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First try s with my !JBL P1220e on 300W RMS Amp


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0904wv28 Yamaha RX-V650


11:44 am

Page 97


q 6.1 channel q Dolby Digital/ EX,
DTS/ES, Dolby Pro-Logic IIx, DTS Neo:6 q YPAO auto set-up q HDTV-ready component video switching q 7 x 95W output

Yamaha RX-V650

amahas latest receiver, the 460 RX-V650, is a 6.1 channel model with a host of features that would have set a difficult standard to better for even 1,000 models until recently. Key among the features usually only found on more expensive models is the YPAO set-up microphone, which allows accurate installation, and the set-up procedure runs smoothly, quickly and automatically from the onscreen display. One of only a handful of products that come with automatic set-up so far, this is the cheapest and one of the best. Aside from the subwoofer set-up (which routinely gets distance entirely wrong, but at least does not set the sub far too high), this is decimetre correct and more accurate than ears alone. If you want to change parameters or perform a manual set-up, that is possible through the OSD, too. The lack of a flip-down front panel means the titanium finish is not as minimalist as previous models, but placing everything permanently on display makes the V650 more readily accessible. The remote and display are typically Yamaha. The thin yellow display is readable but not too garish and the remote can control up to nine other products (through manufacturer codes) but becomes bewildering when so used. Like many new products with high-end credentials, the component video switching circuit now features wide bandwidth connections for next generation highdefinition sources. These are matched with a wealth of composite and S-video sources and enough audio inputs to cope

AV receiver 460

free from the sort of in yer face brashness often found in mid-price amplifiers and receivers. It is also an extremely dynamic sound, unless played at Motorhead levels. Once again, this is much to do with the effortless control of the processor but also shows just how good the amplifier stages can be, too. The Yamaha has that effortless coherence and real-world scale of good amplifiers. But most would trade oomph for the overall smoothness of the Yamaha. Charles Darwin would be rightly proud of the RX-V650. Products are evolving at a pace and if receivers are subject to the same survival of the fittest necessity that lobe fishes and chimps abide by, then the RX-V650 is a true survivor Alan Sircom
FEATURES AV Receiver; 7 x 95W per channel RMS; Dolby Digital & DD EX, DTS & DTS ES (Discrete and Matrix), Dolby Pro-Logic II/IIx (Movies, Music), DTS Neo:6 (Cinema, Music), DTS 96/24, Virtual Cinema DSP, Silent Cinema, 29x Yamaha proprietary DSP effects modes, 24/192 DACs on every channel; HDTV-ready component video; AM/FM RDS tuner with 30 presets; YPAO automated set-up; dimensions: 171(h) x 435(w) x 420(d)mm; weight: 12.6kg SOCKETS AV ins 3 line (1 on front), 2 tape, all with S-video and composite video; 2 component video inputs, 1 component video output; 1 S-video, 1 composite video monitor output. Audio only 1 line, 1 tape, 5.1 channel in, 7.1 channel out; digital audio 2 electrical in, 4 optical ins (1 on front); 1 optical output AM/FM aerial inputs; 7 speaker outs (+1 x speaker B main outputs), presence speaker outputs, subwoofer output; headphone socket CONTACT 166 TEST DATA Measured Power output: 115W, 8, 1kHz, 0.1%THD into 2 channels; 50W, 8, 1kHz, 0.1%THD into 5 channels; 170W, 4, 1kHz, 0.1%THD into 2 channels; 70W, 4, 1kHz, 0.1%THD into 5 channels Fidelity Firewall: 110W, 8, 1kHz, 0.05%THD Distortion: 0.003% at 50W (1kHz, 8) Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz 0.05dB For a full explanation of test data, see page 128
with a large and varied hi-fi and home cinema system. Yamaha has a broad spread of power output measurements on tap. It says 7 x145W (the DIN measurement) in the handout but also lists 95W (RMS) and 105W (IEC) ratings, too. Our measurements say otherwise. DSP modes include no fewer than 53 variants of 29 different soundfield modes. These include Dolby Pro-Logic II/IIx, Dolby Digital/Digital EX, DTS/DTS ES, DTS Neo:6 and 96/24 (for suitably encoded DTS 96/24 DVD-Videos). It also includes an audio delay for correcting lip-sync errors and presence channels that allow the dialogue to sound like it is lifted from the centre channel to the middle of the screen, using smart and subtle DSP.


The amplifiers built into the RX-V650 are fine but soft and not the most powerful around. This is more than mitigated by the excellent performance of the processor, which is a real class winner. This processor power comes across as excellent steering, and near-perfect seamlessness from speaker to speaker. The amplifiers within the V650 are more than good enough to cope with and highlight the benefits of such an excellent processor. In fact, its only when playing multichannel music or playing the system at very high volume levels that the limitations of the amplifiers begin to show, as the sound hardens up and the detail tends toward brightness. Played at normal listening levels, the receiver produces rich, smooth and satisfying sounds. Used without any of the extra DSP modes, the sound is


Set-up microphone; excellent processor; price


Lack of power; dark and chocolatey sound for some

77777 77777

MARANTZ SR5400 An audio powerhouse that earns Best Buy status but it lacks Pro-Logic IIx Reviewed: Jul 04 PIONEER VSX-C501 A slimline receiver also with automatic calibration but the Yamaha sounds better Reviewed: Jul 04


Rich and satisfying sounding, this receiver should be at the top of the list unless you plan on playing at ear-splitting levels


038 EHC 26 Yamaha RX-V650


2:58 PM

Page 49

Key Features 7 x 95W per channel RMS Dolby Digital Pro-Logic II, & EX DTS, ES; Neo 6; DTS 96/24 29x proprietary DSP effects modes HDTV-ready component video AM/FM RDS tuner with 30 presets YPAO automated set-up Connections 3x AV line (1 on front), 2x tape, S-video & composite video 2x component video in, 1x out Audio only 1 line & Tape 5.1 channel in; 6.1 channel out 2x electrical; 4x optical audio in Optical audio output AM/FM aerial input 7x speaker out (+1 x speaker B main outputs) Subwoofer output; Headphones Dimensions 171(h) x 435(w) x 420(d)mm

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Yamaha RX-V650
With a feature-packed 6.1 receiver for just 460, Yamaha shows its back at the top. Jon Hart reveals why
HE RATE AT WHICH RECEIVERS ARE EVOLVING IS such that manufacturers are in a constant drive to find new ways of wowing the customer. Once again, Yamaha delivers that wow factor in spades with its latest offering, the RX-V650. Until recently, it had raised the bar so high that even 1,000 models had a job keeping up. The titanium finish is populated with several buttons, sockets and knobs, as there is no flip-down panel for them to hide behind. But, placing everything on permanent display does have its advantages, as controls are now more accessible. The 6.1 channels are complemented by a host of features usually found on more expensive models. DSP modes come in 29 different soundfield flavours, including Dolby
Yamaha delivers wow factor in spades
Pro-Logic II/IIx, Dolby Digital/Digital EX, DTS/DTS ES, DTS Neo:6 and 96/24 (for suitably encoded 96/24 DVD videos). Yamaha has provided an audio delay for correcting those annoying lip-sync errors. The RX-V650 is kitted out with enough audio inputs to satisfy even the most demanding hi-fi and home cinema system. Picture-wise, it sports the requisite composite
What we like about this receiver Low price Excellent processor Setup microphone What we dont like about this receiver Lack of power Smooth, dynamic sound
and S-video sockets, but perhaps most interesting of all is the component video switching circuit. This features wide bandwidth connections for next generation high-definition sources. YPAO (Yamaha Professional Room Acoustic Optimiser) is designed to take the hassle out of setting up the ideal sound. It gives out a series of test tones, which are then captured by the special microphone. This helps the unit determine speaker/subwoofer distance measurements, speaker size, and volume level. This setup procedure runs smoothly and automatically from the onscreen display. The RX-V650 is only one of a handful of receivers to feature auto setup, and is by far the best weve seen. On the whole, its more accurate than the human ear can perceive. However, the subwoofer set-up often misjudges distance, but at least it sets volume at a reasonable level. Manual tweaking is possible through the OSD. The versatile remote can control up to nine other products, but becomes overly complicated when so used. In practice, this receiver lacks a little punch but the RX-V650 more than redeems itself with superb processing performance. Steering is spot-on and the seamlessness between speakers is near-perfect. Only when playing multichannel music or playing the system at very high volume levels do cracks begin to appear; sound hardens up and the details tends towards brightness. But at normal listening levels, the sound produced is beautifully dynamic, without ever being overpowering. This kind of effortless processor control is virtually unheard of in amps and receivers at this price
Not exactly pretty but functionality is the winner here


Sales 166 Web
VERDICT With a rich, satisfying sound, this receiver should be at the top of the list unless you plan on playing it at ear-splitting levels.


Marantz SR5400 Pioneer VSX-C501



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