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Volvo PentaSimrad MSD50 Mounting Kit Volvo Penta
[21119516 Mounting kit #1. For Volvo Penta KAD32, KAD42, KAD43 and KAD44 (all models after 1993.) ]

Part Number: 21119516

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Autumn SEASON 2009



Prices valid through December 31, 2009 unless otherwise specified. All prices are recommended retail prices. Exclude VAT.
We naturally hope that the season will continue for a while, but before long you will have to consider what you need to do for the next season to be just as successful. There is a lot to think about in connection with laying up your boat. The time you invest in the fall is time well spent that youll get in return when its time for launch again. Here are a number of tips worth considering; some are perhaps obvious to many but very important all the same. OIL AND OIL FILTER CHANGE Before you lay up your boat it can be a good idea to change the oil and oil filter. Warm up the engine, switch it off and pump all the engine oil out through the dipstick hole with the aid of an oil drain pump. Make sure you collect all of the oil into containers intended for the purpose. Then change the oil filter and fill with the correct quantity of Volvo Penta engine oil. Run the engine for a while with the new oil. If you are unsure which type of oil you should use, ask your local Volvo Penta dealer.
WHEN TAKING YOUR BOAT OUT OF THE WATER Take a good look at everything that is revealed below the waterline when the boat is taken out; this is when youll get the chance to discover every little detail before your boat is placed on stands or in large racks. EMPTY THE TANKS AND CHARGE THE BATTERIES Remember to empty the water tanks and hot water heater properly so that they do not hold water over the winter. Also remember to charge the battery. A battery will be seriously damaged if it is left discharged over a long period.
Every engine has an Operators Manual that contains more detailed information regarding oil changes etc. The Operators Manual specifies maintenance intervals for your particular engine. A PDF of your Operators Manual is available for download at Pleasure boat engines; Parts & Service
HIGH SEASON FOR MICRO ORGANISMS While your boat takes a break over winter there are others that go to work with a vengeance. Micro organisms flourish in the condensation that forms in the fuel tank. There are many opinions as to whether the tank should be full or completely empty. Check what applies at your boatyard. Either way it is important to have new fuel filters when it really matters; they can save a lot of money and prevent serious engine breakdowns. You will find all of our fuel filter offers on page 6. COOLING SYSTEM In order to avoid overheating damage you must regularly inspect and maintain the cooling system. Carefully inspect the impeller and all hoses and hose clamps when it is time to conserve the cooling system. Take out the impeller and store it in a plastic bag in a cool place over winter. Remember, it is always good to have a spare impeller and gaskets in reserve. ACCESSORIES FROM VOLVO PENTA AND QL Fall and winter are perfect times to equip your boat with new improvements and practical accessories. Volvo Penta has a wide assortment of accessories that can increase comfort on board. On pages 10-11 you will find, among other things, our Boat Trim System that allows you to get up onto the plane faster and provides a smoother ride, while you avoid having hydraulic planing tabs protruding from the stern. You can also find a selection of our pumps and engine compartment fans. Our entire assortment can be seen at
Contact your local Volvo Penta dealer to see what he can offer regarding winter conservation, drive service and much more. Ask for a cost estimate. You can locate your local Volvo Penta dealer at
As a Volvo Penta dealer, we will provide you with professional assistance. Being authorized means that we are specially trained in, and continually updated about, all Volvo Penta products. We have all the special tools and diagnostic equipment necessary to keep your engine in perfect shape. With our help youll enjoy worry-free, safe, long-lasting ownership of your Volvo Penta engine. Whats more, youll find us practically everywhere. Dealers and service workshops can be found at more than 5,000 locations around the globe. In other words, were close at hand wherever you are in the world.

You can find our entire engine and accessory range at, where you can also locate your nearest authorized dealer.
Always use genuine Volvo Penta parts. Then you can be sure that parts will fit in exactly the right way and will be of the highest quality. To make things easier, complete kits are available for purchase for many of our engines. The kits contain those parts that should be replaced simultaneously. By using our genuine parts you will have a more reliable and economical engine that uses less fuel and provides the best possible performance. Contact your Volvo Penta dealer for further information.


Contains oil filter, fuel filter, impeller and gaskets. The kits are available for all engines.

Regular price from 30.00

You will find complete service kits at your Volvo Penta dealer so you can keep your Volvo Penta engine in perfect condition. This way you replace all wear parts at the same time without forgetting anything.
Contaminated fuel causes immediate damage to fuel pumps and injectors, which cost hundreds of pounds to repair. The engine will begin to smoke, run unevenly and lose power. Volvo Penta genuine filters are of the highest quality for maximum filtration and accurately calculated for the best cleaning and penetration performance. They are tested, leak-proof under heavy l oads and developed especially for your particular engine.


Fuel filter for gasoline engines. Max. fuel flow 227 l/h.


Fuel filter for larger diesel engines up to 450 hp or 227 l/h.
Normal retail price 96.00


Fuel filter for smaller diesel engines up to 100 hp.
Normal retail price 139.00
Normal retail price 72.00

QL Fuel cleaner

Helps keep your fuel clear of bacterial growth. Price from
Normal retail price 83.00
Contaminated fuel is an increasing problem for boat owners. Engine repairs caused by contaminated fuel can be expensive. Engine break downs caused by contaminated fuel seldom occur in calm waters. Dirt in the tank is stirred up in rough seas and sucked into the engine, resulting in breakdown.
Volvo Penta dealers have many years of experience and professional expertise and provide genuine Volvo Penta parts when you need to service or repair your Volvo Penta engine. Here are some value-for-money genuine Volvo Penta parts for older engines. High-quality, well-fitting parts developed for your particular engine.
Cross Piece for Universal Joint
Price shown for Volvo Penta 270-290 Sterndrive.
Fits all small Volvo Penta diesels MD1-MD17 and all red 4 cyl. gasoline engines. Adaptor kit may be additional, from 22.56.

Sea Water Pump

Normal retail price 95.00
Normal retail price 255.50


Exhaust elbow for Volvo Penta MD5 MD17. (Gasket additional from 0.25)


Exhaust manifold and riser for Volvo Penta V8 e.g. AQ271.
Normal retail price 167.00


Normal retail price from 450.00
Additional to new genuine Volvo Penta parts there is also a wide assortment of reconditioned exchange parts. These parts have been reconditioned as new, and all wear parts replaced. Volvo Penta exchange parts provide a good way of protecting the environment by recycling instead of scrapping.
A complete sterndrive overhaul can cost thousands of pounds, so it is important to inspect all sterndrive parts before a winter lay up. When did you last pressure-test your sterndrive? Important! Follow the safety instructions in the Operators Manual when working on the sterndrive and transom shield. Contact your Volvo Penta dealer if you are unsure.


Volvo Penta gear lubricant for your sterndrive. Suggested retail price from


Volvo Penta Diesel engine OIL VDS-2 for your sterndrive*. Suggested retail price from
Normal retail price 15.00


Normal retail price 6.00
Kit for simpler sterndrive maintenance. Suggested retail price
Normal retail price 60.00
*For certain drives the same oil is used as in the engine. Check your Operators Manual.
Every year hundreds of engines and drives are stolen around our coasts and in our lakes. Many boatyards are unguarded, and it can be difficult to set a value on e.g. a sterndrive. Ask your Volvo Penta dealer what they can offer regarding storage and lay up.
Your engine is your best friend when you are at sea or out on a lake. Perfect engine function is above all a safety concern. Always use genuine Volvo Penta parts to ensure the highest performance in your Volvo Penta engine. Engines in pleasure boats are exposed to harder wear than other engines, because they are driven extremely intensely for short periods, and are then not used at all for a long while. Complete service kits are available at your Volvo Penta dealer to make maintenance easier, and its here youll find the right oil for your particular engine.

Our new engines have very low emission levels. Catalyzer parts are completely integrated into the aluminum exhaust system. The fuel system also incorporates accurate monitoring and diagnostics devices; the helmsman is informed immediately if exhaust purification is not working optimally.

QL Pumps & Fans

Improved comfort
The QL pump system makes life on board safe and comfortable. Youll have hot water for a shower and in the galley just like at home. Wash the decks, freeboard, ropes, the anchor and other equipment quickly and easily. But pumps are also there for safety on board. QL bilge pumps are the best safety investment you can make on board. QL also has a series of engine compartment fans to provide better ventilation in the bilges, engine compartment, galley and head etc.
QL Engine compartment fan for flexible installation

Price from

QL Engine compartment fan for inline installation
QL Submersible bilge pump and level m onitor

46.00 17.00 38.00

Normal retail price 58.00 Normal retail price 22.00
Normal retail price 48.00

QL Boat Trim System

Perfect trimming!
The QL Boat Trim System is a patented method for trimming boats. You enjoy a softer ride and get up onto the plane quicker thanks to interceptor technology. The innovative design is manufactured in composite material and in contrast to conventional trim systems there are no hydraulics; the system is entirely electrically operated. This makes the system corrosion free, easy to install and practically maintenance free.
QL Boat Trim System QL 450 kit


QL Boat Trim System QL 300 kit
Normal retail price 409.00 Complete kit, with gauges harness and interceptors, 300 mm wide. 12 or 24 volt.
Normal retail price 481.00 Complete kit with instruments, harness and interceptors, 450 mm wide. 12 or 24 volt.


Reducing environmental impact is a global challenge. As an industry leader in pleasure boats our commitment embraces the following; revolutionary propulsion systems that provide an improved on board experience and radical reductions in CO2 emissions. Ultra-modern engines that provide high performance with reduced environmental impact. Smart accessories that make more eco-friendly boat use possible. Manufacturing in environmentally certied (ISO 14001) world-class production installations. If you would like to know more about The Volvo Penta Green Commitment, please contact your local dealer. Welcome!


6-cylinder, direct-injected marine diesel engine with charge air compressor. turbocharger, aftercooler and Duoprop drive. 169 kW (230 hp)*
* Crankshaft power according to ISO 8665


Compressor-charged HiTech engine
Volvo Pentas 6-cylinder KAD43P is a compressor- and turbocharged high performance engine with aftercooler producing high torque at low engine speeds. This means unique acceleration properties and excellent drivability.

Reliable marine engine

KAD43P is a reliable and economic marine engine with considerable power resources, developed for planing craft. The engine is compact and has an advantageous weight to power ratio making it excellent for both single and multi-engine installation.

Direct injection

Direct injection (DI) results in a low thermal load and low fuel consumption compared with swirl chamber engines (IDI) with the same cylinder capacity.
KAD43P with DP-E Duoprop drive


The engine is supercharged with a mechanically driven compressor and an exhaust turbocharger. The compressor tted with silencers supplies compressed air at low engine speeds and while accelerating. The turbo takes over when the charging pressure has reached the proper level. The interaction of compressor and turbo produces high torque over the whole speed range and this contributes to cleaner exhaust gases and fuel economy giving excellent acceleration and driving characteristics.

Easy to service

The engine is designed for easy maintenance and service. All the important service points on the engine are conveniently located at the top and the port side.
uine Volvo Penta Parts as well as skilled personnel to ensure that you enjoy the best possible service.

Technical description:

Engine and block
Cylinder block and cylinder head made of cast iron for good corrosion resistance and long service life Oil-cooled pistons with two compression rings and one oil scraper ring Replaceable wet cylinder liners Replaceable valve seats Seven-bearing crankshaft

DP drive

The DP drive with its twin counter-rotating propellers produces a harmonious drive unit with unbeatable characteristics in the boat in terms of speed, acceleration and fuel economy. It also produces less noise and vibrations, better steering and maneuvering characteristics, better grip in the water and a shorter time to planing compared with single propeller systems. The drive features standard power steering for maximum driving comfort.


The air heats up and expands when it is compressed. In other words, it takes up more space. The aftercooler cools the compressed and heated air and raises its oxygen content so that the engine can use the fuel more efciently.

Engine mounting

Flexible mounting which provides sound and vibration insulation. The engine has two adjustable rubber mounts in front and rubber suspension between ywheel housing and transom shield
Low exhaust emission levels
The direct injection, supercharging and aftercooler contribute to minimizing noxious exhaust emissions and enhancing overall enjoyment of boating. The engine is certied according to SAV and IMO.

Lubrication system

Pressure lubrication system with easily replaced full-ow oil lter on the side of the engine Tubular oil cooler that can be cleaned
Comprehensive service network
Volvo Penta has a well-established network of authorized service dealers in more than 100 countries throughout the world. These service centers offer Gen-

Fuel system

Rotor-type injection pump with a mechanical governor for accurate speed control Smoke limiter Fine lter with water separator Feed pump with hand primer Electrically operated stopping device

Electrical system

12V corrosion-protected electrical system, complete with instrumentation 14V/60A marine alternator Charging regulator with battery sensor for voltage drop compensation The alternator is prepared for a bulkheadmounted double-diode set which automatically distributes the charge current to two separate battery circuits Automatic fuse with manual reset Starter motor power 3.0 kW Extension cable harness with plug-in connection available in various lengths
Coolant water inlet at the front of the drive Built-in kick-up function to reduce possible damage, in the event the drive strikes an underwater object

Power Trim

Power Trim is an electrically operated hydraulic system for trimming the drive angle while in use. The actual trim angle is indicated with ve LEDs and a digital display on the CD Trim instrument An analog instrument is also available

Air inlet and exhaust system
Inlet system designed to produce optimal air rotation which provides perfect combustion. This results in high power and low fuel consumption. Air inlet silencer with replaceable lter Closed crankcase vent system Air silencer on inlet and outlet side of compressor Seawater-cooled exhaust elbow of cast iron with a stainless steel insert Complete connection for exhaust outlet through the drive Exhaust-driven freshwater-cooled turbocharger Mechanically driven compressor


An extensive range of accessories for: Fuel system Cooling system Control system Steering system Instruments Electric system Comfort & Safety Propeller & Drive Maintenance For detailed information, please see Accessory catalogs.

Instrument panel:

Separate instruments and harness or complete panel tted with: Key switch Voltmeter Temperature gauge Rev counter Instrument lighting Hour meter Alarm for temperatu- Oil pressure gauge re, oil pressure and Alarm test charging

Cooling system

Thermostatically regulated freshwater cooling Tubular heat exchanger with separate transparent expansion tank Coolant system prepared for hot water outlet Seawater strainer and easily accessible impeller pump
Complete with transom shield, ywheel cover and installation components The drive can be tilted up by 42 Protective zinc anodes prevent corrosion
Contact your local Volvo Penta dealer for further information. Not all models, standard equipment and accessories are available in all countries. All specications are subject to change without notice. The engine illustrated may not be entirely identical to production standard engines.

Technical Data

Engine designation.. Crankshaft power, kW (hp).. Propeller shaft power, kW (hp). Engine speed, rpm... Displacement, l (in3).. Number of cylinders.. Bore/stroke, mm (in.).. Compression ratio... Volvo Penta Duoprop drive. Ratio... Dry weight with DP, incl. prop., kg (lb).
Duty rating: R5R4 Technical data according to ISO 8665. Fuel with a lower caloric value of 42,700 kJ/kg and density of 840 g/liter at 15C (60F). Merchant fuel may differ from this specication which will inuence engine power output and fuel consumption. The engine is certied according to SAV and IMO.

KAD43P 169 (230) 161 (218) 3900 3.6 (219) 6 92/90 (3.62/3.54) 17.8:1 DP-E 1.78:(1257)


Not for installation

AB Volvo Penta

SE-Gteborg, Sweden

02-AB Volvo Penta.



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