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Digital Home Theater Receiver
Remarkable power and versatility make it easily the leader in its class.
Powerful New 32-Bit Original LSI (YSS928) Incorporates Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro-Logic Decoders plus DSP Processing Circuits 39 Surround Programs with 28 CINEMA DSP and 6 HiFi DSP Programs Digitally Regulated Volume Control for All Channels Quad-Field CINEMA DSP for 6.1-Channel Digital Surround SILENT CINEMA for Headphone Play 96-kHz/24-Bit DACs for All Channels Wide-Range Frequency Response for DVD-Audio Compatibility Versatile Digital Inputs/Outputs Learning-Capable and Preset Remote Control Unit
40-Station AM/FM Random Access Preset Tuning
6 A/V (with S-Video) and 4 Audio Inputs, and 2 A/V and 2 Audio Outputs
2 Component Video Inputs (fixed and assignable) and 1 Monitor Out with HDTV Compatibility
Versatile Digital Inputs/Outputs: 4 Optical/2 Coaxial Digital Inputs (fixed and assignable) and 2 Optical Outputs (fixed and assignable)

140W x 5

Preout Terminals for Main, Center and Rear Effect Channels, and Subwoofer Out
6-Channel External Decoder Input for Future Sound Formats
2-Way Binding-Post Speaker Terminals (bananaplug compatible, all terminals)
This system is also offered with a black finish.
Recommended Speaker Combination Main Speakers NS-120 Center Speaker NS-C120 Rear Effect Speakers NS-90 Subwoofers YST-SW150
Oil-Damped Hidden Control Panel with Optical Digital and S-Video Terminals

Black finish available

RX-V800 Surround Programs HiFi DSP Programs CONCERT HALL CHURCH JAZZ CLUB ROCK CONCERT ENTERTAINMENT Programs Surround Programs
Matrix 6.1 Decoder Off Concert Hall Church Jazz Club Rock Concert Disco 5 Ch Stereo 6 Programs Matrix Decoder Off Dolby Pro-Logic Normal Dolby Digital Normal DTS Digital Sur. Normal 3 Programs
Matrix 6.1 Decoder On < < < < < <
Matrix 6.1 Decoder Off Game Mono Movie TV Sports 70mm Spectacle Dolby Digital Spectacle DTS Digital Sur. Spectacle 70mm Sci-Fi Dolby Digital Sci-Fi DTS Digital Sur. Sci-Fi 70mm Adventure Dolby Digital Adventure DTS Digital Sur. Adventure 70mm General Dolby Digital General DTS Digital Sur. General Dolby Pro-Logic Enhanced Dolby Digital Enhanced DTS Digital Sur. Enhanced 18 Programs 27 Programs 39 Programs
Matrix 6.1 Decoder On < < < < Dolby Digital Spectacle 6.1 DTS Digital Sur. Spectacle ES < Dolby Digital Sci-Fi 6.1 DTS Digital Sur. Sci-Fi ES < Dolby Digital Adventure 6.1 DTS Digital Sur. Adventure ES < Dolby Digital General 6.1 DTS Digital Sur. General ES < Dolby Digital Enhanced 6.1 DTS Digital Sur. Enhanced ES 10 Programs 12 Programs


Matrix Decoder On < Dolby Digital/Matrix 6.1 DTS-ES 2 Programs


Auto Priority Input Terminal Selection and Auto Decoder Selection Digital input terminals are provided to handle any kind of digital input. Functions are programmed to select priority in order of coaxial digital, optical digital and analog when different digital formats are input from the same source. The sound decoder is also automatically selected and processed according to the combination of the format of input signals and the selected sound field programs.
DOLBY/DTS SURROUND Programs Program Total Grand Total
Digital ToP-ART Quad-Field CINEMA DSP Tri-Field CINEMA DSP Digitally Regulated Volume Control 96 kHz/24-Bit D/A Conversion Surround Program On-Screen Display Virtual CINEMA DSP Bass Extension Convenient Set Menu Maximum Output Power Main Ch Center Ch Rear Effect Ch Dynamic Power/Ch 4 ohms (Main Ch) 2 ohms Linear Damping Damping Factor (8 ohms, 2020,000 Hz) Frequency Response (8 ohms) A/V Rec Out Selector Subwoofer Output Terminals Preout Terminals
RX-V1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes (all channels) Yes 41 programs Yes Yes Yes Yes
RX-V800 Yes Yes Yes Yes (all channels) Yes 39 programs Yes Yes Yes Yes
RX-V596 Yes Yes Yes 23 programs
RX-V800 Inputs and Outputs
Digital Video Coaxial Optical Composite S Video Compo. V.* In Out In Out In Out In Out In Out In Out PHONO CD CD-R MD/TAPE DVD D-TV/LD CBL/SAT VCR 1 VCR 2 VIDEO AUX MONITOR OUT Fixed () and Assignable () Terminals. * Component Video Analog


: HiFi DSP Programs

: A/V Programs


: Tri-Field CINEMA DSP

: Quad-Field CINEMA DSP
All DSP programs are available in the SILENT CINEMA and Virtual CINEMA DSP modes.
6-Channel External Decoder Input Signal-to-Noise Ratio (CD, 250 mV) Dimensions (W x H x D) Weight
140 W + 140 W] 140 W + 140 W 105 W + 105 W 140 W 140 W 105 W 140 W + 140 W 140 W + 140 W 105 W + 105 W 195 W 195 W 135 W 230 W 230 W 160 W Yes Yes Yes 80 (main ch) 80 (main ch) 80 (main ch) 10100,000 Hz +0, -3 dB 10100,000 Hz +0, -3 dB 10100,000 Hz +0, -3 dB Yes Yes Yes (mono x 2) Yes Yes Premain coupler, and Main, center and rear Main, center and rear center, rear effect and effect preout terminals effect preout terminals rear center preout terminals Yes Yes Yes 100 dB 100 dB 103 dB 435 x 171 x 432 mm 435 x 171 x 432 mm 435 x 151 x kg 15 kg 11.2 kg
Fixed and Assignable Terminals Only Yamaha offers terminals that can be either independently assigned to channels or defaulted to fixed settings. Total Convenience A comprehensive On-Screen Display with a convenient Set Menu lets you select and adjust a wide variety of functions. It includes a speaker display that makes it easier to balance speaker output in the Speaker Test Mode.



LSP-M1012C Av Receiver ERB34250W8 EY0225 TX-SR605 CT-656MK2 KLV-W40a10E Touring JMA-9922-6XA DVP-NS52P KDL-32V4720 CTK-481 Controller GR-DVX9 CCD-TR700 Amex 601 A7M266D HD9140 399-B Designer 2 PSR-K1 UT44170 Roland DP-8 TCD-D100 Equinox GZ-MG21EK Qtek 2020 DSC-T700 2925 GC Multimetrix VT18 4VI E Fantasy TX-NR900 ESF45010S RT34mass EWV404 Kyocera 6035 HDC-SD9P Md481SYS MH 542 Playstation 3 AC 23B CDX-GT21W 32PW9617 FT-857D MHC-EC98P CD1502B 53 G633C Workstation Review KV-21RD1 GZ-MG57AG WM2277H Mcintosh 352 FT-250 STR-DA555ES CP-X260WF Yamaha B-2 A-407R Flashpaper 4 3 Fo-880 WGT624 Nikon S60 TD-6V 37PFL3312 Expedition-2003 SV-651F Server Taskalfa 180 90044 KX-TCD650 LE32R71W DTH3600 Roadsport R DCR-SR32E DTH614 SGH-X460 Box 2 Scenic 2 1-1-0 Specifications Yamaha CS2X V640I Mini J7 KDL-46X4500 Theater2 TXL32C20E Servers CE-21F60KX CFX-9950GB Plus RDR-DC205 Specs DVD Link ZCG553GW1 TX-32PS11P RF-11 Bouygues ZXA1-90 Officejet 4215 Version 5 RCR 127 SA-AK240 Vsmile


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