitch EG Init Lev P01 Vel Lim Hg P01 Rcv Mod P01 Rcv Port Part 01 Scale Tuning C# Part 01 Scale Tuning F# Part 01 Scale Tuning B P01 CAT LFO FMod Dpt P01 PAT LFO PMod Dpt P01 AC1 Filt Ctrl P01 AC2 Ctrl Nb P01 AC2 LFO FMod Dpt P01 Pitch EG Att Time Part 01 Receive Volume P01 Rcv Sostenuto Part 01 Scale Tuning D Part 01 Scale Tuning G P01 CAT Pitch Ctrl P01 CAT LFO AMod Dpt P01 PAT LFO FMod Dpt P01 AC1 Amp Ctrl P01 AC2 Pitch Ctrl P01 AC2 LFO AMod Dpt P01 Pitch EG Rel Lev Part 01 Receive Pan P01 Rcv Soft Ped Part 01 Scale Tuning D# Part 01 Scale Tuning G# P01 CAT Filt Ctrl P01 PAT Pitch Ctrl P01 PAT LFO AMod Dpt P01 AC1 LFO PMod Dpt P01 AC2 Filt Ctrl P01 Port Switch P01 Pitch EG Rel Time
Yamaha XG Parts Sysex Part 02
Part 02 Element Reserve Part 02 Mono/Poly Mode P02 Vel Sense Dpt Part 02 Dry Level Part 02 Vibrato Depth Part 02 EG Decay Time P02 MW LFO PMod Dpt P02 Bend Amp Ctrl P02 Rcv Ch AfTch Part 02 Receive RPN P02 Rcv Exp P02 Rcv Bnk Sel Part 02 Scale Tuning E Part 02 Scale Tuning A P02 CAT Amp Ctrl P02 PAT Filt Ctrl P02 AC1 Ctrl Nb P02 AC1 LFO FMod Dpt P02 AC2 Amp Ctrl Part 02 Portamento Time P02 Vel Lim Low Part 02 Bank Select MSB P02 Same Note Nb Key On P02 Vel Sense Offset Part 02 Chorus Send Part 02 Vibrato Delay Part 02 EG Release Time P02 MW LFO FMod Dpt P02 Bend LFO PMod Dpt P02 Rcv Prog Chng Part 02 Receive NRPN Part 02 Receive Hold1 Part 02 Scale Tuning C Part 02 Scale Tuning F Part 02 Scale Tuning A# P02 CAT LFO PMod Dpt P02 PAT Amp Ctrl P02 AC1 Pitch Ctrl P02 AC1 LFO AMod Dpt P02 AC2 LFO PMod Dpt P02 Pitch EG Init Lev P02 Vel Lim Hg Part 02 Bank Select LSB Part 02 Part Mode Part 02 Pan Part 02 Reverb Send P02 Filt Cutoff Frq Part 02 MW Pitch Control P02 MW LFO AMod Dpt P02 Bend LFO FMod Dpt P02 Rcv Ctrl Chng P02 Rcv Mod P02 Rcv Port Part 02 Scale Tuning C# Part 02 Scale Tuning F# Part 02 Scale Tuning B P02 CAT LFO FMod Dpt P02 PAT LFO PMod Dpt P02 AC1 Filt Ctrl P02 AC2 Ctrl Nb P02 AC2 LFO FMod Dpt P02 Pitch EG Att Time Part 02 Program Number Part 02 Note Shift Part 02 Note Limit Low Part 02 Variation Send Part 02 Filter Resonance P02 MW Filt Ctrl P02 Bend Pitch Ctrl P02 Bend LFO AMod Dpt P02 Rcv Poly AfTch Part 02 Receive Volume P02 Rcv Sostenuto Part 02 Scale Tuning D Part 02 Scale Tuning G P02 CAT Pitch Ctrl P02 CAT LFO AMod Dpt P02 PAT LFO FMod Dpt P02 AC1 Amp Ctrl P02 AC2 Pitch Ctrl P02 AC2 LFO AMod Dpt P02 Pitch EG Rel Lev Part 02 Receive Channel Part 02 Volume Part 02 Note Limit High Part 02 Vibrato Rate Part 02 EG Attack Time P02 MW Amp Ctrl P02 Bend Filt Ctrl P02 Rcv Pitch Bend P02 Rcv Note Msg Part 02 Receive Pan P02 Rcv Soft Ped Part 02 Scale Tuning D# Part 02 Scale Tuning G# P02 CAT Filt Ctrl P02 PAT Pitch Ctrl P02 PAT LFO AMod Dpt P02 AC1 LFO PMod Dpt P02 AC2 Filt Ctrl P02 Port Switch P02 Pitch EG Rel Time

Yamaha XG Parts Sysex Part 03
Part 03 Element Reserve Part 03 Mono/Poly Mode P03 Vel Sense Dpt Part 03 Dry Level Part 03 Vibrato Depth Part 03 EG Decay Time P03 MW LFO PMod Dpt P03 Bend Amp Ctrl P03 Rcv Ch AfTch Part 03 Receive RPN P03 Rcv Exp P03 Rcv Bnk Sel Part 03 Scale Tuning E Part 03 Scale Tuning A P03 CAT Amp Ctrl P03 PAT Filt Ctrl P03 AC1 Ctrl Nb P03 AC1 LFO FMod Dpt P03 AC2 Amp Ctrl Part 03 Portamento Time P03 Vel Lim Low Part 03 Bank Select MSB P03 Same Note Nb Key On P03 Vel Sense Offset Part 03 Chorus Send Part 03 Vibrato Delay Part 03 EG Release Time P03 MW LFO FMod Dpt P03 Bend LFO PMod Dpt P03 Rcv Prog Chng Part 03 Receive NRPN Part 03 Receive Hold1 Part 03 Scale Tuning C Part 03 Scale Tuning F Part 03 Scale Tuning A# P03 CAT LFO PMod Dpt P03 PAT Amp Ctrl P03 AC1 Pitch Ctrl P03 AC1 LFO AMod Dpt P03 AC2 LFO PMod Dpt P03 Pitch EG Init Lev P03 Vel Lim Hg Part 03 Bank Select LSB Part 03 Part Mode Part 03 Pan Part 03 Reverb Send P03 Filt Cutoff Frq Part 03 MW Pitch Control P03 MW LFO AMod Dpt P03 Bend LFO FMod Dpt P03 Rcv Ctrl Chng P03 Rcv Mod P03 Rcv Port Part 03 Scale Tuning C# Part 03 Scale Tuning F# Part 03 Scale Tuning B P03 CAT LFO FMod Dpt P03 PAT LFO PMod Dpt P03 AC1 Filt Ctrl P03 AC2 Ctrl Nb P03 AC2 LFO FMod Dpt P03 Pitch EG Att Time Part 03 Program Number Part 03 Note Shift Part 03 Note Limit Low Part 03 Variation Send Part 03 Filter Resonance P03 MW Filt Ctrl P03 Bend Pitch Ctrl P03 Bend LFO AMod Dpt P03 Rcv Poly AfTch Part 03 Receive Volume P03 Rcv Sostenuto Part 03 Scale Tuning D Part 03 Scale Tuning G P03 CAT Pitch Ctrl P03 CAT LFO AMod Dpt P03 PAT LFO FMod Dpt P03 AC1 Amp Ctrl P03 AC2 Pitch Ctrl P03 AC2 LFO AMod Dpt P03 Pitch EG Rel Lev Part 03 Receive Channel Part 03 Volume Part 03 Note Limit High Part 03 Vibrato Rate Part 03 EG Attack Time P03 MW Amp Ctrl P03 Bend Filt Ctrl P03 Rcv Pitch Bend P03 Rcv Note Msg Part 03 Receive Pan P03 Rcv Soft Ped Part 03 Scale Tuning D# Part 03 Scale Tuning G# P03 CAT Filt Ctrl P03 PAT Pitch Ctrl P03 PAT LFO AMod Dpt P03 AC1 LFO PMod Dpt P03 AC2 Filt Ctrl P03 Port Switch P03 Pitch EG Rel Time
Yamaha XG Parts Sysex Part 04
Part 04 Element Reserve Part 04 Mono/Poly Mode P04 Vel Sense Dpt Part 04 Dry Level Part 04 Vibrato Depth Part 04 EG Decay Time P04 MW LFO PMod Dpt P04 Bend Amp Ctrl Part 04 Bank Select MSB P04 Same Note Nb Key On P04 Vel Sense Offset Part 04 Chorus Send Part 04 Vibrato Delay Part 04 EG Release Time P04 MW LFO FMod Dpt P04 Bend LFO PMod Dpt Part 04 Bank Select LSB Part 04 Part Mode Part 04 Pan Part 04 Reverb Send P04 Filt Cutoff Frq Part 04 MW Pitch Control P04 MW LFO AMod Dpt P04 Bend LFO FMod Dpt Part 04 Program Number Part 04 Note Shift Part 04 Note Limit Low Part 04 Variation Send Part 04 Filter Resonance P04 MW Filt Ctrl P04 Bend Pitch Ctrl P04 Bend LFO AMod Dpt Part 04 Receive Channel Part 04 Volume Part 04 Note Limit High Part 04 Vibrato Rate Part 04 EG Attack Time P04 MW Amp Ctrl P04 Bend Filt Ctrl P04 Rcv Pitch Bend

P04 Rcv Part 04 P04 Rcv P04 Rcv Part 04 Part 04 P04 CAT P04 PAT P04 AC1 P04 AC1 P04 AC2 Part 04 P04 Vel Ch AfTch Receive RPN Exp Bnk Sel Scale Tuning E Scale Tuning A Amp Ctrl Filt Ctrl Ctrl Nb LFO FMod Dpt Amp Ctrl Portamento Time Lim Low P04 Rcv Prog Chng Part 04 Receive NRPN Part 04 Receive Hold1 Part 04 Scale Tuning C Part 04 Scale Tuning F Part 04 Scale Tuning A# P04 CAT LFO PMod Dpt P04 PAT Amp Ctrl P04 AC1 Pitch Ctrl P04 AC1 LFO AMod Dpt P04 AC2 LFO PMod Dpt P04 Pitch EG Init Lev P04 Vel Lim Hg P04 Rcv Ctrl Chng P04 Rcv Mod P04 Rcv Port Part 04 Scale Tuning C# Part 04 Scale Tuning F# Part 04 Scale Tuning B P04 CAT LFO FMod Dpt P04 PAT LFO PMod Dpt P04 AC1 Filt Ctrl P04 AC2 Ctrl Nb P04 AC2 LFO FMod Dpt P04 Pitch EG Att Time P04 Rcv Poly AfTch Part 04 Receive Volume P04 Rcv Sostenuto Part 04 Scale Tuning D Part 04 Scale Tuning G P04 CAT Pitch Ctrl P04 CAT LFO AMod Dpt P04 PAT LFO FMod Dpt P04 AC1 Amp Ctrl P04 AC2 Pitch Ctrl P04 AC2 LFO AMod Dpt P04 Pitch EG Rel Lev P04 Rcv Note Msg Part 04 Receive Pan P04 Rcv Soft Ped Part 04 Scale Tuning D# Part 04 Scale Tuning G# P04 CAT Filt Ctrl P04 PAT Pitch Ctrl P04 PAT LFO AMod Dpt P04 AC1 LFO PMod Dpt P04 AC2 Filt Ctrl P04 Port Switch P04 Pitch EG Rel Time
Yamaha XG Parts Sysex Part 05
Part 05 Element Reserve Part 05 Mono/Poly Mode P05 Vel Sense Dpt Part 05 Dry Level Part 05 Vibrato Depth Part 05 EG Decay Time P05 MW LFO PMod Dpt P05 Bend Amp Ctrl P05 Rcv Ch AfTch Part 05 Receive RPN P05 Rcv Exp P05 Rcv Bnk Sel Part 05 Scale Tuning E Part 05 Scale Tuning A P05 CAT Amp Ctrl P05 PAT Filt Ctrl P05 AC1 Ctrl Nb P05 AC1 LFO FMod Dpt P05 AC2 Amp Ctrl Part 05 Portamento Time Part 05 Bank Select MSB P05 Same Note Nb Key On P05 Vel Sense Offset Part 05 Chorus Send Part 05 Vibrato Delay Part 05 EG Release Time P05 MW LFO FMod Dpt P05 Bend LFO PMod Dpt P05 Rcv Prog Chng Part 05 Receive NRPN Part 05 Receive Hold1 Part 05 Scale Tuning C Part 05 Scale Tuning F Part 05 Scale Tuning A# P05 CAT LFO PMod Dpt P05 PAT Amp Ctrl P05 AC1 Pitch Ctrl P05 AC1 LFO AMod Dpt P05 AC2 LFO PMod Dpt P05 Pitch EG Init Lev Part 05 Bank Select LSB Part 05 Part Mode Part 05 Pan Part 05 Reverb Send P05 Filt Cutoff Frq Part 05 MW Pitch Control P05 MW LFO AMod Dpt P05 Bend LFO FMod Dpt P05 Rcv Ctrl Chng P05 Rcv Mod P05 Rcv Port Part 05 Scale Tuning C# Part 05 Scale Tuning F# Part 05 Scale Tuning B P05 CAT LFO FMod Dpt P05 PAT LFO PMod Dpt P05 AC1 Filt Ctrl P05 AC2 Ctrl Nb P05 AC2 LFO FMod Dpt P05 Pitch EG Att Time Part 05 Program Number Part 05 Note Shift Part 05 Note Limit Low Part 05 Variation Send Part 05 Filter Resonance P05 MW Filt Ctrl P05 Bend Pitch Ctrl P05 Bend LFO AMod Dpt P05 Rcv Poly AfTch Part 05 Receive Volume P05 Rcv Sostenuto Part 05 Scale Tuning D Part 05 Scale Tuning G P05 CAT Pitch Ctrl P05 CAT LFO AMod Dpt P05 PAT LFO FMod Dpt P05 AC1 Amp Ctrl P05 AC2 Pitch Ctrl P05 AC2 LFO AMod Dpt P05 Pitch EG Rel Lev Part 05 Receive Channel Part 05 Volume Part 05 Note Limit High Part 05 Vibrato Rate Part 05 EG Attack Time P05 MW Amp Ctrl P05 Bend Filt Ctrl P05 Rcv Pitch Bend P05 Rcv Note Msg Part 05 Receive Pan P05 Rcv Soft Ped Part 05 Scale Tuning D# Part 05 Scale Tuning G# P05 CAT Filt Ctrl P05 PAT Pitch Ctrl P05 PAT LFO AMod Dpt P05 AC1 LFO PMod Dpt P05 AC2 Filt Ctrl P05 Port Switch P05 Pitch EG Rel Time

Wind MIDI Controller

Extraordinary Playability and Versatility
The Yamaha WX5 Wind MIDI Controller takes wind MIDI control to new levels of performance and playability. With precise, responsive wind and lip sensors, a choice of single-reed or recorder type mouthpieces, and a range of fingering modes, the WX5 makes expressive wind control more accessible than ever before. The WX5 gives experienced wind players a new medium and vastly expanded sonic possibilities in a familiar format, playable enough for beginners.

Expressive Controls

The WX5 provides expressive control and nuances that are simply not available with keyboards or other MIDI controllers. Although it is ideal for use with just about any MIDI tone generator or synthesizer, combined with a state-of-the-art tone generator such as the Yamaha VL70m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator, the WX5 is capable of expressive depth and tonal subtlety that rivals the finest acoustic instruments.

Most Advanced

The Yamaha WX5 Wind MIDI Controller is simply the most advanced, most versatile, most playable and most expressive MIDI controller of its kind.
If You Already Play a Wind Instrument.
The WX5 is your key to vastly expanded expression and musical scope. You'll be able to use familiar fingering and techniques to play an unlimited range of new sounds. Play the WX5 like a saxophone, for example, but sound like a trombone, piano, electric guitar, bass. literally any sound that gives you the musical effect you want. Why leave this type of sonic versatility to the keyboard players?
If You've Never Played a Wind Instrument Before.
The WX5 is easy to learn. You can choose a fingering that you're most comfortable with right from the beginning. And, unlike an acoustic wind instrument, it doesn't take months of practice just to get a decent tone. The reedless recorder type mouthpiece supplied in addition to the saxophone type mouthpiece makes playing even easier. An extensive range of customizable parameters lets you set up the WX5 to play the way you want it to.The WX5 can open the door to a whole new world of expression.
Play Any MIDI Tone Generator
MIDI, the Music Instrument Digital Interface, is the standard used by virtually every modern MIDI tone generator or other electronic music device available from any manufacturer. Since the WX5 is a 100% MIDI-compatible controller, it can be used to play any MIDI tone generator on the market today - starting with the extensive lineup available from Yamaha.
Use the WX5 with the Yamaha VL70-m or MU Series Tone Generators
The Yamaha VL70m Virtual Acoustic Tone generator is a perfect match for the WX5. Although a mono tone generator, its advanced computer-modeling technology delivers some of the most realistic and expressive wind-instrument sounds available in any tone generator system. The MU-series XG tone generators are also an excellent choice. But you're in no way limited: choose the MIDI tone generator that provides the type of sound you want.
High-Resolution Wind and Lip Sensors with Precision Calibration Controls
The WX5 translates the player's breath and lip pressure to MIDI data via high-resolution wind and lip sensors that can be precisely calibrated to match individual playing characteristics. If you normally play sax, for example, you can set up the WX5 so that it plays almost exactly the same as your acoustic instrument. That way you can switch back and forth between instruments without even having to think about adjusting your style.
A Choice of Fingering Modes
Whether you're an experienced wind instrument player or a beginner, one of the WX5's four selectable fingering modes will provide optimum playability for you. The "Saxaphone (c)" mode, in particular, allows the same type of alternate fingerings that sax players use to add subtle variety and expression to their sound.
Saxophone (a) Fingering Mode
Basically the same as saxophone fingering, except that the fingering remains the same in all octaves, and thus easy to learn.
Saxophone (b) Fingering Mode
This mode is similar to Saxophone (a), but with additional trill key functions to facilitate rapid passages. This fingering is similar to that on the WX5's predecessor, the Yamaha WX11 Wind MIDI Controller.

Flute Fingering Mode

Similar to flute fingering, this mode is ideal for players who are familiar with flute fingering. Rather that continuous pitch bend in response to lip pressure, the pitch jumps up one octave when lip pressure is applied simulating the "overblow" octave shift on an acoustic flute.
Saxophone (c) Fingering Mode
A variation of the Saxophone (a) fingering mode, this mode allows saxophone-type alternate fingerings. Although alternate fingerings produce the same note, they produce slight variations in pitch and timbre which can be used for musical effect.
WX5 and VL70-m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator
WX5 and VL70m Acoustic Tone Generator: The perfect match: extraordinarily realistic and expressive wind instrument sounds, as well as direct connection via the WX cable without the need for batteries or an AC Adaptor.
WX5 and MIDI Tone Generator
Basic but very versatile, this is the type of setup you'll use with any MIDI tone generator of your choice.
WX5 with the MFC10 Foot controller
With the MFC10 Foot Controller you can switch voices, control volume or other parameters, and generally change setups via foot control without interrupting your performance.
WX5 and QY70 or QY700 Music Sequencer
The WX5 can be connected to an integrated sequencer/tone generator unit such as the Yamaha QY70 or QY700 to allow convenient recording and playback of MIDI data.
Comprehensive Setup Capability and Versatile Realtime Control
In additon to connectors, calibration controls and setup switches, the "thumb side" of the WX5 offers a range of controls and features which are not available on conventional acoustic instruments.

Sensor Gain Controls

These four controls adjust the gain and zero point of the wind and lip sensors for optimum playability.

Octave Keys

These keys allow you to shift the pitch of the instrument up or down by one, two, or three octaves while playing.

Setup Button

Used in conjunction with other WX5 control buttons, the Setup Button allows software wind gain, octave transpose, and other settings to be changed while playing.

Pitch Bend Wheel

Like the pitch bend wheel on keyboard synthesizers, the WX5 pitch bend wheel can be used to produce smooth pitch bends.

Key Hold Button

The Key Hold button controls any of the four assignable key hold functions.

Program Change Button

Used in conjunction with the instrument's keys, the Program Change button can be used to transmit MIDI program changes and bank numbers to the connected MIDI tone generator in order to change voices directly from the WX5.

MIDI Out Connector

When not using the WX cable, this connector is used to directly connect the WX5 to a MIDI tone generator via a standard MIDI cable.

WX Out Connector

This connector allows the WX5 to be directly connected to compatible Yamaha tone generators (such as the VL70m) via the supplied WX cable.
Customize the WX5 for Your Playing Requirements Dip Switches 1 - 3
The WX5 has 16 DIP switches which allow it to be customized to meet your individual playing requirements. 1. Velocity: determines whether the key-on velocity (i.e. the attack of each note) will be fixed or controlled by wind pressure; 2. Wind Sensor to MIDI data: specifies the type of MIDI data which the WX5 wind data will be transmitted; 3. Wind Curve: determines the relationship between breath pressure and the output MIDI volume data

Dip Switches 4 - 6

4. Tight Lip/Loose Lip Mode: selects the Tight Lip or Loose Lip playing mode;
5. Lip Data Range: determines the range of data which can be produced via lip control - "Normal" or "Wide"; 6. LipData: specifies the type of MIDI data which the WX5 lip data will be transmitted - "Pitch Bend" or "Modulation".

Dip Switches 7 - 10

7. Lip + Control Change Data: determines whether or not MIDI control change number #18 will be added to the lip data transmitted by the WX5; 8. Transpose: sets the "key" of the WX5: i.e. the actual pitch played when all keys are closed - "C2," "Bb1," or "Eb2." 9. Fingering: specifies the WX5 fingering mode - "Saxophone (a)," "Saxophone (b)," "Saxophone (c)," or "Flute"; 10. Fast Response: sets the speed at which the WX5 will respond when a note is played.

Dip Switches 11 - 12

11. High D/D# Key Assign: determines whether the high D and D# keys will be used normally as playing keys, or to transmit control change data; 12. Pitch Bend to MIDI Data: determines the initial power-on Pitch Bend Wheel control mode.


Controls Note keys (16 keys including assignable high keys (2), Octave Change Keys (4) (Control range: 7 octave), Pitch Bend wheel, Setup Switch, Hold Switch (Key Hold/Sustain/Portament), Program Change Switch, Power On/Off Switch WIND ZERO, WIND GAIN, LIP GAIN, LIP ZERO Key Transpose: C2,Bb1,Eb; Octave Transpose: 5 step (-2/-1/0+1/+2) Saxophone (a), Saxophone (b), Saxophone (c), Flute Velicoty:On/Off; Wind Data: CC#2(Breath Controller), CC#7(Volume), CC#11(Expression); Wind Curve: Normal/Hard; Lip Mode: Tight Lip/Loose Lip; Lip Range: Normal/Wide; Lip Data: Pitch bend/Modulation wheel; Lip+ CC#18 (Gen3): On/Off; Transpose: C2/Bb1/Eb2; Fingering: Saxophone (a,b,c), Flute; Fast Response: On/Off; High D,D# key assign: On (D:CC#81, D#: CC#80)/Off; Pitch Bend Data: Pitch bend Up and Pitch bend Down/Modulation wheel and Pitch bend Down/CC#16 (Gen1) and CC#17(Gen2) Bright Up/ Down Wind Sensor, Lip Sensor Red LED x 2 (WIND Monitor, LIP ZERO Monitor) 10 - 16 channel MIDI Out connector, WX Out connector (Power and MIDI Out), DC in Jack UM-4, AAA, R03 x 6, PA3B AC Adapter, WX Out Connector (from compatible Yamaha Tone Generators or BT7 MIDI/Power Pack) 611 x 62 x 70 mm 520 g

Rotary Controls Transpose Fingering Dip Switches
Sensors LED MIDI Transmit Channel Connections Power Suppy Dimnsions ( L x W x D) Weight


Soft Case WX Cable Strap Recorder Cream Mouthpiece
Saxophone Type Mouthpiece (attached), Mouthpiece Cap (attached), Recorder type Mouthpiece


VL70M VL70m Virtual Acoustic Tone Generator is a compact, low-cost addition to Yamaha's expanding line of Virtual Acoustic Synthesis instruments, giving electronic musicians unprecedented musical flexibility. MIDI Foot Controller - Provides remote switching of up to 100 control change parameters and 128 program change numbers (or up to 12,800 control change parameters if 100 bank select messages are used), and more. MIDI/Power Pack for the WX5 Music sequencer Music sequencer

BT7 QY70 QY700

PROTECTIVE GEAR: YCWX5 Deluxe hardshell case for the WX5 Wind Controller. Inside this hardshell case your Yamaha wind controller rests safely surrounded by custom formed foam with a soft valour covering.



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