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Yamaha TDM 900 (2003) Slip-on Exhaust System
Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust System
for the Yamaha TDM 900 (2003)
The Yamaha TDM 900 is a combination of different styles. Its parallel twin design has been on the market for over a decade, which speaks highly of the success of this model. Rider-friendly and comfortable, great for everyday riding, long trips, solo or two-up. And in addition to its great-looking design its has lots of power and torque, which promises to lower the time it takes to get you from point A to point B. GOAL The popularity of a certain model is one of the important reasons for our R&D department to consider developing a sports exhaust system. In addition, the successful in-line twin design provides a further challenge for us to provide even more power and torque for the overall package. This translates into sheer delight for Yamaha TDM riders. ABOUT AKRAPOVIC SLIP-ON SYSTEMS The Yamaha TDM 900 gets a double bonus a double Akrapovic top-flight component. The SLIP-ON exhaust will give a refined elegance to the stock system. But the aesthetic factor is not all; you can definitely expect more power and torque from your engine as well. As stated, the Akrapovic SLIP-ON exhaust system for the TDM 900 is dual, as it follows the configuration of the stock system. The link pipes on both sides are made of highquality stainless steel, and our tests showed that better results were obtained using conical construction. The link pipes are attached to both the mufflers and the header assemblies with free-floating connections. The connection to the muffler is made with high-quality silicon-shielded tensioning springs, while the connection with the header assembly is performed with the use of a metal clamp. The mufflers for the Yamaha TDM 900 are the familiar Akrapovic oval design from our Road series. As Akrapovic fans and customers know, the canister is available in two options. One is the popular racing-style carbon-fiber, while the other is the opulent sheen of titanium. The difference between the two options is only in the outer sleeve material, while the interior of the muffler is identical and made entirely of titanium. The difference in the outer sleeve material has no effect on the performance of the system. The mufflers are attached to the bike on both sides by the familiar Akrapovic carbon-fiber muffler clamp, which ideally performs the task of carrying the muffler and withstanding the


Akrapovic Exhaust System Technology copyright 2003, all rights reserved
physical forces of motorcycling. Both versions of the muffler come with the carbon-fiber clamp. Measurements of the Akrapovic SLIP-ON system on the Yamaha TDM 900: power: the Yamaha gets pumped! The excellent results we achieved with just the basic level of exhaust system tuning will amaze you. The increase over the stock power curve starts right at the beginning and just gets bigger as the bike winds up, reaching 75.8 HP at 7100 rpm. It should be added that the power transition at the top of the range is smoother than with the stock system, which means longer-lasting useable power at the high end. The max. increased power is 3.4 HP at 6700 rpm. torque: if you liked the look of the power curve, take a look at the Akrapovic SLIP-ON systems torque curve! Like the power curve it is higher than the stock curve, especially at the transition to the top end, where it is quite steep and therefore offers quick response to demand. Thus both the power and torque measurements are exceptionally well suited to the style and purpose of this motorcycle. Long trips or quick cornering on country or city roads are all home territory for the TDM 900. The Akrapovic package is truly an excellent addition to the TDM, and not only in terms of aesthetics. As can be seen from the measurements, the performance upgrade is substantial, and in addition there is a considerable weight savings as well, amounting to 5.48 kg over the stock system. And the sound? What would you expect from an Akrapovic SLIP-ON system? The Yamaha twin will put out a satisfied purr and happily announce the change to its exhaust system. A well-conceived package which is an excellent combination of aesthetic and performance enhancement and weight savings, at a price which will satisfy your bank account as well.

Road Program

weight comparison max. rear wheel power S.S. 9.43 kg 73.6 / 7300 RPM 87 db / 3750 RPM 3.94 kg


titanium stock - S.S. 5.48 kg


stock - titanium -
75.8 HP / 7100 RPM 96 db / 3750 RPM NO
3.4 HP / 6700 RPM* 9 db / 3750 RPM
Technical specifications of Akrapovic exhaust systems and related products subject to change without notice.
noise measurment legal for street use
Product code: S-Y9SO1-C, S-Y9SO1-T

Exhaust Photo

The outer sleeve is available in carbonfiber or titanium

Bike Photo

Product code: S-Y9SO1-C, S-Y9SO1-T 4
Product code: S-Y9SO1-C, S-Y9SO1-T 5








Diagram / Chart

EngTrq WhlPwr

EngSpd RPM (Sorted)


Floppy Disc Request Form If you do not have a CD-Rom drive and would like to receive the program and the alternate maps for your model on a 3 1/2 floppy disc, please fax this form to Dynojet at 1-702-399-1431 or call 1-800-992-4993 Bike Model Name Street Town State Zip

2002-2003 Yamaha TDM900

You can also download the Power Commander software and the latest maps from our web site at :
Parts List Power Commander CD-ROM Installation Guide Power adapter 406-210 152-23000 I406-211 66116001
Dynojet Research 2191 Mendenhall Drive North Las Vegas, NV 89031 1-800-992-4993
Installation Instructions for

Trouble Shooting

If you feel that you are having any problems at all with the Power Commander III, disconnect it from your motorcycle. This will allow the motorcycle to run directly off of the stock ECU. The lights dont come on when I turn the ignition switch on. Check to make sure connectors are seated and the kill switch is in the run position. The on-board adjustment buttons do not hold their settings. Be sure to wait 20-30 seconds after making adjustments before starting or turning off the bike. Can not upload to or download from the Power Commander III. Check to see that the serial cable is firmly in place. Verify that ignition switch is on and the kill switch is in the run position. My mouse uses the same serial port. If your computer has a PS/2 port purchase a DB9 to PS/2 adapter for your mouse. I get a verify failed. message when I upload a map to the Power Commander III. Programs running in the background or fluctuations in supply voltage (from outlet) can sometimes cause this error. In most cases, the information was sent properly to the Power Commander III. Pushing the upload all button again should produce a tables sent and verified message. I typed in notes, but they didnt save. You need to first push the accept button in the notes window and then the save file button.
Yamaha TDM900 Power Commander III
3 Remove the seat Prop the front of the fuel tank up. Unplug the stock connectors. These connectors are located on the left hand side of the bike under the fuel tank. (Fig. A).

Unplug these connectors

Left hand frame rail


1. Hold all three buttons down firmly. 2. While holding the buttons down connect the battery to the power up adapter. 3. Release the buttons. 4. Select the range you wish to adjust: Low, Med, High, by pushing the corresponding button once. 5. At this point holding that button down will move the lights down (leaning out the mixture). 6. Pushing the button repeatedly will move the light up (richening the mixture). 7. When the two center lights are lit up this is the 0 setting.
Plug the connectors of the PCIII in-line of the stock connectors (Fig. B).

PCIII connectors

Stock connectors
Attach the ground wire from the PCIII to the negative side of the battery (Fig. C).
Hold these buttons and start the bike to adjust the Power Commander III

Ground wire from PCIII

Adjusting Your Power Commander Your Power Commander has been programmed with a base map for your application. You can adjust the base map or install an alternate map using your computer. Please refer to the supplied CD-Rom for more information. You can also adjust your Power Commander using the face plate buttons as described below.
NOTE: On this model the injectors are powered down shortly after turning the ignition on. To send a map, adjust the throttle position or adjust the buttons you will need to use the Power Adaptor (#66116001 or 76423001). Plug the power adapter up to the Power Commander. Then plug the 9 pin serial cable to the other side of the power adapter (see figure below).



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