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Spatula The spatula 1 is another example for the intelligent design of the Thermomix. The Thermomix TM 31 spatula is the only instrument you may use to mix or stir the ingredients in the mixing bowl 2. Push it from above into the bowl through the opening in the lid. The safety disk ensures that the spatula is not caught by the mixing knife. This means that you can use the spatula during chopping, cooking or simmering.
The spatula should be used to scrape all ingredients from the mixing bowl. The tip of the spatula is shaped to fit exactly between the mixing knife assembly and the wall of the mixing bowl. The spatula has a specially shaped safety disk to make sure that it does not roll off the work top. When filtering fruit or vegetable juices use the spatula to hold the simmering basket in place. Removing the simmering basket is effortless with the spatula (see page 17 photo 4). ,
Danger of injury by usage of not intended items Use only the spatula with safety disk (provided with the Thermomix TM 31) for stirring food in mixing bowl. Lock the mixing bowl lid before inserting the spatula through the opening in the mixing bowl lid. Never use other items such as spoons, cooking spoons or any other tools for stirring. These might get caught by the rotating mixing knife, possibly resulting in injury.
Stirring attachment (butterfly) The butterfly 3 (here positioned on mixing knife 4 ) will help you to achieve best results when whipping cream or beating egg whites. It is also the perfect utensil for the preparation of creamy puddings or cream mixtures. When boiling milk or preparing puddings or sauces the butterfly allows a constant movement of ingredients. This will prevent the food from sticking.
It is easy to insert and remove the butterfly: Insert the butterfly as shown in the picture 5. Its ball-shaped end ensures that it can be removed easily. To remove the butterfly hold the ball-shaped end and pull it out with rotations in both directions.
Only switch on speed after the butterfly has been positioned into place. Do not select a speed higher than level 4 when the butterfly is fitted. Never use the spatula when the butterfly is fitted. Do not add ingredients that might damage or block the butterfly when the mixing knife is in motion and the butterfly is fitted.

VAROMA The VAROMA 1 consists out of three parts 2 : VAROMA receptacle (bottom) VAROMA tray (middle) VAROMA lid (top) All parts are made of high-quality, food compatible plastic.


Always store the VAROMA with its lid closed 1. Use VAROMA only with Thermomix TM 31 (not suitable for microwave, oven or other appliances).
How to combine the VAROMA parts You can use your VAROMA in either of the following two combinations: Combination 1: VAROMA receptacle plus VAROMA tray and lid 2. Use this combination for cooking different foods, e.g. vegetables with meat or fish, or a larger amount of the same food, e.g. yeast dumplings. Combination 2: VAROMA receptacle plus VAROMA lid 3. Use this combination for cooking large amounts of the same food, e.g. vegetables, potatoes or large pieces of meat or sausages.
Danger of scalding by hot steam and hot condensed water Never use VAROMA without VAROMA lid.
Important: If VAROMA lid is not positioned properly, the steam will escape and the food inside the VAROMA will not cook properly.
How to use the VAROMA correctly Your VAROMA is an accessory designed for the Thermomix TM 31 and can only be used with it. Before you can start steam cooking with the VAROMA you will need to set up your Thermomix TM 31 correctly. Step 1: Set up Thermomix TM 31 Place the mixing bowl into position. Pour at least 0.5 litre (500 g) of water into mixing bowl for 30 minutes steam cooking. If you steam cook with simmering basket, insert the simmering basket and fill it with ingredients, e.g. potatoes or rice. Close the mixing bowl with mixing bowl lid and lock it. For a flavoursome variation you can use a vegetable broth or water-wine-mix instead of water. Step 2: Filling the VAROMA Place VAROMA lid upside down on your work surface 4 and position VAROMA receptacle on top it fits precisely into the groove. Now loosely fill VAROMA receptacle with food 5. Make sure that some slots remain open so that the steam can spread evenly. As you fill the VAROMA, put food requiring longer cooking at the bottom, and food requiring shorter cooking at the top. VAROMA lid underneath VAROMA receptacle will stop the liquid from washed vegetables, ripe fruit, raw meat or fish from wetting your work surface.

Danger of scalding by hot steam and hot condensed water Ensure that opening of mixing bowl lid and some slots of VAROMA receptacle and tray remain free, otherwise there can be uncontrolled escape of steam. Be sure to position the VAROMA correctly onto mixing bowl and appliance.
When using the VAROMA tray, insert it into the VAROMA receptacle. Make sure VAROMA tray is positioned loosely and evenly. Then place food onto it 1. Place Varoma upright into position onto locked mixing bowl lid (without the measuring cup) in such a way that it sits well 2. Place the VAROMA lid on top. It should be positioned loosely and evenly so that it seals the VAROMA well, allowing no steam to escape.
Important: Never leave the measuring cup in the mixing bowl lid when using the VAROMA. If VAROMA lid is not positioned properly, not enough steam will stay in the VAROMA. This will slow down the cooking process.
Danger of scalding by hot steam and hot condensed water Mind hot steam escapes at the sides and from the top of VAROMA lid during operation. Keep children away from Thermomix TM 31 when using VAROMA and warn them about the danger of hot steam and hot condensed water. Danger of scalding by splashing hot food Use only low speed levels ( 2) when selecting VAROMA temperature. Higher speed levels can lead to splashing hot food or liquid to froth up.
Step 3: Steam cooking with VAROMA 3 All you need to do is select the time and VAROMA temperature on the control panal. Steam cooking process begins when you turn the speed selector to low speed settings to speed 2. The timer starts to run up. Water or water-based liquid in the mixing bowl heats up to over 100 C, developing hot steam. The steam rises through the opening in the mixing bowl lid of the Thermomix TM 31 into the VAROMA. The food is cooked gently in the hot steam.
Danger of scalding by hot steam and hot condensed water Touch only the handles at both sides of VAROMA. Hold VAROMA lid in such a way that the rising steam or hot dripping liquid cannot come into contact with you when taking it off. Mind hot steam which will continue to rise up out of opening of mixing bowl lid when removing the entire VAROMA.
When the ingredients are cooked or if you want to check whether they are cooked, turn speed selector into closed or open lid position ( / ). In order to open the VAROMA, slightly incline the VAROMA lid carefully to the front so that the steam can escape on the back 4. Take care to let the condensation water drip into the VAROMA receptacle and tray by holding the VAROMA lid above them. Then carefully remove the VAROMA lid and place it upside down onto the work surface. Lift the VAROMA receptacle and tray up, wait some seconds so that the condensed water drips onto mixing bowl lid. Then place VAROMA receptacle and tray onto VAROMA lid.
Practical work with the VAROMA This description explains clearly how easy it is to use the VAROMA. Observe the following basic rules for using the VAROMA: Place enough water in the mixing bowl. Important: 30 minutes steam cooking requires 0.5 litre (500 g) of water, for every additional 15 minutes an additional 250 g.

Do not thicken your sauces and soups until the steam cooking process is finished. Thickeners may stop steam from forming evenly in the mixing bowl and slow down the overall cooking process. You can also turn the VAROMA lid upside down and use it as a water collector for the Varoma receptacle and the Varoma tray 1. It can also be used as a tray to serve food directly from the VAROMA.
The bottom of the VAROMA receptacle and tray are both designed with an even pattern of small slots to guarantee an even distribution of steam in the VAROMA. The food should always be positioned so that as many slots as possible remain free Laying the food in loosely is. usually enough to ensure this. You can cook foods of different consistency and hardness at the same time. Place food requiring longer cooking at the bottom and food requiring less cooking at the top, e.g. vegetables in the VAROMA receptacle and fish on the VAROMA tray. The vegetables will be evenly cooked if you cut them into similar-sized pieces. The cooking times stated are approximate cooking time varies depending on quality, ripeness and size of the ingredients as well as your personal preferences. Grease the VAROMA receptacle and tray to make sure that ingredients such as meat, fish or dough do not stick.
Working with the Thermomix TM 31
Thermomix TM 31 can move Place your Thermomix TM 31 on a clean, solid, even and non-heatable surface so that it cannot slip. Keep a sufficient distance from the edge of this surface to prevent Thermomix TM 31 from falling down. Risk of damage by hot steam Ensure a sufficient distance over Thermomix TM 31 and VAROMA (suspended cupboards, shelving) and around them to prevent damage of hot escaping steam. The appliance is activated or switch in sleep mode by pushing the button. Before you start using your Thermomix TM 31 consider the following tips to make your work easier: A safety device is provided which prevents the Thermomix TM 31 from operating if the mixing bowl has not been inserted properly and the lid has not been correctly locked (speed selector is blocked). Likewise, a safety device prevents the lid from opening while the appliance is operating. The electronic scales work within a temperature range between 20C and +50C (4F and +122F). If the appliance has been transported in winter and the temperature falls below 20 C ( 4 F) wait until the Thermomix TM 31 has reached room temperature again. In this way, the integrated scales will work perfectly. If you do not need your Thermomix TM 31 for a prolonged period of time please disconnect it from mains supply as you do with most electric appliances (economizing on power consumption; see also: Sleep mode , page 35)

Find a permanent place in your kitchen for your Thermomix TM 31 right from the start so that it is ready at hand whenever you need it. Starting the Thermomix TM 31 Pull the electric cable lightly from the housing and connect it to the mains supply. You can choose whatever length of cable you need, up to 1 m. If you do not need the whole length of the cable the remaining length is kept inside the Thermomix TM 31 avoiding any tiresome spaghetti of cables! Make sure that there is no strain on the cable so that the scales work properly. Do not place the appliance on the cable. If you do, the appliance will not sit firmly on the surface and the scales will not weigh accurately. Now the appliance is operable and the display shows the timer mode 2.
Risk of damage by insufficient cooling of Thermomix TM 31: Ensure ventilation openings on both sides of the appliance 1 are always free from splashes of fat, food leftovers or suchlike and not covered. Otherwise damage of the appliance may occur.
Explanation of symbols on control panel
Timer buttons Temperature buttons Gentle stir setting
Button for dough mode Tare button for scales Button for clockwise / counter-clockwise operation
Closed lid Open lid Sleep mode button
Multi-function display In the centre at the top of the control panel there is a digital display. This display provides the following information: Weighing mode Timer mode Counter-clockwise operation has been chosen Thermomix in dough mode The symbols and are displayed to indicate if the appliance is in weighing or timer mode. The latter two operating modes as well are indicated by their respective symbols ( or ). Weighing and adding with the tare button The integrated scales allow you to weigh all ingredients directly in the mixing bowl and in the VAROMA. Please observe the following sequence of steps: Step 1: Insert mixing bowl. The display will show the timer 00:00 2. Step 2: Press tare button. Wait for the tone beep and the display will show the scales 0.000 3. Important: When pressing the tara button do not touch the Thermomix or lean anything against.
Step 3: Put in the first ingredient (2.0 kg max.) and check the quantity on the display 4. Step 4: If you wish to add more ingredients push the tare button again and add the next ingredient. Repeat these steps as often as required to the maximum weight (6 kg). The variation for up to 2 kg is + / 30 g.

Further information about weighing The tare function works from 5 g to 6.0 kg in steps of 3 times 2 kg. When weighing and adding ingredients with the help of the tare function always add ingredients slowly because two to three seconds are needed before the scales show the correct weight. If you remove an ingredient from the mixing bowl after you have pressed the tare button, the information on picture 1 will appear on the display. When adding ingredients with the help of the tare function do not add more than 2.0 kg at a time. If you add more than 2.0 kg at a time the display will start flashing, indicating an overload 2. Always press the tare button first before weighing or using the tare function. This will increase the accuracy of the scales. Please be careful not to move the appliance during the weighing process. After pressing the tare button the Thermomix remains in the weighing mode for 5 minutes unless another button is pushed or the speed selector is turned. After these 5 minutes the Thermomix returns to the timer mode. When the tare button is pressed once more the 5 minutes start again. The display provides you with valuable information when weighing or adding ingredients. Remember to observe the maximum of 2.0 kg per adding process.
Timer buttons and timer display Observe the following sequence of steps if you wish to prepare or heat food in your Thermomix TM 31: Step 1: Select a time Therefore use the timer buttons to preset an operating time of up to 60 minutes 3. Press the + to increase time and the button to reduce it. To change time gradually, press the button briefly. Press and hold the + button to increment the timer display rapidly, e.g. 4. Time selection: minute in increments of 1 second minutes in increments of 30 seconds minutes in increments of 1 minute When the display is in the zero setting you can preset the time directly to 1 minute by briefly actuating the button; therefore you do not have to count up in increments of 1 second. Then proceed as indicated above. Press both buttons simultaneously to set the displayed time to 00:00 3. Step 2: Select a temperature (see page 30ff.) Select the appropriate temperature if the food should be heated or cooked. If not proceed with step 3.
Step 3: Turn the speed selector (see page 32ff.) After the speed selector has been turned, the preset time is counted backwards in steps of one second, until 00:00 is reached. When the appliance is in cold mixing mode the mixing speed switches off after the preset time has expired. A buzzer will sound to indicate that the job has been completed. When the appliance is in heating or cooking mode the mixing knife will continue to rotate in the gentle stir setting after the preset time has expired. To switch off the buzzer turn the speed selector back to /. Important: Heating and cooking are only possible if a time period has been preset.

Adjustment of preset time The preset time can be changed at any time during preparation. Press the button to reduce the time, press the + button to increase it. If the speed selector gets turned to / before the preset time has expired, for example in order to add another ingredient, the display will flash, indicating the current time, until the speed selector is turned. Food preparation can thus be continued without difficulty. If you wish to stop the mixing procedure altogether before the preset time has expired, press both timer buttons simultaneously. This will stop the display flashing and you may reset the time. If no time has been preset and the speed selector is activated the appliance will automatically stop after a maximum time of 60 minutes. After this time, a buzzer will sound. Temperature buttons and illuminated temperature indicators The temperature buttons can be used to set a temperature between 37C and 100C (99F and 212F). Each button has a coloured indicator lamp 1 which will flash after the respective button has been pressed: 37 C (99 F). = green 50 C and 60 C (122 F and 140 F). = yellow 70 C and 80 C (158 F and 176 F). = orange 90 C, 100 C and VAROMA (194 F and 212 F). = red The illuminated temperature indicators are points of reference. When the preset temperature has been reached during cooking the indicator lamp stops flashing and changes to continuous mode. The illuminated indicators show the temperature that
has been reached during the heating process. For example, if a temperature of 90 C (194 F) is set the related light will start flashing. As the Thermomix heats up the lights for 37 C, 50 C, 60 C, 70 C and 80 C (99, 122, 140, 158 and 176F respectively) , light up one after the other until 90 C (194 F) is reached. At this point this light changes from flashing to continuous mode. The illuminated temperature indicators are approximate values. Always ensure that none of the coloured indicator lights is flashing if you do not wish to heat or cook food. Otherwise, switch off the heating function by pressing the button. This will prevent unwanted heating of ingredients in the mixing bowl if a time has been preset.
Indicator for remaining heat If the mixing bowl is re-inserted into the appliance while it is still warm the relevant light will show its remaining temperature (only 1 lamp in continuous mode, e.g 2 remaining heat 60 C). No temperature for warming up, cooking and steam-cooking can be set unless a time has been preset. Therefore please always proceed as follows: Always start by setting a time, then choose the temperature, followed by speed selection. Soft start (above 60 C / 140 F) If the turbo button is pressed or the speed selector actuated while the temperature in the mixing bowl is 60 C (140F) or above 2 , the electronic system prevents the food from escaping by delaying the speed increase. This soft start only works if the food has been heated up or cooked in the Thermomix TM 31. Then the temperature sensor can measure the actual temperature correctly and control soft start accordingly. If using the Thermomix TM 31 to process food that has not been heated or cooked in the appliance (e.g. preparing a gravy from hot meat juices) you should only increase the speed slowly and gradually.

Gentle heating setting Speeds 2 and 3 are designed as gentle heating setting. When these speeds are selected the temperature will rise slowly leading to gentle cooking of the food.
Danger of scalding by splashing hot food Never use the turbo button or abruptly increase the speed when processing food that has not been heated in the Thermomix TM 31.
VAROMA temperature setting If the Varoma temperature setting 1 is selected temperatures of more than 100 C (212 F) may be reached depending on what ingredients you are using. During 15 minutes at Varoma temperature setting 250 g water or water-based liquids evaporate. This temperature setting is used for steam cooking (see page 21 ff.) and sauting ingredients.
Stirring Use the lower speeds for gentle mild stirring. This lower speed range is ideally suited for delicious stews! Mixing/blending Use the speed range from 4 to for coarse, fine and very fine chopping, mixing and blending. Always be sure to put the speed selector slowly to its desired position with the measuring cup inserted. This will prevent the food to be chopped from escaping.
Never heat up the mixing bowl when empty.
Speed selector Turn the speed selector to start the Thermomix TM 31. The following speeds are available: Designation Gentle stir Stirring Mixing/ blending Turbo mixing Speed level 10 Turbo Revolution/min. 500 1,100 10,200 10,200
Gentle stir setting The gentle stir setting 2 can be selected using the speed selector. At this setting, the food is stirred slowly in the same way as if you periodically stirred some food in a sauce-pan. If this setting is selected, the food is not chopped and large chunks remain.
Danger of injury by escaping food Hold measuring cup firmly while operating the Thermomix TM 31 at medium (3 6) and higher (7 10) speed levels or pressing turbo button to chop or to pure cold food.
Turbo button Use the turbo button 4 to operate the Thermomix TM 31 at maximum speed. The turbo function only works as long as this button is pressed and held. It is also useful for an alternating mode. If, for example, you wish to coarsely chop a large quantity of food, press the turbo button 3 or 4 times (repeat as necessary). In this way, the food will be chopped evenly. The turbo function is available when the speed selector is set to or to speed level 4 or above. When the speed selector is set to the timer is activated. Turbo function is not available if the dough mode is activated.

First time use and high loads When the appliance is used for the first time it may smell. If the motor is subjected to a high load during food preparation, the motor may overheat and start smelling, in addition to the possibility of an automatic switch-off of the appliance. This is completely harmless and after the cooling-down time indicated above, the appliance will again be in perfect working order.


As with all kitchen appliances or tableware you should clean all parts of your Thermomix TM 31 especially the mixing knife, the mixing bowl, the mixing bowl lid and its sealing ring thoroughly before using it for the first time and after every usage. How to clean the mixing bowl and its lid Dismantle the mixing bowl and mixing knife as well as mixing bowl lid and its sealing ring (refer to pages 13, 14, 16).
Important: Never use pointed or sharp objects for cleaning as this may damage functional parts or affect the safety of the appliance.
Now, clean the inside and outside of the mixing bowl (without the mixing knife) 1 , either in hot water with cleansing agent and a soft cloth or in the dishwasher; the mixing knife, spatula, butterfly, simmering basket, measuring cup, mixing bowl lid and VAROMA can be cleaned in the same way. If food is sticking in the mixing bowl use a special cleansing agent for stainless steel. Ensure that the contact pins at the bottom of the mixing bowl are always clean and dry. If necessary wipe them off. We recommend that you dismantle the mixing bowl for cleaning, especially when you clean it in the dishwasher.
How to clean the mixing knife To clean the mixing knife hold it under running water with the mixing knife pointing upwards, as shown on picture 2. In order to facilitate the cleaning, use a brush or clean it in the dishwasher. Important: Do not leave the mixing knife in dish water for a long time as this may damage the gasket system of the knife bearing.
Carefully re-assemble the mixing bowl and mixing knife (incl. sealing ring). How to clean the VAROMA To clean the VAROMA wash receptacle, tray and lid carefully in warm, soapy water or in the dishwasher. Use a soft, clean cloth and gentle cleansing agents for cleaning 3. Avoid using sharp objects or metal scouring pads, as these will cause scratches.
Important: All components are dishwasher-safe. Place plastic parts, in particular the mixing bowl lid, into the top rack of the dishwasher in order to avoid deformation resulting from exposure to higher temperatures. Some foodstuffs such as curry, carrot juice, and those with citric acid content may cause staining. Wipe such substances off the mixing bowl lid, its sealing ring, the spatula, the simmering basket and all VAROMA parts as quickly as possible. Any residual staining will disappear in time and does not affect your health or how the parts function.

How to clean the main appliance Disconnect the appliance from mains power supply before cleaning.


Danger of electric shock Disconnect the appliance from mains power supply before cleaning and if appliance is not used for a prolonged period of time. Do not immerse the Thermomix TM 31 in water. Clean with a damp cloth only. No water or dirt must be allowed to enter the housing.
Wipe the main appliance with a damp soft cloth and a gentle cleansing agent 1. Use water sparingly to prevent moisture from entering the appliance. Additional information for cleaning Some of the plastic parts may become slightly discoloured but this does not affect your health or how the parts function. If the mixing bowl with mixing knife, mixing bowl lid and measuring cup are only slightly soiled it is sufficient to perform a short mixing operation to clean them. Therefore place approx. 1 litre water and a few drops of cleansing agent into mixing bowl, select speed 5 or 6 and press several times the button. Follow this operation by thoroughly rinsing with water and if necessary use a soft cloth as well. To improve ventilation during storage, do not close the mixing bowl with the measuring cup.
Notes for your own recipes
Use similar recipes in the Thermomix TM 31 cookbooks as a guide for adapting your own recipes. The easy to understand step by step design of our recipes enables you to prepare your own recipes with your Thermomix TM 31. Order of ingredients When preparing food according to your own recipes consider the order of the steps, e.g. prepare dry ingredients first. Weighing the ingredients Before weighing each ingredient press the button and the scales will show 0.000. Add your ingredient. Attention: Never exceed the 2 litres maximum capacity of the mixing bowl! Order of presetting You will achieve best results by sticking to the suggested order in the following examples: Presetting of time is necessary if you want to heat the food. If you stir delicate food use the counterclockwise mode. Example: Cooking delicate food Settings: 5 min / 100 C / / speed 4 set timer to 5 minutes press 100 C temperature button press button turn speed selector to 1
Example: Chopping vegetables Settings: 7 sec / speed 2 set timer to 7 seconds turn speed selector to 5

Example: Kneading dough Settings: 2 min / / 3 set timer to 2 minutes turn speed selector to press the
Chopping and blending When chopping ingredients or blending preset first a short time and check the result. If the result you want to achieve is not reached prolong the time. Heating times Heating time is dependent on the following: a starting temperature of the ingredients to be heated b quantity, weight and volume of ingredients Attention: Never exceed the maximum capacity of the mixing bowl or VAROMA! c heating conductibility of the food to be prepared d heating level e speed level f use of accessories (with / without simmering basket / VAROMA)


Error: The appliance cannot be switched on
Action: Check if the connecting cable has been properly plugged in and if the lid has been locked correctly. Check if the appliance is still in sleep mode. Check if a heating time and temperature have been preset. See section entitled Electronic motor protection on page 35. Check: while pressing tara button do not touch Thermomix; nothing leans against Thermomix; no tension on the cable; Thermomix feet are clean; worktop is clean, solid, even and not vibrating; do not slide Thermomix over the worktop. Error messages of the appliance can be reset as follows: By pulling the mains plug: E.r 23, 28, 32, 38, 39, 70 By turning the speed selector to and then to : E.r 22, 24-27 29-31, 34-37 51-69, OPEn, LOAd , , Only by Vorwerk customer service: E.r 71, 72
The appliance does not heat
The appliance stops during operation

Trouble with scales

Error display:
As a special feature the Thermomix TM 31 will show the cause for the error on the display. If the display shows E.r followed by a two-digit figure please contact the responsible Vorwerk customer service indicating the error message (e.g. E.r 53 = temperature sensor failure) if it is not possible to solve the problem by pulling the mains plug and re-starting the appliance. With respect to LOAd please refer to the notes on page 35.
Danger of electric shock Inspect your appliance and its accessories including the mixing bowl regularly for possible damage. Damaged parts can impair safety. If damage does occur, do not use the appliance and contact Vorwerk customer service or an authorised Vorwerk repairer.

Legal regulations

For customers living in EU-Member States: English As owner of an electrical or electronic product, you are not allowed by law (according to EU-Directive 2002 / 96 / EC of 27 January 2003 on waste electrical and electronic equipment and the particular national laws of the EU-Member States transforming this Directive) to dispose of this product or its electrical / electronic accessories as unsorted domestic waste. You shall use the designated gratis possibilities for return instead.
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Customer Service
Warranty For the warranty period, please refer to your purchase contract. The Thermomix TM 31 may only be repaired by the responsible Vorwerk customer service or an authorised Vorwerk repairer. Use only parts provided with the Thermomix TM 31 (page 10 11) or original spare parts from Vorwerk Thermomix. Never use the Thermomix TM 31 in combination with parts or equipment not provided by Vorwerk Thermomix. Otherwise your warranty is rendered void.
Customer service For detailed information contact your Thermomix advisor, the sales company in your country, or refer to
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