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conciselinux 2:36am on Saturday, May 29th, 2010 
excellent time piece The new t-touch expert turned up in the post in an ellaborate box (the size of a small shoe box) all to show of the new time piec...

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We would like to thank you for choosing a TISSOT watch, a Swiss brand among the most highly renowned in the world. Your T-TOUCH watch has the most recent technical innovations. It gives you a constant analogue time display and a variety of digital displays. In addition, the following functions can be accessed simply by touching the glass: Weather, Altimeter, Chronograph, Compass, Alarm and Thermometer.

w ww. ti ss o t.c h



2nd function 1st function 1st function 2nd function
Activate touchsensitive glass

Activate light

Water resistance: 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft)
Time T Time T2 Alarm 2 Active touch-sensitive glass
R Relative pressure, Active altitude difference meter A Absolute pressure, Azimuth
Battery type: button-type lithiummanganese dioxide primary battery cell.
Activate touch-sensitive glass / Activate light

CHRONO Chronograph

Centre Date


Centre Time 1


Centre Time 2


Centre Options

COMPASS Calibration

METEO Weather, relative pressure

ALARM Alarm 1

METEO Weather, absolute pressure

ALARM Alarm 2


THERMO Thermometer

ALTIMETER Altitude difference meter

General user information

Activating the touch-sensitive glass Activating the light Setting mode

2 sec. 1 sec. 2 sec.

Display mode

Activate the glass

The display light will stay on for 5 seconds.
Date display = Default display

Select a function

When the glass is activated, the symbol will flash on the digital display. If the glass is not touched, it will automatically deactivate after 15 seconds. Exception: In compass and altitude difference meter mode, the glass will deactivate after 30 seconds Touch one of the 7 touch-sensitive areas of the glass to activate the corresponding function.

Time 1 display: T

Time 2 display: T2
: move display and/or hand

position forward

position backward
Options Display Return to Date display
If no manipulation for 10 seconds, the setting mode is deactivated.
Setting > Times t & T2
Pressing and holding or will move the hands forward or backward. After a full revolution, the minutes hand will stop and the hour hand advances/reverses in steps of one hour. Time T2 is set in steps of 15 minutes. 2 sec. 1 sec.

Activate glass

Time T or T2 display (example: T)

Setting mode

: forward 1 min. : back 1 min. (hands and display)
Validate setting a) The seconds restart at zero b) The seconds continue

Setting > Date

The calendar is perpetual, i.e. the number of days per month is predefined. In continuous setting, the days scroll past slowly at first, and then quicker. After a full month, the calendar scrolls in months, and then likewise in years. 2 sec. 1 sec.

Date display

: forward one day : back one day

Validate setting

Reading > Options

1 sec.

Options display (see page 3)
Switch to sub-menus: Units display

Beep display

Automatic switch to standby mode after 5 seconds Beep every second

Climate zone display

Back to units display
At any time: exit sub-menu back to date display

Setting > Units

2 sec. or

Units display

Select mode 12/24 hours in 12 hour mode, the letter A (AM) or P (PM) appears between minutes and seconds when setting the time
Select Mode " C / m" or " F / ft"
Validate setting. Selecting 12 hour mode displays the date in the format 12.27.2007 (month, day, year), and 24 hour mode in the format 27.12.2007 (day, month, year).

Setting > Beep

2 sec. or or
Deactivating the sound silences adjustment beeps but not the alarms.
Activated = on , Deactivated = off

Setting > Standby

Standby mode is a battery economy mode. All the functions are deactivated, with only the time & date counters updated. This mode economises the battery when the watch is not being worn.
a) The watch is in standby Automatic switch to standby mode after 10 seconds Beep every second
Back to time & date mode

/ : stop the count, b) the watch does not switch to standby mode
Setting > Hemisphere and climate zone
To get the best from the altimeter function, it is possible to adjust the hemisphere and climate zone to your geographic location. Select your climate zone according to the simplified Koeppen climate classification (see illustration on right). If the watch is not set ("No Set"), the standard atmosphere model is used: set temperature at sea level = 15C, mean pressure at sea level: 1013.25 hPa




Select hemisphere: North = North, South = South not set = not set
Set the local climate: T = temperate; M = Mediterranean; A = arid; tr = tropical; P = polar
The watch needs to be synchronised if the watch hands do not display the same time as the digital display, or if they are not correctly superimposed when accessing the functions. The watch is desynchronised when its electric motors mechanism is disturbed due to heavy impacts for example. N.B.: The glass must be active to access the synchronisation mode.



or 5 sec. or or

Synchronisation setting mode The hands should be perfectly superimposed in the 12 o'clock position
Position the hour hand at 12 o'clock
Position the minutes hand at 12 o'clock
Validate setting Return to Time T mode


In weather mode, the hands are superimposed to indicate the weather trend.
Relative pressure display in hPa
Absolute pressure display in hPa
Setting > Relative pressure presetting
Setting this pressure changes the altitude displayed. The possible relative pressure is deliberately limited between 950 hPa and 1100 hPa.

2 sec.

: up one hectopascal : down one hectopascal

Glossary > weather

Description of function In weather mode, the hands are superimposed to indicate the weather trend. Explanations Weather changes are related to variations in atmospheric pressure. When atmospheric pressure increases the sky clears. The area is then referred to as a "high pressure" area or "anticyclone" (A). When atmospheric pressure decreases the sky clouds over. The area is then referred to as a "low pressure" area or "depression" (D). The T-Touch measures these pressure variations and indicates the weather trend with the hands, which can adopt the following 7 positions according to the weather developments: - 6: Big pressure drop, rapid deterioration - 4: Moderate pressure drop, probable deterioration - 2: Small pressure drop, probable slight deterioration 12 o'clock: No notable weather change + 2: Slight pressure rise, probable slight improvement + 4: Moderate pressure rise, probable improvement + 6: Big pressure rise, rapid improvement The T-Touch program takes account of atmospheric pressure variation over the last 6 hours to calculate the trend to indicate. Furthermore, the pressure variation caused by a rapid change in altitude is detected by the watch and compensated for automatically. So it only has a minimal impact on the barometric trend. The T-TOUCH digital display indicates the absolute and relative atmospheric pressure values in hectoPascals [hPa]. Absolute atmospheric pressure is the actual pressure at the time and place of measurement, and cannot be altered. Relative pressure is a value relative to sea level, based on local absolute atmospheric pressure. Barometers and weather charts show relative pressure values. The relative pressure value depends on the climate zone set, and can be preset on the watch. The relative pressure presetting is in line with the altitude. Characteristics of function Measurement range: absolute pressure: 300 hPa to 1100 hPa relative pressure: 950 hPa to 1100 hPa Accuracy: absolute pressure: 3 hPa relative pressure: varies with altimeter Resolution: 1 hPa Unit conversion: 1 hectoPascal [hPa] = 1 millibar [mb]


The altitude is displayed on the digital screen for 10 hours continuously. After 10 hours, the altimeter mode is deactivated, and the date is displayed.

Altitude display

Altitude difference display
setting > altitude presetting
: up 1 m or 3 ft : down 1 m or 3 ft

Glossary > ALTIMeTer

Sequentiallly every 2 seconds
Elapsed time or stopped time
Total cumulative gain in altitude during elapsed time

2 sec. 2 sec.

Mean vertical speed of descent (metres/minute or feet/minute)
Total cumulative loss in altitude during elapsed time
Back: Elapsed time or stopped time
Start Altitude difference meter
Stop Altitude difference meter
Reset Altitude difference meter
Description of function In altimeter mode, your T-Touch becomes a barometric altimeter, displaying the altitude relative to mean sea level. Explanations This is a barometric instrument, which calculates the altitude as a function of absolute pressure (atmospheric). As the altitude rises, pressure drops, and vice versa. So the altimeter measures the difference between absolute pressure (atmospheric) and relative pressure (relative to sea level) to display the altitude. Your T-Touch is temperature compensated, and you can adjust your geographic location (hemisphere and climate zone). The altitude displayed is therefore corrected automatically. This makes it the ideal instrument for measuring vertical movement with the altitude difference function (e.g. in mountain trekking). The altitude difference meter indicates the elapsed time, cumulative gains and losses in altitude and mean vertical speeds of ascent and descent. We advise you to stop the altitude difference meter during rest times and then restart it, in order to obtain more accurate results. Note 1: "Presetting" an altimeter means setting the actual altitude of a known point (see presetting procedure on page 7). The actual altitude values are indicated on various media: signposts, contour lines and spot heights on maps. The altitude "presetting" is in line with relative atmospheric pressure. Note 2: In an airliner, since the cabin is pressurised, your altimeter will not indicate an accurate altitude. Note 3: To optimise the accuracy of your altimeter, you are advised to select the climate zone, see page 5. Characteristics of function

Due to the use of pressure to calculate altitude, the altimeter is sensitive to variations in atmospheric pressure in weather changes. It is not uncommon to observe altitude differences of 100 m in a night. So the value displayed may vary without the altitude having actually changed.

4473 m 4473 m 4473 m

Weather change = pressure variation = displayed altitude change


Resolution: 1/100 sec / Measurement range: 99 hrs 5959 and 99/100 sec

Chrono display

Start chrono

Stop chrono

Split (partial time)
a) Flashing stop with partial time displayed, and chrono running in background
b) Restart the chrono counting the elapsed time


Reset chrono


Measurement range: 23 hrs 5959



Timer display

0.01.16 34

Start or stop timer

Reload the last value on the timer

0.01.2052 0.01.3688



: forward : backward


The minutes hand points to True North, factoring in the magnetic declination setting. In compass mode, the digital screen displays the angle between 12 o'clock and the minutes hand.

Compass display

Azimuth display

User compass calibration

Back to compass display
Setting > compass > magnetic declination
Setting mode and magnetic declination display
: +/- 1 degree East : +/- 1 degree West

compass > AZIMUTH

In compass mode, your T-TOUCH enables you to define and follow an azimuth. To do so, you need only set the azimuth value and align the watch using the arrows. The 6-12 oclock axis will indicate the heading to take.
a) Turn the 6-12 oclock axis left to align 12 oclock with the azimuth
b) Turn the 6-12 oclock axis right to align 12 oclock with the azimuth
c) The 6-12 oclock axis is aligned with the azimuth
Setting > compass > Compass calibration
: increase azimuth by 1 degree : decrease azimuth by 1 degree
Validate setting Back to azimuth display
Compass Calibration display
Activate calibration mode glass deactivated during calibration
Turn the watch more than a complete revolution on a horizontal surface (e.g. a table) in an environment free from magnetic interference, at a rotation speed of around 30 per second. Total time: 20 seconds maximum

a) Calibration successful data stored
b) Calibration failed repeat calibration

Glossary > compass

Compass In compass mode, your T-Touch indicates the True North Pole, factoring in magnetic declination. Azimuth explanations In azimuth mode, you T-TOUCH indicates the azimuth (heading) that you need to turn to. Azimuth explanations The azimuth is the horizontal angle between the direction of an object Heading and True North. The azimuth is measured from north in degrees from 0 to 359 (e.g.: East = 90). In azimuth mode, the T-TOUCH emits a beep and visual signal when the 6-12 oclock axis of the watch Azimuth is aligned with the heading set. 315o 12 o'clock represents the heading given by the azimuth relative to True North. Note 1 For a correct indication of North, it is extremely important to hold the watch as level as possible. Note 2 The compass function, like any other compass, should not be used near a metal or magnetic mass. In case of doubt, you can recalibrate your compass. Note 3 The rotating bezel, graduated from 0 to 359, provides another method for determining the azimuth.


Compass explanations The vertical lines (meridians) on the Earth converge at the True North Pole (Ng), indicating its direction. The hand of a conventional compass indicates the direction of the Magnetic North Pole (Nm). The angle () between these two directions Ng and Nm is known as magnetic declination. The magnetic declination value depends on your location on Earth. Furthermore, the Magnetic North Pole is constantly moving. So the magnetic declination value also depends on the date. If the correct magnetic declination value (for the location and date) is set (see the setting procedure on page 9), the minutes hand of your T-Touch will point to True North (Ng). If the magnetic declination is set to 0, your T-Touch will point to Magnetic north (Nm). The magnetic declination values and dates are indicated on topographic charts, or can be found using special software available on the Internet. For Switzerland: For the whole world:

Azimuth 315o

Characteristics of function Accuracy: Resolution: 8 2
The 2 alarms are associated with time T. An alarm lasts 30 seconds, without repeating. When the programmed time is reached, you can stop the alarm by pressing one of the push-buttons.

Stop alarm

or 1 sec. or

Alarm 1 display

Alarm 2 display

Alarm rings

Setting > ALARM

2 sec. 1 sec. or or

Alarm 1 or 2 display
Activate or deactivate alarm
: time forward : time backward


Glossary > THERMOmeter
Description of function In thermometer mode, your T-Touch displays the ambient temperature. Explanations The temperature displayed corresponds to that of the watch case, so this temperature is influenced by your body temperature. That is why the temperature displayed may differ from the ambient temperature. To display the actual ambient temperature, the watch needs to be taken off for 15 to 30minutes, in order to be free from the influence of body temperature.

Thermometer display

Characteristics of function The temperature can be displayed in degrees Celsius [C] or degrees Fahrenheit [F]. (See procedure to follow for changing units on page 4). Conversion formulae: Measurement range: Accuracy: Resolution: T 0C = (T 0F -32) x 5/9 T 0F = T 0C x 9/5 + 32 5C to +55C / 23F to 130F 1C / 1.8F 0.1C/ 0.2F

Sensor fault

Battery type: button-type lithium-manganese dioxide primary battery cell.
When a function is selected and the display is cleared, it is probably due to a failure of the selected function's sensor.
To activate the functions on your T-Touch a gentle press on the push-buttons or touch on the glass is all that is required. Excessive force may damage the watch. The brightness of the digital display decreases when the hands are in motion.

5 sec.

In fast continuous setting mode, the display moves at a faster rate (e.g. for date function: months or years instead of days) than in non-continuous or normal speed setting mode (e.g. for date: days instead of months or years). To exit fast continuous setting mode, you need to release the push-pieces for 3 seconds to continue in normal speed setting mode.
Error: the display is cleared

Back to date display

If this happens, please contact your retailer. The T-Touch is water-resistant to 10 bar (100 m / 330 ft) at 25C / 77F, but it is not an instrument suitable for sports diving. You must not use push-buttons when the watch is underwater. None of the functions can be activated if the glass is in contact with a liquid. Additional information in the "International Warranty Service centers" booklet



for wristwatches, pocket watches and watches fitted with an alarm

(1st APRIL 2008)

Category Specification Recommended retail price in CHF from Le Locle


Mechanical manual winding Automatic
Simple Simple Chronograph Autoquartz / powermatic Simple, 3 hands and date Phases of the moon Multifunction (Two Timer) Calibre 988.333 / 989.331 Chrono T-Touch / T-Touch Expert Navigator 3000 / Silent-T Simple quartz Other or old movements



18 ct gold watches

A complete service consists of: Quartz watches: replacement of the movement and battery, checking the rate, consumption and functions of the watch Mechanical/automatic watches: cleaning, oiling, setting the rate, amplitude and power-reserve, checking the functions. Replacement of the movement or, if the calibre is old, complete check with replacement of elements if necessary Repairing or replacing the movement parts that are old or faulty Replacing the crystal, crown, tube, pushers, gaskets (these parts are included in the price, excluding shaped mineral crystals and sapphire crystals) Checking the water-resistance Cleaning the case and bracelet, depending on the material Final technical and aesthetic verification according to TISSOT quality standards
Warranty: We provide a one year warranty valid only for the intervention carried out. Should there be any defects covered by this warranty, we will repair or replace, at our own discretion and free of charge, any components and/or correct an intervention that has been badly carried out if it has been identified as such by our Customer Service. All other rights resulting from faulty performance by our services is expressly excluded. This warranty becomes null and void if interventions have been carried out by persons who are not approved by TISSOT.
Prices are quoted in Swiss francs from Le Locle. VAT included. The prices shown are recommendations and suggestions. They can be changed at any time, without prior warning.


Service Specification Recommended retail price in CHF from Le Locle
Basic rate (no parts replaced) Replacement of battery/accumulator with water-resistance check Water-resistance with small watch parts
(round mineral crystal, crown, tube, battery, pushers and joints included)
Simple / Chrono / Tactile Autoquartz Simple / autoquartz Chrono Tactile (no crystal)
Repairing metal bracelets Restoring the dial

Simple Complicated

Shaped mineral crystal / sapphire crystal Service for gold watches
A partial service includes: -
Quartz watches: checking the rate, consumption and functions of the watch Mechanical/automatic watches: cleaning, oiling, setting the watch (amplitude and power-reserve); checking the functions Cleaning the case and bracelet depending on the material Checking the water-resistance Final technical and visual check in compliance with TISSOT quality standards
Warranty: We provide a one year warranty valid for the intervention carried out. Should there be any defects covered by this warranty, we will repair or replace, at our own discretion and free of charge, any components and/or correct an intervention that has been badly carried out if it has been identified as such by our Customer Service. All other rights resulting from faulty performance by our services are expressly excluded. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and damage caused by accidents or failure to exercise due care. This warranty becomes null and void if interventions have been carried out by persons who are not approved by TISSOT.



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