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Orange SPV M5000BoxWave DirectSync Orange SPV M5000 Cable bw-14-729-0
Completely compatible with the Orange SPV M5000

Brand: BoxWave Corporation
Part Number: bw-14-729-0
UPC: 011540131987

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prezbedard 9:35am on Tuesday, September 14th, 2010 
Perfect mini laptop This is exactly what I was looking for: a mini laptop that has a good sized screen and a useable keyboard, plus a phone. Excellent but take care with buying PDAs online 5 stars is for the product only.
geodome 5:07pm on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 
lots to play with its the most complete pda come phone i have owned to date well worth the money i spent Uniquely useful device All things considered I think that this is a very clever and generally well designed box of tricks I have always u...
ereinertsen 1:04pm on Wednesday, September 1st, 2010 
O2 Xda Atom Exec Nice design with black finish ; Speaker(stereo) Poor batt(extreme use)
davecam 1:30pm on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 
this unit (imate jasjar) is for people who understand the usage of it. it is for a person more incline in business & tech. i also have bible in it. Used the O2 Exec everyday for 1.5 years. Great phone with no more problems than any other of its generation (Blackberry and others).
beerdog 5:49am on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 
I have had this phone for about a year now, It is a very bulky phone and you do get funny looks from people! As soon as i like the MDA I,II,III i decided to try them MDA IV or MDA Pro for one week. On the first look i was amazed by functions. Commercialized both from the Qtek (with 9000 note it initials) that from her i-mate (with JASJAR it initials) it distinguishes him from the other devi...
daveydoom 3:01am on Friday, May 7th, 2010 
The i-mate JasJar PDA is what I have been waiting for since the days of the Psion series 5. At last a PDA with a decent integrated keyboard - WooHoo!!...
jsquareg 8:53pm on Friday, April 16th, 2010 
I had the O2 XDA IIi before I committed a sin and bought this Orange SPV M5000. Although it is much better when it comes to Internet browsing. A device with such a rich feature set should incorporate a better camera module(at least 2 megapixels) for other business professionals who may need t...

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align the screen

When you first switch on your phone you will need to align the screen.

Flight mode

You can also work in Flight mode. This means that your phone will not connect to the Orange network so you can't make or receive calls. You can use all the features on your M5000 apart from the phone. To switch to Flight mode, tap and select Turn on Flight mode.
Whatever you choose, all the functionality of your SPV M5000 is open to you whether you choose to input information using the physical keyboard or the virtual keyboard the choice is yours.

switch on

Press and hold the button on the top of your phone.
To increase the readability or to see more content on the screen, on the Text Size tab, adjust the text size by moving the slider.

computer mode

explore the screen
When you select a field that requires text or numbers, Input Panel automatically becomes available. Input Panel provides access to the various input methods available on your device. By default, Input Panel appears as on the menu bar. The icon indicates

expore the keyboard

Press Press
to make a video-enabled call in a once to enter a second-layer symbol or

UMTS environment.

number; press and hold the key for continuous second-layer symbol or number entries. Press Press Press Press Press to enter symbols or special characters to quickly start Orange World. to verify your data entries. to start the Messaging program. to start the Start menu. from a predefined list.
which input method is currently selected. The Input Selector arrow opens a list of available input methods. Use the keyboard to type as you would your PC or Mac.
Show/Hide Input Panel Tap the Input Panel icon on the menu bar to view the following options: The on-screen keyboard. Phone Pad Letter Recognizer or Block Recognizer. Transcriber.
To type a single uppercase letter or symbol, press Press. To use all uppercase letters, press
Press the numeric keys to enter numbers in text and when dialing. Press the arrow keys for directional movement. Press to access the list of your contacts.
to pick up a call, make a call, or send
a message. You can also enable or disable the Speakerphone by pressing and holding the key for one second. Press to end a call or cancel a message.

phone mode

indicator light
Flashes red when battery is low, shows solid red when charging and flashes green when on a call or in idle mode.

outside your SPV M5000

earpiece touch screen
Use to write, draw or make a selection with the stylus.
stylus and stylus slot GSM car antenna connector CDMA car antenna connector sync connector speaker*
Listen to audio media or a phone call from here.


Press up or down to adjust the volume.

call key

Press to open the Phone screen and to make a call.
video camera lens microphone navigation pad
Use this connector for synchronising data or recharging the battery.

notes key

Press to make a new note.

end key

Press to end a call or, if your phone is ringing, to reject a call and divert it to your Orange Box.
Use the key to move up, down and sideways in menus. Press it inwards to confirm that you want to carry out the function highlighted on the display.

soft reset

With the stylus press the Reset button to soft reset your device.

camera key

Press to open your camera.
*speaker headphone socket
Allows you to listen to audio media or use the hands free kit.
indicator light memory card slot

your Home screen

Orange has added the Home screen to your phone so that you can quickly link to the features you use the most, as well as see at a glance any missed calls or new messages.

get an overview

Another great feature of the Home screen is that you can see at a single glance whether youve missed any calls, received any messages or have any live appointments. To get more details all you need to do is tap on the relevant icon. These are:


These symbols link you to the most frequently used features on the SPV M5000.
To change your volume level or switch to vibrate or silent mode.
Check the time and date and view your next appointment.

quick access

The Home screen lets you launch key features on your phone and great services from Orange as quickly as possible. Whether you want to send a text message, take a photo or start exploring Orange World you can now do it faster than ever.
Orange business customers
If youre a business customer weve created the Expert Home page to make your phone even more useful. The Expert Home screen gives you the option to choose your favourite applications and create a shortcut to them from the Home screen. You can deactivate the Expert mode Home screen by choosing Options from the tool bar Expert icon on the Home page. Unchecking the box will activate your regular Home screen and the Expert icon will be replaced by the Camera icon.

Contacts Phone Messaging Calendar Camera/Expert Mode Orange World


View your current network status, switch your SPV M5000 to Flight mode, connect GPRS and set up a new connection.

all the options

Each time you tap one of the icons youre presented with a list of options that give you even more choice. So, for example, when you want to browse Orange World you can choose to go direct to: Info, Fun, Tools or Your Page.
Wireless Manager Contacts
Tap here to take you directly to your Contacts list. Change your Wireless LAN settings.

explore the menus

Below are the main features of the Start menu. To access this menu, tap Start in the Home screen. To access an item, scroll to the one you want and press the Action key. As this menu is dynamic, it will change as you add or remove applications of your own.

the Programs menu

This folder includes Clear Storage, Download Agend and Enroller applications.

Excel Mobile

Create and edit Excel spreadsheets.

File Explorer Today

Return to the Home screen so you can see your days appointments and the time and date.

Internet Explorer

Browse the Internet and wap sites straight from your phone, even while on the move.
Play games stored on your phone and download new games as they are released.
All your information is stored in a series of files on your SPV M5000. Work through the file menu tree to access folders and sub-folders.

Messaging Contacts

Opens your contacts list alphabetically. View your Inbox and compose new messages.

JAVA ActiveSync

Synchronise your contacts, emails and appointments. Takes your directly to MIDlet Manager.

Phone Calendar

Record your important events and set up alarms to remind you of appointments. Takes you directly to your dial pad.
Jot down notes using the keypad.
Calculator Pictures & Videos
Takes you directly to your pictures and videos folder. Perform sums quickly and easily.

Orange Help

Help gives you a glimpse of the great things you can do with your mobile phone.


Take photos using the View finder on the back of your phone
ClearVue PDF Programs - See Programs menu. Settings - See the Settings menu.

View PDFs on your phone.

Pocket MSN

Access MSN services.

the Settings menu

Voice Speed Dial

Say a name to make a call.


Change the one-touch access icons on the Home screen and the buttons on your device to access programs of your choice.


Change the password for your M5000.

Power Point Mobile

Lets you view and edit PowerPoint slides and presentations.

Wireless Manager

Allows you to manage the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.
Additional access to the phone feature on your M5000.
Adjust your text input method.

PV Player

Use PV Player to view your videos.

Word Mobile

Creates new documents or lets you view and edit Word documents.
Sounds and notification Menus
Add features to your Start menu. Change and personalise the sounds and alerts on your M5000.


Enables you to search contacts, data and other information.
Enables you to save memory and increase the storage space of your M5000 by compressing files in the ZIP format.

MSN Options

Adjust your MSN settings.
Adjust the Home screen settings.
Create tasks and set alarms to remind yourself of events.

Owner Information

Store your personal details here.
Adjust your Voice Speed Dial settings.
Help, the user guide on your phone
Orange Help is a unique application to help you get the most from your phone. When youre unsure about how to use a particular service or feature simply launch Help to find out more. Each topic includes information that will guide you through the steps required to achieve your goal. It even enables you to launch the service or feature simply by tapping Try It. When youve finished experimenting youre returned to Help so you can explore a new topic. Help covers everything from sending an SMS to making a video call, from setting up your email to downloading new applications. 3 Tap End to end the call or press the and select Phone.

making a call

1 To make a call with the cover shut and the screen flipped towards you, tap start menu
2 Tap in the number you wish to call and tap Talk or press the the phone.

button on the side of

button on the side of the phone.
If youre calling abroad add the international + symbol by tapping and holding 0.
To make a call using your Address book: 1 Tap Contacts in the bottom right of the screen or tap Start then Contacts.

making video calls

Be a part of any event, even if youre not there in person. Video Calling means you can see the person you are talking to (and any goings on in the background) in real time on your phone.

Video Calling tips

2 Tap the Contact you wish to call then tap it again or tap Call. For a good-quality call, keep the following tips in mind: While you are on a call you can change the volume using the volume keys on the side of the phone or tap and adjust the volume slider.
Try to position yourself so that you are facing the light source. If the light is coming from behind you, you might appear as a silhouette. Make sure that the internal camera on your phone is not covered and that you are in full view of it. During calls ensure you are positioned in front of the camera; check this using the on-screen display. You can zoom in and out using the up-and-down hard keys.
Did you know that your phone is triband? This means that you can use it in up to 34 countries around the world without having to change any settings. Simply switch the phone on when you arrive and you will connect to the local partner network. Please visit for more information on using your phone abroad.

make a video call

Tap the Video Call button to open the Dial screen.

Orange Box

Your Orange Box is already active. The first time you use the Orange Box just dial your number (+418607xxxxxxxx) and you will be prompted to: a) create a new password, b) record your own personalised greeting message and c) record your voice signature (see details below). Listen to played messages (from main menu) Print fax to any fax machine* (only Orange Box Prof. & Voice email) key will not be Rewind 8 seconds Replay message from Advance by 8 seconds Go to next message beginning Repeat previous message Record & send a voice message* (only with Orange Box Prof., from main menu) Delete message Save message
Dial the number using the on-screen buttons or the keypad. Then tap

. Alternatively, tap Contacts from the Home screen, select and hold on the contact you want to video call. A drop-down menu will pop up. Select Video Call. Then tap.
Note: When you are out of the UMTS coverage the
displayed on the Dial screen and therefore you will be unable to make a video call. Note: If you do not accept the video call, the caller will be directed to the video Orange Box answerphone. Note: You can only make a video call to someone who has a video-enabled phone and is in UMTS coverage.
Password access (when calling from another phone or abroad)
Skip the greeting or introduction message Help Direct to Customer Care Automatically call back the person who left the message
* Orange Box advanced features available with Orange Box Professional and/or Voice email. For more details on Orange Box and its
advanced features check our website 24 25
listen to messages on Orange Box
To listen, just dial 086 07x xxx xxxx. Or, depending on your phone model, use the quick access by pressing. 1 Access Main menu. 2 Select Personal options, press. 3 Access Greetings, press press.

adding a contact

personalise your welcome message
To personalise your greeting: Your phone has two memories, the UMTS-ready SIM card and the phone memory. If you save numbers to your phone memory you can save more information such as email addresses and work numbers. 1 Tap Contacts in the bottom right of the screen or tap Start then Contacts. 2 Tap New then enter the information for the new contact in the fields. It may be worthwhile entering the contact numbers in the international form, ie +41 then the number minus the initial 0, so that you can use them abroad. If the cover is closed with the screen flipped towards you, use the stylus on the virtual keyboard to enter the information. Tap ie +417812345678. 3 Tap OK when youre finished and the contact will automatically appear in Contacts. to delete a character. Dont include spaces or brackets,
protect your Orange Box with a password
To create your password: 1 Access Main menu. 2 Select Personal options, press 3 Select Password, press then press.
Select To change your pers. greeting,
use voice signature if you prefer to insert your name to a pre-recorded greeting
To record/change your voice signature: 1 Access Main menu.
4 Enter your new password (4 digits),
To access messages from another phone, or sometimes while abroad (+418607xxxxxxxx), press enter your password and press
2 Select Personal options, press 3 Access Greetings, press press.
as soon as you hear the greeting, then (*password#).
4 Select To change your voice signature,

sending an SMS

1 From the Home screen tap Start then Messaging. 2 Tap near the top left of the screen then tap Text Messages.

taking a photo

Wherever you have your phone you can now take photos. You can also send them to friends, family and colleagues as photo messages. To take a photo: 1 Close the cover with the screen flipped towards

3 Tap New at the bottom of the screen. A new SMS will open and you will see a flashing cursor in the To: field. 4 Enter the phone number of the person you want to send the message to or tap Menu then Add Recipient and choose one of your contacts. 5 Tap the main text area to select it and enter your message. To easily enter frequently used messages tap Menu then My Text. 6 Tap Send to send your message.
you. Tap Start and select Camera to open the viewfinder. Alternatively, simply press the camera button on the side of your SPV M5000. 2 Press the Action key or the camera button to take your photo. 3 The photo will appear on your screen. Tap to send the photo via email or tap automatically saved. if you want to delete it. If you dont delete it the photo is

sending a photo message

Once youve taken a photo you can share it immediately with your friends using Orange Photo Messaging or save it for later use. To send a photo message: 1 Tap Start then Messaging. 2 Tap in the top left of the screen then MMS. 3 Tap New. Choose from the stored images or select Custom to select your personal photos. 4 Tap to insert a photo or video image and the My Pictures folder will appear. 5 Tap your photo to select it then tap 7 Tap Send to send the message. Did you know that if the recipient doesnt have a camera phone they can still see your message? They receive a password-protected link that directs them to the Orange website where they can go to View your photos. 6 Enter the number you want to send the photo to next to To: at the top of the screen. your phone.

shooting a video

Record personal moments by shooting videos on
To record a video: 1 Close the cover with the screen flipped towards you. Tap Start then select Camera to open the viewfinder. Alternatively, simply press the camera button on the side of your SPV M5000. Tap the right blue arrow to select Video. 2 Press the Action key or the camera button to start shooting your video. 3 Press the Action key or the camera button to end recording. 4 The first frame of the video will appear on your screen. Tap or tap to watch the video in Windows Media Player to delete the video.

sending a video message

Once youve shot your video you can share it immediately with your friends using Orange Video Messaging or save it for later use. To send a video message: 1 Tap Start then Messaging. 2 Tap in the top left of the screen then tap MMS. 3 Tap New. Select Custom to choose from your personal photos and videos. 4 Tap insert a photo or video image and the My Pictures folder will appear. 5 Tap your video to select it then tap 7 Tap Send to send the message. Did you know that if the recipient doesnt have a video phone they can still see your message? They receive a password-protected link that directs them to the Orange website where they can go to watch your video.

Orange World

Orange World is the place to visit to find information, manage your time and have fun. One of the best ways to make your new phone your own is to visit Orange World and download a ringtone or the latest tracks. That way, youll never check your phone when someone elses is ringing. Have more fun with your phone. Did you know that you can:
6 Enter the number you want to send the video to next to To: at the top of the screen. watch a video clip or trailer download a new ringtone choose a new wallpaper read your horoscope get news or sport results send/receive emails consult the train time table.
Connect wherever you are with the Wireless Manager
Wireless Manager allows you to manage a WiFi Internet connection on your SPV M5000.

downloading video clips

Today screen: Open the Today screen. If your SPV M5000 has detected a WLAN network connection, the icon will show in the top of the screen, and you will see a WLAN icon in the bottom right hand corner. Wireless Manager: Tap Wireless Manager in the Programs menu. If your SPV M5000 is receiving WLAN signals, the third button should read ON. WLAN, or WiFi, is the default wireless channel setting for your device, UMTS or GPRS will be launched if no WiFi signal is detected. Note: The availability and range of your SPV M5000s WLAN signals may depend on the number, thickness and location of walls, ceilings or other objects that the wireless signal must pass through. You may want to access Orange World to explore and discover new video clips. Simply open Orange World on your phone and follow the links to the clip that you want to view. You will then see details of the clip.
Enjoy your phone any time, anywhere by watching video. There are three ways you can watch video on your Orange phone. You can: watch clips Orange has already added to your phone. download clips from Orange World or your favourite WAP sites.
Note: Streamed video simply means that you watch it from the source location: it is not saved or copied to your phone. This is often a good way to watch previews as it doesnt reduce your free memory space.
It is designed to work with existing 802.11b devices such as access points or routers. To run Wireless Manager with your SPV M5000, you will need to have access to a broadband Internet connection and the necessary access point or a router that emits WLAN signals. If you do not have access to broadband Internet, check with your Internet service provider before running this application. To check for a Wireless signal before opening Wireless Manager:

synchronise your phone

By synchronising your SPV M5000 and your PC, you can make sure that all of your important information, like emails and contacts, are kept up to date. You can also use synchronisation to add new programs to your phone. First, you will need to install Outlook 2002 (if you dont have this already) and the new version of Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0 from the Companion CD that came with your SPV M5000, as earlier versions will not work with your SPV M5000. Do not attach your phone to your PC yet. 1 Insert the SPV M5000 Companion CD into the CD-ROM drive of your desktop computer. Dont attach your SPV M5000 to your PC yet. The CD will autostart. Simply follow the onscreen instructions for installing Microsoft Outlook 2002 and Microsoft ActiveSync 4.0.
setting up your email account
2 Restart your computer, then connect your SPV M5000 using the USB connection cable. ActiveSync will autostart when it detects your phone, and the connection wizard will open. Work through each screen of the wizard, completing information as necessary. 3 At this stage you can decide whether you wish to create an exclusive Standard partnership with the PC you are working on, or only a temporary Guest partnership (for example, if you are using a borrowed laptop or friends computer). When you have finished, your PC and SPV M5000 will synchronise. 1 Tap and select Messaging, then tap on Outlook E-mail. 2 Select Menu from the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 3 From the pop-up menu tap Tools then select New Account. 4 Enter your email address and tap Next. Once you set up your POP3 and IMAP4 email accounts on your phone you can send, receive, reply and forward messages just like you do from your PC. You can also attach files from your phone such as photos, videos and contact information. With your SPV M5000 you can stay on top of your inbox when youre away from your desk. To use a corporate account ask your IT manager to provide the necessary details. 5 Auto-configuration will begin. This means your SPV M5000 automatically connects to your email server to automatically download the settings you need. If successful, you can begin sending and receiving emails immediately. 6 If auto-configuration is unsuccessful, you will need to manually enter the information. You may need to contact your IT department for some of the settings. 7 Enter your name, username and password for your email account. Tap Next. 8 Tap Account type to open the drop-down list, and choose your account type. 9 Enter the details for your incoming and outgoing mail. Tap Finish, and this account will be ready to use.
Your name Email address Server type Incoming mail server ______________________ ________* POP3 or your personal POP account provider, eg Outgoing mail server Network User name Password Domain * If you have an Orangemail account you will have received these settings when you first subscribed to Orange Internet. The Internet _____________________* _____________________*

personalising your SPV M5000
make your shortcut keys suit your needs
You can customize your SPV M5000s buttons by changing their functions. 1 Tap Start then select Settings then Buttons. 2 You can adjust the Contacts key, the Video Call key, the Camera key and the Record key. 3 Tap the button you wish to change. 4 Tap the drop-down menu below Assign a program and select a function. 5 Tap OK. You can also adapt the up-and-down scroll keys. 1 Tap Start then Settings then Buttons. 2 Tap the Up/Down Control tab. 3 Set the time delay before the first repeat, and the repeat delay. 4 Tap OK.
adapt your menus to suit your needs
Use your SPV M5000s menus in the most efficient manner, by changing the order or their contents. 1 Tap Start then Settings then Menus. 2 You will see a list of functions that can appear in your Start menu. This is the menu that appears when you tap in the Home screen. 3 Use your stylus to check and uncheck boxes to customise your start menu. You can also change the options available in the New menu. This is the pop-up menu that appears when you tap New in the Home screen. 1 Tap Start then Settings then Menus. 2 Use your stylus to check and uncheck boxes to customise your New menu. 1 Tap Start then Settings then Today. 2 Tap the Items tab. 3 Use your stylus to check or uncheck the items you wish to appear in your Home screen.
4 To change the order, tap the feature you wish to move. Tap Move Up or Move Down, and you will see the new order. 5 Tap OK to save your changes. Control the information you see on your list so that what you need to see quickly is visible.

change your Home screen

Orange have provided two images that can be used in your Home screen. You can also use any of the photos you have stored on your SPV M5000.
choose how your tasks list and calendar are displayed in the Start menu
change your SPV M5000s phone settings
1 Tap Start then Settings then Today. 2 Tap Guava Bubbles or Windows Default to use a preset image, or check the Use this picture as the background box and then tap Browse. 3 Search through your image folders and tap the photo you wish to use as your background. 4 Tap OK. You can also change the order in which your main features appear on your Home screen. 1 Tap Start then Settings then Phone. 2 Choose the ring type you want using the drop-down boxes. 3 Choose your ringtone. To hear the ringtone press play. 4 Choose your keypad tones, from Tones, Beep or Off. 5 Tap OK to save your changes. Control the ringtone and keypad sounds, the volume of the ringtones and which alerts you receive notification for using the phone settings. 1 Tap Start then Settings then Today. 2 Tap the Items tab. 3 Tap Tasks, but not in the checkbox, and then tap Options. 4 Use your stylus to choose what is displayed from:
To change the information you see for your tasks list:
High-priority tasks Tasks due today Overdue tasks Category
5 Tap OK to save your changes.

To change the information you see for your calendar at step 4 above, choose Calendar. You can then choose to see:
choose the way information is displayed
Personalise the way information is displayed on your SPV M5000, so you can have dates in American formats, but currency displayed in sterling. To change the way your clock is displayed: 1 Tap Start then Settings. 2 Tap the System tab, then Regional Settings. 3 Use the tabs to choose from:
To set a visiting time zone: 1 Tap Start then Settings. 2 Tap the System tab. 3 Tap Clock & Alarms. Then, if needed, tap the Time tab. 4 Check the Visiting check box. 5 Enter the time zone details. 6 Tap OK. 7 Tap Yes to set the visiting time zone. All your appointments will also shift to the new time zone. To change back to your home time zone,
Time More detailed choices in the display of your time. Date More detailed choices in the display of your date.
Next appointment Upcoming appointments Display all day events
4 Tap OK to save your changes.
change your power management settings
Use the power settings to check your battery strength and set your SPV M5000 to conserve battery power. To check your battery level: 1 Tap Start then Settings. 2 Tap the System tab. 3 Tap Power. You will see on-screen the power remaining on both your main battery and your backup battery. 4 Tap the Advanced tab. Choose when you would like your SPV M5000 to turn itself off after the

using the clock settings

If you regularly travel to a different time zone, you can create a visiting time zone, so you can quickly and easily change between times. Your SPV M5000 can also wake you up or remind you of events, using the alarm clock.
Region This is a quick way to change all the settings at once.
tap Home in step 4 above.
Number More detailed choices in the display of your numbers.
Currency More detailed choices in the display of your currency.
last tap, from both the battery and an external power source. 5 Tap OK. Change your backlight and beam settings to conserve battery power: 1 Tap Start then Settings. 1 Tap Start then Settings. 2 Tap the System tab. 3 Tap Power. Tap the Advanced tab. 4 Choose when you would like your SPV M5000 to turn itself off after the last tap, from both the battery and an external power source. 5 Tap the backlight link at the bottom of your screen. 6 Choose how you would like your backlight to work. Remember to also tap the External Power and Brightness tabs. Tap OK. 7 Tap the beam link at the bottom of your screen. 8 Uncheck the Receive all incoming beams box. 9 Tap OK twice, to save your changes.

contacting Orange

Customer Care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Alternatively, visit the Orange website at for more details.
remove programs to free up memory space
To free up memory space for new programs, any programs that youve added to your SPV M5000 can be removed when you no longer need them.

Customer Care

If you have a query about your mobile phone or any Orange service, contact Customer Care free on 700.

Visit the Orange website to find out more about Orange products and services.
2 Tap the System tab along the bottom of your screen then tap Remove Programs. 3 You will see a list of programs youve added to your SPV M5000. 4 Tap the program you no longer need, then tap Remove. 5 Confirm your choice by tapping Yes.

all Orange customers

If you are a business customer, contact the Business Care Team free on 600. Emergency Service 117 (Police) 118 (Fire) 144 (Rescue)


CE Declaration of Conformity
For the following equipment: POCKET PC PHONE Product Name: PU10 is herewith confirmed to comply with the requirements set out in the Council (European parliament) Directive on the Approximation of the Laws of the Member States relating to Electromagnetic Compatibility of Radio and Telecom device (1999/5/EC). For the evaluation regarding this Directive, the following standards were applied: EN v.1.6.1, EN v.9.0.2, EN 301 908-01 v 2.2.1, EN 301 908-02 v.2.2.1 EN 301 489-01 v.1.4.1, EN 301 489-07 v.1.2.1, EN 301 489-17 v1.2.1, EN 301 489-24 v.1.2.1 IEC 60950-1:2001, EN 50360, EN 50361, EN 50371 The following importer/manufacturer is responsible for this declaration: High Tech Computer Corp. (Company Name, Manufacturer) 1F, 6-3, Bau-Chian Rd., Hsin Tien, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. Person responsible for this declaration: Alan Hsu (Name, Surname, Manufacturer) Project Manager (Position/Title)
radio waves and your phone
Specific absorption rate, or SAR, is an internationally accepted way of measuring how much radio frequency (RF) energy is absorbed by the body when a mobile phone is used. All phones on the Orange network are designed by the phone manufacturers to comply with the relevant recommendations and standards. Orange believes that new and existing customers should be fully informed about SAR. The SAR value for your SPV M5000 is 0.172 mW/g @10g Note: The SAR value for your phone has been provided to Orange by the manufacturer. By acting as facilitator for conveying this information to our customers, Orange is fulfilling its duty as a responsible retailer.

(Legal Signature) Taiwan, R.O.C. (Place) September 2005 (Date)
please visit our website at The information contained in this getting started guide is correct at the time of going to press, but Orange reserves the right to make subsequent changes to it and services may be modified, supplemented or withdrawn. September 2005. Orange and any other Orange product or service names referred to in this user guide are trademarks of Orange Personal Communications Services Limited (UK).
Orange Communications SA World Trade Center Av. de Gratta-Paille 2 Case postale 455 CH-1000 Lausanne 30 Grey Customer Care: 700
Produced by Clear the explanation agency 10048255 EN 09/05
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A Personal Digital Assistant and mobile phone combined in an ideal device for mobile working. Quick and simple access to company data with the highest data speed, efcient mobile working, email, internet, video telephony and much more. The SPV M5000 offers everything in a single, intelligent device.

Mobile ofce

The SPV M5000 has been carefully developed to meet the requirements of mobile working. Due to its unique design it is both a compact and efcient device, which enables you to simply take your ofce with you. When used in laptop mode it has a large landscape format screen and an integrated QWERTZ keyboard. This feature allows the user to compose and edit documents or emails easily. When the screen is pivoted, the SPV M5000 becomes a PDA with simple access to email, calendar and contact data. The SPV M5000 is the latest acquisition of Windows MobileTM based products by Orange and is the rst UMTS device powered by Windows MobileTM 5.0, with which, due to Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and Excel Mobile, the familiar Microsoft Ofce environment can also be used productively on the move.

Email and fast Internet

Since it is connected to the Orange UMTS network, the SPV M5000 enables one of the advantages of a fast Internet connection to be fully utilised, whether working with larger les, email attachments, multimedia applications or surng the Internet. Calls can conveniently be answered using the headset, while continuing to work with emails, the calendar, etc., at the same time.


Business can be quite complex, but this does not mean that mobile devices have to be as well. As a Signature device for business, the SPV M5000 has been adapted to customer requirements to make it as easy and efcient to use as possible. The homescreen offers easy access to the most important applications for professional use with a single click. Due to the wide range of services that Orange offers on all of its Signature devices for business, companies can be connected to their mobile devices at very low cost. Employees are therefore able to work comfortably and efciently no matter where they are.
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Key features

Orange Signature standard: adapted homescreen with simple access to the most important business applications with a single click. selected on the basis of strict criteria such as battery capacity, communication options, compatibility with additional software and accessories Stringent test and approval procedure to ensure optimum functionality for professional use on the Orange network In the box SPV M5000 Battery Charger with mini USB connection Carry case Stereo headset Installation CD (including ActiveSync 4.0 and Outlook Mobile) Synchronisation cable with mini USB connection 2 Stylus Data communications WiFi 802.11B Wireless Manager for connection status and settings UMTS Live TV UMTS video telephony GPRS class B/10 (4+2) Triband GSM: 900/1800/1900 MHz Bluetooth, infrared and USB interfaces Data modem Functions/applications Windows Mobile 5.0 for the familiar environment of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Pocket PC as well as downloading of attachments with Outlook Mobile PDF Viewer Mobile access to email, contact and calendar data ActiveSync 4.0 Text, photo and video messaging (MMS up to 300 KB) Video streaming and video player Internet Explorer Mobile (HTML 4.01) for surng the Internet Integrated dual camera with 1.3 megapixel and VGA resolution Price Price SPV M5000 without subscription CHF 1599.Price SPV M5000 with subscription:

Price plan Advanced Unlimited Optima 400 Optima 100 Optima 30 Price in CHF with a 12 month contract 849.849.899.929.Price in CHF with a 24 month contract 749.749.799.829.-
Specials Unique form factor: mini laptop Full QWERTZ keyboard Display switching from portrait to landscape format Continuous memory: the device does not lose data even when there is no power supply Dimensions: 132 x 79 x 22mm Weight: 270g Weight: 270g Talk time: up to 4 hours GSM, up to 3 hours UMTS, up to 2 hours video telephony) Standby time: up to 170 hours Large colour touch screen (65k, 480 x 640 Pixel) Music-Player (MP3, WMA, AMR) Instant Messenger MSN
Very attractive as a bundle:
SPV M5000** CHF 749. + SPV C600 CHF 599. = Regular Price CHF 1348. Discount Special Price CHF 499. = CHF 849.
** with the subscription of a price plan Advanced Unlimited or Optima 400 for 24 months. Orange SA 2005. Orange, the Orange logo and any other Orange product or service names included in this material are trademarks of Orange Personal Communications Services Limited. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this fact sheet, no responsibility can be accepted for any errors or omissions. The information in this fact sheet is correct at the time of going to print, but Orange reserves the right to make subsequent changes to it and the services may be modied, supplemented or withdrawn.



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