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stunix 11:47pm on Sunday, August 1st, 2010 
My Company uses Citrix, so I am able to run Windows Applications, SAP, even flash and all my GO TO corporate applications on the device. Does this device have any real flaws? Lets address some real shortcomings of the iPad.
xell 4:23pm on Wednesday, April 28th, 2010 
PROS: OS, look, Awesomeness ITs great, and the idea is well along with the OS its a Mac downsized. its size is a bit big Bought the 16G WiFi for my wife. She enjoys playing games, surfing the web, reading books, reading email and catching up on her Soaps at

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Professional DJ Products Made by Pro DJs for Pro DJs

Space Opera


Visiosonic, Ltd

Safety Information

CAUTION: TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE ANY COVER. NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL ONLY. The lightning flash with arrow symbol within the equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated dangerous voltage within the products enclosure that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of electric shock to persons. The exclamation point within the equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying this appliance.
CAUTION FOR USA & CANADIAN MODELS ONLY TO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT USE THIS (POLARIZED PLUG WITH AN EXTENSION CORD, RECEPTACLE OR OTHER OUTLET UNLESS THE BLADES CAN BE FULLY INSERTED TO PREVENT BLADE EXPOSURE. WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. Electrical equipment should NEVER be kept or stored in a damp environment. LINE VOLTAGE SELECTION
The desired voltage can be set with the Voltage Switch located on the back panel of the Mini Tower unit by using a screw driver.
Copyright 2000 Visiosonic, Ltd. All Rights Reserved. All Trademarks are owned by their respective companies.

Getting Started

on receiving the Space Opera and the PCDJ Digital 1200sl MP3 system for professional DJs. We at Visiosonic would like to thank you for purchasing this incredible system which offers the latest technology that empowers DJs like never before. This booklet is designed to give you quick-start assistance in setting up your Space Opera. Read this entire booklet and follow the required steps. Youll have the system up and running in just a short time. After youve completed the Quick Start Manual, proceed to the PCDJ Digital 1200sl Users Manual to learn how to utilize all of the many great features that are now available to the professional DJ.

List of Contents

! 1 ! 5 ! 1 ! 2 ! 2 ! 1 ! 1 ! 1 ! 1 ! 1 ! 1 ! 1 Gibraltar Road Systems Rack Unit Brackets Mini Tower Audio Cables/RCA Stereo Audio Cables Korg Kaoss Pad Numark SM1 Mixer Windows 98 CD Packet Sound Blaster Live! Installation CD ASUS ME-99 USERS MANUAL 1.03 PCDJ Digital 1200sl Software program PCDJ Digital 1200sl Users Manual

Setting Up

Connecting up your Space Opera system is very simple. Just follow the steps, that begin on page 5, and refer to the diagrams as needed.
Space Opera Connection Diagram

(Rear view)

USB Keyboard

Kaoss Pad

Pro SM-1
(Left) Stereo Line In (Right) Stereo Line In


(Left) Line Out (Right) Line Out
(Left) Line In (Right) Line In
(Left) Main Out (Right) Main Out

To Computers USB Jack

To Computers Mouse Jack
To Source (Board Monitor, Amp, etc.) To Soundcard To Soundcard (Black Jack) (Green Jack) 3

Mini Tower Diagram

(Rear View)
(Un i ve rs a l S e ri a l Bus )
Voltage Switch Power Switch

Power In

Mouse (green)


Serial (Comm) Port 1 Printer / LP 1 (pink)


Video Output to Monitor Exhaust Fan Phone (to wall jack) Line (to phone jack) Sound Blaster Sound Card (Black) Line Out Jack - Back (Green) Line Out Jack - Front Ventilation Grill

Setup Procedure

NOTE: The Exhaust Fan and Ventilation Grill exist on your Mini Tower to keep the equipment from overheating. Their cooling purpose is very important to the safety, longevity and performance of the unit. Make sure these items are never blocked and can always receive ample fresh air. Your Space Opera system comes with instructional booklets for certain items in the system. First take out the Gibraltar Road Systems rack unit assembly instructions booklet and assemble the rack. Then follow the steps below. STEP 1. After you have properly assembled the Gibraltar rack unit, place the five brackets on the horizontal bar of the Gibraltar stand, spacing them far enough apart to enable all five electronic devices to fit one next to another. FYI: The electronic devices (monitor, Pro SM-1, mouse, Kaoss Pad and USB keyboard) have plates affixed to their bottom side. The protruding shafts are designed to fit into the brackets vices. STEP 2. Set the shafts, one at a time, in the vices of the brackets. Make sure to tighten each vice so that the electronics will not fall if bumped or jolted. STEP 3. Set the Power Switch to the OFF (O) position in the back of the Mini Tower. STEP 4. Connect your monitors cord to the (blue) Video Output to Monitor socket in the Mini Tower. STEP 5. Connect your mouses cord to the (green) mouse socket in the Mini Tower.

STEP 6. Connect your USB (Universal Serial Bus) keyboards cord to the USB 1 socket in the Mini Tower. STEP 7. Take one of the audio (RCA to 1/8 stereo) cables supplied and place the left and right RCA plugs into the left and right jacks of Channel 1 of the Numark Pro SM-1. NOTE: The Sound Blaster Liver! sound card has front and back (green and black) Line Outs to help you configure your entire setup with consistency. If you cross the wires at the sound card, the outputs would be crossed in the speakers and the Numark Pro SM-1. STEP 6. Then put the 1/8 male mini-stereo plug of the same cable into the (green) Line Out jack of the Sound Blaster Live! sound card. This is the front Line Out.
STEP 7. Take the other audio (RCA to 1/8 stereo) cable supplied and place the left and right RCA plugs into the left and right jacks of Channel 3 of the Numark Pro SM-1. NOTE: As the Numark Pro SM-1 has four channels, the cords coming from the front and back Line Out jacks of the sound card can be connected to any two channels of your choice. STEP 8. Then put the 1/8 male mini-stereo plug into the (black) Line Out jack of the Sound Blaster Live! sound card. This is the back Line Out. STEP 9. Take an audio cable (RCA to RCA plugs) and put the left and right plugs of one end into the Main Out jacks of the Numark Pro SM-1 mixer. STEP 10. Then connect the left and right RCA plugs of the other end of this cable into the Left and right Line In jacks of the Kaoss Pad. STEP 11. Take another audio cable (RCA to RCA plugs) and put the left and right plugs of one end into the Line Out jacks of the Kaoss Pad. STEP 12. Then connect the left and right RCA plugs of the other end of this cable into your source (amplifier, board mixer, etc.) inputs STEP 11. Now connect the female end of the Mini Towers power cord into the Power In socket. Check the voltage setting on the back of your Mini Tower to verify it is in the proper setting (see NOTE below). Plug it into a wall socket and youre ready to go. NOTE: The Space Opera you received is designed to work with either 110 or 220 voltage. It comes preset for the 110 voltage use. If you require 220 voltage, you can change the setting in the Voltage Switch by using a screwdriver and switching the setting from 115 to 230. Make sure the power is disconnected before changing the settings.

A Final Note

Now that you have successfully connected up your Space Opera, its time to move to the PCDJ Digital 1200sl Users Manual and begin learning how to utilize this powerful MP3 system. Also, refer to the information provided by the manufacturers of the electronic devices as needed. Make sure that you fill out your License and mail it back to Visiosonic right away. If you have any questions that need addressing at this point, you can speak to a Visiosonic Support Representative toll free at: 877-778-4746 or e-mail to: with your detailed question. The response time for e-mail is usually within one working day.



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