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gingaloon 4:41am on Thursday, October 14th, 2010 
Frustrating at times but works. I asked for a basic GPS for Christmas and got this one. I know nothing about GPS so I have nothing to compare it too.
nan44 11:10am on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010 
I bought this unit for my wife who tends to get lost. The Pros are that it picked up the sat. link quickly, charged quickly, finding addresses.
greghelland 7:57pm on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 
Do Not Waste your time - no calibration nor customer service From Customer Service to the product.
Gaspap 4:16am on Wednesday, June 16th, 2010 
First GPS I just bought this GPS at radio shack and it works great. I have been able to find my way through Boston and Portsmouth. Good value with some compromises. This GPS has a large and bright screen. The satellite connection is fast. The database is useful.

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13 April 2009

By: Alex Vochin, Gadgets Editor
Mio Moov 500 GPS Personal Navigation Device Review
Just the thing for this economic crisis
Without a doubt, the economic crisis is affecting pretty much everyone, but it's taken a huge toll on the automotive industry, whether we're talking about car makers or the manufacturers of various automotive accessories. And while some companies are simply overwhelmed by these events, others are trying to come up with products designed specifically to meet the demands of "crisis customers," and that's also the case with Mio, whose solution (or, at least, one of the solutions) for keeping sales up, as far as possible, is the Moov 500 model. As some of you might remember, a while ago (namely, back in May 2008), we had the chance to attend a very interesting event organized by Mio (well, Mitac would be better said, since they're the owners of Mio Technology, but in order to keep things simple, we'll just call them Mio from now on), during which they presented their new Moov line. Soon after, we spent a little more time with one of the most interesting and advanced PNDs from the Moov line, the 330 model, which left us with a pretty pleasurable feeling about Mio, as well as the C725 (not a Moov). And now, it's time to go back to the Moov line, with the company's new 500 model, which was initially announced back in October 2008, but arrived mostly in the first half of 2009 in several markets around the world. This gadget takes the PND concept back to basics, providing just driving instructions. and that's it. No multimedia, no Bluetooth, nothing. In other words, it's a product designed mostly for those people who weren't using the aforementioned extras, anyway, and, more importantly, comes at a very good price point (just around 160 Euro or 210 US dollars for the Regional version, which comes pre-loaded with maps for a single region - the exact model we've tested). [[BREAK=Design and aesthetics]] Overall design features Since it's a part of the Moov series, the Moov 500 shares the same attractive design with the other various models from this series. While "sleek" and "elegant" are the first two things that come to mind, some might view them as rather cliche, so we'll just say that the Moov 500 looks a lot better than most other PNDs retailing for the same price. In fact, before opening the box, we were wondering just what Mio had to do in order to cut costs to such a level, but whatever it did, it had nothing to do with the design or the materials used within the Moov 500. Hence, the quality of the finishing and of the plastic is a very good one, and the same goes for all the accessories included in the sales package. Size and portability Another major surprise we encountered when first holding up the Moov 500 was related to just how lightweight this thing is. Of course, as far as the dimensions are concerned, there
Mio Moov 500 PND Softpedia
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weren't any major surprises (after all, we're talking about a device equipped with a 4.7-inch display), the PND measuring 139 x 83.8 x 17.7 mm. However, much to the surprise of every person who held it, the Moov 500 is extremely lightweight, weighing just less than 200 grams, battery included. This is indeed an impressive achievement, but it's most likely caused by the fact that Mio has kept the hardware configuration at a very basic level, so there are no additional components to increase the overall weight. In other words, if you're tired of driving and you want to move around a bit using nothing but your feet, you can easily take the Moov 500 along with you, without really feeling the extra "burden." Button and slot placement Like most other PNDs that rely mainly on their touchscreen display for control purposes, the Mio Moov 500 doesn't have that many buttons. In fact, there's just one main button, the Power switch, which is located right on top of the GPS navigator. And yes, there's also the reset button, but that's more of a slot than anything else. The device sports an SD/MMC card slot, located on the top side (near the power button), plus a mini-USB power connector (also used for hooking up the navigator to a computer), which can be found on the bottom side of the PND. There's a "groove" on the rear side, which is in fact used for sliding the Moov 500 onto the windshield mount. Connectivity options Not much to talk about here. Aside from the SD/MMC card slot and USB interfaces (which we've already mentioned above), there's not much to add. The Mio Moov 500 doesn't have any audio or video outputs, and absolutely no hidden connectivity interfaces - apart from the internal antenna used for "tapping" into the satellite's signal. [[BREAK=Hardware specifications and performance]] Mio Moov 500 Technical Specifications CPU: Samsung 2443—400MHz; GPS Chipset: Highly Sensitive GPS Receiver (most likely SiRF STAR III); TMC: Optional; Memory / RAM : 1GB; Memory slot: SD/MMC; Display type: 4.7-inch TFT w/touchscreen; Display resolution: 480 x 272 pixels; Display orientation: Landscape; Battery capacity: 720mAH Battery life: 2.5hrs; USB: Yes; Speaker:Yes; Operating systems: Win CE.Net 5.0; Navigation software and maps: MioMap2008 and Tele Atlas Maps. Hardware performance

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It's rather difficult to talk about hardware performance in a PND, since this is not a device packing cutting-edge computing components here, but it's important to mention that the Moov 500 runs very smoothly, in pretty much any situation. So, the MioMap 2008 is very quick to load, and works seamlessly, even when zooming in or out of the map. Plus, unlike the C725, the Moov 500 has a very good touchscreen, which answers to the user's every command in a very fast and accurate manner. This is a very important issue, because drivers don't really have the time (or the possibility) to push hard on the display when the PND is attached to the widshield mount. [IMG=24] The screen manages to do a good job of displaying the navigation maps, the colors and contrast levels (albeit adjustable) being very good. Also, one will have no problems figuring out the navigation indications even in bright sunlight, which is quite an important issue (especially since summer is approaching fast). Battery life As mentioned in the specs list, the Moov 500 comes equipped with a built-in 720mAH battery, rated to function for around 2.5 hours. Well, in real life, the battery obviously doesn't last that long, but just around 1.8 - 2 hours, max. However, that's pretty good, especially since this PND has been designed to be used mostly in vehicles, not for carrying around. [[BREAK=Real-life performance]] Car setup If you've already installed a PND, then you should have absolutely no problems doing the same with the Mio Moov 500. And even if you haven't, be calm, since you'll be able to get this thing installed onto your windshield and running in no time. So, first things first, you'll have to attach the special mount to the windshield. This is done via a suction cup, which will hold quite firmly. However, as a quick tip, it's better to first insert the power connector within its designated slot on the windshield mount before moving on to attaching the mount, since doing the same after the attachment process is completed might prove to be a bit difficult. [IMG=21] After you're done with the aforementioned steps, connect the car adapter to the cigarette lighter slot, and then slide-in the Moov 500 onto the mount. Switch it on and voila - instant guidance to your desired destination. Working with the Mio Moov 500 Now, as far as working with the Moov 500 is concerned, the truth of the matter is that this PND is one of the easiest to get accustomed to. So, if you've never owned a GPS navigator before, the Moov 500 is a good starting point, since it doesn't offer any fancy extra functions to get your mind tangled into. [IMG=22][IMG=23][IMG=25] The interface is the same MioMap 2008 software we talked about in the case of the Moov C330 and the Mio C725 PNDs, so we won't go into any more details on this issue. Suffice to say that it's user-friendly, intuitive and behaves very well whether the user is trying to find an address, view the POIs around him/her, and much more. [IMG=26][IMG=27][IMG=28] Another thing worth mentioning about this PND is the fact that it has a very good start-up

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time. Hence, after just a few seconds from starting it up, it will pick up the satellite signal, and then maintain a fairly good level in any conditions, even within dense foliage or the urban "jungle." [[BREAK=Conclusions]] The Good Probably the most important "pro" related to the Mio Moov 500 PND is its price point, which is a very attractive one, especially in the case of the particular model we've tested (designed specifically for the Romanian market). Sure, it's got only the local map bundled with the device, but one can easily purchase and install more Mio maps, hence increasing the device's overall value. Also, the gadget is extremely light and easy to work with, at the same time having the same elegant design features found on the other models from the Moov family. Moreover, the Moov 500 works very well in just about any type of environment, has no trouble acquiring the satellite signal in a very fast and easy manner, and the large, 4.7-inch touchscreen display is very responsive (unlike the previous Mio we tested). The Bad It's rather hard to find something bad to say about the Mio Moov 500 PND. Of course, one might say that it lacks certain additional features, such as Bluetooth or multimedia playback, but that's not the point with this GPS navigator, whose main selling point is, after all, the very interesting price/performance ratio, not the extras. Obviously, the battery life could have been a bit longer, and the provision of an wall-socket charger in the sales package would have also been a most welcome addition (but that's something that would have probably increased its price). Overall Impressions With the Mio Moov 500 GPS personal navigation device, Mio has managed to roll out a product designed to fight the rather bad economic period we're going through. The PND ditches all extras and focuses solely on its basic function, namely that of getting the driver where he/she needs to go. However, it manages to do so in style, and at a more than reasonable price point. Sales package - Mio Moov 500 PND; - Car charger; - Windshield mount; - USB Cable; - Software DVD; - User's manual. [IMG=29][IMG=30][IMG=31]
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