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Sony NV-U50Brodit Mounting Accessories for Sony Nav-U NV-U50 215182
Fitment: Sony nav-u NV-U50 for all countries. Description: A flexible arm with AMPS plates in both ends. For installation of monitors, printers and other heavier devices in busses, trucks etc. Is to be screwed into place in desired position.

Brand: Brodit
Part Number: 215182
EAN: 5055257333338, 5055257333345, 7320282151829
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mrickma 4:58pm on Saturday, September 25th, 2010 
cyberchucktx 12:34pm on Saturday, August 21st, 2010 
Piece of garbage Got a unit at half price when buying a new car, but it was overpriced at that. Horrible user interface. Awful instructions. Slow.
csmnicas 8:25am on Monday, July 12th, 2010 
Piece of garbage Got a unit at half price when buying a new car, but it was overpriced at that. Horrible user interface. Awful instructions. Slow. Forget the other reviews. This product is pretty good. I am surprised by the negative feedback that some people have given this product. Forget the other reviews. This product is pretty good. I am surprised by the negative feedback that some people have given this product.
gbouck 9:33am on Sunday, July 4th, 2010 
I have used the Sony NV U50TG Europe car sat nav for three months and in the main it is reliable with clear visual and vocal direc...
hardawayd 3:17am on Thursday, April 29th, 2010 
We have had it for a month and been from Morecambe to Middlebrough then to Whitby, and it was brill.

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2-663-630-12 (1)

Quick Start Guide
Anleitung zur schnellen Inbetriebnahme

Guide de dmarrage rapide

Personal Navigation System

Guida rapida alluso

Beknopte handleiding

Gua de inicio rpido


Guia de iniciao rpida

Skrcona instrukcja obsugi

NV-U70T NV-U50T NV-U50

2005 Sony Corporation
About this manual This Quick Start Guide contains instructions for installation, connections and basic operations. For more information, see the PDF manual on the supplied Application Disc. Contents of this manual are written for users with knowledge of using the Microsoft Windows operating system. For details about computer operation, see the manual for your computer. Illustrations in this manual may differ from the actual device. Retain this manual in a place where you can refer to at any future time.

Welcome !

Thank you for purchasing this Sony Personal Navigation System. Before operating this system, read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. FEATURING: Plug & Play capability Pre-installed European map (NV-U70T) Pre-installed regional map (NV-U50T/U50) 15 languages selectable for voice guidance and on-screen display 3.5-inch high quality display with touch screen Advanced 12ch parallel GPS receiver High-quality speaker RDS-TMC (Traffic Message Channel) compatible (NV-U70T/U50T) Battery operation Auto dimmer function
Disposal of Old Electrical & Electronic Equipment (Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate collection systems)
This symbol on the product or on its packaging indicates that this product shall not be treated as household waste. Instead it shall be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. The recycling of materials will help to conserve natural resources. For more detailed information about recycling of this product, please contact your local Civic Office, your household waste disposal service or the shop where you purchased the product. Applicable accessories: Car battery adapter/AC power adapter
No guarantee for lost data or damaged data
Sony does not provide any guarantee for lost or damaged data.



Table of Contents

Important notice. 4
System Settings Using the Supplied Software

Getting Started

Checking the contents. 6 Installing the unit. 7 Installing the TMC aerial (NV-U70T/U50T only). 9 Location of controls. 10 Turning the unit on. 11 Starting up the navigation. 11 Receiving GPS signals. 11
Connecting to your computer. 17 Software features. 18

Additional Information

Precautions. Note on LCD panel. Maintenance. Notes on unit disposal. Specifications. Troubleshooting. Resetting the unit.

Basic Operations

Menu operations. 12 Keyboard operations. 12

Route Searching

Setting the destination and starting guidance. 13 Setting the destination in other ways. 14 Guidance displays. 15

Important notice

To avoid the risk of accident or injury, read the following warning before installing and operating the unit.

On safety

General Do not apply excessive force to the unit or cradle as it may fall under the brake pedal, etc., and cause an accident. Observe actual traffic regulations, such as oneway streets, while driving with the route guidance. Do not watch the unit while driving. It is dangerous and may cause a traffic accident. If you need to operate the unit while driving, be sure to stop the car in a safe place before operating. Be sure to take the unit out of the car when leaving your car to prevent theft or high temperature damage inside the car. When the car battery adapter is not in use, disconnect it from the cigarette lighter socket, as car battery drain may still occur even with ignition OFF. Do not allow any liquid or foreign objects to enter the unit. Do not place anything other than the specified unit in the cradle. Do not connect any accessory (car battery adapter, AC power adapter, etc.) other than those supplied or optional. Do not modify the unit. Do not disassemble the unit except when disposing of it. Installation Before installing the unit, check your local traffic laws and regulations. Make sure you install the unit properly according to the installation instructions. Improper installation may result in fire or electric shock. Before installation, be sure to turn the ignition switch to the OFF position or take out the key. Installing the unit with the ignition on may cause the car battery to drain or short circuit. Be sure to: attach the unit to the cradle properly. clean the surface of the suction cup and windscreen before attaching. Also, confirm that the suction cup is securely attached to the windscreen after installation. warm up the car interior and then install the cradle and unit if ambient temperature is low. The cup suction is affected at high/low temperatures or sudden changes in temperature. wipe the windscreen before installation if there is condensation inside the car. Otherwise, the unit or cradle may fall under the brake pedal, etc., and cause an accident. Be sure to place the cables where it does not obstruct driving. Do not use the unit in a car with the USB cable connected. Connect the car battery adapter only to the cradle. Do not damage any pipes, tubes, the fuel tank or electric wiring when installing the unit, as fire or accident may result. If you drill a hole in a car panel, make sure that any hidden car parts will not be damaged.

On handling

Do not let foreign objects get inside the cradle connector of the unit, as it may cause malfunction.

Cradle connector

Turn the unit off by pressing ?/1, take it out of the cradle, then disconnect the car battery adapter, otherwise car battery drain may occur. Note the following. Turning the ignition off does not turn off the unit, which continues to draw power from the lithium-ion rechargeable battery (built-in). If your cars cigarette lighter socket is not connected to the ignition switch ACC position, power continues to be supplied to the built-in battery, even if you turn the ignition off. Check the CHG indicator at the bottom right of the unit which lights up during charging.
Do not expose the unit to fire, as it may cause malfunction. Do not let water or rain get into the unit, as it may cause malfunction. If you leave the unit in direct sunlight, the LCD may darken and not display clearly. This is not a malfunction, and it will return to normal as temperature decreases. Note that the built-in battery cannot be charged at temperatures outside C (F). Do not leave the unit in high ambient temperature as the built-in battery capacity will deteriorate, or it will become unchargeable.
Do not use or modify any nuts or bolts of critical devices such as steering linkage, fuel supply or braking systems. This can cause fire or an accident. Take care to prevent cords or wires from getting tangled or crimped in the moving portion of a seat rail. For information about the polarity, battery voltage and location of the airbag of your car, please consult your car dealer. Installing location Please install the unit in a safe place where: it does not obstruct the drivers view. it does not obstruct the operation of the airbag system. it does not obstruct the operation of the car, especially the steering wheel, shift lever, or brake pedal. it is not subjected to heat/high temperature. Please consult a qualified technician or service personnel if you cannot attach the cradle to the car securely.

Between high buildings

Between tall trees with dense foliage
After the initial installation, park your car in a safe, open place (no high buildings, etc.) for up to 20 minutes to allow for GPS signals to be received before using the navigation system. The system requires signals from a minimum of 3 GPS satellites to calculate the current car position properly.

Note It takes time to receive a GPS signal when switching the unit ON after switching OFF the main power, after the built-in battery is fully discharged, or after resetting the unit.


GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites continuously emit signals for positioning anywhere on the earth. As a GPS aerial receives these signals, users can be informed of their location (latitude, longitude and altitude). Information must be received from 3 satellites in order to obtain twodimensional fixes (latitude and longitude), and 4 satellites are required for three-dimensional positioning (latitude, longitude and altitude). As GPS satellites are controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense, a deliberate margin of error between a few metres (a few feet) and 10 metres (32.8 feet) exists. As a result, the GPS navigation system may include an error of between 10 metres (32.8 feet) and about 200 metres (656.2 feet), depending on the circumstances. As GPS information is obtained using signal from satellites, it may be impossible or difficult to obtain the information in the following locations: Tunnel or underground

On the software

Read the following conditions carefully before use. Copyright laws prohibit reproducing the software or the software manual in whole or in part or renting the software without the permission of the copyright holder. In the event a problem occurs with this software as a result of defective manufacturing, Sony will replace it at Sonys option or issue a refund. However, Sony bears no other responsibility. The software provided with this product cannot be used with equipment other than that which it is designated for use with. Please note that, due to continued efforts to improve quality, the software specifications may be changed without notice. Roads and names on the map may differ from actual roads and names. The warranty does not extend to an exchange or refund due to some typographical errors and omissions, or any other discrepancy in layout found in the software. In no way may the map data be copied and used, in whole or in part, without permission of the copyright holder. Contents are subject to change without notice. By using the unit, you are agreeing to be bound by the above.

Under a highway

Getting Started Checking the contents
Check the package contents. Main unit (1)
For NV-U50F/U50D/U50I/U50A/U50B/U50S/ U50N*2 (1)

If you want to fix the cradle on the windscreen permanently The suction cup is affected in high/low temperatures and may come off. If you want to fix the cradle on the windscreen permanently, use the supplied adhesive tape on the suction cup. If the bottom of the cradle touches the dashboard Attach the supplied pad for protection. Cut the pad to the appropriate size before attaching.
Note The adhesive tape is difficult to remove once applied.
Align the 2 slots on the underside of the unit with the tabs on the cradle, then push to snap the unit into place.
Connect the cradle to the car cigarette lighter socket. 1 Plug the car battery adapter into the DC IN 5.2V jack at the rear of the cradle.
Be sure the unit is securely locked in the cradle (2 clicks).

2nd click 1st click

2 Insert the other end of the car battery adapter fully into the car cigarette lighter socket.
Loosen the centre knob, fine adjust the angle so you can view the monitor properly, then retighten.
* Lights up when you turn the ignition on after installation. Note Depending on the size or shape of the cigarette lighter socket, connection may not be possible. To tighten
Tip You can also connect the unit to an outlet using the supplied AC power adapter.
To detach the unit from the cradle
Holding the unit, press the RELEASE button of the cradle.
Installing the TMC aerial (NV-U70T/U50T only)
Install the TMC aerial to obtain traffic information from RDS-TMC (Traffic Message Channel).
Plug the TMC aerial cord into the TMC aerial jack on the left side of the cradle.
The unit pops out of the cradle.
Take the unit out of the cradle.
Attach the end suction cup to the windscreen, then attach the other suction cup so as the cord forms 2 straight lines.

Location of controls


Built-in GPS aerial


Jack cover

0 qa qs
Refer to the pages listed for details. a VOICE/POSITION button During route guidance: To hear the next voice guidance. In map scrolling mode: To show your current car position. b Speaker Outputs guidance and warnings. c Display window/touch screen d ?/1 (on/standby) button 11 To turn the unit on/off. e CHG (battery charge) indicator Lights up in red while charging. f USB jack 17 To connect to a computer with the USB cable. g Auto dimmer sensor For details on auto dimmer function, see the supplied PDF manual. h DC IN 5V jack To connect to the AC power adapter. i POWER switch 7, 20 To turn the main power on/off. j External GPS antenna (aerial)* jack k RESET button 20 l Cradle connector

* Not supplied


Turning the unit on

Check that the POWER switch on the bottom right of the unit is in the ON position beforehand (page 7).

Receiving GPS signals

After the initial installation, park your car in a safe, open place (no high buildings, etc.) for up to 20 minutes to allow for GPS signals to be received before using the navigation system. The system requires signals from a minimum of 3 GPS satellites to calculate the current car position properly. You can check the GPS status on displays.

GPS status indicator*

Press ?/1.

To turn the unit off

Press ?/1. The unit enters standby mode for minimum power consumption.
Note Be sure to take the unit out of the cradle and disconnect the car battery adapter when the unit is not in use to prevent car battery drain. * Lights up in bright green when signal reception is sufficient for navigation. Lights up in dark green when signal has been lost.
Starting up the navigation
After turning the unit on, touch the desired language. The warning display appears. Read the warning display, then touch Agree. The tutorial displays appear. Touch V to proceed. The top menu appears.
Common procedures to operate the system are explained. General operations can be performed on the touch screen. Touch the displayed icons with your finger gently.
Note Do not press the display with excessive force, or use any sharp article, such as a pen, etc., to tap on the display.
Make the desired setting. Touch and select the desired setting or input characters. (the
During menu operation: To return to the previous display, touch To cancel the menu selection, touch current car position display appears).
Note The items on the menu and setting operations differ depending on the selected menu item.

Menu operations

You can set items in the menu by the following procedures.

Keyboard operations

The keyboard display appears when you need to enter text. You need only enter characters in upper case, as the system automatically converts them to appropriate characters. You can enter special characters when necessary (e.g. when naming a saved destination, etc.). Mobile phone keyboard display


Show the top menu. In the map display, touch the map. In the menu display, touch to show the map, then touch the map.
Touch Settings, then touch a desired item.

To Touch

enter an alphabetical character
the relevant key (e.g. ABC) repeatedly until the desired character is highlighted in the line above the keyboard. NUM to switch to the number keyboard, then the desired number key; and ABC to switch back. _ T v/V to scroll the list, then the desired candidate to confirm. List

enter a number

Touch v/V to scroll the list, then touch a desired setting item. E.g.: Volume setting display
enter a space delete a character select a candidate
see the list of all candidates
You can select either a mobile phone keyboard or a character keyboard (alphabetical) for the keyboard display. Touch to switch to character keyboard. The character keyboard is used in the same way as the mobile phone keyboard, except when: entering a character (touch the desired character key). entering a special character (touch SYM to switch to the special character keyboard; touch ABC to switch back). Touch to switch back to the mobile phone keyboard.
The system searches for routes automatically after setting the destination. Before starting, check that GPS signals are sufficient for navigation (page 11).
Setting the destination and starting guidance
The procedure for searching for the route and starting route guidance is explained. As an example, setting the destination by the address is introduced here. For details on setting the destination in other ways, see Setting the destination in other ways on page 14. For your safety, park your car in a safe place, then enter the destination information before starting a journey.
Show the top menu. In the map display, touch the map. In the menu display, touch to show the map, then touch the map. Select New Destination c Navigation.
Select the desired country by touching the Country entry field. Only countries included in the current map data are selectable. Select Address.
Input the address details. For details on how to input characters, see Keyboard operations on page 12. Touch the respective entry field to input the items below. Town or Postcode Input the town name or postcode. Street/ Input the street name, and house number (if known). If no house number is available, the field is deactivated. Intersection Input the crossroad name if you want it as the destination point.
Setting the destination in other ways
You can also set the destination and search for routes by the following methods. From the top menu, select the items in the following order, then Start navigation (if necessary). For details, see the supplied PDF manual. Search nearby Searches for routes to a POI, such as restaurant, hotel, etc., near the current car position. Home Searches for routes to your home when it is registered. New Destination c Home Point of interest Searches for routes to a POI, such as restaurant, hotel, etc., by selecting the category(ies) and correct destination from the list. Select New Destination c Navigation c Point of interest, then the following options which allow you to specify the search area. ---nearby Searches within the specified radius of the centre of the map. ---nationwide Searches within the specified country. ---in a town Searches within the specified town. Select on map Searches for routes by setting the destination directly from the map display. New Destination c Navigation c Select on map Recent destinations Searches for routes to recently searched destinations. New Destination c Navigation c Recent destinations Favourites Searches for routes to a saved destination point. New Destination c Navigation c Favourites

Format To select 12/24-hour clock indication; select the distance unit (kilometres/miles). Select language To select the desired language for on-screen display and voice guidance. Home address To register your home address. Radio muting*2 To attenuate the radio sound. Demo mode To start the demonstration. Product information To display unit information, such as name, version, etc., and tutorials.
*1 Displayed only if contained in the map information. *2 Only if the optional Car Install Kit XA-49FM is connected to the Radio muting jack of your car audio. Note Warnings given according to map information may not always be correct due to road works, etc. Traffic situations and road regulations take absolute precedence over information given by the navigation system.
Using the Supplied Software
Significant functions using the supplied software are introduced here. For details, see the supplied PDF manual.
Operating system requirements
OS: Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive USB port 150 MHz CPU speed minimum (recommended)
Connecting to your computer
Connect the unit to an outlet using the AC power adapter and the AC power cable. Connect the unit to your computer with the USB cable. Connect the small connector of the USB cable to the USB jack on the unit, then the large connector to a USB port on your computer.
Notes when transferring data During transfer, do not disconnect the USB cable or the AC power adapter. turn off the main power of the unit, enter unit standby mode, or reset the unit. shut down the computer, enter computer standby mode, or restart the computer. If you want to cancel transferring mid-way, click the cancel button on the computer screen.

Software features

Install PC connection software PC connection software (ActiveSync) can be installed. Backup and Restore pre-installed map (NV-U50T/U50 only) The map data pre-installed in the unit can be backed up on your computer and restored to the unit, in case of accidental deletion, etc. Map Manager Map data can be added to the unit from the supplied or optional DVD-ROM. When adding, you may need to delete unnecessary map data from the unit to free up memory space. Language Manager Language data for on-screen display and voice guidance can be added to the unit from the supplied CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, and unnecessary language data can be deleted from the unit. Read the manual You can read the manual in PDF format. Support link Easy access to the Sony navigation support site is available. Visit this site for technical support, such as software and firmware updates, FAQs, etc. Re-install application The navigation software pre-installed in the unit can be re-installed from the supplied CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM, in case of accidental deletion, etc.

Note on LCD panel

Some stationary blue, red or green dots may appear on the monitor. These are called bright spots, and can happen with any LCD. The LCD panel is precision-manufactured with more than 99.99 % of its segments functional. However, it is possible that a small percentage (typically 0.01 %) of the segments may not light up properly. This will not, however, interfere with your viewing.


Fuse replacement
When replacing the fuse in the car battery adapter, be sure to use one matching the amperage rating stated on the original fuse. If the fuse blows, check the power connection and replace the fuse. If the fuse blows again after replacement, there may be an internal malfunction. In such a case, consult your nearest Sony dealer.

To tighten Fuse (2.5A)

To remove
Warning Never use a fuse with an amperage rating exceeding the one supplied with the unit as this could damage the unit.
Additional Information Precautions
If your car has been parked in direct sunlight, allow the unit to cool off before operating it.

Notes on unit disposal

Remove the built-in lithium-ion battery when disposing of the unit, and return the battery to a recycling location. The procedure for removing the battery is explained below.
Note Never disassemble the unit except when disposing of it.

Moisture condensation

On a rainy day or in a very damp area, moisture condensation may occur inside the display of the unit. Should this occur, the unit will not operate properly. In such a case, slide the POWER switch on the bottom right of the unit to OFF position, then wait for about an hour until the moisture has evaporated.
Switch off the main power by sliding the POWER switch to the OFF position. Remove the jack cover (page 10).
Remove the 2 screws on the underside of the unit using a screwdriver.


Main unit
Operating temperature: C (F) Power requirements: DC 5 V (from supplied AC power adapter) Connection terminals: Cradle connector DC IN 5V jack USB jack External GPS antenna (aerial) jack Speaker: 2-way speaker Consumption current: Approx. 0.5 A Dimensions: Approx. 104.7 87.5 42.9 mm (4.1 3.5 1.8 in) (w h d) Mass: Approx. 310 g (11 oz)

Slide the rear cover, then lift to open.


System: Transmissive liquid crystal display Drive system: a-Si TFT active matrix system Dimensions: 3.5 in (4:3) 70.1 52.6, 87.6 mm (2.8 2.1, 3.5 in) (h v, d) Segment: 230,400 (960 240) dots


Remove the battery.
Operating temperature: C (F) Power requirements: DC 5.2 V (from supplied 12 V car battery adapter (negative earth)) Connection terminals: Unit connector DC IN 5.2V jack TMC aerial jack (NV-U70T/U50T only) Reception frequency: 87.5 108.0 MHz (NV-U70T/U50T only)

Optional accessories

External GPS Antenna: VCA-41 TMC Car Cradle Kit: NVA-CU3T Car Cradle Kit: NVA-CU3 Car Install Kit: XA-49FM European Map Package: NVD-DU3 (for NV-U50T/U50)
Insulate the connector terminal by wrapping with a tape.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Notes on the lithium-ion battery Keep the battery out of the reach of children. Do not hold the battery with metallic tweezers, otherwise a short-circuit may occur.


Battery may explode if mistreated. Do not recharge, disassemble, or dispose of in fire.
Lead-free solder is used for soldering. Halogenated flame retardants are not used in the certain printed wiring boards. Use of rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Corrugated cardboard is used for the packaging cushions. VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)-free vegetable oil based ink is used for printing the carton. This manual is printed on 100 % recycled paper using VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)-free vegetable oil based ink.


The following checklist will help you remedy problems you may encounter with your unit. Before going through the checklist below, check the connection and operating procedures.
The operation icons on the display do not function. An operation may take time while a map is displayed. The unit does not turn on. t Check that the POWER switch on the bottom right of the unit is in the ON position. t Charge the built-in battery. t Check that the unit is securely attached to the cradle (page 8). The built-in battery cannot be charged. t Check that the POWER switch on the bottom right of the unit is in the ON position. t If the AC power adapter is being used, disconnect it from the outlet, then reconnect. t The built-in lithium-ion battery can be charged at temperatures between C (F). The battery may not be charged if the temperature inside the unit increases because of direct sunlight exposure, etc. This is not a malfunction. GPS signal cannot be received. The system cannot receive GPS signals due to an obstruction. t Move your car to a place where signals can be received clearly. GPS signal reception is low. t Check the GPS information. t The optional External GPS Antenna VCA-41 may be required for a heated or heat reflective windscreen. There is an obstacle in front of the GPS aerial. t Install the unit where the signal is not interrupted by the body of the car, etc. For details on the unit installation, see Installing location on page 5. Signal may not be received if a window film is attached. In that case, use the optional External GPS Antenna VCA-41. The car position on the map does not match the current road. The error margin of the signal from the GPS satellites is too large. A maximum error margin of a few hundred metres can exist. Voice guidance cannot be heard. The volume is set too low. t Raise the volume in the setting menu (page 16). When the unit is powered by the built-in battery, maximum available volume is 70 %, even if set higher (80 %, etc).

. , , . , Sony . , Sony . , . , , . . , . , , . . .
, , ( ) 20 , GPS. , 3 GPS.
NV-U50F/U50D/U50I/U50A/U50B/ U50S/U50N*2 (1)

USB (1)

TMC (1)/ (2) ( NV-U70T/U50T) *1 (1)

(1) (1) (1)

AC (1)
(CD-ROM) (1) ( NV-U50T/U50) (-) AC NV-U70TW/U70TC*2 (2)
(DVD -ROM) (1) ( NV-U70T)

NV-U50TG/U50G*2 (1)

(1) (1) (1) (1) t
*1 NV-U70T/U50T, TMC . *2 .


GPS. / , , . , .

, ?/1 .

3. , GPS.
1 - 3 . 1 . 2 .
, , , , . NVA-CU3T/CU3 .

3 *, , .

1 DC IN 5.2V, .

DC.2V IN 5

/ . , . . .

, .

2 .
* . , .
2 " " .

, .

( 2 ).

, AC.


TMC ( NV-U70T/U50T)



. .
, . a VOICE/POSITION ( /) : . : . b . c / d ?/1 ( / ) 13 . e CHG ( ) .
f USB 20 USB. g , PDF. h DC IN 5V AC. i POWER ( ) 8, 25 . j l GPS* k RESET ( ) 25

POWER ( ) ON ( 8).

, , ( ) 20 , GPS. , 3 GPS. GPS .


?/1. .
, , . * . .
, . . "Agree" (). . , V. .

. . , ( ) .

,. , .

v/V .:


. / .

. , . , .
: , . , ( ).


"Settings" () . . , /. (. ,.).
(. "ABC") , . "NUM" . , "ABC" . "_" "T" v/V , , . "List"
, . , GPS ( 13).
. , . ,. " " 16. , , .

. , PDF.

: Windows 98SE/ 2000/ME/XP CD-ROM/DVD-ROM USB 150 MHz ()
, USB AC. , . , . , .
Install PC connection software ( ) (ActiveSync). Backup and Restore pre-installed map ( ) ( NV-U50T/U50) , , . . Map Manager ( ) DVD-ROM. , . Language Manager ( ) CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM, . Read the manual ( ) PDF. Support link ( ) Sony. , , ,. Re-install application ( ) , , CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM. ,., .

, .

, . , . , POWER, , OFF .


, . " " LCD. LCD 99,99 % . , ( 0,01 %) . , , .
, amper . , . , , . , Sony.


, 2 .

amper . .

, . .

, .

POWER OFF. ( 12).


. , .
: C : DC 5 V ( AC) : DC IN 5V USB GPS : 2 : 0,5 A : 104,7 87,5 42,9 mm ( ) : 310.
: : active matrix TFT : 3,5 (4:3) 70,1 52,6, 87,6. ( . .,.) : 230.400 (960 240)
: C : DC 5,2 V ( 12 V ( )) : DC IN 5.2V TMC ( NV-U70T/U50T) : 87,5 108,0 MHz ( NV-U70T/U50T)
GPS: VCA-41 TMC: NVA-CU3T : NVA-CU3 : XA-49FM : NVD-DU3 ( NV-U50T/U50)

. , .

. , . . t POWER ( ) ON. t . t ( 10). . t POWER ( ) ON. t AC, . t C. , . .
GPS. GPS . t . GPS . t GPS. t , GPS VCA-41. GPS. t ,. . ,. " " 5. . , GPS VCA-41. . GPS . . . . t ( 19). , 70 %, (80 %, ). LCD . , LCD . , LCD " " . : LCD , . LCD . t ( 12) ,.
, . (. ) RESET. , POWER OFF, 10 .


, GPS.

On trademarks

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C18AWR N80 KDL-32EX705 32PD5200 Blazer 1996 Track NV-GS75EP Map Update 0 Base 6 0 Software ME 4052 C6501 Guitar 5360 IP Binatone F350 Polar S120 AI-2000 SCX-4500-XEU Motorola 3300 10CAG X-230 LG 245 Peugeot 5008 IR-1650 PSB270 HZ-600 MK3 Play XP3 20 LAC-M3600 LE46A557 CQ-RDP003N DVD740VR 001 MC 520 Nissan A33 AJ-D700 41011365 Review ZWF5185 4695MF Toupie 626 Underworld Lowrance X135 PSR-6700 AV-29WX11 4 A Deskjet 400 7 0 SA-XR25 ECR 2450 4 0 42LF25 Playstation SE6R2 MKI9000 Nokia 5210 ITC008 JMP-1 9000D SUM UP PRS-505-LC LP2 800 ES-FG55 Devil Saga AVR-991 PSR340 SK-88 PRO DJ-S41 HT503PH MP186 Princeton 65 Adventure Nokia 3410 MS8117C Bizhub 282 Manual PV-800 Update Earth II DVD-S80 SMX-F40BP MG15fxmsdm Reference 220 RX-884R VP171B DMP11 Montana 2000 Tools SE SCF280 MY150X Beko S512 Lexmark Z33 151936 Tower GXT200 DVD 536 50PC5D DSB-H370G Lexmark C752 Connector RX-V590 X2650 MX-3501N PR530A Sbchc8440-00 LG 600


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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