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Sony Ericsson Z600 Manual

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Sony Ericsson Z600Brodit Passive Holder for Sony Ericsson Z600 841898
Description: When keeping your mobile in a passive holder, it is always within easy reach. A portable handsfree or a charging cable can be connected to the mobile when it is in the holder. Accommodates all battery sizes. Attach onto a ProClip Mounting Platform.

Brand: Brodit
Part Number: 841898
EAN: 5055257377950, 7320288418988
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mikal 1:58am on Sunday, October 24th, 2010 
this thing is basically flawless, except for 3 things. 1) the cam is pretty average, about the same as nokia 2) small sized. The phones clarity is far superior to that of the T68 and T39. Fr is still where I would like it, but I am going to attribute that to the carriers.
sellige 4:01pm on Thursday, October 7th, 2010 
Sony Ericsson Z750A will be shooting mode is set to "macro", the aircraft still have autofocus function. New to all this because Sony Ericsson GSM out with the candybar form with or without the fold. In addition. I bought this phone as one of my collections a year ago. I like this flip phones so this is a plus for me.
outis 6:57am on Tuesday, August 31st, 2010 
1 click to open a new text message. 1 button access to silent mode and bluetooth is great.
Trystero 6:03am on Friday, August 27th, 2010 
That it is more of Sony Ericsson and the properties of the 60 series in the last two years I have, but others enough to know what is available.
claridgp 10:07am on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 
I bought 2 z600 phones a year ago. My wife and I loved them. This phone looks nice, it has the interchangeable pfront and back panels. It looks sleek.
rf131 6:00pm on Monday, April 19th, 2010 
With ringtones as clear as Sony Ericsson. The Sony Z600 was the phone I had previously before upgrading to the far superior Sony S700i, however, saying that.
Selanit 6:31pm on Sunday, April 18th, 2010 
this thing is basically flawless, except for 3 things. 1) the cam is pretty average, about the same as nokia 2) small sized.
melanie 7:42am on Monday, April 5th, 2010 
I bought this phone 10/04 on the recommendation that Sony Ericsson products are reliable - my #1...

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Mobile Phone

This is the Internet version of the user's guide. Print only for private use.

Sony Ericsson

GSM 900/1800/1900 This manual is published by Sony Ericsson AB, without any warranty. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB reserves the right to make changes or improvements to any of the products described in this guide without prior notice. Such changes will, however, be incorporated into new editions of this manual. All rights reserved. Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, 2003 Publication number: 3-255-627-12(1)
Please read the guidelines for safe and efficient use (% 116 Safe and Efficient Use) and the Limited warranty (% 120 Limited Warranty) chapters before you use your mobile phone. T9 text input is a registered trademark of Tegic Communications Inc. and the T9 text input software is provided under license of Tegic Communications Inc. Bluetooth is a trademark owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Java and all Java-based marks and logos, including the coffee cup logo, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

Please note:

Some of the services in this manual are not supported by all networks. This also applies to the GSM International Emergency Numbers (for example, 112).
Power consumption of charger during stand-by: below 0.3W Halogenated flame retardant is not used in the cabinets. Halogenated flame retardant is not used in the printed wiring boards in main portions.

My Z600 information

Phone information for your reference.

My mobile phone number:

For easy reference, please record the identification numbers of your mobile phone and SIM card. This information will assist you in customer inquiries to your retailer, manufacturer or network operator/service provider. In case of loss or theft of your phone and/or SIM card, call your network operator/ service provider immediately to prevent misuse.
Operator customer service number:
My SIM card number: (Printed on your SIM Card)
My phones ID number (IMEI): (Printed on the label underneath the battery)

About this manual

Composition of this manual, Icon explanation.

Explanation of the icons

(Instruction purpose only.)

Icons Explanations

Composition of this manual
This manual is composed of the following sections: Your Z600: your phone information. Getting started: start using your Z600. Basic operation: basic features of your Z600. Menu operation: how to use menu options. Appendix: additional information. Note that the screen and icon in this manual may vary slightly in font and/or colour from the actual screen.
Important Notes Contact your network operator/ service provider for details } % xx Use the Soft/Navigation key to select See also page xx Press the centre of the Navigation key Press the Navigation key down


My Z600 information. 4

Getting started

About this manual. 5

SIM card and Battery. 16

SIM card and Battery information.

Using your Z600. 19

Start using your phone.

Your Z600

Included in your kit. 9

Basic operation

Whats in your kit.
Covers and the Hand Strap. 10
Making Calls (Saving contacts). 21
Use Phonebook, Voice dialling, Speed dialling.

Receiving calls. 25

Attaching covers and the Hand Strap.

Quick reference. 11

Receiving/Answering/Ending calls.

During a call. 27

An overview of the phone and its functions.

Basic features. 12

Call options.

Voice control. 31

Key functions, External display, Menu overview.

Using voice commands.

Text entry. 32

Connectivity. 73

Standard and T9 text entry.
WAP, Bluetooth, Synchronization, etc.

Operator direct link. 91

Menu operations

Phonebook. 35

Accessing Operator defined direct links.

Internet services. 91

Phonebook menu, Voice commands.

Messaging. 43

Navigation Key

Press centre Open Main menu from standby mode. Select an option. Press right Open Main menu from standby mode. Scroll through the menus, list and texts. Access SMS (Write new) from standby mode. Scroll through the menus, list and texts. Access Internet services from standby mode. Scroll through the menus, list and texts.

External Display

Your Z600 has an external display for viewing information (for example, date, battery status, message indication) without opening the phone. This display is deactivated when the phone is opened.
External display key functions

Key Mode Explanation

Press left


Activate backlight. 2nd press toggles between status items. Activate backlight. 2nd press dismisses screen or returns to standby mode. Activate backlight. Go to standby/event screen.

Press up

Press down Access Phonebook from standby mode. Scroll through the menus, list and texts.

Incoming call

Mute ringer. 2 x press in rapid succession rejects the call. Activate backlight.

Info/Help text

More information, explanation or tips about some menus or functions are available in your phone. Select the menu or function and press Info.

Press and hold

Standby Event Sleep
If you press More, a list of options is displayed. The option list differs depending on which menu you are in. Pressing More in standby mode offers you the following options: Turn on silent, Turn on Bluetooth, Turn on infrared, Post note, Phone status.

More option

Menu overview
to access the Main menu from standby mode and move the Navigation key to scroll through the menu options. Some menus are operator, network dependent.

1 Operator direct link

2 Internet services

4 Camera

7 Pictures & sounds My pictures More pictures My sounds More sounds Themes More themes Picture editor Music DJ Record sound 10 Connectivity Online services Bluetooth Infrared port WAP options Synchronization GSM Networks Data comm. Accessories
5 Messaging Text Picture Call voice mail E-mail Chat WAP push Area info Options 8 Phonebook Call contact Find and send* Add contact Manage contact Pictures Personal rings Voice commands Special numbers Advanced Options 11 Organizer Calendar Notes Alarms Timer Stopwatch Calculator Code memo

The capacity for storing incoming and outgoing messages depends on your SIM card and the phone memory. The message memory is full when is displayed. Delete old messages in order to free memory space for new messages. While reading the message you can, for example, start a chat session with the sender or go to a WAP address displayed. Select Delete all in step 3 % 43 Receive message to clear all messages. You can receive a maximum of 20 messages. You may have to delete old messages before you can receive new ones.

Send text message

Create and send text messages (SMS).
To Create and send text message
If you are interrupted (for example, incoming call) while creating a message, select Unsent items to retrieve the message and complete it continuing from step 3 % 45 Send text message. Selecting Recipients offers the option to add another name/number to the group list. Select View status from More menu to check the status of sent messages % 47 Status request. As a shortcut, in standby mode to start writing a text message.
Create your message. } Continue
} On to request reply or } Off not to request reply (if the Request reply option is set to Set on send).
Enter the number or select the number/ group from the Phonebook by selecting Look up. Press Send.

Text message templates

you can create and save messages that you send often as templates. There are 5 pre-defined templates in your phone (editable).

To create a template

Text message options
Message options allows you to customise outgoing messages including the format, confirmation report etc. When Set on send is activated, you need to select the settings each time you send a message. Some of these options may be network operator dependent.

} New template

Messaging } Text } Templates
Write a message and } Ok. The message, Use template to create message now?, appears } Yes to send the message now or } No to save the template.

Service centres

Register your service centre number before you send short messages.

E-mail gateways

Enter an E-mail gateway phone number to send a text message to an E-mail address via your network operator.

SMS type

Specify how your message is transmitted: Text, E-mail, Fax, Voice (if available), Pager, ERMES, Set on send. The default setting is Text.

Validity period

Specify how long messages are stored in the service centre by selecting: 1 hour, 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week, Maximum, Set on send. The default validity period is Maximum (network dependent).

Picture Message (MMS)

} Messaging } Picture

Request reply

Include a reply request if you wish the recipient to reply.
Picture message can contain text, pictures and sound, and are sent via MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). You can also send contacts (Phonebook entries), calendar entries, sound recordings and notes as attachments. To avail of MMS service you must first set your Server Centre number and create a WAP profile % 49 Message server and % 79 WAP options.

Reading E-mail

} Messaging } E-mail } Send and receive to download E-mails to the phone.
Messaging } E-mail } Inbox
to highlight the E-mail that you wish to read and press Select to read it. Pressing More when reading, you have the following options: Reply all, Mark for deletion, Mark as unread and Copy to archive.
When the E-mail address or phone number is highlighted, select Save to save it.
To Create and send E-mail
Messaging } E-mail } Write new
} More and select one of entries for the following options:
Select one of entries for the following options and press Edit: } To: to enter name and E-mail address (to retrieve an Email address from Phonebook entries or received E-mails in your inbox, press Add followed by Look up and select Phonebook or Archive). } Cc: to send a copy of the E-mail to another recipient. } Priority: to set the E-mail priority. } Subject: to write a title. } Text: to write your message. } Attachments: to add pictures.
} Send now to send the E-mail } Send with attach. to attach a picture from My pictures (% 69 My pictures) or from a digital camera connected via IR (% 66 Camera) before sending. Select Send to send the E-mail. } Save to outbox to save the E-mail in the Outbox. } Save to draft to save the E-mail in the Drafts folder. 4
Send and receive to send all E-mails saved in the Outbox (% 51 Send and receive Email).
To delete an E-mail (POP3 users)


You can archive an E-mail in order to read it later. You can archive only as much text as the display shows.

To archive an E-mail

Select an E-mail and press More.

} Mark for deletion.

The message is deleted the next time you connect to your E-mail server by selecting Send and receive. }
Open the E-mail. Make sure that the text you wish to archive is visible in the display. Place the cursor in the text and press More.

} Copy to archive

To delete an E-mail (IMAP 4 users)
} Mark for deletion. The message is marked
The text can be found in Archive in the menu.
for deletion on the server.

} Empty inbox

The message is deleted the next time you connect to your E-mail server by selecting Send and receive.

E-mail Options

Select this option to set up an E-mail account.

Set account

Set an account to be used for E-mail. If you have several E-mail accounts, you can set one of them as default. If no account is available, you are prompted to set a new account (% 54 Editing account). Make sure you have created a data account before setting up an E-mail profile % 88 Data accounts.

Default priority

} Calls } Default priority

Call timers

Check the length of your last call, total calls (incoming and outgoing) and outgoing calls. Select Reset timers and Total time/Outgoing time to reset the total/outgoing call time. Turn Minute minder on to hear the beep every minute during calls.
You can request a certain priority when you make a call, if your subscription supports the call priority service. The priority levels are defined by your network operator/service provider and are normally within the rage of 0-4, where 0 is the highest priority. Select this option to receive available priority levels and then select a priority level.

Call costs

Check the cost of your last call, total calls, remaining credit and limited credit.
Setting credit and tariff
} Calls } Time and cost } Call costs } Set credit

Time and cost

} Calls } Time and cost
Track or control how long you are on the phone and the cost of calls/data transmission made. Call/GPRS costs can be used as a security measure, for example, when you lend your phone to someone, you must use your PIN2 as a security code when you set or change the call cost options.
to set a unit figure at which your phone will not allow any more calls to be made. When the amount reaches 0, no more calls can be made. Enter your PIN2 at the prompt and set the charge limit % 111 PIN2.
} Calls } Time and cost } Call costs } Set tariff
to set the currency and price per unit which will be used to calculate the call cost. Enter your PIN2 at the prompt % 111 PIN2.
Enter a currency and the price per unit (to enter a decimal point, press ).
In order to be able to make phone calls again, reset the Credit counter or set the credit to Unlimited.

Using My cards

Calls } Time and cost } Calling cards } My cards }
Enter your phone lock code and press Ok.
} New card to enter the card settings and

Editing and saving a picture

} More.

Pictures & sounds } My pictures
Scroll to the picture you wish and press
} Edit to edit a picture. % 70 Picture editor.
Scroll to the picture you wish to send and press More.
} Send and select the transfer method from the following options: As picture msg, As email, Via Bluetooth or Via infrared.

Picture editor

} Pictures & sounds } Picture editor
You can create your own picture.

Drawing picture

You are not allowed to exchange copyright protected material.
Pictures & sounds } Picture editor
Receiving and saving a picture
Select a type. Select Tool and the tool you wish to work with. When editing or drawing a picture use the keypad for the following functions:

Press Function

} Connectivity } Bluetooth/Infrared port } Turn on or } More } Turn on Bluetooth/Turn on infrared in

standby mode. 2

} Save when you receive the picture. The picture will be saved in My pictures.
move the cursor up and left. move the cursor up. move the cursor up and right.
When you receive a picture in a message, to highlight the picture and press Save to save it.

More pictures

move the cursor left. activate the current drawing tool. move the cursor right.
Pictures & sounds } More pictures Select this option to download a picture % 85 Downloading items. 70


} Pictures & sounds } Themes
move the cursor down and left. move the cursor down. move the cursor down and right.
save, preview, open a picture or start a new picture. press and hold to exit the picture editor. undo the last action. select tool. select a colour.
Change the appearance of the display. Your phone comes with pre-set themes. You cannot delete some of these, but you can download new themes. Pressing More offers you the following options: Send, Delete, Rename, view Theme info and Memory status.

More themes

} Pictures & sounds } More themes
Select this option to download a theme % 85 Downloading items. For more information, visit or
Sending a theme Follow steps 1-3 in % 69 Sending a picture and select Themes in step 1. Receiving and saving a theme % 70 Receiving and saving a picture. The theme will be saved in Themes.

My sounds

} Pictures & sounds } My sounds Select My sounds to access ring signals. You can

More sounds

} Pictures & sounds } More sounds
play, send, rename these sounds.

To listen to a sound

Select this option to download sounds such as ring signals % 85 Downloading items.
Pictures & sounds } My sounds

Music DJ

} Pictures & sounds } Music DJ
Highlight a sound you wish to hear and press Play.
} Pictures & sounds } My sounds

Compose your own melody.

Composing melody

Sending a sound

Pictures & sounds } Music DJ
Highlight a sound you wish to send. } More } Send Select a transfer method.
Choose to insert a selection of pre-recorded music blocks. You can select from 4 different selections. Copy and paste these blocks to build up your melody.
} More to play the melody and view other options.
Receiving sounds % 70 Receiving and saving a picture. The sound will be saved in My sounds. Deleting or Renaming a sound Follow steps 1-3 in % 72 Sending a sound and select Delete or Rename in step 3.
Select Save melody in step 4 to save your own melody in My sounds.


Record sound
} Pictures & sounds } Record sound
Record and play your own memos or ongoing calls % 95 Voice control.

Recording a sound

Online services
Connectivity } Online services
Pictures & sounds } Record sound
When the recording starts, the message
Recording and the time of the current
recording appear in the display.
} Stop to end recording. The recording will
automatically stop if you receive an incoming call or when the call ends. (The recorded sound is saved in My sounds.)
You are responsible for the confidentiality of the recording. You must seek the permission of the person you are calling before recording.
Online services are customised services offered by network operators (network dependent), independently of mobile phones and mobile manufacturers. A SIM card which supports Online services works in the same way as a normal SIM card. When you have inserted your SIM card and turned on your phone, your network operator can download data to your SIM card. When you restart your phone after the first data download, a new submenu appears under the menu. Select this option to enter your new menu system.

SAT (SIM Application Toolkit)
When access to network-specific functions (SAT) is available, the SAT menu is displayed in Menu overview. This feature is dependent on your network operator and may not be supported by some networks.
To synchronise with your PC, and to browse the Internet, you also need to install software on your PC from the Sony Ericsson web site, You can exchange items or play games without having to add the other device to the list of My devices.


} Connectivity } Bluetooth

Turn on

Select this option to turn on/off the Bluetooth. You can also turn on/off the Bluetooth by pressing More in standby mode and selecting Turn on Bluetooth/Turn off Bluetooth.
Your Z600 has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology which supports the following applications: Dial-Up PC Applications Item Exchange % 75 Item Exchange Bluetooth Handsfree % 26 Bluetooth headset
Please check for any exceptions, due to national requirements or limitations, in usage of Bluetooth equipment before using this product.

My Devices

To communicate with another Bluetooth device, you first need to add the device to the list of my devices.
Adding a device to your phone (My device)
Connectivity } Bluetooth } My devices
Connectivity } Bluetooth } My devices and select a device from the list followed by More to view a list of options. }
} New device to search for all types of
available devices or } More to select a specific type of device to search for. Wait for a connection from remote devices. 3 A Searching message is displayed. (If no connection request comes within 3 minutes, your phone will return to My devices option.) A name of available devices such as PC, PDA, Mobile Phone, Headset or Other is displayed. Enter a passkey (up to 16 digits) for the device, both in phone and, for example, in the PC. (If a passkey does not come with the Bluetooth device when you buy it, you need to create one yourself.)


} Allow cookies to accept Cookies function. } Clear cookies to delete Cookies function that offers privacy and protects against site bugs. It is recommended to clear any sensitive information about previously visited WAP services. This is to avoid a security risk if your phone is misplaced, lost or stolen.
} Internet services or press the. When the WAP page is loaded into the phone, press More and select from the following:
Select a name to open your homepage (for example, SonyEricsson). Select Bookmarks to go to one of your bookmarks. Select Enter address to enter the address of a WAP or select one of the 10 most recently entered addresses. 4
} More } Exit WAP to exit WAP menu.


Turn this option on/off to save/not save passwords. To save or delete passwords, select Remember pwds or Clear passwords.

Clear cache

Delete cache from your phone.

Using WAP

When you enter a WAP address, the normal http:// prefix is not needed.


You can save up to 25 bookmarks (alphabetical order). Do not save passwords for sensitive sites, such as online banking. If a password is saved, the risk of unauthorised use of your phone and sites is greater.
Connectivity } WAP options } WAP profiles }
Select a profile you wish to use. The phone will automatically return to WAP options menu.
Select New bookmark and enter the title and address using the keypad. Press Ok to save your entry.

Using a bookmark

} More while browsing, for the following options:

While Browsing

} Name:
Internet services } More } Bookmarks

Highlight a bookmark.

} More and select one of the following options:
} Go to: Go to the marked WAP address. } Edit: Edit the title and/or address. } Delete: Delete the bookmark. } Send as text msg: Send a link to the WAP address in a text message. } Send: Send a link to the current WAP address via Bluetooth or infrared. } Set as homepage: Set the WAP address as the home page.
Go to the home page for the current profile /Access the URL site of the current default setting. } Bookmarks: Add the site to your bookmarks, or see the list of bookmarks for the current profile. } Enter address: Enter the WAP address using keypad. } Save picture: Save a picture from the site.

} Send as text msg:

} Send link:

} Reload: 84

Send a text message with a link to the current WAP page to another phone. Send a link to another phone via Bluetooth or infrared. Refresh the contents of the WAP page.
Connectivity } Exit WAP: } Status:
Disconnect and return to standby. Display current status information such as profile, access type, connection time, data rate, security, address. Set the current site as the home page of WAP profile you are using.

New search

Search for available networks.

Select network

Select a network from a list of available networks.

Search mode

Set the search mode to Automatic or Manual.

Preferred networks

Edit the automatic network selection priority list. This feature is helpful, for example, to priorities roaming partners. Select from the following options: } New network to add a network operator to the list.
} Change priority after selecting a network from the list to adjust the network priority. } Full name to display full name of the network operator } Delete to delete a network from the list.
Creating a new data account

} Data accounts

Connectivity } Data comm.
} New account } Add } GPRS data or } GSM data
Enter a name. Enter APN:/Phone no:, User id: and Password (for detail information % 88 Editing a data account).
} Save to save the new account. } Connectivity } Data comm.

Data comm.

} Connectivity } Data comm.
In order to access to an Internet server at your service provider, you first need to set up the data account.

Data accounts

You can have several data accounts saved in your phone with different settings for different purposes. The main setting for a data account (GSM/GPRS) is the connection method. You can create a new data account or edit an existing data account. Please contact your network operator for charging details.

Editing a data account

} Edit
Select a data account. Enter the following option:
} Phone number: The phone number of

(GSM only)

your Internet service provider.
Connectivity } APN: } Allow calls: (GPRS only) } IP address:

(GPRS only)

The address of the external data network you wish to connect to, either an IP address or a text string. Your user ID to log on to the external data network. Your password to long on to the external data network. If you wish to be asked for a password each time you log on to the external data network. The speed for the connection. Analog or ISDN connection.


} Settings } Language
Select the appropriate language for Menus and Input (% 32 Input languages).

Time and date

} Settings } Time and date
The time is always displayed in standby mode.
Setting the Time and date

Settings } Time and date

When your phone changes network, and the time sent out from the operator deviates from the time in your phone, you are asked whether you wish to update the time if you have turned on Auto time zone. If you press Yes, the time is updated automatically.
Select one of the following options: } Set time: Set a time. } Time format: Select a time format from 24 hours and am/pm. } Set date: Set a date. } Date format: Select a date format from different formats.
} Settings } Voice control
This option offers you to control some functions using your voice.
Turn the Voice dialling option on/off and edit Voice tags % 23 Voice dialling.
} Advanced and select one of the following
options to set the time zone and daylight saving functions: Time zone, Daylight-saving and Auto time zone.

Voice redial

Turn the Voice redial option on/off % 24 Voice redialling.

Voice answer

Turn the Voice answer option on/off % 26 Voice answering.

Caller name

Select whether you wish to hear the recorded contact name when you receive an incoming call from the contact. Select On/Off to turn this option on/off.
Changing a profile with voice commands
In standby mode, press and hold a volume key. Lift the phone to your ear, wait for the tone and say profile command for the required profile. The profile command is played back to you and the current profile is changed.
Settings } Voice control } Voice profiles } Edit commands }

Voice profiles

This option offers you to change your profiles with your voice and/or keep all your voice commands up to date by re-recording them or deleting the ones you do not use. Select this option to edit your voice commands.
To turn on and record profile commands
Editing your voice commands
Select a voice command you wish to edit.
} Play voice to listen to a recorded voice
Settings } Voice control } Voice profiles

command or

} Replace voice.
Instructions appear. Press Ok. Select a profile. Lift the phone to your ear, wait for the tone and say the profile name. Repeat steps 3-4 to record voice commands for the other profiles.
Lift the phone to your ear, wait for the tone and say the command. You can also edit the voice command for a contact name in Edit contact in the Phonebook.

Sound recorder

Turn the Sound recorder option on/off % 32 Sound recordings.

} Settings } Locks

Magic word

SIM lock

Select this option to turn the SIM lock on/off and/or change your PIN and PIN 2. For more details on SIM card lock % 111 SIM card lock.

Turn the Magic word option on/off % 31 The magic word.

Erase all

Delete all voice commands.

Phone lock

The phone lock protects the phone against unauthorised use if it is stolen and the SIM card is exchanged. It is not on when you buy the phone. You can change the phone lock code (default 0000) to any 4-8 digit personal code. Select Protection and On/Automatic/Off to turn the phone lock on/off (the default is Off) or Change code to change the code.
If you set to automatic, you do not need to enter your phone lock code until a different SIM card is inserted. Please contact your local Sony Ericsson retailer if you should forget your new code.

} Settings } Handsfree

Master reset
} Settings } Master reset
Set your handsfree mode and type. Select the answering mode from Normal, Any key or Auto.

Answering mode

Handsfree type
Select the handsfree type from Basic or Automatic.
Reset all of your phones settings back to the factory settings except Phonebook, Scheduler and Network/SIM card based settings (select Reset all if you wish to delete all contacts, messages and other personal data saved in your phone). This will automatically restart your phone (you will need the phone lock code % 97 Phone lock).


Appointments and tasks
You can save up to 300 appointments and 80 tasks in your calendar, depending on the size of each item. You can choose to add a new appointment/task, or to use an old appointment/ task as a template by copying and editing it.
Entering a new appointment


Organizer } Calendar
Display the calendar, save your daily schedule and set alarms for important tasks. The monthly calendar appears as follows: The calendar can also be synchronised with a PC calendar or, using WAP, with a calendar on Web % 86 Synchronization. 7: Days on which you have appointments are marked in bold.
} Organizer } Calendar } Add appointment and enter the appropriate information in one of the following options: Subject:, Location:, Icon, Start date, Start time, Duration and Reminder. Confirm each entry by pressing Ok, Select or

Entering a new task

Organizer } Calendar } Tasks } New task

} Task

or } Phone call Enter the task or phone number and press

Ok. 99


Mobile phones operate using radio signals, which cannot guarantee connection under all conditions. Therefore you should never rely solely upon any mobile phone for essential communications (e.g. medical emergencies). Emergency calls may not be possible on all cellular networks or when certain network services and/or mobile phone features are in use. Check with your local service provider.
Do not expose the battery to extreme temperatures, never above +60 C (+140 F). For maximum battery capacity, use the battery in room temperature. Turn off your mobile phone before removing the battery. Keep out of childrens reach. Use the battery for the intended purpose only. Do not allow the battery to be put into the mouth. Battery electrolytes may be toxic if swallowed. Should your Product need warranty service, please return it to the dealer from whom it was purchased, or contact your local Sony Ericsson Customer Care Centre (national rates may apply) or visit to get further information.


Subject to the conditions of this Limited Warranty, Sony Ericsson warrants this Product to be free from defects in design, material and workmanship at the time of its original purchase by a consumer, and for a subsequent period of one (1) year.


If, during the warranty period, this Product fails to operate under normal use and service, due to defects in design, materials or workmanship, Sony Ericsson authorised distributors or service partners, in the country/region % 122 EUROPEAN UNION (EU) where you purchased the Product, will, at their option, either repair or replace the Product in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated herein. Sony Ericsson and its service partners reserve the right to charge a handling fee if a returned Product is found not to be under warranty according to the conditions below.


Please check local regulations for disposal of batteries or call your local Sony Ericsson Customer Care Centre for information. The battery should never be placed in municipal waste. Use a battery disposal facility if available.


Environmental Declaration

Mobile phone Z600/608

Sony Ericsson considers sustainable development as one of the most important challenges for the future. Therefore, Sony Ericsson wants to provide environmental information to our customers. The Sony Ericsson Environmental Declarations give information on the most relevant environmental aspects of mobile phones. The requirements in the declaration are based on the standard TR/70 issued by the European Association for Standardization Information and Communication Systems (ECMA), legal requirements and market requirements. More information on Sony Ericsson and the Environment can be found on the Internet site
Mobile Phone Z600/608 Size 90 x 48 x 27 mm Weight 110 grams
Environmental Declaration for Mobile Phone Z600/608
Requirement Fulfilled Yes No
Environmental Policy and Management System
1.1 The company has a documented environmental policy approved by the management. 1.2 The company has environmental management systems according to: ISO 14001 EMAS and/or internal system. 1.3 The company regularly publishes an environmental report. 1.4 The company has environmental requirements on suppliers and subcontractors. 2 Environmentally Conscious Design2
2.1 CFCs, HCFCs, Asbestos, PCB and PCT are not present in the product. 2.2 Mercury and Cadmium are not present in the product. 2.3 Beryllium oxide is not present in the product. 2.4 Lead is not present in plastic parts. 2.5 Nickel, Nickel alloys and Chromium (VI) that can be in direct and prolonged skin contact with consumers are not present in the product. 2.6 The brominated flame retardants PBB (polybrominated biphenyls) and PBDE (polybrominated diphenylethers) are not present in the product. 2.7 Halogenated flame retardants are not present in printed wiring board in housing. 2.8 Chloroparaffins with chain length 10-13 C atoms, chlorinated greater than 50%, are not present in the product. 2.9 Azo compounds that can decompose to the carcinogenic amino compounds listed in EU directive 2002/61/EC are not present in the product.
With supplied battery. Refers to substance levels, which do not exceed natural background levels
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, SE-Lund, September 2003. EN/LZT 108 4088/36 R1A

Batteries Battery type

3.1 The product contains the battery type: NiMH Lithium Ion Lithium Polymer. 3.2 Batteries defined as hazardous in the EU Directive 91/157/EEC (containing lead, cadmium and mercury at specified rates) are not used in the product. 4 Energy Consumption
4.1 Power consumption of battery charger: Without load/standby < 0,3 W While charging 3,8 W Charging time (full charge) 3h 4.2 Instruction for best energy efficiency is given in the user manual. 5 Electrical Safety, EMC and RF Exposure
5.1 The product meets applicable electrical safety standards. 5.2 The product meets applicable EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) standards. 5.3 The product meets applicable RF (Radio Frequency) exposure standards. 6 Packaging and Documentation3
6.1 The product packaging material does not contain the heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium (VI)) according to the EU directive 94/62/EC. 6.2 The product packaging material does not contain CFC or HCFC. 6.3 Plastic packaging material is marked according to ISO 11469. 6.4 Sony Ericsson participates in public packaging recovery systems where possible. Customers are advised to contact the local Sony Ericsson representatives for further information. 6.5 User manual and product information are printed on non-chlorine bleached paper.
Contact the nearest Sony Ericsson representative
Refers to substance levels, which do not exceed natural background levels
Product Recycling Contact the nearest Sony Ericsson representative
7.1 Plastic parts heavier than 10 g or larger than 0,5 dm2 are marked according to ISO 11469. 7.2 Sony Ericsson offers take-back and recycling services for products in many locations around the world or participates in public recovery systems where possible. Customers are advised to contact the local Sony Ericsson representatives for further information.



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