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weeed man 9:19pm on Friday, May 20th, 2011 
Thank you for the video on how to change the fuel filter and line, I tried to replace the fuel line yesterday but kept running into problems and I see why i was going about it half cocked I didn't have the back cover off I was just replacing what I saw but thganks to the video I'll get it right this time. Thank you very much for taking time out to make video for us guys that just don't know.

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This unit should consist of the following: Model 705r or Model 725r Trimmer D-Handle and Hardware (Model 705r) J-Handle and Hardware (Model 725r) String Guard and Hardware Bottle of 2-Cycle Oil Operator's Manual Parts Manual Product Registration Card These items may be in the hardware bag or assembled on your unit.
This unit meets the 1995 to 1998 California emissions regulations for small off-road engines. These units are identified by the label on the engine of your product. A typical identification label is shown. To ensure that your unit continues to meet these regulations, refer to the following information and instructions in this operators manual.
California Proposition 65 Warning:




NOTE: For users on U.S. Forest Land and in the states of California, Maine, Oregon and Washington. All U.S. Forest Land and the states of California (Public Resources Codes 4442 and 4443), Oregon and Washington require, by law that certain internal combustion engines operated on forest brush and/or grasscovered areas be equipped with a spark arrestor, maintained in effective working order, or the engine be constructed, equipped and maintained for the prevention of fire. Check with your state or local authorities for regulations pertaining to these requirements. Failure to follow these requirements could subject you to liability or a fine. This unit is not factory equipped with a spark arrestor. If these items are required in your area, ask your LOCAL SERVICE dealer to install the Optional Accessory Part #180030 Spark Arrestor Kit.


Read the Operators Manual(s) and follow all warnings and safety instructions. Failure to do so can result in serious injury to the operator and/or bystanders.
FOR QUESTIONS, CALL 1-800-345-8746 IN U.S. OR 1-800-265-6778 in CANADA


The purpose of safety symbols is to attract your attention to possible dangers. The safety symbols, and their explanations, deserve your careful attention and understanding. The safety warnings do not by themselves eliminate any danger. The instructions or warnings they give are not substitutes for proper accident prevention measures. DANGER: Failure to obey a safety warning will result in serious injury to yourself or to others. Always follow the safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury. WARNING: Failure to obey a safety warning can result in injury to yourself and others. Always follow the safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury. CAUTION: Failure to obey a safety warning may result in property damage or personal injury to yourself or to others. Always follow the safety precautions to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and personal injury.


SAFETY ALERT SYMBOL: Indicates danger, warning, or caution. Attention is required in order to avoid serious personal injury. May be used in conjunction with other symbols or pictographs. NOTE: Advises you of information or instructions vital to the operation or maintenance of the equipment.


Read the instructions carefully. Be familiar with the controls and proper use of the unit. Do not operate this unit when tired, ill, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication. Children and teens under the age of 15 must not use the unit, except for teens guided by an adult. Inspect the unit before use. Replace damaged parts. Check for fuel leaks. Make sure all fasteners are in place and secure. Replace cutting attachment parts that are cracked, chipped, or damaged in any way. Make sure the cutting attachment is properly installed and securely fastened. Be sure the cutting attachment shield is properly attached, and positioned as recommended. Failure to so can result in personal injury to the operator and bystanders, as well as damage to the unit. Use only 0.080 in (2.03 mm) diameter genuine Ryobi replacement line. Never use metal-reinforced line, wire, or rope, etc. These can break off and become a dangerous projectile. Be aware of the risk of injury to the head, hands and feet. Clear the area to be cut before each use. Remove all such objects such as rocks, broken glass, nails, wire, or string which can be thrown or become entangled in the cutting attachment. Clear the area of children, bystanders, and pets. At a minimum, keep all children, bystanders and pets outside a 50 ft. (15m.) radius; there still may be a risk to bystanders from thrown objects. Bystanders should be encouraged to wear eye protection. If you are approached, stop the engine and cutting attachment immediately. Squeeze the throttle control and check that it returns automatically to the neutral position. Make all adjustments or repairs before using unit. This unit was not designed to be used as a brushcutter. Do not attach or operate this unit with any type of brushcutting blade or brushcutting attachment.
WARNING: Gasoline is highly flammable, and its vapors can explode if ignited. Take the following precautions: Store fuel only in containers specifically designed and approved for the storage of such materials.
Always stop the engine and allow it to cool before filling the fuel tank. Never remove the cap of the fuel tank, or add fuel, when the engine is hot. Never operate the unit without the fuel cap securely in place. Loosen the fuel tank cap slowly to relieve any pressure in the tank. Mix and add fuel in a clean, well-ventilated area outdoors where there are no sparks or flames. Slowly remove the fuel cap only after stopping engine. Do not smoke while fueling or mixing fuel. Wipe up any spilled fuel from the unit immediately. Avoid creating a source of ignition for spilled fuel. Do not start the engine until fuel vapors dissipate. Move the unit at least 30 ft. (9.1 m) from the fueling source and site before starting the engine. Do not smoke, keep sparks and open flames from the area while adding fuel or operating the unit. Avoid accidental starting. Be in the starting position whenever pulling the starter rope. The operator and unit must be in a stable position while starting. See Starting/Stopping Instructions. Use the right tool. Only use this tool for the purpose intended. Do not overreach. Always keep proper footing and balance. Always hold the unit with both hands when operating. Keep a firm grip on both the front and rear handle or grips. Keep hands, face, and feet at a distance from all moving parts. Do not touch or try to stop the cutting attachment when it is rotating. Do not touch the engine or muffler. These parts get extremely hot from operation. When turned off they remain hot for a short time. Do not operate the engine faster than the speed needed to cut, trim or edge. Do not run the engine at high speed when not cutting. Always stop the engine when cutting is delayed or when walking from one cutting location to another. If you strike or become entangled with a foreign object, stop the engine immediately and check for damage. Do not operate before repairing damage. Do not operate the unit with loose or damaged parts. Stop and switch the engine to off for maintenance, repair, or for changing the cutting attachment or other attachments. Use only genuine Ryobi replacement parts when servicing this unit. These parts are available from your authorized service dealer. Do not use parts, accessories or attachments not authorized by Ryobi for this unit. Doing so could lead to serious injury to the user, or damage to the unit, and void your warranty. Keep unit clean of vegetation and other materials. They may become lodged between the cutting attachment and shield. To reduce fire hazard, replace faulty muffler and spark arrestor, keep the engine and muffler free from grass, leaves, excessive grease or carbon build up.

USA: 1-800-345-8746 CANADA: 1-800-265-6778
WARNING: Thrown objects and loud noise can cause severe eye injury and hearing loss. Wear eye and ear protection when operating this unit.


WARNING: Keep all bystanders, especially children and pets, at least 50 feet (15 m.) from the trimming area.


Push primer bulb, fully and slowly, 5 to 7 times.


Always use clean, fresh unleaded fuel.
WARNING: Do not operate without the cutting attachment shield in place. Keep away from the rotating cutting attachment.




Do not touch a hot muffler or cylinder. You may get burned. These parts get extremely hot from operation. When turned off they remain hot for a short time.


WARNING: There is a sharp blade on the cutting attachment shield. To prevent serious injury, do not touch blade.


WARNING: To prevent serious injury, do not attach or operate the unit with any type of blade.


Refer to operator's manual for the proper type of oil.


A B C FULL CHOKE position. PARTIAL CHOKE position. RUN position.
WARNING: The operation of any power tool can lead to foreign objects
being thrown into your eyes. This can lead to severe eye damage. Before commencing power tool operation, always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields and a full face shield when needed.


On/Off Stop Control Fuel Cap

Starter Rope Muffler

Shaft Grip

Spark Plug

D-handle (705r)

Throttle Control

J-handle (725r) Handle Harware Power Head Shaft Housing Click-Link (725r Only)

Choke Lever

Primer Bulb Air filter/Muffler Cover

Line Cutting Blade

Cutting Attachment Shield


Cutting Attachment Use this unit for; Cutting grass and light weeds. Decorative trimming around trees, fences, etc. Other accessories may be used with the 725r. See list of add-ons on page 13.


1. Push the D-handle down onto the shaft housing so that the handle slants to the powerhead (Fig. 1). The squared bolt hole in the handle is to the right. Grip

Wing Nut Bolt Washer

Fig. 3
1. Place the J-handle between the top and middle clamp pieces (Fig. 4).
Fig. 1 2. Insert the shoulder bolt and washer into the squared hole in the handle. Screw the wing nut onto the bolt. 3. Rotate the D-handle to place the grip above the top of the shaft housing. 4. While holding the unit in the operating position (Fig. 2), position the D-handle to the location that provides you the best grip, and tighten the wing nut (Fig. 3). Model 705r (4) Screws


Top Clamp Middle Clamp Bottom Clamp Nuts
Fig. 4 2. Install, one at a time, the four (4) screws and four (4) hex nuts through the top, middle and bottom clamps with a large Phillips screwdriver. Do not tighten until you make the handle adjustment.

Fig. 2

3. Slide the J-handle out until the arrow/white line on the decal touches the clamp assembly (Fig. 5).
Use the following instructions if the cutting attachment shield on your unit is not installed. WARNING: Never operate the trimmer without the cutting attachment shield in place to prevent serious personal injury. 1. Place the cutting attachment shield onto the shaft housing above the clamp assembly, so that the shield is in front of the cutting attachment (Fig. 7).
Fig. 5 4. While holding the unit in the operating position (Fig. 6), position the J-handle to the location that provides you the best grip. Model 725r

Shaft Housing

Fig. 6 5. Tighten the clamp screws evenly until the J-handle is secure.
Fig. 7 2. Push the cutting attachment shield down to the top of the cutting attachment assembly. Rotate the cutting attachment shield so that it points to the engine, and the holes in the cutting attachment shield line up with the holes in the top of the cutting attachment assembly (Fig. 8). 3. Install the four (4) screws with a small Phillips screwdriver (Fig. 8).
Screw Cutting Attachment Shield

Cutting Attachment

Fig. 8


Old and/or improperly mixed fuel are the main reasons for the unit not running properly. Be sure to use fresh, clean unleaded fuel. Follow the instructions carefully for the proper fuel/oil mixture. Thoroughly mix the proper ratio of 2-cycle engine oil with unleaded gasoline in a separate fuel can. Use a 32:1 fuel/oil ratio. Do not mix them directly in the engine fuel tank. See the table below for specific gas and oil mixing ratios. NOTE: One gallon (3.8 liters) of unleaded gasoline mixed with one 4 oz. (120 ml.) bottle of RYOBI OIL makes a 32:1 fuel/oil ratio.

Definition of Blended Fuels
Today's fuels are often a blend of gasoline and oxygenates such as ethanol, methanol or MTBE (ether). Alcohol-blended fuel absorbs water. As little as 1% water in the fuel can make fuel and oil separate. It forms acids when stored. When using alcohol-blended fuel, use fresh fuel (less than 60 days old).

Using Blended Fuels

If you choose to use a blended fuel, or its use is unavoidable, follow recommended precautions. Always use fresh fuel mix per your operator's manual. Use the fuel additive STA-BIL or an equivalent. Always agitate the fuel mix before fueling the unit. Drain the tank and run the engine dry before storing the unit.
4.0 fl. oz. (120 ml) 30 ml
MIXING RATIO - 32:1 WARNING: Gasoline is extremely flammable. Ignited Vapors may explode. Always stop the engine and allow it to cool before filling the fuel tank. Do not smoke while filling the tank. Keep sparks and open flames at a distance from the area. WARNING: Remove fuel cap slowly to avoid injury from fuel spray. Never operate the unit without the fuel cap securely in place. WARNING: Add fuel in a clean, well ventilated area outdoors. Wipe up any spilled fuel immediately. Avoid creating a source of ignition for spilt fuel. Do not start the engine until fuel vapors dissipate. NOTE: Dispose of the old fuel/oil mix in accordance to Federal, State, and Local regulations.

Using Fuel Additives

The use of fuel additive, such as STA-BIL Gas Stabilizer or an equivalent, will inhibit corrosion and minimize the formation of gum deposits. Add 0.8 oz. (23 ml.) per gallon of fuel per instructions on container. NEVER add fuel additives directly to the unit's fuel tank. Using a fuel additive can keep fuel for up to six (6) months. CAUTION: For proper engine operation and maximum reliability, pay strict attention to the oil and fuel mixing instructions on the 2-cycle oil container. Using improperly mixed fuel can severely damage the engine.


WARNING: Avoid accidental starting. Be in the starting position when pulling the starter rope (Fig. 11). The operator and unit must be in a stable position while starting to avoid serious personal injury. 1. Mix gas with oil. Fill fuel tank with fuel/oil mixture. See Oil and Fuel Mixing Instructions Pg. 11. 2. Put the On/Off Stop Control in the ON position (Fig. 9). ON/OFF STOP CONTROL 5. With the unit on the ground, squeeze the throttle control and pull starter rope briskly (Fig. 11). Continue pulling until the engine sounds as though it wants to run (normally 2 to 5 pulls). NOTE: Squeeze the throttle control until the engine has started and warmed up. 6. Place the choke lever in the PARTIAL choke position (B) (Fig. 10). 7. Pull starter rope briskly 1 to 3 times to start the engine (Fig. 11).

Starter Rope

Throttle Control Fig. 11 8. If the engine does not start, repeat steps 4 through 7. NOTE: If the engine floods while trying to start, place the choke lever in the RUN position (C). Squeeze the throttle control. Pull the starter rope briskly. The engine should start within three (3) to eight (8) pulls. 9. Squeeze the throttle control to warm up engine for 5 to 10 seconds. Place the choke lever in the RUN position (C) (Fig. 10). NOTE: Choking is unnecessary when starting a warm engine. Put the On/Off Stop Control in the ON position (Fig. 9), and start in PARTIAL Choke position (B) (Fig. 10). WARNING: Operate this unit only in a well ventilated area outdoors. Carbon monoxide exhaust fumes can be lethal in a confined area.
Fig. 9 3. Fully press and release primer bulb 5 to 7 times. Fuel should be visible in the bulb (Fig. 10). Partial Choke Position (B) Full Choke Position (A) Run Position (C)

Primer Bulb

Fig. 10 4. Place the choke lever in the FULL choke position (A) (Fig. 10). 1. Release your hand from the throttle control (Fig. 11). Allow the engine to cool down by idling. 2. Put the On/Off Stop Control in the STOP position (Fig. 9).


The model 725r Click-Link system enables the use of these optional add-ons. Blower/Vacuum. BV720r Cultivator. GC720r Edger. LE720r Hedgetrimmer. HS720r Snowthrower. ST720r Straight Shaft Trimmer. SS725r Sweeper/Blower. SB720r Tree Pruner. TP720r Turbo Blower. TB720r WARNING: Read and understand operators manual for add-on prior to operation. Click-Link Primary Hole

Upper Shaft Housing

Release Button Lower Shaft Housing
Fig. 13 3. Tighten the knob securely clockwise (Fig. 14). CAUTION: Add-ons, are to be used in the primary hole unless stated otherwise in the specific add-ons operators manual. Using the wrong hole could lead to personal injury, or damage to the unit.

Installing an Add-On:

WARNING: To avoid serious personal injury, shut unit off before removing or installing add-ons. To change from one add-on to another NOTE: To make installing or removing the add-on easier, place the unit on the ground or on a work bench. 1. Loosen the knob counterclockwise (Fig. 12). Click-Link Release Button

90 Edging Hole

Knob Washer 180 Edging Hole Fig. 14

Removing an Add-On:

Knob Guide Recess Fig. 12 2. While firmly holding the add-on, push straight into the Click-Link shaft (Fig. 13). NOTE: Aligning the release button with the guide recess will help installation (Fig. 12). CAUTION: Lock the release button in the primary hole and securely tighten the knob before operating this unit. 1. Loosen the knob counterclockwise (Fig. 12). 2. Press and hold the release button (Fig. 12). 3. While firmly holding the upper shaft housing, pull the add-on straight out of the Click-Link (Fig. 13).


Decorative trimming is accomplished by removing all vegetation around trees, posts, fences, etc. Rotate the whole unit so that the cutting attachment is at a 30 angle to the ground (Fig. 18).

Fig. 18

For edging with the cutting attachment on Model 725r lock the release button into the 90 edging hole or 180 edging hole (Fig. 14, Pg. 13).
NOTE: Some maintenance procedures may require special tools or skills. If you are unsure about these procedures take your unit to an authorized service dealer. WARNING: Never do maintenance or repairs with unit running. Always do maintenance and repairs on a cool unit. Disconnect spark plug wire to ensure the unit will not start.


These required maintenance procedures should be performed at the frequency stated in the table. They should also be included as part of any seasonal tune-up.


Daily or Before Starting Engine Every 10 Hours Every 50 Hours


Fill fuel tank with correct oil and fuel fixture. Clean and re-oil air filter. Check spark plug condition and gap.


Page 11 Page 19 Page 21
Always use genuine Ryobi 0.080 in. (2.03 mm.) replacement line. Larger line may make the motor overheat or fail. WARNING: Do not use metal reinforced line. There are two methods to replace the SpeedSpool trimming line. Wind the inner reel with new line Install a prewound inner reel Fig. 20 5. Insert the line into the locking hole (Fig. 21). Do not push the line more than 1/2 inch (12.7 mm.) into the line locking hole. When inserted correctly the line will form a small loop (Fig. 21). Line Loading Hole Trimming Line Eyelet
Winding the Inner Reel With New Line
NOTE: It Is unnecessary to remove the bump knob to install new trimming line. 1. Before installing new trimming line in the existing inner reel, pull old line out of the line loading and line locking holes (Figs. 20 and 21). 2. Cut two pieces of 0.080 in. (2.03 mm.) trimming line, 10 feet (3 m.) long. WARNING: Always use the correct line length when installing trimming line on the unit. The line may not release properly if the line is too long. 3. Line up the arrow on the inner reel with the arrow on the outer spool (Fig. 19). Top View Of The SpeedSpool Outer Spool Arrows
Line Locking Hole Fig. 21 6. Pull the line from the outer spool until the line is tight against the inner reel (Fig. 22).

Inner Reel

Bump Knob Fig. 22 7. Repeat procedures 4-6 with the second piece of line. 8. Hold the outer spool. Wind the inner reel counterclockwise until approximately four (4) inches (102 mm.) of line remain (Fig. 23). NOTE: Do not wind the inner reel before installing the second piece of line.

Fig. 19 4. Insert a piece of trimming line into one of the two eyelets in the outer spool. Push it up through the line loading hole in the inner reel (Fig. 20). Do not bend the line when inserting it into the eyelet.
Fig. 23 9. If winding the line becomes difficult or the line jams, pull the ends of the line from the spool. Continue winding the inner reel counterclockwise (Fig. 24).
Fig. 26 4. Hold the inner reel in place and install the bump knob, spring and foam seal by pressing down and turning the bump knob clockwise. Grasp the ends and pull firmly to release the line from the holding slots in the inner reel. (Fig. 24).

Releasing the Inner Reel

If the SpeedSpool does not release line correctly, pull the ends of the line firmly from the spool (Fig. 24). If this does not release line, follow the Cleaning the SpeedSpool instructions below.

Cleaning the SpeedSpool

Fig. 24 Cleaning the SpeedSpool may be necessary, To remove jammed or excess line, If the SpeedSpool becomes difficult to wind or does not operate correctly when bumping the head on the ground, 1. Hold the outer spool, and unscrew the bump knob counterclockwise (Fig. 27).
Installing a Prewound Inner reel
1. Remove the bump knob, spring, and foam seal by turning the Bump Knob counterclockwise (Fig. 25). Bump Knob Foam Seal Spring
Fig. 25 2. Pull the old inner reel with existing line from the outer spool. 3. Insert the trimming line ends of the new inner reel into the outer spool eyelets (Fig. 26). Push the new inner reel, arrow side up, into the outer spool.
Fig. 27 2. Pull out the bump knob, spring, and foam seal (Fig. 25). 3. Pull the inner reel with existing line from the outer spool (Fig. 19).
4. Remove any existing line from the inner reel before cleaning. Remove any debris or grass from the knob, spring, inner reel, and foam seal. Wash the inner reel with warm soapy water (Fig. 28).
WARNING: To avoid serious personal injury, always turn your trimmer off and allow it to cool before you clean or do any maintenance on it. 1. Place the choke lever in the PARTIAL choke position (B). NOTE: The choke lever must be in the PARTIAL choke position (B) (Fig. 30) to remove the Air filter/Muffler cover. 2. Remove the four (4) screws securing the air filter/muffler cover (Fig. 30). Use a flat blade or #20 Torx bit screwdriver. Pull the cover from the engine. Do not force. Choke Lever

Fig. 35 NOTE: The SpeedSpool cutting attachment should not rotate when the engine idles. 3. If the SpeedSpool cutting attachment rotates when the engine idles, turn the idle speed screw counterclockwise 1/8 of a turn at a time (as needed), to reduce idle speed. Checking the fuel mixture, cleaning the air filter, and adjusting the idle speed screw should solve most engine problems. If not and: The engine will not idle, The engine hesitates or stalls on acceleration, There is a loss of engine power, Have the carburetor adjusted by an authorized service dealer. WARNING: When the unit is turned off make sure the cutting attachment has stopped before the unit is set down to prevent serious personal injury.

Adjust Idle Speed Screw

WARNING: The cutting attachment may be spinning during carburetor adjustments. Wear protective clothing and observe all safety instructions to prevent serious personal injury. If after checking the fuel mixture and cleaning the air filter the engine still doesnt idle, adjust the idle speed screw as follows. 1. Start the engine and let it run at a high idle for a minute to warm up. 2. Release the throttle trigger and let the engine idle. If the engine stops, insert a small phillips or flat blade screwdriver into the hole in the air filter/muffler cover (Fig. 35). Turn the idle speed screw in, clockwise, 1/8 of a turn at a time (as needed) until the engine idles smoothly.


Use a Champion RDJ7Y spark plug (or equivalent). The correct air gap is 0.020 in. (0.5 mm.). Remove the plug after every 50 hours of operation and check its condition. 1. Stop the engine and allow it to cool. Grasp the plug wire firmly and pull it from the spark plug. 2. Clean around the spark plug. Remove the spark plug from the cylinder head by turning a 5/8 in. socket counterclockwise. 3. Replace cracked, fouled or dirty spark plug. Set the air gap at 0.020 in. (0.5 mm.) using a feeler gauge (Fig. 36). CAUTION: Do not sand blast, scrape, or clean electrodes. Grit in the engine could damage the cylinder. 4. Install a correctly gaped spark plug in the cylinder head by turning the socket clockwise until snug. Do not over tighten. Torque to 110-120 (12.3-13.5 Nm).

2-Cycle Oil. Spark Plug. Replacement Line. Replacement Line Cartridge. Inner Reel Spring. Bump Head Knob Assembly. Fuel Cap. Shoulder Strap. 180000 682075

0.020 in (0.5 mm)

Fig. 36


WARNING: To avoid serious personal injury, always turn your trimmer off and allow it to cool before you clean or do any maintenance on it. Use a small brush to clean off the outside of the unit. Do not use strong detergents. Household cleaners that contain aromatic oils such as pine and lemon, and solvents such as kerosene, can damage plastic housing or handle. Wipe off any moisture with a soft cloth.


Allow the engine to cool before transporting. Secure the unit while transporting. Tighten fuel cap before transporting.


Never store the unit with fuel in the tank where fumes may reach an open flame or spark. Allow the engine to cool before storing. Store the unit locked up to prevent unauthorized use or damage. Store the unit in a dry, well ventilated area. Store the unit out of the reach of children.


If the unit will be stored for an extended time, use the following storage procedure. 1. Drain all fuel from the fuel tank and drain into a container with the same 2-cycle fuel mixture. Do not use fuel that has been stored for more than 60 days. Dispose of the old fuel/oil mix in accordance to Federal, State, and Local regulations. 2. Start the engine and allow it to run until it stalls. This ensures that all fuel has been drained from the carburetor. 3. Allow the engine to cool. Remove the spark plug and put 1 oz. (30 ml.) of any high quality motor oil or 2-cycle oil into the cylinder. Pull the starter rope slowly to distribute the oil. Reinstall the spark plug. NOTE: Remove the spark plug and drain all of the oil from the cylinder before attempting to start the trimmer after storage. 4. Thoroughly clean the unit and inspect for any loose or damaged parts. Repair or replace damaged parts and tighten loose screws, nuts or bolts. The unit is ready for storage.


PROBLEM Engine will not start CAUSE Ignition switch is OFF Empty fuel tank Primer bulb wasn't pressed enough Engine flooded Old or Improperly Mixed Fuel Fouled spark plug Engine will not idle Air Filter is Plugged Old or Improperly Mixed Fuel Low idle speed Engine will not accelerate Improper carburetor adjustment Old or Improperly Mixed Fuel Improper carburetor adjustment Engine lacks power or stalls when cutting Cutting head bound with grass Dirty air filter Old or Improperly Mixed Fuel Improper carburetor adjustment Cutting head will not advance line Cutting head bound with grass Cutting head out of line Inner reel bound up Cutting head dirty Line welded Line twisted when refilled Not enough line is exposed ACTION Turn switch to ON Fill fuel tank Press primer bulb fully and slowly 5-7 times Use starting procedure with choke lever in the RUN position Pg. 12 Drain fuel tank / Add fresh fuel mixture Replace or clean the spark plug Replace or clean the air filter Drain fuel tank / Add fresh fuel mixture Adjust per instruction Pg. 20 Drain fuel tank / Add fresh fuel mixture Take to an authorized service dealer for carburetor adjustment Stop the engine and clean the cutting attachment Clean or replace the air filter Drain fuel tank / Add fresh fuel mixture Take to an authorized service dealer for carburetor adjustment Stop the engine and clean cutting attachment Refill with new line Replace the inner reel Clean inner reel and outer spool Disassemble, remove the welded section and rewind the line Disassemble and rewind the line Push the Bump Knob and pull out line until 4 in. (102 mm.) of line is outside of the cutting attachment Clean the cutting attachment

If you have any questions regarding your warranty rights and responsibilities, you should call 1-800-345-8746.
RYOBI OUTDOOR PRODUCTS warrants each new RYOBI Product for two (2) years according to the following terms. This warranty extends to the original retail purchaser only and commences on the date of original retail purchase. Any part of the RYOBI Product manufactured or supplied by RYOBI and found in the reasonable judgement of RYOBI to be defective in material or workmanship will be repaired or replaced by an authorized RYOBI service dealer without charge for parts and labor. The RYOBI Product including any defective part must be returned to an authorized service dealer within the warranty period. The expense of delivering the RYOBI Product to the dealer for warranty work and the expense of returning it back to the owner after repair or replacement will be paid for by the owner. RYOBIs responsibility in respect to claims is limited to making the required repairs or replacements and no claim of breach of warranty shall be cause for cancellation or rescission of the contract of sale of any RYOBI Product. Proof of purchase will be required by the dealer to substantiate any warranty claim. All warranty work must be performed by an authorized RYOBI service dealer. This warranty is limited to ninety (90) days from the date of original retail purchase for any RYOBI Product that is used for rental or commercial purposes, or any other income-producing purpose. This warranty does not cover any RYOBI Product that has been subject to misuse, neglect, negligence, or accident, or that has been operated in any way contrary to the operating instructions as specified in the RYOBI Operators Manual. This warranty does not apply to any damage to the RYOBI Product that is the result of improper maintenance or to any RYOBI Product that has been altered or modified so as to adversely affect the product's operation, performance or durability or that has been altered or modified so as to change its intended use. The warranty does not extend to repairs made necessary by normal wear or by the use of parts or accessories which are either incompatible with the RYOBI Product or adversely affect its operation, performance or durability. In addition, this warranty does not cover: A. Tune-ups - Spark Plugs, Carburetor Adjustments, Filters B. Wear items - Bump Knobs, Outer Spools, Cutting Line, Inner Reels, Starter Pulley, Starter Ropes, Drive Belts RYOBI reserves the right to change or improve the design of any RYOBI Product without assuming any obligation to modify any product previously manufactured. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE LIMITED IN DURATION TO THE TWO (2) YEAR WARRANTY PERIOD OR NINETY (90) DAYS FOR PRODUCTS USED FOR ANY COMMERCIAL PURPOSE. ACCORDINGLY, ANY SUCH IMPLIED WARRANTIES INCLUDING MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR OTHERWISE, ARE DISCLAIMED IN THEIR ENTIRETY AFTER THE EXPIRATION OF THE APPROPRIATE TWO-YEAR OR NINETY DAY WARRANTY PERIOD. RYOBIS OBLIGATION UNDER THIS WARRANTY, IS STRICTLY AND EXCLUSIVELY LIMITED TO THE REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT OF DEFECTIVE PARTS, AND ROP DOES NOT ASSUME OR AUTHORIZE ANYONE TO ASSUME FOR THEM ANY OTHER OBLIGATION. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY LASTS, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. RYOBI ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR OTHER DAMAGES INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO EXPENSE OF RETURNING THE RYOBI PRODUCT TO AN AUTHORIZED SERVICE DEALER AND EXPENSE OF DELIVERING IT BACK TO THE OWNER, MECHANICS TRAVEL TIME, TELEPHONE OR TELEGRAM CHARGES, RENTAL OF A LIKE PRODUCT DURING THE TIME WARRANTY SERVICE IS BEING PERFORMED, TRAVEL, LOSS OR DAMAGE TO PERSONAL PROPERTY, LOSS OF REVENUE, LOSS OF USE OF THE PRODUCT, LOSS OF TIME, OR INCONVENIENCE. SOME STATES DO NOT ALLOW THE EXCLUSION OR LIMITATION OF INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION OR EXCLUSION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. This warranty applies to all RYOBI Products manufactured by RYOBI and sold in the United States and Canada. To locate your nearest service dealer dial 1-800-345-8746 in the United States or 1-800-265-6778 in Canada.


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CLD-D504 HL-T6176S Omniaccess 3500 1700-300 X2100 SF150 VGN-FE NAD C372 Attachments Dreamweaver HTS5550 P-2612HW-f1 PLV55WM1 DVD-P350H CAR 2000 1390T FAV5071W ATS-818 AD-2100 119213C 111174-01 SGS 201 DDR-30 Airborne 5000 TI-85 SX-KN501 5000F TN500 CDX-M630 St560 SA2940 LC-46X8e S 8 ED M1733 Weed Eater TE 76 Faxphone 1600 SE233 50PT8 Nokia 3320 ADC5330 BAR988HG BLF1020 ESF43011 ST-SE570 PX 2200 FK 805 IC-2GAT Library Fuel Line Ez KV1326R Angeles Mp71 WD-1055F V 1 Condor Zanussi F900 DSC-T77 PV-DC152D CP-X1250W GR-DVX400 Coupe 2001 Color 1160 ICF-C492 DZ-GX5100E Workstation VF80EX 30 DA Trimmer Express Plus 2116I Multi-effects Model 2223 CQ-C1110GN 2 X A1000 PX-9500S HFX9MC45-20068B TX-20LA80F World TV Software DSC-W1 PRO 4360 Satellite A40 5-4 5 Chef 2200 VP-D323I MTX-2008 Repair Manual CM3200 Finepix F470 MD-SR60 Touring Fleck 5600 Control Unit Exotica MA34 7155-7165-01 SM-20 HD200X Series SHB9000 VGN-FE31Z Cadence G-40 Ez Parts DCR-SR57E DGB-300BK 560561


manuel d'instructions, Guide de l'utilisateur | Manual de instrucciones, Instrucciones de uso | Bedienungsanleitung, Bedienungsanleitung | Manual de Instruções, guia do usuário | инструкция | návod na použitie, Užívateľská príručka, návod k použití | bruksanvisningen | instrukcja, podręcznik użytkownika | kullanım kılavuzu, Kullanım | kézikönyv, használati útmutató | manuale di istruzioni, istruzioni d'uso | handleiding, gebruikershandleiding



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