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Dacia LoganBrodit ProClip for Dacia Logan 2009 - 2010 Right Mount
Description: The ProClip is a mounting bracket for the vehicle's dashboard. Onto the ProClip you can install e.g. a holder for your mobile phone or PDA or a handsfree set etc. Safe and convenient -always within easy reach. The ProClip is car specific and easy to install. The installation is quick, no special tools or dismantle of the dashboard is required and it will not damage the interior of the vehicle. Made in black ABS plastic. Comes with detailed instructions.

Brand: Brodit
Part Number: 604400
EAN: 5055257592285, 5055257592292, 7320286044004
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Janos Betegh ADAC Dacia Logan Cup

a strategy for success
How can you benefit from this collaboration Your companies Name and Logo on the race car Advertisement on Advertisement on race events in Germany A race car for your fairs and exhibitions Week-end events for your top clients Race Taxi on traks like Hockenheimring Invitations and special rates for driving events Special offer VIP tickets for DTM weekends Other marketing strategies, recognitions and ways of increasing your profit
What the average is doing: Invest a great amount of money in advertisement in the mass media Spend a fortune on internet adds Or pay for putting up banners in different locations are just some of the things that everyone can and is doing day by day. Our strategy: Develop a win win situation Help our parteners fully benefit from our colaboration Offer possibillities and oportnities that will allow you to give your clients something they cannot find elswere, something unique.
Parteners and the concept:

Janos Betegh

Pfister Racing
The one unknown is the company we are going to work with.
Dacia Logan Clubsport Within the ADAC Weser Ems e.V.
Janos Betegh Personal info: Name: Janos Gergo Betegh Born in: Arad, Romania Address: Timisoara, Romania Marital status: Married to Natalia Hobbyes: Motorsport, Reading Traveling, Personal development Email: WebSite: Tel: +Moto: The Dream is everything Future goals: 2010 - ADAC Dacia Logan Cup 2011 - Seat Leon Supercupa 2012 - Seat Leon Supercupa 2013 - Porsche Carrera Cup 2014 - DTM
Founded in: 1997 in Euenheim-Obersfeld Team Boss: Alois Pfister Prokurist: Andreas Pfister WebSite: A german racing team, lead by true professionals Value based and result driven With an experience of 13 years in motorsport Competing in 3 subcathegories of DTM Dacia Logan Cup Chevrolette Cruz Cup Seat Leon Cup
ADAC Dacia Logan Cup The Series ADAC-one day events on most racetracks in Germany and neighbouring counryes, following the standards of Dutch National Racing Team (DNRT)Foundation. Meaning 2 drivers, race lenght aproximately 4 hours with change of drivers, with standard tyres (radial type tyres) and especially safety measures for the whole drive discipline. The purpose of ADAC-localclubs, private Motorsport friends for Team building. Easy technik enables maintenance and repair without specialized knowledge. This cost sharing enables motorsport for everyone. The ADAC Weser Ems concept is based on production vehicles for the lower price class, with a raceready Club-Kit for the entire vehicle from 10.000,00. (incl. VAT).
ADAC Dacia Logan Cup Calendar 6. Mrz 2010 Testtage ADAC Logan Cup 27. Mrz 2010 Frhjahrs Brde Sprint / ADAC Logan Cup Rennen 1 24. April 2010 36. Brde Sprint / ADAC Logan Cup Rennen 2 12. 15. Mai 2010 Renault Race Festival auf der Nordschleife 30. Juli 2010 ADAC Brde - Sprint / -ADAC Logan Cup Rennen 3 11. September 2010 38. Brde Sprint / ADAC Logan Cup Rennen 4 24. Oktober 2010 Brde Sprint (Welfen Days) / ADAC Logan Cup Rennen 5 6.+7. November 2010 13. vcb Oscherslebener Testtage / Testtage ADAC Logan Cup 20. November 2010 40. Brde Sprint / ADAC Logan Cup Rennen 6
ADAC Dacia Logan Cup Race Track All the 8 events of the ADAC Dacia Logan cup 2010 season will be held at the Oschersleben Motorsport Arena. Inaugurated on 25 July 1997 it was Germany's third permanent race track, after Nrburgring and Hockenheimring. The circuit is located in Oschersleben, Brde (approximately 30km from Magdeburg), Northern Germany. Its fairly flat contours create a smooth and fast circuit. The circuit is 3,667 km long, and the current lap record is 1:21.449 held by Andy Soucek with a Williams-Audi JPH1.

For further questions and informations you can alwayse contact me by email or by telephone, and I will be happy to answer in the shortest possible time. Janos Betegh Timisoara, Romania Looking forward to working together step by step, for a more succesful tomorow. Thank you very much for your time and attention, and I wish you much Succes and all the best!



2010 40 MC HT-TX500 Suunto N6HR Electric WD-1247RD SGH-G808 To Arms Nomad LE46A557 CQ-RDP123N F1DB102P DMR-EH58EBL Evolve CD-VT1 Dvdr75-001 C3200 Nikon FM2 Travelmate 4670 Neobio 30 XBM 338 23 KW E342N Acf5 Acf8 C 324 HD 650 SC-CH530 RDR-HX50 KX-F2510 Ericsson T29 SH-201 VPH1001Q DMC-FX5 II EP EMP-720 MCD705 KDL-32P3030 OLE Co80 KX-TG5421 PCG-GRT795MP MHS-PM5K Desktop PC De Vanzare Divx EDI 54dm-12FP EWF1220 32FD9944-01S VP-D303I BH-200 TT 6244 DZO-V5T LN700 Sapt480 Cooltraxx3D Ericsson Z250 D50-D70-d80 CE107B-B IN 1 TX-28LK1C SRM7500 10 Review C824352 HDB73 Pickup Cyclone ESC Price DX609 EM 1501 Aspire 5680 AM2180 4050T Veriton L410 NS-300 GR-B652YLS P3650 Nuvi 265W Preturi Lancer Style L110 Van Irox XLP RX-V530 GPS-4V506-IUS Compact 350 RMR382 Hilti PD32 4830 NET Aastra M110 I CAT SPP-A946 S760GXM-USG WV-CU161 Futaba 10CG EWC1050 DCR-DVD308 S 5210 GN1000 Zobk91X Powershot A560 KDC-5024V RX560 Installer 5 CHA-S634 Royale Point Ford Edge GA16DE


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