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Sherwood R-904N Quick Start Guide

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Sherwood R-904NSherwood 5-904N NETBOXX 7.1-Channel 100-Watt Dual Zone Network Av...
Black-dual Zone -5904nnetboxx- - r904n swdr904nb 5904nnetboxx swdr-904nb r-904n-piano-black R-904N Piano Black r904npianoblack - Sherwood - A/V Receiver - The result of that awakening is NetBoxx. - Audio:A/V Receivers & Amplifiers

Brand: Sherwood
Part Numbers: 5-904N NETBOXX, 5904N NETBOXX, 5904NNETBOXX
UPC: 000932798384, 0093279838412, 093279838412
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Sherwood R 904N NetBoxx Internet A/V Receiver


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R-904N_quick guide_090915:R904N(A)-quick guide 2009-10-14

3:44 1

Quick Start Guide R-904N (NetBoxx )
Please be certain that this unit is unplugged from the AC Outlet before making any connections. Be sure to observe the color coding when connecting audio, video and speaker wires. For information about additions to the R-904N , please see Navigate to NetBoxx. 1. ANTENNA To receive FM broadcasts, please connect the supplied antenna. 2. CONNECTING SPEAKERS Be sure to connect speaker wires firmly and correctly according to channel and polarity (+\-) For safe amplifier operation, please use speakers with impedance of 6 or above. To emphasize deep bass sounds, connect a powered subwoofer. 3. CONNECTING VIDEO COMPONENTS There are two sets of video jacks for analog video connections (Component and Composite) and HDMI connectors for digital video (plus audio) connections. For your reference, the video picture quality is as follows: HDMI > COMPONENT> COMPOSITE Streaming and Internet Video are only supported from the HDMI and Composite Video output jacks. 4. AUDIO SETUP To use the Auto Setup function, connect the supplied microphone to the front-panel SETUP MIC jack. Select the Video 1 Input and press the SETUP button on the remote control. Press the DOWN button on the remote until SET RMEQ appears on the display. Press the ENTER button. After a short wait, the receiver will send increasingly loud test tones to each speaker in turn. If all the speakers are located, the EQ process will proceed after a short wait. If the key speakers (Main Left and Right) are not located, the unit will display ERR FCH and ask if you want to try again. Please turn off any noise making devices in the room including AC, Fans, etc. and press ENTER to retry. When the RM EQ process is complete, you will see PLS WAIT on the display, then SET RMEQ will appear again. This signifies that the AUTO SETUP is complete. To complete the audio setup, press the SOUND PARAMETER button on the remote control. Press the DOWN button until EQ appears on the display. Press the RIGHT button to turn the EQ on. Press the DOWN button until D.VOL appears on the display. Press the RIGHT button to turn D.VOL on. Press the ENTER button, LVL will appear on the screen, press the RIGHT button to turn on. Set other Dolby Volume parameters as desired using CURSOR buttons. Dolby Volume is now engaged and all program material, TV, commercials, Internet audio, etc., will be played back at the same volume level. VuNow (AV STREAMING FUNCTION) NetBoxx supports both wired and wireless Internet connectivity. If you have a wired connection available, insert the internet cable into the rear-panel RJ-45 jack. For wireless, insert the supplied USB/WIFI adapter into the rear panel USB input. Make sure your TV is turned on and that the correct input (Composite or HDMI) has been selected. 1. Press the VuNow button on the remote control. VuNow will begin booting. If you are using the Composite Video connection, it will take about 90 seconds to boot. If you are using the HDMI connection, after the unit boots in the Composite Video mode, the boot process will pause for about 30 seconds and then re-boot into the digital video mode. This may take up to 3 minutes more. Note: The sound on the boot video may be quite loud. Turn the volume control down. 2. When the boot process is complete, the VuNow menu will appear on the screen. 3. Using the UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT and ENTER buttons on the remote, navigate to SETTINGS. 4. Select NETWORK 5. To choose your configuration, select the NETWORK WIZARD. 6. Choose your network type: WIRED or WIRELESS 7. If you select WIRELESS, choose your wireless network from the list of available networks. Select your WEP input and press OK. If you select WIRED, go to Step 9. 8. Enter the WEP key (if necessary) for your Wireless network using the Soft Keypad and press OK. 9. VuNow will automatically detect your home network, internet settings and VuNow Server settings and conduct a download speed test of the connection. When configuration is complete, you will get a confirmation that the connection is established. 10. Select DONE. 11. Select the CH UP or CH DOWN button on the remote at any time to adjust the size of the video image. 12. Some content like CinemaNow, PlayOn for Hulu, Netflix, etc. requires advance registration via PC and may have a fee. 13. For questions about the AV Streaming function, VuNow may be reached at: (888) 2643985.

Sherwood America Incorporated 13101 Moore Street, Cerritos, CA 90703 Tel: (800) 962-3203 Fax: (562) 741-0967 Due to ongoing product improvements, Sherwood reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notification. All trademarks and registered trademarks are of their respective owners.




The subwoofer reproduces powerful deep bass sounds. Place a subwoofer anywhere in the front as desired. Notes : When using a conventional TV, to avoid interference with the TV picture, use only magnetically shielded front left and right and center speakers. To obtain the best surround effects, the speakers except the subwoofer should be full range speakers.
ROOM2 playback feature allows you to play a different program source in another room as well as one source in the main room at the same time. For ROOM2 playback, connect the ROOM2 speakers to the SURROUND BACK/ROOM2 terminals. Because this receiver cannot drive the surround back speakers and the ROOM2 speakers simultaneously, you should assign their power amplifier correctly depending on how to use them. (For details, refer to When selecting the AMP ASSIGN on page 48.)
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 10
Connect this jack to the DIGILINK-i jack of Sherwood iPod dock that allows you to control the iPod with the unit's remote control.


When you connect this receiver to a home network, you can enjoy viewing a variety of video contents and listening to internet radio audio that the built-in VuNow Pod delivers via broadband without the use of a personal computer (PC). There are two ways to connect to a home network as illustrated below : Wired Connection Connect the LAN connector of this receiver to your internet source.


Broadband router
Wireless Connection Connect the supplied VuNow USB Wireless adapter to the USB connector and install a broadband router supporting wireless LAN. The USB memory device can be also connected to the USB connector to play video or music files, etc. or to download the rented videos. (For details on connecting USB memory device, refer to USB CONNECTOR on page 12.)
Notes : Be sure to make either wired connection or wireless connection. (You dont need to do both.) After making a broadband internet connection, you should set the communication setting. (For details, refer to Network on page 42.) When using a broadband internet connection, a contract with an internet service provider is required. For more information, contact your nearest internet service provider. Refer to the operating instructions of the equipment because the connected equipment and connection method may differ depending on your internet environment. Use a LAN cable/router supporting 10 BASE-T/100 BASE-TX. A broadband speed of 768 kbps or more is recommended. Some LAN cables are easily affected by noise. We recommend using a shielded type cable.


Plug this cord into a wall AC outlet.
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 11

Front Panel Controls

1. POWER switch 2. POWER ON/STANDBY button/indicator 3. SPEAKER button 4. VIDEO INPUT SELECTOR button 5. AUDIO INPUT SELECTOR button 6. SURROUND MODE UP/DOWN( / ) buttons 7. STEREO button 8. VOLUME UP/DOWN (+/-) buttons 9. HEADPHONE jack
10. F. AUX jack For details, see next page. 11. SETUP MIC jack For details, see next page. 12. USB connector For details, see next page 13. DOLBY VOLUME indicator 14. REMOTE SENSOR 15. FLUORESCENT DISPLAY For details, see below.


1. Input, frequency, volume level, operating information, etc. 2. AUTO indicator 3. STEREO indicator 4. TUNED indicator 5. HEADPHONE indicator 6. SLEEP indicator 7. MEMORY indicator
8. PRESET indicator 9. Surround mode indicators 10. DIGITAL indicator 11. Preset number, sleep time display 12. HDMI indicator 13. DIRECT indicator 14. ROOM2 indicator
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 12


The FRONT AUX jack can be connected to additional audio components such as an MP3 player, etc.
Note : When connecting this jack to an MP3 player, etc., you should use the stereo mini cord, not a mono mini cord.


To use Room EQ setup function, connect the supplied microphone to the SETUP MIC jack. (For details, refer to SETTING THE ROOM EQ on page 49.) Notes: Because the microphone for Room EQ setup is designed for use with this receiver, do not use a microphone other than the one supplied with this receiver. After you have completed the Room EQ setup procedure, disconnect the microphone.


This connector can be connected to a USB memory device to play video or music files, etc. or to download the rented videos from VuNow service. (For details, refer to ENJOYING INTERNET VIDEOS on page 31.) The supplied VuNow USB wireless adapter can be also connected to the USB connector for broadband internet connection. (For details on connecting the supplied VuNow USB wireless adapter, refer to CONNECTING TO NETWORK on page 10.) Notes: Before connecting a USB memory device, open the cover. Do not use a USB extension cable when connecting a USB memory device to this connector. After playing files or downloading the rented videos, remove the USB memory device performing Eject USB Disk procedure on page 34.)

Note : The AVR button is unavailable for the audio components other than this receiver.
5. Repeat the above steps 1 to 4 for each of your


R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 17
Using a punch-through function
This remote control may be programmed to operate either the AUDIO volume punch-through or the TV volume and/or TV channel punch-through in conjunction with any of the 8 components controlled by this remote control. For example, since this receiver will likely be used as the sound system while watching TV, you may want to adjust this receivers volume although this remote control is set to control the TV. When programming this remote control for the AUDIO volume punch-through, press and hold down both AVR button and VOLUME + button for more than 1 second. Removing a punch-through function When removing the AUDIO volume punch-through, press and hold down both AVR button and VOLUME - button for more than 1 second.
If removing is performed successfully, the LED will flicker twice. When you want to remove either TV volume or TV channel punch-through, press and hold down both TV button and either VOLUME - or CH button for more than 1 second. If programming is performed successfully, the SET LED will flicker twice. When you want either TV volume or TV channel punch-through, press and hold down both TV button and either VOLUME + or CH button for more than 1 second. Note : If you use one of AUDIO and TV volume punchthrough functions, you cannot use the other. Removing all punch-through functions Press and hold down both AVR button and AUDIO ASSIGN button for more than 1 second.
If removing all punch-through functions is performed successfully, the LED will flicker twice.
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 18
Programming a macro function
The macro function enables you to program a series of button operations(up to 10) on this remote control into a single button. You can store up to three separate macro command sequences into M1, M2 and M3 buttons.

3. Press ENTER button.

1. Press and hold down both ENTER button and
one of three NUMERIC buttons (1 ~ 3) corresponding to M1~M3 buttons for more than 1 second. Example: When programming a series of button operations into M1 button. If the programming is performed successfully, the LED will flicker twice. To remove a macro program When removing a macro program, perform the above steps 1 and 3, but ignore the step 2. To change a macro program When a new macro program is stored into a MACRO button with performing the above steps 1 to 3, the previous macro program is cleared from the memory of the MACRO button.

Dolby Pro Logic II surround
If you are not using any surround back speakers, Dolby Pro Logic II surround will be used instead of Dolby Pro Logic IIx surround. It includes Dolby Pro Logic II Movie, Dolby Pro Logic II Music and Dolby Pro Logic II Game like Dolby Pro Logic IIx surround.

Dolby Pro Logic

This mode expands any 2-channel source(, including Dolby Surround source) for 4 channel (front left, center, front right and surround) playback. The surround channel is monaural, but is played through two surround speakers. Manufactured under license from Dolby Laboratories. Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 22
The following modes apply conventional 2-channel signals such as digital PCM or analog stereo signals to high performance Digital Signal Processor to recreate sound fields artificially. Select one of the 7 provided surround modes according to the program source you want to play. Movie This mode provides the effect of being in a movie theater when watching a action movies with dynamic soundtracks. Drama This mode is suitable for movies with lots of dialog. Game This mode is suitable for video games.
Stadium This mode provides the expansive sound field to achieve the true stadium effect when watching baseball or soccer games. Classic This mode provides the acoustic effects of a large concert hall for classical music. Hall This mode provides the ambience of a concert hall for rock or pop music. MULTI CH Stereo This mode is for enjoying stereo sound from all speakers.
For your reference, the sound from each channel can be reproduced according to the surround modes as follows:
(*): Depending on the subwoofer setting, the sound from the subwoofer channel may be reproduced. Depending on the speaker settings and the number of the encoded channels, etc., the sound from the corresponding channels cannot be reproduced.(For details, refer to "SETTING THE ROOM EQ" on page 50 and SETTING THE SPEAKER SETUP on page 50.)
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 23

R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 26
When selecting the D.VOL (Dolby Volume) Dolby Volume is an intelligent system that improves the perceived audio frequency response at lower listening levels and corrects for volume inconsistencies between sources (e.g. a jazz radio station and a DVD) and between programming (e. g. a TV show and advertisement breaks). OFF (Default value) : To turn off the Dolby Volume function. (The DOLBY VOLUME indicator goes off.) ON : To turn it on. (The DOLBY VOLUME indicator lights up.) If the Dolby Volume is set to ON, it will be automatically turns on the Volume Modeler that maintains the same perceived listening experience as the reference level experience. Note : If the Dolby Volume is changed to OFF, the volume level may be increased high. When the Dolby Volume is set to ON
. Press the ENTER button to enter the Dolby Volume setup. Press the CURSOR UP/DOWN buttons to select the desired parameter.
Each time these buttons are pressed, the parameter mode changes as follows : LVL AMOUNT
(Volume Leveler) (Volume Leveler Amount Control)
Then LVL (Volume Leveler) is displayed for several seconds.

(Half mode)

(Calibration Offset)

(Mid/Side mode)

. Press the CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT buttons to adjust the selected parameter as desired.
When selecting the LVL (Volume Leveler) The Volume Leveler maintains the perceived loudness of all content for example, from different channels or input sources. OFF : To turn off the Volume Leveler function. ON (default value) : To turn it on. Note : If Volume Leveler is turned off, no level matching between sources and program material is performed. This is not the same as turning Dolby Volume off as volume related frequency response processing is still active. When selecting the AMOUNT (Volume Leveler Amount Control) The Volume Leveler Amount adjusts the amount of leveling applied by the Volume Leveler. The control can be set in 11 steps from 0 to 10 (default value : 9) When selecting the HALF (Half mode) If the Half mode is set to ON, the Volume Modeler does not apply volume contour gains for playback levels higher than reference level; just the volume setting, as a flat spectrum gain, is applied. OFF (default value) : To turn off the Half mode. ON : To turn it on. When selecting the M/S (Mid/Side mode) The Mid/Side processing can improve stability of some stereo material. OFF (default value) : To turn off the Mid/Side mode. ON : To turn it on. When selecting the C/O (Calibration Offset) The Calibration Offset allows you to compensate for speaker efficiencies and listening position. The control can be set from -15 to +15 dB (default value : 0 dB) and this should normally produce a good result when you set the speaker levels on this receiver using a SPL (Sound Pressure Level) meter.


This is an original work by Verismo Networks and is protected by applicable copyright laws worldwide. Neither the whole nor any part of this work may be reproduced, stored, adapted or transmitted, published, modified in any form or by any means whatsoever, mechanical, electronic, photographic, graphic, optic recording or otherwise, translated into any language or computer language, without the prior written permission of Verismo Networks. Unless by way of a separate agreement, Verismo Networks makes no representations or warranties with respect to the contents hereof, including their accuracy and error-free nature, and shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the user by the direct or indirect use of this information. Furthermore, Verismo Networks reserves the right to use the subject matter of this notice in any manner whatsoever, with no obligation to notify the recipient of the subject matter of any changes made hereto. All products referenced herein are trademarks of the company and/or of those referenced. Portions of this product are the copyright of Verismo Networks, Inc. All intellectual property rights in such portions of the product and documentation are owned by Verismo and are protected by United States copyright laws, other applicable copyright laws and international treaty provisions. Verismo and its suppliers retain all rights not expressly granted. Copyright 2009-10 Verismo Networks
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 31
Remote Controls for VuNow Pod
Each function on the remote control for VuNow Pod is explained in the following table. Button Symbol Function name Functions Button Symbol Function name Functions Used to zoom in/zoom out in playback mode. In other pages used as PAGE UP/ PAGE DOWN buttons. Playback options(Navigate to previous/next video, fastforward, rewind, pause/play, zoom in/zoom out) for the currently playing media title. Returns to the previously displayed screen. To go to the home page, keep this button pressed for a few seconds. Select an option or a media title.

VuNow selector

Select VuNow as an input source.


Display menu options for the current screen.


Provide a context sensitive relevant search for a media title.
Stop the current activity.


Pause the video

Play the video

REWIND( )/ Rewind or fast FAST forward the video FORWARD( ) Returns to the home page


Jump to the previous or the next video


Navigate up, down, to the right or left on the screen.

enJoYInG InteRnet VIDeos

You can enjoy viewing internet video contents via either the HDMI(given prioity) or the (composite) VIDEO MONITOR OUT only, not the COMPONENT MONITOR OUTs.
1. Select the VuNow as an input source.
Then the VuNow Pod home page is displayed.
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 32
2. Press the CURSOR UP/DOWN buttons to select the desired feature, then press the ENTER button.
3. Press the CURSOR buttons to select the desired item, then press the ENTER button.
Then the selected item will be played back or performed. When the sub-menu of the selected item is displayed, repeat this step to select the desired item. To go back to the previous menu, press the RETURN button.
Features My Collection : This feature lists videos that you have recently accessed, bookmarked, downloaded, or rented through the VuNow Pod.
Items Browse USB Disk : The VuNow Pod enables media contents on your USB storage device to be watched on your wide screen TV. The USB storage device also acts as storage to download and store the rented videos from VuNow service and CinemaNow videos, etc. (See Browse USB Disk on page 35.) Rented Videos : The videos listed in Rented Videos are downloaded or streamed from movie channels upon completion of payment. Videos are automatically deleted from the list upon expiration. Home Network : This is a key feature of VuNow Pod that enables you to share and enjoy the digital media stored in your PC on your TV. The digital media includes music, video, and photos. (See Home Network on page 35.) My Channels : This option displays videos added to My Channels while using the Internet TV & Radio on the VuNow Pod. Listed videos provide details about the channel title, date, time of adding. (See My Channels on page 36.) Bookmarks : This option displays videos added to bookmarks while using various features of VuNow Pod. Listed videos provide details about the video title, date, time of adding as bookmark, and name of the channel from which VuNow Pod accessed the video. (See Bookmarks on page 36.) Recently Played : This option lists recently viewed videos and helps you to have instant access to the videos that you have already viewed but do not remember the details. (See Recently Played on page 37.)
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 33
Features YouTube : This is the most popular video sharing website on the internet. This enables you to upload, view, and share videos with other YouTube users.
Options Featured : This option lists the YouTube videos for the day. This includes a list of videos suggested by the YouTube staff. The listed video displays the title, duration of the video, number of views, rating on 5 counts and the source of the video. Search : This option enables you to search for a specific video on the YouTube website. You can use this option when you want to watch a YouTube video of your choice. It lists videos that match the string of characters entered in the search box. (See Search on page 37.) Login : This option enables you to access your existing YouTube user account. Before continuing to access your YouTube account using VuNow Pod, ensure that the account is created using a PC. VuNow Pod can remember up to 4 user names with the option to remember the password(s). Using Login you can access your customized options on the YouTube such as My Subscription, My Playlist, My Favorites, and My Uploads. (See Login on page 38.) Most Viewed : This option displays the list of the most viewed videos on the YouTube website. This list is based on the number of views for a video. Most Recent : This option lists the most recently uploaded videos to YouTube website. This enables you to view the latest entries available on YouTube. You will see a list of recently viewed videos providing details about the duration of the video, number of views for the video, and the name of the album. Top Favorites : This option lists the videos that have maximum number of favorite setting by the users. This enables you to view the top favorite video on the YouTube website. The videos are grouped under relevant categories. The listed video displays the title, duration of the video, number of views, rating on 5 counts and the source of the video. Top Rated : This option lists the videos that have received top rating by the users. The videos are available in various categories. This enables you to search a video among the YouTubes Top Rated. The listed video displays the title, duration of the video, number of views, rating on 5 counts and the source of the video. Channels : This option in YouTube enables you to access the popular content on YouTube website provided by VuNow service. The channels page enables you to navigate to the video listing page to access video content on YouTube. Settings : This option allows you to choose the specific country for YouTube region. From the list of countries, select the country, then the VuNow Pod will point to the corresponding YouTube site. The popular website feature enables you to enjoy the popular video sites available on the internet. Videos from various popular websites like PlayOn, CNN Video, ABC news, ESPN, and PGATour, etc. are available for viewing. ( For details on PlayOn, see About PlayOn on page 41.)

R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 35

Browse USB Disk

To view the contents of a USB storage device
To play the contents stored in your PC using media sharing of Windows Media Player.
Run Windows Media Player on your PC.


Then you will receive a message asking for direct access to these media contents for several seconds.
2. Select Library tap in the menu bar, and then

select Media Sharing.

3. In the Media Sharing dialog box, select the
Share my media check box.
2. Select YES with using the CURSOR and the

ENTER buttons.

Then the contents of the USB storage device is displayed. In such a case that the USB device is already connected, select My Collection feature from home page, then select Browse USB Disk option.
4. In the list of devices below the Share my media
check box, select the newly added VuNow Pod.
5. On this receiver, select My Collection from

home page.

3. Select the desired content and play it.
Then the selected content will be played. Note : To remove the USB device, perform Eject USB Disk on page 34.
6. Select Home Network in My Collection


Then the PC list appears.

7. 8. 9.

Select your PC.
Then the folders available in your PC are displayed.

Home Network

You can use any Digital Living Network Alliance(DLNA) compliant Media Server like Windows Media Player to serve the digital contents to the VuNow Pod. Features available under Home Network are as follows : Music - Enables you to listen to musics stored in your PC. You can run the tracks in the background while viewing slideshows. Video - Enables you to view videos stored in your PC on TV. Picture - Enables you to view photos stored in your PC as slideshow on TV. Note : The VuNow Pod display options will be dependent on the support provided by the PC Media Server. The features and description in this section are indicative. To play the digital contents, you have to enable the sharing option on the PC media server.

Logging out of YouTube

Select YouTube from home page. Select Change User in YouTube section. Select Logout

1. 2. 3. 4.

Select YouTube from home page. Select Login (or Change User) in YouTube section. Select the Remove Account option.
Then you will be logged out.
Then the Remove Account screen appears displaying the existing user name.

Select the user name.

Then the selected user account is removed from the VuNow Pod.
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 39

Video Search

Video Renting Options
While downloading the rented video, press the DISC MENU button. Then the options are displayed for several seconds.
Select Video Search from home page.

Options Description

Deletes the selected download. While downloading, pauses the selected downloaded. While downloading, pauses all the downloads in progress Delete this Download Pause this Download Pause All Downloads
Then the soft keypad appears.
2. Perform the steps 3 and 4 in Search procedure

on page 37.

Video Search Menu Options
During video search, press the DISC MENU button. Then Bookmark ~ option is displayed for several seconds.
Resume this Download* Resumes the selected paused download. Resume All Downloads* Resumes and queues all paused downloads.
*: These options will be available when you have paused

video(s) download.

About Video on Demand
The Video on Demand is one of the main features of VuNow Pod. It enables you to Rent or Watch your favorite videos. Watching videos live or renting is defined by VuNow Service.

Watching videos

The videos available for watch can be streamed and played directly on TV.
Select Movies from home page.
Renting (Downloading) videos
The videos available on Rent can be downloaded onto the VuNow Pod. Thus you can create your own collection of videos within the My Collection feature. To download videos, you need to have a USB storage device connected for storage.

Select a channel.

Select a category.
Select a video in the list.
Then the information on the selected video appears.

Select the Watch Now.

Then the information on the selected video appears.

Select the Rent key.

R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 40

About CinemaNow

CinemaNow is a Web-based digital video distribution company. The CinemaNow library contains approximately 10,000 feature-length films, short films, music concerts and television. With the most diverse range of content available on the internet, CinemaNow is a good choice for viewers seeking wide and unique range of videos that are not available on network television, cable, or at the local video store. VuNow Pod allows the user to browse, select and play this CinemaNow content directly on the TV. You also have an option to use your PC to push your rented or bought content to your VuNow Pod.

4. Enter your user name and password to access

your CinemaNow account.

Your VuNow Pod is now registered with the CinemaNow account. Note : This is a one time activity and not required again unless you explicitly logout from the CinemaNow Zone.
To buy or rent videos from the CinemaNow account (using PC)
To create your CinemaNow Account
You need to have a CinemaNow account to use the CinemaNow feature of your VuNow Pod. You can access CinemaNow movies on your VuNow Pod using an account that is specifically created on this website.
Log into your CinemaNow account at on the PC.
Select video to be bought or rented.
Using your PC, visit the CinemaNow website at
Select the BUY NOW or RENT NOW.
2. Click on the REGISTER option that appears in
the top right corner of the window.
4. Select the CHECKOUT and perform the

checkout procedure.

3. Fill in the necessary information in the provided
fields and click on the SUBMIT button.
An account will be created. You can use this account to access CinemaNow movie from the VuNow Pod. Note : Accounts created only on can be accessed from your VuNow Pod.
5. Select the Watch It On to match with your
registered VuNow Pod.(registered user namePod)
To register CinemaNow account from VuNow Pod
To enjoy CinemaNow contents via VuNow Pod, The VuNow Pod registration will be needed.
Then the selected video will be pushed to your VuNow Pod. Ensure that you have the USB storage device connected to this receiver.
Within 90 seconds of pushing the video to your VuNow Pod, you will get a pop up message about the availability of the title. Please select OK.
Then the download of the video will start immediately.
Select the CinemaNow channel in the list.
Then the options of the CinemaNow appears.
Select My Collection from home page.

Select Login.

9. Select Rented Videos in My Collection
Then the list of available videos is displayed.
Select a video to start play.
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 41
To buy or rent videos directly using VuNow Pod
Note : Ensure that the user is registerd at with the credit card information.

Search menu options

While searching for a video, press the DISC MENU button. Then the options are displayed for several seconds. For details, see the table explained in YouTube search menu options on page 37.

Select Network Wizard.

Then the network type screen appears.
Select Wired [Preferred].
6. Select Done to confirm successful connection


Then the VuNow Pod automatically detects your Home Network, Internet settings and VuNow Pod Server settings and conducts a download speed test of the connection.
Configuring the VuNow Pod using Advanced
The Advanced option enables you to manually configure the VuNow Pod on your home network in the Wired and the Wireless mode. Configuring the VuNow Pod using the Advanced option is recommended only if you are aware of the settings used for your home network and can customize them. Advanced Wired Mode
5. Select Done to confirm successful connection

Select Advanced.

Then the Settings screen appears.
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 43
The table below describes the options available on the Settings screen. Option Name
Upgrading the VuNow Pod from the Vunow Server
If you may receive a message to upgrade the VuNow Service, we recommend that you upgrade your VuNow Service immediately.

Option Type

Wired, Wireless Auto, Static
According to your home network connection, choose it. Choosing Auto would enable DHCP service, or you can set it to static. By default, the Auto is set.

IP Settings

It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest version to enjoy the new features available. Other reason for upgrading are to fix known security holes and bugs. If you do not get the upgrade message, please go to Settings -> Product Settings -> Product Info and note down the product ID, client version and server version. Email the data to the contact details provided at
Following fields have to be set manually if the IP Settings is set to static. IP Address
Subnet Mask Gateway DNS Cancel Save

IP address

Subnet mask Gateway IP address
The IP address of the VuNow Pod.
Subnet mask of your network. IP address of the gateway.
DNS server IP IP address of the DNS server. address To exit Network. To confirm the settings.
Set the Network to Wired.
5. Set each setting and select Save on the


ROOM2 : OFF / ON R2 : TUNER / CD / AUX / F.AUX / VIDEO 1/ V2/IPD R2VOL : 40 / MIN(0) ~ MAX(80)
When "RETURN" is selected on a sub-menu, it will returns to the previous menu. Notes : MLT ROOM can be selected only when the AMP is set to R2. (For details, refer to When selecting the AMP ASSIGN on page 48.) During setup menu operation, only the (POWER ON/) STANDBY button and the buttons required for system setup will function.
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 48


TRE : 0 / -10 ~ +10 BASS : 0 / -10 ~ +10
PWR-M : OFF / 60 / 30 / 10 / ON
AMP (AMP ASSIGN) : To assign the surround back channels' power amplifier correctly depending on how to use the speakers. TONE : To adjust the tone (bass and treble) as desired. F : LARGE / SMALL SPK CFG PWR-M (POWER MANAGER) : To set the POWER MANAGER mode depending on how to use the VuNow for power saving. C : LARGE / SMALL / NO S : LARGE / SMALL / NO 1. Press the CURSOR UP/DOWN buttons to select the desired item. SB : LX2 / LX1 / SX2 / SX1 / NO SW : YES / PLUS / NO X.OVER 2. Press the CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT buttons to X.OVER selected/ item/ as desired. set the : 50 / 150 / 200 CH LEVEL T. TONE : M / A L : 0 dB / -15 ~ +15 C : 0 dB / -15 ~ +15
When selecting the AMP ASSIGN
R : 0 dB / -15 ~ +15 The surround back channels' power amplifier can drive the surround back speakers or the ROOM 2 speakers. Depending on SR : refer to CONNECTING SPEAKERS on how to use the speakers, you should assign the power amplifier correctly. (For details, 0 dB / -15 ~ +15 page 8 and CONNECTING ROOM2 SPEAKERS on page 9.) SBR : 0 dB / -15 ~ +15 BACK (SURROUND BACK) : To drive the surround back speakers when connecting the 0 dB / -15 ~ +15 SBL : SURROUND BACK/ROOM2 channels to them. SL : 0 dB / -15 ~ +15 R2 (ROOM2) : To drive the ROOM2 speakers when connecting the SURROUND BACK/ROOM2 channels to them. SW : 0 dB / -15 ~ +15
When selecting the TONE DISTANCE

L : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0

C : 10.0 FT 0.1 ~ 30.0 OFF : To listen to a program source without the tone effect. (DIR /lights up.) R : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0 ON : To adjust the tone for your taste. (DIR goes off.) SR : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0 When the TONE CONTROL is set to ON to adjust the SBR (bass and /treble) 30.0 tone : 10.0 FT 0.1 ~
. Press the ENTER button to enter the tone adjustment mode.
Then TRE ~ will be displayed.
SBL : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0
SL 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0. Press the CURSOR UP/DOWN buttons to select :the desired tone mode. SW : the selected tone. Press the CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT buttons to adjust10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0 as desired. The tone level can be adjusted within the range of -10 ~ +10 dB. ROOM2 : and / ON MLT ROOM recommend the bassOFF treble to be adjusted to 0 dB (flat level). In general, we Extreme settings at high volume may damage your speakers. R2 TUNER / To complete tone adjustment, repeat the above steps: and.CD / AUX / F.AUX / VIDEO 1/ V2/IPD R2VOL : 40 / MIN(0) ~ MAX(80)

DISTANCE L : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0 R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:C : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0 R : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0 SR : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0 SBR : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0
SL : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0 The ROOM2 function allows enjoying one source in the main room and playing another in a different room at the same time. SW : 10.0 FT / 0.1 ~ 30.0
ROOM2 (ROOM2 mode) : To turn on or off the ROOM2 function. R2 (ROOM2 input) : To select the desired ROOM2 source. R2VOL (ROOM2 volume) : To adjust the ROOM2 volume. Notes : To select MLT ROOM, set the AMP to R2 first. (For details, refer to When selecting the AMP ASSIGN on page 48.) Only the analog input signal from the ROOM2 source can be heard. So, be sure to make analog audio connection and select analog input for ROOM2 source.
1. Press the CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT buttons to set the ROOM2 mode as desired.
Each time these buttons are pressed, the ROOM2 mode changes as follows : ON : To turn on the ROOM2 function. (R2 lights up.) OFF : To turn it off. (R2 goes off.) Notes : When the ROOM2 mode is set to OFF, you cannot select the ROOM2 input and adjust the ROOM2 volume. When you do not use the ROOM2 function, turn off the ROOM2 function to save electricity. When the ROOM2 mode is set to ON
2. Press the CURSOR UP/DOWN buttons to select the desired item. 3. Press the CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT buttons to set the selected item as desired.
When selecting the ROOM2 input You can select the desired among CD, AUX, F.AUX, TUNER, VIDEO1, V2/IPD. Note : You cannot select VuNow as a ROOM2 source. When selecting the ROOM2 volume You can adjust the ROOM2 volume within the range of 0 ~ 80 dB.
R-904N(A)_ENG_091007:R-904N(A) 2009-10-14 1:53 55

Troubleshooting Guide

If a fault occurs, run through the table below before taking your receiver for repair. If the fault persists, attempt to solve it by switching the receiver off and on again. If this fails to resolve the situation, consult your dealer. Under no circumstances should you attempt to repair the receiver yourself. This could void the warranty. PROBLEM

No power

The AC input cord is disconnected. Poor connection at AC wall outlet or the outlet is dead or off. The speaker wires are disconnected. The master volume is adjusted too low. The MUTE button is pressed to ON. Incorrect selection of input source. Incorrect connections between the components. The HDMI Audio Out is set to THRU.


Connect cord securely. Check the outlet using a lamp or another appliance. Check the speaker connections. Adjust the master volume. Press the MUTE button to cancel the muting effect. Select the desired input source correctly. Make connections correctly. Set it to AMP. (For details, refer to When selecting the HDMI (HDMI Audio Out) on page 25.) Select a surround mode. Adjust master volume and surround level. Select a stereo or surround source. Select the desired surround speaker setting. Select the desired surround mode. Select the desired center speaker setting. Adjust master volume and center level. Under the proper situations, perform the 7.1(or 6.1) surround playback.(For details, refer to ENJOYING SURROUND SOUND on page 23.) Assign the power amplifier to the surround back channels.(For details, refer to When selecting the AMP ASSIGN on page 48.) Adjust master volume and surround back level. Select the desired surround back speaker setting. Make proper video connections. Select the input source correctly.



Motorola T805 MC 420E 42EP24S ML-2550 V3 0 Touch RHT499H CDX-V4800 RD-XS24SB RS-BX606 Motorlift 2000 Stockholm CD53 DX-R70 PD150 RX-8030VBK-rx-8030 PAP2T TSU9400 SLS 618 PP-53A80P Navigon 1300 M2500 DCR-SX60E Genie PMP300 WD-1041WFH Headset C2000 TI-nspire CAS P2700 KM262 RSA1wtpe1 H15 AVR-2809 CLP-50 RC-971 DU-27FB32C Quad 22 AP-21 JBL L40 Lexmark C760 LAC-M8600 DV8731 Spiderman Veronica EDE419M Controller Chocolat DSR7005 AFC NEO ZE-NC2010 KV-32V15 28PW9525 DZ-GX3200E TX-NR900 UF-S10 MC 420 KDF-60HD900 Combo 32HFL5860D Officejet 4105 10824 Laserjet 5L PG-800 FW-C380 PV-GS39 Nvgs500 G2710 Machine 14PT136B Faxjet 525 L54609 LE37A558p3F MX-2700N VPC-X1420 Switch Phonefax 2710 TD6120 PM-D870 Traffic Raychart 420D HTP-GS1 Sbcru252-00 Kohler K341 T 4162 WD-1409FD FWD1200 SV-200 DX3850 MH060fxea3B DPF-E75 Netboxx Review Review RAR621 CO-V100 VX550 SDM-HX73 Usb-P1K ST6001 EWS1266 005736-0 Dmrxs350 DCR-VX9000E


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