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MIO C510ELexerd - Mitac Mio C510e TrueVue Anti-Glare GPS Screen Protector

Brand: Lexerd
UPC: 894685007887

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Peter Cameron 5:40pm on Monday, October 11th, 2010 
Superb Mr Bond, Superb this is a great sat nav system. Superb Mr Bond, Superb this is a great sat nav system. The Great Mio This GPS has got me through Paris and all the way to the South of France and back with no problems. A Great Product in my opinion. Do no trust Mitac This device does not work with Vista

Vista OS has been on the market for 18 months and I have been using it for 12 months.
hanman 12:55am on Monday, June 28th, 2010 
Nice and reliable item, with nice features. Bluetooth, choices of voices,favorites places features. Continiously reseting. Awful, buy anything else. This unit has been so unreliable I would never buy anything Mio again. Crashed during journey, blacked screened. Awful, buy anything else. This unit has been so unreliable I would never buy anything Mio again. Looks Fails on all account, cannot be trusted
LandShrk 12:00am on Thursday, June 17th, 2010 
Nice and reliable item, with nice features. Bluetooth, choices of voices,favorites places features. Continiously reseting.

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Detailed specifications, software features, package components
Mio Technology Europe
C510E Detailed Specifications


CPU Video Display Resolution Memory GPS Module Antenna Microphone Touch Panel Input Method Speaker Input / Output TMC jack TMC SD / MMC USB Bluetooth Flash ROM RAM 2440 400Mhz 3.5 Transmissive LCD, anti-glare Brightness 350nits 320 240, 65K colors, QVGA resolution, Landscape 512 MB NAND flash on board 64 MB SDRAM Built-in GPS module, 20-channel SiRFStarIII chipset 1. Embedded type 2. Connector for extend antenna Mono Microphone (with Echo cancellation) Resistive type touch panel On-Screen Keyboard/touch screen Builtin loud speaker Support for TMC external antenna Optional SD/MMC slot, capacity up to 2 GB USB 1.1 Bluetooth wireless technology 1.2 Power On/Off Return to Main Menu Buttons / Switches Zoom in Zoom Out Hardware Reset Switch Type Battery Active Charger AC to DC Adapter Input Output Input Output Non-replaceable rechargeable Li-Ion battery 1200 mAh 1. System continues with backlight setting on middle range & GPS function on full power mode = 4.5 hrs 2. System continues without backlight & GPS function on full power mode = 5.5 hrs Charger module 100 ~ 240 V 5 V, 1A 10 ~ 30V, 1.3A Max 5V, 1A FCC, CE, CCC, BQB, e-Mark,

Car Charger

Certification & Regulation
Mio C510E Detailed Specifications v.1

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Updated 03/07/06 Mio Technology Europe

Physical Characteristics

Dimension Weight Temperature
110 mm (Length) 70 mm (Width) 20mm (Height) ~170 g Operation Storage Operation Storage 0~40C 0~60C 0~90%, Non-Condensed 0~90%, Non-Condensed
Environment Conditions Humidity

Key Software

Operating System Navigation Software Provider Maps Release Territory Covered MP3 Player Photo Viewer Calculator Microsoft Windows CE.Net 4.2 Core version MioMap v3 Tele Atlas 2006.1 One region + Major Roads of Europe Maps of 24 European countries on DVD included in the package Custom, MP3 only Custom; JPG only Custom
Navigation Software Key Features
Detailed spoken instructions: 16 languages Major Roads of Europe True cross-border navigation with additional maps on SD-card (sold separately) Safety camera warnings Free Safety camera database update for 1 year Hands-free calling Outlook Contacts Lots of POIs with phone numbers Smart POI search Simple, intuitive navigation Quick Calculation Languages: Czech, Danish, Dutch, UK English, US English, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish In addition to maps of 1 region, maps of Major Roads of Europe are pre-installed Maps of 24 European countries can be added: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Italy, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City Audio and visual warnings for the known locations of fixed safety cameras as well as likely locations of mobile safety cameras Free safety camera database updates for 1 year from the moment of registration on the website Hands-free calling when combined with a Bluetooth wireless technology enabled phone Synchronize your Outlook contacts from your computer and navigate to them directly Thousands of Points of Interests (POIs) in easy to use categories: petrol stations, restaurants, hotels, parking and more. Many of the POIs have a telephone number Type in the name of a petrol station chain, a movie theatre or a tourist attraction, and the nearest POI with that name will be shown Large buttons, clear icons and intuitive user interface make the Mio C510E very simple to use The new MioMap v3 is always quick, whether responding to your commands, calculating a new route or zooming in on the map

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Favorites and History Informative display Speed Limits Routing Options Versatile user profiles
Store the addresses of your favorites locations, or quickly find the places youve visited All the journey information you need is shown: estimated time and distance to destination, battery and signal status Speed limits are shown at all times for the road youre currently traveling on Speed profiles, toll road avoidance, fast or short route Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Pedestrian, Lorry

Package Contents

Mio C510 Mini USB cable Mini USB Car charger 12/24 volt Quick Reference Guide Warranty Sheet Service information Application CD MioMap v3 DVD software and maps of 24 European countries Device Holder Windshield Mount

Optional Accessories

Mini USB AC adapter TMC receiver Motorcycle Holder Screen Protector Earphones Carrying Case Car Antenna

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For your navigation system
KEY FEATURES One cigarette plug powers your navigation system and laser detector Specially developed for European laser systems Detects mobile speed traps (laser guns) Very compact size No installation needed, can be assembled in seconds without tools Detection of all laser equipment Front laser detection Audible and visual warning COMPATIBILITY


Acer P610 / Becker Traffic Assist Highspeed / Becker Traffic Assist Pro 7916 / Becker Traffic Assist Pro 7926 / Medion PNA 460 / Medion PNA 465 / Medion PNA 470 / Michelin X950 / Michelin X960 / Michelin X970 / Michelin X980 / Mio 220 / Mio A501 / Mio A701 / Mio C210 / Mio C320 / Mio C510e / Mio C710 / Mio H610 / Mio P350 / Mio P350 / Mio P550 / Navigon TS6000 / Navigon TS7000 / Navman F20 / Navman F20Euro / Navman F30 / Navman F30Euro / Navman F50 / Navman N20 / Navman N40i / Navman N60i / TomTom GO520 / TomTom GO720 / TomTom GO940 / TomTom ONE (new edition) / TomTom ONE V3 / TomTom ONE V4 / TomTom ONE XL


Garmin Nuvi 200 / Garmin Nuvi 250 / Garmin Nuvi 270 / Garmin Nuvi 300 / Garmin Nuvi 310 / Garmin Nuvi 350 / Garmin Nuvi 360 / Garmin Nuvi 370 / Garmin Nuvi 660 / Garmin Nuvi 670 / Garmin Nuvi 750 / Garmin Nuvi 760 / Garmin Nuvi 770 / Garmin Street Pilot C510 / Mio C320b / Mio C520 / Mio C620b / Mio Moov 200 / Mio Moov 330 / Mio Moov 370 / Navman F10 / Navman S30 / Navman S30Euro / Navman S70 / Navman S90 / Nokia N500
PACKAGE CONTENTS Optical and acoustic warning unit Cable for TomTom

or compatible

Cable for Garmin

Laser eye

Mounting material
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION EAN QTY/carton Certifications E11 10R-023063 54.14633.00988.pcs
* Tom Tom is a registered trademark of Tom Tom International B.V. ** Garmin is a registered trademark of Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries.
TE-Group is not responsible and will not accept any claims from whoever if the laser detection function is activated and/or used in countries where radar detection is prohibited
Copyright Quintezz. All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Quintezz is a registered trademark of TE-Group NV. Other brands and product names are trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners.



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