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Model Configuration Number of cylinders Bore x Stroke Displacement Continuous rating output at crankshaft Maximum output at crankshaft Combustion system Starting System Cooling System Model Reduction and reversing gear Type Reduction ratio (Ahead/Astern) Propeller speed at continuous rating (Ahead) rpm Direction of rotation Dry Weight
. Rating condition: ISO-3046/1 [Note]: hp = 0.7355kW
1GMmm (in.) l (cu. in.) kW/rpm (hp/rpm) kW/rpm (hp/rpm) 75 x 72 (2.95 x 2.83) 0.318 (19.41) 6.0/3400 (8.0/3400) 7/3600 (9/3600)


2GM20F x 72 (2.95 x 2.83) 0.636 (38.81) 12/3400 (16.0/3400) 13/3600 (18/3600)


3GM30F x 72 (2.95 x 2.83) 0.954 (58.22) 18/3400 (24/3400) 20/3600 (27/3600)


4-stroke, vertical, water cooled diesel engine
4-stroke, in-line, water cooled diesel engine
Special swirl type pre-combustion chamber Electrical with manual combination (D.C. 12V-1.0kW starting motor, 12V-35A Alternator) Direct seawater cooling by rubber impeller seawater pump KM2P 2.21/3.2.62/3.3.22/3.2.36/3.KM3V (V-drive) Constant mesh gear with servo-cone clutch 2.61/3.3.20/3.2.21/3.1298 KM2P
Special swirl type pre-combustion chamber Electrical (D.C. 12V-1.0kW starting motor, 12V-55A Alternator) Fresh water cooling with heat exchanger KM3V (V-drive) Constant mesh gear with servo-cone clutch 2.62/3.06 3.22/3.2.36/3.2.61/3.3.20/3.2.21/3.2.62/3.KM2P
Special swirl type pre-combustion chamber Electric with manual combination (D.C. 12V-1.0kW starting motor, 12V-55A Alternator) Freshwater cooling with heat exchanger KM3P (Option) Constant mesh gear with servo-cone clutch 2.36/3.2.61/3.3.20/3.2.36/3.2.61/3.3.20/3.KM3V (V-drive)
Crankshaft Propeller shaft kg (lbs)
Counterclockwise, viewed from stern 76 (167)
Clockwise, viewed from stern 90 (198)
Counterclockwise, viewed from stern 114 (251)
Clockwise, viewed from stern 125 (278)
Counterclockwise, viewed from stern Clockwise, viewed from stern 137 (302) 138 (304)
Clockwise, viewed from stern 147 (323)
Clockwise, viewed from stern








The Auxiliary Engine of Choice
Yanmars one, two and three cylinder marine diesels claim the majority of sailors approval when powering their inboard sailboats under 35. Reliability is the most important concern of our customers and the reputation of the GM series is second to none. Yachtsmen looking for extra power without extra size and weight can find it in Yanmars GM series. Weight savings, due to the compact design can help provide faster cruising speed and also allow easier access for service. The 2GM and 3GM can be ordered with a freshwater cooling system, for long-life in corrosive waters.

Smooth, Clean and Quiet

Comparative tests and actual user reports prove the GM series is the auxiliary engine of choice. The greater piston bore of the GM series delivers more power yet still excels in quiet and smooth running from idling levels to top RPMs. Emission levels became lower thanks to the better matching of: fuel system, injection pump, nozzles and combustion chamber, etc. Every boat owner will appreciate its low smoke and soot-free emissions, coupled with some of the quietest, smoothest running ever to come from a diesel.

Load factor calculation based on an exponent of 3.0.
Compatible with entire GM series

V-Drive Gear

Where fore-aft space is limited, the V-drive marine gear KM3V compactly and neatly solves the problem. Combined with the compact design of the GM, the KM3V has a drive angle of 15 degrees and the following gear reduction ratios: 2.36, 2.61 and 3.20.
Compatible with 3GM model only
60A123GM-4/01 10M Printed in the USA
Photo may show optional equipment


June 3, 2011

46 Hunter 460, 2001 Yanmar 76hp dsl, hcpw, auto, color radar/plotter, in-mast furling, dodger (SC3192).US$229,Kanter Pilothouse Cutter, 1988 Perkins 85hp dsl, hcpw, dsl heater, 4.4kw genset, radar (SC3246).US$199,C&C Centerboard, 1986 Yanmar 44hp dsl, hard dodger, B&G electronics, life raft (SY9022).US$114,C&C Custom Race, 1984 Pathfinder 55hp dsl, wheel, dodger, 10 sails, Nexus package (SC3058). U/C 44 C&C Custom Race, 1985 Volkswagon (Pathfinder) 54hp fwc dsl, wheel, depth, furling, cradle (SC3223)US$69,Morgan Center Cockpit, 1989 Yanmar 44hp dsl, inverter, radar, depth, Avon 6-man liferaft (SY9015).US$109,Peterson Pilothouse Custom, 1998 Yanmar 3GM 30hp dsl, genset, furling, auto, radar, wheel (SC3213)$109,Custom Tripp, 1962 Westerbeke 40hp dsl, radar, GPS/Loran, auto, inverter, cabin heater (SC3239).$49,C&C, 1984 Yanmar 35hp fwc inboard dsl, wheel, heater, Harken furling, new sails, radar, auto (SN7224).$99,Cheoy Lee Offshore Yawl, 1970 Perkins 4-104 50hp dsl, furnace, radar, auto, GPS, full keel (SC3196).$49,Custom William Garden Ketch, 1968 Yanmar 56hp fwc dsl, windlass, 2 x depth, fbg dinghy (SY9018).$29,J Boats J/120, 1998 Yanmar 30hp dsl, carbon rig, 12+ sails, auto, plotter, Harken furling (SC3174).US$177,Irwin, 1979 Yanmar 30hp diesel, cockpit cruiser, Autohelm ST6000, GPS plotter, furling (SN7104). $59,C&C Landfall, 1981 Yanmar 30hp diesel, hcpw, radar, auto, Hood furling, zodiac, dodger, bimini (SW9004).$95,Custom C&C, Volvo 20hp fwc dsl, sleeps 7, 9 sails, depth, VHF, cradle, heater (SC2689).$69,David Stevens Schooner, Yanmar 16hp fwc dsl, 2006 refit, depth, GPS (SC3110).. $45,Roberts, 1989 Kubota 31hp inboard dsl, sleeps 5, hcpw, furling, wheel, auto, radar, dodger (SN7107). $54,Roberts, 1979 Volvo MD11C 25hp dsl, dodger, sleeps 6, VHF, depth, home built trailer (SC3163)$35,Sabre Mk2 CB, 1990 Westerbeke 35hp dsl, Harken furling, Edson wheel, auto, radar, chart plotter (SC3258).US$89,Aurora, 1982 Faryman 32hp diesel, full keel, Edson Wheel, bimini, GPS, dinghy (SC3121)$29,C&C, 1982 Yanmar 27hp fwc dsl, wheel steering, dodger, roller furling, radar, auto, cradle (SC2997).$49,C&C, 1982 Yanmar 27hp diesel, hcpw, wheel steering, radar, GPS/plotter, generator, furling (SW9005). $69,Endurance, Volvo 28hp dsl, enclosure, sleeps 6, hcpw, furling, auto, radar, depth, SSB (SC3169).$32,Tayana Mk2 Cutter, 1987 Yanmar 4JHE 44hp dsl, bow thruster, auto, radar, furling (SC3209).US$134,Beneteau 36.7, 2009 Volvo 29hp fwc dsl, hcpw, ST60 tridata, Raymarine C80, ST7002 auto (SC3242)US$159,C&C, 1978 Yanmar YQM30 36hp fwc dsl, dodger, bimini, wheel, Furlex furling, auto, radar (SN7179).U/C 36 C&C, 1979 Yanmar 30hp inboard dsl, dodger, Furlex furling, 5 sails, radar, auto, cradle (SN7234)$32,Catalina, Universal 25hp diesel, chart plotter, radar, autopilot, dinghy, enclosure (SC3235)$57,Dufour 365, 2006 Volvo 29hp diesel, fbg hull, furling Genoa, Mainsail (SC3244).US$179,Hinterhoeller Nonsuch 36, 1984 Westerbeke 58hp diesel, wheel, dodger, bimini, windlass (SY90112).$103,J Boats J/36, 1981 Yanmar 3GM 22hp dsl, dodger, Harken furling, 8 sails, auto, radar, depth (SN7192). $55,Nautilus Pilothouse, 1980 Perkins 4-108 50hp fwc dsl, wheel, furling, auto, radar, dinghy (SC2967).$74,C&C Mk 3, 1984 Yanmar 3GM 20hp fwc diesel, dodger, Harken furling, radar, auto (SC3107). $49,C&C Mk 1, 1971 Atomic 4, 30hp, gas engine, dodger & awning, furling, auto, GPS, wheel (SC3106)$30,C&C, 1974 Yanmar 3GM30 27hp inboard diesel, wheel steering, Hood furling, sleeps 6 (SN7111). $59,Mirage, 1989 Volvo 28hp dsl, dodger, bimini, GPS, chartplotter, auto, radar, hcpw (SC3208). $44,C&C, 1980 Yanmar 20hp fwc dsl, wheel, hcpw, radar, plotter, VHF, furling (SC3256). $29,Catalina Mk II, 1998 Universal M35B 35hp diesel, dodger, color plotter, auto, depth, furling (SW9007).$99,Grampian 2-34, Yanmar 20hp fwc dsl, dodger, bimini, furling, GPS, auto (SC3013). $30,Ontario Viking, 1974 Universal Atomic 4 30hp engine, 8 fbg dinghy, trailer, autopilot (SN7114).$10,Mirage, 1983 Yanmar 3GMF 23hp dsl, dodger, bimini, full enclosure, autopilot, furling (SN7113). $68,Wauquiez Gladiator, Volvo 28hp diesel, dodger, furnace, furling, plotter, auto, radar (SC3206). U/C 32 C&C 99, 2008 Cherry Interior, spinnaker gear, larger wheel w/leather cover, Base Price FOB Factory.US$137,900

32 C&C, 1980 Universal 16hp fwc dsl, dodger, wheel, Harken furling, radar, depth, cradle (SY9004). $29,Douglas Brewer 32, 1972 Westerbeke 25hp diesel, wheel, dodger, bimini, furling, VHF, GPS (SC3226).U/C 32 Paceship, 1966 2GM20F fwc dsl, wheel, VHF, chartplotter, auto, depth, furling, winter cover (SY9026).$19,Beneteau 305, 1988 Volvo Penta 18hp dsl, dodger, hcpw, wheel, furling, radar (SC3259).$36,C&C Mk 1, 1974 Perkins 21hp fwc dsl, dodger, bimini, Profurl furling, autopilot, radar, depth (SN7229).$29,C&C Mk 1, Yanmar 15hp dsl, dodger (00), wheel, Furlex furling, plotter, auto (SY9002).$35,C&C Mk 2, 1988 Yanmar 16hp diesel, wheel, sleeps 6, Furlex furling, auto, radar, chartplotter (SY9007)$55,Catalina, 1980 Universal Atomic 4, 30hp, gas (rebuilt 05), roller furling, full enclosure, auto (SN7206).$28,Crocker Gull, Yanmar 3GM 28hp dsl, bow roller, GPS plotter, autopilot (SC3106).$39,CS, 1986 Volvo 18hp inboard dsl (rebuilt 09); Harken furling; sleeps 6, VHF, depth, cradle (SC3222).$39,CS, 1985 Volvo 18hp dsl, wheel, sleeps 6, furling, VHF, auto, GPS, licensed tandem trailer (SC3247). $38,Hunter, 1975 Yanmar 15hp dsl, 2009 Mainsail, hcpw, 2x depth sounder, VHF (SW9017) $14,Kirby, 1983 Yanmar 1 cyl 8hp inboard diesel, sleeps 4, speed & depth, VHF, 7+ sails (SY9020)$15,Mirage, 1985 Yanmar 2GM 15hp dsl, dodger, 2005 Mainsail, 2005 #3 Genoa; depth, knot, cradle (SN7202).$29,Mirage, 1984 Yanmar 2GM 13hp inboard dsl, dodger, auto, radar, plotter w/charts, furling (SC3212). $32,Roue 20 Classic Sailboat, 1980 Suzuki 4hp o/b, totally refurbished in 2006, many upgrades (SC3190).$22,Hunter 28.5, 1987 Yanmar 16hp fwc dsl, wheel, sleeps 6, hcpw, furling, VHF, depth (SN7214). $25,Hunter 28.5, 1987 Yanmar 2GM20F 18hp fwc dsl, bimini, sleeps 6, depth, GPS, furling, cradle (SY9025)$25,Sabre Mk II, 1979 Volvo 13hp MD7A dsl, dodger, wheel, furling, auto, radar, chartplotter, windlass (SY9014).$26,Sirius, 1986 Yanmar 18hp dsl, dodger, Harken furling, VHF, radar, winter cover, cradle (SC3171).U/C 28 Performance Cruising Telestar 28 Trimaran, 2005Honda 50hp o/b, dodger, furling, auto, trailer (SC3218).US$79,Albin Vega, 1978 Volvo 13hp diesel, Furlex furling, dodger & bimini, tillerpilot, radar, GPS (SC3232).$14,C&C Mk5, 1984 Yanmar 8hp dsl, Harken roller furling, 3 sails, depth, steel cradle (SN7172).$24,CS, 1976 Yanmar YSB2 8hp diesel, dodger, tiller pilot, radar, GPS, Harken furling (SC3166).$18,CS, 1978 Yanmar YSB8 8hp inboard dsl, dodger, Edson wheel steering, Furlex furling, depth (SA5638).$14,Ericson, Yanmar 9hp dsl, wheel, dodger, bimini, Harken furling, auto, GPS, cradle (SC3198)U/C 27 Ericson, 1973 Universal 9hp dsl, sleeps 5, roller furling, depth, VHF, Main, Genoa, cradle (SN7208)$13,Hunter Tall Rig, 1983 Yanmar 1GM 8hp dsl, wheel, sleeps 5, newer sails, GPS plotter, depth (SY9003) $22,Stephen Slaunwhite Custom, 2007 Pine/oak hull, open interior, VHF, depth, cradle (SC3215)..$49,Hinterhoeller Nonsuch Classic, 1984 Westerbeke 21hp fwc dsl, wheel, depth, sleeps 5, cradle (SA5641)$39,Hinterhoeller Nonsuch Ultra, 1986 Westerbeke 18hp fwc dsl, dodger, bimini, sleeps 4, radar (SA5639)U/C 26 Hinterhoeller Nonsuch Ultra, 1986 Westerbeke 21hp fwc dsl, dodger w/extension, Weaver davits, auto (SC3243).$39,Mirage, 1978 Renauld 8hp dsl, knot, VHF, Harken furling, 4 sails, dodger & bimini (SW9008) $24,S2 7.9 Grand Slam, Honda 9.9hp OB, sleeps 4, Harken furling, Venture trailer (SC3240).$15,Thunderbird, 1985 Honda 9.9hp 4-cycle, sleeps 4, 4 sails, compass, depth, dinghy (SA5551). $9,MacGregor, 1984 Mariner 8hp longshaft OB, 5 sails, knot meter, compass, trailer (SW9011).$10,Seidelmann, 1979 Honda 7.5hp OB, slab reefing, 7 sails, VHF, knot, cradle (SN7190).$8,Tanzer 7.5, 1983 Mercury 9.8hp OB, Profurl roller furling, tiller pilot, depth, battery, steel cradle (SC3237).$9,Tanzer 7.5, Evinrude 8hp o/b, depth, VHF, 6 sails, cradle (SC3098).$8,C&C, 1976 Johnson 9.9hp 4-stroke o/b, sleeps 4, Harken furling, VHF, depth, 8 dinghy, cradle (SN7220). $7,C&C, Evinrude 9.9 OB, depth, log, VHF, steel cradle (SC3255)$7,Quickstep, Honda 8hp 4-stroke OB, depth, radar, roller furling, road trailer (SN7194).$16,Bluenose B7, 1946 One of the original group first built for class racing, recent upgrades (SC2981). $9,Bluenose B86, 1990 built by Richard Johnson, dark blue painted hull, full keel, cradle (SC3025). $12,Bluenose B87, 1998 built by Stevens Boatworks, pine over oak hull, trailer, survey on file (SC3087). $18,Paceship PY23 Keel CB Honda 5hp 4-stroke OB, fiberglass hull, rewired in 1998, wooden cradle (SW9012)$6,Stright MacKay Woodpecker, 1954 Pine over oak hull, tiller, fbg over wood decks, 3 sails (SC2943).$6,Edel 665, 1980 Honda 9.9hp 4-stroke, pop top, Harken furling, dinghy (SN7164).. $10,800

53 Gulfstar Trawler, 1975 Twin Perkins 160hp dsls, flybridge, auto, radar, chartplotter, 2 x gensets (PW9016).US$119,Carver 450 Voyager, 1999 Twin Cummins 450hp dsls, flybridge, auto, chart plotter, genset (PN7227)$279,Carver 450 Voyager, 1999 Twin Cummins 450hp dsls, raypilot, 2xplotters, radar, flybridge (PN7230).$279,Viking Convertible, 1988 Twin General Motors 485hp diesels, genset, radar, auto, flybridge (PC3089).$165,Guimond Boats, 2003 Caterpillar 660hp diesel, GPS, radar, 4-man liferaft (PW9001)$350,Carl Trenholm Lobster, Daedong 450hp diesel, radar, depth, Plotter, auto (PW9003). $140,Sea Ray 430 Hard Top, 1988 Twin Caterpillar 375hp dsls, auto, radar, genset, flybridge (PC3211).U/C 43 Silverton, 2002 Twin Volvo Penta Turbo 480hp dsls, radar, color plotter, central vac, A/C (PC3191).US$255,Atkinson Sedan Trawler, CAT 350hp inboard dsl, fbg hull, plotter, dual station, zodiac (PC3225).$169,Oceania Sundeck, 1988 Twin Ford Lehman 135hp dsls, fully enclosed, GPS chart plotter, cradle (PC3238).$139,Provincial Marine Northumberland, 2001 John Deere 375hp diesel, charter boat, plotter, auto (PW9000).$159,SeaRay 410 Aft Cabin, 1987 Twin Caterpillar 375hp dsls, flybridge, genset, windlass, radar, auto (PC3201).$149,Mainship, 2003 Catapillar 385hp fwc dsl, flybridge, dual station, bow & stern thruster (PC2842).$249,Meridian 408 Motoryacht, 2004 Twin Cummins 370hp dsls, radar/plotter, auto, aft cabin (PC3205)$219,000
38 Bayliner 3818 Motoryacht, 1988 Twin Hino 175hp dsls, autopilot, radar, GPS/plotter, hcpw, genset (PN7225).$99,Bayliner 3870 Flybridge Sedan, 1986 Twin Hino 175hp fwc dsls, flybridge, genset, radar, GPS (PA5635).$68,Bayliner 3870 Flybridge Sedan, 1987 Twin Hino 175hp dsls, flybridge, genset, auto, radar, hcpw (PC3252).$119,Northern Bay Lobsteryacht, 2010 Volvo D9 500hp diesel, solid fbg, generator, cabin heater, more (PC3193).US$495,Princess 385, 1985 Volvo TAM D60C 255hp turbo diesel, flybridge, full enclosure, chart plotter (PC2920)$109,Cape Island, 1975 Ford Lehman 145hp diesel, refit & overhaul 2009, cabin heating, radar, auto (PY9009)$59,Carver Aft Cabin, 1989 Twin Mercruiser inboard gas engines, enclosure, radar, depth, plotter (PN7215).$54,Custom Flybridge Sedan Cruiser, Isuzu 125hp fwc dsl, color depth, radar (PA5606).$31,Doral 360 SE Sunbridge, 1999 Twin Cummins 250hp fwc dsls, radar, depth, windlass, genset (PA5644) $99,Jarvis Newman, 1976 Chrysler 318 225hp gas, radar, plotter, flybridge, homebuilt trailer (PN7218).$114,Albin 32+2 Command Bridge, 2000 Cummins 370hp dsl, hard top, 7kw genset, chartplotter, radar (PY7127).$139,Carver 356 Aft Cabin, 1999 Twin Cummins 330hp dsls, flybridge, color GPS & plotter, auto, radar (PA5620).$119,Custom Nova Trawler, 2003 Cummins 210hp dsl, plotter, radar, depth, dinghy, hcpw (PN7232).$164,Niagara, 1984 Westerbeke 29hp fwc dsl, wheel, Harken furling, auto, radar, yard trailer (SN7233).$64,Prowler 10M, 1988 Twin 260hp Mercruisers gas; dual steering stations; new radar & gps (PY9028).$49,Atkinson Cape Island Longliner & License, 1986 Isuzu 115hp diesel, radar, auto, plotter (PW9006). $120,Custom Spindler Flybridge Express, 1961 Pine over Oak hull, Ford Senator 100hp dsl, enclosure (PC3251).$23,Sea Ray 340 Sundancer, 1986 Mercruiser 350hp gas, hcpw, radar, GPS, enclosure (PC3180)$39,Wellcraft, 1984 Twin 454 Mercruisers 1984, VHF, autohelm, Loran C, radar (PC2790).$39,Cruisers 3370 Esprit, 1986 Twin Crusader 270hp inboard gas, radar, GPS, plotter (PN7221)$31,Silverton 330 Sports Bridge, 2000 Twin Crusader 320hp fwc gas, full enclosure, GPS, depth (PN7228)$94,Trojan 10m, 1988 Twin Crusader 350hp inboard dsls, enclosure, bimini, radar, plotter, depth (3227).$37,Bayliner 3218 Motoryacht, 1988 Twin Hino 135hp inboard fwc dsls, flybridge, radar, plotter (PN7223)$63,Bayliner 3270 Motoryacht, 1986 Twin Volvo 225hp inboard gas; flybridge, plotter; VHF (PN7231).$42,Flye Point Downeast Cruiser, 1991 Ford Lehman 120hp dsl, hcpw, heater, autopilot, cradle (PN7175).$49,Grand Banks, 1977 Lehman 109hp diesel, hcpw, flybridge, A/C, cabin heater, GPS plotter, radar (PA5631).$165,Bayliner 3058, 1992 Twin Mercruiser 5.7L 330hp gas engines; flybridge, radar, hcpw, windlass (PN7219)$29,Chaparral 300 Signature, 2003 Mercruiser 305 inboard gas, plotter w/charts, VHF, trailer (PC3210)$99,Doral Prestancia, Twin 5.7L Volvo i/o gas, GPS w/plotter, radar, 3 axle trailer (PC3081) $39,Nordwest 900, 1987 Perkins 6 cyl. 200hp diesel, radar, depth, auto, GPS, flybridge, sleeps 6 (PC3256) $59,Searay Sundancer, 1994 Twin Mercruiser 250hp FWC gas inboards, radar, chartplotter, hcpw (PC3170).$35,Back Cove, 2008 Yanmar 315hp 6 cyl diesel, anchor windlass, stern thruster, hard top. US$195,Chris Craft Concept, 1997 7.4L Volvo Penta w/SX Cobra Stern Drive, Stored Indoors, trailer (PA5618).$24,Four Winns Vista 27, 1990 Twin OMC 440hp gas inboards, trim tabs, sleeps 4, depth (PC2599).. $33,Campion Victoria 797, 1999 Mercruiser 260hp 5.7L I/O (rebuilt 2010), enclosure, EZ Loader trlr (PC3234).U/C 26 Doral 260 Citation, Mercruiser 240hp i/o gas, sleeps 4, VHF, depth, GPS (PC3220)$12,Doral 260 Citation, 350ci Mercruiser i/o, Furuno GPS, depth/fish finder, Radar (PC3086).$18,Searay 268 Sundancer, 1987 Mercruiser 300hp I/O, auto, plotter, radar, depth, trailer (PC3197). $19,Searay 268 Sundancer, 1986 Mercruiser 260hp I/O, HCPW, VHF, dual axle trailer (PC3093). $14,Cape Island (Mold Only) Cape Island style hull in good condition and a great size for small work boat (PW9009).$13,Sea Ray Sorrento, 1988 Mercruiser 330hp engine, Alpha 1 stern drive, camper top, plotter, depth (PY9017)$12,Doral 240 Ibiza, 1999 Mercury Optimax EFI 225hp engine, bimini, depth, chartplotter, trlr (PC2546). $19,Rosborough RF246, 2001 Volvo Penta 200hp fwc i/o gas engine, GPS plotter, radar, trailer (PY9016).$59,Rosborough RF246, 2004 Twin Mercury 115hp Optimax OBs, radar, chartplotter, depth, auto, trailer (PC3241).$79,Pro Sports 2200 Bluewater, 2005 Yamaha 225hp 4-stroke, T-top, GPS, VHF, trailer (PC3216).$19,Rosborough Sea Skiff, Yamaha 115hp 4-stroke OB, inflatable, double axle trailer (PY9028).$39,Boston Whaler Outrage, 1995 Johnson 225hp gas OB, fishfinder, VHF, GPS/depth, Loadrite trailer (PC3261).$24,Boston Whaler Temptation, 1988 Yamaha 200hp OB, cuddy cabin, dual axle trailer (PW9014)$16,Custom Cuddy Cruiser, 1990 Home built fbg/wood, 3.0L Mercruiser, sleeps 4 (PN7137). $9,Mongoose Racer, 2003 Mahogany construction, 120hp turbo diesel, depth, GPS/plotter, trlr (PA5592).$45,Blue Fin Cuttyhunk, 2004 Suzuki 90hp 4-stroke ob, center console, compass, Easy Ride trailer (PY9011).$19,Boston Whaler Outrage, twin Evinrude 70hp o/bs, VHF, running lights (PC3236).$9,Conroy CX19, 1986 Mercruiser 140hp w/Alpha One outdrive, 1996 Remeq trailer, mooring cover (PW9015) $11,Mako Runabout, 1973 Yamaha 115hp 4-stroke, awlgrip hull & decks (09), depth, EZ Load trailer (PY9021).$13,Amphibian RIB, 2000 Nissan 40hp 2 stroke o/b, center console, VHF, depth, oversized tubes, trailer (SW7019).$7,Cape Island LeBlanc, 2006 Solid fiberglass hull, 2008 Nissan 70hp o/b, depth, center console (PY9027). $15,500

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