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F 1045W









Important Safety Information
It is most important that this instruction book should be retained with the appliance for future reference. Should the appliance be sold or transferred to another owner, or should you move house and leave the appliance, always ensure that the book is supplied with the appliance in order that the new owner can get to know the functioning of the appliance and the relevant warnings. These warnings have been provided in the interest of safety. You MUST read them carefully before installing or using the appliance.


This appliance is heavy. Care should be taken when moving it. It is dangerous to alter the specifications or attempt to modify this product in any way. All packing and transit bolts must be removed before use. Serious damage can occur to the product and to property if this is not adhered to. See relevant section in instructions. Any plumbing work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified plumber or competent person. Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person. Care must be taken to ensure that the appliance does not stand on the electrical supply cable. If the machine is situated on a carpeted floor, please adjust the feet in order to allow air to circulate freely.

Child Safety

This appliance is designed to be operated by adults. Children should not be allowed to tamper with the controls or play with the product. Pets and children have been known to climb into washing machines. Please check your drum before use. The glass door becomes very hot during the washing cycle. Keep children away from the vicinity of the appliance whilst it is in operation. Keep all packaging well away from children. Keep all detergents in a safe place out of childrens reach.
Always unplug the appliance and turn off the water supply after use. Do not overload the appliance. See relevant section in the instruction book. Only wash fabrics which are designed to be machine washed. If in doubt, consult the care label on the clothes. Before washing, ensure that all pockets are empty and buttons and zips are fastened. Avoid washing frayed or torn articles and treat stains such as paint, ink, rust, and grass before washing. Underwired bras must NOT be machine washed. Any objects such as coins, safety pins, nails, screws, stones or any other hard, sharp material can cause extensive damage and must not be placed into the machine. Garments which have been in contact with volatile petroleum products should not be machine washed. If volatile cleaning fluids are used, care should be taken to ensure that the fluid is removed from the garment before placing in the machine. Wash small items such as socks, laces, washable belts etc in a washing bag or pillow case as it is possible for such items to slip down between the tub and the inner drum. Only use the advised quantities of fabric softener. Damage to the fabric can ensue if you over-fill. Refer to the manufacturers recommendations of quantities. As some duvets and eiderdowns should be washed in large commercial machines because of their bulk, please check with the manufacturer of the item before washing in a domestic machine. Leave the porthole door slightly ajar between washes to preserve the door seal. Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the machine yourself. Repairs carried out by inexperienced persons may cause injury or serious malfunctioning. Contact your local Service Force Centre. Always insist on genuine Zanussi spare parts.

How do we help to protect the environment? We use recycled paper!


Your machine is fitted with a balance control de vice, which ensures the machine is stable during the spin. If the wash load appears not to have been spun sufficiently at the end of the wash cycle, because it is not evenly distributed in the drum, the balance control device may have operated. It will therefore be necessary to redistribute the wash load manually and select a spin programme. For more detailed information see the section headed "Something Not Working".
Description of the Appliance
1 Detergent dispenser drawer 2 Programme guide 3 Mains-on light 4 ON/OFF button 5 Option buttons 6 Programme selector dial 7 Door opening handle 8 Drain pump 9 Adjustable feet

F 1045 W

Detergent dispenser drawer
Prewash Main wash Fabric softener

Child safety feature

This machine incorporates a special child safety feature to prevent small children from being trapped inside the machine. To activate this device, rotate the button (without pressing it) inside the door clockwise until the groove is horizontal. If necessary use a coin. To disable this device and restore the possibility of closing the door, rotate the button anti-clockwise until the groove is vertical.

The Control Panel



1 Programme guide 2 On/Off button
By depressing this button the machine starts operating. When depressed again, the machine stops.


By depressing this button on programmes A, B, C, D and H the wash time is reduced. This is suitable only for garments which are lightly soiled.

3 Mains-on light

This light illuminates when the machine starts working and goes out when the ON/OFF button is released.

6 HALF LOAD button

Select this button to reduce water consumption on the rinse cycle when washing a smaller load of cottons or linens (maximum load size = 2.25 kg).

4 Spin Reduction button

By depressing this button the spin speed is reduced as follows: cottons and linens: from 1000 rpm to 650 rpm for model F1045W and from 1200 rpm to 650 rpm for model F1245W. synthetics, delicates and wool (programme K): from 650 rpm to 450 rpm.

7 Programme selector dial
Turn the dial clockwise to select the required wash programme. Before setting the dial to any position the machine must be switched off by depressing the ON/OFF button again.

Operating Sequence

Before the first wash, we recommend that you pour 2 litres of water into the main wash compartment of the detergent drawer in order to activate the ECO valve. Then run a cotton cycle at 60C, without any laundry in the machine, to remove any manufacturing residue from the drum and tub. Pour 1/2 a measure of detergent into the dispenser drawer and start the machine. WASHING 4.5 KG OF WHITE COTTON AT 95C Suppose you have 4.5 kg of normally soiled laundry to wash. It is white cotton and is suitable for high temperature washing.
3. Measure out the fabric softener
If required, pour fabric softener into the compartment marked (the amount used must not exceed the MAX mark in the drawer). Close the drawer gently.

1. Load the laundry

Open the door by pulling the door handle outwards. Place the laundry in the drum, one item at a time, shaking them out as much as possible. Close the door.
4. Select the required option
Depress QUICK WASH button or SPIN REDUCTION if required.
2. Measure out the detergent
Pull out the dispenser drawer until it stops. Measure out the amount of detergent required and pour it into the main wash compartment. If you wish to carry out the prewash, pour detergent into the compartment marked.
5. Select the required programme
Turn the programme selector dial clockwise to the programme B or A (if you wish to perform a prewash).


6. Start the machine
Before starting up the machine check that: the appliance is plugged in the water supply taps are turned on the drain hose is correctly and securely positioned the door and the detergent dispenser drawer are closed. Depress the ON/OFF button: the mains-on light will illuminate and the machine starts operating.


7. At the end of the programme
The machine stops automatically. The door is controlled by a safety device which releases 2 minutes after the end of the programme. Switch the machine off by depressing the ON/OFF button again. The mains-on light goes out. When the programme has finished you are advised to unplug the appliance and turn off the water taps.
WASHING 2 KG OF MIXED FABRICS AT 50C Suppose you have 2 kg of Mixed fabrics to wash. They are rather delicate fabrics and should not be washed at a high temperature.
Depress the QUICK WASH or SPIN REDUCTION button if required.
Turn the programme selector dial clockwise to the programme H.
Pull out the dispenser drawer until it stops. Measure out the amount of detergent required and pour it into the main wash compartment.

When washing delicates such as woollens, you should use a product which is specially designed to care for fine fabrics. Dreft Automatic is suitable for woollens and other delicates.


These are ideal for improving softness, and also reduce static cling on synthetics and make ironing easier. They are available in two types: For example Lenor liquid fabric softener, for use in the washing machine/washer dryer. The liquid fabric softener should be poured into the compartment marked with the symbol. Follow the manufacturers dosage instructions and never exceed the MAX level. Bounce conditioning sheets for use in a tumble dryer. We recommend the conditioning sheets are pinned (using a safety pin) to an article of laundry and placed in the tumble dryer. 12


For additional stain removal you may wish to use a product such as Ace Gentle Bleach which is used in addition to your chosen detergent. Ace is suitable for all washable fabrics including silks, woollens and coloureds.

Wash Care Symbols

Wash care labels inside garments recommend how to launder your clothes with the best results. The care labelling code is in line with care labelling used in the rest of Europe. The symbols used make it easy to select the correct programme on your washing machine.


Normal (Maximum) Normal (Maximum)


White Cotton or Linen without Special Finishes Cotton, Linen or Viscose without Special Finishes Colourfast at 60C. Nylon, Polyester/Cotton, Viscose with Special Finishes, Cotton/Acrylic Mix. Cotton, Linen or Viscose Colourfast at 40C but not 60C. Acrylics, Acetate, Triacetate, Wool mixes, Polyester/wool blends. Wool, wool mixtures, Silks Do not machine wash
Reduced (Medium) Normal (Maximum) Reduced (Medium) Much Reduced (Minimum) Hand wash only
BLEACHING Chlorine bleach may be used IRONING Hot iron Warm iron Cool iron DRY CLEANING May be dry cleaned. Other letters and/or a bar beneath the circle will indicate the required process to the dry cleaner. TUMBLE DRYING with high heat setting with low heat setting May be tumble dried Cotton, Linen, Viscose Polyester mixtures, Wool Acrylic, Nylon, Polyester

A cross through any symbol means DO NOT fabric conditioner to avoid the conditioner entering the machine prematurely. When using liquid detergent and a prewash programme, place the detergent into the correct compartment in the dispenser drawer, after the prewash has finished. 13

Important Notes

For best results, always use the dispenser drawer for dispensing detergents and liquid additives. Once the dispenser has been filled, close it by pushing it in gently. This is particularly important if you are using

Washing Programmes

Programmes for cotton and linen
Wash programme/ Washing symbol WHITES + PREWASH Degree of soil and type of laundry Programme dial position Description Possible options Max Progr. time Load mins. Prewash at 40 C QUICK WASH Wash at 95C HALF LOAD 4.5 kg 3 rinses SPIN RED. Long spin
For heavy soiled cotton items.
White cotton, for example normally soiled work garments, sheets, household linen, underwear, towels.
Wash at 95 C 3 rinses Long spin
Fast coloured cotton or FAST COLOUREDS linen fabrics, shirts, underwear, towels. Non fast coloured NON- FAST cotton or linen fabrics, COLOUREDS shirts, blouses, underwear. HAND RINSES Separate rinse cycle for hand washed cotton and linen items Separate spin for cotton and linen items
Wash at 60 C 3 rinses Long spin
Wash at 40 C 3 rinses Long spin

4 rinses Long spin


4.5 kg


Long spin

(*) This programme at 60C with cold water filling and a wash load of 4.5 kg is the reference programme for the Energy label according to EEC Directive 92/75. 30-40 programmes: cold water filling 50-60 programmes: hot and cold filling 95 programme: hot water filling The programme times are intended as a guide only. The actual time will vary depending on incoming water temperature and pressure. Important! Some programmes when selected may start with a short drain. This is quite normal and not a fault with the appliance. When a programme is selected, the selector dial will advance to the water filling position. E.g. Programme B is selected, there is a short drain. The appliance takes in water and the selector will appear to move to the C position. The appliance will have memorised the programme selected, in this case B, and will run the correct programme even though the selector dial appears to be at position C.

Water filling:

We recommend you not to switch the appliance off and on during its operation. This would modify the memorised programme in progress with unsatisfactory washing results. 14
Programmes for synthetics, mixed fabrics, delicates and wool
Wash programme/ Washing symbol Degree of soil and type of laundry Synthetic or mixed fabrics, underwear, coloured garments, non-shrink shirts, blouses. Lightly soiled synthetic or mixed fabrics Programme dial position Description Possible options Max Load Progr. time mins. Wash at 50 C 3 rinses Stop with water in tub Wash at 30 C 3 rinses Stop with water in tub Draining of water and short spin SPIN RED.

External cleaning

Clean the exterior cabinet of the appliance with soap and water only, and then dry thoroughly.
Cleaning the dispenser drawer
The washing powder and additive dispenser drawer should be cleaned regularly. Remove the drawer by pressing the catch downwards and by pulling it out. Flush it out under a tap, to remove any traces of accumulated powder. To aid cleaning, the top part of the additive compartment should be removed.
Place a container close to the pump to collect any spillage. Pull out the emergency emptying hose, place it in the container and remove its cap.
When no more water comes out, unscrew the pump cover and remove it. Always keep a rag nearby to dry up spillage of water when removing the cover.
Clean the filters using a hard bristle brush. Tighten up the inlet hoses.
Remove any objects from the pump impeller by

The dangers of freezing

If the machine is exposed to temperatures below 0C, certain precautions should be taken. Turn off the water taps. Unscrew the inlet hoses. Place the end of the emergency emptying hose and that of the inlet hoses in a bowl placed on the floor and let water drain out. Screw the water inlet hoses back on and reposition the emergency emptying hose after having put the cap on again. When you intend to start the machine up again, make sure that the room temperature is above 0C.


rotating it.
Put the cap back on the emergency emptying hose and place the latter back in its seat.
Every time you drain the water through the emergency emptying hose you must pour 2 litres of water into the main wash compartment of the detergent drawer and then run the drain programme. This will activate the ECO valve avoiding that part of the detergent remains unused at next washing.
Screw the pump cover fully in. Close the pump door.

Emergency emptying out

If the water is not discharged, proceed as follows to empty out the machine: pull out the plug from the power socket; close the water tap; if necessary, wait until the water has cooled down; open the pump door; place a bowl on the floor and place the end of the emergency emptying hose into the bowl. Remove its cap. The water should drain by gravity into the bowl. When the bowl is full, put the cap back on the hose. Empty the bowl. Repeat the procedure until water stops flowing out; clean the pump if necessary as previously described; replace the emergency emptying hose in its seat after having plugged it; screw the pump cover again and close the door. 17


When the appliance is in use and depending on the programme selected there can be hot water in the pump circuit. Never remove the pump cover during a wash cycle, always wait until the appliance has finished the cycle, and is empty. When replacing the pump cover, after a cleaning inspection, ensure it is securely retightened so as to stop leaks and young children being able to remove it.
Cleaning the water inlet filters
If your water is very hard or contains traces of lime deposit, the water inlet filters may become clogged. It is therefore a good idea to clean it from time to time. Turn off the water taps. Unscrew the water inlet hoses.

Something Not Working

Certain problems are due to lack of simple maintenance or oversights, which can be solved easily without calling out an engineer. Before contacting your local Service Force Centre, please carry out the checks listed below. IMPORTANT: if you call out an engineer to a fault listed below, or to repair a fault caused by incorrect use or installation, a charge will be made even if the appliance is under guarantee.


The machine does not start

Possible causes

The door has not been closed. The plug is not properly inserted in the power socket. There is no supply at the socket The main fuse or the fuse in the plug has blown. The selector dial is not correctly positioned. The ON/OFF button has not been depressed. Ensure the water taps are open. The filters in the inlet hoses are blocked. The inlet hoses may be squashed or kinked. The door has not been closed. The end of the drain hose is too low. The end of the drain hose is submerged in water. There is no vent in the end of the drain hose. The drain hose may be squashed or kinked. The drain pump may be blocked. The drain hose extension, if fitted, is not correct. Follow the instructions for connecting to the waste. The drainage system pipes are blocked. The wash load is unbalanced: redistribute the clothes inside the drum to allow the machine to spin. A programme which ends with water in tub has been selected. Too much detergent or unsuitable detergent has been used (creates too much foam). Check whether there are any leaks from one of the inlet hose(s) fittings. It is not always easy to see this as the water runs down the hose; check to see if it is damp. The drain hose may be damaged or not securely positioned. The detergent dispenser drawer or recess is clogged. The drainage system pipes are blocked. Too little detergent or unsuitable detergent has been used. An insufficient amount of detergent leaves the laundry looking grey and causes lime scale to form. Stubborn stains have not been treated prior to washing The correct wash programme has not been selected. Too much laundry has been placed in the drum. The internal packing has not been removed. The machine is in contact with the wall or furniture. The machine is not stable and level (check diagonally). The washing load is badly distributed in the drum. Maybe there is very little laundry in the drum. 18

The machine does not fill
The machine fills then empties immediately The machine does not empty and/or does not spin
There is water on the floor
Unsatisfactory washing results
The machine vibrates when spinning

The door will not open

The programme is still running. The door lock has not yet released. Water in the tub: the door cannot be opened if water is present in the tub. The electronic unbalance detection device has cut in because the laundry is not evenly distributed in the drum. The laundry is redistributed by reverse rotation of the drum. This may happen several times before the unbalance disappears and normal spinning can resume. If, after 10 minutes, the laundry is still not evenly distributed in the drum, the machine will not spin. In this case, redistribute the load manually and reselect the spin programme. The machine is fitted with a type of motor which makes an unusual noise compared with other traditional motors. This new motor ensures a softer start and more even distribution of the laundry in the drum when spinning, as well as increased stability of the machine. Machines based on modern technology operate very economically using very little water without affecting performance.
Spinning starts late or the machine does not spin
The machine makes an unusual noise
No water is visible in the drum
Service & Spare Parts
In the event of your appliance requiring service, or if you wish to purchase spare parts, please contact your local Service Force Centre by telephoning:
Mo Pro d.. d. No. Ser. No


Your telephone call will be automatically routed to the Service Force Centre covering your post code area. For the address of your local Service Force Centre and further information about Service Force, please visit the website at Before calling out an engineer, please ensure you have read the details under the heading Something Not Working. When you contact the Service Force Centre you will need to give the following details: 1. Your name, address and post code 2. Your telephone number 3. Clear and concise details of fault 4. The model and serial number of the appliance (found on the rating plate - see picture) 5. The purchase date. Please note that a valid purchase receipt or guarantee documentation is required for inguarantee service calls.

European guarantee

If you should move to another country within Europe then your guarantee moves with you to your new home subject to the following qualifications: The guarantee starts from the date you first purchased your product. The guarantee is for the same period and to the same extent for labour and parts as exists in the new country of use for this brand or range of products. The guarantee relates to you and cannot be transferred to another user. Your new home is within the European Community (EC) or European Free Trade Area. The product is installed and used in accordance with our instructions and is only used domestically, i.e. a normal household. The product is installed taking into account regulations in your new country. Before you move please contact your nearest Customer Care Centre, listed below, to give them details of your new home. They will then ensure that the local Service Organisation is aware of your move and able to look after you and your appliances. France Senlis +33 (0) Germany Nurnberg +49 (0) 7378 Italy Pordenone +Sweden Stockholm +46 (0) UK Slough +44 (0) 1753 219897
Installation Instructions
It is dangerous to alter the specifications or attempt to modify this product in any way. Care must be taken to ensure that the appliance does not stand on the electrical supply cable. Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person. Any plumbing work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified plumber or competent person. Should the appliance power supply cable need to be replaced, this should be carried out by our Service Force Centre.

Technical Specifications

DIMENSIONS Height Width Depth 85 cm 60 cm 57 cm 230-240 V/50 Hz 2050 W (10A) Minimum (hot) Minimum Maximum Cotton, linen Synthetics Delicate fabrics Wool Maximum Energy Water 35 kPa 50 kPa 800 kPa 4.5 kg 2 kg 2 kg 1 kg 1000 rpm (F1045W) 1200 rpm (F1245W) 0.85 kWh 53 litres POWER SUPPLY VOLTAGE TOTAL POWER ABSORBED WATER PRESSURE


This appliance complies with the following E.E.C. Directives: - 73/23 EEC of 19.2.73 (Low Voltage Directive) and subsequent modifications; - 89/336 EEC of 3.5.89 (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive) and subsequent modifications.


All transit bolts and packing must be removed before using the appliance. You are advised to keep all the packaging for re-use in case the machine is to be transported again. Using a spanner unscrew and remove the two rear bottom screws. Slide out the two plastic pins. Lay the machine gently on its back, making sure that the hoses are not squashed.

Fill all the holes with the plastic plugs supplied with the instruction booklet.
Important ! You are advised to keep all the packaging for re-use in case the machine is to be transported again. If the appliance is to be moved, the precautions listed under The dangers of freezing must be carried out i.e. the residual water in the hoses must be pumped out.


Install the machine on a flat hard floor. Make sure that air circulation around the machine is not impeded by carpets, rugs etc. Check that the machine does not touch the wall or other kitchen units. Never place cardboard, wood or similar materials under the machine to compensate for any unevenness in the floor. Your new washing machine has been designed to be permanently plumbed in to your homes water supply and drainage system. However, if this is not possible, it may be connected to suitable existing taps with the drain hose discharging into a sink. The appliance has two inlet hoses, hot and cold, with female 3/4 BSP thread connectors. If this connection is not compatible with the plumbing of the existing installation, a variety of connectors are available from good hardware stores and plumbers merchants to suit most domestic plumbing. Any alteration to your existing plumbing must be carried out by a competent person, or qualified plumber.
Remove the polystyrene block from the bottom of the machine and release the two plastic bags. Very carefully slide out the left polythene bag, removing it towards the right and then downwards.
Repeat the operation for the right polythene bag, removing it towards the left and then upwards.
Installation on a Suspended Floor
Remove the polystyrene base. Set the machine upright and unscrew the remaining rear screw. Slide out the relevant pin.
Suspended wooden floors are particularly susceptible to vibration. To help prevent vibration we recommend you place a waterproof wood panel, at least 15 mm thick under the appliance, secured to at least 2 floor beams with screws. If possible install the appliance in one of the corners of the room, where the floor is more stable.

Water inlet

The inlets on the back of the appliance are colour coded, blue for cold and red for hot. Connect the hoses to a tap with a 3/4 thread. Do not use already employed inlet hoses.

Water drainage

This appliance is designed to be permanently plumbed into your home's water supply and drainage system. The appliance drain hose should hook into a standpipe, the hook in the drain hose is formed using the plastic U-Piece supplied. The standpipe should have an internal diameter of approximately 38mm (see diagram) thus ensuring there is an air break between the drain hose and standpipe.
If only a cold water supply is available, connect the two hoses to a cold water outlet by means of a Y connection piece. Installation should comply with local water authority and building regulations requirements. The appliance must be given a separate cold water supply and not be connected to a mixer tap, a single outlet water heater or a booster pump. A minimum water pressure of 0.48 bar is required for safe operation of the appliance. If you cannot make the cold water connection direct from the rising mains, you may be able to operate the appliance from your cold water storage system. There should be a minimum distance of 5.02m (16.5 ft) between the appliances inlet and the bottom of the water storage tank. There will be sufficient pressure for the hot water supply, providing there is a minimun height of 2.74 metres (9 ft) between the bottom of the cold water storage tank and the bottom of the hot water cylinder. Set the hoses correctly by loosening the ring nuts. After positioning the inlet hoses, be sure to tighten the ring nuts again to prevent leaks.
When discharging into a standpipe ensure that the top of the curve in the hose end is no more than 90cm (35.4'') and no less than 60cm (23.6'') above floor level. The upright standpipe should have a minimum length of 30cm (12'') from the bottom of the elbow to the top of the pipe (see diagram).

Min. 30 cm.(12")

mm.(1/2") diameter standpipe

Max. 90 cm. (35.4")

Make sure that it is designed in such a way, that the end of the drain hose cannot be covered with water. The drain hose may be extended to a maximum of 4 metres. An additional drain hose and joining piece is available from your local Service Force Centre. The joining piece must have an internal diameter of 18mm.

Min.60 cm. (23.6")

If you intend the drain hose to empty into a sink, make sure that the sink is empty and the plug hole is not blocked. Use the plastic U-Piece supplied.

Special conditions

If the floor is carpeted or covered with crumbly or soft material, insert a rigid support base under the feet to prevent noise, vibration or displacement. The base should protrude a few centimetres beyond the edges of the machine. Warning The machine should NOT be placed on deep pile carpeting.

The drain hose must not be kinked.
Note Please ensure that when the appliance is installed it is easily accessible for the engineer in the event of a breakdown.
Before connecting up the machine to new pipework or to pipework that has not been used for some time, run off a reasonable amount of water to flush out any debris that may have collected in the pipes. For a correct functioning of the machine the drain hose must be hooked on the proper support piece situated on the top of the back side of the appliance.
Washing machines and dishwashers should be connected to the FOUL drainage system, the water will then be taken to a sewage works for treatment before being discharged safely into a river. It is essential that these appliances are not connected to the surface water drainage system as this water is discharged directly into a river or stream and may cause pollution. If you require any further advice please contact your local water authority.


Level the washing machine by raising or lowering the feet. The feet may be tight to adjust as they incorporate a self locking nut, but the machine MUST be level and stable.


Any necessary adjustment can be made with a spanner. Accurate levelling prevents vibration, noise and displacement of the machine during operation. Some vibration is inevitable, especially if mounted on a wooden floor. Sprung wooden floors are particularly susceptible to vibration. For advice, consult a builder. If possible, always place the machine on a solid floor.






Electrical connection
Any electrical work required to install this appliance should be carried out by a qualified electrician or competent person. WARNING: THIS APPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED. The manufacturer declines any liability should this safety measure not be observed. Before switching on, make sure the electricity supply voltage is the same as that indicated on the appliances rating plate. The rating plate is located at the top of the rim of the open door.

The wire coloured brown must be connected to the terminal marked L or coloured red. Upon completion there must be no cut, or stray strands of wire present and the cord clamp must be secure over the outer sheath. WARNING: A cut off plug inserted into a 13 amp socket is a serious safety (shock) hazard. Ensure that the cut off plug is disposed of safely. Should the appliance power supply cable neeed to be replaced, this should be carried out by our Service Force Centre. Note When the appliance is installed the power supply cable must be accessible.
Mo Pro d.. d. No. Ser. No.

Permanent connection

In the case of permanent connection it is necessary that you install a double pole switch between the appliance and the electricity supply (mains), with a minimum gap of 3mm between the switch contacts and of a type suitable for the required load in compliance with the current electrical regulations. The switch must not break the yellow and green earth cable at any point.
The appliance is supplied with a 13amp plug fitted. In the event of having to change the fuse in the plug supplied, a 13amp ASTA approved (BS1363A) fuse must be used. Should the plug need to be replaced for any reason, proceed as described below. The wires in the mains lead are coloured in accordance with the following code: Green and Yellow - Earth Blue - Neutral Brown - Live


E 13 A N L


The wire coloured green and yellow must be connected to the terminal marked with the letter E or by the earth symbol or coloured green and yellow. The wire coloured blue must be connected to the terminal marked N or coloured black.
From the Electrolux Group. The worlds No. 1 choice.
The Electrolux Group is the world's largest producer of powered appliances for kitchen, cleaning and outdoor use. More than 55 million Electrolux Group products (such as refrigerators, cookers, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, chain saws and lawn mowers) are sold each year to a value of approx. USD 14 billion in more than 150 countries around the world.

Electrolux plc 2003


East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service Operational Assets at 11/12/2008

Item Description

1.2m Webbing Sling
1.2m x 25mm Sling Round S.Tube Sling (blank)


10.5m Ladder AS 10.5m DX 100m Line 11mm Low Stretch Kern Mantle Line (blank) 12 Metre Ladder Bayley Type 3 13.5m Ladder AS '464' AS Series 2 '464' 150mm Booster Length (blank) 150mm Lay Flat Hose (blank) 15cm Round Loop (blank) 15m Extension Lead Ext Lead 16amp 110v JoJo ME250v JoJo SK54250v Lewden PM 16/2100 Newlec NL913 (blank) 15m GP Line 190/16/0015/00 15m Throw Line Palm Bullet 1000kg Palm SA115 16amp Cable Reel 25m (blank) 16amp Ext Cable 5m (blank) 17 Foam Branch AWG B-D32:771167 AWG C-D25:771140 AWG Flush Page 1 of 71 Pages
AWG:771140 Elkhart TSFL-C (blank)
2 Leg Chain Sling AT90 (blank) 2 Step Ladder (blank) 2 Way Adaptor Gewiss GW64001 2.4m webbing Sling (blank) 200m Line 11mm Low Stretch (blank) 20cm Webbing Sling Superweb 18mm x 20cm 20m Accessory Cord (blank) 20m Throw line Palm Bullet 1000kg SA118ACAS SA180ACAS SA420ACAS YAK 20m (blank) 24v Battery Supernova TB/15/24 25m Throw line Canyon 11mm PP Line Palm 1000kg SA185ACAS (blank) 26mm Attachment AWG DStep Ladder Jumbo 3 Step Safety Little Giant 3 Step 3 Way Adaptor Redeye 3Way Splitter Page 2 of 71 Pages

30m GP Line

190/16/0030/00 M0500 32amp Cable Reel 10m (blank) 32mm Attachment AWG DLeg Chain Sling (blank) 4 Leg Webbing Sling Paraguard Excel (blank) 4 Way Junction Box Redeye 4Way Splitter 40m Rescue Line 190/16/0040/00R 45mm Booster Hose Duraline Hose Viking Hose 45mm Hose Duraline Flame Fighter G2E1F0231B G4A5F0231B Nova Premier Viking 500mm Ram LZR12/500EN 50m Line (blank) 50m Low Stretch Line Kermantle Line 7 Step Ladder 7 Tread Alliminium 70 to 70 Adaptor (blank) 70mm Booster Hose Duraline Hose Page 3 of 71 Pages

70mm Hose

Duraline G2E1Q0231B G4A5Q0231B Viking 750mm Ram LZR12/700EN A Type Adaptor A Type Adaptor A Type Branch (blank) AC Adaptor NEC AC Adaptor Accessories MD4 (blank) Accessory Cord Bag (blank) Accident Slow Accident Slow Cover Aerial Booster Antiference PU-1 KW355D120010K Labgear Cablevision Labgear CM7263 Maxview PSB1C Televes 8203 (blank) Aerial Rescue Kit (blank) Air Bag (High Pressu HK21 HK43 HK74 Vetter V24 Vetter V68 Air Bag Console Hurst Dual Controlle Vetter Console Air Bag Hose (High) 90600 AZP B5 Page 4 of 71 Pages
AZP PN10 DH220000-6UK ISO 5774 (A) ISO 5774 A/10 Protecta Pro AB11313
Air Bag Hose (Low) (blank) Air Bag Safe 4-SF003 Air Condition Unit Airforce KFR-45G/NJ1 Airtech 2 608HC Airtech 2 ATC2 Airtech ATC2 Amcor AC-706AM Amcor AMC10KM410 B&Q WAP-237EB Climaticum 9000M Delonghi F-400 Dimplex DAC3400 EHS BQWA903 Homebase 900 BTU Innovator 602C Midea KCD 25 Y1 Proline SAC100 TUV/GS KY-32/A WA903 Air Gauge WIKA EN837 Air Shelta (blank) Aircraft Axe (blank) Airline Harness PA90 Airline Pack (blank) AKRO - Large (blank) AL Load Indicator Dynafor ALC Weight Tester (blank) Page 5 of 71 Pages

Alp Descender

D20S Pro Alp Tech 1007057 (blank) Alphinlite Stretcher Alphin-Lite Basket Stretcher 71 (blank) Aluminium Sheeting (blank) Amplifier Crown CTS 4200 JVC AGX2 JVC A-X1 JVC AX-A3 Lyon Forge P400 Phillips Amplifier Phonic Power Pod Pioneer SX-P730 Procon 1200-01 Realistic MPA-100 Sony TA-F170 Sony TA-FE320R Sony TA-FE370 Spirit SP150 TEAC AG-D9300AV Technics SU-X860 Technics SU-X880 Vision AV-1300 (blank) Anchor Strap AS1 Anchor Strap Angle Grinder Bosch GWS6-100 National N115880 Sealey SGE100 Animal Body Harness LS992 Animal Rescue PKB (blank) Arc Welder Migmate 130 Trojan 150 (blank)

Page 6 of 71 Pages

Arm Curl

Cybex Arm Curl

ASK Kit (Complete) (blank) Audi Visual Int'acti Firefighter VI (blank) Audiometer Bilsom CA850 Auger Set (blank) Aurora Spacelight Xcell Spacelight (blank) Automatic Lifejacket Crewsaver 275N Elite-Twin 275 Secumar Priva 150L AWG Branch 93 DPB PVR 1/91 (blank) AWG Flush (blank) BA Compressor Hamworthy BP10v Hamworthy BP25v Hamworthy Premiair 2 Premiair 270 BA Guide Line (blank) BA Main Control Bd (blank) BA Mask Panorama Nova BA Set with Mask Drager PSS100ET BA System - Maritime MIRG P-Stass Page 7 of 71 Pages

BA Tripod

(blank) Badge Maker Javelin J420C BAECO Board Dorset Bar Chiller Cabinet Caravell Coca Cola Chiller Frigidaire Chiller Nesso Coolflo Quest (blank) Barrier Sign (blank) Basin Panels HD (blank) Basket Strainer Suction Wicker Baskt (blank) Battery Charger ACT icharge 6 i70 ADP-5FHD AGP-12X Analyzer VI Asbaar 106 NE/D2 Asbar 3 BBL 1206NE Bosch 2607224006 Canon CB-2LWE Clarke 400 Clarke CC60 Digital V900 Draeger FW7207 Dragon Light Charger DVE DV-1230UK Einhall Charger Goodmans GBC1100 Halfords KLH 1211NE Halfords M1-013-1 Heayberd Icom AD-95 Icom BC-06-UK Icom BM-103 Icom BS-145UK Kenwood KSC-31 Kenwood W08-0552 Page 8 of 71 Pages
Kondoe PW-4AET Lawtronics RS01 Motorola NTN7209A Nokia ACP-7x Optimate III Performance AD-1250Pro User BCH8 Riko APM2 RP30/6 Samsung J-70 Sealey 24v RoadStart Sealey C/Tronic12/24 Sealey Charge 6 Sealey Charge 8 Sealey RS2 Sealey Superstart Supalite C2 Tactico A12/B5 TC98A Testair APA Uniross Videocharger Uniross Xpress 150 Uniross Xpress 300 Viking 6 Viking Charger Wynell Hercules Yuyao Yida YD35 (blank)
Battery Charger Lead MK cap-LN191 Newlec NLPT2012 Battery Tester Oldham Beater Jafco FB60WF/1Y Jafco T/AH-FB36WF Jafco T/AH-HF36 (blank) Belay Bag (blank) Belay Descender Petzl D205 Bench Grinder B & D KA 150K B & D P75-01 Clarke CBG6RWC Sealey Angle Grinder Sealey BG150XLW/98 Page 9 of 71 Pages

Wolf 4173 (blank)

Bench Press Body Solid Body-Solid Cybex-5362-001-91 Technogym Univeral Universal York 2001 York 6605 York Fitness (blank) Bench Saw Metabo TKHS 315M Binoculars Olympus 8x21DPCI Optilogic 400XL XB1025SG2 Board - Hazard Info (blank) Boat Hook (blank) Body Armour Harry Hall (blank) Boiler TVI Corp Kit (blank) Bolt Croppers 602A 930H (blank) Bolt Croppers (Small (blank) Boroscope VT-36 Bottle Jack 12T Draper 925 (blank) Bow Saw 9-30-51KP

Page 10 of 71 Pages

Box - Gloves

Waterloo HP1641

Brake Drum Hoist Backbuddy SLF-1 (blank) Cable Avoiding Tool C.A.T C.A.T 3 Cable Reel Brennenstuhl H05VV CablemasterCM100/110 Connexion Focus F83366 Garant 15m HSS Shops JCB KM61356 Jo Jo 15 Metre Jo Jo 20m 015184 Jo Jo 30 Metre Jo Jo JOEL 21K45 JoJo MK44 Marcaddy 30/BL/2 Marcaddy 310/30/2 Masterplug BS1363/A Masterplug HDCR3013/ Masterplug HST1613 MasterplugHDCR3013/2 Newlec-NLER2516N Powerlink CAB409 Scan Roll Taskmaster Reel Thorsman CAB 4221 Towerpower CR43013 (blank) Cable Reel - 40m HDCP4013/2RCD-MP Calculator Casio FR-2650 Casio FR-2650A Ultratec MC6000 Camcorder Tripod SLIK PRO500DX VS33E Camera Bag Tamrac Explorer 5 Camera Charger Page 11 of 71 Pages

Canon CB-2LWE

Camera Flash Gun Canon 580EX II Canon Speedlite430EX Cobra Flash Jessops 320 AF Jessops Flash Macro Ringlite MR-14 Sunpak 400AF Camera Lens Canon EFS 18-55mm Canon EFS 60mm Sigma DC 18-200mm Camera Tripod & Bag Star 42 Canon Copier/Printer Canon CLC4040 Canon iR2270 Canon iR2770 Canon iR3100CN Canon iR3220N Canon iR4570 Canon iR6800CN Canon IR6870CI Cargo Net (blank) Case Opener Case Opener Cash Register Casio 180ER Decimo ECR-1000 Monitor ECR1021 Olivetti ECR200-EV Samsung ER-290 Sharp Cash Register Cassette Recorder Radio Shack CTR-100 CCTV Monitor TM-2100PN (blank) CD Player Aiwa CSD-EX10 Alba CD1010 Alba CX500/L/GRN Page 12 of 71 Pages
Alba CX530 Alba CX570/A Ariston CDX-720 Bush MC107CD Bush SCD106 Bush SCD307GOLD Bush SRC300CD CDX-710 Ferguson CS1400 Kenwood DP-3040 Panasonic RX-DS45 Phillips AZ1142 Phillips CD Player Phillips CD-604 Pioneer PD-101 Pioneer PD-X940M Pioneer PD-Z73T Roberts CR9916 Saisho CD595 Sanyo CP-X500 Sanyo MCD-MS53S Sony CDP-35 Sony CDP-C100 Sony CDP-C245 Sony CDP-CE105 Sony CDP-M12 Sony CFD-9 Technika BB105 Tom-Tec RCD120 Toshiba XR-9318 Venturer CD Player Venturer CDA1367
CD Radio Cassette Alba CX58VA Hitachi CX375 JMB CD1291Dr Matsui MCH550 Mikomo KW 85R Phillips AZ1004/05 Phillips AZ8304/05 Proline CD365 Proline CDP50A SCA06RSIL Schneider SP102 Sony CFD-50L Woolworth 270 A970 CD Recorder TEAC RW-D280 CD/Radio Aiwa CSD-ES227 Goodmans GPS-150RS Page 13 of 71 Pages
Hitachi CX500 JVC RC-BX53 Sony CFD-9 (blank)
CD/RW External Drive Apacer CP100 Ceiling Hook Bayley Ceiling Hook Jafco CK60FB (blank) Chain Weissalloy 3/8 WA81 (blank) Chain shortener (blank) Chains (blank) Changing Bag / Mat Typhoon Mat Charger Adaptor Power Pac ESA-12 Sealey RS2/C Turnkey Instruments Chemical Incident Bd Chem Incident Board Chest Ascender Basic B18 (blank) Chest Press Cybex Chest Press Chimney Kit & Pump (blank) Chip Fryer Bartlett Yeoman Carlton DF1000 Delonghi F610 Leisure Lincat Chock FSE Mk 1 Step Chock FSE Mk 2 Step Chock Page 14 of 71 Pages


Circular Saw Hitachi C9U2 Clan Hose Long - Cut (blank) Clan Hose Long - H/P (blank) Clan Hose Long - Spr (blank) Clan Hose Short Cutt (blank) Clan Hose Short Rams (blank) Clan Hose Short Sprd (blank) Clan Lukas Cutters 84150/84150/1165-01 LS511 EN PN630 Clan Lukas Hose - HP (blank) Clan Lukas Hose - PC (blank) Clan Lukas Hose Drum DSH-20 Clan Lukas Hose Long (blank) Clan Lukas Hose Rams (blank) Clan Lukas Ram - Tel LTR12/300EN LTR6/570 Clock (blank) Clock Radio Morphy CR359 Coffee Maker Page 15 of 71 Pages
Briel ES35 Carlton FCM-4B Coburmatic Premier 2 Cooks Kitchen ADO297 Cordon Bleu Twin Durabrand XQ682 Goden Cup Service Kenwood CM610 Krups Morphy Richards Phillips HD5154/B3A Russell Hobbs 3390 Sainsburys 596/052 UMB JMBCM196WH
Collecting Breech Angus M402001 Collecting Head Angus M403009 Conference System AKG CS2BU Control Console Box Peli 1550 Vetter Console Box Controlled Dividing AWG Type Renus Type (blank) Conveyor Centre HD (blank) Conveyor Stretcher (blank) Cooker Belling Classic Belling Cooker Falcon Dominator Falcon G2101 OT G.E.C. Albany Hotpoint EW62 Hotpoint EW92 Leisure Profile Plus Parry Stoves 500 WL DL Whirlpool (blank) Coupling Spanner Page 16 of 71 Pages


Coverall - Layer 4 (blank) Cows Tail (blank) Cross Harness X Sling Cross Trainer 9500HRT LIFE FITNESS 9500HR Reebok Body Trec Crowbar Hexagonal 36x1"" Round 36x1"" (blank) Cupola Decon Shelter (blank) Curtain Hazmat Decon (blank) Cylinder Reducer Dinair D3-10 Empeo Air Gauge Lampe 4 D300 Lorch 122 S6 Cylinder Reducer Hos (blank) D Shackle CESX L5T (blank) D Type Adaptor Angus M201131 DAB Radio Matsui DAB R101 Damp Level Meter Protimeter Mini Dble Slinging Lanyrd SAR EN355 Decontamination Show Aadvar Page 17 of 71 Pages
Defibrilator 9.3E-99 Delta Maillon (blank) Desk Lamp (blank) Dewalt Hammer Drill D25600K 110v SDS Digi Picture Frame LI-800-MV LI-MEGA-15 Varnam VM830BT Digibox Digihome DV940B Digital Camcorder DCR-PC101E Digital Camera Canon EOS450D Canon Powershot A540 Canon Powershot A560 Canon Powershot A570 Canon Powershot A580 Olympus C-350 Zoom Digital Still Camera Canon EOS 350D DSCP92 Kodak DC 500 Zoom Kodak DC50 Zoom Sony DSC-P12 Sony DSC-P92 Sony MVC-FD 75 (blank) Disc Sander Hitachi SAT-180 Discharge Pump (blank) Dishwasher Beko DWD 8650X Classic 400 Hotpoint 7891

Page 18 of 71 Pages

Display Lights
Dividing Breeching Angus M405001 Door Breaker (blank) Door Enforcer ENFORCER Door Opener Gewiss GW Dosimeter x 48 (blank) Double Slinging Lany 2XT1.5/Z/4/1XM28A2 2XT1.5/Z/4/3xIBA01 (blank) Double Swivel Cheek (blank) Downacow Harness (blank) Drag Rake Jafco MD60FB Jafco MD72ST/1J/YF (blank) Dragon Torch Dragon Delta Mk 2 T12 T6 Drill Dewalt DC729 Sealey SDE 650 Sealey SDE 850 Drill - Power/Hammer B & D PL95 B & D S2G5 B&D KR70 LSR Bosch GBH2-26DFR Bosch PSR VES 2 Challenge BCK5094D Draper 63172 Makita 6270D Page 19 of 71 Pages
Performance CLM14CHD Performance NLE30 Tesco CD963-6
Dry Suit-Polar Bear Atlantis FR1 Dummy (blank) Dust Extractor Festo SR201 E-AS Metabo Clean 10 Metabo SPA1101 DVD / CD Writer Acard DVD/CD Writer DVD Disc (Recorded) (blank) DVD Drive Evesham DBSBA DVD Player Aiwa XD-AX36 Akura DVH-30S Alba DVD/B Alba DVD45 AS DVD-237 Bush DVD/Video Bush DVD2028 Bush Home Theatre Matsui DVD122 Maxim MX11-27 Mikomi DS-306 Mustek ME202D13088 Pacific DVD-1020W Panasonic NV-VP33 Panasonic SA-HT70 Phillips DVD623/051 Prism DV-302 Proline DVD2000 Roadstar DVD2551K Samsung DVD-5600 Samsung DVD-V5600 Samsung DVD-V67005 Samsung N-2-2 Samsung SV-DVD55 Schneider DVD-1003 Sharp DV-RW260 Sharp DV-SL10 Sony RDR-VX420 Page 20 of 71 Pages
Technika DVD103 Technika DVD104 Toshiba SD-38VB Toshiba SD-43HK Yamada DV 2500 (blank)

Tesco DF95 Wickes 718027 Woolworth 260HO470 Xpelair-Taurus Xpelair-Taurus T.10
FB5X Branch FB5x Mk ll Female Coupling (blank) Festoon Lights 25m 10 lamp Festoon Fire Brigade Main Fire Brigade Cover Hydrant Test Cover Firelink Radio Motorola MT912M Firemans Belt Palm Zambezi Swelock 1006318 First Aid Kit Clayton 1003 Water-Jel Burn Kit (blank) First Aid Kit Box Clayton 1003 (blank) Flag Control Point (blank) Flexible Backpack Flexpak Guarany Flexpak PAC-LIDER 20 PacLider FP20 Flexi-Brush & Hose (blank) Flight Bag - Small Personal Flight Bag Flood Light Dragon Max M2 Greenbrook TEF-500

Page 25 of 71 Pages

Flood Light 500w
30-FL7B ALFL500BK Aspect ALFL500BK FL-500 FL-7 Greenbrook TEF-500 Newlec NL585N Powerlite R7S 1P55 Speed Hire Centre Stanley EW12662L Thorn EMI Haline 5 (blank)
Floor Hazmat Decon (blank) Floor Panels MD4 (blank) Floor Polisher Electrolux UB621 ICE Ecodisc Jeyes Hygiene Nilfisk CA/410 Nilfisk CA410 Numatic TTB345/80S Orbis 200 Taski Bora Taski Ergodisc 200 Traffic 450 Trophy 400 Trophy 400 TT45400 Truvox Orbis Truvox TT38200 Victor Europa 450 Victor Sprite 400 (blank) Flow Meter TSI EMF-300E Fly Cybex Fly Fly Ladder (blank) Foam Branch 10/10 Chubb FB 10/10 Foam Branch 20/20 Angus F225/HU Chubb FB 20X Page 26 of 71 Pages

Foam Hosemaster

(blank) Foam Lance (blank) Foam Tank Filler PATAY Fog Nozzle (blank) Folding Carry Chair (blank) Folding Ladder BL19-26LE Folding Stretcher (blank) Fomax Generator Fomax Food Blender Cookworks HA-3043-G Kenwood BL430 Food Mixer Braun MC-1 Cookworks HM918 Hobart AE200 Iona RE51B 7A Kenwood A375 Kenwood A907D Kenwood BL430 Kenwood Cheffette Kenwood HM320 Kenwood Major Kenwood Major KM800 Kenwood Professional Kitchenaid 5KPM50BWH Kitchenaid 5KPM5BWH Kitchencraft 924 Magimix Cuisine 4200 Magimix S100G Moulinex 116-2-02 Moulinex Turbomix Fork Lift Wilmat 762 Fork Lift Truck Page 27 of 71 Pages

Moffett Mounty M2003

Franking Machine IJ35 Freeview Box Ferguson FDT500 NTL DITV1000 Freeview Digibox Matsui DTR1 Freezer Beko TLS480 Beko TZDA629FW Beko TZSB496W Beko ZA630W Chest Freezer Cordon Bleu Freezer Electrolux Freezer Friac Chest Freezer Hotpoint RLA30 Hotpoint RZA21 Hotpoint RZA30 Iceline CF812 Indesit Superfreeze Lec Chest Freezer Lec Freezer Lec L986W Lec Silverline U632S Lec U950CW Ocean Freezer Tricity Freezefare Whirlpool Freezer Fridge Beko A Class Beko LA620 Beko LA620W Beko LA720W Beko NL710 Beko TLDA628W Beko TLS480 County Automatic Electrlux RP1016W Electrolux Fridge Elektra 3413/21 Hotpoint Fridge Hotpoint FZA50 Hotpoint Ice Diamond Hotpoint RLA21 Hotpoint RLA30 Hotpoint RLB20 Indesit Fridge Page 28 of 71 Pages

Initial Catering Integra Fridge Lec EL755AW Lec Elan Lec Fridge Lec L509G Lec L550WS Lec L955WS Lec Larder L.509.6 Lec R.405.S Lec R450WS Lec R550WS Lec R750W Lec R-R106 Lec TLESS6KK.2 Lec Turbo Larder LG GR-051SSF Maxair Mini Fridge MX29-32B NEI Fridge Pepsi Cooler Sheerlook 850N Teba SBUZ01-06 Tricity Deepcold Zanussi Freezone Zanussi Fridge
Fridge / Freezer Beko CA5410W Hotpoint 8328 Indesit CS1266 Indesit Fridge/Freez Lec Fridge/Freezer Lec T455WS Lec T943W Whirlpool ART806 2/6 Full Body Harness IBEXX-R ILYNX Standard PBH 10 Petzl Fast Jack RGH12 / Specialist SAR Raptor Troll Hyrax - 3 (blank) Gallet Safety Helmet (blank) Games Module Nintendo MDS-TBL-US Sony PS2 Sony SCPH-3003R Page 29 of 71 Pages
Sony SCPH-5552 Sony SCPH-7502
Gas Detector Drager Multiwarn ll Gas Detector Charger SKC Ltd 11CT4 Gas Tight Suit Tychem TK Ltd Life Gate Valve GV-2xST150R Generator (blank) Gin Wheel Hiab Gin Wheel Glass Master Saw Glas-Master Goggles Chrono Soft Sealed Wide/Range PG1060/6 Grigri Grigri D14 Petzl D14 (blank) Grill Falcon E2532RS Falcon Steakhouse George Foreman Parry Grill (blank) Grinder Kango 4594 Waring WDLC38CK Ground Anchor (blank) Ground Monitor AWG ZP374 Galena Leicester Hughes Ozzie 911 Partner LiteXXLP212A (blank) Page 30 of 71 Pages

Guy Line

Troll Guy Line Bag (blank) Guy Line Bag LSB03 Halter (blank) Hammer Drill Bosch PSR 7.2VES Dewalt 954 Hand Ascender 1007041 Komet CE0426 Petzl Ascension B17L Petzl Ascension B17R (blank) Hand Axe 6605 Elwell 1945 27N/1 (blank) Hand Bench Drill B & D Hand Drill Clarke CDP 5HB Kerry Drill Wargo 2B Drill Hand Drill Makita 6270D (blank) Hand Pump 84150/22 HM-1 LH1/0.5-70 Hand Wand HD Shower (blank) Hand Winch Anderson Handheld Radio Kenwood PMR446 Handrails MD4 (blank) Hard Suction Hose Page 31 of 71 Pages
IL0A2W2317R IL0C6W2317R JCDD/(blank)
Haul Track SAR Haul Track (blank) Haverhill Generator Haverhill Hay Fork HF60FB/LW (blank) Head Torch Peli Stealthlite 4AA Petzl TIKKA Heater Belling Zephyr Ceramic 3115 Challenge BH-1601E DeLonghi HS20-2 Delonghi HTE332.3 Dimplex DX20N Dimplex DX300TF Dimplex Heater Dimplex RD1507M Dimplex Series D Focus NSB-200A8 FTXS35DVMW9 GET FHTCONVT21W GET GEHT2 Heatstore Heatstore HS2020/96 Honeywell HZ821EI Insectaflash IF50 Jonelle Heater Lloytron F068 Micromark MM30128 Micromark MM8973 Newlec NL200N Newlec NL3000N Newlec NUK 6 Phillips HD3234GY/A Prem Air N10 Rhino HO2701 Rhino Space Heater Sunhouse Heater Heater Cabinet Bartlett Page 32 of 71 Pages
Grundy G/M Parry Heater Cabinet Still Hot Plate Victor EL
Hi Ex Tubing (blank) Hiab Chains (blank) Hiab Hook Crosby Sika C5006 (blank) Hiab Style Hook Yoke 13.8 YSW JHF Honda Generator EB2800 Honda E30 Honda EB 1900X Honda EU20i Honda EU301S Honda GX200 6.5Kva Hook Ladder (blank) Hooligan Bar 36 STD HOOLIGAN" Horse Head Collar Equest Horse Hobbles (blank) Horse Lead Reins Weaver 35-2100 Hose Air Tool Band-It S750 Air Too Hose Clamp Box OX5 ALX2 Hose Cleaner Angus M751600 Hose Inflation Kit Premier Lifeline Sys

Newlec NLKET1 ONN P75W Phillips HD 4367/A Phillips HD 4391C Rogan Rapide MOB300 Rowenta FCL-2271CJF Rowenta KE10 Rowenta KE220 Russell Hobbs 3061 Russell Hobbs K3 Signature S006 Tefal N/11450 Tesco JK04W Tesco JK06
Kettle and Lead Bush & Nelson 300 Criterion 5611 Cygnet K1B1B Haden AJBO Haden AJSO Haden PSK 5363 QM Plug In Power All P5 Powerall FB Powerall Jug Kettle Swan Automatic 00125 Truckshop Embee (blank) Kit Anchor (blank) Kit Repair - Green (blank) Kit Repair - Yellow (blank) KS Hazmat Decon (blank) Laminator ABC 1200 Audion Elektro 820 Dahle UK Lami-Mate Fellowes SXL95 Ibico IL-12VT IBICO ML-9 Ibico Pouchmaster Linea DH1100 Niceday A-Pavo A3 Pixmaster Rexel LM45 Page 38 of 71 Pages
Rexel LP25 Rexel LP25HS Rexel LP30 Rexel LP35HS Rexel LV250HS Rexel LV25HS Rexel LV340HS Swordfish A3 330HD Ultima 65
Lamp 50711 80HV Fairy Lights A.21.NPI.4NF Actinac M304 Anglepoise 90 Anglepoise 99 Anglepoise Light BHS BHS Lamp Kaoyi KFD 527G Lloytron L941 Luxo Anglepoise M40 2BS Micromark Desk Lamp Micromark MM6559 Micromark MM6636 Newlec Light NFK BT-2157 Premier Y-2023 TUV VL6 TUV VL(blank) Lanyard 2m Work Restraint Petzl Newton C73F Large Axe Jafco AX60BS/1/Y (blank) Large Socket Set Clarke Pro Draper 56AMW Draper H42AM Draper H65AM Draper T26AM Signet GGG-W-641E (blank) Laser Distance Meter Leica DISTO A2

Page 39 of 71 Pages

LAT Pulldown

Cybex LAT Pulldown

Lathe Myford Super 7 Leg Curl Cybex Leg Curl Leg Extension Cybex Leg Extension Leg Press Cybex Leg Press Lifejacket Inflator Hitachi PB-20 (blank) Light 4060-97-20 Anglepoise 99 Anglepoise Light Argos GYT107 Argos T611 BHS Briticent Gripper Helix VL2 Helix VL5 Ikea A0207 Insectaflash Insectaflash IF50 Insectaflash IF75W Jarnger JT-2002 Luxo Anglepoise Luxo PL410 M40 2BS M40-2BS Ring 50708 Ring 50890 Westra PL9W-11W (blank) Light Box JK Light Display Select Light Box Lighting Mast (blank) Lighting Tripod Base (blank) Line Bag Page 40 of 71 Pages
Line Protector Lyon LS5 C100 S400 U2190 (blank) Loop AVX PDA 800 Lorry Mounted Crane Hiab Mounted Crane Loud Hailer 952.016 ER 55 ER-332 ER-55 P117 RS 116A TANNOY Super - Heylo TM25 TOA UM2 8PCS (blank) Low Level Strainer Slipper Strainer Magnetic Thermometer M202F1792 Magnetic Work Light (blank) Maillon A A A BXD Z10 A Maillon AMaillon ARapide CE0032 Rapide CE0082 Rapide Delta Maillon Rapide Pear Maillon (blank) Main Fire Pump Godiva GMA2500/07 Godiva GMA2500/23 Godiva WTA2010 Rosenbauer NH30 Page 41 of 71 Pages
Makita Generator Robin G2700K Makita Hammer Drill Makita HR 160D Makita HR 5000K Makita Impact Wrench (blank) Makita Saw Makita JR 3020 Male Coupling (blank) Mallets/Pegs/Sandbag (blank) Manifold Driver MD-G-ST15OF/5x75 Manifold Shower Hose (blank) Manifold Water Inlet (blank) Maritime Flight Bag (blank) Maritime Rescue Line 9mm Kermantle (blank) Mast Flood Lights (blank) Metal Drop Pin (blank) Metal Strainer Alloy Strainer BS1490-LM8W Micro Hi Fi System Aiwa NSX-340 Aiwa NSX-V90 Amstrad Micro 1000 AZ2040 Bush FMTC 008 Goodmans Micro 1455 Page 42 of 71 Pages

Hitachi CX-310 Pioneer XR-P440M Sony CMT-NE23 Sony PMC-202 Sony RX90 UXM3R
Micro Torque Wrench Draper 3000A Draper 3001A Microwave Oven Bush BMX608 Daewoo DG Daewoo KOR-630A/SL Goldstar ER-654PE Hinari EMX750SS Hinari MX406A LG MC-7643DS LG MS-194ASS Matsui 170TC Panasonic NE-9053 Panasonic NN-5455 Panasonic NN6453BBPQ Panasonic NN6757 Panasonic NN-C653BB Proline SM18 Quickchef 850GA Quickchef A945GS Sanyo EM-P1010 Sanyo EM-SL50S Sharp R-202 Sharp R-2195M Sharp R-254 Sharp R-2V16 Sharp R-33ST Sharp R-354(SL)M Tesco MCM01 Tesco MTG06 Toshiba ER-665 Tricity Microwave Whirlpool UKM137 Micrto Hi Fi System Venturer CD6307 Midi Hi Fi System Aiwa CA-W51 Aiwa CX-790 Aiwa NSX-360 Aiwa Stereo Akai AC-200 Alba MS4390CD Ferguson Cassiever Page 43 of 71 Pages
Ferguson F20 Goodmans MS355 Grundig M5C Hinari DSK 6 Hitachi AX M131U Hitachi HTA-FX85 JVC CA-S60RBK JVC DR-E300L JVC DR-E500L JVC-E300L Matsui CDM-20 Matsui MHF2500 Phillips AS445 Phillips Midi HiFi Pioneer DC-Z83 Pioneer F-X212L Pioneer XD-Z53T Sanyo DCX W17 Sanyo DC-X100 Sharp CD-C2400G(BK) Sharp GX-CD56E(GY) Sony B-45 Sony CMT-CP1 Sony CMT-CP11 Sony HST-750W Sony HST-D305 Sony LBT-A290 Sony MHC-650
Mig Welder Lematec Lemamig 100 Murex 160 Topmig Turbo 215 Mini Poles Diamond Mini Poles Minicom Ultratec Pro 8000 MIRG Layer Two (blank) MIRG Transit Suit MIRG Layer 3 Module Unlock Handle (blank) Mud Lance (blank) Mud Rescue Corset Mud Rescue Corset Page 44 of 71 Pages


Guardian Multigym Powersport Multigym Universal York Multigym No Entry No Entry Cover No Smoking No Smoking Cover Nominal Roll Board Nominal Roll Board Non Return Valve NRV-ST150F Nozzle & Hose (blank) Olympian Weights Cybex 54397 Ortus Smith Weider (blank) On Board Generator Generac NP50G HiTech Powerall 110v Zumro 110v Otter Pump Rosenbeaur Otter Overhead Crane Morris O/Head Crane Overhead Press Cybex Overhead Press Overhead Projector 3M 2770 RHDU Copywrite 3C Copywrite Anglia Elite Scholar Elite Vision 400 Elite Vision 4000 Elmo HP-2850 Epson EMP-53 Epson EMP-82 Epson EMP-83 Grafuskop Projector Page 45 of 71 Pages
In Focus Litepro 200 In Focus LP260 In Focus LP925 NEC LT25 NEC LT30 Nobo 99 Portable Sony VPL-EX4 Toshiba TLP470 Toshiba TLP661 Toshiba TLP-T5 Toshiba TLP-T500 (blank)
Oxygen Therapy Pack (blank) Oxygeneator Elite Stingray 15 (blank) PA System Adept Baldwin Box-LL APART MA200 Paddles ABS Canadian 150cm Panic Bar Opener (blank) Paper Drill Filepecker III 100 Paraguard Stretcher Paraguard Excel Partner Rescue Saw K950 Parts Cleaning Tank Sealey SM20 PAT Testing Case Tele PAT-IT PC / HP Hose DN6 70MP (blank) PC Distrubution Amp Procon 1200-01 PC Speakers Creative SBS20 Page 46 of 71 Pages

Page 50 of 71 Pages

Quad Pod

Troll Quadpod

Quick Draw (blank) Rad. Incident Box (blank) Radiation Kit Rados RDS-200 (blank) Radio Battery Charge Icom Charger BC-144 Marconi RC690 Motorola AA16740 RP30/6 Tactico A12/B5 Radio Cassette Alba CRS1303 Alba CRS2005 Alba SCR-230 Amerex Radio/Cass Bush SRC 261 Cathay SRC639 CFS-200L Goodmans Quadro 904 Hitachi TRK-7340E Hitachi TRK-W55E JMB SRC165/GRN JVC PC-200 Matsui STR 323 Mikomi CT-418 Panasonic RX-FS400 Panasonic RX-FT530 Phillips AW7050/05 Phillips D8038/05T Phillips D8212/15 Phillips D8614 Phillips TR3843 Pioneer SK-212L Pioneer SK-909L Proline P47 Saisho T303 Sankei TCR-1000 Sanyo M2402-8L Sanyo M9930K Sanyo MCD-MS53F Sharp GF330E(BK) Sharp GF4343 Sharp GF4646 Sharp GF-990E Page 51 of 71 Pages
Sharp QT-250 Sharp WQ-268 Sharp WQ-730 Sharp WQ-T360E(GY) Sharpe QT27 Sony CFS-B21L Woolworths RC98
Radio Charger Kenwood AD-9006 Kenwood KSC-16 Kenwood KSC-31 (blank) Radio Handset Icom PS1408 Radio Tuner Grundig RF20 Radioactivity Panel (blank) Radism Gamma Survey (blank) Rados 200 RDS-200 Ram - Single Stage LTR12/575EN LZR12/300 RZ03-01-TP18 Ram Extension LKB41506066 LZR12/300 Extension Ramps Main Panel Ramps Slow Cover Ratchet Strop (blank) Record Player Marconi Phone Red Hoses Kit No.2 (blank) Redress 1st Response (blank) Reflective Jacket Page 52 of 71 Pages
ALP Pump Operator ALP Support Crew BA Officer Command Support Fire & Rescue Comm HYP650 I/C Surcoat Incident Investigati Inner Cordon Control Liaison Officer Logistics Officer Marshalling Officer Observer Operational Support Operations Commander Red Tabard Rope Rescue OIC Safety Officer Salvage Officer SE3 Sector 1 Commander Sector 2 Commander Sector Commander 1 Sector Commander 2 Sector Commander 3 Sector Commander 4 Sector Commander 5 Sector Commander 6 Snr Logistics Office Video Unit Water Officer
Regulator & Hose (blank) Remote Control Box Schneider XAC-A-06 Remploy Lifejacket Commodore ll 150n Compact 150 Mk 2 Compact 150 MSA Remscat Saw Rem Tiger VE Remscat Rescue Line Mammut (blank) Rescue Path Airline (blank)

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Rescue Path Reducer
MFC Survival S/S MFCRAN01
Rescue Saw Blades (blank) Residue Pump MD4 (blank) Rice Cooker Tefal 2000 Classic Ring Binder Rexel CB400 Road Traffic Lamp (blank) Rocker Line Lock ISC Rocker SAR Rocker (blank) Roof/Folding Ladder Bayley 19-21 Bayley 19-21EWFB Bayley 19-21W Bayley 19-21WFB Rope Dog (blank) Rope Lifting Sling (blank) Round Protector (blank) Rowing Machine Concept 2 PM3 CONCEPT II INDOOR RO Concept ll Indoor Ro Cybex Row RP Proportioner Chubb RS6 Sling RS6 Sling SAR Rescue Strop Rubber Electrical Gl Electricians Gloves Page 54 of 71 Pages


Palm 60/80 Litres Sack Barrow (blank) Sack Trolley Life-Mate Safety Harness Troll ILYNX Safety Helmet BS5240 MSA Gallet F2 X-TREM (blank) Samba Football Goal Samba 3 in 1 Sandwich Maker Breville TR2 Breville TR34 Breville TR41 Haden 10094 Hinari SW192CL Hinari SW293GPT Kenwood TT550 Satellite Phone (blank) Saw - Alligator DeWalt DW390 Scanner SSI FSS6200 Scissor Lift (blank) Shackle 50-5930 Shackles - All Sizes 210 6AB A144 AAA16 BJ15 CLA16 CM792 Crosby Shackle Page 55 of 71 Pages

Crosby WLL4 CT118 DCA16 DF268 DJA16 ELA36 ELA96 F66 FBA16 G17 LEA16 N11 N15 (blank)
Sharp End Protector (blank) Shelter Lighting (blank) Ship - Shore Adaptor Angus M200000 Short Snake (blank) Shot Bag Troll ILYNX (blank) Shot Blast Cabinet Draper SBC1 Shredder Dahle 20040 Fellowes C-220C Fellowes OD1500C Fellowes P-45C Fellowes P500-2 Fellowes PS-60 Fellowes PS-65c Fellowes W-4 GBC Shredmaster 70S HSM 105.2 HSM 225.2 HSM 386.2 Intimus 385SE Intimus 502 679-4S Intimus Simplex SL Rexel 120 Auto Rexel 1250 Auto Rexel P-320 Rexel V120 Page 56 of 71 Pages
Rexel v20 Rexel V-40 Rexel V50 Rexel V55
Side Lamp BHS (blank) Signage Bag Mk 4 Flexible Bag (blank) Signage Frame Mk 4 (0700010) Signal Processor London Blu-16 Sit Up Bench Body Sculpture Body Solid PPB-32 York 250 (blank) Sky Digibox Amstrad DRX550 Digicom Receiver Digihome DV940B Digilogic DSTB1000 Grundig CE168X Grundig Digibox NTL DI4000-N Pace Digibox PACE Prima Pace Sky Digibox Panasonic TO-DSB50 Pioneer DBR-T210GBN Sagem 251681301-C01 Samsung SMT-2110C Silver Creek SL65 Strong SRT5855 Thomson D314214C Thomson DSI4101 Thomson DTI 550 Slasher (blank) Slate Ripper (blank) Sledgehammer Page 57 of 71 Pages
CEDP5 Jafco F/K-DS07CS/24 Jewson Sledgehammer Roebuck 01-1746 Roebuck 15-01B (blank)
Sling Euroweb 1000kg (blank) Sling - 5 Tonne RSO506 (blank) Small Socket Set Clarke Torque Set Draper MH40/SC (blank) Smoke Generator Le Maitre G300 Le Maitre G300 Mk 2 Le Maitre G300 Mk 3 Vi Count Compact Smoke Tester Smoke Check 6000 Smoke Check 6001 Snow Chains Rud-Matic 19.378 Socket Scaffold Spanner Soldering Iron Henley Solon Sealey SD200 Sealey SD30 Weller 8100UD Weller WTCP51 (blank) SOS Signal Maritime SEA Marshall PLB8-LR Sound Mixer Premium - JB Systems Space Heater Clarke XR155 DSH92

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Xcell Spacelight

Spade Jafco GS14DP/IT/O Jafco SP29TR/1D/Y (blank) Spade - Hand Entrenching Tool Speakers Aiwa Booster Altec ACS250 Just Speakers Logic3 SP302 Mustek RB-6A Panasonic A770 Trust SP3600A2.1 Yamaha MS101 II Speed Camera Speedtrac X 52000 Sports Radar 3600 Speed Ladder (blank) Spotlight Acme Spotlight Micromark MM6559 Spotting Scope Lynx Spreaders 1475/1 LSP40EN LSP40-EN (blank) Squeegee Jafco T/AH-AQ18 Jafco T/AH-SQ24 Stab Fast Set Weber Hydraulic (blank) Stair Runners Stairrunner Sheet Stakes - Long (blank) Page 59 of 71 Pages

Stakes - Long Open

(blank) Stakes - Short (blank) Stakes - Short Open (blank) Staple Gun B & D Powershot A575 Steamer Falcon Steamer Tefal Steam Cuisine Steel Wire Strop WS200A Step Machine CT955 Health Rider LIFE FITNESS 9500HR Lifestep 9500 Precor C764 Precor EFX556 Stairmaster 4400CL Tectrix Climbmax 200 V-Fit Met 2 Stephill Generator Stephill LWA 100 (blank) Still Camera Canon EOS 300 Canon EOS 300V Canon EOS 500 Canon EOS 500N Fuji DL 95 Super Fuji Fujinon Konica Z-Up 110 Minolta AF-SP Minolta Camera Nikon F401 Nikon F601 Olympus u(mju)-II Pentax Camera Pentax Zoom 105R Practica Super Yashica SLR Stirrup Pump Page 60 of 71 Pages
Stretcher Handle (blank) Strop - 3 Tonne (blank) Strop - 6 Tonne (blank) Strops - 2 Tonne Round sling 2t swl 6 Unitex UK Roundsling (blank) Submersible Pump Robusta 351 WKS TSURUMI LB2-750 TSURUMI LB3-750 TSURUMI LB-800 Supernova Floodlight TH7024 Survival Suit 502GA002 Sussex Resucitator 791 (blank) Swivel Cheek Pulley Double SAR Pulley ISC Swivel Cheek Pul SAR Pulley Swivel Cheek Pulley (blank) Table Lamp (blank) Tail Line LSB STEEL Tail Line Bag LSB STEEL Tailboard Lift Dhollandia DHVZ1-L Ratcliffe Tape Copier Neal 6223 Page 61 of 71 Pages

Tape Deck

Denon DRW-585 Neal 8221P Sony TC-W490 TEAC V-1050 Tape Recorder Neal 8221P Thermal Binder Fellowes TB450 Rexel T40 Thermal Image Camera Argus 2 Argus 2 EEV P4455R Argus 3 P4467/S Argus 4 E2V P7030 ARGUS CE EEV P4438 P4455R (blank) Thigh Trainer (blank) Thread Couplings (blank) Threader (blank) Timer Wet Leaf Tirfor Winch Tirfor T20 Tirfor T35 Tirfor T508D Tirfor T516 Tirfor TU16 Tirfor TU32 Tirfor Winch Cable Tirfor T20 Tirfor T508D Tirfor T516 Tirfor TU16 Tirfor TU32 Tirfor Winch Handle Tirfor T20 Tirfor T35 Tirfor T516 Page 62 of 71 Pages

Tirfor TU16 Tirfor TU32

Toaster Boots 83B Cookworks KT-800 Cookworks T6879/A Cordon Bleu 10734 Dualit 6SL GB Dualit 6SLGB Frigidaire FCL-066B Haden AT-280 JMB CW166WH/A Kenwood TT250 Kenwood TT390 - 2H26 Kenwood TT550 Lockhart HE5351 Morphy Richard 44170 ONN OT004 Prima PCT 110 Rowlett 4ATW-131 Rowlett 6AT-131 Rowlett 6ATW-131 Rowlett 6ATW-191 Rowlett 8ATU-100 Swan 20452 Swan W92 IP11 Tefal 5328.16 Tefal 8744.16 Tefal 8780 Tesco ZT05W Tom Tom Sat Nav Unit TOMTOM XL Europe22 TOMTOM XL UK TOMTOM XL30 Traffic Cones - Flat Flat Pack Cones Traffic Cones - HR (blank) Train Panel Opener (blank) Transcriber LFH 0710/00 Phillips 555 Phillips 710 Phillips 720 Sanyo TRC-7060 Sony BM-76

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BBH Isolater Briticent SE1000/2 Clarke CTR3000 CRT 700/3/2CE Defender Transformer E201512 Portable Tool Transf PT NL1000/2 PTI/3000/S2 Roebuck 25-5084 Roebuck Transformer SWA SWA Transformer TF3000/2 (blank)

Tread Mill 9500HRT Life Fitness 9100HR LIFE FITNESS 9500HR Powerjog Treadmill Precor C956 Precor C960 Precor Treadmill Sports Art 6150 Techngym Runrace Trench Sheet End Cap (blank) Trench Strut - Large (blank) Trench Strut - Small (blank) Triple Ext'n Ladder Bayley 19-13 (blank) Triple Mast Light (blank) Tripod Arri LA.4000.B Dragon Max MX006/A5 Tripod Searchlight (blank) Trolley Jack Bradbury Jackette Bradbury Quadette Epco Transm'n Jack Page 64 of 71 Pages
Epco Trolley Jack Sealey Viking Jack Sealey Yankee 2050CX Taskmaster Jack (blank)
Tuner Aiwa 7700 Hitachi Radio Alarm Kenwood KT-1010L Pioneer F-Z93L Pioneer SX-700L Precis Tuner Technics ST-X880L Turbo Branch Akron Turbojet 1720 Turnkey Brake Tester Turnkey G-Meter+ TV / DVD Combination Maxim 11-44 Ruby TV Monitor Sanyo VN-6612P Sony KV-M1440U TV Receiver Box Prov PV-105 TV Set Aiwa SE2130 Alba CTV3409 Amstrad CTV2110 Beko NR 20212T Bush 2850NTX/M5 Bush W/S TV Crown 5TV-525R Daewoo DSL-17D3 Ferguson A14R Ferguson TV Set Goodmans 148T Goodmans 2045TS Goodmans GD 2880B Goodmans K2105 Goodmans K28W05 Goodmans TV Hinari TVA1 Hitachi C32WD2TN JVC - Interiart JVC AV28T25EKS Lenoxx TV-505 Luxor 18063649 Page 65 of 71 Pages
Matsui 14 TV" Matsui 1436XA Matsui 28M3 Matsui Text 20VIT Orion C.1499 Pacific PTV 7003 Panasonic TC-14R1 Panasonic TX-14B3T Phillips 28 IDTV" Phillips 29PX8001/05 Phillips 32PW9570/05 Phillips 9TC2100/05R Phillips Plasma Phillips TV Saisho F8T212TA Samsung CI-5052AT Samsung CI-5361AT Samsung PS-42P2ST Samsung T1-14C5 Sanyo CE28WN6-B Saville SPM 27A Smart PT12C Sony KV-32FX68U Sony KV-32WS2U Sony Trinitron Teletron T121 Thomson 28WR25UG Toshiba 28W8DBA
TV/VCR Combination B & H VP-1400P GBI VT2000P Goodmans TVC202TS KE-14P2B LG KE-14P2B Matsui TVR 1625 Phillips 14PV170/05 Phillips 20PV220/07 Phillips 20PV230/07 Proline TVC140 Samsung T1-14P7 Sony KV-14V6U Twin Sheave Rope Blk (blank) Twin Sheeave Rope Bl (blank) Typewriter Olympia Typewriter Typhoon Dry Suit D50 Page 66 of 71 Pages
Typhoon120109-190L Typhoon120140-16LS16 Typhoon120140-20LS19 (blank)
U Plate - Akro Prop (blank) UKRO Rescue System Rollgliss R350ST Undress 1st Response (blank) Unifire Branch Unifire V16 V12 V16 Vacuum Airforce Vacuum Dyson DC01 Dyson DC07 Electrolux Vacuum George Hoover Sprint TW1650 Karcher 1000 Karcher NT700 Mastervac 'Yes' Numatic GVE370 Numatic HVR200 Numatic MZG 450 Numatic NB200 Numatic NNV200 Numatic NNV200-22 Numatic NNV370 Numatic NRV200 Numatic NRV200-22 Numatic NVR200 Numatic XV370 Nuvac NNV200 Sealey PC200 Sirio Airforce X2629 Taski Bora S5.1L Taski Vento 8 Vax 25-007 Vax V-041SO3W26 Victor D9A Vehicle Lift Table Sefac STENH0J DK-7150 Vending MC - Hot Dri Page 67 of 71 Pages


Vending MC - Snacks Palma Vendo Westomatic Vertishore (blank) Vibraphone ASB 8 Video Camera Panasonic Video Polaroid 485B Sony DCR-TRV 900E Sony Video Camera Video Case/System Peli 1500 Video Recorder Aiwa HV-G71K Daewoo Q210P Funa 29B-250 Hitachi Video Hitachi VT-M722E ITT Video LG - LV200 Matsui VP-9406SL Matsui VP-9407 Mitsibushi HS-520V Panasonic NV-SD230B Rextron VSA 12 Samsung SV-240B Samsung SV-613B Samsung SV-661B Schneider SVC217 Sharp VC-MH704 Sharp VC-MH75HM Sony GV-D1000E PAL Sony SLV-SE730 Toshiba V632UK Toshiba V-825B Toshiba VCR Video Splitter (blank) Video Tape (Recorded (blank) Video/DVD Recorder Page 68 of 71 Pages

Sharp DV-RW260

Vitalagraph Alpha Vitalagraph VS000161 (blank) Wand Lamp - Elwiss Briticent Elwis19E11 Warm Air Blower (blank) Washing Machine AEG Lavamat 50435 Beko WMA641W Bosch WFL2260 Hoover A3946-001 Hoover A3950-001 Hoover ACM11 Hoover PE235 Hotpoint WMA31 Miele Professional Miele WS5073 SO Miele WS5406 Miele WS5426 Miele WS5427 Whirlpool AWZ410 Zanussi F1045W Zanussi FLA 1002W Water Boiler Burco Wash Boiler Cygnet Swan 00516 Swan 00532 (blank) Water Dispenser Aquarius Oasis Aquator G01D B1RRHSY EBQ-ACV-JOP EBQ-AKV-JOP Edgars Cool Water Oasis Water Cooler Sunroc TPVICS-001 TPV1S WBF-210LA WCBTH-1000 (blank) Water Rescue Path 10 (blank) Page 69 of 71 Pages

Water Rescue Path 3m

(blank) Water Rescue Path 5m (blank) Water Rescue Sled Waterbourne Sled Water Safety Gloves 3mm NEOPRENE 5mm NEOPRENE Beaver 3mm Neoprene Firecraft Typhoon Gloves Water Turn Key (blank) Web Lifting Sling (blank) Wedgie and Hose HP 10 Whisk NSF DO39436 Winch Capstan FAB15 Penny Hydraulics Swi Wind Speed Meter Kestrel 1000 Wire Rope Sling (blank) Working Platform (blank) Xerox Copier/Printer Xerox 432DC Y Piece YP-ST150R/2xST150F Yellow Hose MD4 (blank) Yellow Line Bag I3352 Page 70 of 71 Pages
LSB30RES Troll Line Bag (blank)
Zellweger Monitor (blank) Zip Gun CP714F (blank) Akron Turbojet 1720 BXD Z10 A Dudley 4665-16",",Fan" Duraline Jafco CK60FB Panasonic 22",",TV Set" Samsung 22",",TV Set" Samsung 26",",TV Set" Toshiba 26",",TV Set" VBW 430-1070-42",",Bolt Cropp (blank)

Grand Total

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Server 2 42PFL7862D WF-T1201TP C-S5VL TX-26LX60F Client AVR-2310 PPM50H3Q Coupe 406 C-70zoom Colortrak 2000 B PSC 1315 DCR-DVD905E IC-22U Korg T2 CX-146 SGH-E251L Stereo FX-82MS SGH-I750 EDC66150W HR7739 IR5065 Hdcsd100 Factor PC GE81P W2234S-SN Hdcsd10 MX9000 KX-TG7200HG GT-I5800 DPA-07051D DE Luxe Lide 25 T3-P5g965 -headset H670 4 PRO Stylus C87 KS-FX820R Strav570 Serie FT Lexmark 5400 DVP-NS707HP Piano Pro Plus Sm LE AP140R-e1 B10-receiver MV700I Review EB-W8D PD-F21 L50104P FS-1570 PRO 7950 TX-W28r4 CL-50 Prism Atlantis 400VTX BL421RC 3 0 330HT YZ450F-2006 Sanyo S1 W2234S TMA 1600 M 8261 ISA 300 GA-8I945GMF PSR-740 96-100 CM707 EEA130 GZ-MG505AH Automatic-2005 LG JM53 Mf4690PL DI750 PL42C450b1M Switch Powerseeker 60 CLX-3175FN XAA ICD-MS1 PAC360 GT-S3653W WS-32Z419T NX8220 CDJ-02 GX3000N PDP-4360HD G643scvi Tower112 RPD552 VT-14GH10 Samson Smix 8270XL Cosworth FW335 Camedia C750


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